Y&R Transcript Wednesday 11/22/17

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 11/22/17


Episode ##11286 ~ Unexpected guests crash Victor's Thanksgiving dinner; Phyllis and Hilary's dinner takes a surprise turn; the Abbotts' holiday is overshadowed by a secret.

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Victor: No doubt this has been a very challenging year for all of us. You know what I'm talking about. But after all we've endured, we're here together as a family tonight on thanksgiving day. What a wonderful holiday. We have so much to give thanks for. Abby has been through a very harrowing time, but she has come back to our family safely. And we're happy about that. And then there's victoria, who is now again part of newman enterprises, where she belongs.

Victoria: Well, I do love a challenge.

Victor: And last but not least, my boy noah. I'm so happy to see you part of the newman family again. That makes me very happy. However, I cannot ignore the fact that we have been estranged from each other for part of the year. You know, we have gone through some difficult times. And all that has done, though, is make me appreciate my family even more deeply. So, let us raise a glass, say thanks for this beautifully laid table here, for the wonderful food that is waiting for us to enjoy, and let us for a moment think about those people who are less fortunate than we are. So, happy thanksgiving.

All: Happy thanksgiving.

[ Glasses clink ]

Nikki: Happy thanksgiving. I brought them for your table.

Nick: Well, we didn't do anything special. Uh, christian and I just had some turkey sandwiches. You know, he's taking a nap. I'm just laying around watching the game.

Nikki: Oh. Um, well, what about chelsea, connor, faith?

Nick: They are at dad'S.

Nikki: So, it's just the two of you at home?

Nick: Well, there's three now that you're here.

Phyllis: Summer, sweetie, look, I know they don't celebrate thanksgiving in belize, but... oh, well, scuba trip? That sounds fantastic. Well, why don't you send pictures, okay, to me and your dad? Okay? All right. Yes, honey, I-I have plans for tonight, yes. Okay, I love you. Okay. Bye.

[ Sighs ]

[ Volume increases ] Hey, billy! Hope I'm not ruining your holiday with my music! Hope it's not too loud!

Billy: Happy turkey day.

Jack: Thank you.

Billy: Best pie in the state right there.

Jack: I know this place. That's a long drive.

Billy: Well, I had some time with the kids this morning, and then I had a little free time to kick back, so...

Jack: No progress with phyllis?

Billy: Let's not go there today, okay? Today is all about thanksgiving with my -- there she is!

Traci: Billy!

Billy: Hi!

Traci: Honey.

Billy: Ohh!

Ashley: So glad you're here.

Billy: Oh, trust me, nobody's gladder than me. To be honest, I wasn't sure we were ever gonna have another holiday together again, so this is perfect.

Traci: And I can just feel dad looking down and smiling on all of us.

Jack: I am determined to make this the best thanksgiving for all of us, especially mother.

Dina: That's because you all think it will be my last.

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Chelsea: Hey, I'm, uh, gonna go check on connor.

Victor: I think he's having a wonderful time with the other kids.

Chelsea: That's great.

Victor: Okay?

Chelsea: I'll be back.

Victor: You know, we haven't seen much of each other, and i know that my sweet girl has been upset with me ever since daddy moved off the ranch. Right? I'm sorry about that, okay? I got to tell you something very honest. I've missed you so much. And I hope you being here tonight means that we can get over this, because I really missed you.

Faith: I really missed you, too, grandpa.

Abby: I wish your sister was here so I could thank her. You know, if she hadn't shown up when she did... any updates?

Noah: No, nothing yet.

Tessa: I don't know what would be worse. I mean, never seeing her again or her getting arrested for killing zack.

Abby: Which we all know was justified.

Tessa: Yeah, but a judge and a jury might not see it that way.

Abby: Look, if crystal ever does go to court, please know that I will do everything I can for her. Scott will, too.

Tessa: I appreciate that.

Victor: What are you thinking?

