Y&R Transcript Friday 11/3/17

Y&R Transcript Friday 11/3/17


Episode # 11293 ~ Rivals unite as a life hangs in the balance.

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Mattie: Hey.

Reed: Billy's still not out.

Mattie: They're working as fast as they can.

Reed: This is all my fault. I'm the reason that he came. I called him. I'm the reason that he's still in there.

Charlie: Dude, this was all one big accident. I mean, we shouldn't have been in there. That's not even the question, but you had nothing to do with the place getting torched.

Cane: Charlie's right, reed. Billy saved your life, and he would not regret it for a second.

Charlie: And he's gonna make it out soon, too.

Cane: You guys have no idea how many times I've seen billy bounce back from the brink, all right? If anyone's gonna survive this, it's gonna be him.

Reed: Nick, I'm so sorry that we were in there.

Nick: Look, I don't care about that right now, reed. Did everyone make it out okay?

Reed: Billy's still inside.

Nick: Excuse me. Sir? This is my building, and there's someone in there. What's going on? How's it looking?

The place suffered a major internal collapse. At this point, I have to be straight with you. It's not likely anyone survived. Excuse me.

Victoria: I went to the warehouse to make sure that every single last face mask was destroyed.

Victor: Sweetheart, you had no other choice.

Victoria: Well, I owed it to my customers. Someone could have gotten sick just like me or worse.

Victor: And I'm still concerned about your health.

Victoria: Dad, there's no reason to be.

Victor: You just came out of the hospital. Maybe you should still be there.

Victoria: Listen, I know, but I'm doing fine. The toxins are almost completely out of my body. I'm more concerned about the fate of my company. It's looking pretty terminal right now. So I've been giving this some thought, and I know that I have three choices. I can declare brash & sassy bankrupt, I can bail the company out with my own money, or I can sell it to you.

Victor: Okay, let's sort this out. Using your own money to bail out your company is a no-no. To declare bankruptcy, you know exactly what that would do to your résumé, right?

Victoria: [ Sighs ]

Victor: Leaves one alternative, and you were adamantly against that, the idea that I would bail you out.

Victoria: I know that. In a perfect world, but like i said, I've been considering my options very carefully, and i have to be realistic and pragmatic.

Victor: And so do I. Do you really think it's a good idea that you and I work together again?

Victoria: Hold on a second. What are you saying here? I don't understand. Are you rescinding your offer to save me?

Lily: Oh, my god. Oh, thank god! Oh, my god. I have been so worried. Are you okay?

Charlie: We're fine.

Mattie: How did you find out?

Lily: I got a text from your dad when I landed, and I came right here with phyllis from the airport. I'm glad that you guys are okay.

Cane: I'm sorry if I scared you.

Lily: I am so sorry that you had to go through this alone.

Phyllis: Cane said that billy was here, that he helped save the kids. What -- what's going on? Where is he? I haven't seen him.

Nick: No one has.

Phyllis: Well, he -- he pulled reed and his friends out of the building. Shouldn't the emts be looking him over or something?

Nick: He did get the kids out, but the firefighters haven't been able to locate him yet. He's still in there.

Phyllis: What? Oh, my god. Billy.

Billy: [ Coughs ]

[ Strained ] Help!

[ Groans ]

[ Breathing heavily ] Help! Help!

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Nick: [ Sighs ]

Reed: Nick, um, I swear, I'm so, so sorry that we came here. I mean, it was the dumbest thing I think I've ever done.

Nick: It's not the time, reed.

Reed: Really, I-I'm sorry. Just the fact that the thought even crossed my mind, I've been beating myself up about it. And I don't want you to hold back, either.

Nick: Look, am I pissed off that you and your friends snuck into my bar to party? I absolutely am. But is this the time to lecture you about it?

Reed: It's not?

Nick: Look, you just got out of a burning building. How much punishment you looking to fit in tonight?

Reed: There's one thing that you really definitely need to know. I guarantee you there's no way that we started that fire.

