Y&R Transcript Wednesday 1/10/18

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 1/10/18


Episode #11317 ~ The Abbotts take Graham to court, where a shocking secret is revealed.

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

Dina: He came into my life at a time I desperately needed a friend.

Jack: But he's more than a friend. You've changed your will to leave everything to him?

Graham: As it happens, the matter was decided by a judge.

Ashley: What is this?

Graham: Dina's medical power of attorney. And she assigned it to me.

Ashley: Traci, he's a master manipulator. He's been planning this for a very long time. I told you. He stalked dina until he got a job at mergeron.

Jack: She has alzheimer'S. She already knew?

Ashley: The fact that graham knew and didn't tell us is so despicable...

Michael: Well, because of dina's age and circumstance, the judge has agreed to hear our case against graham right away.

Traci: I hope the two of you will put your jabot C.E.O. Arbitration on hold for now.

Ashley: Mother's our first priority.

Jack: Then for now we call a truce.

Ashley: And we find a way to stop graham.

Jack: Ash, it's me. It's time to head to the courthouse. I haven't seen or heard from you or traci. Call me when you get this.

[ Doorbell rings ]

Michael: Oh. Looks like you're all ready to go.

Jack: I am more than ready. Unfortunately, I have no idea where either of my sisters are.

Michael: Well, they know what time the hearing is. I'm sure they'll be meeting us at the courthouse.

Jack: Well, I keep trying to call them. I want us all to be there when the judge throws out graham's medical power of attorney. Then we will find a way to cut that slimy bastard out of our mother's will.

Michael: That's a good plan, jack, but you may want to put the breaks on your expectations. There are no guarantees, and this process could take some time.

Jack: Then we have to speed things up. Time is the one thing my mother does not have to spare. Shall we?

Traci: Mattie, honey! Perfect. We've been looking everywhere for your uncle, and he's not answering his phone.

Ashley: Do you have any idea where devon is?

Mattie: We just had breakfast. He left for a meeting.

Traci: We need his help.

Ashley: And we need it right now.

Jack: Where the devil are ashley and traci?

[ Sighs ]

Michael: Jack, relax. There's still time. We're early.

Jack: That doesn't explain why I can't get them on the phone. Both numbers -- straight to voicemail.

Michael: Well, neither of them gave you any indication what's going on --

Jack: They were both out of the house by the time I got up. I haven't heard from them since.

Michael: I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation.

Jack: Well, I'd like to know what it is. Nothing is more important than my mother's situation -- nothing. What the hell could those two be up to?

Mattie: That's right -- mattie ashby. Please tell mr. Hamilton it's urgent, and I would never interrupt one of his meetings unless it was an absolute emergency. Okay. Thank you. I'm on hold.

Ashley: Awesome.

Traci: Thank you.

Ashley: Okay. So, traci, we head back up to the hamilton-winters office. Hopefully we can find a mergeron file -- you know, something that hopefully hasn't been archived already.

Traci: Now, I want to find something against graham, too, but remember, devon's office has already forwarded all of the relevant digital files to michael's team, and they couldn't find anything useful.

Ashley: I know, but they were under the gun. They don't know about graham and dina's twisted relationship. Only we know that.

Traci: That's very true.

Ashley: I still think it's worth it. We have to try searching for some kind of a scrap that hasn't been scanned or something that slipped through the cracks. Look, I know it's a long shot, but we have to give it a try.

Traci: The law is on graham's side, but, oh, if we can find anything to throw at him that de-rails his plan, that is worth searching for.

Ashley: Exactly. And we have to do it before that hearing ends and that grifter takes total control of our mother's life.

Mattie: I spoke to my uncle, and he said to help you find whatever you need.

[ Keys jingle ]

Jack: I haven't even thought of this -- you know what we're really doing here today?

Michael: Challenging graham's power of attorney.

