Y&R Transcript Tuesday 11/14/17

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 11/14/17


Episode # 11280 ~ Victor and Jack put their differences aside; Victoria is suspicious of Abby; Sharon worries about Scott's safety.

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Victoria: Why were you meeting with our head of security?

Victor: I instructed him to step up the search for abby.

Victoria: You know, we have to take into consideration that abby left with zack of her own volition. So, neil and I were able to spin the story in newman's favor. The event is actually being hailed as a huge success, no mention of dina mergeron stabbing mom or the --

Victor: Sweetheart, I just don't want to hear about this now.

Michael: I am walking into crimson lights. Are you on the patio? Oh, then how close are you? All right, I'll just grab a table. You want anything? Okay. I'll see you in a few.

[ Glass shatters ]

Sharon: [ Gasps ]

Michael: Ooh. Are you okay? What happened?

Sharon: Oh, yeah. Nothing. I'm just a klutz, that's all.

Michael: Sharon...

Sharon: Michael, all I did was drop a glass, okay? Let's not overanalyze it.

Michael: You're distracted and worried about scott. We all are. It's understandable.

Sharon: [ Sighs ] Well, I don't know how many times I have left him a message. I've lost count now. I've called, I've called paul. He's doing everything he can, but he still doesn't know where he is, and it's just a helpless situation for me, and I-I...

Michael: No, no, you should use a broom. You're gonna --

Sharon: Oh!

Michael: Ah, look, you're bleeding.

Sharon: Oh, no.

Michael: Let me take a look at it.

Sharon: It's nothing. It's nothing. You don't have to do this.

Michael: Already being done. No, no, no.

Sharon: Ow!

Michael: That hurt?

Sharon: No, it's fine.

Michael: Well, you'll probably want to keep some pressure on this before you put any medication on it.

[ Sighs ]

Sharon: Michael, I need to know something. Have you heard from scott?

Lauren: No. We haven'T.

Nick: Hey. How'd it go?

Nikki: Hey. Oh, it didn'T. The doctor got called away on an emergency. The nurse asked me to wait.

Nick: Okay, well, I'll wait with you. Come on. Let's go sit down.

Nikki: Oh, honey, it's sweet of you to come and check on me, but I'm okay. I can take a taxi home.

Nick: Will it be okay, then, if I just spend some time with my mother?

Nikki: Yes, I suppose so. The doctor just wants to make sure the cut is healing properly. It's no big deal.

Nick: It is a big deal, mom. You were stabbed. And by dina mergeron, of all people. I'm still trying to wrap my head around this whole thing.

Nikki: I always knew that woman was a bitch, but I had no idea how dangerous she was.

Nick: I wish I'd been there.

Nikki: To do what? To wrestle her down to the ground? I mean, it all happened so fast.

Nick: This is where staying out of dad's life doesn't make sense.

Nikki: Well, honey, you're here now. And as far as defending me from dina, there is no telling. The woman was walking around with a knife. She was determined to attack me. It could have happened anywhere. Just hope they find her soon and put her away for a good, long time.

Ashley: [ Sighs ]

Jack: You gonna sit there all day?

Ashley: I can't concentrate, jack. I'm worried about my mother. I'm worried about my daughter.

Jack: She hasn't returned your calls or your texts?

Ashley: Nothing. The more time that goes by, the more terrified I am. And what happened to mother?

Jack: I still can't fathom what's going on in her head. Stabbing nikki? Why? And -- and --

[ Knock on door ] ...Where did she go --

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Victor: Would you kindly see to the updated figures by the end of the week?

Victoria: Yeah, sure. I'll make sure that happens.

Victor: By the way, about earlier...

Victoria: It's okay, dad. I understand.

Victor: I'm sorry. I just want you to know how appreciative I am of how you handled the whole situation. I mean, this could have been much worse for the newmans, and I'm very, very happy that i appointed you as C.O.O. Of our company.

Victoria: Thank you. As C.O.O., May I make a suggestion?

Victor: Okay.

Victoria: Why don't you go home and get some rest? I'll handle everything here.

Victor: No, I'm not gonna leave until we've found abby.

Victoria: And zack?

Victor: [ Chuckles ] And zack. He will regret the day that he messed with me and my family, i promise you that. Why the hell abby ever became involved with him, I don't know. But be that as it may, I don't know how she is and what is happening to her. It bothers me enormously.

