Y&R Transcript Tuesday 1/16/18

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 1/16/18


Episode #11321 ~ Victor makes a shocking discovery about a family member; Devon opens up to Mariah; Nikki and Nick join forces for a passion project.

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

[ Items clatter ]

Sharon: This is kathy and her two adorable kids. They're staying with us.

Devon: What is it?

Lily: A photobook of paris. It was a very special place for us.

Billy: Whoa, hey, where are you going? I'm just about to order some food.

Cane: Food can wait. I'm gonna go and get lily back!

Cane: 'S'il vous plait, uh, uh, no, no, um, the seine or, uh, eiffel tower or the louvre. Um, I need to see my wife. Ma femme. I-I need to find her. I need to save my marriage.

Billy: So, fill me in, buddy. What's on today's agenda?

J.T.: Well, I did, mr. Temporary C.E.O. The, uh, e-mail I sent you that you clearly didn't read.

Billy: Right, let me just, uh, open that up again and refresh myself.

J.T.: Yeah, why don't you do that?

Victoria: Thank you for coming in.

Devon: Absolutely. You know that newman is my favorite account.

Victoria: Yes, and your most lucrative one.

Devon: Like I said.

Victoria: [ Chuckles ]

Nikki: That is where kathy lived before sharon took her in.

Victor: Oh, boy.

Nikki: I mean, look at it. It's -- it's terribly run down. There's broken windows, there's no reliable heating or hot water, there's vermin. I mean, no human being should be allowed to live in this kind of filth. And you know what? The landlord keeps raising the rent little by little until the low-income residents can't afford it anymore, and bam, they're out on the street. I mean, this guy is a despicable monster.

Victor: Ah. He's a businessman, you know.

Nikki: Oh, please, don't take the side of the snake.

Victor: All I'm telling you is that there are a lot of people like that. All they see is dollar signs. All they see is business. They don't care. The have-nots, hundreds of millions of people in the world who have nothing. Like you and I, remember, when we had nothing?

Nikki: Yes, I do. And we were very lucky, and i know how hard you worked to pull yourself out of it. But if you're on the ladder to get out and you can't turn around and help the person on the ladder behind you, what is the point?

Victor: I agree, but you can't save the world singlehandedly. No one can.

Mariah: Hey there.

Nick: Morning.

Mariah: Okay. That was less than effusive. What's going on?

Nick: Uh... I was just thinking about sharon and that family she invited to stay with her.

Mariah: Yes, I know that it's a little different, and even i thought it was a weird mother's-instinct thing when they first got here, but to invite some random family, i mean, not just one person, but

[Chuckles] An entire family into your home, I mean, yeah, it's kind of crazy, but faith is staying at your house now. I'm an adult. And it's sharon's home. I mean, if she wants to help them, that's kind of her call to make, so could you please not be judgey?

Nick: [ Chuckles ] You know, you talk a lot.

Mariah: That's fair.

Nick: So did your twin. And for the record, I'm not being judgey. I happen to agree with everything you just said.

Mariah: Uh, wow. You do? Really?

Nick: Yeah. It's not just a mother thing. It's a parent thing. And when you asked me what was up, I was just sitting here wishing there was, I don't know, something else I could do to help.

Abby: Isn't this great? It's great, right? And the espresso here in paris is amazing. I had forgotten, but now i remember.

Lily: Well, okay, how much have you had?

Abby: Don't you just love being back in paris? Don't you just love france?

Lily: Yeah. I really do.

Victoria: And you want me on stage giving a speech?

Devon: No, not a speech. It's a talk. It's a human connection where you're gonna share your experiences, your realizations, and how you personally intend on making newman integral in people's every-day lives.

Victoria: It feels very personal.

Devon: Yeah, it can be personal, and it should be. That's the point of it. You're very special, victoria. You're a brilliant woman who is strong and gritty and beautiful.

Victoria: [ Chuckles ]

Devon: You, I think, are the perfect combination of aspirational and accessible. And with the focus on you, that means it will not be on other aspects of newman enterprises or other newman family members.

Victoria: It would be the perfect way to bury some recent scandals for good, and it does help that abby's out of the country right now.

