Y&R Transcript Tuesday 1/9/18

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 1/9/18


Episode #11316 ~ Sharon takes control; Hilary confides in Phyllis; Abby seeks forgiveness.

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Previously on "the young and the restless"...

Sharon: You wanted my man, and you went after him.

Abby: No, it wasn't like that.

Sharon: Of course it was because you're a spoiled narcissistic bitch! I am not going to fall apart. I've come too far, you know, to let scott or abby or anyone tear me down.

Abby: I sold her on a campaign to expand brash & sassy to europe. Lily and I are going to paris.

Lily: One kiss doesn't repair a marriage. We still have a lot of baggage we have to wade through.

Cane: Please don't go.

J.T.: Reed's been spinning ever since I got back in town.

Victoria: I guess you really are one of the good guys.

J.T.: Tell that to mac. She just served me with divorce papers.

Victoria: Do you like?

Devon: I'd say that you nailed it.

Victoria: I think europe is definitely ready for a brash & sassy expansion, and there's a number of different marketing angles we can hit on lily and abby's trip.

Devon: Yeah, it's perfect, and it doesn't hurt to get abby out of the country after everything that's gone down with her and sharon.

Victoria: Ugh, I am just so glad that it didn't wind up in the media, sharon and abby coming to blows over scott.

Devon: Yeah. I have a meeting with him later on, and I'm very curious to see what he has to say about it all.

Victoria: You'll have to let me know.

Devon: I will, for sure. You know, I have to give it up to hilary, too, for not running with the story. Because a few months ago, she would have put it front and center on her show, and she's really been walking the walk with taking the high road these days.

Victoria: Well, good. You know, J.T. And I were here last night, and we saw jack's mom sitting over there on that sofa.

Devon: Dina was here? Was she alone?

Victoria: No, she was with that creepy guy, graham. I think he was hassling her.

Devon: How so?

Victoria: I don't know, i couldn't hear what he was saying, but she was visibly upset, and the second that he laid his hand on her, J.T. Had to step in.

Devon: Laid his hands on her? Wow. I remember learning how tough she is when we were negotiating to buy mergeron. It's hard to imagine her being in any situation like that.

Victoria: I know. Well, thankfully J.T. Was there to put him in his place.

Devon: Sounds like you and J.T. Are making some peace.

Victoria: Yeah. I just feel so bad for him. His wife just served him with divorce papers.

Devon: Oh, wow. That's rough.

Victoria: Yeah, it's rough. I think it's hit him really hard, but he's not showing it.

[ Door opens ]

J.T.: Hey.

Cane: Hey.

J.T.: Glad I caught you. I got a couple ideas that hit me for chancellor while I was at the gym.

Cane: Uh, cool, I want to hear everything, but before we do, I have to update you on the housing situation.

J.T.: You kicking me out already?

Mattie: Well, at least we don't have to share a bathroom.

Cane: Okay, um, mattie and charlie are gonna be staying here while lily's in paris working. J.T. Is staying here, as well. So... looks like we have a full house.

Mattie: Mr. Hellstrom, about reed...

J.T.: Mattie, I know you called the cops on him.

Mattie: I didn't know what else to do.

J.T.: I hear you, but what i want to tell you...

Cane: All right, listen, mattie's got a good head on her shoulders, so if she doesn't think she had a choice...

J.T.: Thank you. Thank you. That's what I'm trying to say.

Abby: Wait, so cane actually asked you not to go to paris? But it's your job and it's paris.

Lily: I know. He's just worried.

Abby: But why? It's not like you're moving there forever.

Lily: I don't know, I just -- the look in his eye, it's like everything is riding on the next few days.

Abby: But it's a business trip, and cane has always supported your passion to do what you want.

Lily: I know.

Abby: And if you're really ready to work things out...

Lily: Yeah, then some time away shouldn't matter. You're right, it's just --

Abby: Sounds like he's scared that you're gonna change your mind. But after everything he put you through, he deserves to sweat a little bit longer.

Lily: Yeah, but I don't want to make him sweat. I just need to live my life.

Abby: There you go.

Lily: Then why do I feel like I'm throwing away my last chance to save my marriage?

Phyllis: Do you miss it? Annihilating people on air? It would be such a good episode. Abby and sharon throwing down over scott grainger's luxurious locks?

