Y&R Transcript Monday 1/22/18

Y&R Transcript Monday 1/22/18


Episode #11325 ~ The Abbotts make a heartbreaking decision; Devon is caught between Mariah and Tessa; Billy thinks J.T. and Victoria are moving too fast.

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

Mariah: Have you seen my journal?

Hilary: I didn't even know you had a journal.

Mariah: It disappeared.

Tessa: How could, how could a lie

Mariah: You thieving bitch! Those are my words! You stole my journal and you helped yourself! I hope you rot in hell for this!

We did all we could to save mr. Bloodworth, but I'm afraid he's unable to be revived. The hospital needs authorization to remove him from life support. Who is the next of kin?

Dina: I am. I'm his wife. You have my permission to remove him from life support.

Victoria: If you're looking for a home, then... I want you to move in with me.

[ Doorbell rings ]

Victoria: Why not use your key?

J.T.: What, and not see your beautiful face when you open the door? Why would I want to do that?

Billy: Good afternoon, ms. Summers.

Phyllis: How can I help you, young man?

Billy: Well, your assistant said I could find you here.

Phyllis: I was just dropping something off for jack to look over.

Billy: That's good. Then I got you just in time. Cane is back in town, so I don't have as much to do at chancellor. Not that I mind.

Phyllis: Don't you have to drive johnny and katie to victoria's after school?

Billy: In a little bit. Where is jack?

Phyllis: He's home. He's gonna deal with these tomorrow.

Billy: Mm. So that means this big, comfortable office is... empty till tomorrow morning?

Phyllis: [ Chuckles ] Your point being?

Billy: I mean, it just seems like a waste, doesn't it?

Phyllis: Do you have a better use for it?

Billy: I'm sure we can come up with something. Together.

Ashley: Here's some iced tea with lemon and fresh...mint.

Dina: Thank you.

Jack: Hello, all.

Traci: Hi, jack. You're home early.

Jack: What's up with mother?

Ashley: She's just sitting there the same way she was an hour ago when you checked in. She's barely speaking.

Jack: Still no mention of graham?

Traci: I don't even know if she remembers he's dead.

Ashley: Or if she's the one that told them to pull the plug.

Devon: Thanks for waiting. We need to talk about what happened yesterday on "the hilary hour."

Tessa: Yeah, sure. Of course. I mean, although, I don't know why mariah overreacted the way she did.

Devon: I do, and it's because she thinks that you stole what she wrote and turned it into your new song. Now, is that true, or not?

Noah: I'd like to know the same thing.

Mariah: Why is yesterday's show still on the website?

Hilary: Well, in case you're not aware, it's a big part of our business model to archive episodes. Especially ones as juicy as this one. Take a look -- the ratings are through the roof and climbing.

Mariah: You really think i care about that?

Hilary: You really should go after in-studio guests more often.

Mariah: We have never had a guest before that's plagiarized me by stealing my innermost thoughts, meant only just for me, until now, I guess.

Hilary: Better late than never.

[ Chuckles ]

Mariah: Your support is touching. Hilary. Pull the segment off the site, or I will get a court order and make you.

Hilary: [ Scoffs ] I don't know what you want me to say. You said you want to hire a lawyer to sue the show. It's your salary. You can spend it however you like, but you'll only be buying more publicity for "the hilary hour."

Mariah: Don't you think that it's unfair that tessa's stolen song is up there in the cloud passing itself off as her original work?

Hilary: Honestly, I'm confused. Since when are you a songwriter?

Mariah: I'm not.

Hilary: Okay.

Mariah: But I wrote some very personal thoughts in my journal, which tessa recycled into song lyrics.

Hilary: A love song. About whom?

Mariah: What difference does it make?

Hilary: Is it about devon?

Mariah: [ Scoffs ]

Hilary: Because if you want him back that badly, then maybe you should tell him, not your journal.

Mariah: It's not about devon. It'S...about other relationships that I have had in my life that seemed like they should have worked out, but didn'T.

Hilary: Such as?

Mariah: Can we shift out of gossip mode for, like, a minute? Because this is about tessa stealing.

Hilary: Are you sure this isn't about you being outed?

Mariah: Meaning what?