Devon: It absolutely does. She has a lot of good things going for her right now, but i think it's nice she take the time to let this story surrounding her die down.

Victoria: I wouldn't expect that to happen any time soon. But, um, you want me to give the talks, and abby keeps a low profile, my parents continue to smile for the cameras.

Devon: That's right. They're doing a pretty good job of maintaining the whole power-couple, uh, role. Is that all for show, or is some of it the real deal?

Victoria: I think it's real. I mean, not the romance, of course, but the teamwork. At least I hope so. It would be lovely to have a few of the newman family members that are drama-free.

Devon: Yeah. How is, uh, how's reed doing?

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Teenagers -- they are so brutal. Makes me so happy that katie and johnny are still young. I'm terrified for when they're gonna get older.

Devon: I don't think you have anything to worry about, victoria. You're a fantastic mom. And so you know, um, I think we put a lid on the whole D.U.I. Thing. Although I know there's more to it for you than just what the press is saying.

Victoria: Yeah, that's true. It just scares me how angry reed is.

Devon: You scared of him or for him?

Victoria: Oh, no, never of him. I just... the moments when I can look into his eyes and see that little boy that I used to know are few and far between. He's just so resistant almost all of the time. I thought that the fire would scare some sense into him, but now there's the D.U.I., And he's just not taking that very seriously, either. I don't know if you've heard, but he's moved in with my parents for now.

Devon: Oh, really? So he's gonna get some tough love newman style now.

Victoria: Yeah. I mean, I hate the thought that I'm giving up control of my son, but I just wasn't able to get through to him.

Devon: You are doing something about it right now. You're letting nikki and victor have a shot at it. I think that's the smart move.

Victoria: I think so. I hope so.

Devon: And you and J.T. Are together?

Victoria: Excuse me?

Devon: You and J.T., You guys together on how you guys are going about helping reed?

Victoria: Yes, yeah, we are. We are. We really are. We're -- we are. It's nice having him here. You know, it's, um, it's, uh, it's very reassuring, actually. Yeah.

Devon: I bet.

Victoria: So, is that everything for now?

Devon: Uh, yeah, I think so. I think we covered everything.

Victoria: All right. Until the next crisis, which i will do my very best to avoid, i promise you.

Devon: Oh.

Victoria: And I'm sorry for taking up so much of your time. I'm sure you have other things that you'd rather focus on, like your music label.

Devon: Yeah, the, uh, the landscape of music production distribution is always changing, that's for sure.

Victoria: Well, it's hard to stay a step ahead when you can't see what's around the next corner.

Devon: That's very true. But, you know, the best things in life, they never come easy, right?

Victoria: Yeah, I couldn't agree with you more.

Devon: Have a good one.

Victoria: Bye.

[ Sighs ]

Billy: This tech company you're meeting with, this looks promising.

J.T.: Yeah, it really is. I'll give you a full report, but right now, I got to go.

Billy: Hold on a sec. Let's just go over the rest of the project.

J.T.: Man, I'm burning daylight. Lots to do. Got to go.

Billy: Look at you all fired up for work, huh?

J.T.: Yeah, I can't get enough.

Nikki: I can't look after everybody in the world, but i can look after kathy and her family and anyone else who might be struggling in our town. Because let's face it -- you and I both know it is our town. And if we can't help out one of our own, I really don't understand what the point of it all is.

Victor: You know, I like to see you like this, ready to fight for whatever you believe in.

Nikki: You don't have to humor me, and you don't have to flatter me.

Victor: I am doing neither. Not flattering you at all. I'm stating the obvious, okay? Just remember that I promised you if you ever were to endeavor upon some charitable activity that I would help you. Do you need my help?

Nikki: No.

Victor: Okay.

Nikki: Not right now.

Victor: Oh.

Nikki: I need to educate myself. I need to do some research so that I understand the issue more deeply.

Victor: Just remember this is your baby, not ours.

Nikki: That's an excellent way to put it.

Victor: Yeah. Well, you keep me informed, all right?

