Y&R Transcript Thursday 2/8/18

Y&R Transcript Thursday 2/8/18


Episode #11337 ~ Sharon offer Nick sound advice; J.T. pursues a new opportunity; Cane romances Lily.

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Chelsea: You keep this up, and I am pulling my line from fenmore'S. Let's see what lauren thinks about that.

Phyllis: Well, I really doubt that she wants to do business with someone who robbed her. You need to open your eyes.

Victoria: Are you threatening me? You trying to take my job away from me? If that's what you're trying to do, then bring it on. I've extended an offer to someone to become our new head of security.

Ashley: Who'd you pick?

Victoria: I picked J.T.

J.T.: If the job is still open, I'm accepting the position at newman enterprises.

Billy: Today, the role of the company screw-up will by played by J.T. Hellstrom.

Cane: Okay, that's not helpful. Okay, and neither is showing up for a meeting 20 minutes late when you're still on probation.

J.T.: Probation ?

Cane: Well, we caught you moonlighting for fenmore'S. I mean, listen, J.T., How many warnings can we give you?

J.T.: Zero. Because I quit.

Devon: Hey, you.

Lily: Oh, hey.

Devon: How you doing? I have some, uh, P.R. Business to handle, but I was hoping we could chat.

Lily: Um, yeah. I have a few minutes. I have a meeting with victoria and ashley.

Devon: How have things been since ashley's joined the team?

Lily: Uh, the team ? That is a stretch. I mean, ashley was lining up allies before she even took the job. She definitely will take a swipe at victoria. I think that's clear to all of us. Including victoria.

Devon: That's not good. I hope that you don't get caught in the middle.

Lily: Yeah, too late for that.

Ashley: Lily's grabbing a coffee, but she should be here shortly.

Victoria: Then you'll have time to give me a progress report on brash & sassy.

Ashley: Oh, no, I won'T. Because per my agreement, I'm only going to be doing that with victor.

Victoria: [ Scoffs ] Well...

Ashley: And, actually, victoria, I'm pretty low maintenance. You'll learn that about me. I don't want to keep you from whatever it is you're doing.

Victoria: Would you take out your little calendar and jot down -- I just think it would be useful for you and I to have a weekly reporting meeting so we can both be on the same page.

Ashley: Oh, I don't like meetings very much. I'm more of, like, a let's just get it done type of person.

Victoria: Well, that's too bad. I mean, because that's the way things operate around here. Communication is key.

Ashley: I agree with that. But when your father -- and your mother, actually -- asked me to come on board here at newman, they wanted me to shake things up a little bit, do things a little differently, you know?

Victoria: Oh, come on ashley. Why don't we just cut the posturing? We both know that the only reason you're here is because my dad wanted to stick it to jack. You have absolutely nothing unique to offer newman or my father.

Ashley: I wish I could say that we both know that's not true, but... you'll catch on soon enough.

Sharon: There you go. That ought to hold your crew over for a couple of hours.

Nick: Thank you. What do I owe you?

Sharon: Oh, no. On the house.

Nick: Come on. I practically cleared you out.

Sharon: You know, it's my way of donating to a great cause.

Nick: [ Chuckles ] All right. Well, I appreciate it. I'm sure the boys will, too.

Sharon: Any time. I mean it. And this isn't a bribe or anything...

Nick: But?

Sharon: ...But I have class projects coming up, so I was wondering if I could keep faith an extra night this week if you wouldn't mind doubling up next week?

Nick: Yeah, no. That's actually perfect for us. I mean, we have so much going on, and... chelsea seems, uh, a little stressed out.

Sharon: Well, you'll have more time to pamper her this week.

Nick: Or figure out if she's been lying to me.

Chelsea: You're sending me threatening texts now?

Phyllis: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Chelsea: You need to back the hell off and stop meddling in my life.

Sharon: If phyllis is right, that means that chelsea is stealing from herself?

Nick: Right? I mean, how far-fetched is that?

Sharon: It'S...different. Phyllis did tell me about the website problem the other day, after I heard her talking about it to chelsea on the phone. She didn't seem remotely suspicious.

Nick: Yeah, well, she changed her mind and decided to liven up my sister's dinner party by accusing chelsea in front of my sister, billy, and J.T.

Sharon: How did chelsea handle it?

Nick: She looked me right in the eye and denied it.

Sharon: But now you're not sure.