Hilary: Is that what it is? The hair? Because I'm still wondering why two women would scrap over that man.

Phyllis: Well, he's an excellent kisser. Long ago. I was single, a lot of scotch involved...

Hilary: Stop it. Stop it.

Phyllis: Oh, you're a blushing flower now?

Hilary: I don't do stories like that anymore.

Phyllis: Yeah, not mine. No, I'm talking about abby and sharon, you know? I mean, it would be amazing, right? An abbott, a newman, a former newman that's a love triangle. They even had hot sex in a storage room. It's got everything!

Hilary: Get thee behind me, satan.

Phyllis: Oh, please, you want to do this story.

Hilary: [ Sighs ] My show is about doing good, empowerment. Women supporting women, people supporting people. My next episode will be about forgiveness.

Phyllis: I'm sorry, did you say something?

Hilary: Don't worry, okay? I am still me. I'm just... hey, I can even make forgiveness sound sexy.

Mariah: Hey! I, uh, didn't know if you needed this.

Sharon: A phone charger?

Mariah: Yeah, you know, to charge your, um...

Sharon: Oh, you wanted to make sure that I'm not throwing coffee pots at customers and sobbing into coffee grounds.

Mariah: Those are oddly specific images, and now i really am worried.

Chelsea: Hey, you two. Sharon, um, faith left this notebook at our place before she went to your place. So I -- you know, I thought she might need it.

Mariah: You have to admit that the phone charger excuse is a lot better than the notebook one.

Sharon: Yeah, you two are very sweet for worrying about me, okay? But I'm fine. Really. I -- I broke up with scott, and everybody thinks that I'm gonna fall apart. It's not happening. I should take out a billboard. Oh, no, I could print flyers.

[ Gasps ] Or maybe there's even a better way.

J.T.: What you did was brave, mattie. A lot of kids in a similar situation, they wouldn't have done nearly as well. Hell, I was one of them once, too. Too afraid of getting busted myself when a friend got drunk and got in a bad situation. We had this code -- no adults. No parents. Especially not cops. It wasn't cool. But you know what's less cool? Getting into an accident when you've been drinking. No, reed is lucky he got stopped when he did. Who knows what would have happened?

Mattie: I tried to stop him. I didn't want to call the cops, but I didn't know what else to do. And now he won't answer any of my texts.

J.T.: Well, his mom might have taken his cellphone.

Charlie: You're still texting him? To say what? "I'm so sorry I basically saved your life?"

Mattie: He's human. He made a mistake. It happens. If I could just talk to him, and explain...

Cane: Mattie, mattie, mattie, mattie, mattie, listen. If reed can't accept that you did what had to be done and he can't forgive you for that, that is on him then, sweetie. That's not on you, all right? You didn't make a mistake. You did the right thing.

Devon: Your sex trafficking story is still getting some serious hits on hashtag. Congratulations on that. It's powerful stuff.

Scott: Thanks. Yeah, the overall response has been good, and things have been happening for me, including getting a job offer in new york as an on-air reporter. But despite all that, this isn't about me and my career. Hashtag is poised to take off, and my focus is on the future of the imprint and the growth of digital media as a whole. So I think that hamilton-winters is a perfect fit for hashtag, should you choose to purchase it.

Devon: Well, I think that the newmans might disagree with you on that, scott.

Scott: Victoria was ready to dump the division before your pr team came in and talked her out of it.

Devon: Yeah, that was right after abby's press conference, with a little help from you, that went complete off-book.

Scott: It was a mistake trying to throw her under the bus for zack and designdate. I mean, the public wouldn't have gone for it, and victor would have been furious if abby felt pushed out of the company.

Devon: Well, it kind of sounds like you're trying to tell us how to handle newman enterprises when I don't think you have a grasp on that yourself.

Scott: You know, the company's one thing. The executives, they're another.

Devon: Well, sure, but you know that abby is my friend, and she has been for a really long time, and with everything that went down between you and sharon, maybe you're here because abby wants you out of her face.

Scott: I don't run away from uncomfortable situations. I'd be a lousy reporter if i did. But abby is victor's daughter, and hashtag was never a priority for him before. So now chances are he'll punish the magazine by teaching me a lesson -- withhold funding, block access, chip away at our credibility.