Nikki: I will. Hey. It's me. I'm sorry for calling you out of the blue, but, um, I really need your help.

Abby: Magnifique. You nailed it.

Lily: You think?

Abby: Mm-hmm.

[ Both laugh ]

Oui. Tres belle.

Lily: Je suis ravi de travailler avec vous.

Aujourd'hui sera merveilleux.

Lily: [ Chuckles ]

Abby: Your accent is so gorgeous. You were here learning french, meanwhile I was in london trying to meet a prince and get myself a crown.

[ Laughs ]

Lily: I know. Isn't this an amazing experience? We're in this different country. It's like another world. I have so many fond memories of france.

Abby: Like wedding memories in provence?

Lily: I know, I'm trying to focus and think about work, but all I can think about is cane.

Abby: Well, he did put a huge weight on your shoulders when he asked you not to come here. It was romantic, yes, but I get there's a lot on your mind.

Lily: Yeah, it's like will we, won't we, how are the kids gonna react. I know charlie wants us back together, but mattie, I mean, she's afraid of being heartbroken. Maybe she doesn't want cane and me together again.

Abby: Okay, I'm sorry. You are scrunching your eyebrows. Don't do that before a photo shoot.

Lily: [ Chuckles ] Okay.

Abby: Lily, this is about you. Just you. It's not about cane. It's not about big life decisions. It's like we pushed a pause button on the remote control. But you and cane will have as much time as you need when you get home.

Lily: I know you're right. I'm doing this photo shoot in france with my best friend, this amazing photographer.

Abby: Mm-hmm. And we have champagne and fromage and baguettes waiting for us when we are done here.

Lily: Ah, bread and cheese are my weakness. Ooh, I should call the twins, actually. Oh, god, no.

Abby: What?

Lily: I left my phone on the charger at the hotel room. What if the kids need to talk to me?

Abby: Okay, they have my number, lily. And cane has got this under control. Unless you're hoping he's standing by the phone when you call.

Lily: No. Yeah -- no -- okay, I'm fine.

Abby: Uh, that was so not convincing.

Lily: I know it wasn'T.

Abby: [ Laughs ]

Lily: Hi. This is lily. I'm sorry I'm unavailable, but please leave a message after the beep.

Abby: You and your phone will be reunited just like you and cane if that's what you two decide. But in the meanwhile...

Lily: Yes, just be present. This is my dream job in a dream city.

Abby: With your wise and wonderful best friend.

Lily: [ Chuckles ]

Abby: We are gonna have so much fun when we are done with the shoot. Food and shopping, shopping and good.

Lily: You know what? You're right. I'm just gonna be present. I'm not gonna worry about the future and just enjoy every moment in this city.

[ Sighs ]

Billy: Seriously? You got nothing better to do in france with your wife than videochatting me every five minutes?

Cane: Well, I haven't managed to connect with her yet.

Billy: So you bug me instead? Seriously, cane, everything's fine. Genoa city's fine. Chancellor's fine. Sam's fine. He's got a set of lungs on him for a little guy, doesn't he?

Cane: Yeah, he does. Hey, listen, you and J.T. Cannot drop the ball on this tech firm. You understand that, right?

Billy: J.T.'S on it. You understand?

Cane: Okay.

Billy: Hey, listen, actually, now that I got you here, um, i want to run something by you. You ready?

Cane: Yeah.

Billy: Amusement park.

Cane: I'm sorry. What?

Billy: Oh, yeah. Whole chain of them. National and international. I'm thinking chancellor's chain of fun, off the chain, chance-tastic. You get my drift?

Cane: Okay. Just tell me you're joking. Are you joking?

Billy: I'll have it all wrapped up by the time you get here, cane. Au revoir.

J.T.: Hey, cane, what's up?

Cane: What the hell is going on there? Billy's talking about a chain of amusement parks. I told you, please keep an eye on this guy.

J.T.: He's messing with you, okay? You got to know that.

Cane: What was I supposed to think?

J.T.: He probably just wants you to back off. And by the way, don't you have better things to do right now?

