Y&R Transcript Wednesday 1/24/18

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 1/24/18


Episode #11326 ~ Jack and Ashley's battle for Jabot gets nasty; Devon makes Hilary an intriguing offer; Nick surprises Chelsea.

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

Jack: Only a blood abbott can hold the title of C.E.O. Of jabot.

Ashley: You son of a bitch. I will fight because you've given me no choice.

Michael: You don't need an arbitrator if you can find a way to work together.

Ashley: It's too late.

Jack: Decisions have to be made about the company and this family, once and for all.

Nick: This is our chance to upgrade. We've always said that bathroom is too small for us, anyway. So I want to take a shot at it.

Chelsea: You?

Nick: Yeah!

Hilary: There's only one thing I want from you, devon. This show. Full ownership. Take it or leave it.

Devon: Gc buzz is all yours.

Hilary: I've decided I don't want a man in my life. I want a baby.

Jack: You don't like my tie?

Michael: Doesn't matter what I like. It only matters what the arbitrator thinks. Okay, uh, the tie works. I just wanted to make sure that you were composed and well-rested for arbitration.

Jack: And?

Michael: And we need to talk strategy for today.

Jack: Well, I assumed you were going to dazzle the judge with your legal brilliance. I in turn will, uh, be honest and forthright.

Michael: Hmm. Then the judge will decide the future C.E.O. of your father's company.

Jack: Meaning me.

Michael: That's the plan.

Jack: Uh, obviously we had the same idea. Well, back to the living room.

Ashley: Hello, michael. Hello, jack. There's some leftover coffee, if you'd like some. Might be a little cold, though, so you'd have to heat it up a little. Hey, jack. I'm really happy that we're bringing this matter to a civil and quick end today.

Chelsea: What? What? Come on! Seriously?! Nick!

Dr. Chasen: I was just going over your file -- no issues to speak of, everything looks current, not time for your regular pap smear, so what brings you in today?

Hilary: I think... I want to have a baby.

Nick: Hey, hey! What's wrong? What's wrong? Sorry, I was -- I was just downstairs.

Chelsea: I'm cold and I'm late, and this thing is just -- the water just stopped!

Nick: What do you mean, it didn't turn on?

Chelsea: Well, it turned on, enough to get me wet, and then it just stopped.

[ Shivers ]

Nick: Well, the water works here.

Chelsea: Well, it doesn't come out of here, so what's happening?

Nick: Oh.

Chelsea: Oh? What's "oh?"

Nick: Uh, so I had arturo come by earlier.

Chelsea: Who?

Nick: Arturo, the contractor I hired to work on the apartment building. I asked him to come by and put in some upgrades.

Chelsea: Okay, no water is, like, the opposite of an upgrade.

Nick: Right, so he got called back to the job site, and then, uh... well, I finished the job.

Chelsea: You finished the plumbing?

Nick: Look, I'll have you know I'm basically like his assistant now. I've been shadowing him. I've learned a lot.

Chelsea: I can see that.

Nick: Look, I handled most of the plumbing at the underground.

Chelsea: Really?

Nick: Yeah, I know my way around a plunger.

Chelsea: Well, that's crucial experience.

Nick: Okay, will you just stop? Let me in here.

Chelsea: You're coming in here?

Nick: Well, this is where the faucet is, right?

Chelsea: I tried that already. I tried that already, too.

Nick: Well, just...

[ Sighs ] All right. Well, I mean, the pipe doesn't look blocked, and that faucet is -- I don't know.

Chelsea: [ Sighs ] So, what are we gonna do?

Nick: Well -- oh!

Chelsea: [ Gasps ]

[ Laughing ] Oh!

[ Giggles ]

Nick: I fixed it.

Chelsea: Look at you!

Nick: Yeah. Look at me? Let's look at you.

Chelsea: [ Chuckles ] Oh, but we can't right now.

Nick: What do you mean, we can't? We can't what?

Chelsea: I mean, we can't let you go to work without a shower.

Nick: [ Sighs ] Yeah.

[ Towel drops ]

Ashley: I like what I'm hearing.

