Y&R Transcript Wednesday 2/7/18

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 2/7/18


Episode #11336 ~ Victor shocks Nikki; Hilary resorts to blackmail; J.T. and Victoria's party takes a wrong turn.

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

Chelsea: You're in genoa city now?

Jordan: Working a new gig.

Chelsea: Me, too. Not like the bad old days.

Jordan: We had some good times being bad. I have something for you to remember me by.

Hilary: What does that mean?

Mariah: A lot of pictures showing a lot of you.

Hilary: Jordan!

Phyllis: Whoever stole that merchandise and set up that fake site works at chelsea 2.0, and if it's not one of your employees, then that only leaves one other person.

Ashley: I finalized my deal with newman.

Lily: Well, you know that i would love to be a part of your team.

Ashley: I'm gonna make that happen.

Victoria: You didn't get to be C.E.O. At jabot, so now here you are trying to get my father's job.

Ashley: He's not gonna live forever, and eventually, the next generation will have to step in, and like the current generation in power, they are held accountable by a board of directors. Which I am now a member of.

Jack: I hope this does the trick.

Billy: I'm proud of you, brother. Admitting you're wrong is good, but this actually takes it up a notch.

Jack: I intend to do whatever I have to do to get ashley back at jabot and make this family whole again.

Lily: Hello!

Ashley: Hi! I thought you'd left for the day.

Lily: Yeah, I was on my way out when I got your text. You mentioned a project?

Ashley: I do, I have a great project for you. I need an intense analysis of the marketing and sales trends for brash & sassy's lines -- men's, women's, facial, body -- the whole thing.

Lily: You already have that data.

Ashley: I do, but what i don't have are the details as to why some products aren't selling well in certain demographics and why.

Lily: Ah, that sounds like a challenge.

Ashley: And what I'm gonna do is hone in on those weak spots and use your input to create new products to bring consumers in.

Lily: Okay. Yeah.

Victoria: That's a really nice idea, but lily won't be able to assist you.

Lily: Oh, um, I thought that --

Victoria: Well, you know, as brand ambassador of dare, you'll be busy working on the new campaign. You won't have time for product research.

Ashley: Quick question. Since I have oversight of brash & sassy now, wouldn't that be my call?

Victoria: Oh, gosh, you know, I hear you, but as C.O.O., My needs have to come first. I'm sure you understand.

J.T.: [ Exhales sharply ] Hey, didn't I get an e-mail about a band jam at school tonight?

Reed: Um, yeah, the music club's putting that on.

J.T.: Well, you should go.

Reed: Wait, you mean it?

J.T.: Yeah.

Reed: You're telling me that after basically being on lockdown, I'm being let out on a school night?

J.T.: Hey, buddy, you earned it, you know? Your attitude's been good, you've been keeping up with your community service and your homework. Let's just consider this a show of good faith, all right? But just be home early, as soon as that thing's over.

Reed: Yeah, as soon as the jam's done, you got it.

J.T.: All right, good.

Reed: Do you think mom's okay with this?

J.T.: Eh, she'll be fine.

Reed: Thanks, dad. What do you have planned? You throwing some wild party, or something?

J.T.: Nothing like that, but I do have something unexpected in mind.

[ Footsteps approaching ]

Chelsea: [ Sighs ] Ugh!

Nick: Chelsea, you got to let this go.

Chelsea: I can't help it. Phyllis is convinced I'm defrauding fenmore's and my own company. I mean, how could she even think that?

Nick: Look, when phyllis gets something in her head, she's never gonna quit.

Chelsea: Well, she of all people should know how hard it is to live down their past. It really stings. It stings twice as much coming from her. I mean, do you know how hard it has been? I've worked so hard to try to be more than just the con artist that my mother raised. And here I am -- I haven't done anything wrong, nothing at all! And phyllis has the nerve to be accusing me of some really, really bad stuff.

Nick: Okay, look. Look. Look, look. Listen, listen listen, listen. Fenmore's and lauren, they were scammed, all right? Phyllis is just trying to look out for her. She wants answers.

Chelsea: You're defending her?

Nick: No. Not at all. I'm just telling you how phyllis operates.

Chelsea: [ Sighs ] But here she is, just doing the thing that phyllis does...

Nick: All right, stop, stop. Please stop. Chelsea, in this fight, in any fight, I'm with you. Always.

Hilary: I need my dry cleaning picked up. You're gonna need to hurry if you're gonna get there before they close.

Charlie: But I am --

Hilary: The address is on the ticket.

