Y&R Transcript Monday 2/12/18

Y&R Transcript Monday 2/12/18


Episode #11339 ~ Chelsea covers her tracks; J.T. and Traci reminisce about Colleen; Victor takes matters into his own hands.

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

J.T.: Everybody was worried about poor, little colleen and what she got herself into. The fact is, I was the one in over my head. I had no idea how she was gonna change my life.

Phyllis: Chelsea confronted me about a strange anonymous text. I told her I didn't send it and that it had to come from someone else.

Chelsea: [ Gasps ]

Victor: I think you misplaced that.

Phyllis: Adam's stone is crooked. Was that open recently?

Nick: Yeah, it looks that way.

Phyllis: Want to sneak a peek?

Nick: [ Sighs ] I don't know. It feels like we're desecrating a tomb.

Phyllis: It's not like adam's remains are in here. This is just a symbolic monument.

Nick: Yeah, I guess it wouldn't be a problem, then.

Phyllis: Okay, good. You got some tools in your car?

Nick: Uh, no, I can -- let me, uh...

Phyllis: That's right. I forgot you're a landlord-handyman now. Good. Hurry.

Nick: Just make sure no one's coming.

Phyllis: Okay. Hurry. Hurry, hurry, hurry.

Nick: [ Sighs ] It's a bust. There's nothing.

Phyllis: Nothing to tie chelsea to fenmore's crimes. Great.

Nick: And no reason why she wouldn't want me to know she was here.

Phyllis: Okay, so now what?

Nick: Go home.

Phyllis: Come on. How long you gonna keep making excuses for your girlfriend? Are you gonna be willing to ask her tough enough questions to get the answers you need?

Victor: Nothing to say? I know what you've been up to, "alexandra."

Chelsea: What?

Victor: Drop the act, okay? I know everything about you. Well, not quite everything. What surprises me is that a successful designer like you would need 250,000 bucks off the books.

Chelsea: When nick donated his trust fund, I panicked. I had put so much of adam's estate into my business. I feared that I had no safety net.

Victor: You're lying. You know that.

Chelsea: I did it because the fire at the underground reminded me that disaster can strike at any moment.

Victor: Strike again... at any moment. Right now is a time for you to become a respectable citizen of this community, a good mother to connor and christian and faith. They think that you're a family because of nicholas. Who you also have been deceiving. If I find you sliding back into your illicit ways, you're done. And your cozy life with nicholas, mother of adam's two sons, it's gonna change to another life. I will see to it. Gonna be a life in prison.

Victoria: [ Scoffs ] J.T.

J.T.: What's up?

Victoria: Have you read this article about ashley coming back to newman?

J.T.: No. Why? Is there a problem?

Victoria: Yeah, there's several. I mean, it makes it seem like I'm no longer involved with brash & sassy, which is my company. It also implies that ashley and I are on the same executive level and that she was brought in here because I could no longer handle things.

J.T.: Well, I'm sorry they spun it that way.

Victoria: This could damage my reputation as a businesswoman.

J.T.: How? I mean, you're all on the same team.

Victoria: I thought you were on my team. I know this doesn't seem very important to you, but this is a really big deal to me.

J.T.: Well, then take a, uh, rain check on me getting outraged and offended, 'cause I'm a little busy right now.

Gloria: Another journal just called and want to know how ashley's departure will affect research & development at jabot. Any comment?

Jack: Yes. I have a comment. "It will change nothing." End quote.

Gloria: I love it.

Jack: Yes, when ashley bailed, I knew I was gonna have to prove to the industry that jabot could survive without her. Well, I put a plan in motion. If that plan goes as I think it will, we will come out of this stronger than ever.

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Traci: [ Chuckles ] I had heard you were back, and i was wondering when our paths were going to cross.

J.T.: Yeah, I figured today would be appropriate.

Traci: Colleen's birthday. You didn't forget.

J.T.: I never will.