Hilary: Meaning that tessa took your private feelings about devon -- oh, I'm sorry -- some other guy and she made them public. And now you're worried, whoever he is, is gonna find out. Come on. Just spill. Who is he?

Mariah: There is no guy. Trust me.

Tessa: How could a lie

how could a lie feel so true

how could you? See? Same song. You've both seen me working on it. You made it clear you needed a hit from me. So I put everything I have into this.

Devon: Then why is mariah claiming ownership? Who did you write this song about? Maybe that will clear this up.

Tessa: It's -- it's a love song, okay? Its' about everyone, and no one. That's what I do. I take personal situations and i make them relatable to a wide audience. Mariah and I, when we were close, we had a lot of deep conversations about love, relationships, longing...

Devon: Okay. Did anything from those conversations find their way into your lyrics?

Tessa: I mean, yeah. I -- I suppose it's possible. I mean, inspiration can come from a number of sources. Some you're not even aware of. But that does not equate to theft. The song is mine, not hers.

Devon: Well, you're gonna have to help me understand, then, why she's taking claim. Because I don'T.

Tessa: Maybe it's because our friendship hit the skids.

Devon: What do you mean by that? You think she's doing this from spite?

Tessa: Not on purpose.

Devon: That seems like a stretch, don't you think? Don't you?

Noah: A little. But mariah has been known to act before she thinks.

Devon: Well, from what I saw, she was very sincere and completely convinced that tessa did this. Hey, would you mind giving us a second?

Noah: Are you sure you want to kick me out of this conversation?

Tessa: Noah. It's fine.

Noah: Yeah.

Devon: I appreciate it, man. Listen, I want to believe you. All right? And I will back you on this. But before things get messy, I need a guarantee from you that you didn't steal anything and you are telling me the truth.

Tessa: You have it.

Devon: Okay. Then you have my support.

Victoria: I guess we can, um...we can skip the house tour.

J.T.: Mm-hmm.

Victoria: Unless you've forgotten where my bedroom is, and then we could just take a suitcase up. Each one of us.

J.T.: Actually, um, I got you a present. Yeah. It's in here somewhere.

Victoria: Look at that -- a macho toiletry kit so I can travel light like a man.

J.T.: You still haven't learned how to pack, all right?

Victoria: All right, where's my real present?

J.T.: [ Chuckles ] We'll save that for later.

Victoria: How dare you yank my chain like that.

J.T.: No, I got something you need much more.

Victoria: Yeah? Is that so?

J.T.: Yeah. Let's see.

Jack: How are you feeling today?

Dina: Fine.

Jack: Nothing bothering you?

Dina: No.

Traci: Here. I brought this for you. You said you were cold.

Dina: John, would you please tell the nurse I don't need a shawl?

Jack: Uh, I think she's warm enough, thanks.

Dina: [ Sighs ] I just don't know. You ask me so many questions. And I have a few of my own.

Jack: Okay, ask me anything you like.

Dina: Why are you here? Aren't we divorced? I was supposed to be on a cruise with brent. Wait. He wasn't the one I was planning to go away with, was he?

Ashley: No. He wasn'T. What's the matter?

Dina: I -- I just -- I just don't know. I --

Jack: Okay. Everything's all right. Everything's all right. Has anything happened recently that you maybe want to talk about?

Dina: "Happen?"

Jack: Yeah, anything at all.

Dina: I don't know what -- what you mean by that. I need to lie down.

Jack: Okay.

Dina: Nurse!

Traci: I'm -- I'm here. What is it? You want me to take you upstairs?

Dina: Yes, please.

Traci: Okay.

Dina: [ Crying ]

Jack: I think you're right. She doesn't remember taking graham off of life support. Or that he existed, for that matter.

Ashley: Believe me, that's totally fine with me. I'd love to purge that sleaze from my memories.

Jack: To that end, I left a message with michael this morning asking him to back off with the annulment and the power of attorney challenge.

Ashley: All right, and the whole making the will invalid, right?

Jack: Finally. No more courtroom battles. And where did it ever get us, anyway?

Dina: Graham! Graham! Where are you?

Jack: [ Sighs deeply ]

Phyllis: What is he gonna do when he finds out we raided his private pantry?

Billy: Explode. Right after he implodes. It's gonna be messy.

Phyllis: I can see it now. "Gloria! Get in here now!" No, but seriously, what is he gonna do when he connects the dots, okay? Who else but us knows that he keeps this stuff on hand?