Charlie: Listen, I'm not your personal assistant. I'm uncle devon's intern.

Hilary: You're a hamilton-winters intern, and i am an executive member of this team. So thank you for your help. Appreciate it, charlie.

Phyllis: Okay. Glad I caught you. I need a wingman.

Hilary: Did you dump billy, and now you're back out dating?

Phyllis: I am about to embark on a secret mission, and when i tell you about this, you're gonna want to help.

Ashley: I'm not sure how helpful it is for you to be dictating the duties of one of my essential team members.

Lily: You know what, I can handle both projects, so problem solved.

Victoria: No, not quite.

Ashley: But lily's willing.

Victoria: It's very generous of you, and I'm not diminishing your ability in any way. I'm just trying to help ashley understand how things run around here. She seems to have gotten a little ahead of herself in her desire to one day sit in the C.E.O. Chair.

Ashley: Maybe we should talk a little later.

Lily: Yeah.

Victoria: I'll be in touch.

Ashley: Your father's a very pragmatic man. He asked me to join this company because he knows what I bring to the table, and he's not going anywhere for a very long time. I think we can both agree on that. So I'm starting to sense that maybe this is more about your concern for your position here. Are you wondering if your father might be thinking that the company would be better off with a more experienced, less insecure C.O.O.?

Victoria: Are you threatening me? You trying to take my job away from me? I'd like to see you try, ashley. If that's what you're trying to do, then bring it on.

Ashley: [ Sighs ]

Jack: Much as I hate giving you credit for anything...

Billy: Oh, come on, it'll only hurt for a minute. Repeat after me -- "thank you, billy."

Jack: [ Groaning ] Thank you, billy.

Billy: Yes. There it is.

Jack: Seriously, thank you for giving me some much-needed perspective about ashley.

Billy: Well, I have to admit, it's kind of nice to give advice for a change.

Jack: [ Chuckles ]

Billy: I hope everything goes according to plan tonight.

Jack: Thanks.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Billy: Excuse me. If this is some after-hours I.T. Emergency, you should call yourself, not me.

J.T.: Well, who do I call if I want to invite you and phyllis over for dinner?

Billy: Really? Some home cooking, huh? Okay, uh, when do you want us, and what can we bring?

J.T.: Tonight, and bring your appetites.

Billy: [ Scoffs ] It's a little last minute, isn't it, J.T.?

J.T.: It'd mean a lot if you guys showed up.

Billy: Okay, well, I don't think we have any plans tonight, so, uh...

J.T.: Good. We'll see you in an hour.

Billy: I will check with phyllis and I'll text you to confirm.

J.T.: All right, great.

Jack: Dinner with your ex and her no-longer-an-ex?

Billy: Looks like both of us have an interesting night ahead of us.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Nick: J.T., What's up?

J.T.: Well, dinner, if you and chelsea are available tonight.

Nick: What's the occasion?

J.T.: Just friends hanging out. We haven't really had much of a chance to do that since victoria and I got back together. And I'd like to do something special for your sister.

Nick: Yeah, sounds good to me. Let me run it by the boss, A.K.A. Chelsea.

J.T.: Text me when you know for sure.

Nick: Done. See ya. How would you like to have dinner with J.T. And victoria tonight?

Chelsea: Oh, uh, I'm not so sure I'm in the mood to be social.

Nick: Well, it could be a good way to unwind, you know, considering J.T. Doesn't seem to share the same theory about you that phyllis does.

Chelsea: Oh, well, I hadn't thought of it that way. He's the one who did all of the investigating, so...

Nick: Plus, I think it would mean a lot to vick if we went over there to show our support for her relationship.

Chelsea: You really want to go, huh?

Nick: Vick is always there for me.

Chelsea: Well, then we will be there for her.

Nick: All right. It could be fun.

Chelsea: Plus, it will be good to have a break -- a break from all things phyllis.

Phyllis: Welcome back, jordan.

Jordan: Thanks. A long time.

Phyllis: Please, have a seat. New york is treating you well?

Jordan: Like always. Hey, I thought I was meeting with lauren about a photography gig at fenmore'S.

Phyllis: She had a last-minute conflict. I'm taking the meeting. I will keep it professional provided you do the same.

Jordan: It'd be great to win fenmore's as a client. I thought genoa city was over for me.

Phyllis: Well, if everyone's past was held against them in this town, nobody would have a job. Your work speaks for itself.

Jordan: That's good to hear. So, what type of campaign would you like me to shoot?