Nick: I mean, I -- [ Sighs ] I couldn't sleep last night. The longer I laid there awake, the more doubt creeped in.

Sharon: Because of chelsea's past.

Nick: That and, you know, the fact that $250,000 came falling out of her bathroom wall, and the fact that she was here with jordan, who was supposed to be in new york and out of her life.

Sharon: Did she have a reasonable explanation?

Nick: You know, she could be telling the truth, 100%.

Sharon: I know you love her. And I've seen firsthand how hard chelsea's worked to reinvent herself. But if you're getting a weird feeling about anything, trust your instincts.

Phyllis: I didn't send it.

Chelsea: [ Scoffs ] Yeah.

Phyllis: I made my suspicions crystal clear in front of four people. And they were better articulated than those cryptic, anonymous text messages, so for me to send them to you would be psycho.

Chelsea: Your word, not mine. Frankly, your entire theory is unhinged.

Phyllis: And why is that?

Chelsea: The single clue we have as to who created that phony website is the name alexandra west, and you're the person who found it.

Phyllis: No. That's J.T.

Chelsea: Well, you hired him, phyllis. I mean, is there some reason you want to hurt me? A-are you trying to wreck what i have with nick? I mean, why are you doing this?

Phyllis: I think the real question is, why are you? No. I'm not trying to break you up and steal your boyfriend. Nick and I are way past that. And even if we didn't have a daughter together, I would consider him a pretty damn good friend. I don't have many, so I value the few I do have. I look out for them. And this shady crap you're still pulling is eating away at my friend.

Chelsea: I am not pulling anything.

Phyllis: Yeah, I don't believe that for one second. And obviously I'm not the only one, because now there's someone else out there who really has it out for you. This isn't a threat. It's good advice. You watch your back.

Ashley: So, in a nutshell, that kind of wraps up what's going on with the european division of brash & sassy.

Victoria: I already know all that from abby's weekly report.

Ashley: Are you implying that abby and I are keeping something from you? Why don't you give her a call right now? Do that. Pick up the phone, call her if it makes you feel better.

Victoria: Please do not imply that I'm inventing some kind of conspiracy. And if you're trying to undermine my confidence, you're really wasting your time.

Ashley: That's something else you'll learn about me -- I don't waste time.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Then stop trying to convince me that my father would ever promote you over me, or anyone in my family.

Ashley: Sounds like somebody who's desperate to resist the very thing that newman enterprises is in such need of. And that is more progressive management style to move past these recent major, major failures.

Victoria: I can understand how you would see things that way. Otherwise, how could you justify being here?

Ashley: Well, I guess that's a question you should ask your father. But I think he would tell you not to make an enemy of me. And he would be right. So, in the spirit of friendship, victoria, please don't ask your father to choose between us. It would be a serious miscalculation.

[ Knock on door ]

Lily: Hi.

Ashley: Hi.

Lily: Sorry about that. I got held up talking to victor.

Ashley: No worries.

Lily: He said he wants to meet with you at the end of the day.

Victoria: Did he mention what time?

Lily: He didn't mention a time.

Ashley: Did he mention that he wants victoria there?

Lily: Um, he didn't mention victoria.

Victoria: All right, ladies. Shall we talk brash & sassy?

Ashley: Let's do it.

Cane: You signed a contract with chancellor industries. I mean, I hope you remember that. It was only a few weeks ago.

J.T.: Look, cane, I don't want to come across as ungrateful. You offered me a job when i really needed one and, look, I'll always appreciate that.

Cane: [ Sighs ] Well, I can tell by how quickly you're bailing on me.

J.T.: It wasn't my plan. I just got offered a much bigger job here in town.

Billy: Ooh, really? What is it?

J.T.: Head of security for newman enterprises.

Billy: [ Laughs ]

Cane: Okay. You don't have to say anymore. So, basically, victoria gave you your dream job.

J.T.: No. Newman had a position open. One I was highly qualified for.

Cane: All right. Well, if that's what you need to tell yourself.

J.T.: [ Scoffs ] Says the guy who -- who walked into a cushy pity gig running his stepmother's company.

Cane: [ Laughs ] Are you -- are you kidding me here, or...?

J.T.: I'm dead serious. You'd still be pounding the pavement if it wasn't for jill. But she did you a solid. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. You showed 'em, buddy.

Billy: She did help you land on your feet.

