Y&R Transcript Tuesday 11/21/17

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 11/21/17


Episode #11285 ~ Nikki crosses the line with Jack; Mariah and Devon examine their relationship; Victoria cleans house at Newman Enterprises.

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Hilary: Welcome, my lovely, little bees, to this brand-new online streaming experience, "the hilary hour...live!", Where I will be serving up a smorgasbord of delicious and tasty behind-the-scenes footage that you won't see anywhere else.

Sharon: What is she up to?

Hilary: This material...

Mariah: I have no idea. Probably serving up a smorgasbord of fresh hell for some unsuspecting soul.

Sharon: Well, you work for her. How can you not know?

Mariah: Devon was married to her. Do you think he had any idea what was going on in that brain of hers? She probably just didn't want anyone with anything resembling a moral conscience to be 50 feet from whatever latest plan she's hatched for driving up ratings.

Sharon: I know I shouldn't be, but I'm strangely compelled to watch this.

Hilary: Anything can happen live.

Mariah: Okay.

Hilary: Shhh.

Nikki: Well, I suppose we should order something seasonal. Turkey, cranberry sauce, an early thanksgiving dinner since we won't be together this year.

Victoria: Well, you could still join us, mom.

Nikki: Honey, no, I don't think it's a good idea.

Victoria: Oh, come on. It'll be fine. Trust me. I'll talk to dad. I'll smooth things over.

Nikki: He'll probably think of it as some kind of coup.

Victoria: So you would rather be alone than extend an olive branch or even just a twig?

Nikki: I didn't say I was gonna be alone. Jack asked me over for dinner.

Victoria: I'm surprised that you draw that line in the sand.

Nikki: My darling, that line has been drawn for a while.

Victoria: To carry it over into a holiday?

Nikki: To be very truthful, i almost didn't accept, seeing as dina's gonna be there. Hope she's not carving the turkey or perhaps the other guests.

[ Footsteps approach ]

Ashley: Just me. Mother's resting.

Jack: Good.

Ashley: That's a blast from the past. Wasn't that traci's from grade school?

Jack: Remember we all pitched in to finish that?

Ashley: You ruined the first one, jack, when you spilled orange juice on it.

Jack: Traci was inconsolable. And mother, in a rare moment of motherliness, pitched in and got us all to take a different assignment to get it done again.

Ashley: Yeah, and we finished it before the bus got here.

Jack: Yeah. Will mother even remember the day?

Ashley: I know that you're dreading this as much as I am.

Jack: Ash, I spent half the night awake, wondering how to deal with this. If I can't, how can she?

Ashley: It's heartbreaking. But we have to do it.

Jack: How? How do we tell our mother her life as she has known it is over?

Nikki: Are the kids looking forward to seeing the parade this year?

Victoria: Uh-huh.

Nikki: I'm sure you're happy that reed will be here for the holidays.

Victoria: Mm-hmm.

Nikki: Victoria.

Victoria: What?

Nikki: What is keeping you from having lunch with your mother?

Victoria: It's just some work things that I need to take care of.

Nikki: Yeah, I know.

Victoria: It's important.

Nikki: Yes, it's important, but so is life. And I know you're under a lot of pressure. You want to make a good impression. But please, try to make a life for yourself and the children.

Victoria: I will. I promise. But I should -- I should head out.

Nikki: All right, let me take care of this, and you take care of the latest crisis that is keeping you from having lunch with your loving mother.

Victoria: I love you.

Hilary: Victoria newman, care to comment on the newman sex scandal?

Victoria: What? No, I wouldn'T. And I'd appreciate you getting that camera out of my face.

Hilary: As if the prostitution app wasn't bad enough, the company's assets are now frozen. A newman employee was shot dead, and your sister was at the scene of the crime. Will your family have anything to be thankful for this year?

Victoria: I can assure you that newman enterprises is very saddened and shocked by these unfortunate events, but we will come out of this stronger than ever, but you should get your facts straight. The deceased was not a newman employee.

Mariah: Okay, I think this is the moment where I consider a career change.

Scott: Hello, beautiful.

Sharon: Hi! Hi. Mm. You are looking better every day.

Scott: Oh, well, I got a few more hours of sleep than the night before.