Victor: I think that article on ashley was rather impressive, don't you?

Victoria: [ Scoffs ]

Victor: I guess you don'T.

Victoria: It was a standard puff piece. To me, it was misleading and it was over the top.

Victor: Well, maybe it was a little over the top. Remember, when you returned to newman enterprises, we had a full-blown press conference.

Victoria: So you want me to stop causing trouble? Is that what you're saying?

Victor: Ooh. I like that attitude. Your feisty, competitive spirit. It's one of your best qualities, you know.

Victoria: Dad, I did not come here for flattery.

Victor: I'm very serious. If you don't like the spotlight on ashley, then do something to grab it away from her.

Jack: I have some important news for you. I hired ashley's replacement.

Phyllis: Already?

Lauren: Who's the lucky chemist?

Jack: Helen wallace.

Lauren: I know that name.

Phyllis: So do I. But doesn't she already have a job in san francisco?

Jack: She did. I managed to poach her from our esteemed west coast rival. She is a whiz in the lab, just the person we need to propel jabot to new heights.

Lauren: Starting when?

Jack: Well, she's flying in tonight. She'll be signing papers here tomorrow.

Lauren: [ Chuckles ]

Gloria: Good job, boss.

Phyllis: Top caliber hire so quickly. How'd you pull that off?

Lauren: Oh, come on. Salary, big bonus package she couldn't refuse?

Jack: I think you both know how persuasive I can be.

Phyllis: She's starting tomorrow. I imagine it took more than your usual charm.

Lauren: Right. How sweet is her deal?

Jack: Rest assured, as C.E.O., I made the deal we needed to protect jabot's future.

Phyllis: We're simply asking you to clarify the basic terms.

Lauren: Because it sort of seems like you're hiding something.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Chelsea: Thank you for letting me sleep in.

Nick: Yeah, you needed it. You were out pretty late last night. I waited till past 12:00.

Chelsea: I'm so sorry I had to cut our date short like that. I just didn't have a choice.

Nick: It's all right. You couldn't leave all that silk in customs.

Chelsea: Yeah. I just had to get through all of those forms. It took forever, but eventually I handled it.

Nick: Did you have to deal with anything else?

Chelsea: Like what?

Nick: [ Sighs ] Phyllis told me that you've been getting anonymous threatening texts and that you accused her of doing it.

Chelsea: Oh, my god. That reminds me. I actually owe phyllis an apology. Those were actually from a retailer I've been having this dispute with.

Nick: A retailer? That seems extreme to threaten you.

Chelsea: It's this whole long story. It was one big misunderstanding. They didn't realize they were texting me from a blocked number, so they were actually getting annoyed that I was ignoring their texts.

[ Scoffs ]

Nick: I wish you would have told me.

Chelsea: I should've. And I shouldn't have accused phyllis. I shouldn't have done that. You know, I was just reacting to all of her insane accusations. I didn't want to worry you.

Nick: Chelsea, if something's bothering you, then I want us to work through it together, 'cause we're a team.

Chelsea: We're a damn good one.

Nick: Then tell me about last night.

Chelsea: I just did.

Nick: I want the truth, chelsea. You said you were late to our dinner because the boys didn't want you to go, but I know you were at the cemetery. I want to know why and, more importantly, why you felt like you needed to lie to me. pay ashley.

Jack: Ashley owned a piece of jabot. Helen will not.

Lauren: You know, wait a minute, wait a minute. Maybe we should be happy that jack is throwing around so much cash.

Phyllis: Yeah, I mean, with that kind of money, you should have no problem funding our wi-fi lounges.

Lauren: Right?

Jack: So that's why you're here. Not that I don't love having an extra set of prying eyes looking at my work.

Lauren: Oversight is the responsibility of the board.

Jack: And I won't hold that against you when you submit a detailed proposal for this lounge project of yours.

Lauren: And I guarantee you it's gonna cost much less than helen's yearly salary.