Tony: Yeah?

Ashley: Very solid approach. I guess you do know what you're doing.

Tony: Yeah, well, it's good you have confidence in me going to arbitration because we have to roll with it in there, you know? Play it as it lays.

Ashley: It kind of seems like you're playing it by ear, but that's not the case at all, is it? I mean, everything is planned out. To the very last contingency.

Tony: Yeah. I keep the other side guessing, you know? On their toes.

Ashley: Such as having the meeting here at the house where jack is, and michael's gonna stop by?

Tony: You okay with this?

Ashley: Hey, you know, every little win is still a win, whatever it takes.

Tony: In that case... here's what I'd like you to do.

Michael: Jack? You here with me?

Jack: I don't get why she couldn't meet that guy in his office, or the club.

[ Ashley and tony laughing ] And I am delighted they find this whole mess so amusing, while I have to talk softly in my own home.

Michael: It's ashley's home, too, as well as dina'S.

Jack: Thank god she isn't here for any of this. I could just imagine what it'd be like if she wandered in, started flirting with tony. Like mother, like --

Michael: [ Clears throat ] You know her condition will come up in arbitration.

Jack: And that galls me. My mother would hate her illness being a topic of public conversation.

Michael: Look, you initially took a leave of absence to care for dina, and now she's out of the country. Clearly, that frees up your time. How's she doing? She settling in okay?

Jack: Uh, yeah. Traci got her across the ocean without incident. Abby's happy to have her grandmother there, even under the circumstances. For the moment, it seems like things are pretty manageable, but, uh, let's hope they stay that way, for abby's sake.

Michael: Well, abby's a special young woman. I mean, it's obvious how fond she is of dina. At an age when a lot of people are thinking about kids, abby's taking care of her grandmother.

Jack: Yeah, as long as that's feasible.

Michael: Well, that will come up today, too, your long-term plans for dina's care.

Jack: Yeah, don't I know it.

Michael: Look. Ashley and tony are gonna come at you on this point. This is your achilles heel. So be forewarned and be prepared.

[ Ashley and tony laughing ]

Jack: Unbelievable. They think this is a joke!

Michael: It's not a joke, it's a game with the highest stakes. This is classic tony. Don't take the bait.

Hilary: Now, I'm not -- I'm not currently in a relationship.

Dr. Chasen: Okay, then we go about it another way.

Hilary: Okay, as in artificial insemination?

Dr. Chasen: Iui. Intrauterine insemination. If you want to get the lingo right.

Hilary: Okay, good. Great. Iui. How do I -- how do I even know that that will work for me?

Dr. Chasen: Well, let's see. You've never been pregnant.

Hilary: Is that a -- is that a bad thing?

Dr. Chasen: No! You're young, you're healthy. You've been on hormonal birth control since -- oh! -- Until a couple of months ago, but you're off now, which is good --

[ Chuckles ] -- If you want to get pregnant. See, you're doing everything right without even knowing it. So, the first thing that we do is we test your hormones, see how your eggs are doing, and then just a couple other tests, things we can do, but the short answer is, if you really want this, it's doable.

Hilary: I think I do... want a baby.

Dr. Chasen: This is one of those things you might want to be sure about before we start.

Hilary: I think it's just... it just shocks me saying it out loud, but... it feels right, and it feels real. And I'm not an impulsive person. Well, not about something like this. That's why I need to know my options so that I can be 100% in control of this decision and have my baby on my own terms. (Vo) make her day with

Chelsea: I'm so glad I got you that tool belt for your birthday. It is the gift that keeps on giving.

Nick: Well, I'm gonna come back and check on you later, ma'am.

Chelsea: [ Chuckles ] Ma'am. No one makes "ma'am" sound as sexy as you do.

Nick: Mm.

Chelsea: Unfortunately, i have to get to work.

Nick: Yeah, I do, too. We are doing some welding today. Nick gets to play with fire.

Chelsea: You are not messing around with this apartment complex.

Nick: No! We got to get this place up to code. The people deserve it.

Chelsea: They do. As far as this place goes, i think we should make sure somebody else does all of the renovations, though.