Mariah: Take it from somebody who was also locked in a storage locker. The nightmares do go away.

Scott: Care to elaborate?

Mariah: Which part?

Scott: Both.

Mariah: You know what? Some other time. There's a customer.

Sharon: Oh, I'll be right back.

Mariah: No, no, no. I got it. You stay here with your man.

Sharon: So is that why you haven't spent the night at my place? I mean, you're having nightmares or something like this? It must have been truly awful for you being locked in that room.

[ Footsteps approach ]

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Ashley: Traci, I am picking you up at the airport, no ifs, ands, or butS.Ward to having us all together. Oh, I love you, too. I'll see you tomorrow. Safe travels. That wasn't easy, keeping the diagnosis from her.

Jack: I think it's best we tell the whole family at the same time. We're gonna have to be there to support each other.

Ashley: We still have to tell our mother.

Jack: Maybe we should tell her in stages, you know, start with the memory issue and --

Ashley: I don't think there's an easy way to do it, jack.

Jack: Well, I've been thinking maybe it's a mistake to tell her at all. Maybe the most compassionate thing is to say nothing. I mean, how is this gonna help her? This news is gonna be terrifying.

Ashley: Okay, listen. I agree with everything you're saying. Our mother has a right to know, however, and it's our responsibility to tell her.

Jack: [ Sighs ]

Sharon: Thanks for helping out.

Mariah: Sure. No problem. All right, scott, get it while it's hot.

Scott: Thank you.

Mariah: You're welcome. Look at the dynamic duo back together again.

Scott: I thought you got the memo. Now that we're free, we don't have to be joined at the hip.

Abby: Trust me, no one is happier to be out of that storage unit and far, far away from you. I came here for a coffee, not a hostage reunion. So, is my coffee ready yet?

Sharon: I'm sorry, but i ruined the first batch, and i had to start from scratch.

Abby: It's a black coffee.

Sharon: Yeah, it was, uh --

Abby: You know what? Never mind. I'm just gonna wait over here.

Mariah: Any news about crystal?

Scott: Uh, afraid not.

Mariah: Did you talk to tessa?

Scott: Sharon and I filled her in yesterday.

Mariah: How did she react?

Scott: She was shocked, fearful, relieved.

Mariah: Relieved?

Scott: Zack's out of the picture. Shooting him was a justifiable homicide. But because crystal ran, it just sort of --

Mariah: The cops might label it as something else.

Scott: Yeah. I mean, the girl's been through so much. If crystal can avoid an interrogation, investigation, possible jail time by staying away, I mean, tessa's willing to not see her again. I get that.

Sharon: Here you go. Sorry for the delay.

Abby: I'm sorry for snapping at you. You didn't do anything.

Sharon: It's okay.

Abby: Thanks for the coffee.

Scott: Why don't you take the day off? Pamper yourself? I'm sure you're still affected by what happened to us.

Abby: No time to relax. I have a score to settle.

Victoria: Any further inquiries should be directed to neil winters.

Hilary: We have all read the press release. My viewers want the story behind the story. They count on me to dig deeper. That's why they tune in.

Victoria: Well, you're gonna have to dig somewhere else, because this interview is over.

Hilary: Is that because you have nothing else to say or because you're traumatized from your last experience in front of the camera?

Victoria: Like I said, this interview is over.

Hilary: I completely understand. Walk away now before you collapse on air again. How are you feeling, by the way? Fully recovered, I hope.

Victoria: I have better things to do with my time than support your unprofessionalism and your attempts to make something out of nothing. Thank you.

Hilary: Well, there you have it. Victoria newman, newly installed C.O.O. Of newman enterprises, saying a lot without saying anything at all. Keep clicking for more buzzworthy content live as it happens. All right, okay, let's take five, see what else we can get.

So, we're staying here, then? That's the plan?

Hilary: Since it's my name on the title, the plan is do what i want, when I want. Sound like a plan?

Yeah, well, I just sort of figured this job would involve a little bit more, you know, like, celebrity interaction.

Hilary: Look around. This is where the elite of genoa city wine and dine each other.


Hilary: Soak it in, okay? This is our gold mine for this evening, and it is ready for us to dig up some shiny nuggets for my fans.

Well, I think I forgot my shovel, so if you need me, I'll be on my phone.

