Y&R Transcript Wednesday 11/8/17

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 11/8/17


Episode # 11276 ~ Nick takes control of his life; Lily is blindsided by Juliet; Chelsea's past is exposed.

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Lily: [ Sighs ] So, this is how my marriage ends. Cane over there, me over here, and the judge in between.

Michael: Lily, you fought the good fight. You stood by cane much longer than most women would have in your position.

Lily: Well, I loved him.

Michael: Which is how I know that this is so difficult for you.

Lily: Yeah, this is not what I wanted. But I know that cane won't give up hope until it's official. Last night was proof of that.

[ Sighs ] Don't ask. I just know that my family's in limbo, and it's not healthy. For any of us. I just -- I want to get this over with.

Michael: Counselor, where is your client?

Lily: Yeah, that's what i would like to know.

Paul: Is that for me?

Cane: Paul. Paul. Paul. Come on, man. What is taking so long? I have somewhere I have to be, all right? Billy got out first thing. Please.

Paul: That's because somebody paid his bail.

Cane: Well, I called esther ages ago.

Paul: Maybe you should have called your wife.

Cane: Oh, no. God, no. She's the last person I want knowing about this.

Paul: Sorry, cane. It's out of my hands, really.

Cane: All right, well, just let me call my attorney, okay? Right now. I guarantee you, he's probably wondering where I am even as I speak.

Paul: You know you already had your call. I can't do that. I'm not gonna give you any special treatment, right?

Cane: [ Sighs ]

Paul: I have to treat you the same way as I do every other detainee. There you go.

Cane: All right, listen, I screwed up my marriage. Don't make me screw up my divorce. Please!

[ Sighs ] What? You judging me? Please don't judge me, okay? I did what any married man would do trying to save his marriage, and I was just trying to let my wife know how much I loved her, okay, and it went sideways. You know, there was a time where, if I was caught up in a tough spot like this, there was a lot of people I could depend on, but... not anymore.

Juliet: Actually, there's still one person who has your back. And eventually, someday, there will be two.

Paul: How could you let that happen?! Okay [Stammering] I don't want to hear your excuses! Your slip-up cost us the best lead we have in the sex-trafficking case. And the girl could be in danger!

[ Door rattles forcefully ]

Tessa: I-I still can't believe it.

Noah: Yeah, I know. Seeing the place burned down like that...

Tessa: You and nick worked so hard. But you'll get through this.

Noah: Yeah...

Tessa: Is he still meeting us here?

Noah: I sent him a text and voicemail. W-we haven't really talked since the fire.

Tessa: Maybe he doesn't want to talk about it.

Noah: Maybe he just doesn't want to tell me what's going on in his mind.

[ Nick and noah sigh ]

Nick: Hell of a thing, huh?

Noah: Yeah.

Tessa: Hi.

Nick: Hi, tessa. I'm surprised you, uh, went by there, you know? I didn't think you'd want to see the place like that.

Noah: Well, I could only put it off for so long.

Nick: Yeah, we should probably have a conversation about that.

Noah: Yeah. Yeah, like, about rebuilding. When do we start?

Nick: [ Sighs ] Honestly? Never.

Jordan: [ Knocks ] Chief williams?

Paul: Yeah?

Jordan: Jordan wilde. What is lily ashby's almost-ex doing behind bars?

Paul: Can I help you with something?

Jordan: I need to report a burglary.

Paul: Okay. The desk sergeant can help you with that.

Jordan: Look, sir, I know that you're busy, but please just hear me out for one minute. And if you feel like I'm wasting your time, I'll head to that desk sergeant.

Paul: Okay. You got your minute.

Jordan: Thank you. Um... okay. Here's the thing. I'm staying at the gcac. Someone got into my room, trashed the place, could have helped themselves to some very expensive equipment, and who knows what else. It took me over an hour just to find my keys in the mess.

Paul: You know what, the club has their own security.

