Y&R Transcript Friday 11/17/17

Y&R Transcript Friday 11/17/17


Episode #11283 ~ Jack and Ashley make a heartbreaking discovery about Dina; Nick confronts Chelsea about her past; someone is in the line of fire.

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Abby: Being trapped in here,

it's triggering memories of

when you were kidnapped.

This isn't the same thing.

No one is holding us hostage.

We're just...locked up.

Scott: Locked up with no way


[ Gasps ]

Abby: Relax it's just me.

Scott: Sorry, I must have, um, zoned out. How'd it go in there?

Abby: One motel room key.

Scott: Zack's?

Abby: As promised.

Scott: I'm impressed. How'd you score it? Or do I not want to know?

Abby: Simple. I just -- I flirted with the clerk a little bit and pretended to be zack's girlfriend.

Scott: Huh.

Abby: Sadly, not much of a stretch.

Scott: Are you kidding? Of course it is! I mean, after all the guy put you through? What?

Abby: I just -- I want to make sure you're okay.

Scott: I'm good to go.

Abby: Uh, are you sure about that? I'm serious.

Scott: So am I.

Abby: Because this isn't the middle east.

Scott: I'm aware of that. It's wisconsin, and this motel is the property nearest to genoa city and zack's real estate portfolio. His car's parked out back. So far, so good, chief?

Abby: We really should wait for the police.

Scott: There's no time for that. Abby, we got the drop on this guy. Now is the time to act.

Abby: Okay. Let's go.

Scott: Hey. You're not going anywhere.

Ravi: [ Sighs ] Here.

Ashley: Thank you.

Ravi: Yep. Any word on abby?

Ashley: No. I had a neighbor check the cabin, but nothing. I'm running out of ideas. The longer it goes without hearing from her... I just feel like I'm starting to get a little desperate.

Ravi: Hey, abby is resilient, just like her mother, okay? For all we know, she could be biding her time, playing this right so she can get back home safe and sound.

Ashley: Okay. Thanks for saying that.

Ravi: Yeah.

Ashley: Thanks for being here.

Ravi: What's up? Ashley...

Ashley: What the hell is wrong with you?

Victoria: I'm sorry, where --

Ashley: Please, just drop the act right now.

Victoria: Am I missing something?

Ashley: You couldn't have waited until your sister was back safe and sound?

Victoria: Waited for what?

Ashley: The press release where you cover your ass by spreading vicious lies about abby.

Abby: I don't know how many different ways I can tell you that I am not sitting here waiting in the car!

Scott: We can't keep arguing about this! Any second now, zack will be out of that room and escaping to god knows where!

Abby: Yeah, and stopping that psychopath is just as personal to me as it is for you, more so in fact.

Scott: I'm not gonna let you put yourself at risk again.

Abby: And what about you? It sound pretty risky for someone with damage about your last kidnapping, bursting through the door with nothing but a tire-iron for back-up.

Scott: You are my back-up. Stay here, and if anything goes wrong, use the motel office phone to call the cops. Please.

[ Car door slams ]

Paul: Victor. You have a sec?

Victor: Paul, come in.

Paul: Listen, I know you have your own investigators working on the case, but I thought you might want an update with what we have on abby.

Victor: Please sit down. What have you got?

Paul: Well, what I have, uh, you may not want to hear.

[ Footsteps approaching ]

Dina: [ Grunting ]

Jack: Mother, you keep playing with that thing, we're gonna have a swat team on the roof.

Dina: Oh, it's absurd. All of this is!

Jack: Come in. Dina mergeron, meet dr. Burg. And be cordial, please. He may be able to help us out of our legal problems.

Dina: Well, just because a minor stroke is turning me into a knife-wielding maniac...

Jack: Mother.

Dina: It was self-defense! Now, can we please drop this?

Jack: No, we can'T. That's where the doctor comes in.

Nick: Christian and connor's lunches are packed. What time does the nanny pick them up?

Chelsea: Around 10:00.

Nick: I see here we're getting an extra order of sparkling water with the regular water. Why?