Nick: Yeah, you don't need to convince me.

Reed: What do you think caused it?

Nick: I wish I knew. I'm sure the firefighters will figure that out. Right now you need to get ahold of your mom and tell her what's going on. She needs to know about billy.

Victoria: So, uh, were you ever intending to help me?

Victor: [ Sighs ] Do you really need to ask that?

Victoria: I don't know, dad. I'm just wondering. Is this another one of your infamous tests, which clearly i failed?

Victor: Sweetheart, it is not a test. Why are you coming to that conclusion?

Victoria: I'm just wondering what you're looking for from me.

Victor: It's very simple, my love, okay? I want you to finally acknowledge that if you and i work together, we are stronger together than apart. And if I am to bail out your company, I want you to be happy about it, not resent me for it.

[ Cellphone rings ] Excuse me. It's nicholas. Yes?

Nick: Hey, I'm trying to get ahold of vick, but she won't pick up her phone.

Victor: Oh, well, she's right here. He wants to talk to you.

Victoria: Hey, nick, what's up?

Nick: Listen, reed and the ashby kids were at the underground tonight, and a fire broke out.

Victoria: What? A fire? Is reed okay?

Nick: No, he's fine. Everyone got out. Um... but it's billy.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Jack: Hey, phyllis, I know you're just getting back from dallas.

Phyllis: I'm here. I just got off the plane.

Jack: Oh, I'm working out of home, and I got a problem. I can't find the materials that we discussed.

Phyllis: What are you talking about?

Jack: Your notes from the conference.

Phyllis: I e-mailed you all of that stuff.

Jack: Okay, maybe your wi-fi wasn't working. I can't find anything here.

Phyllis: Okay, look, um, i can't deal with this right now with you, jack.

Jack: Hold on. You seem tense.

Phyllis: Oh, I apologize. There's a situation.

Jack: Situation? Are you okay?

Phyllis: I'm fine. It's billy.

Jack: Of course it's billy. It's always billy. What has little brother done to screw things up this time? Phyllis? Hey, where are you?

Phyllis: I'm at the underground. There has been a fire. It's serious. Billy was in there. He is still in there. He might not have survived.

Billy: [ Coughs ] Help!

[ Coughs ] Anybody there?! Ah! Help! I can't move! Anybody!

Yeah, I hear you, buddy!

Billy: [ Sighs ] Okay. Now we're getting somewhere. Who am I talking to?

Genoa city fire department.

Billy: Hey, man. You got a name?

Tom. The name's tom.

Billy: Hey, tom. Nice to meet you, man.

Tom: I'm guessing you're billy abbott.

Billy: Yeah. Unfortunately.

Tom: Hey, billy.

Billy: Yeah?

Tom: You're yelling, so that's a good sign. You okay in there?

Billy: Oh, yeah, man. Never better.

Tom: Fair enough. Can you give me some idea what it's like where you are?

Billy: Well, for one thing, this halloween party sucks.

Tom: [ Chuckles ] Wise cracks. Another good sign.

Billy: Tom. The kids get out safe?

Tom: They sure did.

Billy: All of them?

Tom: We got three kids in excellent shape. Since you're the reason for that, we've been trying real hard to find you. You're a tough guy to pin down.

Billy: Yeah, you're not the first person to say that.

Tom: Just hang tight. We're gonna get you out of there.

Billy: Easier said than done, man.

Tom: Yeah?

Billy: I hope there's more than one of you.

Tom: Why's that?

Billy: Well, once again, I've put myself in a hell of a predicament.

[ Sighs ] I'm good and stuck in here, man.

Tom: Okay, copy that. I'm gonna get more help. But in the meantime, do me a favor.

Billy: Yep.

Tom: No sudden moves, okay? This place is kind of unstable. We could do without anything else falling in on us.

Billy: Roger that, man. I got you.

Charlie: We learned a lesson we're never gonna forget.

Mattie: And we couldn't be sorrier.

Charlie: Coming here was a majorly lame move.