Hilary: [ Sighs ]

Nikki: Oh, shouldn't your mission be to empower women, not ambush them?

Hilary: Nikki, I'm simply covering a big story. It is in the public's interest to know that newman enterprises is linked to an organization that exploits women.

Nikki: I believe that you are using newman enterprises to plug yourself.

Hilary: [ Chuckles ] I'm using the newman name? Hmm. Didn't you walk out on your marriage? And yet you cling to it like a bottle of vodka. Why is that, do you think? Care to tell my viewers live on camera?

Nikki: I think I'll let you write your own story. You usually do.

Hilary: Walk away just like your daughter because the truth is a little uncomfortable.

Nikki: Actually, I'm walking away because I notice that you have quite a lineup of people who have a beef with you. I think I'll save myself the energy.

Hilary: Hey, hey. Come on. Look alive. The golden nugget just landed in my pan, and I'm about to mine it for what it's worth.

Jack: I just don't know what good it'll do to put an alzheimer's diagnosis on her.

Ashley: Jack, if she knows, then she can make decisions about her priorities and her healthcare while her faculties are still intact. If I was in this situation, i would want to know. Wouldn't you?

Jack: I don't know. I honestly don't know how I'd fe--

[ Doorbell rings ]

Ashley: Are you expecting somebody?

Jack: No.

Ashley: This is not a good time, nikki.

Nikki: There never will be for what we have to deal with.

Ashley: Which is?

Nikki: Dina.

Devon: So, the reason i thought we should meet...

Tessa: Yes?

Devon: Not to, uh, not to make light of what you're going through, but I think that we should discuss how it might, uh, affect your album.

Tessa: I'm sorry, but there's no way I can focus on that. All I can think about is how desperate my sister must have been to take another person's life.

Devon: Yeah. I hear you. I do.

[ Cellphone rings ] Um... hang on one second. I've been waiting for this call all day. It's nadia from the P.R. Firm. Just one second. Hello? What do you got? Really? All right, well, thank you. You're not gonna believe this.

Mariah: Is there anything else I can do to help?

Sharon: Me or yourself?

Mariah: What is that supposed to mean?

Sharon: You're stalling. You said that today would be the day that you would talk to devon about where things are headed between you two.

Mariah: I was lying.

Sharon: Ohh. Mariah.

Mariah: Are you gonna use that psychobabble that you learned in class to convince me?

Sharon: No, something better. Real life experience. Every time I have lied in a relationship, it has come back to bite me. It's best to be honest.

Mariah: Well, you know what? I have a few teeth marks of my own. But every time I think about sitting down and talking to devon, I can'T. It's too hard. He is such a nice guy.

Sharon: And being such a nice guy means he deserves to be treated better. It's hard to do the right thing. The road to happiness is bumpy. And I have plenty of other platitudes if you would like me to go into detail.

Mariah: No, no, it's fine. I get the picture.

[ Inhales sharply ] All right. I know what I have to do. I'll find devon, and I will talk to him today. I promise.

Sharon: You're not moving.

Mariah: I think I need a push, possibly a literal one this time.

[ Groans ]

Sharon: [ Sighs ] So... why don't you take your own advice and take the day off and pamper yourself? Or you could let me pamper you.

Scott: It's tempting, but I'm trying to get every memory down of that ordeal with zack before it's out of my mind. I want it to be fresh and still real.

Sharon: You know, being trapped and, um, suffering the way you have been, it's my fault.

Scott: Hey, how'd you work that out?

Sharon: Because I'm the one who got you involved in this investigation. You know, it should have been me who was trapped with abby.

Scott: Look, I-I don't mean to be rude, but I'm kind of on a roll here, and I really would like to get this story uploaded to hashtag tonight. But, uh, please don't worry about me. I'll be fine.

Sharon: Okay, you have one hour.

Scott: One hour.

Sharon: And then I'm going to take you home and massage your shoulders and work my way down.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Scott: Oh. Oh, it's victoria's assistant. I have been royally summoned by my new boss. My work and, more importantly, that massage is gonna have to wait.

Victoria: Hi. My gosh, I'm so happy to see you.

Abby: Oh, where was all that love and concern when you were throwing me under the bus?

