Y&R Transcript Thursday 1/4/18

Y&R Transcript Thursday 1/4/18


Episode #11313 ~ A crisis divides Chelsea and Nick; Scott asks Sharon for forgiveness; Jack and Ashley reach an understanding.

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Previously on the young and the restless ...

Ashley: You're forcing me to fight for my place in this family, jack, and I will. I will fight.

Ashley: I've already started meeting with the top attorneys in chicago.

Billy: I got a guy. He's great. I'll send you over his contact.

Dina: Stop all of this chatter immediately! And, for god's sakes, act your age, the pair of you.

Jack: Mother, it is 2017. We are all adults.

Victor: Nicholas sees christian as his own. Don't you destroy that for him.

Sharon: I know about you and abby.

Abby: Aah! Ugh!

Scott: No, no! No, no, no! No, we're not doing this! Stop!

Chelsea: Christian, sweetheart, where are you?

Sharon: I have nothing more to say to you!

Chelsea: Have you seen him?

Sharon: Who?

Chelsea: Christian! He's missing!

Chelsea: [ Sighs ] He's 2.

Sharon: Christian?!

Chelsea: He's 2 years old.

Sharon: Christian! Call out if you can hear me, sweetheart!

Chelsea: His hair is light brown.

Scott: Christian! Christian!

Abby: Christian! Christian!

Scott: Christian!

Abby: Where are you?

Chelsea: Blue eyes.

[ Sighs ]

[ Voice breaking ] And he's -- he's a little over 3 feet tall.

Scott: Christian!

Abby: This is all my fault. If I hadn't got into that stupid fight with sharon...

Scott: I'm gonna go check the tables again.

Chelsea: So, now that you have a full description, you'll let your whole staff know?

We're gonna check the kitchen, the employee areas...

Lauren: You know what? I'll go with you. Let's go. Closets -- maybe he's a in a guest room.

Chelsea: Okay.

Sharon: I checked -- I checked all the restrooms. I checked --

Chelsea: Check again, sharon.

Scott: Hey, hey, I found a --

Chelsea: Christian!

Scott: No, no. J-j-just this. Is it -- is it christian's?

Nick: Um, yeah.

Chelsea: Nick. Sorry.

Connor: Where's christian?

Nick: Oh, uh, that's what we're trying to figure out.

Jack: What are you doing here?

Ashley: I have a meeting.

Jack: At home, not at the office?

Ashley: What are you doing here?

Jack: I have a meeting.

Ashley: Oh. Well, according to the new directive, the C.E.O. Is supposed to be running jabot from --

Jack: Have I forgotten that you called a board meeting behind my back to force that vote?

Ashley: And you know what, jack? Here you go, breaking all the rules again, because, obviously, they just don't pertain to you.

Jack: This meeting has nothing to do with jabot.

Ashley: Well, if it's personal, why are you taking time out of your --

Jack: I don't answer to you!

[ Doorbell rings ]

Ashley: Well, don't leave him out in the cold.

Tony: You must be jack. So great to see you.

Ashley: Hey.

Tony: I'm here to see ashley.

Ashley: Tony, how are you?

Tony: Good.

Ashley: Can I take your coat?

Tony: Oh, sure. Yeah.

Jack: Excuse me. You are...?

Tony: Oh, sorry. The, uh, biting cold out there caught my breath... and my manners. Tony -- tony kingsman.

Ashley: Oh, I see. So, you called your attorney, as well, to meet.

Jack: This is your attorney?

Michael: This is who you got to represent you?

Jack: You know tony?

Michael: Unfortunately. Hello, tony.

Tony: Good to see you, michael.

Michael: So much for resolving this issue under a civilized and respectful manner.

Ashley: Well, respect is earned, not given -- something my father used to say. Be prepared to fight like hell for it. I added that last part.

Nick: Okay. So, this happened because abby and sharon got into a fight over this guy?

Abby: If I had known, I would never have --

Sharon: I shouldn't have let my temper get out of control. The next thing I knew, I'm slapping abby.