Devon: He certainly protects his company and his family, but he usually has good reason for that.

Scott: Hashtag finally has a toehold in the public mind. We can't afford to lose momentum here. I'm offering you a great opportunity.

Devon: I think it has pros and cons.

Scott: Why don't we just leave it here for now? And just think about it.

Devon: Sure. Sure.

Scott: Thanks.

Devon: I, uh -- I will definitely give it some serious consideration.

Scott: That's all I ask.

Devon: You got it.

Mariah: You have an idea. A plan, even.

Sharon: Yep.

Chelsea: I hope you don't plan on doing anything rash.

Sharon: Like running through the snow naked, yelling "I'm fine!"

Mariah: Again, oddly specific.

Sharon: No. I want to have a party!

Mariah: A party?

Sharon: Yeah. Nothing fancy, you know. Just a little get-together so that people know that I am indeed fine. They don't need to pity me or worry that I'm falling apart.

Mariah: Look, sharon, I'm sorry if I made you feel like --

Sharon: A zoo animal?

Chelsea: Oh, well, I'm sorry, too, then.

Sharon: No apologies necessary. Just you two show up at my place this afternoon, and have fun! Can you do that for me?

Mariah: Yeah. We can. Totally!

Chelsea: Yeah. Can't wait.

Sharon: All right! See you there! [ Giggles ]

Mariah: See you there. Yeah.

Chelsea: Great.

Mariah: Bye.

Sharon: Okay!

Chelsea: See you soon.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Hilary: Hello? This is hilary.

Sharon: Hi. It's sharon.

J.T.: Hi, sharon. What can I do for you?

Sharon: Um, I'm having a girls afternoon at my place, and I'd love for you to come.

Hilary: Me? Are you sure you don't have the wrong number? Why?

Sharon: Because no matter how positive your show is, you personally are still gossip central, and I need to get the word out that all is well in my world, especially after abby and I went at it over scott in public.

Hilary: Sounds like fun.

Sharon: It's wine and girl talk. I know you can handle it.

Hilary: Hey, why not? I'll be there.

Sharon: Great. Look forward to it.

Phyllis: Hey, what's that look?

Hilary: How would you like to come with me to a party this afternoon? Yeeeeaaaahhh!

Victoria: Absolutely not.

Devon: Well, can you at least hear me out about it, please?

Victoria: Devon, hashtag is a newman company, and it's gonna stay that way.

Devon: You were ready to pull the plug just a few months ago, right?

Victoria: I was talked out of it. Hashtag is making a profit, and now I see the benefit of owning a digital media platform.

Devon: Oh, do you? And where did this sudden appreciation come from?

Victoria: Reed's dui, for one. It hasn't leaked to the press, but if it had, hashtag gives us a way to control the narrative.

Devon: I understand now. You want to keep hashtag to protect your teenage son.

Victoria: I want to keep hashtag because newman will always have one crisis or another. That's the reality. And we need to spin the inevitable for the public.

Devon: And you think that you're always gonna be able to tell scott what to do? Because he doesn't seem like the guy that can be controlled very easily.

Victoria: Well, that's my problem, not yours. Actually, you know what, it is your problem since we pay you and your company to handle it. Why the sudden interest in this acquisition, anyway?

Devon: I'm interested because scott came to me with a pitch about how hamilton-winters is a better fit for hashtag than newman. It has pr, journalism, and music, and he's not wrong.

Victoria: Well, he's in no position to sell an entity that he doesn't own. Besides, he doesn't want to leave newman. He's just trying to distance himself from abby.

Devon: He also has legitimate concerns about how victor's gonna react.

Victoria: Well, I guess, like I said, that's my problem, not yours. Look, scott should have never come to you with this. We're not selling, and I'm so sorry that he wasted your time, I really am.

Devon: Don't be sorry at all, victoria. It is never a waste to see you in action.

Lily: Hey.

Devon: Lily. Hey.

Lily: Putting out more fires?

Devon: Oh, yeah, there's never a dull moment at the newman tower. What about you? How you doing? Are you excited about going to paris?

Lily: Uh, yeah.

Devon: Yeah?

Lily: It's great. I am. Professionally, but, uh... it's just the timing.

Devon: Because of charlie and mattie, or...?