Jordan: They claim that their surveillance cameras didn't capture anything. I'm wondering if it was an inside job.

Hilary: We're doing a live show. I need you in the studio pronto.

Mariah: I'm just grabbing coffee.

Hilary: Which we have here. Move it.

Mariah: Well, the queen has summoned me. I got to go. Sorry.

Sharon: Oh, okay. Well, have a nice day.

Mariah: Yeah, not likely. Thank you.

[ Rustling ]

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Lily: You guys didn't have to come here.

Devon: Oh, of course we did.

Neil: Oh, yes, we did. We're not gonna let you go through this alone.

Devon: You're stuck with us. And afterwards, we'll go get lunch. Maybe the liquid kind.

Lily: [ Laughs ] Well, thank you for being here.

Neil: Hey, sweetheart, what you're going through, it's really hard, and there's no way around it. This is one of many chapters in your life. The next one is just about to begin. If you're ready.

Lily: I am ready. I thought cane was, too, but... I had no idea what I was gonna say to him face-to-face, but it looks like he found a way around that. For all we know, this could be his last-ditch effort to stall the divorce.

Cane: Thank you. Hey, listen, thank you again for coming down here, okay? I really appreciate it.

Juliet: Esther filled me in.

Cane: What, she knew and she didn't come herself?

Juliet: She wanted you to sit and stew for a while. Learn from you mistakes. According to her, that's what mrs. C. Would want.

Cane: Well, I learned a lot. Last night was a disaster.

[ Sighs ]

Juliet: Here. You'll need this for court.

Cane: Oh. Thanks. Listen, uh, I owe you. Let's just hope the judge doesn't ask me why I'm late.

Juliet: Do you think lily will tell him?

Cane: Uh, I don't know. I don't think she knows about last night. Let's hope it stays that way.

Juliet: It's a painful day after -- after a rough night. So, I'm -- I'm really sorry that you're going through any of this.

Cane: Yeah, yeah. You and me both. Um, listen, uh, I got to get out of here, okay? Um, thanks.

Sharon: Wow. [ Sighs ] You gave me quite the scare.

Crystal: Sorry. But I needed to see you. And I had to get in before anyone noticed me.

Sharon: Crystal, it's not safe for you to be out of police protection. I've got to call paul.

Crystal: No! No, please. I can't go back there. I think they found me. I could swear that I saw alice out the window, across the street.

Sharon: Crystal, alice left town terrified for her own life. I don't think she's working for those people anymore.

Crystal: You don't know them. They could've gotten to her and pulled her back in. And it's not just alice. I saw the same car parked out front of the house a couple of times.

Sharon: It could've been a neighbor.

Crystal: Or it could've been the boss. Or leon, or god knows who else, but I just can't sit there waiting for them... to do whatever they're gonna do next. I... I'm a threat that they'll want to be rid of. Ugh. You probably think that I'm paranoid.

[ Sighs ]

Sharon: No. I think that you're scared. As anyone would be after what you've been through. I don't know why you didn't tell the police what you thought you saw. They're the ones that can protect you.

Crystal: Or not.

Sharon: What does that mean?

Crystal: I don't trust anyone but you or tessa.

Noah: I get that this is a lot to process. Once we get the insurance money, there's gonna be plenty to get started again. We can make it just the way we want to -- you know, with a decent sprinkler system at the top of our priority list.

Nick: [ Sighs ] Look, I appreciate your energy and your optimism, but... I just can't do it.

Noah: Why?

Nick: Because I'm done with that place.

Tessa: I'm so sorry, noah, but I-I have to go.

Noah: Okay.

Tessa: Okay. Um...

Noah: Yeah. I'll talk to you later?

Tessa: I'll leave you guys to it.

Nick: Sure.

Noah: Okay.

Tessa: Bye.

Nick: Bye.

Tessa: Bye.

Noah: This is just gonna take a little bit of time. I mean, you -- look, I can oversee the construction. That way you can focus on the new locations. That -- that makes it easier.