Chelsea: I just -- I went to break up the fight. He was only out of my sight for seconds.

Lauren: It's true, nick. She was never more than five steps away from the boys at all times.

Chelsea: I turned back around, and christian -- he was just gone.

Sharon: If I hadn't lost control, nick -- I am so sorry.

Nick: It doesn't matter, okay?! It doesn't matter! The only thing that matters is finding my son, and I'm gonna do it right now.

Abby: I'll help.

Sharon: It's best if we all look.

Chelsea: I'll go with you.

Nick: No, you stay here with connor. Don't let him out of your sight. You already said the entire staff is looking for him.

Chelsea: Well, but if he hears us, it's more likely he'll come to us, if it's our voices. Besides, I can't just stand here.

Nick: What's gonna happen if he comes back to where you and connor were and you're not here?

Chelsea: I don't know. I'm scared, nick. I'm trying not to be, but I'm really scared.

Nick: That's all the more reason not to upset connor, okay? We got a lot of people looking for him.

Chelsea: Okay. Okay. Go find our boy. Oh, god. Hey, baby. We're just gonna -- we're gonna wait here, okay? We're just gonna wait here a little while, until we find christian, okay?

Lauren: Fen was almost 4 when this happened to me.

Chelsea: [ Crying ] Where were you?

Lauren: At the mall. I turned around for one second, and when I turned back, there was just a sea of shoppers. Longest 10 minutes of my life.

Chelsea: Where was he?

Lauren: Playing hide-and-seek.

Chelsea: Yeah, connor and christian really like that game. Maybe that's what this is.

Jack: So, you two have squared off before, huh?

Michael: Oh, in the courtroom, on the racquetball court.

Tony: Charity golf tournament.

Michael: This guy always seems to be my opponent. I can't seem to shake him.

Tony: It's great to have a friendly rivalry, you know? Brings out the best in people, don't you think?

Michael: Let me clarify what tony means by best. After I made the shot of a lifetime to win that golf tournament, somehow, my scorecard was switched with another player'S.

Jack: How did that happen?

Michael: Oh, I have my suspicions.

Tony: No proof. Sorry about that.

Michael: Guess who won after I was disqualified.

Tony: And I appreciate the hefty, hefty trophy, but, in the end, it's all about the charity. Am I right?

Michael: Mm-hmm. Right. Underhanded tactics -- that's your attorney's signature.

Tony: Conspiracy theorist -- that's yours.

Ashley: Tony has an outstanding win record in court, michael. That's all I care about. So, should we move this meeting into the dining room?

Tony: Sure. Oh, does that door close?

Ashley: Oh, yes.

Tony: Great, because when we win -- and we will -- I don't want my old pal here accusing me of eavesdropping.

Michael: Do not go this way.

Ashley: What are you talking about? I'm not the only one who thought it was time to retain counsel.

Michael: Jack called a family friend. You have hired a --

Ashley: What?

Michael: All I'm saying is that tony will make this situation far more contentious than it needs to be. I was hoping to keep it civil.

Ashley: [ Chuckles ] Nice try. But that went out the window, you know, after what jack pulled.

Jack: That amendment was not aimed at you.

Ashley: Prove it. Are you gonna throw out that amendment that says that only a blood abbott can be C.E.O.?

Jack: And you're ready to back off and let me run the company without your interference? You know what? I think my sister's perfectly comfortable with kingsman and his tactics.

Ashley: You know what? So much for respect and civility.

Jack: Where'd you find this guy, anyway?

Ashley: He owns half of billy's racehorse.

Jack: Oh, why am I not surprised?

Michael: I assume the back half.

Abby: Christian? Christian, buddy, are you up here? If you are, come out right now, okay? We're really worried about you! Oh, my god. You scared me.

Lauren: Did you think I was sharon coming back for another round?

Abby: No, I-I-I just didn't know that you were up here. I checked this hall. I'm gonna go check the other end.

Lauren: You know, you surprised me, too. I was really shocked to find out that you would throw yourself at my son.