Lily: Well, maybe because of cane.

Devon: Has something changed I don't know about since new year's eve?

Lily: Yes, for the better. Although, I'm not sure what comes next.

Devon: I think that you should go to paris and do your photo shoot, get some press, and clear your head about it while you're there.

Lily: Yeah, although cane doesn't really want me to go.

Devon: What are you talking about?

Lily: Well, he just feels like we're gonna miss our chance.

Devon: That's not his call to make.

Lily: No, but he's allowed to have feelings about it, and I'm allowed to care about them.

Devon: Sure, you can care about his feelings, but if this is like some test on his part, i don't think it's very fair, and it's all the more reason that you should get on that plane.

J.T.: Kids settling in okay? You know, charlie's right. You got some built-in backup for sam.

Cane: Now you know my secret plan, huh? Hey, uh, thank you for what you said earlier to mattie. You know, that's gonna help her see reed more clearly. I appreciate that.

J.T.: Well, like mattie said, I mean, reed screwed up, but he's not some raging alcoholic. He's just a kid who found out his family's in trouble.

Cane: Yeah, well, charlie kind of went through the same thing, but he didn't turn to booze.

J.T.: That you know of.

Cane: Yeah.

J.T.: Come on, cane. Kids do stuff. It sucks to watch as a parent, but, I mean, let's not pretend we didn't do the same thing, if not worse. Look, you may not want reed and mattie together, but stop acting like he's some serial killer.

Cane: Right, but, see, reed has gone off the rails since he moved back to town, so it's not like all this started once he got news of you and mac. You know what I mean?

J.T.: Reed had every right to be upset. I was about to drag him off to a foreign country, and then all of a sudden, I was just out of the picture. I mean, I went through it as a kid, too, parents not around enough. A kid acts out. But then he grows up, he gets a job, he has a family, becomes an average law-abiding citizen. But I am the first to admit, I'm not always on top of the parenting thing, and I'm sure my soon-to-be ex-wife would probably agree with me. The delivery I got -- mac served me with divorce papers.

Cane: [ Sighs ] I'm sorry.

J.T.: Yeah, you know, I knew being out of the country was rough on us, but now that we're back in the states, we'd just find a way to make it work. I was about to go back to D.C. And try to fix things, and then reed gets the dui, I postpone my trip, and the next thing i know...

Cane: Your window of opportunity closed, huh?

J.T.: Yeah.

Cane: See, that's -- that's how I feel about lily, you know. I'm afraid that we're finally at this point where she can get past my mistakes and she can see that our relationship is worth saving, and then she just goes off to paris.

J.T.: For work.

Cane: I don't know, it's just like she has this whole other life there, maybe, you know? She's gonna be around people she used to know and places she used to live.

J.T.: So you want her to stay here?

Cane: I don't know, I just can't help but worry.

J.T.: Yeah, because you're an idiot.

Cane: [ Chuckles ]

J.T.: No, I'm serious, man. You're an idiot. You want her to skip a work trip because you're afraid she might leave her family and move to paris?

Cane: No, I'm not saying that.

J.T.: Well, did you tell her you don't want her to go?

Cane: Yes, I told her. I said it.

J.T.: All right, so basically you want her to screw up her entire job because you're insecure.

Cane: All right, that's not what I meant.

J.T.: Well, that's how it sounds.

Cane: Yeah. It does, doesn't it? Lily already thought I wasn't supportive enough of her modeling.

J.T.: Well, I can't imagine why.

Cane: [ Sighs ] It's like I've flunked this test I didn't even know I was taking.

[ Sighs ]

J.T.: Wait, where are you going?

[ Door opens, closes ] My mom's pain from

J.T.: Thanks for coming. Wasn't sure you still had your phone.

Reed: You kidding me? Mom treats it like an ankle monitor. She wants to know my whereabouts all the time.

J.T.: How you doing?

Reed: Pretty sure I get to kiss my driver's license goodbye, and along with that, any social life I had and all my freedom, so...

J.T.: Well, because you decided to drive drunk, buddy. Have you talked to mattie?

Reed: To say thank you?

J.T.: Yeah, that's a start. You guys got a lot to talk about.

Reed: Okay, how do you suppose that conversation would go?

J.T.: Oh, you'll figure it out. Hey, mattie, can you come down here a sec?