Jack: I told you I would look at it. But I have to be honest with you. Jabot is a priority right now.

Phyllis: That, and rubbing ashley's replacement in her face.

Gloria: She could have stayed. Ashley chose not to resign rather abruptly, knowing she was putting this company at risk.

Jack: Thank you for the support, gloria. It really won't be necessary --

Gloria: No, jack, somebody needs to say this. For all of ashley's talk about preserving john's memory, legacy, she never put jabot first. But you have, and you are. And if this high-priced helen delivers, then it's money well spent.

Jack: Thank you, gloria. I'm sure that lauren and phyllis will agree once they see profits rise.

Lauren: I hope so.

Jack: Believe me, I'm right.

Chelsea: I guess I was... embarrassed.

Nick: Why?

Chelsea: Adam's been on my mind a lot lately. I went there kind of to thank him for leaving us that money, to maybe get some answers.

Nick: In an empty crypt?

Chelsea: Not literally. I don't know, I thought maybe i would feel his presence there and I'd be able to understand more as to why he left us that cash. I mean, was it really insurance for connor and me in case something happened? Were there other reasons he -- he would hide all that money in the wall? I...

Nick: Well, I still don't understand why you would lie to me.

Chelsea: Fear. I didn't want you to think I'm still pining after adam and I'm not grateful for what I have with you. I didn't want to hurt your feelings.

Nick: Am I that insecure?

Chelsea: You're that precious.

Nick: Well, did you get the insight you were looking for?

Chelsea: Sort of. I realized sometimes it's best to accept a different outcome than the one you wanted. Sometimes it's best to just, you know, move forward and try to be the best person that you can be, so that's what I'm gonna do.

Nick: Okay, well, when I said that you can talk to me about adam, about anything, I meant that. I want to know what you're feeling, no matter how bad you think it is.

Chelsea: Okay, I believe you. From now on, [Sighs] No more holding back. Hmm.

Traci: What made you decide to relocate? Was it for a job?

J.T.: Yeah, paul williams called me in for some forensic accounting, just a temp thing. But enough about me. How are you doing today? I know this is probably not an easy day for you.

Traci: Well, I just try to remind myself how very blessed i am to have ever had such an incredible daughter in the first place, even though her time here was much too short. And it isn't an easy for you, either. I can see that.

J.T.: Well, it doesn't compare to what you're going through, but, uh, no. Yeah, I-I've been thinking a lot about colleen lately. Reed's a teenager. He's getting into the same kind of trouble I used to.

[ Both laugh ]

Traci: We do have to learn from our mistakes.

[ Chuckles ]

J.T.: But he's got a good head on his shoulders. I don't think he's gonna turn into quite the same jerk I was. I mean, I was a piece of work. No wonder your family didn't want me anywhere near colleen.

Traci: She was our little princess. Although she didn't act like it very often.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, that girl was so focused. When she wanted something, failure was not an option.

J.T.: Oh, the more you told her no, the more determined she became.

Traci: Boy, did she want to be with you. And look how great it worked out. She proved us wrong, and the two of you were so wonderful together.

J.T.: That's what I remember the most.

[ Cellphone rings ] I'm sorry. Could you excuse me?

Traci: Absolutely. Take your time. I'll make us some coffee.

J.T.: Hey.

Victoria: Hey, where are you?

J.T.: I'm out.

Victoria: Oh. When you said you were busy, i thought you had something in the office you needed to take care of. Why did you take off?

J.T.: I'm with traci abbott.

Victoria: Okay. Well, maybe you can ask her if she knows anything about ashley's plan to dominate newman.

J.T.: It's colleen's birthday. I'm not bringing that up, okay?

Victoria: I'm so sorry. I had no idea -- J.T.? Hello?

Traci: You know, what I loved that you and colleen stayed friends. It didn't really matter if you were together or not. The closeness never went away.

J.T.: Yeah, we -- we were lucky.