Nick: It doesn'T.

Noah: Dad, the original location is gonna be our flagship, okay, but better than ever, all right?

Nick: Look, you're not hearing me, okay? When I say I'm done with that place, it means the underground in all its forms, okay? That means this one and the other locations.

Noah: Dad, you can't do this, okay? You can't do this to me.

Michael: Have you been in touch with you client?

I'm sure I'll hear from him soon.

Michael: In other words, you have no idea when or even if he'll be here?

Neil: Michael, anything?

Michael: Sorry. Nothing. No word, and possibly no show.

Lily: If he doesn't show up, the hearing will be delayed, and then we'll continue to be in limbo. I can't keep jerking the kids around and tell them, "oh, well. Dad didn't show up." It's not fair to them or me to drag this out.

Michael: That's not gonna happen. As long as cane's attorney is here, we can proceed. In fact, without him here, it'll go all the more quickly.

Cane: All right. I'm here. I'm -- I'm sorry I'm late. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Okay? All right, listen. I-I didn't mean to worry you, okay?

Devon: It's not about worrying anyone. It's about having enough respect for my sister to be on time.

Neil: Cane, where you been?

Cane: Something came up. Okay?

Devon: That's it? That's all you got?

Lily: Okay, can we stop, please? It doesn't matter where cane was or where he's going after this. Let's just proceed as planned.

Tessa: If someone was outside the safe house -- are you sure you weren't followed?

Crystal: I was careful.

Sharon: I'm the only one who knows she's here. And I'm keeping the place closed for now.

Tessa: That doesn't mean that zack can't figure out a way to track her down. I mean, he could have someone on the payroll that we have no idea about.

Crystal: Who's zack?

Sharon: He's the one we think is running the sex ring. Using a legitimate dating app as a front for a prostitution ring. The one that you were forced into.

Tessa: Show her the picture.

Crystal: That's him. That's the boss.

Noah: You're still in shock over what happened, okay? Now is not the time to be making decisions like no more underground or no more chains. So [Scoffs] You want to hold off on rebuilding, that's fine. We'll hold off. But the other locations are in perfect condition. There's no reason to bail on them.

Nick: Look, son, I'm sorry. I just -- I can't do it. My heart's not in it anymore.

Noah: Because of the fire? That -- that doesn't mean we walk away --

Nick: This is the second time that that place has gone to hell. It's the second time that people's lives were at risk. I don't need the universe to keep hitting me over the head, all right? That building, this business model, it's not working.

Noah: It's not the universe. It's -- it's fire. That's it. That's all. It's a setback. It happens in business.

Nick: Okay. You want to look at it from a pure business point of view, let's do that. The return on the investment will be negligible for a very, very long time. Every day that the underground is closed, we are losing money. It'll take forever to catch up.

Noah: Since when was this ever about just making money?

Nick: You're right. It never was. You know, I always wanted my own spot, you know, my own nightclub. I didn't have to wear a suit, and I didn't have to sit in any boring board meetings. It was awesome. But it's not fun anymore. I don't find it exciting or liberating anymore, and I'm ready to move on.

Noah: [ Scoffs ] Fine. So we don't rebuild. But that doesn't mean we abandon the other locations.

Nick: It's not gonna work.

Noah: Is this because you don't have your trust fund? You know, because [Scoffs] That wasn't the fire, dad. That was your choice.

Nick: You're right, that was my choice to give away my money to charity, and I'm glad I did it. Because my life is not about being victor newman's son. And he is not backing off. Do you know that he bought our liquor distributor? He bought it. And he's gonna raise the prices so high just to let us know that he is still in control.

Noah: So we get our vodka from somewhere else. These are just logistics. Who cares?

Nick: He is never gonna let me run that place in peace. I mean, you have to understand, that is why we hit so many dead ends in all those other cities. It was dad putting up road blocks.