Phyllis: It would be for the fenmore's website. Are you familiar with that?

Jordan: Of course.

Phyllis: Okay, how about the chelsea 2.0? What do you think of that?

Jordan: You want me to shoot something for fenmore's tie-in with chelsea?

Phyllis: You seem uncomfortable.

Jordan: I think it'd make fenmore's uncomfortable -- chelsea, too -- after our past was exposed on hilary's show.

Phyllis: Thank you for bringing me right to my point. Are you and chelsea up to your old tricks?

Jordan: Are you accusing me of something?

Phyllis: You see, someone created a fraudulent version of fenmore's chelsea 2.0 online store, and they are siphoning profits.

Jordan: I thought that this meeting was bogus. You owe me for my plane ticket out here.

Phyllis: And you didn't answer my question.

Jordan: We're done.

Hilary: You are gonna answer phyllis' questions, or I'm gonna call the cops.

Jordan: And accuse me of what, refusing to be played?

Hilary: You know those nude pictures that you took of me and you posted them online? Well, it turns out that wisconsin has a revenge porn law on the books. So you're gonna sit down, you're gonna tell all, or face the consequences. place tonight, okay?

Nick: Yeah, uh, can we try and be polite for victoria's sake?

Victoria: Maybe we should start with some hors d'oeuvres, you know?

J.T.: Agh! Finger foods? Right? I mean, we're all starving, right? Dinner's ready. Let's eat.

Nick: Yeah, let's do that.

Billy: The sooner, the better. Today we're out here to test people's knowledge about


Lily: Thank you.

Jordan: Hello, lily.

Lily: Jordan. When did you get back in town?

Jordan: I'm just here for the day. I had a job interview. Turned out to be a bust, so I'm heading back to new york.

Lily: Great. Have a nice flight.

Jordan: Lily. I'm glad I got a chance to see you.

Lily: Why?

Jordan: Because we were friends, and I'm -- I'm sorry that I disappointed you.

Lily: How could you post nude photos of hilary?

Jordan: It's not an excuse, but she brings out the worst in me. I thought that you'd understand that.

Lily: No, do not blame her for the disgusting thing that you did. And we will never be friends again, or anything else that you were hoping for. I'm back with cane.

Jordan: I knew you never stopped loving the guy. So if he's who you want...

Lily: Yeah, he is.

Jordan: Then I'm happy for you. But I am surprised that you're gonna help raise juliet's baby. I know you have a big heart, but I don't know how you're gonna manage to do that.

Lily: I don't think that you're in the position to comment on my life choices.

Hilary: Yeah, a woman has the right to choose the type of family that she wants without judgment.

Lily: Yeah. Thank you, hilary. Goodbye, jordan.

Jordan: Since when did you and lily become best buds?

Hilary: We're not, but I've always known where I stood with her. Can't say the same about you.

Jordan: So, uh, I suppose i ought to thank you for not calling the cops.

Hilary: Well, um, I've already gotten over the damage that those pictures caused, so why drag that story back into the spotlight?

Jordan: Good. Works out for both of us. How about I buy you a drink for old time's sake?

Hilary: I'll pass. I'm not drinking these days.

Jordan: Is this part of your new squeaky-clean image?

Hilary: Well, I could be pregnant.

Jordan: Well, who's the father?

Hilary: He's not in the picture.

Jordan: Is he out of the country, is he married, or dead?

Hilary: I wanted to have a baby, so I went the donor route, found myself a highly educated handsome man with a very impressive career.

Jordan: [ Chuckles ] You really don't believe that, do you?

Chelsea: Dinner was wonderful, thank you.

Nick: Yeah, it definitely beats the takeout we were planning on ordering.

Victoria: Well, all compliments should go to J.T. Because he prepared everything.

Phyllis: I don't know how you do it. I can barely nuke a frozen meal without burning it.

J.T.: Oh, that's probably not true.

Billy: No, that's actually true.

Nick: It's true.

J.T.: [ Laughs ] Well, i wasn't much of a cook when victoria and I were married, but I picked it up the last few years.

Victoria: Yeah, and now he's doing all of the family meal planning, which I couldn't be happier about.

Billy: Is that how you do dinner every night, with the china and the crystal, or is this a special occasion?

J.T.: Well, tomorrow is the anniversary of the day we got married, and I want to celebrate how grateful I am to be with victoria again. This time, I'm not letting her go.

Victoria: Isn't it funny how you think a chapter of your life is closed only to find that it's opened again? In the most amazing way.