Nick: Uh, well, the contractor said he would be back later this week. If he's not, then I'm just...

Chelsea: You're -- you're gonna do it?

Nick: Yeah. I can handle it.

Chelsea: Yeah, but why should you have to, nick? I mean, you're busy, you know? You're renovating an apartment building for low-income housing. I can pay for somebody to do some fix-up work around here.

Nick: I -- I can do both. It's -- it's not an issue. Where is my other boot?

Chelsea: Let it just be my gift to you, you know? The last thing you want to do after a long day of work is work some more.

Nick: I started this, I'm gonna finish it.

Chelsea: No! Oh! [ Sighs ]

Nick: Hey! What, did you -- did you step in glass?

Chelsea: No, it's -- my perfume.

Nick: Okay, well, the only thing that matters is that you're not hurt, right? I mean, I can get you more perfume.

Chelsea: No, you can'T. You can't, actually. It's discontinued. I was -- I was trying to make it last.

Nick: [ Sighs ] I'm sorry.

Chelsea: It's okay. It's just perfume. It's fine. You should get to work.

Nick: Are you sure?

Chelsea: Yeah. Of course.

Nick: Okay. I'm sorry.

Chelsea: It's okay.

Hilary: And you -- you read about these actresses. They have babies well into their 40s.

Dr. Chasen: Yeah. Yeah, sure, but a lot of the time, that's after iui, and then in vitro. Sometimes there are donor eggs, donor sperm, maybe a gestational carrier. Look, I'm not a fan of the fear mongering that after 35 your fertility's toast. But eggs do become less viable over time. So something to think about might be freezing your eggs until you're ready.

Hilary: Right. You're right. Of course. How do we do that?

Dr. Chasen: Well, we retrieve your eggs, and then we put them on ice, so to speak.

Hilary: We do that now?

Dr. Chasen: No. Not right this second. Hormone shots and whatnot first.

Hilary: Okay. Okay, okay, um, so... say I either freeze my eggs or i say that I'm ready...right now. Then what?

Dr. Chasen: Then we need sperm. So unless you have somebody in mind... then you can go the donor route from a license cryobank, not some rando. All the donors have given up all legal rights, medical vetting, the whole thing.

Hilary: And how do I pick a donor?

Dr. Chasen: They're online. You just go on and look for the attributes you want...

Hilary: And I just say, "i pick that one?" And that could be the father of my child?

Dr. Chasen: Big decision, i know.

Hilary: Do women usually need a glass of wine after this conversation?

Dr. Chasen: [ Chuckles ] Well, it might be the last one you have for a while if you do this thing.

Hilary: [ Sighs ]

Jack: I guess we shouldn't be surprised that ashley and "the piranha" aren't here yet. Probably wanted to keep the good times rolling and went to a comedy club for a few more laughs.

Michael: Jack. That's exactly what tony wants, to throw you off your game. He used to do it to me on the golf course, get inside my head. It works for him in and out of the courtroom.

Nick: I assume you've taken counter-measures.

Michael: Of course. But tony's not just tricks and gimmicks. He's smart and tough and not to be underestimated.

Jack: You have beaten him in the courtroom, am I right?

[ Door opens ]

[ Laughs ]

Michael: [ Chuckles ]

Frances didion.

Michael: The arbitrator.

Shall we begin?

Ashley: My brother has made a series of decisions that have been detrimental to my family company. Most of those decisions have been motivated by his personal vendettas. When I tried to speak with jack about that, he was resistant and often angry. And then when he decided to take over the full-time care of our mother, I told him it would be debilitating to our company. I told him it was unrealistic. But jack wouldn't hear it. He took my concerns as an attack on his abilities, and once again, he acted on impulse, on ego, on bad judgment. I felt no recourse but to call a board meeting which resulted in a vote of "no confidence." That is when jack revealed he had added a clause to the bylaws stating that only a blood abbott could be C.E.O., Which of course made me ineligible to take over jabot. John abbott's name is on my birth certificate. John abbott raised me. He loved me. John abbott was my father.