Victoria: The press release was necessary for the company.

Abby: You thought that I was pulling another stunt or that i knew what zack was really doing and I was too afraid to face the consequences.

Victoria: Was it really that much of a stretch to jump to those conclusions, given your history?

Abby: I had no idea what zack was really up to! I swear!

Victoria: I see. Well, then you're either incredibly naive or just plain clueless. I hope it's the former so that you can learn from this disaster.

Abby: Where do you get off treating me this way?

Victoria: I think I'm being quite lenient, abby. If it weren't for your last name, you'd be out on your butt right now. I'm sure we can find a division for you in the company where you won't cause any more trouble.

Abby: This is ridiculous.

Victoria: No, this is you being protected! That's what this is!

Abby: I would rather be locked in that storage unit again.

[ Door slams ]

Scott: Whoa. Easy there. What's wrong?

Abby: You know, I-I can't even deal with you right now. But good luck with her. She might be handing you my job.

Scott: What? Are you fired?

Abby: Demoted for my own protection.

[ Sighs ]

Tessa: So sales of my ep shot up?

Devon: And could top a number of streaming charts by the end of the day.

Tessa: Okay, not that I'm complaining, but why would the... crystal.

Devon: Yeah. Unfortunately, people, they love a scandal.

Tessa: Which is not how i wanted to advance my career.

Devon: I know. And this could all have blowback, too, which is why i think we need to get ahead of it and probably book some charity events and have you speak out about the horrors of sex trafficking.

Tessa: Yeah, absolutely. I mean, I want to make a difference, take a stand.

Mariah: Hilary. Outstanding segment with victoria.

Hilary: Sarcasm, that outfit -- two things that do not look good on you.

Mariah: Why are you still trolling around here?

Hilary: Do you even care?

Mariah: Actually, no.

Hilary: Okay, so your bff and your boyfriend, they're in there, okay?

Mariah: [ Clicks tongue ]

Devon: Hey there.

Mariah: Hey.

Devon: How you doing?

Mariah: How you doing?

Tessa: Hey, mariah.

Mariah: Hi. Uh, sorry. I don't mean to crash the party, but I need to talk to you.

Tessa: Yeah, no, it's, uh, totally cool. I'll just, uh, catch up with you later.

Devon: Yeah.

Tessa: Okay.

Hilary: It's on me. It's a peace offering, that's all. Things between us, it's gotten out of hand. Any form of civility turned ugly fast, and I was hoping that we can get past it.

Jordan: Past it to what exactly?

Hilary: To a peaceful coexistence. Exposing your fake ids was a low blow, okay? But you have to admit, it was riveting tv.

Jordan: Whatever you have to tell yourself.

Hilary: I'm curious. Why did you hang on to those fake ids?

Jordan: You're taping this.

Hilary: What? Why -- why would you think that? All right, fine, you --

[ Chuckles ] You got me. What? Too embarrassed to go on camera?

Jordan: Not embarrassed at all. I just want to make sure that the camera gets my best side before I reveal your worst.

Victoria: Abby will calm down when she realizes that I'm doing this for her own good. But in the meantime, you and i need to have a conversation.

Scott: Already getting comfortable in victor's chair, huh?

Victoria: This? This is just temporary. My office is being refurbished. But that's not what's important. Hashtag is.

Scott: I couldn't agree more. I'm actually, uh, almost finished with the sex trafficking story. Should be on your desk by tomorrow morning.

Victoria: Scott, I know that you devoted a lot to this online magazine, but it's off brand for newman. It's a potential liability. And to be quite frank, it's not profitable.

Scott: These things take time to develop. You got to give me a few --

Victoria: I'm not gonna argue with you.

Scott: What are you doing?

Victoria: I'm shutting hashtag down.

Nikki: I know it isn't easy, but coddling your mother isn't going to help her, acting like nothing happened. She hasn't even apologized for attacking me.

Ashley: Okay, nikki, she wasn't herself. We took her to the doctor, actually.

Nikki: Yes, which was michael's idea that he cooked up so he could get sympathy from the judge. I assumed you had already figured out dina's true character. Metaphorically, she already stabbed you in the back years ago. With me, she drew real blood!