Phyllis: Yeah, I know what you mean. Sometimes we just can't help ourselves from revisiting our past. Don't you agree, chelsea?

Chelsea: Well, gee, that depends, phyllis. I mean, sometimes in life we move on while other people just hold onto things, things that are left forgotten. Some people, you know, just insist on bringing up the same things over and over and over again.

Victoria: Can I get anybody more coffee?

Billy: I'll take some, please.

Chelsea: You know, I was at crimson lights earlier --

Nick: Chelsea, maybe we shouldn't --

Chelsea: And it's funny, i ran into jordan. And we had the most interesting conversation.

Phyllis: I bet you did.

Chelsea: It was some ploy dragging him back here to try to get dirt on me. It's too bad you didn't find what you were looking for.

Phyllis: Oh, I think I will soon enough.

Chelsea: Oh, no, you won't because there is nothing to find. When are you gonna get that through your head, you nasty --

Phyllis: What? What? What? What did you want to call me? Why don't you stop pretending to be so innocent?

Nick: Let's not do this, okay?

Phyllis: You know what, she's the one that brought it up.

Billy: Can we please not do this? My children are upstairs.

Chelsea: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to ruin the evening. I tried but I just -- I can't stand being around her.

Phyllis: Well, that would be the guilt pressing in. The truth shall set you free, chelsea.

Chelsea: You keep this up, and I am pulling my line from fenmore'S. Let's see what lauren thinks about that.

Phyllis: Well, I really doubt that she wants to do business with someone who robbed her, so...

Nick: Just stop, all right? You don't know anything. You're seeing what you want to see.

Phyllis: No, you need to open your eyes because chelsea is not only stealing from fenmore's, but she's stealing from her own company, and she's lying to everyone, including you!

Chelsea: Okay, I've had enough. Let's go. Come on. I'm sorry.

Nick: Thank you. Great party.

Phyllis: Well, I guess billy and I should be going. After all of that, I imagine you would like some peace and quiet.

Billy: You think?

Phyllis: I did not expect to spice up the night the way i just did, so..

Victoria: It's okay I mean, you do know how to keep things interesting. Let's get your coats.

J.T.: [ Exhales sharply ]

Billy: Next time you throw a dinner party, you should let people know the guest list. Just a thought.

J.T.: Yeah, I'll do that next time.

Billy: Thank you.

Victor: I haven't seen much of you at the ranch lately.

Nikki: Hello. Uh, no, nicholas and I have been very business with our housing project.

Victor: Yes. So what's so important that you tore yourself away from that job asking me to join you for dinner?

Nikki: Well, I had a chat with lily, and she has observed some tension between ashley and victoria.

Victor: I'm well aware. Victoria just informed me that ashley has designs of my job.

Nikki: Ashley admitted that to her?

Victor: Yeah, and our daughter's quite upset.

Nikki: Well, you don't seem very concerned.

Victor: Why would I be?

Nikki: With all the challenges that newman has had lately, I think it's time for the company to have some stability. And it might be time to revisit your decision to hire ashley.

Ashley: This brings back a lot of memories, jack. Like when daddy first brought me on board.

Jack: Jabot junior. You were a natural, ash.

Ashley: Is this your way of packing me up and shipping me off?

Jack: No, not at all. As I said, it's an appreciation and an apology. Everything here represents your creativity and your devotion to making our family company one of the best in the world. It's a symbol of just how many hours you've poured yourself into your work. It's hard to believe I created all of this.

Jack: As I was gathering all of these things -- the fragrances, the creams, the potions -- it occurred to me that you have always strived to create something greater than you did before. Just like dad. Right out of his playbook. That's why you won this award. I know it hasn't seemed like it lately, but I have never forgotten how important you are to jabot. It would not be the company it is today without you. And I deeply regret the way things turned out.

Ashley: [ Scoffs ] They didn't just "turn out." You made them happen.

Jack: Yes, I -- I let my ego get the best of me. And in my effort to hold on to my position as C.E.O., I said -- I said things, I crossed a line I should never have crossed, and I am so sorry. More sorry than I can express.

Ashley: How did you let it happen, jack? How do I know it's not gonna happen again?

Jack: Because I have you and traci and billy to remind me of this. We're family. We're family, ash. I hate what I have done to our relationship. And I will do anything to make it up to you.

Ashley: There's nothing you can do.

Jack: Come back to jabot. It's where you belong. Please.

Ashley: Oh, my god, I never expected to hear you say this to me.

Jack: You have to come back. You are the heart of the company, ash.