Noah: So then we find a way around him. I mean, come on! This is --

Nick: Look, I'm not gonna spend the rest of my life reacting to my father, dodging bullets, all right? You have had your run-ins with him. You know what it's like. But it is different with me, okay? You being even one generation apart is a huge difference. Look, when I broke free, my dad saw that as a betrayal. In his mind, I just... I betrayed him, and he's never gonna let me forget it or forgive me. He's never gonna let me off the hook. The only thing I can do is look forward. I'm not looking back. That is why I gave away the money, is to be my own man, to take control of my life. Because it's mine. I hope you understand that.

Mariah: I'm here. I'm dressed. So can you tell me why we're doing a live show instead of using the one that we have in the can?

Hilary: Because this is too juicy. Too time-sensitive. It is about dating someone with a secret life.

Mariah: So, like every reality show on television. Why is it time-sensitive?

Hilary: Because when someone finds out that they're being played for a fool and lied to by the person that they're dating, it takes some urgency, don't you think?

Mariah: Well, I don't know. Some people keep secrets for good reasons. You know, they don't want to cause any pain. Which is a novel concept to someone like you, who hands out misery like halloween candy. But some people aren't soulless monsters. They prefer to leave the people they care about in peace and keep their mouth shut.

Hilary: Oh, touched a nerve, have we? Are you lying to devon, or is devon lying to you?

Mariah: No, I never said --

Hilary: Oh, please. That was rhetorical. I don't actually care. But I will take you getting all fired up as a sign that I am on the right track. Today's show will touch a big, raw, pulsing nerve as I shine a light on some ugly lies.

Tessa: Zack was always a creep. Even when I knew him back in chicago. He's just making more money than he did before.

[ Sighs ] I mean, I even... talked to him about you recently.

Crystal: You did?

Tessa: Yeah. When I couldn't track you down. He acted like he didn't know a damn thing.

Crystal: How did you know him? Did he ever, um...?

Tessa: He tried. But just more low-key. Some massage-parlor stuff. I mean, he's slicker now, with the clothes and the car and the app, just pretending he's legit.

Sharon: Is zack the one who recruited you?

Crystal: Mnh-mnh. I hardly ever saw him. And it wasn't until later. I didn't even know his name was zack. In the beginning, it was all alice. "You remind me of myself at your age. I'll look out for you."

[ Sighs ] "We all need a friend sometimes." That sort of thing. Like she was doing us a favor. By the time I realized what was actually happening, it was too late for me to get out.

Tessa: Are you sure that maybe zack didn't send alice out to get you? I mean, after I took off on him, maybe he just wanted a replacement.

Sharon: Tessa, if you're thinking that this is your fault --

Tessa: Two sisters? Do you think that's a coincidence?

Crystal: Who knows why alice picked me? It was probably because I was stupid enough to listen.

Tessa: Hey, you're not stupid. Don't say that.

Sharon: I think we need to call the police and let them know that crystal can I.D. Zack.

Crystal: No, we can'T. You don't know what it's like. They have people everywhere. Oh, god. Like I said, the only two people I trust are in this room.

Sharon: I understand, but do you really think the police can't help?

Crystal: Once somebody knows where I am, the news is out. I know zack is looking for me. I can feel it. That's why I had to leave the safe house. If I keep moving, he can't catch me.

Tessa: Sh-she's right. We can't risk it. Not after natalia.

Crystal: What about natalia? Where -- where is she?

Sharon: Um... I'm sorry, crystal, but natalia's dead. She was murdered.

Crystal: What?! All she wanted was a better life. I told you. He won't stop until he finds me and he shuts me up. Look, no one can know that I'm here. Please.

[ Knock on patio door ]

Sharon: Oh. Suddenly people don't understand what a "closed" sign means. I-I'll deal with it.

Tessa: Okay. It's gonna be okay.

[ Knocking continues ]

Sharon: Oh, paul. Hi. Um, sorry about that.

Paul: That's okay. Hey. Uh... you're usually open by now. Is there a problem?