Victoria: I'm just glad that abby's home safe, even if she doesn't believe it.

Victor: Well, my sweetheart, this is a little sibling rivalry, you know. I'm sure that she realizes you love her.

Victoria: I know, but the public stance that we've had to take about how abby handled zack and designdate.

Victor: But, sweetheart, we had to do that for the sake of the company, you know? She'll understand.

Victoria: I seriously doubt that abby will see it that way. But you're right. We need to maintain the current concept.

Victor: Exactly.

Victoria: Of a new era for newman enterprises, with the return of experienced leadership, someone who's gonna facilitate and support your agenda. No more experimenting with unproven concepts and unproven executives who have not grown into their roles.

Abby: Excuse me. Did you just call me a failed experiment?

Victor: Well, now, look at this. Just in time. The smell, I love it.

Billy: Here you go, traci. A little white wine for you. And a sparkling cider for you, madame mergeron.

Dina: Oh, thank you, billy, i think.

[ Chuckles ] Well, this is a bit anticlimactic for a last drink, don't you think?

Jack: Mother...

Billy: Come on. You're one of the toughest people I know. You'll be around for plenty more thanksgivings to come.

Traci: Yes. And we are looking forward to sharing every single one. I'm so glad you're home, mother.

Dina: Oh, thank you, darling. I missed you so much.

Ashley: We can't wait for abby. I think we have to tell them. She might blurt it out.

Jack: I know.

Dina: Uh, excuse me, but where did I leave my glasses?

Jack: I think I saw them in the study, or was it the family room?

Dina: Never mind. I'll find them.

Jack: Billy, traci, this is a more special, more meaningful thanksgiving than you know.

[ Doorbell rings ]

Nick: Just a glass of water. You sure I can't make you like a turkey sandwich or something?

Nikki: Well, after you give me an explanation as to why you're not with chelsea today.

Nick: I already told you. You know, we spent some of the day together. Okay, I mean, we're in A... little bit of a fight.

Nikki: About what?

Nick: Can we not, all right? Let's just enjoy the evening.

Nikki: We can do that after you tell me what's going on.

Nick: Mom, I don't want to talk about it.

Nikki: My grandchildren live here. Faith has been going through a lot of turmoil at school. If things are going on here --

Nick: It's not that important, okay?

Nikki: What is going on between you and chelsea that has her so upset?

Nick: It's just -- it's her con artist past, okay?

Nikki: What? Are you talking about that blurb on hilary's show? I mean, it was nothing. Her face was on the screen for a second!

Nick: Well, I didn't know that she used to work cons with jordan, okay?

Nikki: Oh, nicholas, she has always been very up front about that part of her life. It's nothing.

Nick: Yeah, well, it matters to me, all right?

Nikki: And I suppose the underground burning down had nothing to do with you getting set off so easily?

Nick: What do you mean?

Nikki: I mean your club has burned down, years of work. It is gone. It's devastating.

Nick: Yeah.

Nikki: Well?

Nick: Insurance hasn't paid me any money yet because they suspect that I was behind it.

Nikki: Well, that's ridiculous. Is that the reason why you --

Nick: Well, I thought chelsea would be a little more sympathetic.

Nikki: I do adore you.

Nick: Despite?

Nikki: Despite your very quick temper!

Nick: Well, if she had just --

Nikki: Isn't it possible that you took your anger out on the fire and the insurance company on chelsea even though she had nothing to do with it?

Nick: I mean, it's possible. It's probable.

Nikki: Fix it. Now, I am going to go upstairs and marvel at my sleeping grandson.

Nick: Wait, hold on, mom. Uh, why aren't you with jack today?

Nikki: Oh. We had a little run-in ourselves over dina. She's the one that stabbed me, and he took her side. It is unbelievable. He practically threw me out of his house.

Nick: Well, she is, you know, his mother.

Nikki: Well, I don't care. He could have handled her better than that without treating me like that.