Cane: I can't find lily, and the longer it takes to find her, I'm starting to question this whole grand-gesture idea, because if I just show up, she's gonna think that, you know, she's here working and I don't respect her career and... I don't know, J.T. Maybe this is wrong.

J.T.: You got to stop thinking, man. That's your first problem, okay? It's not working for you. You want her, right?

Cane: Obviously.

J.T.: And you went all this way just so she'd know that?

Cane: [ Sighs ] Of course.

J.T.: All right, then forget about work and go find lily, all right? Talk to her. And don't freak out.

Cane: Okay. All right. Just talk to her. Okay.

J.T.: Just say, "I couldn't wait one more minute to be with you again." And if that doesn't work, you can --

Cane: No, no, that's, uh, that's perfect. Thanks.

J.T.: You got it.

Cane: All right, bye.

Victoria: Not one more second, huh?

J.T.: No, I might have, uh, spontaneously combusted.

Victoria: That could still happen.

J.T.: Yeah, I guess it could.

Victoria: Yep. This is crazy, you know, sneaking around like this.

J.T.: Does it feel too risky?

Victoria: Yeah. It does.

J.T.: Should we stop?

Victoria: I should.

J.T.: But you won'T.

Victoria: No.

J.T.: Because you want this.

Victoria: I do.

[ Door closes ] To most, he's phil mickelson pro golfer.

Nick: You know, I give sharon credit. She can't just do nothing. A lot of people would have just maybe given kathy some money or some recommendations for a homeless shelter.

Mariah: Well, there is a reason that she works at the crisis hotline. She wants to help people in trouble, and right at that moment, she has to get involved.

Nick: Here's the thing that really amazes me. You know, she didn't just give a family some place to stay. She made sure they knew that someone cares. A lot.

Mariah: Yeah. And having been there myself, i can tell you that it means the world. I was never homeless, but i didn't have anybody watching my back. And then there was sharon, even after everything I did. I mean, who would have taken me in?

Nick: That's your mom. You know, it's how she's built. She's always had a soft touch, but ever since she's gotten her life back together, she has really taken this "be the change you want to see in the world" stuff to heart. And that is a concept I am totally unfamiliar with.

Mariah: I'm sorry, are you kidding? Really? I mean, you've been captain do-gooder since I first met you. The ultimate dad, boss, buddy.

Nick: Yeah, but, you know, i don't go out of my circle the way sharon does.

Mariah: Okay, so donating your trust fund to charity or helping save chancellor park, yeah, those things, those are -- those are in your circle?

Nick: Sharon gave me 100% support when I wanted to save the park. You know, this is the least i can do.

Mariah: Well, if you do recall, I made some pretty killer banners with the squirt, so if you need me, I'm here.

Nick: Thank you. You were great at that.

Mariah: [ Laughs ]

Nick: But what I'm thinking of...you just can't help with.

Mariah: All right, then. No offense taken or anything.

Nick: [ Laughs ]

Mariah: Bye.

Victoria: Dad, what are you doing here? Why didn't you knock?

Victor: Sorry. I did. I guess you couldn't hear me.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] I suppose not.

Victor: The door was unlocked, so I just let myself in, you know, as you probably would have had you come to the ranch.

Victoria: Yes, I-I've let myself into the ranch before, but you and mom were not...

[ Sighs ] What I mean is that, uh --

J.T.: Got to lock those doors. Safety first, right?

Victor: Anyway, I'm sorry if I barged in, but I'm here to, uh, pick up a book that reed needs for his homework, you know. He has to write a paper for his english class.

Victoria: Right. Well, you know, reed usually needs a little chill-out time before he starts his homework. He needs a little something, plays guitar --

Victor: You and I disagree on that. I don't think he needs any more chill-out time. What he needs is discipline and structure.

Victoria: All right, then. I'm sure his desk must --

Victor: No, no. I'll pick it up. Is it upstairs?

Victoria: Yeah.

Victor: Okay. In his room?

Victoria: Desk.

Victor: All right.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Oh, god.

J.T.: Bad timing.

Victoria: Worse timing.

J.T.: Eh, whatever. We're all adults, right? It's no big deal.