Chelsea: Faith. She likes it more than soda.

Nick: Okay.

Chelsea: [ Sighs ] Okay. Are you gonna just come out and ask me what happened on "the hilary hour?"

Nick: You really want to talk about it?

Chelsea: No... but shouldn't we? Come on, I -- I need to hear what you're thinking. Tell me.

Nick: You want to know how i feel?

Chelsea: Please.

Nick: I just found out the woman I'm living with is a con artist on live tv. So, sorry, maybe I'm not buying what you're selling right now.

[ Door opens ]

Chelsea: Great. Just great.

[ Sighs ]

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Paul: Right now, we are trying to figure out what happened to abby and scott after they left the storage facility.

Victor: And?

Paul: It appears as though they may have escaped on their own.

Victor: So where are they now?

Paul: We're not certain. But I assure you, victor, we are going to continue to focus on the case. The fact is, a sex ring hid behind your company's finances and name. That's a problem.

Victor: You're an old friend, paul. You know damn well that no one in this company, nor I, had any notion of that zack guy running a sex ring!

Paul: We are trying to clear everyone, but there is a process. It has to be done properly, and it takes some time.

Victor: A process? Come on, now! Meanwhile, I cannot pay my vendors, I cannot pay my employees because my assets were frozen!

Paul: If you're proven innocent, you have nothing to worry about.

Victor: I run a multi-billion-dollar company! There's a line of people willing to take me down!

Paul: I'm just doing my job, as is christine.

Victor: If you and christine pursue this nonsense, I will take you both down. I will take your department down. I'll sue the living daylights out of you.

Victoria: Everything in that press release was true. Fact -- abby brought zack and his dating app to the company. Fact -- newman's assets are frozen because of it.

Ashley: But there's more --

Ravi: Ladies, please. This is not the time or place. Emotions are running high. We are all worried about abby.

Ashley: Yes, I'm worried about abby, and that's why I am putting her first. What are you doing, victoria, besides putting your political agenda first?

Victoria: Look, I'm worried about abby's safe return, too, but there are --

Ashley: But?! There's actually a "but" in there?!

Victoria: You seem to have forgotten that abby let the entire world know that she was kidnapped once before. Does carmine right a bell? Who's to say that abby isn't hiding away at some cushy spa waiting for the scandal to blow over?

Scott: I can't believe he didn't leave a single clue behind. How could he slip through our fingers like that?

Abby: Well, zack must have known we could trace his car, so he left it here for a fast escape.

Scott: Think for a moment. Is there any other place he could have gone?

Abby: Not that I know of.

Scott: Come on, I mean, you guys were living together. Is there any place he might have mentioned or called, or some sort of type of hint he may have let accidentally slip out?

Abby: I think we've already established that I don't have the world's best judgment in men.

Scott: Really? You're taking now to take a dig at me, of all times...

Abby: Are you that egotistical? Whatever came over us in that storage unit is the last thing on my mind.

Scott: Then we're on the same page.

Abby: Good.

Scott: Very good. Now, can we focus on the task at hand?

Abby: Well, zack's gone. What else can we do?

Scott: Call the police. Then our families.

Abby: Oh, my god.

Zack: Well, here we are again, abby. It's almost as if our app designed this date just for us.

Dr. Burg: And now that I've explained exactly why I'm here, with your permission, I'd like to do a basic cognitive exam.

Dina: Well, doctor, I am very touched that you're making a house call for me, but... I give you my word. I won't hurt anyone else.

Jack: Mother, could you please go along with this, for me?

Dina: [ Sighs ] Well, if you insist.

Jack: I appreciate that. I'm sure dr. Burg does, as well.

Dina: But first, before we begin, doctor -- would you please do me a big favor? Could you please remove this ankle bracelet? It's very chaffing.

Jack: Nice try, mother. Dr. Burg is not going to commit a felony this morning. I'll leave you two in privacy, all right?

Dina: Oh, oh! No, no. Jack? Please stay.

Jack: There's no reason to be nervous.