Jack: To do that, we have to put my mother's condition on the stand. This woman lived such a vital, full, active, independent life. The last thing I want is for her to be pitied as the victim of some terrible disease. My mother would hate that. Yet that's exactly what graham is forcing us to do -- to expose her weakness, her condition, this disease.

Michael: Look, jack, I know it's painful. It goes against everything dina was, how she lived her life. But if this is what it takes to keep your mother safe, you realize it's our only choice?

Jack: Yeah.

Graham: Why don't you go on inside? I'll join you in a minute.

[ Coffee cup thunks ]

Jack: How dare you and your lawyer bring my mother here and drag her through this ordeal.

Michael: Jack -- jack, not here.

Jack: And to what end? To add to your twisted agenda? She should not be here.

Graham: Of course she should be here. This case is all about dina. Even though you and your sisters would love to make it all about yourselves and your agenda. But then again, you can't help it, can you? It's just what you do.

Jack: I can't wait to see that smug look wiped off your face once and for all.

Graham: What you'll see is the judge agreeing that I've always put dina's welfare first. Unlike the people she really needs to be protected from -- her pushy, entitled children.

Michael: No! Jack, jack, that's exactly what he wants.

Michael: So, how we doing now?

Jack: "We're" doing splendidly. And you were right -- a few lungfuls of icy winter air do wonders for an overheated temper.

Michael: This is not going to be an easy morning, so I need you to remember one thing -- graham is a calculating opportunist. He is going to be looking for ways to get under your skin. So if you suddenly get the overwhelming urge to strangle him, better you go outside and stick your head in a snowbank --

Jack: Than have the judge see me as a maniac. Got it.

Michael: Good. Shall we?

Jack: Let's go.

Dina: Oh, what are you doing here?

Jack: Why wouldn't I be here? This is my top priority.

Dina: Oh, john. I just thought our final divorce hearing would be too hard on you.

Michael: No, actually, we're here to --

Jack: Hold on. Excuse me for a minute.

Dina: Mm-hmm.

Jack: The doctor said we should allow alzheimer's patients their own reality, their own space.

Michael: Uh... I should have realized that to correct her would just add to the confusion.

Jack: We are going to meet my mother whenever and wherever her mind is at the moment.

Michael: Oh, absolutely. Um... I'm so sorry. I can't imagine what it must be like for you to deal with this every day.

Jack: Don't be sorry. Just mop the floor with that bastard.

Traci: All of this is from mergeron?

Mattie: I know. It's a lot. And they're only in rough chronological order, so there's still a ton of organizing to do before it gets sent to the archive.

Ashley: Thank you so much. I'll make sure that devon knows you've been a complete lifesaver.

Traci: Yes! And we better get to this. Open a box and get to the files or we'll never get through everything.

Mattie: The staff are bringing up the rest of the boxes now.

Ashley: The rest of them? How many more are there?

Mattie: This is about... half.

Ashley: Half?

Mattie: I think. Sorry. I'll go make sure that the rest of the boxes are on their way, and then I need to get to school.

Traci: Okay, sweetie. Thank you. This is so important.

Ashley: Yes, thank you.

Mattie: No problem.

Traci: Oh, my goodness.

Ashley: I guess we just dive in, right? We don't have a minute to lose.

Brenda: Nice to see you.

Jack: So that's the competition, huh?

Michael: Ms. Brenda brecheen.

Jack: Wait, I know that name.

Michael: You should. She has a stellar reputation. She enjoys playing the game almost as much as she loves winning.

Jack: Then you two have tangled before?

Michael: On occasion.

Jack: Did you win?

Michael: Sometimes. Hi, I'm mike ditka.

Jack: Gloria hasn't seen or heard from ashley, either. I don't get it.

Michael: [ Slams pen ] I thought I made it clear to your sisters the importance of their presence here.

Jack: So did I. Damn it. Looks like it's up to you and me.

Thank you. We'll begin shortly. Hello, mrs. Mergeron.