Billy: Gloria does, so it's perfect. We just accuse her first. I mean, it's so gloria.

Phyllis: I love that you're enjoying this so much.

Billy: Mm, no, no, no. Enjoying isn't enough. I've been dying to plunder this secret stash for years.

Phyllis: Mm, it's a commendable adult goal.

Billy: What do you mean? He's gonna act just as immature when he throws a tantrum when he finds out.

Phyllis: [ Laughs ] Okay, so you're gonna use something that jack's gonna do potentially in the future to justify what we're doing here?

Billy: Yes, I am. And I am just a little bit tipsy.

Phyllis: Which I find adorable. But I think your ex-wife is not gonna agree with that when you drop off the kids.

Billy: We'll just -- I'll hire a car.

Phyllis: We?

Billy: Mm-hmm. You're gonna come with me. Because once we're done there, we'll continue our little spree of petty crime.

Phyllis: Maybe we'll find another deserted office to loot.

Billy: You love breaking the rules just as much as I do.

Phyllis: Perhaps. When does the kids' school let out?

Billy: 27 minutes.

Phyllis: Huh. I just realized that we'll be taking the elevator downstairs. Together.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm.

Ashley: I guess mother forgetting that graham ever existed is just too good to be true.

Jack: That would have been lovely for everyone. It's just not realistic.

Ashley: What is realistic?

Jack: Well, her mind just doesn't work that way. We can't assume she's forgotten anything. It's up there somewhere. She can't differentiate between something that happened yesterday to somebody or events or people from 40 years ago.

Ashley: But we can't give up.

Jack: Who said anything about giving up?

Ashley: We have to make her understand that graham is gone. For good. Otherwise, he's always gonna have a hold on her, jack, and we don't want that.

Jack: The doctor made it very clear. We shouldn't fight whatever reality she is trying to experience. Correction -- whatever reality she's experiencing, and if that includes dad being alive, or graham, or brent, well, then they're alive.

Ashley: Yeah, but you saw her at the hospital. She was completely focused when she told them to take graham off life support. She was back. For a very brief moment, we had her back.

Jack: That's the point, ash. These moments of clarity come as quickly as they go, and for no reason with no warning.

Ashley: I understand that, but maybe we can make them last longer and keep reminding her of the truth.

Jack: It's not good for her. You don't believe me, call dr. Burg. He'll explain it to you again.

Traci: Guys. This debate -- really, what is the point? It is obvious that both of you are trying to make this easier for her, but what difference does it make what we tell her about graham or anything else? She's only gonna forget it just a few minutes later.

Victoria: You know... johnny and katie are gonna be home from school soon. Billy's dropping them off.

J.T.: So, should we go upstairs and lock the door?

Victoria: [ Exhales sharply ]

J.T.: [ Chuckles ]

Victoria: Maybe we should discuss how we're gonna tell reed and the kids that you're moving in.

J.T.: [ Clears throat ] Well, you can tell him that reed's daddy is a really bad plumber and it's gonna take him a long time to fix that sink in the bathroom.

Victoria: Very serious right now. This is a big change.

J.T.: Yeah, I know, especially for reed. You know, I'd -- I'd like to think he'd be pumped that his parents are getting back together, but...he's been pretty unpredictable lately.

Victoria: That's putting it mildly.

J.T.: You know, I think it would be better if he moved back home. You know, he's been with your parents long enough.

Victoria: Yeah, but he's just -- he's buckling down so well over there. I'd hate for it to end early.

J.T.: Having him isolated under victor's control makes me nervous.

Victoria: All right, look, we'll have to discuss it later because the kids are gonna be here any minute, and, uh, we have to figure out how we're gonna handle this with them.

J.T.: We don't have to figure out anything. I love kids, they love me. No big deal.

Victoria: Well, it is a big deal for them to come home and suddenly find you living here with them. It's -- it's a big deal. And every kid's different. You don't know mine very well. Johnny, he's very outgoing, but katherine is very shy and she likes to play games and...

J.T.: Well, let me discover that with them. And we'll be bonded in no time.

[ Doorbell rings ]

Victoria: Okay, well, here we go. Just follow my lead, okay? I should probably bring it up first.

J.T.: Okay.