Reed: What? She --

Mattie: Yeah, mr. Hellstrom? Reed. Hi.

Reed: I didn't know you'd be here.

J.T.: I'll, uh, let you guys talk.

Reed: My dad must think he's smart. He really shouldn't have done this.

Mattie: He said maybe your mom took your phone, but I saw you were getting my texts. Why didn't you answer? Reed, I didn't know what else to do. You wouldn't listen to me, and I couldn't get your keys. I didn't know how much trouble you'd get in.

Reed: You seem to know everything else. How smart do you have to be to understand dui? I got arrested, I was put in jail with a bunch of lowlifes and creeps, and now I get the pleasure of getting my license taken away.

Mattie: It's only a few months.

Reed: "Only."

Mattie: I looked online.

Reed: Well, did you happen to read that colleges won't even touch you after they see that?

Mattie: I tried to call you a cab, but you wouldn't let me.

Reed: So you ruined my life instead?

Mattie: Reed, no!

Charlie: Hey, you better back off, man. You did this to yourself.

Mattie: I was scared. I didn't want anything to happen to you. I didn't want to lose you.

Reed: Well, how'd that work out for you?

Charlie: Mattie, it's okay.

J.T.: Hey.

Abby: [ Sighs ]

Scott: I have news you'll like.

Abby: You quit?

Scott: Close. I spoke with a prospective buyer for hashtag.

Abby: Which you don't actually own. Genius move on your part. Meanwhile, I have actual news that isn't just wishful thinking. I am leaving, I am going to paris, and I am going to forget your name and everything else about you.

Scott: Nice. I hope you meet a hot french guy who, with luck, doesn't speak english. So he doesn't have any idea how vapid you sound half the time. Oh, and don't miss the avenue montaigne. It's where all the rich go to swap stories about their yachts.

Abby: Oh, you make paris sound amazing.

Scott: You're welcome.

Abby: Mostly by reminding me of how miserable it is to be here.

Victoria: Abby. Is everything okay?

Abby: Imagine if every day after coming into the office, you had to watch an endless loop of yourself passing out on "the hilary hour."

Victoria: I'd rather not.

Abby: Well, that's what it's like for me working with scott.

Victoria: Oh, abby...

Abby: No, please don'T. I am leaving, I am going to paris, and I will forget I ever knew his name.

Mariah: Do you think we have enough food?

Sharon: Oh, I hope so. Oh, you know, I brought some brownies home from the coffeehouse so that when we get to the chocolate fix portion of the party...

Chelsea: Yes, the place looks adorable. You've totally set the mood.

[ Doorbell rings ]

Mariah: Oh, I'll get it. All right, welcome to the "I'm fine" party.

Tessa: Sharon invited me.

Sharon: Tessa! Hi! Please, come in. Come in, come in.

Tessa: Hi.

Sharon: We have wine and cocktails and snacks to wash it all down.

Tessa: Well, thank you.

Mariah: Why is she on the guest list?

Sharon: She lives with your brother.

Mariah: Yeah, painfully aware, thank you.

Sharon: Well, mariah, she's practically family.

Mariah: I will pass, thanks.

Sharon: You can't just keep avoiding her.

Mariah: Not if you keep randomly inviting her to things without warning me.

Sharon: I know you're still hurt, but you two used to be friends.

Mariah: We were? I can't recall.

Sharon: Well, maybe you can find your way back, or at least be pleasant to one another.

Tessa: Red -- your favorite.

Mariah: Oh, uh, thanks. Well, you know, it used to be, and then I realized it gave me headaches and hangovers, and so I decided never again with that stuff.

Tessa: Uh...

[ Doorbell rings ]

Sharon: [ Gasps ] Hi! You made it! I'm so glad!

Hilary: Yeah, I brought a plus-one, I hope that's okay.

Phyllis: I dropped my glove.

Sharon: You brought phyllis. To my home.

Hilary: Yeah, you two catch up. Okay.

Phyllis: Hello, sharon.

Mariah: Hey! Look at you! You're here. I think this is awesome. It's great and everyone's beautiful, and we're here and we're having a good time and it'S...great.

Hilary: How much have you had to drink?

Mariah: Pfft. I can't be happy to see you?