Dina: Your honor.

I'd like to make sure you're feeling up to being here this morning.

Dina: Oh, I do. As long as everyone behaves in a civil manner.

Well, I'll do my best to see that they comply.

[ Raps gavel ] This court is now in session in the matter of abbott vs. Bloodworth. I'm prepared to hear opening statements.

Michael: [ Sighs ] The court will hear evidence that mr. Graham bloodworth is unfit to hold power of attorney regarding healthcare for mrs. Dina abbott mergeron. I will also show that mrs. Mergeron's loving children should be the only ones to care for her, and that they and they alone have her best interests at heart. Unlike mr. Bloodworth, who has demonstrated repeatedly that his attachment to mrs. Mergeron is based on a personal vendetta and a desire for financial gain. To put it bluntly, the man is harmful to mrs. Mergeron's welfare. Thank you.

Brenda: Your honor will learn that there are no grounds to revoke graham bloodworth's power of attorney, and that mrs. Mergeron herself entrusted him with her well-being. She chose him over her own flesh and blood for good reason. The abbotts are far from the devoted and loving family they claim to be. For an immediate example of that proof, look no further than the absence of mr. Abbott's two sisters from this hearing. Thank you.

Ashley: Hey, jack, it's ashley. I'm sorry for not responding to your messages. I just got them. I did leave you a note, but I guess you didn't get it. Look, I'm working on something, and I think it's gonna help with the case. Traci's here with me and, uh, we're giving it a shot. So just do whatever you can. Stall...and pray for a miracle. We'll be there as soon as we can.

Traci: It is going to take a miracle, isn't it, ashley? Look at us! We're buried in this room full of paper, hoping that we're going to find a needle in this haystack that will prove a malicious stranger should not have control over our declining mother. How did it come to this? Ashley, these files, most of them are in french. How are we gonna find what we need?

Ashley: Traci, just keep plowing through, okay? You'll know it when you find it.

Traci: If we find it.

Ashley: In the meantime, I hope jack is just fighting like hell.

Michael: Mr. Abbott, how would you characterize mr. Bloodworth's treatment of your mother?

Jack: On the surface, caring and compassionate. In actuality, controlling and manipulative.

Michael: Tell us what you personally observed.

Jack: He watched her every move. He informed her every decision. He made it very clear he did not want her relying on her family. Only him.

Michael: Your honor, I refer you to mr. Abbott's sworn affidavit, entered into evidence. It outlines specific incidents that support this claim. Now, mr. Abbott, how long ago did mr. Bloodworth first enter your mother's life?

Jack: It's been almost two years.

Michael: And how did he make her acquaintance?

Jack: Essentially, he stalked her.

Brenda: Objection. Argumentative. Speculative.


Jack: Uh, I-I apologize, your honor. I'll rephrase that. For several years, mr. Bloodworth attempted to gain a position at mergeron, my mother's company. Eventually, he met her at a party. He charmed her, talked her into hiring him, and then he climbed the ladder at mergeron to become her right-hand man. Absolutely indispensable to her.

Michael: Did mr. Bloodworth have a reason for this beyond simple advancement of his career?

Jack: Oh, yes. He had a reason. Retribution.

Michael: Care to elaborate?

Jack: My family and i recently learned that our mother had an affair with mr. Bloodworth's stepfather, brent davis. Hoping for a future with my mother, mr. Davis abandoned his wife and his stepson, mr. Bloodworth, leaving them heartbroken and destitute. Mr. Bloodworth was determined to make my mother pay for the sins of brent davis.

Michael: After all these years?

Jack: He was obsessed. He insinuated himself in every aspect of my mother's life. He had himself written into her will, all because he felt she owed him.

Brenda: Objection. Calls --

Jack: He announced his need for revenge in front of a room full of people at a dinner for my sister, claiming my mother had ruined his life.