Cane: Uh, my thoughts exactly.

Mattie: We should have just stayed home and watched horror movies with you.

Cane: Yeah, you should've.

Charlie: Instead we ended up living through one.

Lily: Well, living is the key word here.

Cane: You know you were lucky this was a close call, right?

Mattie: Yeah, we know. We're really lucky to be alive.

Lily: Yeah, and you're luckier that you both weren't seriously hurt.

Charlie: I hate that we freaked you both out like that.

Lily: It's fine. Teenagers and freakouts are a package deal.

Cane: Yeah, but the parents of the other kids are gonna want answers.

Lily: And the police.

Cane: Mm-hmm.

Mattie: The police?

Lily: Yeah, you broke into a nightclub that burned to the ground.

Charlie: We didn't break in. We had a key.

Cane: Hang on a second. How did you get a key to the underground?

Mattie: Reed got it.

Lily: Reed?

Cane: [ Sighs ]

We got news.

Tom: We found your friend billy. He's alive.

Phyllis: Thank god.

Unfortunately, he's trapped in a pretty precarious spot.

Phyllis: Oh, well, that's, uh, billy's style. He usually can get out of those, though, right?

Nick: What do you mean, he's trapped?

Tom: It looks like the ceiling came down on him. Now, once we get more information, we'll pass it along. Right now, I'm going back in with the team.

Phyllis: O-okay. Can you please give him a message from phyllis? Uh, uh, just tell him that she needs to see him so that we can finish the fight we were having. Okay? He also, uh, he needs to get out of there real soon, okay, or I'm gonna kill him! Verbatim!

Tom: Yes, ma'am.

Phyllis: Thank you! He's gonna be all right. I know he is.

Victoria: Okay, are you sure you don't need to go to the hospital?

Reed: Yes, mom. The emt checked me out. I'm all good.

Victor: You gave us quite a scare, you know.

Reed: I know, grandpa. I'm sorry.

Victor: I'm glad you're all right. That's the most important thing.

Reed: And I promise not to do anything that stupid ever again.

Victor: You better not.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Oh.

Reed: I'm really sorry, mom. I mean, about this whole night.

Victoria: Look, don't apologize. Don't feel guilty. It wasn't your fault. It was just a freak accident, that's all.

Lily: Actually, victoria, he does need to apologize. And that's just for starters.

Cane: Do you want to tell her or should we?

Victoria: First of all, don't talk to my son that way. I don't know what you heard, but reed didn't start this fire.

Lily: No, but he's the reason why our kids were all in there when the place burned down.

Cane: And he's the reason billy's still trapped in there, you see, 'cause he had this great idea to break in and start his own party. Right? Do you want to defend him now? Is that what you want to do?

Victoria: Is that true?

Reed: I didn't mean for anything bad to happen.

Lily: Yeah, well, look how well that turned out.

Victor: Your building up to fire code?

Nick: You mean you don't already know? I'm surprised. You've managed to insinuate yourself into every other aspect of my life. I thought you would be pleased with this result.

Victor: Wait a minute. Are you implying that I had something to do with this?

Jack: Chief, chief, uh, can you tell me the latest? I'm billy abbott's brother, jack.

Mr. Abbott is currently pinned down by substantial debris. Our emergency team is doing their best to release him using extreme caution, but it's slow going given the precarious state of the building. Now, we want to get him out before there's any further collapse, which could be imminent. But the way he's described his leg as being pinned, they may need to take drastic action.

Phyllis: How drastic?

In these situations, it's protocol to call in an orthopedic surgeon. Now, worst-case scenario, if we assess it's the only way to get him out fast and safe, we may need to consider amputating that leg.

Phyllis: Are you telling me the only way billy is getting out of this building is if he loses a leg?

Victoria: But that's just speculation, and it's -- it's worst-case scenario, of course.

Phyllis: Yes, nobody has officially decided this, am i right?