Jack: I have known about ashley's paternity for years. I have always protected that secret, always treated her with love and respect. It was our mother, who in the grips of alzheimer's blurted out her secret in public. And try as I made to reassure her that she is and will always be a member of this family, it's as if she has something to prove now. That is why she is making this misguided attempt to unseat me.

Tony: Yeah. [ Clears throat ] I have some questions for jack abbott. You'll see the clause at issue in exhibit 14. About that amendment --

Jack: It is legally binding.

Tony: Depends on your definition.

Jack: Of what, "legally?"

Tony: [ Chuckles ] Of family, jack. You know why your sister's fighting you on this?

Jack: She's angry and bitter.

Tony: Oh, so you do admit that she is your sister?

Jack: There is no question that's she part of my family. The question is her paternity. Her biological father is brent davis, a man with whom our mother had an affair. That is not in dispute.

Tony: Did you need board approval to change the jabot bylaws?

Jack: Yes, I did. I gathered written consent from enough board members to pass the amendment.

Tony: So you got ashley's written consent? She was aware of what you were doing? I just...

Jack: When I had this written up, it was not ashley --

Tony: Jack. Did you apprise ashley, a member of the board, your own sister, of the change?

Jack: I didn't have to. I had the requisite number of board members to pass the amendment.

Tony: And was there a reason that you didn't approach ashley about this amendment you claim wasn't about her?

Jack: No.

Tony: You recently appointed ashley C.E.O. Of the company.

Jack: Interim C.E.O. We learned about our mother's illness, I needed some time off to take care of her.

Tony: Have you since moved your mother to a facility?

Jack: No.

Tony: [ Chuckles ] So, how did the, uh, company fare under ashley's leadership?

Jack: It was fine.

Tony: Any losses?

Jack: No.

Tony: Any increase in profits?

Jack: In some areas, yes.

Tony: Yet you pushed her out just a few weeks later.

Jack: It was my title. I merely took it back.

Tony: A sick mother living in your home, a company thriving. Why go back to work so soon?

Jack: It was my company, my decision.

Tony: And the attempt to purchase chancellor industries without consulting the board -- that was your decision, as well.

Jack: Yes, as C.E.O.

Tony: And when ashley acted responsibly to stop the deal, you were bitter and angry. When she wouldn't let you act recklessly with impunity, she did what was in the best interest of her father's company. You did whatever you could to push her out. Your own sister.

Jack: That is not the issue!

Tony: Actually, it's very much the issue, mr. Abbott. No further questions.

Michael: [ Clears throat ] I have a few questions for ashley. As you know, you're under oath.

Devon: A dating site, huh? Is this research for your show, or is this for you personally?

Hilary: Mm, no. This isn't for work.

Devon: Oh. Well, I take it things didn't work out with you and ravi, then. But good for you, getting back out there.

Hilary: What? No. No.

Devon: Dating. You looking for a new man in your life?

Hilary: This isn't for drinks or dinner. I'm looking for a prospective fathers. This is a sperm donor site.

Chelsea: [ Sighs ] Hey.

Sharon: Oh! Uh, skinny latte, extra foam?

Chelsea: Make it a mocha.

Sharon: Sugar fix?

Chelsea: Stress fix.

Sharon: [ Gasps ] Oh. Is it the renovations? Gosh, they are brutal. There's dust everywhere, nothing's ever where you left it...

Chelsea: Not to mention I got in the shower only for the water to go on the fritz.

Sharon: Oh, no!

Chelsea: Oh, yes. Luckily, nick took care of it.

Sharon: So, is that all? Just the water in the shower? I can put extra chocolate in your coffee, if it helps.

Chelsea: [ Sighs ] Nick accidentally knocked over this bottle of perfume I have, and I kind of lost it for a second. I mean, not out loud, but, you know, in my head.

Sharon: Because of the perfume?

Chelsea: It was a gift from adam. They don't make it anymore.

Sharon: Oh, chelsea... wow. Well, I'm sure nick feels awful.

Chelsea: Well, I didn't -- I didn't tell him that it was from adam.