Victoria: Yeah, right. No big deal. We'll just act normal until he leaves. Why are you looking at me like that?

J.T.: Oh, "normal." Your, uh, shirt's on inside out.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Oh, god. I did everything I could to make her party perfect.

J.T.: [ Sighs ]

Victoria: Oh, good. You found it.

Victor: Yes, I did, indeed.

Victoria: Listen, dad, if you need anything else, you don't need to come all the way out here. I mean, I'd be happy to stop by the ranch any time.

Victor: Would you kindly take me to the door?

J.T.: Good to see you, victor.

Victoria: Dad, look, I know this seems, um, unseemly.

Victor: Sweetheart. My concern is you and your family, okay? I know you have your priorities straight. That's family and business and work. I want you to focus on that. Don't waste your time focusing on your ex. Waste of time, okay?

Victoria: Dad.

Victor: I'll see you at work.

Victoria: All right, I'll see you there.

J.T.: And, uh, that looked like fun.

Victoria: What was i thinking?

J.T.: That you couldn't wait for you and I --

Victoria: Leaving the door unlocked. What was I thinking?

J.T.: Like I said, you couldn't wait for you and I --

Victoria: This really amuses you, doesn't it?

J.T.: I mean, come on. You were saying we're acting like teenagers, and then your father walks in. It was priceless.

Victoria: Please.

J.T.: We threw victor newman off. Who does that? Ever? Anyone? Us. Look, he was speechless.

[ Chuckles ] It's a once-in-a-lifetime moment.

Victoria: It better be.

J.T.: No, no, no, come on, come on. We can -- we can do it again. We can make it our thing.

Victoria: We don't have a thing, though.

J.T.: Well, let's start one. What do you say?

Devon: Hello. Can I get a coffee, please? Thank you so much. Is this seat taken?

Mariah: It's all yours.

Devon: Thank you.

Mariah: Hi there.

Devon: Hello.

Mariah: It feels like it's been forever. Hamilton-winters must be keeping you very, very busy, especially now that it's more hamilton. How's sofia doing?

Devon: She's doing great, actually. She's recovering very well.

Mariah: And your dad?

Devon: He's good. He's happy to be able to spend some time with moses.

Mariah: Nice. So neil is stepping up in new york, and you're holding down the fort here in genoa city, but you do know that you have to take a break once in awhile, right?

Devon: I do take breaks. I do. I just did. I went, traveled for a couple days and saw some acts that we might be signing to the label.

Mariah: That's awesome. Yay. Building the brand. I know that tessa is working very hard to write some new songs for you.

Devon: It'd be great if she did.

Mariah: Look, I know -- i know I'm not with you anymore, but I still know you, and something's off, isn't it?

Devon: No. I'm fine.

Mariah: You're going to "I'm fine" me? Have you met me? I am relentless. I will drag it out of you. So, what is it? What's going on? I mean, are you not getting enough time off or is it wearing a suit? I mean, is it too stuffy for you? All the drama at newman? Because all of those things can add up and distract you from your true love, which is the music label.

Devon: The problem is that the label might be in trouble because even though it's my project and my priority, I'm still finding a way to screw it up.

Nikki: Yes, I will. I will see you soon. All right, give my best to preston. Thanks.

Nick: You okay, mom?

Nikki: [ Sighs ] No, no, I'm not. I'm actually very frustrated.

Nick: About what?

Nikki: You know kathy, that woman that sharon took in?

Nick: Yeah, uh, look, I know you are concerned, but kathy and her kids are not a threat, i assure you.

Nikki: I know that.

Nick: You do?

Nikki: I'm on her side. Their side. Every man, woman, and child that are in that situation.

Nick: Huh. 'Cause yesterday it seemed like you were about to rush off and give sharon a hard dose of nikki truth.

Nikki: Yeah, I know. That was the intention, but it didn't quite work out that way. Sharon did the right thing. For once.

Nick: [ Chuckles ] Uh, you want to say that again?

Nikki: I'd rather not.

Nick: [ Chuckles ]

Nikki: But we can't just help one family. Here's my idea. I want to hold a charity dinner that would benefit homeless families, and that would just be a kickoff for a continuing campaign. We would get low-income families into affordable housing, and we would also supply professional and emotional help for them while they get on their feet.