Victoria: I spoke with mom earlier. She says she's doing fine.

Victor: Good.

Victoria: You know, despite everything this family's been through, it's nice to see that you still care about her.

Victor: [ Sighs ]

Michael: Look, I am sure scott will reach out as soon as he's able, but until then, there's really nothing more we can do.

Lauren: Nothing more we can do? We have to do the exact opposite of that. We have to be very proactive. We have to do everything we can.

Michael: I absolutely agree.

Lauren: Really? 'Cause it sort of feels like you're having that "I'm just gonna sit back and let the situation unfold."

Michael: No, no, no, no, that's not at all -- you know what? Let's just forget about it.

Lauren: Yeah. We'll just forget about it.

Michael: Where are you going?

Lauren: I'm gonna get a refill. Do you want one?

Michael: No, I will take care of that. You stay here.

Lauren: I am fully capable of getting the coffee. What is the difference between me getting the coffee and you getting the coffee?

Michael: An altercation with management.

Lauren: I'm not gonna get into it with sharon.

Michael: Now, why don't i believe that?

Lauren: I think I'm offended you don't trust me.

Michael: Because every time you see sharon, you go at her about scott. And today when you're already tense? No, no, no, no.

Lauren: It's true. It's true. We have issues. We do.

Michael: More like hatred.

Lauren: Okay. And on every other day, you would be correct. Today it's different.

Michael: Yeah?

Lauren: Mm-hmm.

Michael: How?

Lauren: Because today we have a common concern. We both want scott home safe.

Michael: Oh. So that's why you insisted on having coffee here? Because you wanted to share your fears with sharon, your new sister of the heart?

Lauren: Well, it was the plan. But sharon and I no longer need to comfort each other, because apparently you got there first.

Ashley: But that exit off of the 94 is a long way from genoa city. How did you find yourself all the way out there?

Dina: I-I ran out of the top of the tower and ended up in the parking garage.

Jack: Mother, you don't have a car.

Dina: I know, but I had to get away from nikki newman. And I-I found a car that was unlocked, and I just got in.

Jack: And then what happened?

Dina: I hid in the backseat, and then right after that, some people got in and drove away.

Ashley: Did you tell them that you were there?

Dina: Oh, no, no, no. I-I didn't want them to turn me in, so I was afraid of nikki newman and afraid of what she might come after me and harm me.

Jack: How did you get to the place where the police picked you up?

Dina: Well, as soon as the car stopped and the people got out, I-I made sure that no one was around, then I-I opened the door and walked away.

Ashley: Did you know where you were going?

Dina: No. No, no, not at first. But then this lovely police officer found me. Why do you look so confused?

Ashley: You just put yourself through quite an ordeal to avoid punishment for stabbing nikki.

Dina: Well, it was worth it. I'm still free, aren't I? Hmm?

Jack: Mother, the only reason you're not in jail right now is paul's apb only included the genoa city area.

Ashley: The police officer that brought you here is from a different jurisdiction, mother. He had no idea that the genoa city police department was looking for you.

Dina: Well, I guess maybe it was foolish for me to think that I could escape all on my own. But now that I'm back, my wonderful children will help me get away.

Jack: Where would you be going?

Dina: Oh. Paris.

Jack: Imagine her in the jail, the harm that that could do.

Ashley: Imagine we get her back in paris, and how long do you think it's gonna take for graham to track her down again and try to regain control of her life?

Jack: There's no ideal option here. If we even seem to want to help her --

Ashley: I know. The police are gonna put two and two together. They're gonna know that we were involved.

Jack: I hate this.

Ashley: I do, too. I don't think we have a choice.

Jack: We have to tell paul. He's a good man. He's gonna consider her situation.

Ashley: Do you think we can ask for considerations, you know, given her age and the state of her health?

Jack: We'll make his arrest as easy for her as it can possibly be, but... we're doing this, right?

Ashley: I'm afraid so.

Lauren: Why am I the only one blaming sharon for scott's disappearance?

Michael: Well, first of all, there's no logic in your argument.

Lauren: Are you kidding me? If it weren't for her, scott wouldn't be missing!

Michael: No, sharon did not shove your son into a car and order him to take off after zack and abby. Scott did that all on his own.

Lauren: Oh, claims sharon.

Michael: And everybody else who saw him leave that party alone!