Dina: Well, I -- I enjoy your company, darling, and... I really would like a witness just in case the good doctor gets fresh.

[ Chuckles ]

Jack: Mother...

Dr. Burg: Don't worry. I'll be on my best behavior, and it really is all right for you to stick around, mr. Abbott. Okay, now, I'd like to start with a series of simple questions.

Dina: Oh, goody! Jack and I are best at trivia.

Dr. Burg: What year is this?

Dina: Oh, my god, he's starting with the hard ones first. 2017.

Dr. Burg: And what season are we in?

Dina: Well, we're way past labor day, so perhaps I'd call it, uh, cashmere sweater season? Autumn. Next?

Nick: Hey. Any word?

Ashley: No. Paul had a lead on a storage facility out of town, but by the time the cops got there, abby and scott were gone.

Nick: [ Sighs ] Man. I've been so out of the loop. I mean, my dad's running the investigation, so my details aren't exactly current. I can't imagine what you're going through. I'm so sorry.

Ashley: Thank you. I got to tell you, it's nice to hear some compassion coming from one of abby's siblings.

Nick: Oh, so you saw the newman press release.

Ravi: We just heard victoria try to justify it, very defensively.

Ashley: Yeah, why are they doing that? I mean, they're making it sound like abby's an accomplice in this whole thing.

Ravi: I find it impossible to believe she would knowingly be a part of that.

Nick: It was way out of line, and as much as I love victoria, I know how she can be.

Neil: Yeah. I've seen it. I read it. It's not good. But, victor, this wasn't on me, man. I tried to tell victoria not to throw abby to the wolves, but she wouldn't listen to me. I wanted to put a human spin to it, you know? Paint abby purely as zack's victim.

Victoria: I thought I made it clear, neil. We had to move fast to protect newman's image.

Neil: Yeah, vicki, you did, and I heard you loud and clear. So why don't we just take a collective breath and focus on putting another follow-up statement to soften the other one, you know? Minimize the damage to abby. How about that?

Victor: May I just say that my position has not changed. Victoria made the right decision.

Zack: You know, I wish i could congratulate you two on your great escape from the storage unit. Points for ingenuity, but, uh... you then had to go and lose it by making the wrong choice. You should have hightailed it back to genoa city.

Scott: You and I had some unfinished business.

Zack: [ Laughs ] Cool. So why'd you drag along your wannabe girlfriend? It's not very smart, scott.

Abby: No one drags me anywhere, and I am not his girlfriend.

Zack: Hey. Uhp, uhp, uhp! You can shelve any heroics you're planning back there. We don't want abby to get caught in any crossfire.

Abby: Come on, you locked me in a storage unit. You left me there to rot! Stop acting like you're out to protect me.

Zack: Do you really think i would have left you there?

Abby: I know you would have.

Zack: Oh, come on. That's not my style. Once I was a safe distance away, I would have called 911, sent them to rescue you. I mean, abby, I do have a conscience.

Scott: That was never gonna happen even if I hadn't been there.

Zack: Oh, my god. Shut up, scott. I have a gun. Abby. Abby. Look at me. Look at us. We are obviously fated to be together. Why else would we get a second chance like this?

Scott: Hey! If she didn't make it clear enough earlier, abby wants --

Abby: I can speak for myself.

Scott: Good. Tell him how you feel.

Abby: Like I may need to reconsider things.

Zack: Oops.

Nick: It was great seeing both of you. If you hear anything about abby, will you text me?

Ashley: Yeah, of course.

Nick: Thanks.

Chelsea: Uh, hi, guys. You left before we could, um, finish our discussion.

Nick: Yeah, it felt pretty finished to me.

Chelsea: No. Not really. Uh, but, you know what, I don't want to bore ashley and ravi with this, so why don't we take it to the patio?

Nick: No, I said everything i need to say. I didn't leave anything out. You, on the other hand, tend to leave a lot of stuff out, like crucial stuff.

Chelsea: Not particularly crucial. None of that was really crucial.

Nick: Chelsea.