Billy: Oh, there she is!

Victoria: Hi! Here you are!

Billy: Hi!

Victoria: Oh! Hi, my babies! Oh! [ Chuckles ]

Phyllis: Hi, J.T.

J.T.: Hey, guys.

Billy: Are you moving in? When were you gonna tell me?

Jack: Graham is not a factor, except in your grandmother's mind, which I guess means he's still a part of our lives, the scum.

Abby: Well, if anything, there's relief in knowing that he can't hurt dina again. I just -- I feel so sorry for her. What's next?

Jack: I'm not really sure.

Abby: Okay, so, I have an idea. I've been thinking, it's kind of a mad idea. I'm not sure what you're gonna think about it...

Jack: Give me what you got. I'm willing to listen to anything at this point.

Abby: Okay, well, it first occurred to me when we were talking the other day...

Dina: Whose voice is that? It's very familiar!

Abby: Dina! Hi! Come over here! Come by the computer so I can see you!

Dina: Abby! [ Giggles ] How are you, darling?

Abby: I am great.

Dina: Oh, you're as gorgeous as ever.

Abby: [ Chuckles ] And you are just as sweet. I miss you.

Dina: Well, why don't you come over and have dinner with us tonight, hmm?

Abby: Well, it would for sure be cold by the time I got there.

Ashley: Mother, abby's calling from paris.

Dina: Paris? Oh, my god! Oh! Oh, abby, darling! Paris, hmm? Well, it's my most favorite place in the whole wide world. Oh, it's so romantic and chic and beautiful. Oh, how lucky you are!

Abby: I love it here, too, yes.

Dina: You must go to the louvre, and then after that, right across the street is the most divine hot chocolate.

Abby: Well, I will do that, for sure. Thank you for the tip.

Dina: Avec plaisir, ma belle.

Abby: You know, I was actually just about to tell uncle jack my crazy idea.

Dina: Yes?

Abby: I want you to come see me in paris.

Dina: [ Gasps ]

Jack: Abby, I don't think your grandmother's up to a trip like that.

Abby: Uncle jack, listen. I am here all by myself for the next month or two. I could use an expert tour guide, and we could even stay at dina's house. She will be well taken care of. So, what do you think, dina? What's keeping you in gc, anyway?

Dina: Well, not a thing.

[ Chuckles ]

Abby: [ Chuckles ]

Hilary: Ah. I thought you'd call.

Devon: Hey. Yeah, I, uh... this is something that needed to be handled in person.

Hilary: Well, you know you're always welcomed.

Devon: I appreciate that. I'd like to resolve this quickly and quietly. Is mariah here?

Hilary: Uh, yeah. She... she's probably in editing, but, um, what's going on with her and tessa? Do you know who mariah was writing about?

Devon: Mariah didn't write that, tessa did.

Hilary: Is that so?

Devon: Yeah. Thank you. Hey.

Mariah: Hey.

Devon: I came to talk out this whole misunderstanding.

Mariah: What's so hard to understand about theft?

Devon: I don't want you to take this the wrong way, but i think you might be exaggerating a little bit.

Mariah: Based on what?

Devon: Based on the fact that this kind of thing happens all the time in songwriting, where two people will come up with similar ideas. And I spoke to tessa. She told me how she came up with those lyrics, and I'm good with it.

Mariah: So, she told you about the journal?

Victoria: Don't tell me you didn't know what you were doing.

Billy: What?

Victoria: I gave you the look to shut up about what you were saying, and you completely ignored me.

Billy: Oh, I'm sorry, vick. Maybe I'm not fluent in your facial expressions. Remind me -- which one do you use to apologize?

Victoria: Why should i apologize?

Billy: Because you didn't tell me that J.T.'S moving into the house with my kids.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Our kids. And I'm gonna take them upstairs before you upset them any further.

Billy: Are you serious?

Victoria: Yeah, I'm serious.

Phyllis: You know what, reed's parents reuniting, that's a good thing. The house is filling up with love, right? Come on.

[ Laughter ]

Victoria: Come on, you guys. Let's go upstairs. We'll watch one of your videos. Okay?

J.T.: I'll hold these for you. Here you go, buddy.

Victoria: Come on.

Phyllis: I'll watch the first one with you. What do you think about that?

Johnny: Yeah.