Traci: Especially colleen. She could have died in that fire. But you were there. You rescued her. You were always looking out for her. You never stopped. She said that you were her hero.

J.T.: I couldn't save her again, but I-I tried.

Traci: I know. I know you tried. And that's why you're one of my heroes, too.

J.T.: [ Sighs ] You, uh, you ever wonder what colleen would be doing now?

Traci: [ Laughs ] Yes, I think about it all the time. You know how artistic she was and how much she loved art. I think that she would be in charge of the design and graphics department at jabot, and she would definitely be a mom. She would have beautiful children, and they'd all have

[Voice breaking] Her big, gorgeous eyes.

[ Chuckles tearfully ] You can tell I'm a writer, huh?

[ Laughs ]

J.T.: No, it doesn't sound like fiction. You know, it, um... it's exactly what should have happened, you know. She -- she should be here now. She should -- she should have all those things. You know, I, uh... I feel guilty sometimes, I got to be honest.

Traci: No, no, no, no, no. J.T. She would want you to have the very best life possible. You know that, right?

J.T.: How do you do it? With all the -- the loss and the sadness you've had dumped on you, you're still the most generous, positive person i know.

Traci: [ Chuckles ] Oh. [ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ] I think...I think it takes a lot of effort every single day not to give in to the darkness. And, you know, I do it because i feel like I owe it to colleen. I'm here, and I have this big, amazing life full of things to appreciate. And all of that stays true even when the challenges become overwhelming.

J.T.: Yeah, well, I know your mom came back with alzheimer's, and ashley just quit jabot to work for victor.

Traci: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

J.T.: You're not in new york. You're here. You know, you're taking care of everybody. I hope -- I hope they're taking care of you.

Traci: That's so sweet. But between ashley and jack and my billy, you know, I can scrape up any support that I might need.

J.T.: Well, you can add me to that list, all right? Because if you ever need anything, anytime, all you got to do is call.

Traci: Thank you. That means so much to me.

J.T.: All right, I guess, uh, I guess I should get going, huh?

Traci: Okay.

J.T.: It was great seeing you.

Traci: [ Laughs ] Thank you. You, too. You, too.

Jack: Hey. J.T. Don't mind me. I'm not staying. I forgot something at the office that I need.

[ Groans ]

[ Door opens ] Why would J.T. Hellstrom be paying you a visit? Oh, traci, I-I... I completely forgot. I... unforgivable, right?

Traci: No, no. Wrong, wrong. I've already forgiven you. I know you have your hands full at work.

Jack: Today should have been all about you and colleen.

Traci: You're here now, right?

Victoria: Thank you so much for dropping everything to meet up with me. I know you have a lot on your plate.

Nick: No worries. Believe it or not, rainbow gardens is ahead of schedule.

Victoria: Oh, good! I'm glad to hear that. But I was talking about chelsea and phyllis' lunatic accusations at my dinner party the other night.

Nick: That got blown over. Chelsea seems to have gotten past it. I am more concerned about you booking an emergency lunch on a work day with me. What's going on?

Victoria: J.T. And I are suddenly on the skids.

Nick: What? I thought that was a storybook romance again.

Victoria: Until we came to the chapter about colleen's birthday. I had no idea, and J.T. Didn't mention it. He just left work to go see traci, which I guess was the thoughtful thing to do.

Nick: I mean, colleen's birthday, that's -- that's tough.

Victoria: Some of my most painful memories with J.T. Involve her.

Nick: But you don't resent her.

Victoria: No, no. But what I do resent is that this is an issue that J.T. And i should have worked on together, but instead he kept this important day a secret from me. And when I did find out, he made it clear that it was none of my business. That's not really how a healthy relationship works, is it?

Nick: I've been wondering the same thing myself.

Victor: I asked you to come over because I want to right a wrong.

Lauren: I wasn't aware that you'd wronged me.