Nick: So, you thought it was you and dina and there was a carving knife and maybe there was just too much temptation.

Nikki: [ Laughing ] Oh, stop it. No, it's just... he disinvited me from thanksgiving, and it hurts because I love thanksgiving, and I love the tradition of it all, and...we're not gonna be together this year, friends and family.

Nick: I'm sorry this one's tanked, mom. And with you on the outs with jack and dad, I'm sure it's a far cry from what you wanted.

Nikki: I'm not quite ready to give up on this thanksgiving yet. stuffed. Does anybody want to go for a walk?

Reed: I'm in.

Abby: You know what? Actually, I'd rather burn up some calories addressing what you said about me.

Victoria: I don't know what it is you think you heard.

Abby: Oh, I know exactly what I heard. The same back-stabbing garbage that you shamelessly fed to the press.

Victoria: I explained to you, that was just a P.R. Strategy. It was nothing personal.

Chelsea: Ladies, we all understand this is a very sensitive topic, but maybe it's best we don't discuss it at the thanksgiving dinner table.

Victor: I think chelsea is right.

Abby: I'm not the one who hurled insults over the salad course.

Victoria: I'm sorry if your feelings were hurt.

Abby: "If. If."

[ Chuckles ]

Victor: Abby, please don'T.

Abby: Okay, you know what? Unlike some people at this table, I know how to give a sincere apology. So I am so, so sorry for disrupting everyone's holiday, especially reed's and faith'S. I got to get out of here.

Victor: Sweetheart, victoria explained her position.

Abby: I'll go out the back.

Hilary: Girl, you are stopping traffic with that new 'do.

Phyllis: Thanks to you, especially on thanksgiving. That place wasn't even supposed to be open. How did you --

Hilary: Oh, sweetie, in my line of work, there is always someone who owes you a favor. Besides, it was for a good cause. We all know that breakup chops, it is a rite of passage.

Phyllis: What's that supposed to mean?

Hilary: Well, as your good friend and hair consultant, let's be honest, phyllis. The only reason you called me, the only reason you got that new 'do was because your ex living next door to you is driving you crazy. Am I right? Or am I right?

Billy: Hey, that's the same pie that I brought.

Ravi: It's the best.

Billy: In the state, right? That's a little bit far. I mean, not only do you have great taste, but I admire your dedication.

Ravi: Oh, thank you. Based on ashley's reaction, i wasn't sure she felt the same.

Ashley: I'm just a little confused.

Ravi: Oh, well, I know you didn't ask me to bring anything, but since you invited me to dinner, it's only polite.

Ashley: Um, would you guys excuse us just for a second?

Traci: I need some help in the dining room.

Billy: I'll, uh, I'll help you.

Ashley: The other day when i was talking to you about my thanksgiving plans, I didn't mean for it to sound like --

Ravi: An invitation.

Ashley: I am so sorry for the misunderstanding.

Ravi: No, it totally happens. Uh, I understand. Uh...

Ashley: I feel bad, honestly, because, I mean, it's my fault i didn't communicate more clearly. If it was any other thanksgiving, it would be great to have you here.

Ravi: No, it's family only. I-I get it. Um, everyone have a great rest of your night. It was good to see you.

Jack: You, too, ravi.

Ravi: Enjoy the pie.

Ashley: You should take the pie with you.

Ravi: No, it's -- it was for you guys. Happy thanksgiving.

Billy: Happy thanksgiving, buddy.

Ashley: Bye. Happy thanksgiving.

Ravi: [ Sighs ]

Dina: Was that ravi?

Ashley: Yes, it was.

Dina: Well, why on earth would you send that wonderful man away? You know, you've never known what's good for you.

Victoria: I feel bad about abby, but if she had waited a few more minutes, we could have discussed all of that in private.

Victor: Sweetheart, she has been through an ordeal. Be a bit more patient, okay?

Victoria: Right. Well, I'm gonna go check on my kids, okay?