Nick: All right. Uh, so what was that call about?

Nikki: Well, you know, I'm trying to call the usual suspects, people who are willing to open their checkbook, but the problem is, all of their charitable dollars are already committed elsewhere. I mean, there's so much need. Everybody needs all this money for good, good things. I'm just gonna have to get back on the phone.

Nick: Well, you can put me first on your list.

Nikki: What do you mean? To call? I don't understand.

Nick: I haven't stopped thinking about kathy and her kids. And I think, together, we could do some amazing things for her family, as well as a lot of other families in similar situations.

Nikki: I-I love this idea. But tell me, how exactly are we going to do this?

Devon: Music label is bleeding money.

Mariah: Is that unusual, though? I mean, it's still in the early stages. The machine isn't totally up and running yet.

Devon: The mergeron streaming service was already up and running and established when we acquired the company, but, you know, it's everything else. It's the music, the artists, the media. That's me.

Mariah: Well, isn't that the concept of big business, though? I mean, you make money in one department so you can afford to take a loss in another. You just have to make sure that your profits are more than your losses, and then you're all good.

Devon: It's not just about the money, you know. I can take a hit. The company can take a hit.

Mariah: Well, duh.

Devon: I want our employees to be paid well and be proud of the work that they do, and i want hamilton-winters to be successful and strong as a whole and go down with a legacy of having strength and diversity. And you know what I really want?

Mariah: What?

Devon: I want to rival jabot and newman with a more compassionate mission statement.

Mariah: Well, you're already doing that.

Devon: I'm doing it with most of the divisions, but then there's this one department that's falling well behind and failing. It's like having a report card with a bunch of a's and one f on it. And the only reason we even have this department is because it's what I wanted to get into. I wanted to get into the music industry, so I set myself up with this shiny, new toy, but it can't just be an expensive hobby.

Mariah: Well, what are you gonna do? Are you gonna cut it loose?

Devon: No. I'm not gonna cut it loose. I'm going to figure something out. I'm gonna make it move.

Mariah: Whoo! I am glad you said that, 'cause I thought I was gonna have to give you a swift kick in the pants. But it looks like you got that covered.

Devon: Yeah, I guess I do.

Lily: So, what do you think so far?

Abby: I think it's annoying how gorgeous you are.

Lily: No, I'm being serious.

Abby: So am I. Watching you in front of that camera, it's amazing. It's like you and that gadget speak the same language, and i don't mean french.

Lily: Thank you. So you like what we're getting, then?

Abby: Yes, yes. I think just a few more shots in here, and we're golden, especially after all of the exterior photos we already got. The light here is magical. Can you imagine seeing it every single day?

Lily: Well, I did, and it never got old.

Abby: I don't think it would for me, either. The city, it's so old and has so much history, but it still feels so fresh to me. It's brand new but comfortable.

Lily: I think someone's in love.

Abby: I really think I could get used to this place.

Lily: Wait, are you seriously thinking about...

Abby: I mean, brash & sassy is looking to expand its european market. We need boots on the ground. Why not mine? I think I'm gonna pitch the idea to victoria.

Lily: To move here permanently?

Abby: Just for a little while. Just to oversee the brash & sassy expansion. And besides, the reality is, genoa city and I need to take a break.

[ Chuckles ]

Lily: Yeah, it's understandable.

Abby: Do you think it would look like I'm running away from everything I screwed up back at home?

Lily: No, it would look like you're running to paris, and who wouldn't want that?

Abby: Does that mean you'll join me?

Lily: [ Chuckles ] No. Everything that I need for my new beginning is back at home.

Victoria: Did you have to be so calm? "Oh, yes, my former father-in-law just walked in on me and my ex-wife about to have sex. These things, they happen."

J.T.: They do happen. We have proof of that.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Victoria: Hello. This is a surprise.

Cane: I'm sorry to bother you, uh, but I need a favor. Listen, lily's not answering her phone, and I need to reach her. And I was wondering if you could maybe tell me where she and abby are today.