I'm saying it's a scenario we may need to seriously consider. Now, we're trying to remove the heavy debris that's pinning him down, but this building is in a highly unstable state. I can't risk anyone else being seriously injured if there's another collapse, so we need to look at the quickest way to get him out of there.

Jack: There's got to be some other way.

Victor: Excuse me, chief.

Mr. Newman.

Victor: If there's anything you need, anything you need in terms of resources or special equipment, you let me know. I'll get it to you.

Jack: That won't be necessary. I am billy's brother. I will see to it you have whatever you need to have the best resources at hand.

I appreciate the offers, gentlemen, but there's no time for any of that. We've got to get mr. Abbott out of there fast, before what's left of that building comes down on top of him.

Jack: [ Sighs ] Thank you for letting me know about this.

Phyllis: Glad you came.

Jack: I drove all the way here thinking he might be dead. I never imagined anything like this.

Phyllis: Well, quite a testament, three of us coming together like this, dropping our own crap, pulling for billy.

Victoria: Yeah, it's got to count for something, I guess.

Jack: I sure as hell hope so.

Nick: Pretty classy move, you offering to help billy like that.

Victor: You know, times like this, son, illustrate the power of money, how much good it can do, okay, instead of throwing it away on a whim.

Nick: So even in a life-or-death situation like this, you can still find a way to get in a dig at me.

Victor: After you implied that I was involved with this? You know how sickening it is that you, my son, accusing me of arson, of wanting to hurt innocent people?

Nick: I'm just saying, the underground was closed tonight. Should have been empty. Perfect night to torch the place. But don't worry, dad. I'm not gonna be coming to you for any help.

Victor: You won't get a dime from me. I don't care how far down you sink. Not a dime, okay? Now, go to paul williams and tell him about your cockamamie theory.

Nick: Chief, uh, any theories on how this fire started?

It's too early to say, but we'll leave that to the investigative team, but from my first look, I'd say it started in your bar area.

Jack: Chief, billy is my only brother. I-I have to see him before... you have to let me in there.

Billy: [ Breathing heavily ]

[ Coughs ]

[ Debris clatters ] Tom! You there, man?! Talk to me, man! You there?! Tom!

[ Thudding ] Tom?!

Tom: I'm right here, pal.

Billy: [ Sighs ] Oh, man, I was missing you there for a second.

Tom: Been working on your escape plan. And got some extra motivation to get you out of there.

Billy: Not sure I need any of that.

Tom: Trust me. Any guy needs this.

Billy: What do you got?

Tom: I got a message for you from a hot blonde named phyllis.

Billy: Phyllis. That's my girlfriend. Or was, maybe I should say.

Tom: We figured as much.

Billy: Is she here? She's supposed to be in dallas.

Tom: I guess she missed you.

Billy: [ Breathing heavily ] How's she look?

Tom: [ Chuckles ] Like a walking fire hazard.

Billy: That's my girl.

Tom: She was real clear, billy. She wants me to tell you something.

Billy: Well, come on, man. Don't leave me hanging here.

Tom: She needs you to get out of this ashcan as soon as possible.

[ Debris clattering ]

Billy: Tom? You got to level with me here. What are my chances of getting out of here? Tom, talk to me, please. Tom.

Tom: Yeah. I'm still here.

Billy: Don't sugarcoat this, man. Just tell me what's going on.

Tom: The fire's caused a lot of structural damage.

Billy: Yeah, I can see that.

Tom: With fires of this size and what I saw walking through...

Billy: Tom, rip the band-aid off, man. Talk to me.

Tom: There's a good chance this building will collapse in on us any moment.

Billy: [ Exhales deeply ]

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Jack: Let me be as clear about this as I possibly can. I am not grandstanding. I'm not trying to manipulate you. I want to go in there and take whatever risk I have to, to get my brother out of there.

I believe you, mr. Abbott. But I'm also duty-bound to prevent citizens from risking their lives.

Jack: You said the fire is out!

But what's left of that building is unstable at best. As it is, I'm at the point where I might have to pull my men out of there.