Victor: Oh, I have not wronged you, but someone used a fake chelsea 2.0 webpage to siphon funds from fenmore'S. And I didn't like that. So I looked into it.

Lauren: Did you find anything?

Victor: Well... see for yourself.

Lauren: What? Oh, my god!

Victor: The entire amount stolen.

Lauren: This is incredible. Unbelievable. Thank you. Who is behind the scam? How on earth did you find out?

Victor: You can take all of it back on one condition.

Lauren: There's a condition.

Victor: You take this briefcase with all the money in it and don't ask another question.

"The young and the restless" will continue.

Victoria: It's not that I'm jealous about what J.T. Had with colleen. I get it. Most people share a special connection with your first love. I did with ryan.

Nick: Yeah. Thank you. Who also died young.

Victoria: Which makes it much more difficult to get over somebody, but you got to move on. And I think that J.T. Has never really gotten over what happened with colleen.

Nick: Well, it's kind of the same as chelsea. I mean, she lost adam suddenly. Last night she went to visit his crypt at the cemetery, and she didn't say a word about that to me.

Victoria: Why would chelsea keep that from you?

Nick: She said she didn't want to hurt me. It has nothing to do with our relationship. She's just trying to process something that ended before we got together. That might explain J.T., Too.

Victoria: How so?

Nick: Maybe he didn't want to say he went to see traci because he didn't want you to feel threatened.

Victoria: I'd like to believe that, but...

Nick: But what?

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Part of me just knows that i would have been okay if he would have told me. His honesty would have been a sign of our mutual trust.

Nick: And the other part?

Victoria: I'm not sure. Do you ever get the gut feeling that there's something more going on with someone than they're willing to admit?

Nick: Yeah. What are you gonna do?

Victoria: I'm gonna get the truth, even if I don't like what I hear.

Lauren: Okay, just tell me if these scammers have done this to other retail sites, or was fenmore's targeted specifically? Really? That's it? Not another word?

Victor: The terms I offered were quite clear.

Lauren: Very. But did you really expect me to keep my mouth shut forever?

Victor: You've got to trust me when I tell you that the guilty person will never try this again. You can count on that.

Lauren: [ Sighs ] O-okay. Okay, if you say it, I believe it.

Victor: Now, can we consider the matter closed?

Lauren: Yes.

Victor: Good.

Lauren: And thank you.

Jack: Colleen must be looking down on us thinking, "my uncle jack is one lame uncle."

Traci: [ Chuckles ] Don't be silly. You know she adored you.

Jack: Yeah, she adored all of us.

Traci: Jack, do you remember when she was a teenager and she was having so much trouble in new york and dad insisted that she come here and live?

Jack: We all couldn't wait to have her here.

Traci: Uh-huh. And between you and ashley, there was some competition with dad as to who could spoil her the most.

Jack: Oh, I remember. Seems to me it didn't do her too much harm. Before too long, she blossomed.

Traci: Into a gorgeous, stubborn wildflower.

Both: Very wild.

Traci: [ Laughs ] So, when you brought mother here, you know, after you found her in florida, I kept thinking and thinking about colleen's time here and moving her from new york, and I was trying to think of a way that we could replicate that environment for mother, you know, communal and supportive.

Jack: All the things she didn't provide for us when we were kids.

Traci: Yes. But, um, I think it was wishful thinking. We didn't know about the alzheimer's at the time, and, boy, managing that makes raising a difficult teenage girl seem like a breeze.

Jack: Mom's coming back. By all reports, her time with abby in paris is working wonders. Maybe we can try your idea again.

Traci: I-I don't think so, jack. I...I just don't see how, unless you're willing to put all the tension in the past and reunite us as a family --

Jack: Hey, I didn't fracture this family by myself. Half the blame belongs to your sister. Try to remember that. My days as a scapegoat are over.

J.T.: Look, I'm sorry about being that way on the phone, but it was bad timing. You understand that, right?