Abby: Throw myself?

Lauren: I thought you had changed.

Abby: Okay, I-I can't believe that you're doing this right now.

Lauren: No. We're all here because of you.

Abby: And sharon. She's the one who started the fight.

Lauren: No, I'm pretty sure that's on you.

Abby: You saw her slap me.

Lauren: Yeah, because you slept with the guy she happens to be living with.

Abby: What, and I'm a tramp for tempting poor scott?

Lauren: You were callous and self-serving, stringing him along when you knew that --

Abby: Okay, I don't know what is more ridiculous -- you putting this all on me or you defending sharon's honor.

Lauren: Oh, trust me, I am no fan of sharon'S.

Abby: But you're willing to give your son a free pass, right? Christian!

Lauren: I am pretty sure that scott already regrets ever getting involved with you. But why did you pursue him --

Abby: I never pursued him!

Lauren: It's not a great love affair here, and if you need sex, honey, I'm pretty sure you can get it.

Abby: Your son is not some innocent that I preyed on, that I took advantage of. He's the one who cheated. He's the one who needs to take responsibility. He's the one who didn't have the guts to make a choice!

Lauren: And what's your responsibility in this?

Scott: Abby's right.

Abby: You know what? I'm gonna go look for christian.

Lauren: Scott. Scott!

Scott: Not now, mom. I'm not.

Lauren: Is there more to this?

Scott: Can we not, please?

Lauren: Oh, trust me, the last thing I want to do is be the referee to my grown son's love life.

Scott: Then why are you doing it?

Lauren: Because I'm trying to understand you. You're such a good man. You're the most ethical person i know.

[ Sighs ] There has to be more to this.

Scott: When abby and I were kidnapped, it just was like --

Lauren: Oh, come on. You are not gonna chalk this up to you and abby being stuck in a tense situation.

Scott: That's what happened.

Lauren: Oh, and you didn't think about sharon or how this would affect her?

Scott: In that moment, i didn't know if I'd live long enough to ever see sharon again.

Lauren: That is just a terrible excuse.

Scott: It's the truth. Look, I-I-I feel terrible about cheating on sharon. I love her.

Lauren: Only her?

Scott: I admit I'm attracted to abby, but... you've had a wandering eye, too.

Lauren: [ Sighs ] And that affair almost cost me my marriage. But the point is I was married. If you knew you had feelings for abby, why did you move in with sharon? You knew that the attraction had already started.

Scott: I thought that was all it was -- attraction. I mean, what I have with sharon is so much more.

Lauren: You should have protected the woman that you claim to love. Why on earth would you risk hurting her when you knew that your heart was torn and that she clearly wasn't enough for you?

Scott: I don't know.

Lauren: Look, honey, I'm just concerned. I'm not judging.

Sharon: You're not judging him, you mean.

Chelsea: Nothing?

Nick: No.

Chelsea: The staff completed their search of the hotel.

Nick: What else is being done?

We've questioned every guest we could reach, mr. Newman, and I am sorry, but no one has seen your son.

Chelsea: Well, they have to look harder. I mean, he's 2 years old. He likes to run and -- and -- and jump. Oh, the -- the gym! What about the gym?

Nick: I already looked. He's not there.

Chelsea: What now?

Nick: I'm calling the police.

I take pictures of sunrises,

Ashley: You think I'll lose?

Tony: No, not with me in your corner. Have, uh... these been passed down through generations?

Ashley: Okay. [ Sighs ] I'm gonna show you out.

Tony: Something I said?

Ashley: Yeah. Clearly, you're more interested in the money that we have than in actually...

Tony: No. I'm not appraising your family heirlooms. I'm analyzing a family dynamic, which is why I would have liked to have the meeting in the living room, so I could have assessed your family's photos to see who stood next to whom, which smiles were genuine, or whose embraces were heartfelt or perfunctory.

Ashley: How could that possibly impact a court case?