Jack: Okay, you've made that very clear. Allow me the same thing. I will write whatever check you want for a donation. I will sign a waiver. Anything you ask for.

I can't let you go in there, sir.

Jack: Okay, you're gonna have to restrain me physically. You're not gonna be able to keep me away from my family!

Nick: Right there with you, jack.

Phyllis: We all are.

Reed: I thought billy's brother hated him.

Victoria: Reed, please stop.

Jack: No, no, it -- it's all right. It's all right. Billy and I fight. A lot. That happens in some families. In this family, though, when we are facing the unthinkable, we pull together. We face it together. Billy is not gonna be in that building alo-- are you gonna give me a helmet, or am I going in without one?

We're clear? You're going in there entirely at your own risk?

Jack: Absolutely. Absolutely. Everybody, if I decide to sue the gc fire department, you are on the chief's side, right? Understood?

[ Sighs deeply ]

Phyllis: I want you to be careful, all right? You tell him to get his lazy butt out here pronto. Okay?

Victoria: Good luck, jack. Just give him my love.

Jack: What? No last-minute taunts or insults? This may be your last chance.

Victor: Our battle won't end tonight. Not like this.

Jack: Well, thank you. That will give me a little incentive to make it out of there alive.

Nick: Come on, jack.

Jack: Yeah.

Be very, very careful.

Jack: Thank you. Thank you.

Lily: Okay, it's getting late.

Cane: Yeah, it is. Come on. Let's get you guys home. Come on. Let's go.

Mattie: No, I need to stay here and be there for reed.

Cane: Sweetheart, you're exhausted. Just let's go home.

Lily: Listen, we don't know how late we're gonna be here, okay? We're calling it a night.

Mattie: Okay, then don't try to stop me, because I'm gonna say goodbye to him.

Charlie: Yeah, me, too. I'll -- I'll just be a second. Hey, man.

Reed: Hey.

Charlie: Look, I just wanted to let you know I got to head out with my parents.

Reed: It's all right.

Charlie: And I hope billy makes it out safe.

Reed: Me, too.

Charlie: See ya.

Reed: Really messed up big time, huh?

Mattie: If you did, then so did charlie and I. I'm really sorry they're making me leave, but I'll be sending you good thoughts all night. Text me if billy gets out, okay?

Lily: Mattie, come on.

Victoria: Thank you, dad, for offering to pay for those resources. It was really --

Victor: I wanted to, okay?

Victoria: I know. It meant a lot to me. I really can't tell you how much. Does mom know what's going on? I should give her a call.

Victor: Sweetheart, I'll let your mother know everything. Now, listen to me very carefully. You just came out of the hospital. I don't want you to be stressed anymore, all right? I'll do whatever you need.

Victoria: It's too much, dad. It's just all too much right now. It's too much.

[ Sighs ]

Victor: Listen to me.

Victoria: [ Sighs ]

Victor: I'll take care of everything. If you want to come back to newman enterprises, I'll buy brash & sassy, okay? No strings attached. It's your baby, and I want to save it for you, all right?

Victoria: You would do that?

Victor: Yes, I would. Okay? I'll pay off your loans. Employees will be safe. And your company will be solid again, okay?

Victoria: Thank you.

[ Voice breaking ] Thank you, dad.

[ Sighs ]

Billy: [ Breathing heavily ] Health department is gonna have your ass, nick. This place is a dump.

[ Debris clatters ] Aah!

[ Exhales deeply ] Ooh!

[ Sighs ] Tom, you out there?! Tom!

[ Breathing heavily ] Hell, I'm gonna go there right now. Okay. Tom, you need to hear me here for a second, okay? If this is my last chance, you need to get a message to the people I love! Tom, can you hear me?!

Jack: You're not gonna die on us, billy. You're not gonna die on us. You hear me? You're gonna have to deal with the people you love face to face.

Billy: Jack?

Jack: Even the ones you don't care about.

Billy: Jack!