Mr. Abbott, if an objection is raised, please refrain from speaking until I rule.

Jack: I'm sorry, your honor.

Objection overruled. The witness may proceed.

Jack: The evening of the dinner, my mother collapsed. She had a stroke. It was then that mr. Bloodworth announced to us that he had her medical power of attorney. Using that power, he wouldn't allow us to see her. Before we knew it, he had kidnapped her from the hospital and was escorting her into a private jet.

Brenda: Object to the term "kidnap." My client was within his rights to have ms. Mergeron released from the hospital into his care.


Michael: Mr. Abbott, while her...disappearance... was not a kidnapping in the eyes of the law, how did it make you and your sisters feel?

Jack: Devastated. We had no idea where he had taken our mother, no idea what kind of care, if any, she was getting. These were very long days. Until we determined that they were in florida, and my sister and I found our way there to ask our mother to please come back to genoa city, to the family who actually loved her.

Michael: Can you describe your mother's state of mind upon returning here?

Jack: Happy. Content with her family, if at times confused.

Michael: "Confused"?

Jack: We assumed that had to do with her stroke. Not long after... my mother was diagnosed with alzheimer'S.

Michael: Do you know when mr. Bloodworth first became aware of your mother's condition?

Jack: Yes, I do. He knew for a year and didn't tell anyone in her family. He used it to make a vulnerable woman feel helpless. He convinced her that she couldn't live without him. All the while, he was waiting for her to die so he could inherit her millions.

Brenda: Objection.

Michael: At this time, I have no further questions for mr. Abbott, your honor.

How are you doing,a mrs. Mergeron? Do you need a break?

Dina: Oh, no. No, your honor. Why would I?

Graham: We're fine. Thank you, your honor.

Your witness, ms. Brecheen.

Brenda: Mr. Abbott, you've just portrayed yourself as a fiercely loyal and protective son. So I'll begin with a simple question -- over the years, just how close were you and your mother?

Brenda: "Not as close as you'd like it to be." That's a rather vague way to describe your relationship with your mother, wouldn't you say?

Michael: Objection. Your honor, my client answered the question.


Brenda: Withdrawn. Mr. Abbott, prior to your mother returning to genoa city this past may, when was the last time you'd seen her?

Please answer the question, sir.

Jack: 2008, briefly.

Brenda: Nine years prior. And the time before that?

Jack: 1996.

Brenda: So an entire 12 years. And before that?

Jack: My sister traci's wedding.

Brenda: Can you be more specific?

Jack: 1991.

Brenda: We don't need to go back any further. The pattern's been firmly established. But just to be clear, did all of those visits take place in genoa city?

Jack: Yes, they did.

Brenda: So, your mother traveled here from paris each and every time.

Jack: Yes.

Brenda: And [Sighs] During this same time period, did you or your sisters have occasion to travel to france or any surrounding countries?

Jack: Yes.

Brenda: But just to be clear, you spent no time with your mother while abroad.

Jack: No.

Brenda: I -- I'm sorry?

Jack: I said no, we didn'T.

Brenda: How much contact would you say you and your sisters had with her through other channels -- text messages, phone calls, letters, e-mails?

Jack: Virtually none.

Brenda: In decades. That behavior sounds like the opposite of loyal, mr. Abbott, wouldn't you say?

Michael: Objection. Leading.


Brenda: Withdrawn. Mr. Abbott, I would like to turn your attention to jabot cosmetics and the current conditions there.

Michael: Objection! Relevance?

Ms. Brecheen?

Brenda: Since mr. Abbott and his sister ashley run the company, the state of jabot reflects the unity of the abbott family...

Michael: Objection!

Brenda: ...Or lack thereof.

Michael: Objection!

Ms. Brecheen, if you have a question for the witness, ask it or move on.

Brenda: Yes, your honor. Is it true that you and your sister ashley are currently engaged in a vicious battle at jabot over whether or not you're fit to continue serving as C.E.O.?