J.T.: The simple truth is, I'm gonna be doing some challenging work at newman. Stuff I couldn't pass up.

Cane: Okay. Uh... no problem. We'll, uh, shred your contract. Don't worry about it.

J.T.: Well, thank you. I'll let you guys get back to it. Have a good day.

Cane: Just, uh -- just don't come to me for any more favors.

Victoria: And lastly, the brash & sassy marketing budget -- where we should allocate funds and focus for the second half of the year.

Ashley: I'm all about content marketing and making sure we maintain a strong social-media presence. You know what I'd like to see? I'd like to see some long-form promo pieces showing brash & sassy's real customers interacting with each other, sharing how all the products enhance their lives.

Lily: Yeah, and that won't only boost online sales, but also bring traffic to the brick-and-mortar stores.

Ashley: Exactly.

Victoria: I love that. But, you know, I'd like to go a little bit deeper. Of course, brash & sassy products make a woman look fabulous and feel sexy, but just the sheer idea of buying a product should make a person feel like they're making a positive impact on the world. Sustainable resourcing, ethical marketing, responsible product testing, et cetera -- all of these things should be synonymous with our brand.

Ashley: I love that.

Lily: Yeah. That's a great idea, too.

Ashley: It's a great idea. And, you know, I'm so comfortable with that...

Victoria: Good.

Ashley: ...Because jabot's been doing that for years. When I was the chief chemist and the C.E.O., I wanted to make sure we were at the vanguard of the cruelty-free movement.

Victoria: Hmm. Cruelty, bad. Social media, good.

[ Laughter ] I just love that we're all in agreement on this. So, choose three of our products, our new products -- the ones that you feel are the essence of brash & sassy -- and we'll focus on them over the next two quarters.

Ashley: I think we have to definitely not include the facial mask, though. We don't want to remind our consumers what happened to you, victoria.

Victoria: Well, we definitely wouldn't want to dredge up all of the negative publicity that it caused for the person who was responsible -- your brother, billy.

Ashley: Of course not. Since it's my brother who's the father of two of your children.

Lily: Well, I think that we have everything we need. I can put together a formal proposal, so...

Victoria: Okay.

Lily: If we're done here? Yeah?

Ashley: All right, ladies.

Victoria: Yeah, we're done. Lily, uh, would you stay for a second?

Lily: Uh, yeah. Sure. So, what's up?

Victoria: Oh, it's not a big deal. I'm just implementing something new, and I wanted you to be the first to hear about it.

Lily: Oh, well, then, I'm flattered. What is it?

Victoria: It's a new feature for our in-house website where employees can post confidential feedback about their co-workers. It can be, you know, critical or -- or positive. It doesn't matter, as long as it is constructive. I think that it will promote more self-awareness, and it will make everyone perform better all around. So, when we're in beta testing, feel free to give an honest evaluation about whomever. Even your direct superior.

Lily: Heh...

Victoria: It's just a more progressive style of management.

Lily: Yeah. Okay. Um, absolutely. I'll do my best to provide as much useful feedback as I can.

Victoria: Great.

Sharon: Chelsea.

Chelsea: Oh, god!

[ Exhales sharply ]

Sharon: Sorry. I didn't mean to startle you.

Chelsea: No, it's --

[ Sighs ] It's not your fault. I've kind of had a tense day.

Sharon: I figured. I talked to nick earlier. He's a little worried about you.

Chelsea: Well, he shouldn't be. I'm fine. If he wants to be concerned about anybody, he should be concerned about his ex-wife. And I don't mean you.

Sharon: Phyllis?

Chelsea: Yeah. I mean, I'm sure you heard by now the fenmore's website was hacked?

Sharon: Nick did touch upon the matter. But he didn't go into any details.

Chelsea: Well, long story short, someone uploaded a fake version of my online fenmore's boutique.

Sharon: Oh, my god.

Chelsea: Yeah. Lauren and I, we've been frantic trying to figure out who did this. You know, we even hired J.T. To come on board as a consultant. I mean, he wasn't able to I.D. The culprit, but phyllis -- phyllis thinks she's cracked the case.

Sharon: And found a suspect?

Chelsea: Mm-hmm. Me. Yeah. I know. I know. I had the same reaction as you. It's insulting and hurtful and, as far as amateur detective work goes, it's unfounded and quite stupid. But this is phyllis we're talking about. She doesn't slow down. So she is going to repeat this bull to anyone who will listen. And who tends to listen to her, hm? Her good buddy nick. So how long until she poisons him against me?