Ashley: What is it?

Chelsea: Is there a problem?

Ravi: Uh...

Ashley: Yeah, is there?

Ravi: Are you the girl from "the hilary hour?"

Nick: Oh, the one that conned the bride. Yeah, that's her. You nailed it.

Chelsea: What? What?! Yes, it's me! It's me! The new scandal queen from "the hilary hour," everybody! In person! In public! Who wants a selfie, huh? Let's do it right now! Who wants a sel--

[ Sighs ] Forget it.

Dina: Please tell me we're done.

Dr. Burg: Not yet, almost there. We're making excellent progress.

Jack: Mother, you've answered every question correctly. Just go a little bit longer, we'll make it to the end, all right?

Dina: Well, if you insist.

Dr. Burg: Mrs. Mergeron. I want you to listen to this list. Baseball...stapler...hat.

Dina: Okay.

Dr. Burg: Now please repeat it.

Dina: Baseball...stapler... and... uh... oh, yes. "Does anyone still a hat?"

[ Chuckles ]

Dr. Burg: Now I'd like you to count backwards from 100 by sevens.

Dina: By sevens? Uh, 100...90... uh, I'm -- I'm sorry, doctor, but, uh, your little number game, it just reminds me of my stock portfolio, and by the way, son, how's the dow jones this morning?

Dr. Burg: Mrs. Mergeron, please, focus on the test.

Dina: Well, I'm -- I'm sorry, doctor, but, uh... the only numbers currently on my mind have dollar signs attached to them.

Dr. Burg: Now... remember those three objects that I just told you a moment ago? Please repeat them again.

Jack: Mother, you can do this. Try and remember --

Dr. Burg: Please, mr. Abbott. It's important that your mother answer this on her own.

Dina: Damn it!

Jack: I think this is the perfect time for a little break.

Victor: Neil, you've made your position perfectly clear, but victoria is now coo. I trust her decision-making powers 100%, and I've given her the authority to deal with sensitive issues that we're confronting right now.

Victoria: I respect your point of view, neil. That's why I hired you and your company to come and work for us, but there was no halfway approach to this. It was a tough decision to be made, and I had to make it. I hope you can understand and respect that.

Neil: Of course I do. I have a lot of respect for you and your company, and ultimately, it's your company and it's not mine. You have final say in everything. But the fact remains -- abby's still missing, and deflecting blame, I'm worried that's gonna backfire on us.

Victor: I'm doing everything I can. I'm sparing no expense to find abby. But I will not allow them to let my other employees of my company go down the drain.

Neil: And when she returns...

Victor: Then people will attribute it to her youth, to her inexperience. She has been on the brink before. She's always come back. She's a survivor.

Victoria: She is. I know she's gonna be fine, dad. Abby will just be fine. I know it.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Victor: Have you found my daughter?

Scott: Why are you saying all these things to him? How can you even considering running off with this sleazebag?

Zack: Are you? Considering? Because I'll be honest with you, that stuff that you said back at the storage unit... that really packed a punch. So why the sudden 180?

Abby: It wasn't so sudden at all. Being trapped in that dark, cramped cubicle -- no food, no water, no heat, no chance for rescue? It made re-evaluate my whole life. I mean, all of those things that you said to me about my family, about how they don't love me, they don't care about me...

Scott: It was total garbage.

Zack: Shh.

Abby: No. There was sincerity in that. I mean, despite all of their money and their power, no one came to rescue me. They don't care about me. They probably don't even know that I'm missing. And as awful as that is to admit, it's the truth. And it all became clear to me in that cell, and it also became clear that... I really did love you. When I look deep within myself, I know that I still -- I still do love you, and I know that you love me, too.

Zack: Then let's do what we should have done a long time ago. Let's run away together.

Abby: Yeah.

Zack: I promise, you will never look back on that town or that so-called family of yours. How can they be so blind and stupid not to see what an incredible woman there is standing right in front of me? Shall we begin this next adventure?

Abby: What are we waiting for? Let's do it.