Sharon: Because it was private.

Chelsea: I know it's ridiculous. Adam is gone, I live with nick. I know it's silly to have secrets.

Sharon: Chelsea, your memories are your own. You don't have to share them or tell anyone about it unless you want to. Unless you're ready.

Chelsea: Yeah, but shouldn't I be ready by now? I mean, I've moved on...

Sharon: Yeah. Oh, you have. Of course, you have moved on.

Chelsea: And, by the way, i would have told nick eventually. It's just -- there wasn't time. You know? He was going to the job site, so... the thing broke, I cleaned it up. He's at the apartment building, and I'm here, so...

Sharon: Isn't it amazing what nick is doing for kathy and the others?

Chelsea: He is unbelievable. Oh, I'm so proud. It's really impressive. He's a real inspiration. He's like the perfect guy.

Sharon: Well... nobody's perfect. Not even nick. I mean, I should know.

Chelsea: True. [ Chuckles ] But he's so -- he's so good, you know, and decent. Calm. I mean, even though they were brothers, it's wild. I mean, nick, he's -- in so many ways, he's nothing like adam.

Sharon: Yeah. Adam was...different, unique.

Chelsea: Every time I would put on that perfume, all the memories would just come flooding back.

Sharon: The easy ones and the difficult ones, I would imagine.

Chelsea: Yeah, that's true, 'cause adam was difficult at times, you know? And he was frustrating. He just had so much darkness inside, you know? All of the secrets and all of the grudges. It's almost like he couldn't not start trouble. Nothing was ever easy with him. And even after all of that, sometimes...

Sharon: Sometimes do you wish nick were more like him?

Hilary: Oh, this one is a calculus whiz. Now, that is good. Oh, this one likes karaoke, so that's a no.

Devon: So, when this is over and you get what you want, you're left with a kid that's half yours and half some stranger's, right?

Hilary: Families are made up in all sorts of ways. So this just might be mine.

Devon: What if you have a son? What are you gonna do about a father figure and someone to guide him?

Hilary: I will make sure that this baby gets whatever he or she needs.

Devon: Find a male role model off the street?

Hilary: What -- why are you so concerned about the son that I don't even have yet?

Devon: Because I used to be that kid that grew up without a father, and it made a huge difference in my life when I met neil.

Hilary: Well, I will find someone to fill those shoes. Someday.

Devon: "Someday." So you're gonna have a baby first, and then find a guy later? What if there's someone out there right now who's ready to love you?

Hilary: Well, he's not here, and I'm not waiting for him.

Devon: You know, I remember when you were with neil, and he was talking about having a baby, you said that if you were to have kids, you'd want it to be with me.

Hilary: Yeah, well... we got married, remember? And then we got divorced. And look where we are now, so it's a good thing we didn't have that baby because look what we would have put him through.

Devon: Yeah, you are right about that.

Hilary: Yeah.

Michael: Can you itemize jack's failures as a leader recently? Not subjective calls like the bad judgments you mentioned earlier, but objective failures within the company.

Ashley: I have a very long list. Would you like me to start itemizing them right now?

Michael: No, but I would like you to tell me all the moments that jack treated you differently from the other siblings purely based on paternity.

Ashley: I think pulling the amendment card would be the best example.

Michael: He knew about your true parentage for years, so i just want to know all the times he treated you...badly because of it.

Ashley: I haven't made a list.

Michael: Mm. Well, can we talk about your relationship with your mother dina? Could you characterize it as... easy and affectionate?

Ashley: No.

Michael: Before or after she revealed brent davis as your father?

Ashley: Yeah, actually, we have had a couple very nice moments recently. We went ice skating together.

Michael: Huh. Are there any other good times you can recall?

Ashley: This is ridiculous.

Michael: Never mind. If I may, I have a few additional questions for my client. Jack, let's talk about the blood abbott amendment. Why did you write it?

Jack: My marriage was in trouble. I felt the need to ensure that neither my wife nor any other spouse could lay claim to the company. I wasn't think of ashley when i had that drawn up. I was losing my marriage. I wasn't about to lose my company, as well. That is why I had the clause put in. To stop potential meddling from estranged and disgruntled spouses.