Victor: Okay.

Noah: Hey, kiddo.

Chelsea: Faith, are you doing okay?

Noah: Things got a little tense after dinner.

Faith: I'm okay now that the fighting's over.

Reed: Hey, faith, you want to come give us your take on tessa's new song?

Faith: Sure.

Chelsea: She's nothing if not resilient, that little one.

Noah: Part of growing up a newman.

Chelsea: Hmm.

Noah: It's good that she has my dad like I did. It'll be good for connor, too.

Chelsea: Yeah, I mean, he's great with connor.

Noah: You're mad at him. You're mad at him.

Chelsea: I'm not mad. Okay, I don't need everybody to know. If victor finds out I'm mad, he's gonna be all...

Noah: Knowing my grandpa, he's probably already figured out that something's up. Me, I kind of saw this coming 'cause I was with dad when he saw your picture on tv.

Chelsea: Oh, great. You and everybody else. I know it wasn't a great thing, but for nick to get that angry, I mean, come on.

Noah: He had just found out from the insurance company they suspect him of torching his own club.

Chelsea: Huh. So, what, you're asking me to forgive the man that I love for blowing my past way out of proportion and making me feel like the lowest of the low?

Noah: Yes, please.

[ Both chuckle ] Look, all this stuff that hilary brought up, it's in the past. No one cares anymore. You both need to just let it go.

Chelsea: I have let it go, noah. I'm just not sure that nick can.

Nikki: Hello! Oh.

Victor: What are you doing here?

Nikki: Well, I came to spend part of the holiday with my family, and I'm not alone.

Nick: [ Sighs ] Just, uh, dropping in long enough to see the people I want to see.

Victor: Always happy to be around my grandson christian, all right? But the two of you are not invited. You decided to move away from this family.

Faith: Dad! Grandma! I kept hoping you'd come, and here you are!

Nikki: Oh, my angel, hello, honey.

Phyllis: All right, your turn.

Hilary: What do I have to vent about?

Phyllis: Fallout.

Hilary: From?

Phyllis: Oh, I don't know. That little thing like "jordan and chelsea are con artists" reveal on your show?

Hilary: That is their problem, not mine.

Phyllis: Okay, abby newman and her now-dead vice ring boyfriend?

Hilary: That was too big of a story for me not to cover.

Phyllis: So much for staying on the newmans' good side.

Hilary: Okay, I will admit that could be problematic.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm.

Hilary: But it's not like i went digging for some dirty, nasty, little secret on the newmans, okay? Everyone already knew that they owned a "date a prostitute" app. I was just doing my job. I couldn't afford to be beaten by rivals.

Phyllis: Good speech.

Hilary: Do you think it'll work on victor and victoria?

Phyllis: Not a chance. What's happening in other breaking news?

Hilary: Well, um, devon and mariah broke up.

Phyllis: For real?

Hilary: Mm-hmm.

Phyllis: Wow. So what does this mean for you and devon?

Hilary: Ehh.

Phyllis: Ravi! Hey! Happy thanksgiving! Get yourself over here. Hop a stool. Why do you look like all your programs just crashed and burned?

Ravi: Uh, well, because i mistakenly thought I was invited to thanksgiving dinner at the abbotts.

Phyllis: Really?

Hilary: Ugh, that sucks.

Ravi: Yeah, it was embarrassing. Humiliating, actually. In front of ashley, her sister, her brothers.

Phyllis: Wait a minute. Billy was there? All right, forget about it. Look, I am sure that this is not as bad as you think. Ashley clearly cares for you.

Ravi: Well, she did. Hope she still does because...

Phyllis: "'Cause"?

Ravi: Never mind. Doesn't matter.

Phyllis: Ravi.

Ravi: Because while I was driving over there, I realized that I am in deep with ashley. I have true feelings for her. Like, of the romantic "let's get serious" persuasion. And I wanted to tell her, but i couldn'T.