Jack: I'm right here, buddy. I'm right here.

[ Debris clatters ]

Jack: Hey. I'm not alone here.

Get up here. I need help moving.

Jack: There's a whole gang of people out there who don't want to lose you.

Billy: And I don't want them to lose you, jack. Get out of here.

Jack: No, no, it's too late for that.

Billy: Listen to me. They just told me the building could come down, jack. You got to get out of here.

Jack: If you think I'm going out there empty-handed and face the wrath of phyllis, not a chance.

He's pinned under debris!

Jack: Billy, listen to me. Victoria and phyllis are holding hands out there right now, hugging --

[ Wood thuds ]

Billy: Hugging. You got to be kidding me. Come on, man. I'm smoke damaged. I'm not delirious.

Jack: Listen to me. Would I lie to you? In a place like this, would I?

[ Sighs ] Even victor is out there, trying to inspire everyone.

Billy: Really? The mustache? For me? That's a hell-freezing-over moment.

Jack: Yeah, he's doing the same, old thing -- waving a blank check in front of the fire chief.

Billy: Yeah? You sure that's not to keep me buried under here?

Hurry, hurry! Hey!

Jack: You might have something there.

[ Debris clatters ]

Billy: Ah!

I need more guys up here!

Jack: You okay?

Billy: Yeah, I'm fine. Jack?

Jack: Yeah? Talk to me.

He's in the office! Across from the restrooms!

Billy: I need to ask you a favor, okay? I know I'm the last person in the world to ask you a favor, especially when this --

Jack: Cut the big preamble, okay?

Billy: It's about -- about my kids -- johnny and katie. You need to take care of them if I don't make it out of here. Okay?

Jack: Me?

Billy: Jack.

Jack: You want me helping victoria take care of your kids?

Billy: You're the only one that can handle it. I know how much they love you. Just remind them how much I love them. And more importantly, teach them to be better than their old man. Will you do that for me?

Jack: I'm gonna teach you something right now. You got no business talking like that.

Billy: I'm serious, jack.

Jack: You got to save your energy.

Billy: Listen to me. Just say that you'll do it. I need to hear you say it, jack. Tell me you'll do it.

Jack: I'll do it. I'll do it. Can we stop talking like this?

Billy: Yep.

[ Sighs ]

Jack: Listen, there's still time for them to get you unpinned and get you out of here.

Billy: We both know the window's closing by the second.


Billy: You got to get out of here.

Jack: No. It's too late for that.

Billy: Jack, get out! My life's not worth risking yours for!

Jack: Stop -- stop talking like that.

Billy: No, I'm serious.

[ Thud ]

Hey, I need help moving stuff up here!

Billy: Your life will be so much easier without me in it. We both know that.

Jack: No, come on. Stop that.

Billy: Oh, I've been a disaster since the second i could walk. And it's even worse than you think, jack.

Jack: Oh, billy, come on.

Billy: You know those stupid face masks, the ones that i blamed you for? They're my fault. My fault. How's that? I cut corners in the factory, and I put victoria in the hospital, and it could have been worse than that. I could have put thousands of people in the hospital.

Jack: No, no, no, no. You didn'T. You didn'T.

Billy: Or put them in the graveyard.

Jack: You didn'T. They stopped it in time. Victoria's fine. Everything's all right.

Billy: It's not all right, jack. I asked the fireman to give my loved ones a message, and I was thinking about you the whole time. I'm sorry for everything I've done to you. The lying, the spying, the accusations. Most of all, for phyllis, jack. I'm so sorry.

Jack: Billy, don'T. We don't have to go there, not here, not now.

Billy: There's no better place than right now, jack.

[ Debris clatters ] No place better, right? I'm sorry, jack.

[ Breathing heavily ] The way that I got with phyllis while she -- she was still your wife, I've done nothing to make it up to you. Nothing. Aside from my kids, it's my biggest regret.

[ Breathing heavily ] And I've done nothing. I'm so sorry. I've done nothing to earn your forgiveness, and that's what sucks the most.