Ashley: Jack. I'm happy at newman.

Ashley: What if I increase the r&d budget?

Ashley: It's not about the r&d budget, jack.

Jack: Profit participation.

Ashley: Jackie, no.

Jack: I can give you a better salary. Anything you want to feel valued and appreciated.

Ashley: You had a chance to make me feel valued and appreciated, jackie.

Jack: And I blew it. I know that. I made a mistake. I want to make it right. And here's what I'll do for starters. I will repeal the amendment that john abbott's biological relatives are the only people who can be C.E.O. Of jabot.

Ashley: [ Scoffs ]


Hilary: You do not get to laugh in my face and then walk away. Did you hear what I said? The place where I chose my donor, it has an outstanding reputation.

Jordan: Sure it does, but it doesn't keep them from using stock photography and making up bios.

Hilary: No, why would you think that --

Jordan: I used to donate. You want to know what the sperm bank listed me as? A brain surgeon with an ivy league education.

Hilary: No, you are just trying to mess with my head, okay? There are regulations in place for that.

Jordan: Well, some of them play by the rules, and some of them don'T.

Hilary: No, I thoroughly researched the facility that I'm using -- personal references, staff professional credentials -- and it all checks out.

Jordan: Way to be proactive. But let's be honest -- you don't really know whose swimmers you got, do you?

Jack: We've already lost our father. Now we're losing our mother bit by bit. I can't lose you, too. We have to be there for each other. Come back to jabot, where you belong.

Ashley: For the first time in quite a while, you sound like the brother I always thought you were.

Jack: Feels good. I like being this guy.

Ashley: You're gonna get rid of that horrible amendment?

Jack: You have my word.

Ashley: Thank you. That makes me happy. For abby's sake. In case she wants to join jabot later on.

Jack: And for your sake.

Ashley: I appreciate the gesture so much, and your apology. It's too late.

Jack: No, no. No, it's not.

Ashley: Jack.

Jack: It's not.

Ashley: After what you did to me, I'm never gonna trust you again. I can forgive you. How can I go back to jabot if i can't trust you? My future lies elsewhere, jack.

Nikki: So you won't even think of removing ashley?

Victor: No reason to.

Nikki: Yeah, but pitting them against each other like that...

Victor: Well, our daughter always does better when someone is nipping at her heels, you know.

Nikki: Oh, I see. You're using this competition as a way to groom victoria to be future C.E.O.

Victor: Something like that. But nothing is set in stone. I'm in the enviable position of having two very qualified candidates. Let them fight it out.

Nikki: Oh, come on, victor. You would never choose ashley to run the company over your own daughter.

Victor: Oh, yeah?

Victoria: I'm sorry that chelsea and phyllis brought your dinner party to a screeching halt.

J.T.: Me, too, but I still consider it a big success.

Victoria: Half-full much?

J.T.: No, I just realized compared to everybody else, we're doing pretty good.

Victoria: You know what, I'm with you. After everything we've been through.

J.T.: Yeah, we survived. Nothing can shake us. Not even working together with your dad again.

Victoria: Really?

J.T.: Yes.

Victoria: [ Laughs ]

J.T.: If the job is still open, I'm accepting the position at newman enterprises. Happy almost anniversary, baby.

[ Chuckles ]

Phyllis: Chelsea just denying and denying when it's so clear and obvious that she's guilty, and nick -- nick is never gonna admit that his girlfriend is still a crook. Okay, look, I get it, that you're not convinced that chelsea committed this crime, but it'd be real nice to know if you're on my side.

Billy: Chelsea's my friend.

Phyllis: You slept with her, you lived with her. Okay, that makes her more of an ex than a friend, billy.

Billy: Either way, I don't want to be believe that she did this, phyllis.

Phyllis: It's obvious and clear she did!

Billy: However, I am always on your side.

Phyllis: You are?

Billy: Yes. 100%. You are my friend, you are my ex, and you are my now. And I trust your instincts, and I know that if you were working this hard on something, you believe it.

Phyllis: Thank you for saying that.

Billy: If there's anything i can do to help, you let me know, okay?

Phyllis: Okay. Thank you.

Chelsea: I really appreciate you sticking up for me.

Nick: [ Sighs ] Phyllis was way out of line when she started in on you. I mean, she couldn't even restrain herself for the length of a dinner party. What would you say if we just put on some music, hung out in front of the fire and just shut the rest of the world out?

Chelsea: I think that sounds perfect.

Nick: Okay.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

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