Lauren: Why are you so quick to defend her after everything that she's done?

Michael: I am just trying to offer up a sensible alternative.

Lauren: [ Scoffs ] Sensible. Sensible does not apply when it comes to sharon.

Michael: Lauren, you can't --

Lauren: Has it ever, michael? This is the same woman who tried to pass off sage's baby as her own. The woman should be in prison.

Michael: But she's not. Nor has she been arrested or charged with a crime.

Lauren: Well, that does not make her any less guilty, does it? I don't understand why you keep defending her.

Michael: Look, you said so yourself. You and sharon have something in common. You both care about scott. And if you had seen how upset she was about him, you wouldn't be rolling your eyes right now. Scott's a grown man. He's traveled the world. He's worked in countless dangerous situations. He knows how to take care of himself.

Lauren: Not always. When he was taken hostage, my god, have we hadn't have called victor...

Michael: I know, I know. It was bad. But we got through it, and scott came home. And that's exactly what's gonna happen in this situation. Your son has proved again and again that he's resourceful, so you just have to trust --

Lauren: And he can't seem to stay out of danger, and he can't seem to text or call!

Michael: You know... it's a scientific fact that young men become so busy living their own lives that they don't even think about their mothers. Doesn't mean he loves you any less. Isn't it possible your son got so preoccupied with this story he's tracking that he simply neglected to call you?

[ Cellphone chimes ]

[ Groans ] Sorry. Oh. I have to go.

Lauren: Is everything all right?

Michael: It's fine. Why don't you go on into work, take your mind off things?

Lauren: Um, I think I'm gonna finish my coffee.

Michael: You gonna be okay? And well-behaved?

Lauren: [ Chuckles ] What does that tell you?

Michael: [ Sighs ] That we should just go home and forget about the rest of the world.

Lauren: [ Chuckles ] Maybe. But I'll be fine. I promise you. And you're probably right about scott.

Michael: [ Chuckles ]

Lauren: [ Sighs ]

Sharon: Oh.

Paul: Hi.

Sharon: Any news?

Paul: Uh, well, listen, i wanted to talk to you about that.

Sharon: What do you mean?

Paul: Officers have been deployed to find him.

Sharon: Yeah, I know. You told me that when I called.

Paul: Right, but, sharon, this is not our only case. So when I have to stop what I'm doing to listen to your messages and read your texts, it's taking me away from what I really need to be doing.

Sharon: I'm sorry. I don't -- I don't know what else to do. I would get in my car and go look for him myself.

Paul: Absolutely not.

Sharon: Well, I can't do that anyway because I don't know where scott was headed, and i don't know where abby and zack ended up.

Paul: Listen, I know how you feel about scott. And all I can do is assure you that the department is doing everything we possibly can to track him and abby down. But you need to give us some space to do that. Sharon.

Sharon: Yeah. Of course. Yeah. Sorry.

Paul: Okay.

[ Cellphone chimes ] I'll -- I'll be in touch.

Sharon: Oh, wait, is that about scott?

Paul: You're kidding, right?

Sharon: Okay, I-I will not call or text anymore if you just promise me that you'll let me know the minute you find out anything.

Paul: I will do whatever i can to bring him back to you.

Sharon: I'm gonna hold you to that. Go ahead. Say it. Scott's disappearance is all my fault.

Lauren: Actually, I was just getting more milk. But now that you mention it, none of this would have happened if you hadn't seduced my son.

Jack: And when they ask you why you stabbed her, what are you going to say?

Dina: I'm gonna tell the truth.

Jack: Which is?

Dina: She provoked me. She started the fight. And, uh... when I stabbed her with the knife, it was a matter of self-defense.

Jack: Okay, let's not blame this all on nikki, shall we?

Dina: Well, why not, jack? We all know about her shady past and what kind of woman she is.

Jack: Mother...

Dina: I feared for my safety. You weren't there, jack. You weren't there.

Jack: Paul.

Michael: Dina. Um, I'm going to advise you not to answer any more questions until we have a chance to talk privately.

Dina: I understand.

Michael: Hmm.

Jack: As I said on the phone, she is recovering from a stroke. I'd like to get her to the hospital so the doctors can take a look at her.

Paul: Of course, but I have to follow procedure. Dina mergeron, I'm placing you under arrest.