Zack: Oh! There's just one quick thing i need to take care of. You.

Abby: Oh! Wait. No, look. If you want me to come with you, you cannot kill scott, okay?

Zack: Abby...

Abby: Look, I can forgive you for a lot of things, but killing scott isn't one of them. Look, if you want me, he stays alive.

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Chelsea: [ Exhales sharply ]

[ Door slams ] I still can't believe it.

Nick: What, your 15 minutes?

Chelsea: Okay, can you please just, like, not?

Nick: Sorry. It's hard to resist.

Chelsea: It took ravi and everyone at crimson lights, what, like, three seconds to recognize me from that stupid show!

Nick: What did you think was gonna happen? This is the digital age.

Chelsea: This could ruin my whole business.

Nick: I think you need to worry about faith's reaction right now, not your business.

Chelsea: Oh, man! Faith. Oh, shoot! She's gonna be so upset. Okay, well, we can talk to her. We can smooth this over, right? I mean, she's a newman. This isn't the worst controversy she's had to face -- no offense.

Nick: I don't take any comfort knowing that what little time my daughter spent on this earth she has been bombarded with controversy.

Chelsea: Fair. I know. Okay. Sorry.

Nick: Frankly, I'm more worried about what her perception of me is gonna be after this underground fiasco.

Chelsea: Wait, I don't understand. What are you talking about?

Nick: The insurance company called. They're not paying a dime.

Chelsea: Why? What do you mean?

Nick: They think I did it.

Chelsea: What?!

Nick: And this was after the woman I'm living with was outed on national tv as a con artist.

Chelsea: Okay, that's not particularly fair. I highly doubt that the two are related.

Nick: Well, in an insurance investigator's eyes, it can't possibly help. Chelsea, I could go to prison for arson, and you could get locked up for being a con artist. I mean, if there's a silver lining to this, I guess, you know, we could share a prison yard.

Victor: An entire security team looking for abby and scott, following every lead. Meanwhile, they're reporting they have nothing that I don't already know.

Victoria: Scott's experienced and he's resourceful, so if they're together, they'll be all right.

Victor: Until something concrete lands on my desk, i have company business to attend to, and I would like to do it alone, if you don't mind, okay?

Neil: Okay. Victor, we'll confer again before the end of the day.

Victor: I appreciate it, neil.

Neil: Thanks.

[ Clears throat ]

Victoria: Neil.

Neil: Yeah.

Victoria: Please don't take this the wrong way, but I would really prefer it if you didn't question my decisions, especially in front of my dad.

Neil: You hired me and my company to help you over some major pr hurdles. That involves me expressing my opinions. You don't have to like them, you don't have to act accordingly, but I'm not gonna keep my mouth shut just in case you don't want to hear what I have to say. That's -- that's not me. That's not my style. Abby's still missing. Someone needed to speak up for her.

Victoria: Not if it involves you undermining my position in front of my father.

Neil: Listen to me. This is me. Remember me? I'm very aware of who the boss is, and I'm very grateful for this job. So you don't have to come at me so hard just to prove your point. And I always want you to remember... I'm on your squad, I'm on your team, okay?

Victoria: Wait a second. I got a real wake-up call last week when my son was pulled out of burning building, so I know how precious life can be. I'm not trying to be hard and unfeeling. I'm just trying to do my job here. No one would bat an eye if it was a man making these tough choices. I can be concerned and compassionate and smart and practical. And no matter what my job requires of me on a day-to-day basis, I'm done being stepped on, all right? So, yes, as a very good friend and colleague, I'm asking you to kindly respect that, or get out of my way.

Dr. Burg: Shall we resume?

Jack: Yes.

Dina: Anything to end this.

Dr. Burg: So, let's start with the those three objects i gave you. Can you repeat them?

Dina: I can'T. I'm too worried about abby.

Dr. Burg: Abby?

Jack: Her granddaughter.

Dina: She's gone missing, and the police are involved, and it's very, very distressing.

Dr. Burg: Okay, I will consider all factors when i score your test.

Dina: Whatever you like.