Phyllis: Okay, well, then if that is true...

Ravi: It is. I'm not mistaken about this. When you know, you know.

Phyllis: Yes, of course not. And I'm just not sure you've analyzed this thoroughly. Look, I'm not criticizing, okay? Far from it. I'm just saying if it is true indeed you have it bad for ashley, then you shouldn't give up.

Ravi: It's not an option. I can't just dismiss or delete my feelings for her. It is what it is. But not knowing if those feelings are gonna be reciprocated... that hurts.

Phyllis: Tell me about it. The heart wants what the heart wants, no matter how hard you try to change it.

Billy: I mean, the guy brought pie and everything, ash.

Ashley: Billy, could you please stop analyzing what happened with ravi and the pie?

Billy: I'm just saying, did you see his sweet, little face? He was devastated. You want me to get that?

Ashley: Yes. It was a simple miscommunication and nothing more.

Dina: Oh, I think there's more. It's obvious to anyone with two eyes, but one eye would do, actually.

Traci: Ashley, I hate to say it, but they are right. You know, it was a little --

Jack: Ashley has her reasons. Why don't we leave it at that?

Ashley: Honey.

Jack: Abby.

Abby: [ Sighs ] Someone get me a drink, a rather large one.

Ashley: You're a lot earlier than we thought you'd be. What happened?

Jack: I thought you were having dinner at the ranch.

Abby: I did. I couldn't even eat. I have this huge knot in my stomach. Hi. Mwah.

Dina: Darling.

Abby: Going over there was a monumental mistake.

Dina: Well, just having you here is enough.

Abby: Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Traci: Ooh, easy, girl. Dinner's a ways off yet.

[ Laughter ]

Dina: Well, if you don't mind, I really don't want to make it a late night.

Ashley: Why don't you go upstairs and take it a little rest?

Jack: Yeah, everyone would understand that. We'll come and get you when it's ready.

Dina: All right. That's a good idea. Excuse me, darling. See you in a bit.

Abby: See you in a bit. Yes.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ] Happy thanksgiving, everyone. See, this is what I was longing for -- a nice, peaceful holiday.

Billy: What was that look for?

Nick: So, who got the wishbone this year?

Reed: That would be me.

Nikki: Well, congratulations.

Faith: And he shared it with me.

Victoria: This is quite a surprise.

Victor: Say that again.

Victoria: Well, you know, it may not have been what you wanted, but it's a good thing. It could be a step forward for our family if you'll let it be.

Victor: Why don't you join in? I'll be fine. Go ahead.

Victoria: Well, that was quite the dramatic entrance.

Nikki: Hey.

Victoria: Hey.

Nick: Hey.

Victoria: Happy thanksgiving.

Nick: You, too.

Chelsea: It's good to see you, nikki.

Nikki: You, too.

Chelsea: Hi, guys.

Nick: Hey.

Chelsea: Hi.

Nick: What'd you ask me earlier, faith?

Faith: Um, what are you thankful for?

Chelsea: I'll -- I'll let you guys --

Nick: No, no, no. I-I want you to hear this. I'm, of course, thankful for my children, who I love very much, and I'm also very thankful to be with a smart, strong, outspoken, incredibly beautiful woman like you. And I don't deserve you sometimes.

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Faith: Would it be okay if i had seconds of pie and ice cream?

Nick: Well, that's what thanksgiving is all about is seconds. Go ahead.

Faith: Yay!

Victoria: Aren't you afraid she's gonna help herself to thirds or fourths?

Nick: [ Sighs ] Well, now that you mention it, yeah.

Reed: I could go check on her. I know cousins are a little cooler than parents.

Nick: Fine. While you're there, see if you can get her to do her homework.

Victoria: [ Chuckles ]

Reed: I can try.

Nick: Thanks. I need to, um...

Nikki: Yes, you do. So, where did your father go?

Victoria: I think dad had a call to make.

Nikki: On thanksgiving night?