Sharon: I totally understand. Um... I know what it feels like to be completely innocent and be accused of doing things. Things a lot worse than stealing from yourself, I might add.

Chelsea: [ Sighs ]

Sharon: All you can do is think about proving you didn't do it.

Chelsea: Yeah. You know what? You just made me feel better, actually. You just made a really good point.

Sharon: Oh, I did? Just now?

Chelsea: Yeah. I mean, I'm not desperate to prove my innocence to anybody. Because I'm lucky. I have someone in my life that i don't need to prove anything to. I have nick.

Billy: Oh, I wish you were there to see cane's face when J.T. Slapped him down from being the pompous hypocrite that we all...tolerate. I honestly don't see how my day could get any better.

Phyllis: Challenge accepted.

Billy: Hmm?

Phyllis: Yeah.

Billy: I might stand corrected.

Phyllis: We actually had some drama ourselves up here. And when I say drama, I mean chelsea.

Billy: I definitely stand corrected.

Phyllis: She's been getting these anonymous texts, you know.

I know what you did. I'm gonna find you, and that kind of stuff.

Billy: Whew...

Phyllis: She came in here, barging in, assuming that I sent them.

Billy: The nerve. Was it you?

Phyllis: No. I think I convinced her. But she's saying that she is not alexandra west.

Billy: And I take it you still don't believe her?

Phyllis: Something's up. She's acting too rattled to be innocent.

Sharon: Here you go.

Chelsea: Thanks. Hey, uh, do you want to -- do you want to sit, or -- or do you not have time?

Sharon: I've known phyllis for a long time. Off-the-wall opinions and abrasive behavior, it's part of the dna. But when did she hatch this vendetta against you, and what's in it for her?

Chelsea: Beats me. I have no idea. I thought we were cool. I thought we were friends, actually.

[ Sighs ] I know it might sound ridiculous, but there's only one motive I can come up with.

Sharon: Go for it.

Chelsea: Could she be jealous?

Sharon: That you're with nick.

Chelsea: I mean, I know she's happy. I mean, she seems happy with billy. But maybe she only got back with him because i was still with nick. Maybe she never expected it to last.

Sharon: So, she pretended to like you because she thought that you would be gone soon enough. That sounds like phyllis.

Chelsea: I mean, I'm sure plenty of people question our relationship, me and nick together. There's a lot of baggage there. The widow and the widower, both still grieving. Then you add to it nick's rift with his father, his club burning down, my entire past getting dragged up on

the hilary hour. Hell, I'm still shocked that we're together.

[ Laughs ] I mean, why wouldn't phyllis be?

Sharon: Well, I kind of have to agree with you. Anyone who knows you and nick also knows that you're very different people at a core level. You know, you said it yourself, honey, to me, right over there. You were telling me how you miss adam, and you admitted how nick is nothing like his brother. You and adam are one kind of person, nick, another.

Chelsea: I swear, I... I never meant to imply I was unhappy with nick, or -- or that I, like, you know, traded down when we started dating.

Sharon: No, I know. No one said you did.

Chelsea: I had really hoped that you would forget that whole conversation, sharon. That you would forget that i ever tried to compare nicholas and adam.

Sharon: Look, if you're worried that any of that is gonna get back to nick, it won'T. And it wouldn't matter, anyway. Nick's in love with you. And phony accusations coming from phyllis or anyone else is never going to change that. Who cares what people say? You did nothing. You're not hiding anything. Which means you've got nick's full support for whatever you need.

Devon: Hey.

Ashley: Well, hi, devon.

Devon: Ashley. Congratulations on your new job.

Ashley: Thank you.

Devon: That's actually why I'm here -- 'cause victor wants power communications to put out a press release on it, and I'm having a photographer come in to get some action shots of you today.

Ashley: Oh. I'm very flattered that you're the one that's handling this.

Devon: Well, it was gonna be neil, but he's still out of town. But he and I definitely agree that this is headline news in the business world, to have newman enterprises create an executive position for ashley abbott. That's something. [ Chuckles ]

Ashley: Wow. If you say so.

Devon: I'm sure it made quite the ripple effect around here.

Ashley: Uh, well, you know what they say -- change is good, right?