Michael: So, it was in no way a preemptive strike against your sister?

Jack: Not at all. It never occurred to me my sister might make a play for the role of C.E.O., Making me defend myself and jabot from the attack.

Michael: So, when you learned of your mother's illness, you chose to step away from work to care for dina full time?

Jack: She needed her family. She needed help. More help than I could give her, I realize that now, but at least I was willing to try.

Michael: By yourself? Why is that?

Jack: My sister traci lives in new york, and ashley has made it clear that she had no interest in participating in mother's day-to-day care.

Michael: Why's that?

Jack: Ashley has been honest and open about her problems with my mother, and she has her reasons. My mother abandoned us at a very young age. Very painful, but it's a fact. So is the fact that she's still our mother. And to see her vulnerable, to see her weak, to see her confused... that is why I put it all behind me. All the old hurts, all the old wounds. But I have to accept the fact that ashley can't forgive her. Whether it's for the abandonment or the fact that mother exposed her secret about brent davis or the fact of her affair years and years ago. The simple truth is because of my mother, ashley cannot claim to be john abbott's biological daughter.

Michael: So, you willingly assumed full responsibility for your mother's care?

Jack: The only help that ashley offered was covering my work as C.E.O. While I took a leave of absence. Even today, she wants me to put my mother in a home.

Ashley: How can you say that? How can you act like I want to put mother in an attic somewhere? You and I both looked at facilities together, jack. We both decided not to put her in one!

Jack: My sister has turned her back on my mother...

Ashley: Both of us!

Jack: ...And now she has decided to turn her efforts on me. This is not about jabot. This is personal! She has decided she wants to cause as much pain for this family as she can. You think I want to do this? You forced this on me.

Sharon: I'm sorry. I did not mean it to sound like that.

Chelsea: I would never want nick to be more like adam. Nick is his own person, and i love him.

Sharon: And I didn't mean to imply...

Chelsea: I just -- all of the feelings I had with adam, they didn't have any place to go. He died, and I grieved, and then I fell in love with nick.

Sharon: You know, for a long time... I really cared about adam. A lot.

Chelsea: I remember. But it ended. You let -- you let go.

Sharon: Yeah. Because, you know, we -- we just kept hurting each other, you know, it just -- it wasn't healthy. It wasn't good for either one of us. It's not like what you had with him. You know, adam many times mentioned that he wanted to be a better person, and I guess he was able to accomplish that with you.

Chelsea: He got better, but he was no saint.

Sharon: Would you really want him to be? I mean, adam was so...wild and reckless, and nothing was ever enough for him. And he was very -- very devoted to you. That had to be an attractive combination, you know? He loved you so much.

Chelsea: And connor.

Sharon: That's hard to let go of.

Chelsea: I should be able to, but I can'T. You know, nick wanted us to get a new place together, but... I didn't want to leave the penthouse because adam had lived there. Aside from the memories, I mean, that perfume was a permanent, constant reminder. I just feel like I have so little of him left.

Sharon: You have his son. And you always will. And no one can ever take that away from you.

Chelsea: That's true. Thank you. That's true. I have connor, and I have nick and faith and christian in my life now, so, you know, I don't need reckless and dangerous. I don't feed off that stuff anymore, you know? I've grown up a lot since adam died. I understand how lucky I am to have a solid, dependable guy like nick.

Hilary: Clearly I don't need a man for anything in my life, and for some reason, men find that threatening.

Devon: Not me.

Hilary: Did I say you specifically? Well, my company is doing well. Viewership is strong, advertisers are happy. And out of the blue, a huge media company reached out to me. They want to sit down and discuss acquiring gc buzz.

Devon: They want to buy my company?

Hilary: Yours? [ Chuckles ] Mine, as per our divorce agreement. All mine, sweetie.

Devon: That's right. And since when are you looking to sell it?

Hilary: Well, I can -- I can take a payout, let my company be absorbed by a media heavyweight, one with capital, access, and reach.

Devon: Is that what you want?