Phyllis: Yeah? Yeah? Okay, let's go upstairs!

J.T.: Well done, buddy.

Billy: I'm sorry, did I make things awkward? Believe me, it's gonna be much worse with this incredibly stupid idea of yours.

J.T.: Yeah, according to you.

Billy: And anybody else who's the least bit familiar of the disaster that you two are together.

Dina: Tell abby I'll start packing right away. Oh, and john? John, dear, call the travel agency and find out if there's still seats on the concorde, will you?

Jack: I'll try to reach them.

Dina: [ Squeals ] Okay.

[ Giggles ]

Jack: Abby invited mother to come to paris with her.

Ashley: Yeah, and now she's all worked up for nothing. Honey, I really wish that you'd thought this through just a little bit more.

Abby: I have, extensively. Paris is dina's real home. And I've done all the research, I've made all the important calls.

Traci: To whom, sweetie?

Abby: Well, I spoke to dina's housekeeper. She put me in touch with her doctors here, and her health, it won't be at risk. I promise, I will defer to the professionals on anything serious. I've started interviewing some potential live-in nurses who are experienced with this thing. Look, she's gonna be in good hands. I am just gonna be here for emotional support and to help her enjoy the city that she adores.

Jack: Abby, this is very sweet of you, very kind, indeed, but you don't know what we've been dealing with in taking care of mother in the last couple weeks.

Ashley: I think what he's trying to say is that... she's -- she's going downhill rather quickly.

Abby: Which is why you guys need a break. Look, we've all been so concerned with looking after dina, but who's looking after you? And let's be honest -- when is the last time that we saw dina this excited about anything real?

Jack: Honey, this is probably a great idea, probably the best idea anyone has had since mom came back to town, but on a very selfish level, I'm not sure I'm ready to bundle her into a plane and wave goodbye.

Traci:What if I take her there?

Jack: What?

Ashley: To paris?

Traci: Mais, oui. I can write anywhere. And I promise that I will not come back until abby and I are completely convinced mother's having a good time and that she's getting the very best professional care.

Abby: That sounds fabulous.

Jack: I have to admit, I feel better about that part of it, but...

Traci: And, like abby said, the two of you can get a very well-deserved rest.

Abby: That's what had me thinking about this in the first place.

Ashley: Honey, that's very considerate of you... our first concern is our mother, and the rest is just details. But I have to say, I think she might feel more alive than she has in months.

Jack: She would be far away from her doctors, in a foreign country thousands of miles away.

Traci: What are you getting at?

Jack: I'm saying what none of us are saying. She is deteriorating. What if she leaves and... the next time she comes back, she doesn't know any of us?

Mariah: So, I have been writing in it the past few weeks as sort of...an exercise, to sort through some of my feelings. Is that so incredibly weird?

Devon: No, of course not. If you don't mind me asking, were any of those feelings about me?

Mariah: [ Scoffs ] You know what, I do mind. If I wanted to broadcast them to the world, I would have spouted them to hilary, on air, but i didn't do that. I wrote them in a private journal because they were private. So imagine my surprise when they show up in tessa's song. So I don't know what she told you, but there's only one explanation here.

Devon: She didn't say anything about a journal, okay? All she mentioned was that there might have been things from conversations you guys had in the past that slipped into her lyrics subconsciously, but what you're talking about is downright plagiarism.

Mariah: Yes! That is exactly what I have been saying since my words came out of tessa's mouth when she sang on the show, but apparently no one believes me.

Devon: How would she even see what's in your journal?

Mariah: I was writing in it at crimson lights. I finished, I put it back in my bag, and then I didn't see it again until it showed up here, and what a coincidence, it was right after tessa showed up.

Devon: Does that sound like something she would do? I mean, we know this girl.

Mariah: [ Scoffs] Yeah. I'm -- I'm sorry. She only steals handguns. My bad.

Devon: All right. Can I take a look at this journal? Because I feel like that's gonna be the only way to resolve this.

Mariah: Great. That's just super. You punish the victim.

Devon: How is this punishing you?

Mariah: Because those journal entries are my private property, and I shouldn't have to show them to anybody because tessa knows what she did, and she should admit to it.

Devon: She gave me her word, mariah, that she didn't steal lyrics from you.