Devon: Can be great. It's not always easy, though.

Ashley: Yeah. But, you know, it does make you take stock and re-evaluate things.

Devon: And choose sides. Like if you get caught between two powerful executives and former rivals.

Ashley: Okay, you're talking about lily. By the way, she's lovely. She's very intelligent. She's innovative. I like her a lot. And she's going to do well.

Devon: Thank you.

[ Cellphone chimes ] 'Scuse me just a second. The photographer is here. Are you ready to cement your place at newman enterprises? Today we're out here to test people's knowledge about


Billy: Yes, cane, I was there. J.T. Was out of line, especially after everything you did for him. You deserve better. No, everything is all calm here. I don't mind covering for you at all. All right. You and lily have a good night, okay? Bye.

Phyllis: Told cane you're at chancellor?

Billy: He assumed it. I'm not gonna correct my co-C.E.O. Saying that, I should probably go put in a couple hours. Why don't you text me when you're done here and we can have a drink?

Phyllis: Hey, hey. Hang on. Hang on. First, um... I would like your take on chelsea's visit. What do you think?

Billy: All kidding aside, the fact that she's blaming you for these text messages kind of blows my mind a little bit. She's smarter than that -- I thought.

Phyllis: Yeah. Maybe she's too emotional to factor in logic.

Billy: You run scams for a living, you're usually five steps ahead of everybody. You got to be pragmatic to scheme and manipulate like that. And when you're paranoid...

Phyllis: Yeah, you're done. I mean, maybe the swindler in her has got, like, this grifter muscle. You know, if you don't use it, you lose it.

Billy: Eh. See, I see con-artistry more like sex -- once you master it, you never really forget.

Phyllis: But if you get desperate enough, you start to get sloppy. Nothing says desperate like reckless theft.

Billy: Or hoarding over 200 grand in your bathroom wall.

Phyllis: [ Sighs ]

Billy: You take out a massive insurance policy like that, you probably got something equally massive that you're risking.

Phyllis: Yeah, but what? What's got her so worried that she has to have a bankroll that thick?

Billy: And so readily available?

Phyllis: Yeah, it's like a contingency plan.

Billy: With an escape hatch and a parachute all wrapped up in one.

Phyllis: From what? A luxury penthouse apartment? An acclaimed designer label that she owns?

Billy: I don't like where this is going. And I don't like you being wrapped up in it. We have no idea who or what chelsea's involved in.

Phyllis: We know they're already texting threats.

Billy: That's my point. If you keep sticking that sexy nose around where it shouldn't be, we have no idea what they're gonna do, and I don't want to find out.

Nick: [ Neighs ] Hey! Here's, let's sit you down.

Chelsea: Hi.

[ Chuckles ] Oh!

[ Sighs ]

Nick: Are you okay? I got your voicemail.

Chelsea: Yeah, I'm great. I'm so good. I'm terrific. Yeah, I just -- I had a little bit of free time, so I thought i would stop by to see you and the boys. You know, get a dose of unconditional love.

Nick: Okay. Well, your other boy's upstairs napping. Monique said he was pretty tired when he got home from daycare. Apparently he is just running that place.

Chelsea: Ah. Well, it's nice that you could get away from rainbow gardens for a while.

Nick: Yeah, it is. I mean, this is why we do it, right?

Chelsea: Yeah.

Nick: So, how was your day? I mean, is phyllis still picking on you?

Chelsea: [ Scoffs ] I don't want to ruin this moment by talking about phyllis. She'll be bored with me soon enough and find some new obsession.

[ Gasps ] Hi, buddy! What are you doing? You been playing with your dad, huh? Luck you! Hi.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Nick: No, no. That's me.

Chelsea: Oh.

Nick: Ugh! Arturo again? I mean, I got to meet him at the site to go over some stuff. It's not gonna take long. Um... you know, monique's on her way over, so she'll be able to help you out.

Chelsea: Oh, yeah. No worries. Christian and I, we got it covered [Laughs] Together.

Nick: Maybe she can babysit tonight. I'd love to take my girl to dinner. Maybe 7:30, the athletic club? How's that sound?

Chelsea: I would love that. That sounds perfect.

[ Christian babbles ]

Chelsea: He's right, you know. Everything I am doing, I am doing for you and connor. I need to be prepared in case the truth about your real daddy comes out.