Hilary: It'd make me a power player. What's not to love about that?

Devon: Well, I mean, gc buzz is your baby.

Hilary: Well, I'm ready for a new baby. One that I can leave behind a legacy for. Kind of like hamilton-winters. I know you play it low-key, but you are ambitious, and you never -- you never stop moving forward.

Devon: Well, I can't with all the competition that's out there. I'm always checking the figures on hamilton-winters.

Hilary: And I'm guessing that they're consistently strong?

Devon: For the most part, yes, and if I'd like to keep things that way, I need to step my game up in the music division.

Hilary: And it might help if a certain singer-songwriter didn't get called out as a plagiarist?

Devon: Yeah. Mariah's threatening to sue if we release that song.

Mariah: Oh, yeah. Yeah. She, um, she threatened to sue me, too. Your ex is quite the drama queen.

Devon: Which ex are you referring to?

Hilary: [ Chuckles ]

Devon: But, yes, you're correct that neil and I, we want to create something special and definitely leave behind a legacy.

Hilary: Well, maybe you need to find someone to have a baby with.

Tony: Don't worry. We had a solid game plan. We stuck to it.

Ashley: I let jack get to me. I knew that I shouldn't, but i let it happen. How bad did it hurt us?

Tony: No. Not much, not much.

Ashley: But it did hurt us?

Tony: Look, I'm not gonna lie -- just a little bit.

Ashley: I actually felt guilty. I felt guilty that somehow I was being too hard on him just because I was telling the truth. Then I looked in his eyes, and i knew he was gonna play dirty. I knew it. I knew what he was gonna do. He was gonna basically accuse me of abandoning our mother.

Tony: Yeah.

Ashley: I hate that we're in this position. Jabot deserves a real active, engaged C.E.O. You know what, frankly, the company can't go on much longer with this, and neither can our family.

Tony: You're right.

Jack: Verbally attacking my sister like that makes me sick to my stomach.

Michael: Wages of war. It's not pretty. But fire with fire and all that?

Jack: Even if it means burning down my company and my family? We have to bring this to an end. Soon. Before it becomes permanent damage. Be honest with me -- which way do you think this is gonna go?

[ Door opens ] Smile dad.

Chelsea: Hi.

Nick: Hey.

Chelsea: I didn't think you'd be home yet.

Nick: Well, I came home early to, uh, put on my tool belt and finish working in the bathroom, and before you ask, yes, I have the contractor over here to finish the plumbing and work on the things that are beyond my expertise.

Chelsea: You are my hero. And the sexiest tool belt wearer I have ever seen ever, so...

Nick: Not yet.

Chelsea: [ Laughs ] Excuse me?

Nick: Yeah, not yet.

Chelsea: [ Scoffs ] My perfume. How did you --

Nick: 'Cause I got the hook-up. Okay, maybe my mogul sister who works in the cosmetics industry has the hook-up, but even for a perfume that's out of production, I have you a few more boxes on the way.

Chelsea: I can't believe you.

Nick: Chelsea, if it matters to you, it matters to me.

Devon: I hope I didn't overstep at all.

Hilary: You did, but it's okay.

Devon: Maybe it's an ex thing.

Hilary: Well, if drinks aren't flying, then I would call it a success.

Devon: Listen, don't get mad.

Hilary: That's probably a good sign that you should rethink what you're about to say.

Devon: You're probably right about that. But I'm gonna say it anyway. Are you sure about this baby thing?

Hilary: I have a lot of love to give, and I didn't always know that. But I do now, so, yeah, I'm sure about this "baby thing."

Devon: Hey, hilary. If you're really serious about selling the show, why don't you think about giving hamilton-winters a shot?

Hilary: Why would you want it back?

Devon: Well, because a successful tv outfit would fit our media division, and I'm trying to grow. And, uh, I don't know, I think that you and I make a good team.

Hilary: Well, um, I have other priorities right now. But I will think about it, and I'll let you know when I get a chance.

Devon: Okay.

This is a case involving not just a family business, but the family itself. I'll consider the matter and render my judgment tomorrow.

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