Tony: In a legal battle over a family business, that could be the difference between winning and losing. Sit. Let's go over everything that works in your favor. Your brother's blood abbott clause --

Ashley: He changed that by-law without getting the approval of the board.

Tony: Yeah, and you were blindsided. You were hurt.

Ashley: Well, jack said that he didn't have me in mind when he executed that amendment.

Tony: Do you believe him?

Ashley: Does it matter, if he's using it to keep me from being C.E.O.?

Tony: Motives matter. This could have been premeditated. Your brother anticipating you'd fight over leadership of the company could have put a plan in place for months -- years, even.

Ashley: He's known for a very long time about my paternity. He's never told anybody -- not a single soul.

Tony: Then why now? Why, all of a sudden, use your paternity against you?

Ashley: Because he's desperate.

Tony: And? You see, when jack was doing everything his power to take care of your mother, you challenged him at his work at jabot.

Ashley: Well, yeah, but, i mean, y-you know, he was trying to do too much. He was spreading himself too thin.

Tony: You did it out of concern, of love?

Ashley: Yes, I did, of course, but what jack's doing is not trying to protect me in any way, shape, or form.

Tony: Tit for tat.

Ashley: Is that a legal term?

Tony: No, no, but it should be. It's a common dynamic, especially when families are involved.

Ashley: Okay, this sounds like the voice of experience speaking.

Tony: Psh. Yeah. I have sisters.

Ashley: How many?

Tony: Three, and they have emotional payback down to a science.

Ashley: Oh! Well, good for them.

Tony: What, no, uh -- no sympathy for how much I had to suffer?

Ashley: No, not at all. You should be grateful. They schooled you. They gave you experience that I'm sure was invaluable for your career and probably your relationships.

Tony: Might explain why I've avoided marriage all this time.

Michael: He's probably in there trying to charm ashley as we speak, trying to convince her that he's just a nice guy who wants what she wants.

Jack: To kick me out of my company?

Michael: To heal your family by helping you, by easing your stress.

Jack: So much bull.

Michael: Well, that's tony. That's what he does. He works the angles. He plays dirty.

Jack: Well, you're no stranger to unorthodox tactics, right?

Michael: When the need arises. Look...given what you're up against, you couldn't have made a better choice than me. I've been waiting years for the opportunity to wipe the floor with the piranha.

Jack: That's what you call him to his face?

Michael: Yeah. He'd gloat if I did. But the name suits him. Don't let the smile fool you.

Ashley: I just texted you the relevant dates regarding jack's actions.

Tony: Thanks. So, tell me about john abbott.

Ashley: When I think about being raised in this house, having him to lean on and confide in and emulate, it's hard for me to believe that we weren't related by blood, because... we were very, very close... and, uh, similar -- very similar -- in the way we approached business and ambition and life.

Tony: He was your father.

Ashley: In every way but biological. So, what is our game plan?

Jack: Try to remember what this is about. This is about stopping ashley from seizing control of jabot, not you grandstanding and scoring points against a rival.

Michael: Can I do both?

Dina: Oh, hello, john.

Jack: Mother, I thought you were in your room.

Dina: Well, I was looking for a little refreshment.

[ Chuckling ] Yes.

[ Gasps ] Phillip! Oh, how good to see you, dear. I hope you and katherine had a lovely holiday.

[ Chuckles ] John, would you be a dear and have a pot of hot cocoa brought to my room? I've looked all over for the housekeeper.

Jack: Mrs. Martinez is out. She's at the grocery store.

Dina: Oh, well, make it as fast as you can. Oh, and, uh, two cups, please.

Jack: Wait. You said two cups?

Dina: Yes, of course. Phillip [Smooches] Kisses and love to katherine.

[ Giggles ]

Jack: Things have been going downhill for a while now.

Michael: That's rough. I mean, dealing with her memory loss is one thing, but... having your mother mistake you for...

Jack: My father. Her husband. That's the worst part.

[ Sighs ] Now, I don't even know what time she's in.

Michael: Mm, until she opens her mouth.