Dr. Burg: So, we're almost done, I promise.

Dina: Good.

Dr. Burg: Just one final thing. I'd like you to draw a clock showing that the time is 9:00.

Dina: You're joking, aren't you? Don't you have a watch? Well, there it is! I see it!

Dr. Burg: [ Chuckles ]

Dina: What, no crayons? So now you want to test my artistic ability?

Dr. Burg: Not at all.

Dina: Well, what kind of clock would you like me to draw? How about an antique swiss cuckoo variety?

Dr. Burg: Just a simple clock face with all the numbers.

Dina: [ Sighs ] What ridiculous time did you say?

Jack: You know what, that's enough. That's enough. Thank you, doctor, very much. Thank you.

Dr. Burg: Mr. Abbott, I --

Jack: My mother's been put through quite a lot. I'm sure she's tired right now. I thought this was a good idea. Apparently, I was mistaken.

Dr. Burg: I understand, but i really think you should --

Jack: Thank you, doctor. Thank you very much. Thank you. Have a good day.

Dr. Burg: Okay.

Dina: [ Exhales sharply ] Oh, I'm so glad you got rid of that bossy old man.

Jack: Mother, forget the test. Right now, you just have to take some time and calm your nerves.

Dina: Oh, that would be heavenly.

Jack: I guarantee you... everything is gonna be fantastic from here on out, okay?

Dina: Oh, thank you, darling. Thank you.

Abby: Look, why don't we just leave? Right now. We can go. We can leave everything behind, including scott. I mean, he's nothing to us.

Zack: While I do love your kind heart, abby, this guy doesn't know when to quit. If I let him walk out of here, he's likely to make it his life's mission to track me down.

Abby: I have a ton of money. He could look forever and he will never find us. I mean, we could live in exclusive luxury. He could look for 100 years, and he won't even come close! Look at the poor guy. We've humiliated him enough already.

Zack: [ Laughs ] I mean, this has got to be killing you. Think about all the time you've wasted lusting after her. For what? You're never gonna have her. Hold it. Back up. What am I missing?

Abby: What are you talking about? What do you mean, missing?

Zack: Oh, don't insult me. I saw that little moment between you two. What is going on?

Abby: You, uh, think that scott and I...? No, he is repulsive. How could you even fathom --

Zack: What, protest more than already have? It's classic overkill. It's basically a confession.

Abby: To what?

Zack: Sex. Something I know way more about than the two of you combined. I mean, it is my business after all, right? See, I'm an expert in non-verbal communication, picking up on cues that tell the naked truth. They never lie. So, tell me. Did you two have sex?

Neil: Vicki, I've always considered you a close personal friend. I know exactly what you've been going through, and I know that it hasn't been easy for you.

Victoria: Don't do that. The sympathy thing. I don't need it. That's not what I need because there's no one to blame here but me, all right? I took a long look at myself, and I don't even recognize that woman. I spent so much time chasing after billy, trying to win him back, I didn't even see that he was literally poisoning me and my company. He didn't mean to, but I let it happen. So I'm never giving up my power for anyone ever again.

Neil: Your strength is beautiful. And I like that it's back. I do. It's inspiring.

Victoria: So why should I put a cap on it?

Neil: The answer is back there. Think about what his blind, unchecked power has lost him. Your mother -- she's not really his wife anymore, and nick disowned him.

Victoria: I'm not my father.

Neil: Not yet. All I'm saying... be careful what you wish for.

Jack: Hey. Anything?

Ashley: No.

Jack: All I know is what paul told us. You heard that.

Dina: Well, I know that abby is a spitfire.

Jack: No argument there.

Dina: And I know in my heart of hearts your daughter, my granddaughter...will be home soon, safe and sound.

Ashley: I hope so. How did your doctor visit go?

Dina: Oh! Terribly. You know, the only problem with a house call is the fact that there's nowhere to flee when you realize it's been a terrible mistake.

Ashley: What happened with the doctor?

Jack: Oh, mother was fine. We just found this dr. Burg tiresome and pushy.

