Y&R Transcript Thursday 10/26/17

Y&R Transcript Thursday 10/26/17


Episode # 11292 ~ Billy plays hero as lives hang in the balance; Hilary sets a trap for Jordan; Mariah confides in Sharon about her feelings for Tessa.

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Mattie: This is bad. This is awful. We need to make sure that nick is gone, and then we need to get out of here. If my dad finds out that we broke in...

Reed: We didn't break in. I had a key.

Charlie: Yeah, underage you with a key to a bar... our parents will love that.

Mattie: We can't afford to get into trouble, not right now.

Reed: Your dad's gonna hate me all over again.

Charlie: Can't imagine why.

Reed: Okay, I got us into this mess, I'm gonna get us out.

Mattie: Do you guys smell that?

Reed: I'm gonna go see if --

Charlie: No, you stay here. I'll handle it.

Reed: Why you?

Charlie: Because shut up already, that's why!

Mattie: Oh, my god.

Mariah: Hey.

Sharon: I wasn't sure if you'd be home.

Mariah: Yeah, I'm all partied out. By the way, big thumbs up on the crimson lights halloween extravaganza.

Sharon: Yeah, it was pretty amazing. And exhausting.

Mariah: Well, uh, I'm gonna let you and scott and faith sort through all the halloween candy. Save me anything with peanut butter, caramel, or just sugar in general.

Sharon: Uh, faith's staying at nick's and scott isn't coming.

Mariah: Oh! I just figured that, um...

Sharon: So, yeah, you don't have to run off.

Mariah: I wasn't running. I was...ambling, more like it.

Sharon: So, how are you feeling?

Mariah: Me? Great. Awesome. Perfect. Yeah.

Sharon: No, I just saw you bail from devon, and I overheard you tell tessa that you were feeling physically ill. Now you're holding that bowl of candy like it's a life preserver.

Mariah: Yeah, it kind of feels that way.

Sharon: Mariah, why don't you tell me what's going on.

Jordan: Where you off to without saying hello to me? I haven't forgotten about that date that you owe me.

Hilary: I owe you?

You're a very brilliant woman, but a foolish one to pit your strength against mine.

It is possible that you may take nicki, but there is something stronger than even you, something greater that you have forgotten. You...are evil. But even the power of evil cannot stand against the power of faith and goodness. And with that power, you will be destroyed!

[ Menacing music plays ]

[ Cellphone rings ]

Billy: Hey, buddy. How's your night?

Reed: Billy, I need you to listen to me.

Billy: Okay, what's going on?

Reed: The lights just went out. I'm at the underground with charlie and mattie, and --

Mattie: Hi, there's a, um, fire that's trapped us in the -- oh, my gosh. That's amazing. Thank you. Dispatch is sending the fire department.

[ Cellphone vibrates ]

Charlie: Hey, dad. It's -- it's charlie. Call me back as soon as you get this message. It's bad.

Billy: I'm on my way!

Mattie: We're in the office directly to the rear of the club. It's -- it's across from the restrooms.

Reed: [ Coughing ]

Mattie: There's three of us.

Charlie: [ Coughing ]

Mattie: No. Nobody's hurt. How long until you think -- I lost the call.

Charlie: What are we supposed to do? Just sit here and wait for the whole place to go up?

Mattie: She knows where we are, and first responders are on their way.

Reed: [ Coughs ]

Mattie: Stop! When you opened the door last time, there was a backdraft, and if you do it again, you could oxygenate the stuff that's already in the air and potentially ignite it.

Charlie: And while you're talking, this fire's getting worse. Look, I'm getting out of here.

Reed: Didn't you hear her?

Charlie: Hey, get off me!

Reed: Listen to your sister, genius, because she actually is one, and we have two options here, and my money's on the 5.0 gpa over some meathead jock bruce willis wannabe.

Charlie: Look, you want to stay here, knock yourself out.

Charlie: [ Inhales sharply ] Son of A... that's red-hot.

Mattie: Charlie, just leave it.

Reed: [ Coughs ]

Charlie: What the hell?

Mattie: It's stuck.

Charlie: Yeah, tell me something I don't know.

Mattie: I'm saying the heat expanded the door, charlie!

[ Coughs ]

Charlie: So, what, we're trapped in here?

Jordan: Oh, I get it. I came running back too easy. You got to edge things up a level. That's where this mood is coming from.

Hilary: Or maybe it's coming from a man telling me that I owe him something.

Jordan: Come on, I was just playing.

Hilary: Oh.

Jordan: But I hear you. How about this? How about I call you to set up a date, maybe send you some flowers, and if you already have plans, that's cool. I'll wait.

Hilary: You'll wait for me?

Jordan: Of course I will.

Hilary: Well, you better get comfy, baby... 'cause you're gonna be waiting a hell of a long time.

Jordan: Wait, wait. Hang on one second. You proved your point. You got me to come running just like you wanted.

Hilary: Yeah, well...