[ Voice breaking ] In case grandpa victor comes after me. I need to be prepared.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Okay.

[ Christian babbling ] Yeah, baby? Yeah. It's okay. It's all gonna be okay.

[ Sniffles ]

Ashley: You getting what you want?

Devon: Strength, check. Confidence, check.

Ashley: What about charm? Good looks?

Devon: Well, that's check and double check, ash.

Ashley: [ Laughs ] You were born to be a publicist.

Devon: Well, thank you. I think.

Ashley: So, any other ideas? What can I do?

Devon: You know what? Now that you mention it, why don't, uh -- why don't you give us a preview of how you're gonna shake things up around here?

Ashley: Oh, how I'm gonna push the boundaries?

Devon: That's right. Live up to that innovator image. What do you think?

Ashley: Give me a second. Aha! How about this?

Devon: Love it.

Crème de la crme

you're the best of the best

you're the crème de la crme

and the more that you do, the better it gets

make 'em stop, make 'em stare

no one else can compare

you're the best that's ever been

the crème de la crme

Devon: Nice. Hey, victoria. Uh, your father said that we could use your office for the photo shoot 'cause he wants to put out a press release for ashley.

Victoria: Oh, that's perfect. What fabulous timing. Excuse me. [ Sighs ] I'm victoria newman. I'm C.O.O. Of newman enterprises, and I have a truly exciting development that I'd like to announce. I would like to report the return of J.T. Hellstrom as newman head of security. We're thrilled to welcome J.T. And his top credentials back from his very important work abroad. J.T.?

[ Applause ]

J.T.: Okay.

Ashley: Oh, of course.

Victoria: Thank you.

Ashley: Sure.

J.T.: 'Scuse me.

Ashley: Yeah.

Victoria: This is truly a banner day for newman enterprises, and I couldn't be more delighted about this important addition to the executive team.

[ Applause ]

J.T.: Thank you. Thank you. Uh oh.

Victoria: Drink up, everyone. I thought that this called for the finest bubbly from my father's stash. Just don't tell him.

[ Chuckles ] Can we get a shot of us toasting? Cheers.

J.T.: Hey.

Lily: Hi.

J.T.: So cool you're working at newman, too.

Lily: I know. I had no idea that you left chancellor.

J.T.: Yeah, it kind of happened all of a sudden.

Lily: Yeah. Well, congratulations. You've come a long way. And so have I.

J.T.: Yeah. I mean, who would have thought, all those years ago? You and I, pillars of the corporate world?

Lily: Right? [ Laughs ]

J.T.: Cheers.

Lily: Cheers.

Devon: We have a ton of great shots, so we can slip out of here and check them out if you'd like.

Victoria: You know, everybody, that last one was kind of a photo op, so why don't we do one now for real. Everyone, please raise your glasses to J.T. Hellstrom. Having him here is a real coup for newman enterprises. Cheers.

Ashley: Cheers.

Devon: Cheers.

[ Glasses clinking ]

Ashley: I am so happy to welcome a fellow hire. To J.T.

[ J.T. Chuckles ] To J.T. As chief innovation officer, I'm excited to be working with you. J.T. Is clearly cutting-edge, tons of fresh ideas, and understands 21st-century thinking.

J.T.: Heh...

Ashley: Can I get a photo with him?

Victoria: Actually, J.T. And I, we have to be going --

Ashley: Just a second, please. Here's to the two new faces.

Devon: Excellent idea.

Ashley: Thank you. Here's to the future of newman enterprises.

J.T.: Heh...

Ashley: Cheers!

J.T.: Um, victoria, come on. Get in on this, all right?

Ashley: Cheers.

Victoria: Cheers.

[ Glasses clinking ]

Lily: Do they make designer body armor? Because I'm gonna get caught in the cross fire.

Ashley: Cheers! Yay!

Devon: You know, all things considered, ashley, I think we got some pretty good shots.

Ashley: Oh, don't put a spin on it. By the way, any shots with victoria, would you please make sure they're not published?

Devon: Well, as a favor, I'll do that for you.

Ashley: Thank you.

Devon: Can I be honest with you?

Ashley: Why not?

Devon: What's with your strategy -- coming in here and openly challenging victoria like you're doing?

Ashley: Strategy?

Devon: Yeah.

Ashley: Victor created a position for me, and I am expected to bring my a game, devon.

Devon: Okay...