Victoria: Yeah, well, things have been pretty busy at newman lately.

Nikki: Either that or he had to take a breather before blowing up his head by seeing nicholas and me having a good time under his roof.

Victoria: Well, if dad really didn't want you and nick here, he would have found a way to get rid of you by now.

Nick: I can't tell, uh, if you're happy to see me or not.

Chelsea: I can't tell, either.

Nick: Okay, well, maybe after what I'm about to say, it might help you move into the happy column. Um, I had no right to freak out about "the hilary hour," you know. You didn't deserve that. I think I was just taking my stress over the underground out on you. I'm sorry.

Chelsea: It's okay.

Nick: No, it's not okay. It was terrible timing, and it was thoughtless. For me to come at you after you were already upset about that chapter of your life being on tv, the last thing I ever want to do is hurt you, chelsea. I love you. I'm sorry. And I hope you can forgive me.

Chelsea: I forgive you. And I'm sorry, too.

Nick: [ Scoffs ] Why are you apologizing? You didn't do anything wrong.

Chelsea: I didn't stop to think, to realize that you were devastated over your entire club being destroyed. Instead I just, you know, kicked you out of our room and made you sleep on the couch.

Nick: Well, I mean, thanks for saying that.

Chelsea: Mm-hmm.

Nick: But we both know who's at fault here. I mean, my back is killing me. I really missed our bed. Kind of missed you, too. Shall we see if monique could maybe watch the kids at home?

Chelsea: Then what?

Nick: I would love to take you out, maybe get a nightcap, end this holiday on a good note.

Jack: There is no easy way to say this.

Ashley: We just got some information about mother's health, and it might explain why her behavior's been so erratic lately.

Traci: Is it some sort of complication because of the stroke?

Ashley: No, we thought that, too, but...

Jack: Mother has been diagnosed with alzheimer's disease.

Traci: We just got her back.

Jack: I know. It's heartbreaking.

Abby: She seemed fine a second ago. I mean, a little tired, but...

Traci: How serious is this? I mean, how far along have her symptoms progressed?

Ashley: Jack and I just got confirmation the other day, and we're still gathering information. But dina told us that she'd been diagnosed.

Abby: When?

Ashley: A year ago. Graham took her to the doctor.

Jack: It's worth saying that no sooner did mother tell us that, then she completely forgot that she'd been diagnosed only days ago.

Abby: So the memory loss has already started? No, no, this is too fast. It's too soon. I mean, I just got my grandmother back, and now I'm gonna lose her again?

Ashley: No, don't -- don't talk that way. She's gonna be around for a long time, honey.

Abby: As she loses more and more of her mind?

Jack: We are all going to do everything in our power to make her quality of life as good as we can, and that starts with making this holiday one to cherish. Understood? Traci?

Traci: Yeah. Yes, of course.

Jack: Billy?

Billy: Absolutely.

Abby: Okay.

Dina: Well, I hope jack and ashley have gotten it over with by now and made the big announcement that I have alzheimer'S. Well, I may be losing my marbles, but, you know, I'm not stupid.

[ Chuckles ] And I'm not dying. And I really don't need any of you to talk about me behind my back. You know, it's very rude, my dears. Now, I have one more very important question.

Ashley: What is it?

Dina: Is dinner ready yet? I'm starving.

[ Laughter ] stabbing. Is your arm okay?

Nikki: Oh, don't worry. It was nothing. Actually, I'm much more concerned about how you're getting through this nightmare with zack and your sister.

Tessa: Not too well.

Nikki: Honey, I could have done so much to help you. Why didn't you tell me about crystal?

Tessa: I just couldn'T. I mean, it's not that I don't trust you.

Nikki: I know that. Just know that I'm always here to help you.

Noah: Hey, kiddo, I was about to come looking for you. Tessa and I, we're supposed to take faith over to my mom's house.

Tessa: Are you guys ready to head out?

Noah: Yeah.