Sharon: Uh, yeah, it's the pipes. Same thing that happened when dylan owned the place. You know how it goes.

Paul: Well, we have to do this privately, anyway. Uh, I have to talk to you about what's going on with crystal.

Noah: So is this what you really want? To be done with our business, with our partnership?

Nick: [ Sighs ] It's not just for me, bud, all right? It's for you, too.

Noah: [ Scoffs ] I'm not the one that wants out.

Nick: Well, I'm the one with the target on my back. Your grandfather still wants you to succeed. So if you would like to go ahead with this expansion and the rebuild, then go for it.

Noah: Doing this alone was never part of the plan.

Nick: Look, this was always... this was always you, man. You were the brains and the heart of this operation. I was just the wallet.

[ Noah scoffs ] And you have your own money, noah. And when this insurance money comes in, you can have every penny of that, too. It's yours. Take it. So if you want to go ahead with this expansion, then you keep your dream alive.

Charlie: Mom? Dad?

Lily: Charlie! What are you doing here? You're supposed to be in school.

Charlie: Look, you guys don't have to do this. You don't have to be here right now. Try one more time.

Lily: Listen, I know that you are upset, and it kills me to see you that way, but we talked about this. It's time.

Cane: All right, just let him finish. Say what you were gonna say, bud.

Charlie: Look, you screwed up, and I thought I was never gonna forgive you. That night at the fire... look, if things had been different, I wouldn't be here right now. And the point is, the only thing that mattered that night were the four of us. I'm just asking why can't that be the only thing that matters today, too?

Cane: Charlie, it still does matter, okay? Sweetheart, you and these kids, you are my world, and we have survived worse than this. And I came to the house last night to tell you, but I -- I screwed it up.

Lily: Cane, we agreed. For you to do this right now, in front of charlie, you can't do that!

Cane: I know we did. I know, I know, I know. But you are a fighter. And you beat cancer. And the doctor said you couldn't have a baby, but you did. You made it happen. And you've protected our family every day ever since. I know why. I'm just asking you -- I'm begging you, just -- just fight for us one last time. That's all I'm asking you to do.

Neil: Okay, look, cane. This lady here, she's done the fighting. She's earned the right to say "no more," you hear me?

Cane: And you are right, okay? So, sweetheart, I will do the fighting for us. I'll do it. All you have to do is say yes. And, sweetheart, that's what I will do. I will fight for us. Just say yes.

Devon: Cane, have you not done enough, man? I mean, really, we're in this room right now because of all the stuff you've pulled.

Cane: I know.

Devon: You don't have to guilt-trip my sister. If you really want to do something good, let her live her life.

Charlie: This isn't just about them. This is about all of us.

Neil: Charlie, your mother deserves peace, and if this is how she finds it, then we need to respect that.

Cane: It's okay.

Lily: Michael... uh, maybe we should postpone and --

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Hilary: Oh, my bees. Now, do I have a question for you today. What would you do if you were dating a guy who seemed to be perfect -- he was thoughtful, sexy, talented -- but it turns out that he was hiding a secret? A secret so deep that he locked you out of his life and kept you in the dark?

Mariah: I, for one, have no clue, because my boyfriend -- maybe you know him -- he is all of those good things, but especially honest.

Hilary: Yes, but not all men are devon hamilton. And only one of us can say that from experience. Now, I'm sure all of you remember jordan wilde -- or at least his abs. He was the fashion photographer hot enough to step out in front of the camera. Now, how jealous would you be if you found out that jordan and i were dating for months? Yes, that's right.

Mariah: I'm sensing past tense.

Hilary: Past and sometimes very tense. We are no longer seeing each other, which is a big relief, because jordan was keeping a secret. A deep, dark one. Jordan wilde of new york is also marcus jones of illinois, and jason hightower of california. Now, I need to ask myself, is jordan wilde even his real name? Or is he someone else entirely?

Lily: Did you really invite juliet to our divorce hearing?