Ashley: You know, he's handling victoria.

Devon: Is that right? Okay. Well, pitting people against each other is what victor likes to do, so...

Ashley: Yeah. I'm sure he'd tell us that it makes people stronger.

Devon: I think it's more he gets off on the game of pulling people's strings and watching them dance. I just hate to see him do that to you.

Ashley: So, what will victoria say?

Devon: When she doesn't see herself or J.T. In any of the photos? I think she's gonna think that you really are here to hijack this place right out in the open.

Ashley: All I'm trying to do is rise to the level of my abilities, and prove that I'm the best choice for this company to move forward and thrive.

Devon: It's hard to think of victor ever retiring.

Ashley: Mm, he's not going to. Not unless he's 100% sure of his replacement.

Devon: Well, you definitely have the business cred and the chops, there's no questioning that.

Ashley: So do a lot of other people. However, I do bring something unique to the table. I'm an abbott that was once married to victor newman. I've been a rival and an insider. I've seen it all. I understand this business, its history, and the family behind it. And that's including all its weaknesses.

J.T.: You busy?

Victoria: That's putting it mildly. But I always have time for you. How are you settling in?

J.T.: Well, I just met with my new staff. Everybody's briefing me on everything. But, um... before I dive in, we need to talk about something, and it can't wait.

Victoria: Oh, what is it? Are you not feeling welcome? Because if that's the case --

J.T.: Shhh. Close your eyes.

Victoria: J.T., What are you doing?

J.T.: No. Hold that thought. Close your eyes and put your hands out.

[ Victoria sighs ] Come on! Come on.

Victoria: Mmph. Mm. All right. [ Sighs ]

[ Laughs ]

[ J.T. Chuckles ] Oh. Okay... what is it?

J.T.: It's a surprise. No peeking. Just... just open it.

Victoria: Okay... I can't believe you did this. Can I open my eyes now? This is like torture.

J.T.: Yeah, yeah. Open your eyes. Open your eyes.

Victoria: Oh, my god. It's exquisite. Why?

J.T.: Celebrate our former anniversary.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Well... [ Giggles ]

J.T.: Yeah, put it on.

Victoria: Yeah.

J.T.: Here, I'll help you.

Victoria: I wish I'd gotten you something.

J.T.: Now, come on. All you've done is given me one gift after another. This job. A second chance to get things right. A-and I appreciate all that more than you'll ever know. I'm gonna work my butt off here, okay? You're not gonna regret hiring me.

Victoria: No. I knew I made the right decision when I saw how you handled ashley's power play.

J.T.: Oh, and dealing with that personality, that's gonna be a -- that's gonna be a real challenge for you, huh?

Victoria: Yeah. But ashley doesn't know that challenge brings out the best in me. The more she threatens me, the more she fuels my desire to put her in her place and show her what I'm made of.

Lily: What smells so amazing?

Cane: Uh, that would be our dinner warming in the oven.

Lily: Oooh.

Cane: Now...

[ Lily chuckles ] ...If you would follow me...

Lily: [ Giggles ]

[ Gasps ] What?

Cane: Wine has been poured.

Lily: Wow! Oh, my gosh. Well, I could get used to workdays if I come home to evenings like this.

Cane: Yeah? Well, I'll do it every day for you if you let me.

Lily: Well, I think I already am.

Cane: Okay. Um... I could never grow tired of celebrating what we have. Which brings me to my next idea.

Lily: Okay. Don't be shy.

Cane: Valentine's day would be perfect to renew our vows.

Lily: Really?

Cane: Well, that's our special day.

Lily: Yeah. I mean, that's when we got married.

Cane: And it's also, uh, you know, the night that we first...

[ Both laugh ] Such magical times.

Cane: Yeah.

Lily: Yeah. Let's add another one.

Billy: [ Sighs ] Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. Did you behave yourself after I left you?

Phyllis: If you are asking did I steer clear of chelsea and whatever malfeasance she is up to, I did.

Billy: Good girl.

Phyllis: I'm very glad that you worry about me. But I do have to say, chelsea is the one who needs to be cautious. Because in a beatdown situation, I win. She loses.

Billy: Not that I condone violence, but the thought of you whooping ass is... quite pleasurable.

Phyllis: As long as it's not yours, right?

Billy: I wouldn't say no to a spanking.

Phyllis: Hm.

Nick: [ Sighs ]

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