Faith: Yeah.

Noah: Yeah. Thank you, grandpa.

Victor: Noah, nice to see you, my boy, okay? See you at the top of the tower. All right? Hey, sweetheart. Come here.

Faith: Thank you, grandpa. You gave me a very happy thanksgiving.

Victor: You know something? The fact that you were here made me the happiest, okay? Come here.

Faith: I love you.

Victor: I love you. I adore you.

Faith: Bye.

Tessa: Bye.

Victoria: Bye.

Victor: Bye.

Reed: Do you want me to get johnny and katie packed up?

Victoria: Oh, thanks, sweetie, yes.

Reed: Thank you, grandpa.

Victor: Reed, nice to see you, okay? Yep.

Victoria: I'll talk to you tomorrow. I love you.

Victor: Bye, sweetheart. I love you, too, okay?

Nick: All right.

Phyllis: All right, this is from summer, okay? She said to give you a big hug if I saw you.

Nick: Okay, yeah, I got the pictures from belize. I really like the new haircut.

Ravi: Nice to see you again, chelsea.

Chelsea: You, too, ravi. But be careful who you keep company with. Hilary -- she may pretend to be your friend, but she'll turn on you in a second if it means better ratings for herself.

Hilary: Whenever you want to come on my show and clear your name, the offer is on the table.

Chelsea: No, I think I'll pass.

Hilary: Oh, come on. You can't blame it all on jordan.

Chelsea: I don't blame jordan. I blame you.

Nick: Okay, you know what? We can go somewhere else.

Chelsea: I'm not leaving because of her. Hi, guys. Hi, phyllis, ravi. Happy thanksgiving.

Ravi: I think we can all agree "happy" is a relative word right now, but same to you.

Nick: So, sad turkey day without billy?

Phyllis: Well, who says that I am without him? He moved into the apartment right next door to me.

Nick: He did what?

Ravi: He did?

Chelsea: That's annoying.

Phyllis: Tell me about it. He always plays my favorite music -- loud -- and he drops off lasagna from a sweet, little italian place right at my door, and he turns up his tv, you know, so that we can binge watch the same show at the same time.

Nick: Do you hate this or do you love it?

Hilary: Tough to tell, isn't it?

Phyllis: I am sorry if I am not making it crystal clear how fed up I am with him, but believe me when I tell you, billy abbott is nothing more than a pain in my backside. You have got to be kidding me.

Billy: Hey. Didn't expect to see you all here. Wow.

Ravi: Uh, why aren't you still with the abbotts?

Phyllis: Did something happen between you and jack?

Billy: No, no, everything's fine there. I had a great time with my family, and then it was time to go, so I thought I'd come and catch a nightcap.

Dina: And then pierre drank champagne from my shoe!

Ashley: Ew, that's gross.

Dina: My sentiments exactly, darling. And, ashley, would you please tell your brother not to watch me like a hawk? I'm perfectly fine.

Traci: Jack, stop.

Dina: [ Sighs ] Isn't this relaxing?

Ashley: Sure is.

Billy: Come on, you guys need to fire it up a little bit, right? There's no place for bad moods or uncomfortable silences. This is thanksgiving!

Hilary: Isn't thanksgiving actually defined by those things? That's the reason why so many people hate it.

Billy: Well, I don't want to be involved in that little group, right? Come on, let's set aside these little differences. We can do that.

Nick: What's gotten into you?

Billy: Appreciation, okay, for every moment we have on this big, beautiful planet of ours. We should enjoy them while we can.

Chelsea: Maybe you drank a little too much spiked cider or something?

Billy: Stone-cold sober. Which is why I think we should blow this popsicle stand, get out of this stuffy club, and go do something that would scandalize those puritan pilgrims.

Ravi: Like what?

Billy: I don't know exactly, but... oh, no, no, no, I got a great idea. Oh, this is gonna be epic. Yeah.

Nick: Are you serious? You want us to all go to new orleans?