Hilary: Okay. Chelsea. I heard about christian going missing. That must have been terrifying. How are you doing?

Chelsea: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. You're not getting a quote or a sound byte, okay? You're not gonna use nick's son as fodder for your show.

Hilary: No, I'm being sincere. I can't even imagine --

Chelsea: Can't imagine what? How I could lose track of a kid?

Hilary: Okay, can you stop putting words in my mouth?

Mariah: Whatever you guys are doing, stop. Because we're here for sharon.

Phyllis: What exactly are we doing here?

Sharon: Thank you, mariah, and thank all of you for coming. As you know, or I'm sure you would have soon learned, I... I fell in love with a man, and i invited him to share my home with me, and then he cheated on me. Now, those who are closest to me were afraid of how I might react, so this is to make it official -- I'm celebrating! I dumped him, I'm moving on! I do not need a man to complete my existence, so this is my "I'm fine!" Party. In fact, no, I'm -- I'm better than fine. I'm fantastic.

Mariah: Yeah, you know, because sometimes I feel like you can care about someone and have no clue that they'd make you regret it.

Sharon: I have everything i need. I have my family, my friends, my job, and I have the host of "the hilary hour" here to spread the good news!

Phyllis: Hey, um, when you said that there was a party at the ranch, I thought it was at the main house. You want to tell me exactly what I'm doing here?

Hilary: Do you remember what I said about forgiveness?

Phyllis: Yeah. Yeah. You said you could make it sound sexy. Doesn't explain why I'm here, though.

Hilary: This moment -- this is how you get forgiveness, how you give it and how you receive it.

Phyllis: Wait, what?

Hilary: You can go through the process of real healing.

Phyllis: With her?

Hilary: Mm-hmm.

Hilary: Come on, ladies. Restorative justice is very hot right now. It is a process where people on opposite sides of war or crime or pretty much any kind of conflict can find peace with one another.

Tessa: By reaching out and making amends.

Hilary: Exactly. But it takes a village. And right here, right now, that village is us.

Chelsea: With a bunch of women who can't stand being in the same room together? That sounds productive.

Hilary: Chelsea brings up a very valid point, but, you know, as my show evolves and we start focusing on empowerment, I've realized that it's not enough to just empower ourselves. We have to empower each other, and that's what this moment is right here, right now. We are going to find forgiveness together.

Phyllis: Why now? Because sharon and I spend so much time together? No. Is it because we're in love with the same man? No, not this time. Thank god. Is it because we are going to be married to each other's ex? Nope. Again. Not this time, again. Thank god.

Sharon: You know, phyllis is right. This is not really what I had in mind for today.

Hilary: Look at them. You two are agreeing already.

Chelsea: Are you doing this for your show?

Hilary: No, this is just an exploration, okay? Not to air. I'm not wired, all right? There's no cameras. Everything that's said in this room stays in this room.

Phyllis: Well, it can stay 'cause I'm gonna go ahead and leave.

Hilary: Oh, so you're just gonna run away?

Phyllis: Oh, no, no, no. I'm not running.

Hilary: Oh, and you're just gonna pretend like everything is perfectly fine.

Sharon: I'm not pretending!

Hilary: The man that you loved cheated on you, and this is not the first time.

Phyllis: Do you even know how to stop talking?

Hilary: And phyllis over here, she broke up your marriage to nick. How is summer, by the way?

Phyllis: Do not drag my daughter into this.

Tessa: This is about your nick?

Chelsea: Yep. My nick.

Hilary: And how about faith? As I understand it, nick and phyllis were together...

Mariah: Okay, who wants a brownie? That sounds delicious.

Chelsea: I like that. Who wants some more wine?

Mariah: Me, for sure.

Hilary: All I'm saying is that of all of the relationships that you two have, the one that is most important is the one that you two share with each other.

Phyllis: The woman put me in a coma!

Mariah: That was an accident.

Abby: So, the press materials have already been delivered to the hotel in paris, and of course, tons of brash & sassy samples for us to hand out.

Lily: Yeah. I just want to stop by the chancellor house and say goodbye to the kids.

Abby: Mm, and if you happen to run into cane...

Lily: [ Chuckles ] I just want to explain, you know, that this trip is important to me, and it's not a comment on our relationship.

Abby: That's very considerate of you.