Jack: Even then. You saw her just now. For her, this is decades ago. The next time she comes down the stairs, she will be fully and completely in the present, and there's no anticipating it.

Michael: Look, jack, if you want to put off the legal --

Jack: I can't! Ashley's in there hiring the piranha.

Michael: [ Chuckles ] Okay. Let's over these documents.

Jack: Is there anything good to come of all this? Soon my mother won't realize what's happening to the family.

We have cars patrolling the area in case your son wandered outside.

Chelsea: No, no. You don't think that --

Abby: Oh, no. Christian wouldn't just wander outside, not unless --

Chelsea: Don't say that.

Nick: We have to listen to my sister.

Chelsea: No. No, nick. I'm sure he's --

Nick: I'm praying that somebody didn't take christian, but we have to consider all possibilities.

Paul: Hey, nick.

Chelsea: Paul.

Nick: Hey, paul.

Paul: I am so sorry. I heard about christian.

Nick: Thanks for coming.

Paul: Haybach filled me in back at the station. I will do whatever I can to cut away any red tape.

Chelsea: Yeah, we appreciate that.

Paul: I take it you've already spoken to club security.

Nick: They've gone over all the footage in the cameras to see if he was in the building or -- or if somebody may have taken him.

Paul: Maybe we --

Nick: [ Voice breaking ] Yeah, I'll show you where he was last seen.

Paul: All right.

Chelsea: Here. Give me that.

Sharon: Oh. [ Sniffles ] You shouldn't be taking care of me.

Chelsea: I need to do something. Just let me do it.

Sharon: I just wasn't ready to hear that -- the possibility that someone may have taken christian.

Chelsea: None of us were, sharon.

Sharon: But after what i did... I kept that baby, knowing that nick was his father. If anything happens to that little boy, I'm afraid of what it will do to him.

Nick: [ Speaking indistinctly ]

Chelsea: [ Sighs ]

Ashley: You do have a reputation for pushing limits.

Tony: Ah. It's great to see my P.R. Is working. It took me a lot of time and energy to cultivate my take-no-prisoners reputation. Keeps the other side off balance -- you know, guessing.

Ashley: Yeah, well, michael says it's more than just an image thing.

Tony: I like to win. Don't you?

Ashley: Beats the alternative.

Tony: See, at its core... this case taps in to a longtime interest of mine. What legally makes a family a family? And after speaking with you and seeing that this is the perfect case study for challenging the assumptions, precedents, and the theory... that blood will tell.

Michael: This case could go on for months, if not years.

Jack: Ohh.

Michael: Worried about how that would affect jabot?

Jack: The wear and tear on my family.

Ashley: If the case goes on that long, everyone loses.

Michael: Tony is all about billable hours.

Jack: So, we just fight it out in court for years?

Michael: Well, if it's a big resolution you're looking for, i think we have an option, and it could work in our favor.

Ashley: I'm listening. What do you have in mind?

Ashley: Arbitration. It's the only way to avoid dragging this out.

Michael: Hmm. That is not something we've considered.

Tony: Then maybe you should, michael.

Dina: John, where's my hot cocoa?!

Jack: Please excuse me.

Paul: Right there on the table.

Nick: Paul, did you see the tapes?

Paul: The cameras did not pick up anyone going into or coming out of a room with a child.

Nick: And no sign of christian on his own?

Paul: No.

Chelsea: That doesn't make any sense.

Paul: Apparently, there is a lot of foot traffic in the lobby.

Abby: But something could have been missed.

Paul: Which is why I have my officers canvassing the nearby businesses, looking for any kind of footage they might have covering this general area.

Chelsea: I mean, how long will that take?

Paul: We are moving as fast as we can, chelsea. You and nick are welcome to stay here as long as you want. I would suggest the rest of you to go home.

Nick: You should go home. Take connor.

Chelsea: I'm not going anywhere.

Lauren: Do you want me to take connor home with me?

Chelsea: No. No, no. I, um -- I want him to be here when christian gets back. Besides --

Lauren: Of course. You want him here with you. Will you call me if there's any news?