Victoria: Yeah, I have it. Hold on a second.

Cane: Great. Hey, listen, thank you.

[ Cellphone rings ]

J.T.: Hey, what's up?

Billy: "What's up?" Why don't you start by telling me where the hell you are. Came for the meeting with the tech firm, except surprise, there isn't one because you canceled it.

J.T.: Well, it's really nice that you want to hang out with me, man. I'm flattered, but I didn't cancel it. I postponed it. I had other stuff to take care of first.

Billy: Which takes precedence how exactly?

J.T.: Research. Very, very important research which pertains to the meeting. Why do you care?

Billy: J.T., I don't like being played or lied to.

J.T.: Ah, come on. Nobody's lying to you.

Billy: Well, then why don't you tell me where you really are?

J.T.: God, you sound like a paranoid husband. Hey, why don't you let me get back to what I was doing, all right?

Victoria: Everything okay?

J.T.: Yeah. Yeah, it's good.

[ Sighs ]

Nikki: This is...

Nick: Extreme? Unrealistic?

Nikki: It's brilliant! I have never been more proud of you!

Nick: [ Chuckles ] Thanks. I told noah he could have the insurance money from the underground if he wanted it so he could go and open up his own club, but he didn't want it, so the money is there. It is ready to use. The thing is, I only have about half of what it would take, and that's where you would come in.

Nikki: Then we're partners!

[ Laughs ] Oh, my gosh!

Victor: Well, now, what's this all about?

Nikki: Um, nicholas and I are going to be working together. We are going to make an offer and buy the apartment building that kathy was evicted from. We're going to fix it up. We're gonna bring it up to code. And low-income people will have a very nice place to stay.

Victor: It's a nice idea. But you're gonna be landlords, you know.

Nick: Yeah, yeah, we, uh, we figured that out.

Victor: Oh, really? Ever been a landlord before? You know what it means? You get calls late at night, complaints about the roof leaking, heater not working, air conditioning going off. You ready for all that?

Nick: I think we can handle it.

Victor: Well, great. Good for you. Happy for you.

Nick: Thanks. All right, uh, I'm gonna go. I'll see you later. I'm gonna start getting some things in motion, partner.

Nikki: Looking forward to it, partner.

Nick: Partner.

Nikki: I hope you were being sincere just now and not irritated that I turned you down to be my partner only to be working with nicholas.

Victor: No, no, no, no. You want to do it, then I'll support you, all right? But there's something else that you need to know.

J.T.: I should go.

Victoria: I should go, too. We both have, um...

J.T.: Work.

Victoria: Yeah, exactly.

J.T.: Yeah, we both have work.

Victoria: Yeah.

Nikki: Clearly she's been keeping secrets. My god, how long has this been going on?

Victor: I don't know. Maybe that's the reason J.T. Came back into town, you know. And maybe that's the reason why he decided not to pursue your case, you stealing money from my account. Maybe he wanted to be in victoria's good graces.

Nikki: He is not even divorced. What he is doing to mackenzie and victoria and reed is wrong. What is he thinking? What are they thinking?!

Victor: Well, they're not. That's the point. They're not thinking.

Nikki: Poor reed. He is in a very precarious situation. And now with this disruption, who knows what it could do to him.

Victor: I have a few more colorfully descriptive terms for what I think will turn out to be a colossal mistake.

Victoria: We can'T. No, no, we shouldn'T.

J.T.: No, we shouldn'T. We shouldn'T.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] You know, 'cause it's irresponsible, and we're adults. And we're parents, and we both have jobs to do, so...

J.T.: Yeah, right. And, uh, you know, my meeting isn't for a little while, though, so...

Victoria: We can'T. Not now.

J.T.: Well, "not now" means "some other time," so when?

Victoria: [ Chuckles ] I don't know.

J.T.: When, victoria?

Victoria: Soon.

J.T.: Not soon enough.

Victoria: [ Sighs ]

[ Both chuckle ]

[ Sighs ]

Cane: Uh, bonjour. Ou est lily?

She left.

Cane: Wait, wait, she left? Where did she go?

I don't know.

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