Lily: Yeah, our problem has always been honesty, and I want cane to be clear with me, and i think he deserves the same.

Abby: I can't argue with that.

Lily: You know, maybe if you and scott have that sort of clarity...

Abby: No! No, no, no.

Lily: Yeah!

Abby: You are the topic of the conversation. I refuse to even think about scott.

Lily: [ Sighs ] Abby, all I'm trying to say is that hurt feelings and anger are exhausting, and some days, it drains the life out of me. And I want that energy back. So forgiving cane is as much about me as it is about him, if that makes sense.

Abby: It does, actually. Well, in fact, I have a stop i need to make myself.

Lily: Good luck!

Victoria: I don't understand why you would put mattie and reed in the same room together. He's supposed to grounded, not meeting up with his girlfriend.

J.T.: Well, I don't think that they're a couple anymore, if that's what you're worried about. Reed was ticked off at me for arranging it, and at mattie for everything else, so... so much for talking face to face.

Victoria: [ Sighs ]

Michael: I appreciate how concerned you are with reed's romantic life, but I think his court date should be the focus here. Wisconsin is a zero-tolerance state. Anyone under the age of 21 testing positive for alcohol can be cited for a dui. First offense is a $400 fine and a minimum 90-day suspension of license.

Victoria: What was he thinking?

Michael: There is a possible prison sentence.

J.T.: What?

Michael: If someone's injured, which is not the case here.

Victoria: Well, reed needs to know that he could have gone to prison. And you and I need to constantly remind him of the risks that he took the second he got behind the wheel.

J.T.: You have no idea who he is or how to treat him, do you?

Victoria: This is really uncharted territory for us. I mean, we've never had a teenage boy before.

J.T.: Well, one of us was one.

Victoria: You know, reed could have ended up in prison.

J.T.: You know, you almost sound disappointed reed won't do time.

Victoria: This isn't about reed cutting class or breaking curfew. He broke the law. He could have killed himself. He could have killed someone else. You're not a teenager. You don't get to be his pal. You have to be his parent.

J.T.: That's what I'm trying to do, okay? But he can't see it yet because he's not used to having a parent around.

Victoria: What does that mean?

J.T.: We -- we haven't always been there enough for him. And I'm saying we.

Victoria: You know, reed chose to live with me, J.T., Because he was pissed off at you and the rest of the world. And I had to be the uncool one. I had to basically sit on top of him and make sure he didn't -- I don't know, do drugs or get into real trouble.

J.T.: You weren't the only person in reed's life, victoria. I was in touch with reed, even though I didn't live in genoa city, and billy was there for him, too, even though I hate to give that guy credit for anything. Billy and I made sure that reed felt heard and understood, even though it clearly wasn't enough.

Victoria: Really? You and billy, huh? Just you two?

J.T.: If you don't stop playing warden, you're gonna drive him away.

Victoria: I am reed's stability. I might be predictable and boring, but that's what he needs right now. I'm not his warden. We were in an okay place, and i got him a guitar as an outlet for his teen angst.

J.T.: Is that how you talk about it with him, like his feelings are a joke?

Victoria: Of course not!

J.T.: I know what it's like to be young and when music is the only way to you can get your feelings out.

Victoria: This is not about you, J.T. This is about reed. And this laid-back attitude of yours is sending him the wrong message, like he can get behind the wheel of a car after he's been drinking.

Phyllis: You have always been jealous of me, okay? And I would be, too, if I were you, but you need to get over it already.

Sharon: Why, because your life is so rich and fulfilling? You need the promise of drama just to get yourself out of bed in the morning.

Chelsea: Okay, I really don't think we want to do this.

Phyllis: Uh, chelsea, you got to be careful, you know, because this woman got her claws into nick about, I don't know, decades ago. I'm surprised you haven't cut yourself on them yet.

Chelsea: Nick's all mine. No claws, but thanks for the concern.

Sharon: Nick and I parent together. That's our connection. Not claws.

Phyllis: Okay, so this mystical connection that you're talking about, that's exactly why you couldn't be there for him when he needed you most?

Sharon: You are not bringing my late daughter into this, are you?

Mariah: No. No, no. She's not because that's off limits forever. So don't go there.

Tessa: But clearly this stuff runs deep, so how are you supposed to get over it unless you talk about it?