Mariah: So you're just gonna accept that and, what, blow me off as insane or a liar?

Devon: No. No. Nobody's calling you that, okay? But I'm stuck in the middle of all this. I manage that girl's career. All right? That's my business.

Mariah: Oh, my god, please, please forgive me. I wouldn't want something as trivial as trust in our friendship to get in the way of your profits.

Devon: Mariah. Mariah!

Billy: You want a list of the ways why this is a terrible idea?

J.T.: Well, I'm sure you're gonna give them to me anyway.

Billy: Number one, you're rushing into this so quickly that you haven't even figured out how to tell johnny and katie and reed, have you? And, number two, you just broke up with mac. What has it been, a month?

J.T.: It's been over a lot longer than that.

Billy: Well, either way, i can recognize a rebound when i see it.

J.T.: And how long had you been back with phyllis before you two decided to shack up? And what plan did you carefully craft to keep your kids in the loop? I'm guessing none.

Billy: J.T., The last time you did this, it was an epic fail. So what makes you think it's gonna be any different this time?

J.T.: Just because your attempts to get back with victoria stalled out doesn't mean mine will. And if we can flip the script for a second on this little interrogation, why is her personal life any of your business?

Billy: My kids. Simply, my kids are involved. And reed, who I care a lot about. And whether you like it or not, vick is a friend of mine, and I don't want to see her get hurt. So I'm gonna make it my business to stop anyone who does.

Phyllis: A little early for dinner, isn't it?

Victoria: Yeah, just getting it out of the way.

Phyllis: Well, you'll be happy to know that johnny and katie have settled in for a cartoon marathon.

Victoria: Great. I appreciate that. And J.T. And I are gonna sit down with them before bed and hope that they understand the situation.

Phyllis: I'm sorry that billy complicated the situation with running his mouth. I just think he was caught off guard.

Victoria: Yeah, that's part of it, that's true. The other part is the fact that I'm with J.T.

Phyllis: I mean, he's not jealous.

Victoria: If you want to think that.

Phyllis: Not that it matters at all, but I'm happy for you and J.T. And I think you get a second chance to recapture something special, do it right this time, and that doesn't happen to people too often. Nobody knows that better than billy and me.

Victoria: You are just thrilled that I'm no longer single and available. Tell the truth.

Phyllis: Like I said, I'm happy for you. That is the truth. Believe it or not.

Victoria: There are only two people in this room who need to talk.

Phyllis: Well, that's an odd way of kicking us out.

Victoria: I mean you. And me.

Victoria: What sucks is that you've made this about the kids we're raising together instead of what's really upsetting you here. Phyllis is insisting that you're not jealous...

Billy: It's not jealousy, vick. It's knowing who that guy is.

Victoria: I know him just as well. Why is my opinion any less valid than yours?

Billy: It's not. It's -- I just don't think you're coming from an objective place.

Victoria: Why, because I'm desperate? I don't know how to hold onto a man? My company has gone down the toilet? I have a teenage son that's completely out of control? So I just pounce on the first available ex that comes along because I want to rekindle the past, no matter what is costs? I couldn't possibly know what i want or what's good for me. Is that what you think?

Billy: No, that's not at all what I think. Look, vick, I hope you understand how much I respect you. As a woman, as a person, as a mother. And it kills me to question your judgment.

Victoria: Not as much as it's killing me right now.

Billy: Okay. You tell me that you really think that this is a good idea, and I will back off.

Victoria: I haven't felt this way, this good, or this sure about anything in years.

Billy: Okay. Then I will shut up. As soon as I wish you the best.

J.T.: Everything okay?

Victoria: Yeah. It is now.

Jack: Mother's gonna be so far away. Her current doctor is here. What if we want her to come back, and she doesn't want to come?

Ashley: We'll deal with it. I agree with abby and traci. I think the potential benefits far outweigh the risks.

Dina: John! Yoo-hoo! John?

Jack: Coming.

Dina: Oh! Would you mind helping me bring my bags downstairs, please? What's the trouble?

Jack: I don't know if this is a good idea.

Dina: Oh, I know how difficult it is to say goodbye. You're such a good man, john, the very best. And I just don't deserve you.

Jack: Don't say that, okay?

Dina: I'm so sorry for all the pain I've caused you and the children. You'll take care of them, won't you?