Dina: Do you want to cuff me, paul?

Michael: Paul, I don't think we need to --

Paul: It's all right, counselor. I'm way ahead of you on this one. Dina, I don't think that cuffs are gonna be necessary because you are so cooperative.

Dina: I do like to be polite.

Paul: I will read you your rights at the station, but you've already exercised your right to an attorney.

Dina: Mm-hmm. All right. But please don't give me any special consideration because i was once an abbott.

Paul: After booking and appearing before the judge, she can be taken to the hospital.

Jack: Okay.

Paul: All right.

Jack: [ Sighs ]

Ashley: We're doing the right thing, right?

Jack: You tell me.

Ashley: [ Sighs ]

Sharon: You can stop with the looks, okay? I'm not gonna rise to your ridiculous accusations, so you might as well leave.

Lauren: I'm not going anywhere.

Sharon: Please do. You're scaring away the customers.

Lauren: Tough. I'm not going anywhere until you admit what you've done.

Sharon: I have done nothing. When are you going to realize that scott makes his own choices?

Lauren: Choices that you encouraged so he would stay hooked on you.

Sharon: Oh, wow. Can you even hear yourself?

Lauren: Perfectly. Throw the journalist an exciting story. Oh, but make sure you're in on the chase.

Sharon: No, that is not how that --

Lauren: He didn't even know about the prostitution ring until you involved him in that!

Sharon: Scott saw that women were being exploited --

Lauren: Yes, it's your soapbox! It's your cause! You had no right to involve my son!

Sharon: This mattered to him! That's why he's writing an exposé on these criminals. That's why he went after zack and abby. I didn't force him to do it.

Lauren: Yeah, you had no problem at all putting my son in danger at all. So he could be what? What? Your own personal hero?

Sharon: [ Sighs ] Yeah. That's exactly it, lauren. You are 100% right. I manipulated the whole thing. And why? Because I just don't feel good about myself unless a man is risking his life for me. Is that what you wanted to hear?

Lauren: No. What I want to hear is that you're gonna stay away from my son!

Sharon: Oh, what about scott? When does he get to decide what he wants, who he wants?!

Lauren: Well, certainly not when the "what" and "who" is a manipulative --

Nick: Okay, ladies, ladies, come on. What's going on?

Lauren: You better hope nothing happens to my son.

Michael: Oh, let's keep moving, shall we?

Dina: You only got what you deserve. I'm just sorry it wasn't even worse.

Nikki: If I were you, I would take my attorney's suggestion and keep walking, because trust me, you don't want to be anywhere near me! Why is she not in jail, anyway?

Michael: She's been released on bail.

Nikki: What?! What idiotic judge would not put this dangerous woman in jail?!

Jack: For everyone's sake, can we please not escalate the situation?

Dina: I shouldn't have been arrested in the first place! I did the world a favor by sticking that knife in you.

Ashley: That's enough! Please!

Nikki: My god, you are nothing but a crazy, old bat!

Dina: Did you hear that, everyone? Now do you see why I stabbed her? This woman is out of control!

Nikki: Oh, yes! I'm the one who needs anger management. Let's not forget that.

Ashley: Let's go.

Michael: Here we go.

Jack: Nikki, I am very sorry that this happened. I truly am. Please do not bait her.

Nikki: All right, well, you keep me away from her, then, because I am not responsible for what I might say to her!

Victor: Thank you, paul. Keep me posted, okay? Yes, please do.

[ Sighs ]

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Anything?

Victor: No. Nothing to report.

Victoria: And the investigators?

Victor: Nothing from him, either.

Victoria: Well, you know, it's really no surprise. Abby's a smart young woman. She ran off with her boyfriend. If she doesn't want to be found, then she won't be. Now, while we're all standing around waiting for her to reappear, we should discuss how this might potentially affect newman.

Victor: Not now, sweetheart.

Victoria: This can't wait! Last night in front of numerous witnesses, a young woman accused zack of using designdate to front a prostitution ring, an app that we funded and we profited from. And whether or not it's true, we have to address this.

Victor: Let me ask you something. Do you think abby left willingly with him?

Victoria: You saw how upset she got when you named me C.O.O. And the spotlight shifted from her. You saw that. This is just what abby does. She may have matured a little, but she's still flighty enough to do something like this to get your attention.

Victor: That's not what this is about, sweetheart.