Jack: Billy... dad taught me a lot of things. The thing I've had the hardest time learning is forgiveness. You think I'd be a whole lot better. Dad showed me again and again. Repeatedly. He forgave me the unforgivable. I'm here because of dad.

Billy: It's obligation, right?

Jack: No, no. It's so much more than that. All the hate and recrimination and accusations and anger and... everything we've done to each other for the last year, it's wrong. It's completely wrong. You can't wish a brother away. And...abandoning and hatred and...barring you, none of it makes sense. None of it makes any sense. You're my brother.

Billy: [ Coughs ]

Jack: You will always be my brother. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Charlie: Can we just go to bed?

Lily: Not yet. Good night, you guys.

Mattie: Good night.

Cane: Thank you for not letting me have it back there.

Lily: About what?

Cane: For letting all this go down while I was in charge.

Lily: No, it's not your fault. They lied to you, said they were somewhere safe. If anything, you should be upset with me.

Cane: Why?

Lily: Because I didn't listen. You told me that reed was a bad influence, and you were right.

Cane: Well, tonight was bad. We were lucky, you know, 'cause we could have lost it all, but we didn'T.

Lily: I know. Kind of puts things in perspective, doesn't it?

Cane: Yeah.

Victoria: It's been too long.

Nick: You don't know that.

Phyllis: Well, we don't know anything. They could be pulling bodies out of there for all we know.

Reed: How am I gonna live with myself? Billy could be dead, and it's all my fault.

Victor: Reed, listen to me. It was an accident. Stop being so hard on yourself, all right?

[ Footsteps approach ]

Jack: Don't ever say my brother doesn't know how to close a place down, especially when it's burnt to the ground.

Billy: Hey, guys.

Victoria: Hey.

Phyllis: Hi.

Phyllis: How's the leg?

Billy: [ Sighs ] You know the feeling of pins and needles and then your circulation comes back? Times that by a thousand.

Phyllis: You okay? You're really okay?

Billy: Well, when I heard there was a hottie named phyllis out here rooting for me, it kind of made my pain go away.

Phyllis: I've been known to have that effect from time to time.

Billy: I thought I blew things with you for good.

Phyllis: Just because you almost died on me doesn't mean that we're good. You are still a bastard, billy abbott, but you're just one damn lucky one.

Cane: What you said about perspective earlier, I couldn't agree more, you know, 'cause once I realized our family was safe, it made me think about our situation in a different way.

Lily: That's good. I mean, knowing that we can put the bitterness and petty issues behind us and pull together when we have to... I think it'll make the divorce hearing that much easier.

Victoria: Well, I've made my decision.

Victor: And?

Victoria: Brash & sassy and i are coming back to newman.

[ Chuckles ]

Victor: That makes me so happy, my sweetheart.

Victoria: Thank you, daddy. Me, too. Thank you. Can you excuse me?

Victor: Yeah.

Victoria: Okay.

Victor: Go.

Reed: Billy, you were like a total superhero tonight.

Billy: What do you mean

like a superhero? I mean, come on.

Nick: Whatever. Everybody knows superheroes don't get trapped in buildings.

Billy: [ Chuckles ]

Victoria: Excuse me for a minute. Can I have a minute with billy? Hey, I just wanted to say thank you so much for saving reed's life. I'll never forget it.

Billy: Right time, right place.

Victoria: How are you feeling?

Billy: Honestly, I feel great. What was that for?

Victoria: For causing the whole face mask fiasco. I know you were behind it. My dad's investigators found you out. Oh, and another thing. You're fired. Dad. Reed.

Billy: [ Sighs ]

Phyllis: Let's go.

Next on "the young and the restless"...

Hilary: It's my duty as a journalist to report the facts, warts and all.

Chelsea: Is that a threat?

Nick: This is the second hit this place has taken. Maybe this is fate's way of telling me to move on.

Abby: Let's do it.

Zack: Do what?

Abby: Live together.

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