Ashley: There's something you should --

Jack: No, no, no, wait. We will handle this. Mother is not getting off scot-free. That much I promise you.

Nikki: What does that mean? A slap on the wrist? A firm talking-to? I think your mother deserves a little bit more for the chaos that she caused for both of our families! You should be aware of that, ashley! I mean, the hideous lie that she told about your father, it is unthinkable.

Ashley: Well, I should have realized that you would have heard the truth by now. What took you so long to throw it in my face, nikki?

Nikki: That is not the reason why I did it. I assumed that you all were aware of dina's character by now! The fact that she came out publicly and said what she said about your father just shows you that she is the bitch she always has been and always will be.

Jack: All right, enough! Enough! You're not going to come here uninvited and speak that way!

"The young and the restless" will continue.

Scott: I'm not saying a word to my staff until I speak to victor.

Victoria: My father doesn't oversee this division anymore. I do. And we're in complete agreement on everything.

Scott: So is there a severance package with my name on it?

Victoria: Only if you want one.

Scott: So you're keeping me on board? In what capacity?

Victoria: Well, that's to be determined. I think you have a future at newman. You have skills. My father obviously sees that.

Scott: Well, my series on sex trafficking could turn hashtag around.

Victoria: Scott --

Scott: I've been investigating it for months! Come on! Don't let all my hard work go to waste! Just give me the okay to publish it, and I can make a change!

Victoria: We think that would be a mistake.

Scott: "We"? Or you?

Victoria: This could cause a lot of damage to the company. It's better if we leave this sorry affair behind us and not drag it out any further.

Scott: Ah, and so the scales finally drop. You don't want the company admitting its culpability in the crime. Set aside your concern for corporate image and greed and --

Victoria: Newman has thousands of employees. It's my obligation to consider their image because it affects their ability to earn a living. And it's not greed when you're trying to maintain the value of a company.

Scott: Don't you see the merit of my exposé? It could prevent other companies from making a similar mistake. It could save countless women from being forced into prostitution!

Victoria: I am vehemently opposed to the exploitation of women, but one online story is not gonna change the world, and it's not gonna save your digital platform.

Scott: Victoria, I don't think you under--

Victoria: This meeting is over. I have work to do.

Jack: I just need a moment to speak to her privately.

Ashley: We don't need her upsetting anybody else in this house, do we?

Jack: This is why I need to talk to her, just her and me. Check on mother, okay?

Ashley: If she winds you up, I'm coming down here, and I'm gonna throw her out.

Jack: [ Sighs ] Look, I'm, uh, I'm sorry about that.

Nikki: Do you know who you sounded like when you were speaking to me just now?

Jack: Maybe I've realized how it is victor has such a short fuse.

Nikki: My god, where is that coming from? I'm the victim here.

Jack: That's what you keep saying. However, you seem to have the strength to taunt my sister about her real paternity.

Nikki: That was not my intention! I was just trying to show you two the truth about dina. She's an evil-spirited, vicious woman who shouldn't be walking the street.

Jack: This conversation's over.

Nikki: Are you throwing me out?

Jack: Yes, and I'm disinviting you for thanksgiving.

Nikki: Are you serious?

Jack: Yes, I'm serious. I am. I have. Here.

Nikki: And after that?

Jack: And after that, it's best that you stay away for the foreseeable future.

Devon: Is everything okay with you and tessa?

Mariah: Why do you ask?

Devon: I don't know. I feel like I always get a vibe that there's something going on between you two. Did you guys have a falling out I don't know about or something or...?

Mariah: No, it's nothing.

Devon: No?

Mariah: Look, I tracked you down because...I wanted to talk to you about you and me, not tessa.

Devon: Okay. Well, we are my favorite topic, so... want me to go first?

Mariah: Me first.

Devon: What is it?

Mariah: I-I don't know how to begin to say this or even what i really want to say.

Devon: Just say whatever you're thinking about. There's nothing in this world you can't tell me. You know that.

Mariah: See, that right there, that's one of the reasons why you are so amazing. You're so open and thoughtful and generous.

Devon: Well, thank you. Am I getting an award or something? You -- you sound like a presenter more than my girlfriend right now.

Mariah: That's the thing. I'm not sure that I should be your girlfriend.

Jordan: Are we rolling?