Cane: No, I didn't invite her here.

Lily: Well, here she is.

Cane: Not 'cause I want her to be here.

Lily: No. O-of course she thinks it's okay to be here. Of course. She's living in jill's house with you, she's carrying your child, gonna be a part of your life for the next 50-odd years because you slept with her and you lied about it and now here we are. Is this judge ever gonna get this thing started?

Michael: You said something about postponing?

Lily: No, I'm over it. Let's do this.

Charlie: Mom, please!

Lily: Charlie, I am sorry. This is how things have to be.

Cane: All right, my suit, you bailed me out, I appreciate it, but you don't have to turn up here. Why are you here?

Juliet: I wanted to talk to lily.

Michael: Oooh, um...

Juliet: Apologize. Ask her to give you another chance.

Lily: You are amazing. Inserting yourself into our personal business. Do you think that after what you did to my marriage that you have the right to ask me for anything, ever? Are you that clueless, or are you just selfish? Why are you really here? Did you want to get a ringside seat, make sure everything goes as planned? Put the final nail in the coffin? You know what, I don't care why you do what you do anymore, because after today, you're cane's problem, and I plan to forget that you exist.

Cane: Juliet, you need to leave, please.

Juliet: I never meant to cause any trouble.

Cane: What did you think was gonna happen, okay? I'm making progress with lily, and you ruined that like you ruined my marriage.

Juliet: This took two of us. Even if you want to pretend that it didn'T. And I know that you are upset, but that does not give you the right to yell at me, especially when I was the only one who was willing to bail you out of jail.

Lily: You did what?

Juliet: I never meant for any of this. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Juliet: [ Sniffles ] I know. Your mom hates me, and your dad wants me gone. You don't have to repeat the message.

Charlie: It's not your fault.

Juliet: What?

Charlie: The divorce. It was never just about you. Look, cheating's bad enough. But my dad lied and made it worse. He knows he screwed up. But it's easier to take it out on you than to just own it. He was out of line. It's not just because, you know, you're...

Juliet: You're a good kid. I hope this ba-- ...baby -- aah!

Charlie: Are you okay?

Juliet: [ Exhales sharply ] Yeah, I'm fine.

[ Breathing deeply ]

Charlie: Are you sure? I mean, you look kind of a funny color. Can I call someone?

Juliet: Uh, no. It's -- it's a cramp. It's just a part of the package. Ooh... it'll pass in a moment. And then I will be out of everyone's way. Aah! Phew!

Cane --

Cane: Just -- sweetheart, listen. It's not as bad as it sounded.

Lily: Really?

Cane: Listen, I came to the house last night, and -- and i was drunk, and the cops hauled me off because I was outside and I was begging you to take me back.

Lily: Yeah, I know. I was home.

Cane: And you didn't come to the door?

Lily: No, I didn'T. But I heard you. And obviously our neighbors did, too, because somebody called the police. I see these people every morning. Our kids hang out with theirs.

Cane: I love you so much i can't think straight. And charlie was right -- it doesn't have to be this way.

Cane, please.

Cane: [ Sighs ]

Since all parties are present, I'm calling this hearing to order.

Sharon: So, what are you saying? Where did she go? Did someone grab her or did she run away?

Paul: Well, all indications are that crystal left the safe house on her own. I mean, this young girl trusted us up to a point, and clearly we let her down, and now she's out on her own again.

Sharon: Oh, I hate to think of crystal scared and on the run.

Paul: I suspect she's gonna come to your or tessa soon. So if you hear from her, you need to contact me immediately. So, sharon, one way or another, we're gonna bring this trafficking ring down. But in order to do that, we need to work together on this. I can count on you, right?

Sharon: Of course.

Paul: Good.

Sharon: Um... I'll let tessa know right away.

Paul: Okay.

Sharon: And, paul, we're so grateful. I hope you know that.