Chelsea: Like, now?

Billy: Yeah, like, now. I mean, I'm pretty sure the abbott family perks have kicked in. We can fire up the jabot jet and


Nick: I mean, I don't want to sound like a wet blanket or anything, but is new orleans the best place for you, you know, with your drinking and gambling issues?

Billy: That's very sweet of you to be concerned, but I'm fine. Thank you very much. This is about having a good time on a holiday. Come on, wouldn't you want to spend some lovely time with your sweet, little lady here? I can tell she's a little tempted.

Nick: Do you want to go?

Chelsea: Yeah, of course i want to go, but we -- we can'T. Can we? I mean, we've got jobs, we've got kids.

Nick: [ Sighs ] Yeah. Yep. No, we cannot go, so maybe some other time.

Ravi: Ashley asked me to work tomorrow, and I am not about to break my word to her, so good night.

Billy: Mm-hmm.

Hilary: Night, ravi.

Chelsea: Good night.

Phyllis: Good luck.

Nick: See you, man.

Ravi: Thanks.

Billy: Ladies, what do you say?

Hilary: I wish I could, but there are no long weekends when you produce a daily hit tv show. You two have fun, okay?

Phyllis: Okay.

Billy: Well, now that -- that would be amazing.

Phyllis: That would be a nonstarter.

Billy: Oh, come on. I messed up. Bad. And I regret it. And this is me trying to make it up to you.

Phyllis: By you moving right next door to me?

Billy: By giving you music and food and flowers.

Phyllis: Forget about the flowers.

Billy: This would be a great opportunity to start all over again.

Phyllis: You expect me to run off with you, spur of the moment, just like that?

Billy: Mm-hmm.

Phyllis: Hell yeah. Now, that's my boyfriend.

Nikki: Remember the house last year? So full of life. We felt so close to the children, the grandchildren.

Victor: I thought we would have many more thanksgivings like that.

Nikki: Do you ever think we'll get back to that good place again?

Victor: There are some things I have to attend to, so, um, you can show yourself out, okay?

Nikki: Yeah.

Traci: I'm thankful for all of you, to be here with my family. You all are everything to me.

[ Laughs ]

Abby: We feel the same about you.

Traci: Thank you, sweetie.

[ Laughs ]

Jack: Oh, I guess it's my turn. Um... I am thankful today for -- for every one of you...

[Voice breaking] For those who couldn't be with us today. But especially for my mother, who is back in our lives again. Mother, we don't know the shape of things to come. But I want you to know one thing for sure. We will all be there for you, to care for you, to protect you, but most of all, to love you, because we are your family, and that's what family does. And because family is so important to me, I-I'm going to focus my energies on helping you. So you all should know I am taking a leave of absence from jabot.

Billy: So does this mean we're back together?

Phyllis: You are hard to live with, billy abbott, but you are even harder to live without. And for that, I am thankful.

Billy: I'm glad to hear that, 'cause I don't want to do any of this, none of this, without you. I love you.

Phyllis: You know, in the middle of my list of your many faults and ways that you make me want to pulverize you, you know what I discovered?

Billy: I'm afraid to ask.

Phyllis: I love you, too.

Chelsea: Hey! You still got room for us on that jet to the bayou, perhaps?

Nick: Yeah, you know, it turns out our nanny can watch the kids all weekend.

Chelsea: Yeah, in exchange for, like, a ton of cash.

Phyllis: This is fantastic.

Billy: So you want to come to new orleans with us?

Nick: Well, I really want to take my girl to new orleans. And I like phyllis just fine.

Billy: Good enough for me.

Chelsea: Yes.

Billy: Come on. This is gonna be a weekend we're never gonna forget. Let's go.

Chelsea: So fun. Let's do it.

Join us for a classic episode of "the young & the restless"...

Cane: [ Sighs ]

Hilary: Forget about the poor and unfortunate. Things are about to get interesting.

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