Hilary: Why don't we just go to my studio and we can do a sitdown, one on one, in a more controlled environment? Maybe there's too many distractions doing this live.

Jordan: This is live?

Hilary: Yeah, of course it is.

Jordan: Okay, sure. Let's, uh, let's do this. Why keep your viewers waiting when we can handle this right here and now? Straight talk, nothing but the truth. A little honesty never scared you, right?

Hilary: I encourage it. And so do my viewers. And I like to give them what they want. And in this case, it is answers from you, starting with your con artist past and leading up to your multiple aliases.

Jordan: Sure. But let's -- let's talk about you and yours first.

Hilary: Excuse me?

Jordan: Me and hilary here have something in common. For example, did you all know that hilary curtis isn't actually hilary curtis? That's an alias. [ Gasps ] You want to explain this to your viewers, ann turner?

Ashley: Nikki left?

Jack: In a manner of speaking.

Ashley: Didn't go well?

Jack: I came this close to telling her the truth. I couldn't bring myself to say it. If I can't say the word alzheimer's to nikki, how am i ever gonna say it to our mother?

Dina: Oh, don't worry. I already know all about that.

Hilary: Tell theo that we lost the signal, okay? Technical difficulties, earthquake. Make something up. I don't care. I will call him later. Go!


Hilary: [ Scoffs ]

Devon: I'm a little confused, mariah, 'cause, you know, you're the one that said that you loved me, and now you don't anymore.

Mariah: See, that word "love," I have been trying for years to figure out exactly what it means to me, and I can't seem to get a firm grasp on the concept. When I was in the cult, they would throw that word around all of the time without any connotation. We said "I love you" prayers before every meal, but it didn't have any meaning in it. It was just a tool for them to control the followers. I mean, they didn't really love us. It was just a way for them to manipulate us into thinking that they did. I mean, what kind of example is that for a young, impressionable girl? I just don't do warm and fuzzy and touchy-feely. In fact, I think I make it look awkward. And when I try, I feel like there's a glitch in my matrix, and I don't really know how to fix it.

Devon: First of all, you need to stop talking about yourself like that, mariah. Seriously, you are more than capable of loving someone and being loved.

Mariah: That statement right there. It would make anybody's heart melt. But for me... I don't know, I just kind of want to crack a joke about it. Devon, I wanted us to work so badly. You made me happy. You really, really did. But I'm not being fair to you because you deserve so much more than this.

Devon: What are you talking about? I don't --

Mariah: No, please, please, please. Don't fight me on this -- please -- because let's be honest. If -- if you really loved me, you would have said it back. But I think deep down, you knew that this wasn't really meant to be. And when we got together, we needed each other, and that worked for a time. But it's not the best foundation for a relationship.

Devon: Okay. Um... do we still get to be friends? I mean...

Mariah: We better.

Hilary: You must be out of your tiny mind trying to flip the script on me!

Jordan: Hmm. Now, that's riveting tv. Too bad you cut the feed before I could expose how you conned the winters family.

Hilary: [ Chuckles ] It looks like lily is giving you her take on ancient history!

Jordan: It looks like you can dish it but you can't take it, little annie. You better add hypocrite to your already shady résumé.

Devon: Hey, is everything cool here?

Jordan: I'll give it you. You got a real knack for tossing men out only to reel them back in.

Devon: Are you done? Is that all you got to say?

Jordan: I'm going.

Devon: Good.

Jordan: You wreck somebody's life, better believe they're gonna wreck yours.

Hilary: Is that a threat?

Devon: It better not be.

Dina: I must still be pretty sharp if it took you this long to figure it all out.

Jack: How long have you known this?

Dina: Uh, about a year.

Ashley: A year?

Dina: Yes. Graham took me to a doctor and, uh, I was diagnosed.

Ashley: Mother, why didn't you tell us?

Jack: And why would you submit yourself to another round of tests?

Dina: Tests? What tests?

Abby: So, is big sis replacing the nameplate on my office door?

Scott: If she is, it won't be with mine. My job's in limbo, too. Victoria took an ax to hashtag. I have to tell my staff.

Abby: Look, I know I gave you a hard time, but I have to admit, your webzine, it had merit. You posted some hard-hitting articles.

Scott: You read them?