Victoria: Then what is this about?

Victor: Kindly close the door. There's something I've kept from you. A few days ago, that scott fellow was found in a motel bedroom with a dead prostitute.

Victoria: What?

Victor: And the prostitute, i think, is part of zack's prostitution ring.

Victoria: Oh, no.

Victor: I now believe that zack has killed that poor woman in order to frame that scott fellow.

Victoria: Abby left with him.

Victor: I know. That's why we've got to find her. This is a nightmare.

[ Sighs ]

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Nikki: Abby has been kidnapped by a murderer?! What are we doing to find her?!

Victor: I'm working on it.

Nikki: Have you spoken to ashley?

Victor: Not yet.

Nikki: Well, ashley is her mother!

Victor: Oh, really? Thank you for telling me.

Nikki: Victor, she's got to know! Jack has got to know!

Victoria: I really don't think that's a good idea. Look, ashley and I got into last night about designdate. She won't listen, mom. She's not being rational about newman's role in zack's company.

Nikki: Okay, well, that was business. This is --

Victoria: This is an investigation being handled by the gcpd and the best private security that money can buy. Involving jack and ashley's just gonna slow things down.

Nikki: Ashley has a right to know if her daughter might be in serious trouble! Now, you know that's true, victor! You would be very upset if the tables were turned! You would demand to know what was going on if ashley kept this from you! Victor!

Victor: I'll make the call.

Nikki: [ Sighs ]

Victoria: It's okay.

Jack: My mother's behavior is so uncharacteristic. I'm convinced it's due to the stroke.

Ashley: Or maybe mother was completely rational and nikki provoked her.

Jack: Why do you keep blaming nikki?

Michael: Either way -- either way, we have a viable defense for dina's actions. And if her tests come back normal, I'll have to go with dina's insistence that she was acting in self-defense.

Jack: Michael, you and I both know nikki didn't start --

Michael: Listen to me, jack. I understand you're caught between your mother and nikki. But dina is my client. I have to act in her best interests.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Jack: It's victor.

Ashley: Maybe he has news. Victor, it's ashley. What have you heard about abby?

Jack: Ash? Ashley.

[ Cellphone clatters ]

Ashley: [ Gasps ]

Jack: Ashley, what is it?

Nick: Here you go.

Sharon: Thanks for that.

Nick: [ Chuckles ] It's just coffee.

Sharon: You're taking care of me.

Nick: You're being too hard on yourself.

Sharon: You should have heard some of the things lauren said to me.

Nick: Look, if scott's in trouble, it's not because of you, all right? Lauren was way out of line. What?

Sharon: I'm just waiting for you to dump on him now.

Nick: Why?

Sharon: Because isn't that your go-to thing every time his name comes up between us?

Nick: Well, I mean, I have some few choice words about, uh, you know, what I think about him. I think he's immature, definitely over-opinionated, and I think he has ridiculous hair. But I'm keeping all of that to myself. I'm showing restraint.

Sharon: Thank you for that.

Nick: Sure.

Sharon: And for the coffee and for rescuing me from lauren. You should have heard her earlier, all the things she said when she laid into me.

Nick: Oh, I wish I could have. I was taking mom to the doctor's so they could check on her wound.

Sharon: And?

Nick: It's healing nicely.

Sharon: So weird, dina attacking her like that. I mean, do you have any idea why?

Nick: Mom's take is that dina can't stand that mom and jack are together again.

Sharon: Hmm. Mothers and their sons.

Nick: Yeah. Mom was definitely not a big fan of you and me.

Sharon: Well, at least nikki seems to have only suffered a minor scratch.

Nick: You know, if I hadn't cut off ties with my dad, i probably would have been there.

Sharon: And you would have been front and center to protect your mother from getting into a cat fight with dina?

Nick: [ Sighs ] Nobody called me. Nobody. Not vick, not abby, not noah. If mom didn't have the strength to pick up the phone herself...

Sharon: Nick...

Nick: You know, when I pushed dad out of my life, I didn't expect that I would lose touch with everyone else.

Sharon: Are you sure this is still what you want, to be separated from your father and miss how many more family events and celebrations?

Nick: I've made my choice, and I'm not budging. But I refuse to let it cut me off any further from the people I love.

Ashley: You mean to tell me there are no clues? We have no idea where this man took our daughter? He could have hurt her by now!