Chelsea: Yeah, of course.

Lauren: All right.

Abby: Hey, I'm gonna go talk to the manager, recheck all the places that the staff claims that they've checked.

Nick: You don't have to, abby.

Abby: I can either go home and worry or stay here and do some good, so I'm staying.

Scott: I know this is upsetting for you. Why don't you just let me take you home?

Sharon: Oh, of course you would try to work this to your advantage.

Scott: Sharon, I'm not trying to do anything like that.

Sharon: You know what? I'm gonna leave when I'm ready to leave, and it won't be with you.

Dina: [ Laughs ] You found me! Oh, now it's your turn, jackie. Oh, this is so much fun!

Jack: I have some hot cocoa here!

Dina: Ooh! Oh, hooray, john. Your timing is absolutely perfect. Jackie and I were just playing his favorite game, and he's running me ragged.

Jack: Well, it looks like I've...

Dina: Thank you.

Jack: ...Shown up just in time.

Dina: Oh, yes. Won't you join us?

Jack: You know, I'm, uh -- I'm gonna finish something, okay?

Dina: Okay. Later, then?

Jack: Of course. Of course.

Dina: [ Chuckles ] Olly olly oxen free! Where are you, jackie?

[ Chuckles ]

Christian: [ Squeals ]

Dina: Jackie? Jackie? Oh, look! There you are!

[ Laughs ] Jackie. Come to mommy. Come on. Yes, mama's here.

Nick: Anything?

Paul: We're still looking at the security footage in the area. So far, nothing. I've got my officers out there looking for potential eyewitnesses. Look, nick, I know you are worried, but I've given this my top priority. We will find your boy, and we're not gonna rest until we do. Now, I know you hear that from cops all the time, but you know me, so you know I mean it.

Nick: I can't take this. I have to go find him.

Paul: And what are you gonna accomplish?

Nick: He's just a little boy, all right? He's scared. He's probably crying somewhere, wondering why his daddy isn't coming to get him. I will search every house, every street if I have to.

Paul: Nick, I've got a dozen cops out there doing that right now. You're just going to get in their way and slow it down.

Nick: What do you want me to do, then?

Paul: I know how hard this is... and how helpless you feel, but i swear to you, the best thing you can do for christian right now is to stay right here, where we know we can reach you when we need you. I will continue to monitor what's going on out there.

Nick: All right. But if you hear anything -- I don't care if it's good or bad -- you call me.

Paul: You have my word. And, nick, maybe you should contact the rest of your family and let them know what's going on, because if someone picks this up on a police scanner, it's gonna get out there.

Nick: [ Sighs ]

Chelsea: If -- if you call your mom, you know it won't be long until victor finds out.

Nick: I don't want him here.

Chelsea: I can call him for you.

Nick: No.

Chelsea: I think he'd want to know. I think he'd want to help.

Nick: Look, if my dad comes here, he's just gonna barrel in and try to take over and just cause a bunch of problems.

Chelsea: He's christian's grandfather.

Chelsea: Well, he's my son, so I'm gonna decide how this is handled.

Chelsea: Okay. Okay. I still think that you should call your mom and noah, though.

Nick: No. Not yet.

Chelsea: But they could -- they could be here for you.

Nick: The police are gonna find him, okay, any minute, and this is all gonna be over with. I'm still trying to absorb this. I mean, we're here. He is not. His entire life, he's been around people who know him. He's never been alone. He knows all he has to do is cry and I'm gonna come running. But despite all the hovering and the sweating over sniffle or fall, those thousands of moments that I've looked out for him, I give him to you, and...

Chelsea: I told you I-I just looked away --

Nick: Yeah, I know -- just a few seconds. But it wasn't a few seconds, was it?

Chelsea: You weren't there.

Nick: Neither were you -- not for those few moments it took for my son to disappear. You walked away.

Chelsea: No, I didn'T. That's not true.

Nick: You turned your back on him to go get involved in a fight that didn't concern you, long enough for my son to vanish, maybe for someone to take him. This is a busy place.