Abby: Only when I was having a hard time falling asleep. You know, hashtag gave some much-needed honor and transparency to newman enterprises.

Scott: Well, apparently profits and fear take precedence under victoria's reign.

Abby: Right? Yeah, she's on some massive power trip, and dad is so desperate to have her back that he's letting her do whatever she wants, forgetting that she turned her back on him.

Scott: While our loyalty gets us punished.

Abby: Exactly.

Scott: I put my heart and soul into hashtag. You worked hard to make designdate work before zack screwed you over. And she conveniently forgets all that when it suits her agenda.

Abby: Victoria needs to be stopped.

Scott: Yeah. But how?

Abby: We come up with a plan.

Scott: "We"?

Abby: Mm-hmm. You and I, we are the only two positioned close enough to the top to do it, if you're in.

Scott: Well, I can't stand to see months of hard work go to waste. I'm in. I guess working together to take down a mutual enemy is, uh, it's our thing.

Abby: Yeah. The only reason I'd ever consider teaming up with you.

Scott: [ Chuckles ]

Tessa: Hey, wait. Is everything okay?

Mariah: Is everything ever okay? I mean, not every single thing can be okay. That's not how life works.

Tessa: Well, let me buy you one of those pumpkin spice thingies. I mean, we can sit down and talk.

Mariah: You know what? If you want the gory details, you should probably just ask devon.

Hilary: That's going on my tab. It's a way of thanking you for getting up in jordan's face earlier.

Devon: Yeah, guy's a piece of work.

Hilary: Yeah, I had it covered, though.

Devon: I have no doubt.

Hilary: Why the sad face?

Devon: [ Sighs ] Mariah and I broke up.

Hilary: Here? Now?

Devon: Mm-hmm.

Hilary: Okay, well, you're gonna need another drink.

Devon: No, I'm fine.

Hilary: No, you're not. I can tell. And I know you may not believe me, but I'm genuinely sorry. Come here.

Sharon: When I worked at newman, I was on the receiving end of victoria's attitude, too. True to form. Every time the power goes right to her head.

Scott: We put our lives on the line to get that sex ring story out there for nothing.

Sharon: Well, there's a lot of other outlets. The story will be told.

Scott: It has to.

Sharon: But for now... come here. As promised, you get to relax, and I will massage your shoulders.

Scott: I don't know if relaxing's in the cards for me tonight. But on the other hand...

Sharon: Hmm?

Sharon: Are you all right?

Scott: Yeah. Yeah.

Victoria: I'm busy, abby.

Abby: Dad values loyalty. That's why he hired me. You, on the other hand, had to come crawling back after you let your company fall to pieces.

Victoria: Can we not do this now?

Abby: See, it's only a matter of time before you fail again, so don't get used to that C.O.O. Chair. I'll see you at thanksgiving dinner. I'm bringing pecan pie. Why don't you try to bring one of the humble variety?

Ashley: So do you think she remembers the doctor?

Jack: I don't know. She just... mother, you do remember dr. Burg, don't you?

Dina: No, never heard of him.

Jack: Nice man, came by the house, asked some questions, ran some tests.

Dina: What are you talking about tests, questions? I don't want to talk about things like that! It's so depressing! I'll take dinner in my room, thank you.

Jack: She already knew? She was just talking casually like we were talking about a cold or something.

Ashley: Jack, the fact that graham knew and didn't tell us is so despicable.

Jack: Certainly explains a heck of a lot, how inseparable they were.

Ashley: He's such a user. He took advantage of a vulnerable person, and it worked. He's now her main beneficiary.

Jack: Do you remember the last thing he said to us? "Good luck with her. You'll need it." His final parting shot at us.

Ashley: So what happens now?

Jack: I don't know. The future of this family is up for grabs. I... but for the present, I'm going to do no matter what it takes to make our mother's quality of life as good as I can. And that starts with -- with making this the best abbott holiday. I want to make this a thanksgiving to --

Ashley: A thanksgiving to remember.

Jack: Yeah.

Next on "the young and the restless"...

Billy: Happy turkey day!

Abby: Excuse me. Did you just call me a failed experiment?

Victor: What are you doing here?

Nikki: Well, I came to spend part of the holiday with my family, and I'm not alone.

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