Paul: Oh, yeah. Um... one more thing you should know. I never got a chance to ask crystal if she could I.D. Zack. Hopefully she's gonna be back in police protection very soon, and we can find out if he is involved.

Sharon: If zack is the one who's behind this...

Paul: Then he is as dangerous as you and scott think he is. Take care.

Noah: Taking over the underground on my own?

Nick: Making it exactly what you want. Your ideas. Your vision. No compromise.

Noah: Yeah, I got a trust fund, sure. What I don't have is the experience. Not like you.

Nick: The best way to get experience is to jump right in. Your mom and I learned that years ago with the coffeehouse.

Noah: You really think I can do this?

Nick: You can do anything you want. Set your own pace. Do what works for you. And no one says you can't take on another partner, you know.

Noah: I had one. My dad. Meant a lot to me.

Nick: [ Sighs ] That was definitely the best part for me, too. Look, you know, we tried. Now we're gonna go do something else. You have way more sense than i did at your age. You know, you have the -- you have the energy and the time and the focus to make this business or anything else you decide to do whatever you want.

Noah: I already had what I wanted. Anything else just feels like a step backward.

Nick: Don't look at it like that, you know? Yeah, we're on different paths, but we're moving forward. It's a leap of faith. I'm ready for that. Are you?

Hilary: With the internet and shows like mine, it is almost impossible to keep a secret these days. That's why I'm sure that many of you were as stunned as I was when I first came across this.

Mariah: I have to admit, i know a thing or two about keeping secrets, and even I'm shocked by this.

Hilary: Now, this is where you, my lovely and loyal buzzy viewers come in. If you know anything about this man -- jordan, marcus, jason, or whatever he calls himself -- drop us a line. These I.D.S are gonna be posted on our website later today. Take a look. Forward the link to your family and friends. This is crowdsourcing at its best. We need to look out for each other. As we wrap up this very special edition, I leave you with this -- if there is one thing I know about my bees, sometimes we're all about the honey... but sometimes we're all about the sting.

Paul: Oh, mr. Wilde. An officer's going to be getting in touch with you regarding the details of your burglary.

Jordan: Oh, not necessary, chief. Um... it was a misunderstanding. Turns out someone that I know borrowed my equipment without asking. So no harm, no foul. Sorry for wasting your time.

Tessa: Thank you, sharon. I know paul is like family to you.

Sharon: But so are you now. Both of you. Crystal, I know, when you're scared, you run. Even when you're with people who don't want to hurt you. I can't let that happen again, so I need for you to trust me. If you don't want the police to know where you are, I won't be the one who tells them. I'm gonna do everything I can to help you. But I know we're all wondering the same thing.

[ Sighs ] When will this nightmare really be over, and when will you be truly safe?

Noah: Maybe we can just talk about this later, you know.

Nick: Well, you never told me, you know -- are you gonna make a go at it or what?

Noah: [ Scoffs ] To be honest, I really don't know what I'm gonna do right now.

Nick: I did throw a lot at you at once. So take some time, do what's best for you. But just know, whatever you think that is, you have my support. Always.

Noah: Yeah, you say that.

Nick: I mean it, son.

Noah: Yeah. You know [Scoffs] I got to tell you, it feels like you're just pushing me away like you have the rest of the newman family.

Nick: Well, it may feel like that right now, but I promise you, that is not what I want. And I hope in time you realize that.

Charlie: Let me get someone.

Juliet: No, please. This happens. You are sweet to worry, but it will be fine. I will leave just as soon as I -- aah!

Charlie: Juliet! Juliet! Juliet? Hey! J-juliet...

Any other issues before we finalize the matter?

Michael: No, your honor.

I think that's everything.

Charlie: I need help. It's juliet. It's --

Cane: Charlie, is that blood?

Next on "the young and the restless"...

Dina: Now that you've lost victor, any rich young man would be happy to have a free lap dance.

Cane: What happened?

Lily: They rushed her into surgery.

She's losing too much blood. Either we get this baby out now or we lose them both.

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