Chelsea: Yeah, I know that.

Nick: People are coming in and out of here. You never leave a toddler...

Chelsea: I understand, nick. I get it.

Nick: You know better than this.

Chelsea: Are you done

[Voice breaking] Making me feel worse than I already do?

Nick: That's not what I'm trying to do.

Chelsea: Well, because that would be impossible to make me feel worse. The moment that I lost christian and realized I couldn't find him -- it has been hell ever since that moment -- hell for me, okay?

Nick: I trusted you with him.

Chelsea: I told you this morning I had a busy day! I told you I had a lot on my plate. And of course you had to ask me to --

Nick: What, what, are you -- are you saying this is my fault?

Chelsea: [ Sighs ]

Michael: Look serious.

Jack: Like this?

Michael: Now shake your head. Pretend you don'T... really get the whole idea. Now pretend that you have reluctantly accepted my wise counsel.

Jack: [ Sighs ] I don't know about this, michael.

Michael: For the sake of the company, my client has reluctantly agreed to arbitration.

Tony: Great! Well, we'll get you a list of our arbitrators.

Michael: We'll do the same, and, hopefully, we can both come up with a couple of the same names.

Ashley: And when we choose one?

Tony: We start with a pre-hearing.

Dina: John, john... jackie broke his cocoa cup.

Jack: I-it's just a cup.

Dina: Oh, it's just like you, isn't it, to make excuses for your son? But he's just a little boy, and he doesn't know how to handle fine things.

Ashley: We can wrap this up.

Jack: Michael, we'll talk soon.

Michael: Okay.

Dina: There's no point. It's beyond repair.

Jack: We'll just replace it, okay? Here. Give it to me. I'll see what I can do. Meantime, you go on upstairs and get some rest, all right?

Dina: John, you ought to come with me and have a talk with our boy.

Nick: Why did you think to bring all that stuff? You were only supposed to have the kids for a few hours.

Chelsea: Force of habit.

Nick: You think of everything.

Chelsea: Everything except how to keep my eyes on 'em.

Nick: Chelsea --

Chelsea: You know, nick, i wasn't getting my nails done or enjoying a massage, okay? I was working, trying to make a living, but you had to have your meeting about your baseball thing.

Nick: Don't be so quick to diminish my work. That means something to me.

Chelsea: I understand how important your work is.

Nick: Oh, but it's not worth anything, right, because I'm not getting paid?

Chelsea: I never said that.

Nick: You didn't have to. You made your priorities clear when you walked away from my son.

Jack: I'll be up in a few minutes, and then I'll talk to him, okay?

Dina: Listen, children need to be reprimanded in the moment. Otherwise, it just confuses them.

Ashley: He'll take care of it. Doesn't he always?

Dina: Most of the time.

Ashley: Okay. Why don't you go upstairs and rest? I'm gonna make you another pot of hot cocoa.

Dina: I don't want another pot of hot cocoa. I want to know why my husband isn't listening to me. You know, everyone talks about what a great father you are, but you won't even speak to your own son.

[ Gasps ] Oh! There he is now. Hi, jackie. Mwah! [ Laughs ] Hi, jackie.

Nick: Look, I'm --

Chelsea: It's -- it's fine. We're both upset.

Nick: I didn't mean to lash out at you.

Chelsea: I know. And I know you're scared. I-I should have realized that this is probably bringing up a lot of feelings for you because you've lost a child before.

Nick: Don't, okay?

Chelsea: I love him, too. And I'm just as frightened as you are. But I need you to tell me that he's gonna be okay, and I need you to tell me that we're gonna find him.

Nick: [ Voice breaking ] He's gonna be okay. I'm gonna go see what the cops are doing outside.

Chelsea: You need to stop acting like you're alone in this. You're not. I'm right here. You can lean on me. We can lean on each other.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Nick: This is not a good time, jack.

Jack: No, you're gonna want to hear this.

Scott: Those are my clothes.

Sharon: Yes.