Victoria: That you snapped at me or that you went to see traci? Because I do understand both.

J.T.: Okay.

Victoria: The problem is that you kept it from me.

J.T.: Well, look, I know you're my boss, but don't expect me to report every move I make to you.

Victoria: But this isn't me being your boss. I'm speaking to you as the woman that you live with. You could have told me where you were going, but you chose not to.

J.T.: 'Cause I didn't think you needed to know. I mean, I didn't think you'd want to know. Are you that insecure?

Victoria: Yeah. Yeah, I-I guess maybe I am a little.

J.T.: Why?

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Because I remember the final months of colleen's life. And I remember how it affected our marriage.

Jack: Trace --

Traci: Jack, no. I do not want an argument, not today.

Jack: Neither do I. And I'm sorry for the way i reacted.

Traci: Thank you.

Jack: Ashley had every right to be angry and upset with me for my actions. I was so busy trying to hold on to my position as C.E.O., I made real mistakes, but I want you to know I tried to fix it.

Traci: You did?

Jack: I did a full apology. I told her how much I valued everything she'd brought to jabot. I even told her my first step would be to repeal that stupid blood-only clause.

Traci: You said all of that and ashley said no?

Jack: She turned her back and walked away. I know you want things to be back the way they were. So do I. I tried with everything in me. I'm sorry it wasn't enough.

J.T.: Look, I don't know how that beautiful head of yours got full of such dark, depressing thoughts, but you got to forget all that.

Victoria: I can'T. Not until we discuss this.

J.T.: I'm listening.

Victoria: I know it's a very emotional day for you. I'm sure it's full of good memories with some pretty painful ones mixed in, like the day that we got into the argument because my dad wanted to kick colleen off the newman board.

J.T.: He wanted to get dirt on her, the public humiliation. No, you didn't want to hear any of that.

Victoria: I wouldn't cut my father out of my life, and you couldn't accept that.

J.T.: Your father brought patty williams back to town. Colleen died trying to escape that crazy bitch. So no, I couldn't accept it.

Victoria: And then our problems just intensified. We couldn't stay married anymore.

J.T.: [ Sighs ] Why are we doing this? It's ancient history.

Victoria: Because history has a way of repeating itself. Look at us. We're back together again with reed, both of us working at newman, just like we were before. I'm still devoted to my job and to my father. I'm just afraid that these issues are gonna have a way of creeping back up again if we are not completely open and honest with each other.

J.T.: Well, I've been honest. I never said I didn't have any issues with victor. I just realized I had to deal with them if I wanted to be with you, so I made that decision because I thought it was worth it. I thought we were worth it.

Victoria: We are.

J.T.: You were so confident and secure that we were gonna be able to work together in this job.

Victoria: Because I wanted it to happen, but the thing is, i just need to be sure about --

J.T.: Of what? That I'm fully committed to you? That I'm over the past? Even though I keep telling you that I am, that I'm not gonna run back to mac at the first sign of trouble.

Victoria: We just need to address the obvious issues instead of avoiding them. That's all.

J.T.: Well, to me, it feels like you're just picking a fight.

Phyllis: I really don't know what shocks me more -- victor handing you the stolen jackpot or you agreeing to the terms.

Lauren: What was I supposed to do? Not take the money? Fenmore's needs it, especially now that jack has spent most of the budget poaching helen wallace.

Phyllis: Are you prepared to let this go?

Lauren: I'm certainly not prepared to cross my very powerful friend who has come to my rescue yet again.

Phyllis: That doesn't mean i have to let it go, though, right?

Lauren: Oh, come on. Why wouldn't you?

Phyllis: Because I am on to the person who masterminded the theft, and victor's involvement confirms my theory.

Chelsea: Just in time.

Nick: For what?

Chelsea: You name it. Becausof last night, I decided to take the rest of the day off work. We're gonna do whatever you want. My treat. Dinner at the bistro, we can go see a movie of your choice, we can sit by the fire if you want, get nice and cozy.