Victor: I am hoping that he is too smart to do her harm.

Jack: Because abby is useful to him.

Victor: Either that or as a shield to ward off the cops or perhaps to use as a tool for ransom.

Ashley: What?

Victoria: Nothing.

Ashley: I know exactly what you're thinking, and you're wrong!

Nikki: What? What are you talking about?

Ashley: Victoria thinks that abby knew that this sex ring was a part of designdate.

Nikki: Oh, that's ridiculous!

Victoria: Okay, listen, we have to consider all possible scenarios. Abby is the one who discovered zack, her brilliant programmer. They worked closely side by side. She must have had some idea of what was going on.

Jack: We're talking about abby! She would never condone a criminal operation!

Victoria: She was into the guy! No telling what she would let him get away with.

Ashley: You are not allowed to talk about my daughter that way! Get the hell out of here!

Victoria: I'm not going anywhere. I'm C.O.O. Of this company.

Ashley: Oh, boy.

Victoria: Look, I'm not saying anything that we haven't all thought. Abby can be impetuous, and she's immature. Maybe this guy lied to her. Maybe he defended himself in such a way that she was...

Ashley: What?! She never would have fallen for it, victoria!

Victoria: I know my sister.

Jack: Or maybe you're taking advantage of abby's situation to divert attention away from your own recent scandals.

Victoria: [ Sighs ]

Victor: Victoria is not in the wrong here.

Ashley: Oh, and abby is?

Victor: I didn't say that.

Victoria: Well, she's the one who ran off.

Ashley: Or maybe zack forced her to go with him.

Victoria: She was surrounded by family. She could have called out for help.

Jack: And asked for your help? After you and her own father yanked the rug out from under her, naming her C.O.O. On the same evening that it was supposed to be to recognize abby!

Nikki: Take this down a notch, please.

Ashley: How could you humiliate your own sister that way?

Jack: Standard newman operating procedure.

Victor: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. If you want to make accusations about underhanded behavior, we have to look no further than the abbott family.

Victoria: Listen, there is a reason that we kept this announcement under wraps.

Ashley: Yeah, the reason served you and hurt abby.

Victor: There was a time when you wanted to appropriate my company by unethical means.

Jack: Now I'm gonna get an ethics lecture from you?

Victor: You are gallivanting around with my wife!

Nikki: Don't be ridiculous! That had nothing to do with this!

Jack: Is that any more reprehensible than what you've done to me, to phyllis, to my father, who I'll remind you had a heart attack because you took over jabot!

Nikki: Stop it! Please stop it! Everybody stop! This is not what we're supposed to be doing! We're not supposed to be rehashing old problems! Abby belongs to all of us. We've got to find her.

Ashley: What do you mean, she belongs to all of us?

Nikki: She belongs to all of us. It is our duty to find her and bring her home safely!

Nick: So, aside from dealing with his mother, how are things with you and scott?

Sharon: Good.

Nick: "Good"? That's it?

Sharon: Mm-hmm.

Nick: So, you're not opening up because you know I don't like him?

Sharon: Is that not a good enough reason?

Nick: Sharon, we're friends, all right? You don't have to censor yourself around me. You know that. I mean, I do think he's a jerk.

Sharon: [ Sobs ]

Nick: Whoa. What's going on? Is everything okay with you and scott? Did you guys break up?

Sharon: [ Sobbing ] I'm afraid that maybe something bad happened to him because he hasn't called me all day.

Nick: Maybe he's busy.

Sharon: No! Too busy to send me a text? He isn't like that! He and I have grown a lot closer, and he's always been very considerate and attentive, and...you know... I think my feelings for him are a lot stronger than I realized.

Nick: Snuck up on you, huh?

Sharon: After dylan... I really thought that was it for me. I didn't think that anyone else could come into my life and make me feel that way again. But scott, he...he broke down my defenses. I don't know how I would handle it if something happened to him.

Nikki: Are you saying you actually believe that your sister would willingly get involved with an organization that prostitutes women?

Victoria: Okay, listen, since when did the naked heiress all of a sudden become saint abby?

Nikki: Okay, I'm not saying she's perfect.

Victoria: Mom, you don't know how driven and ambitious she's become. I'm not trying to be overly critical here. I'm not. It's just that sometimes love makes people irrational.

Nikki: Well, I hate to say this, but are we talking about you or abby right now?