Jack: No, it is not true. There is a dispute, and both ashley and I have decided to let the matter be settled in arbitration.

Brenda: And was your decision to personally provide care for your mother a part of this dispute?

Jack: We are all concerned with how I balance my responsibilities as C.E.O. Of jabot with my chosen role as my mother's caretaker.

Brenda: Let's discuss that. The care you've recently provided for your mother. Your honor, since mrs. Mergeron has been separated from mr. Bloodworth -- [Scoffs] Ostensibly under the supervision of jack and ashley abbott -- she has been involved in a series of [Sighs] Bizarre and deeply disturbing incidents.

Michael: Objection! Prejudicial.

Ms. Brecheen, allow the court to determine what it finds disturbing.

Brenda: Gladly, your honor. Last halloween night, is it true that your mother left the abbott house undetected and ended up starting a fire in which the nightclub known as the underground was completely destroyed?

Jack: Yes, that was an accident.

Brenda: And is it also true that, only a short time later, in november, while attending a party at the top of the tower restaurant, your mother stabbed nikki newman with a kitchen knife?

Jack: Yes.

Brenda: And this was no accident. It was an attack. Isn't that right?

Jack: Yes.

Brenda: And only days ago, didn't your mother abduct a small child from the genoa city athletic club?

Jack: [ Stammers ] Yes. That situation --

Brenda: And as a caretaker, did you think it acceptable to allow your mother to freely roam the city with only your driver?

Jack: I am not the criminal here! Neither is my mother. You want to stop people from roaming the city, start with your fraud of a client!

Mr. Abbott, I will not allow that kind of outburst in my courtroom. Now, I strongly suggest that you sit down and compose yourself.

Jack: Please, your honor --

Are we clear?

Michael: Jack, don't do this.

Jack: Listen to me. I may have issues with my mother. That man does not give a damn about her.

I'm warning you.

Jack: He is exploiting her disease to get rich, and robbing her, my sisters, and me of precious time together we've waited a lifetime for.

One more word and I'll hold you in contempt.

Dina: Stop this, please! You leave john alone! He's not at fault here. I am.

Mrs. Mergeron --

Dina: Please grant him the divorce, your honor. I'm not contesting it. I failed him. And I failed my whole family.

Jack: You didn't fail --

Dina: Sentence me. Sentence me! I deserve the harshest penalty of the law. I did have countless affairs. And I abandoned my husband and my three --

[Crying] Three little babies. And they'll never forgive me. And, frankly, I don't blame them.

Court is at recess. Counselors, my chambers. Now. We need to determine whether we can continue with this.

Traci: [ Sighs ] Ugh...

[ Gasps ] Ashley, ashley, we've got to go. It's late, and we've got to get to the courthouse. The hearing might already be over. I guess gold star for effort, but...

[ Sighs ] Ashley, are you listening to me? Ashley, what do you have?

Ashley: Possibly the answer to our prayers.

Traci: What? You've actually found something that might help us?

Ashley: Maybe. Maybe. Depends on what the judge thinks.

Traci: Can I see it?

Ashley: Yes.

Traci: [ Gasps ]

Ashley: Traci, we got to go! Read it in the car.

Traci: Oh, okay. Okay.

Have you been able to confer with your respective clients about whether to adjourn for the day? I'm still concerned about mrs. Mergeron's condition.

Brenda: As your honor can see, thanks to mr. Bloodworth, mrs. Mergeron is doing fine now. And my client would like to continue with the hearing.

Michael: If the court could extend the recess a bit longer, I'd like to speak further with my client.

You may have a few minutes, mr. Baldwin.

Ashley: Okay.

Jack: I hate what this is doing to my mother. I hate it. You heard what she said. "Countless affairs"? I knew she cheated on my dad. I didn't think it was a regular thing. I just think her guilt has so overwhelmed her that she's just made too big a deal of it. Does she honestly think ashley and traci and i still hate her for it?