Mariah: Sometimes people don't want to talk, and trying to force them to talk is kind of like verbal assault. So you just don't do it!

Hilary: How is it that you two are both completely fine with nick, yet you attack each other? You see, women need to find a way past this kind of thinking. We need to have each other's backs.

Chelsea: Give me a break! Like you're such a champion for women? Okay. Yeah, I'm sure lily would agree.

Hilary: I'm finding my way, okay? I am trying to be empowered as a woman, as I help other women do the same. We need to talk. We need to resolve. We need to move forward.

Phyllis: Not enough wine on the planet to put up with this garbage, so...

[ Doorbell rings ]

Sharon: I'm gonna answer the door. Leave me out of this.

Chelsea: You guys, this was supposed to be a party.

Tessa: Okay, I feel like i need a flow chart of who hates who and why.

Sharon: Abby.

Mariah: Did you do this?

Hilary: That was not me. I swear.

Abby: I'm sorry, I didn't realize that you had company. I'm leaving town today, and i was hoping that we could talk privately.

Hilary: No, no, no. Abby, this is a safe place. We are all here, we're all learning how to be open and honest with each other. We're learning how to forgive. And it all started with sharon moving on from scott. So if you would like to say anything...

Chelsea: Guys, I -- I really don't think this is a good idea.

Mariah: Yeah, I don't think sharon wants to do this.

Sharon: Actually, I -- I do. Whatever you came here to say, go for it.

J.T.: You say your reed's stability, but what about when you hooked up with billy?

Victoria: [ Chuckles ] What about it?

J.T.: You jetted off to jamaica and got married, but it wasn't real, so you did it again and again. Wasn't there another wedding? I kind of lost track.

Victoria: Does that have anything to do with our son drinking and driving? No, I don't think it does.

J.T.: You were acting out.

Victoria: I was an adult.

J.T.: You didn't want to do what was nice and proper and expected of you. I mean, how do you know reed doesn't feel the same way? Have you ever just talked to him? If you did that instead of laying down ground rules and doling out punishment...

Victoria: I have been here, J.T. I've seen him day in and day out, and I've seen something shift with reed. He has a different kind of anger than when he first showed up on my doorstep, and we can't ignore it.

J.T.: I'm not ignoring anything, but if you keep telling reed he's a bad kid and treating him that way, at a certain point, he's gonna stop trying to prove you wrong.

Abby: I wanted to say that what I did, it was wrong and selfish, and I'm really sorry. I kept trying to tell myself that it was all circumstance, you know, being kidnapped and left for dead by my boyfriend, the sociopath, that the rules didn't apply. But they did, and they still do. I never should have slept with scott. And I certainly shouldn't have let anything happen after that. And the fact that mariah and faith got dragged into this... I'm sorry. They didn't deserve that. No one deserved any of it.

Hilary: Sharon? Did you hear abby? The sincerity, the shame... okay, abby, do you have anything else that you'd like to say to sharon?

Abby: I hate what I put you through. And I hate that you broke up over something that I did.

Phyllis: I'm pretty sure scott was there, too. It's not like you forced him.

Hilary: Do you even hear yourself, phyllis? Saying that it's not all abby's fault, that scott holds some of the blame? Do you see how that reflects on your own personal history with sharon, hmm?

Sharon: It's true. It's not just about what abby did.

Hilary: So do you think you can forgive abby now, knowing what you know?

Sharon: I think...I can. Yes.

Hilary: Wonderful! Wonderful! Now, see? See? This is empowerment at work, people. All right, now, come together. Come together, come on. Hug it out. Hug it out.

Sharon: Oh, no! Not a chance. And don't you think that you're gonna get an invitation to my next party.

Cane: Hey, scott, do you know where I can find lily?

Scott: You just missed her. She already left.

Cane: [ Sighs ]

Lily: So, your father's not here?

Mattie: He took off.

Charlie: You want us to give him a message?

Lily: Uh, it's just hard to sum it all up.

Charlie: You came for him, not us?

Lily: Look, I love you guys, and I'll miss you both a lot. So tell your dad I said goodbye, and I hope everything goes well while I'm gone.

Scott: You want me to relay a message to Lily?

Cane: No, No, I -- I came to ask her something. But I got my answer.

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