Victoria: I spent a long time married to and disappointed by billy. He talks a very good game. But then you find yourself blinded by love and easily influenced.

Nikki: But prostitution? Come on.

Victoria: Abby worked very closely with zack. He moved in with her. How could she not know what was going on? And if she truly didn't, then she's even more naive than any of us thought she was.

Nikki: This is your --

Victoria: Mom, as unpleasant as this may seem, we have to consider everything. That's all I'm saying.

Nikki: You don't have enough love in your heart to give your sister the benefit of the doubt?!

Victoria: I do, very much so.

Nikki: Then don't let what happened with billy affect how you feel about your sister. And don't let your going back to newman destroy your soul!

Jack: At this point, neither the police or any of victor's contacts have seen any sign of abby or zack. Of course, if they'd let us know earlier...

Nikki: All we have is now, i guess, so let's put our heads together and see what we can do from this moment forward, come up with a plan, and let's get her back!

Victor: I just think it's fairly obvious that we're gonna have to offer some reward.

Jack: No, I'm sorry. I think that's problematic.

Ashley: How is it problematic if it points us in the right direction?

Jack: Well, it just brings out the kooks. Before we know it, we're wasting time chasing down false leads.

Victor: Let's not worry about that. I have enough people to answer the phones. They can differentiate between the fake calls and the real ones.

Jack: I don't know.

Ashley: Well, i do know. Spending one more moment arguing about this is putting abby in even more danger.

Victor: You have a better idea?

Jack: How much you talking about?

Victor: $5 million.

Jack: Fine. I'll match that. $10 million for abby's safe return.

Sharon: Thanks, nick.

Nick: For what?

Sharon: For not getting all negative on scott when i mentioned my feelings for him.

Nick: Well, I got to tell you, it wasn't easy, you know, 'cause I'm perfect and he's not.

Sharon: [ Chuckles ]

Nick: I didn't know how important he'd become to you.

Sharon: Introducing him to faith wasn't a clue?

Nick: Eh, maybe I was in denial, you know, but if this is how you feel, you know, I know what it's like when you give your heart to someone, and he is a very lucky guy. Can't stand him, but a lucky guy.

Sharon: [ Chuckles ] Hey, do you remember when we first met all those years ago?

Nick: Yeah, like it was yesterday.

Sharon: Seems like things were so much easier then. No.

Nick: No.

Sharon: Who am I kidding? Things have never been easy.

[ Chuckles ] At least we had each other, though.

Nick: We still do. We're always gonna be friends, sharon. I'll always be here for you.

Sharon: Same with me.

Nick: See ya.

Michael: Hey, jack, it's me. You don't need to call me back. I just wanted to let you know that your mother's test results won't be ready for a couple of days, so we're on our way to your place. Bye.

Dina: Where are jack and ashley?

Michael: Oh, they had to leave for an important meeting.

Dina: Oh.

Michael: Um, is there anything I can get you before i take you home?

Dina: Well, a hot chocolate would be nice. Reminds me of paris.

[ Chuckles ]

Michael: I think that can be arranged. I might even join you.

Dina: Oh, good.

Michael: It's been a crazy 24 hours, huh?

Dina: Oh, I'm exhausted.

Michael: Well, I heard you wound up a long way from genoa city.

Dina: I did.

Michael: Where were you, exactly?

Dina: Roadside.

Michael: Where?

Dina: Roadside. R-o-a-d-s-I-d-E. Roadside.

Michael: Huh. Well, that's right. You were found on the side of the road.

Jack: I'll need those funds available immediately. Yes, the full $5 million. Contact me as soon as it's done. Good. That takes care of things on our end. Victor?

Victor: All right, the money is in place. Can I help you?

Ryerson: Special agent ryerson, fbi.

Victor: What is this about?

Ryerson: We have reason to believe newman enterprises is associated with a sex trafficking ring.

Victoria: Uh, agent ryerson, that's a misunderstanding.

Ryerson: This is a warrant to seize all newman computers and freeze the company's assets.

Next on "the young and the restless"...

Abby: You are wrong. Help is coming. My family will not rest until we are found.

Lily: Your sister is missing, and you're gonna throw her under the bus?

Paul: We may have got our first break.

Sharon: Finally! What is it?

Paul: Gps coordinates of scott's last phone call.

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