Michael: No one can answer that question. I mean, it seems clear that your mother was back in time somewhere. She may have already forgotten the whole thing by now. Look, jack, don't be too crushed by this. Her outburst earlier may have actually helped our case.

Jack: You think so?

Michael: It proves she's in the throes of dementia. And we have it on record that graham knew about the alzheimer's a year ago. The judge may conclude that dina wasn't capable of handing over her medical power of attorney to him, or of making the rational choice of graham over her own family.

Jack: The judge "may conclude." Or she may have made her decision while I was in that brutal cross-examination. Graham's lawyer ate me alive. I feel like we've already lost.

Michael: No, no. I don't agree at all.

Jack: You know, either way, I can't keep putting my mother through this. I can't do it.

Michael: So, you're saying you want to drop the lawsuit? You just want to give up right now?

Ashley: Come on, come on!

[ Gavel raps ]

Court will come to order.

Traci: Okay.

Do you have an answer for me, mr. Baldwin?

Ashley: Michael! We need to talk.

Mr. Baldwin, the court has been most patient. This interruption is not --

Michael: My apologies, your honor. If I could have just one more minute to confer with, um, all of my clients.

One minute. And counting...

Michael: Thank you.

Jack: Where the hell have you two been?

Ashley: Getting what we need to win.

Traci: And here it is.

Graham: What's going on over there?

Brenda: [ Sighs ] I'm sure we're about to find out.

Dina: Why is nothing happening? Is everything all right?

Graham: Everything's fine, my dear. Nothing to worry about.

[ Gavel raps ]

Mr. Baldwin, I need an answer.

Michael: Uh... yes, your honor, we are ready to proceed. And there is some new evidence we would... very much like the court to hear. Yeeeeaaaahhh!

Michael: Your honor, the plaintiff requests that this document be entered into evidence.

What is that, mr. Baldwin? And why are you just now introducing this material?

Michael: Mrs. Mergeron's daughters, traci and ashley abbott, were detained this morning going through the mergeron archives in search of evidence pertinent to this case. We believe we have found such evidence in the form of this manuscript. A few years ago, mrs. Mergeron started journaling, taking notes in hopes that they would take the form of a published memoir. This book was to chronicle her life, and her climb to the top of the business world as a woman.

Brenda: Objection. What is the relevance here?

Michael: This book also was to vividly describe her relationship with graham bloodworth -- how it began, her feelings about it as it progressed in the moment. I respectfully request from the court the chance to share the pertinent passages of this document.

I'll allow it. Objection overruled.

Michael: "This weekend, i attended a party on a yacht, always a risky proposition because the owners invariably insist on taking them out to sea, turning their guests into captives."