Jack: Of course.

Dina: Thank you. Well, you know, you were always much better doing that than i could ever be. And perhaps the kids already know that, hmm?

Jack: They all love you very, very much.

Dina: John, john, don't be upset. We are doing what's best. For both of us.

Jack: I'm gonna miss you.

Dina: Well, don't worry. The world will bring us together again. When the time's right.

Jack: Yeah, you're right. I'll come up and get your luggage in a little bit, okay? All right, I'll stop fighting you on this.

Ashley: I'm glad. I really do think it is the best thing. For everybody.

Jack: Just so I understand, this is not permanent. This is temporary. Soon, we will get her to come back, and we will all look after her and love her and support her, no matter what.

Dina: Are you crying?

Ashley: Don't be silly.

Dina: Oh, I know it's always been hard for us, but you know what, we'll keep trying.

[ Door closes ]

Jack: All your bags are in the car.

Dina: Oh, good!

Traci: All right, good. Next stop, the jabot jet.

Dina: [ Giggles ] Would you please tell jackie that I had to leave, hmm?

Jack: Of course.

Dina: And I know he's going to grow up to be a great man, just like his father.

[ Sighs ] Okay.

Jack: Come on.

Dina: Okay! Oh, well, you know, it's not goodbye, it's au revoir, and a tout ā leure.

Ashley: Come here, jackie. Look. It's gonna be okay. I know that mother's gonna be back in no time to make our lives hell again. Promise.

Noah: [ Sighs ] So, you never told me what happened with devon.

Tessa: He believed me, and then he went to see mariah to see if he could smooth things over.

Noah: I hope it gets sorted out soon.

Tessa: Me, too.

Noah: And I'm sorry.

Tessa: For what?

Noah: For not making it clear where I stand in all this. You know, look, I love mariah like crazy, I do, but when she gets stuck on something, she can get carried away, let her emotions take over.

Tessa: So you believe me, too?

Noah: Yes. 100%. I'm just sorry you have to go through all this. I mean, you worked so hard to give devon a hit song under all that pressure... it's not fair.

Tessa: Definitely not.

Hilary: I was gonna order in from that thai place that we like. Do you want to hang around?

Devon: No. Thank you. I need to get back to the office 'cause with neil out of town, there's a hell of a backlog.

Hilary: Yeah. I get it. So, um, how did things go with mariah?

Devon: [ Exhales sharply ] I think I'm gonna let her take some time to cool down.

Hilary: Are you siding with tessa?

Devon: Hey. Listen, I'm leaving. But you feeling betrayed by all of this makes me feel horrible, all right? And I want to make it right. So tell me what to do, and I'll do it.

Mariah: If you really mean that, don't release the song. Delete the files and empty the trash.

Billy: I mean, I have to admit, victoria seems...very confident about her decision. We all know that she and J.T., They have their fair share of issues. I mean, I watched him hurt her over and over from a front-row seat. Not that I didn't do the same thing.

Phyllis: That's not who you are anymore.

Billy: But I know the type. He's a guy's guy. He's all, you know, fun and games. He's hurt her, and I'm worried he's gonna do it again.

Phyllis: You said you were happy for her.

Billy: I lied. Victoria's making a huge mistake.

Victoria: To our first real night back together. What is it? What are you doing?

J.T.: Just this.

[ Sighs ] That is how I like to celebrate being back here. But, you know, before the party really starts, maybe we should call billy and run it by him first.

Victoria: I already talked to him. It's a non-issue.

J.T.: Well, let's see if he can keep his word.

Johnny: Mommy!

Victoria: [ Sighs ] I guess i got to go change the dvd.

J.T.: All right, you do that. I'm gonna check in with work, and then we can all talk about me being back here.

Victoria: I love that.

Michael: Your attorney tony should be calling you with the same information I came over to tell jack in person, which is the jabot arbitration is set for day after tomorrow.

Jack: Wait, that's a lot sooner than you expected.

Ashley: It's been a very intense couple of weeks, huh, jackie? God forbid we have a moment to breathe.

Michael: Well, there's still time to cancel. I mean, you don't need an arbitrator if you can find a way to work together.

Ashley: It's too late. Things have been said and done by both jack and me that can't be taken back. I think it's good that we do this so we can move on.

Jack: She's right.

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