Ashley: I thought he was supposed to be the very best elder care specialist...

Jack: You didn't experience him, ash.

Ashley: Okay, and the test?

Jack: Mother didn't finish the cognitive exam.

Ashley: I thought that was the whole point.

Jack: The specialist had her worried and frustrated and confused, and I didn't think the results would be of any worth.

Ashley: Jack, did she answer the questions?

Jack: Yes, she did. Most of them. She's lost a little memory. Who hasn't? You expect her to be razor-sharp at that age?

Ashley: What's this?

Jack: Oh, that's nothing. Give me that.

Ashley: No, is it part of the test?

Jack: The doctor asked her to draw a clock at 9:00. Come on. Give it to me. Here.

Ashley: Did you -- did you look at this?

Jack: Yes, I saw it.

Ashley: No, I don't think you did. You need to look at this. This is much more than somebody not finishing something, jackie. Jack, we have got to face this. I mean, something is very, very wrong.

Chelsea: No court is gonna convict you for arson just because you happened to live with a former -- might I add

former -- con artist.

Nick: Are you sure all that stuff's behind you?

Chelsea: Yes! It's firmly in the past.

Nick: Then why would jordan still have those fake ids?

Chelsea: I -- I don't know! I don't know, but that's jordan's business, not mine. Not anymore.

Nick: You never talked to him about it?

Chelsea: I -- no, well, it had been so long since I had seen him. It had been, like, forever ago. It was years ago.

Nick: Are you married to him?

Chelsea: No, I'm not married to him. The whole thing was just this...

Nick: Annulled? Separated? Divorced?

Chelsea: Nick. We were never married. The whole thing was just an act, okay? It was a stupid, immature, dumb scam.

Nick: Why didn't you tell me about it? And what else haven't you told me?

Chelsea: I mean, was I really supposed to tell you every single bad thing I've done? That's ridiculous.

Nick: Not with an arson investigation breathing down your neck.

Chelsea: Okay, um, to be fair, nick newman, your biography is not exactly pristine, okay? I mean, what were the words you used earlier talking about faith? She was "bombarded by controversy?" I think the newmans are in the news right now for some scandal today.

Nick: It's not the same thing.

Chelsea: Look, stop. I -- I never conned you. I left all of that stuff in my past. I promise.

Nick: You know that is exactly what a con would say, right?

Nick: Can I assume you've come to your senses? I mean, I don't need an apology, but --

Chelsea: You want an apology? Sorry. Sorry you won't be sleeping in our bed tonight.

Ashley: Jackie. Jackie! You can't deny it. Ripping up that paper is not gonna make the truth go away.

Jack: You didn't see how frustrated she was. She was worried sick about abby. She'll take the test again at a less stressful time. She'll ace it.

Ashley: She's not gonna pass the test, jack. I know it's too sad, it's too painful to even contemplate, but, jack, it'S... it's happening. It's not even just her memory. I mean, think about it. It's her actions. All the excuses we've made for her. I mean, it explains so much. You know what's going on with her, jack. We both do.

Jack: Don't -- don't -- don'T...say it. Don'T.

Ashley: We have to. We have to confront it. You have to say it so that we can deal with it.

Jack: Our mother's sick. She has alzheimer'S.

Scott: You can think what you want, pal, but abby and I never hooked up. Even if she was my type, she's never thought about me that way.

Abby: He's right. You're just being paranoid, and you're scaring me.

Zack: You should be scared. I asked you one simple thing! Don't lie to me.

[ Laughing ] You think that you're so high and mighty. You're no better than the girls on my payroll. You look at me like I'm the big offender here? I use sex. So what? You guys are just as low. You cheated on me, and scott cheated on sharon. You guys are the real trash! And you both deserve exactly what you're about to get. Say goodbye, lovers!

[ Gunshot ]

Next on "the young and the restless"...

Victor: I don't want it to take a long time, neil! You've got to deal with this! Put it away!

Paul: It's paul. You need to get to my office now.

Ashley: Paul? Right now?

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