Nick: Yeah, we don't need to do all that.

Chelsea: Well, I mean, you've been so incredible and so supportive. I want to say thank you. You're still upset because i wasn't honest with you.

Nick: You know, I wish i could say no.

Chelsea: There's only one way to make this right.

Traci: Don't give up on ashley.

Jack: Sis, I think I've played all my cards there.

Traci: I've known you a long time, and I think you probably have a couple tucked away somewhere.

Jack: Oh, you do, do you?

Traci: I do. You managed to make up with billy, right?

Jack: Yeah, how many miracles am I expected to pull off in six months?

Traci: [ Chuckles ] It's just that ashley's feelings are so deeply hurt. I believe that with time they will heal and she will accept your apology and she will come back to jabot, just as long as she knows the door's open.

Jack: That's the thing. It isn'T. I hired a new chemist.

Traci: Already?

Jack: Ashley decided to move on and take a job with enemy headquarters. It's time for me and jabot to move on, as well.

Traci: Jack, you don't believe that.

Jack: Look, I can't let regrets about family dynamics hold me back. I have to do what's best for the company. It's a new era for jabot and for me.

J.T.: All this talk about my exes, these fears that I'm just hearing about for the first time, see, I think it's just you trying to give me a way out. Is that because you think you made a mistake settling for me instead of the great love of your life, billy abbott?

Victoria: Can I talk now?

J.T.: No, you can answer the question.

Victoria: No, all right? None of those things are true!

J.T.: You sure? Everybody's so quick to assume I'm with you on the rebound, but maybe I should ask if -- if I'm your rebound. You know, your plan b after billy chose phyllis.

Victoria: No, that's not true! Billy and I, we were over a long time ago.

[ Sighs ] Truly we were. You're the only man that I want. And I'm sorry if I'm coming off as weak or needy. I just... I really, really want this to work out for us this time. So badly.

J.T.: Me, too. More than anything. It'd kill me if you left me.

Victoria: That's not gonna happen. That's never gonna happen.

Chelsea: Here I am. Fire away.

Nick: Chelsea, I -- what are you doing?

Chelsea: I want to show you how much I care about you and how much I care about our life with our kids. I know I lied. And I know you might be starting to think that phyllis is on to something with her delusional suspicions. But I feel a wall is being built up between us, and I have to knock it down before it's too late. So don't hold back. Ask me. Ask me anything. If you have questions still lingering about why I was at the cemetery or the fenmore's web scam or anything else, just ask me, because I don't have any secrets. All I have is gratitude and admiration and love for you.

Nick: [ Sighs ] I don't have any questions. I know everything I need to know.

Chelsea: Okay, good. So, you wouldn't be too embarrassed to be seen out on a date with me?

Nick: Not at all. I'll get our coats.

Chelsea: Okay.

Lauren: If all of this is true, this is a massive betrayal. How could chelsea do this to us? And you know what? By the way, why did you take so long to tell me?

Phyllis: I needed to build a solid case. Now that victor is demanding you stay quiet, he's doing that because he's trying to cover chelsea's crimes.

Lauren: Oh, no, no, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. You don't know that for sure.

Phyllis: Don't I? This puts you in a rotten position. And by the way, it is the only explanation. I know you would prefer not to believe this about your friend and business partner, but the same goes for nick. This is his girlfriend. Fenmore's is your company. But nick is my friend, and I am not gonna stand by and watch that woman deceive him. This is more than a business scandal. This is nick's life.

Lauren: It would be terrible if she did that to him after everything that he's been through.

Phyllis: Way too much. The guy deserves a hell of a lot more.

Lauren: Of course he does. I mean, I can't pursue this because I've already told victor that I would back off.

Phyllis: I didn'T. I need to keep digging. I need to keep digging for proof, real proof. And once I'm done with little miss chelsea, nick will be, too.

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