Scott: I was hoping we could talk about this.

Sharon: Wh-why? You know, nothing has changed.

Scott: Well, we can go back to your place and I can explain everything.

Sharon: No, there's no explanation needed, really. I'm pretty clear about what happened.

Scott: I swear, when nick saw us, abby and I were just saying goodbye.

Sharon: With your tongue down her throat? My, aren't you the multitasker?

Scott: It wasn't like that.

Sharon: You know what? I'm really not interested in --

Scott: [ Sighs ] It's an engagement ring. This was the errand I had to run on new year's eve. I was gonna ask you to marry me. And I, uh -- I still want to marry you.

Sharon: This is what i think...

Scott: Wait! Sharon!

Sharon: ...About you and your ring!

Abby: Oh, this is perfect.

Jack: I am so sorry.

Nick: Christian!

Jack: He's fine.

Chelsea: We need to see him.

Jack: He's fine.

Nick: Christian!

Chelsea: Nick!

Jack: Let me explain something first.

Chelsea: Nick!

Jack: Nick, let me --

Chelsea: Christian! Oh, god!

Nick: Christian?

Chelsea: Oh, thank god.

Dina: Hey! G-g-get away from him! Who are you? This is my son.

Ashley: This is nick, and this is nick's son christian.

Dina: John, I don't understand. You've got to stop this.

Nick: Christian.

Jack: Please. Please? Okay. It's okay. It's okay.

Dina: No, no, it's not okay. They -- they want to take my jackie.

[ Crying ] I couldn't bear it if anything happened to him.

Jack: You were upstairs playing hide-and-go-seek.

Dina: Mm-hmm.

Jack: You were having hot chocolate. And you asked me to talk to him.

Dina: I know, but it's -- I don't -- I don't understand.

Jack: I'm here now. Listen.

Dina: What?

Jack: I'm here.

Dina: No.

Ashley: It's okay.

Jack: It's okay.

Ashley: It's okay.

Jack: It's -- it's okay.

Dina: [ Crying ]

Jack: It's okay.

Dina: Jackie, jackie.

[ Smooches ] You -- you have to listen to your daddy now, okay? Okay, son.

Jack: Good boy. Good boy. Ohh.

Chelsea: Oh, god. Thank god.

[ Crying ] Christian.

[ Smooching ] Oh, my god. Oh, my god.

Dina: You know, I-I-I went -- I went to the club, and jackie came home with me, and we just had the most wonderful time in the cab.

[ Chuckles ] Yeeeeaaaahhh!

Abby: Christmas present?

Scott: Can you give us a minute? We need to finish a conversation.

Abby: On my doorstep?

Sharon: We weren't having a conversation, and we won't be conversing or anything else. -- Ever again. We're done. You can have him.

Scott: Can I at least talk to you?

Abby: Hah.

Jack: This is a nightmare.

Ashley: 'Cause she took a child. Jack, I don't know how to do this. I don't know how to take care of her.

Jack: I don't want to admit it. I didn't want to face it. She needs more help than we can give her right now. We can't go through something like this again.

Ashley: We can't risk putting somebody else through this ever.

Chelsea: The boys were wiped out.

Nick: We're lucky they're so young. Maybe they won't remember any of this.

Chelsea: Wine?

Nick: Yes. Thanks.

Chelsea: [ Sighs ]

[ Crying ]

Nick: Come here. Come here.

Chelsea: [ Sobbing ] I'm sorry.

Nick: It's okay. It's okay.

Chelsea: I'm so sorry.

Nick: It's okay, chelsea. Please.

Chelsea: Everything that happened today was my fault.

Nick: No. Look at me.

Chelsea: [ Sighs ]

Nick: It wasn't your fault. I never should have said those things to you. I did not mean them.

Chelsea: It's over. It's over. He's home. He's safe.

Nick: You were right. I was thinking about cassie. It was just --

Chelsea: It's okay. We're okay?

Nick: Yeah. It was just -- I couldn't stop thinking, what if I lost christian, too?

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