Dina: There's no way to make an exit without stealing a lifeboat. But for once, I didn't mind. Instead of getting seasick and sunburned, I met a marvelous man, gorgeous, witty, and intriguing. Mmm, mmm, mmm! He's also far too young, although he didn't seem to realize it... and, frankly, I didn't care. That's how captivating I found mr. Graham bloodworth. He's debonair and respectful, yet with a refreshingly inappropriate sense of humor. His running commentary about the pretentious eccentrics that made up most of the guest list had me laughing for hours. For once, I didn't feel like an untouchable aristocrat, too rich to be considered human. He treated me like a friend. It's been so long since I've had a connection like that, I'd almost forgotten how pleasurable it could be." "Has it really been only six months since that fateful yacht party? Graham's made himself indispensable at the company. His cleverness and attention to detail have made my life easier, in and out of the office. Too easy, perhaps. When I see him or catch others looking at the two of us, I no longer feel excitement or pride in my handsome, efficient majordomo, my near-constant companion who always knows the right thing to say, who anticipates my every need too perfectly. Now I find myself wondering far too often if it's all a performance... if the sincerity I found so charming was ever really there." "It's unlike me to be so indecisive. Maybe writing the words down will cement the unpleasant reality I've been loath to face -- I no longer trust graham. I know he's only after my money, and I need to sever all ties, the sooner, the better." "Today was going to be the day to confront graham and remove him from my life. But I couldn'T. There was no opportunity. I was completely booked with important meetings until late this evening, which I had totally forgotten. I'm becoming quite absent-minded, and it's infuriating. It's stress, obviously. What else could it be?" "Why am I still keeping this journal? What's the point? The likelihood of me completing and publishing a memoir is miniscule, and I would certainly end the story years ago. Not with my doctor diagnosing me with alzheimer'S. Who the hell would want to read that? Just thinking about it terrifies me. It would be better to be numb with shock, living in denial instead of with the fear, guilt, and regrets that have been cutting me so deeply and painfully since I got the news two weeks ago." "I want to see jackie and ashley and traci and apologize and fix things with them. But how can I reach out to my children after all this time? I burned that bridge years ago, and it was the worst mistake i ever made. I've been so selfish. I deserve to be alone. But I'm not alone. At least I have graham. I feel terrible about not trusting him. Another error of mine to add to the endless list. He could have already abandoned me, but I know I deserve that, too. Instead, he's been so kind and supportive from the moment i shared that awful diagnosis. Thank god I didn't banish him from my life." "Must listen to graham, who's right about this. He is. And all I have. Mustn't tell anyone... I can'T. No one cares. Except graham does. And he'll stay and take care of me always, until the end. Reminder -- I have to do this."

Michael: "Must look at my will. Can't forget that."

[ Manuscript slams ] It is crystal-clear, in mrs. Mergeron's own words, why this man should be stripped of all legal responsibility where this woman is concerned. That's all I have, your honor.

Ms. Brecheen?

Brenda: Nothing further, your honor.

This court is at recess to consider the new evidence. I'll return shortly with my decision.

[ Gavel raps ] Hi, I'm mike ditka.

Jack: I hope you've already deleted all of my angry messages. I didn't know where you were. I was upset.

Ashley: It's okay. It's understandable.

Jack: I should have known my two brilliant sisters would come through for me.

[ Ashley giggles ] Seriously, finding mother's memoirs was the answer. Everything that michael read supported what I said about graham, about mother...

Traci: And he'll never recover now that the judge has heard mother's actual words.

Ashley: No, it is over. And he's the loser. Do you realize that judge is going to absolutely rule in our favor? We get to take mother home with us, and we'll never have to look at graham's face ever again.

Jack: My sentiments exactly.

[ Ashley and traci chuckle ] What? What is it?

Michael: You've got to come back in. Graham's about to take the stand.

Ashley: You're kidding.

Jack: What's he up to now?

Traci: He's not going to refute what mother wrote?

Michael: [ Scoffs ] I don't know what he's planning to say, but once I start my cross-examination, he'll realize what a mistake this is. Let's go.

Brenda: Mr. Bloodworth, you have some information that's pertinent to this proceeding that you'd like to share, is that correct?

Graham: Yes. Information of vital importance. A lot has been said today. Emotions are running high. But, ultimately, the suit being brought against me by the abbott family is nothing more than a complete waste of time.

Brenda: Could you please elaborate?

Graham: The abbotts have many personal problems that they're eager to project onto their mother, onto me. It's obvious they have their own warped reasons for wanting me out of the picture so they can control dina mergeron.

Michael: Objection! Your honor, this is not vital information. This is a filibuster.

Brenda: I assure the court my client has a point.

Then he'd better get to it, counselor, and quickly.

Graham: May I continue?

Brenda: Please do.

Graham: No matter the outcome of this hearing, or however your honor might rule... one fact remains, and it cannot be changed.

This court's patience is at an end, mr. Bloodworth. So out with it.

Graham: Dina mergeron and i are married. Husband and wife. Making me her legal next of kin.

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