Jordan: Why are you acting like this right now?

Hilary: Maybe it's because i refuse to be somebody's second choice.

Sharon: No one else is home. It's just the two of us all night, so...tell me what's wrong.

Mariah: About what?

Sharon: Are you gonna make me drag this out of you?

Mariah: Mom, I just wanted to watch tv and eat some candy. I swear.

Sharon: I may not know what you're going through, but I do understand.

Mariah: What do you -- what do you mean?

Sharon: Well, you and I both know that I've had enough experience with relationship troubles that if they were giving a degree at the university for it, I'd have a ph.D. By now.

Mariah: But I wasn't saying that I'm having any...

Sharon: Yeah. There's "life is fun and chocolate is yummy" eating candy, and then there's "life sucks and my heart is broken" eating candy, and you were about to run up to bed with old candy corn, and no one does that for fun.

Mariah: All right. This might be true.

Sharon: Look, relationships go through phases. That's normal. You know, in the beginning, it's very electric, there's that rush, there's a connection, the excitement, and...

Mariah: That you never saw coming.

Sharon: Well, you know, that makes it all the more thrilling. The surprise of it all. You know, it's like getting a present that you never asked for, but then you realize it's exactly what you needed. Your heart races when you see them, you can't talk long enough, you can't talk late enough. The idea of spending a day without each other....

Mariah: Feels wasted.

Sharon: That's how it was with nicholas and I when we first met. Even though we were with other people at the time, just the idea of not seeing each other's faces... but, you know, things change when you get older. You evolve, and... you know, just because you lose the drama doesn't mean you lose the relationship.

Mariah: That's, um... that's not what it is.

[ Sniffles ]

Sharon: Well, you and devon went through a rough patch after you dropped the "l" word, but that time has passed, you know? Maybe you think now that if you were in a stable and calm relationship that you would lose the excitement or the love. Okay, are you sure? Because it's very easy when you're young...

Mariah: No, devon is great! He's wonderful. He's sweet and thoughtful and generous, and he is... everything I could ever want in a man.

Hilary: And it's not enough that lily comes to my show uninvited, but I had to put up with every snide little comment -- her commenting on my show, on my job. Oh, and bragging about how she friend-zoned you. Oh, yeah, that's right, jordan. She is telling everyone that she has no time for you.

Jordan: I'm here talking to you, no one else in mind. Now why you got to drag lily into our business?

Hilary: No, no, no, don't even try to gaslight me, okay? It always comes back to lily for you, not for me. The second that she cut you loose, you came sniffing around here like the dog that you are.

[ Scoffs ] Walking up to me at the gym, asking me if I needed a spotter, wanting to go out that same night. None of that would have happened if you still thought that you had a shot with lily.

Jordan: That's how you recall it?

Hilary: Yeah.

Jordan: See, I recall it something way different. Guess you forgot about that day where you came into the gym and opened up that towel to remind me what I'd be missing.

Hilary: [ Sighs ]

Jordan: Look... here I am, just like you knew I'd be. But, hey, if you want to make me work for it, that's cool. I deserve it. But don't pretend that you've forgotten how good we are together. We challenge each other. Toe to toe. Equals. That'S... that's the way you like it, and that's how I like it, too.

Hilary: You are good, jordan. But I've seen this act before, and I'm not falling for it again.

Sharon: What is wrong? This isn't like you.

Mariah: I don't know, it's, um... it's a sugar crash, or maybe it's the flu. I might have the flu.

Sharon: Do you really feel like you can't talk to me?

Mariah: [ Sighs ] No, of course I can, but there's nothing to tell.

Sharon: You know, there was a time when you could lie to me, mariah, but we know each other a lot better now. Just let me help you. Or if you don't want help, let me at least listen.

Mariah: I can'T.

Sharon: You can!

Mariah: No, I mean I feel like....

Sharon: Like what?

Mariah: [ Sighs ] My whole life, starting from very early on, the whole point was to never talk about anything important, anything real. When you grow up in a cult, you learn very early on that nobody is interested in what you really think or really feel.

Sharon: Okay, well, you're not there now, and you're not that person.

Mariah: I'm not?

Sharon: No. You are the most honest and direct person I know.

Mariah: How can you say that? I pretended to be my own sister.

Sharon: That was a lifetime ago!

Mariah: [ Sighs ]

Sharon: I know that you're not the fake cassie. I know that you're the real mariah, and I love you for exactly who you are.

Mariah: How can you when i don't even really know who that is?

Sharon: Do you feel guilty about your past? Do you feel like you don't deserve good things now? Is that what this is about?

Mariah: Yes. I feel guilty. And I feel selfish and stupid and empty. And left out.

[ Sighs ]

Sharon: Honey, you are the most loving and warm and smart person, and everyone around you feels that.

Mariah: Everyone around me has no idea who I really am!

[ Sighs ] I live on this giant ranch, and I have a family and a boyfriend and a job... but I can see me. I can see me from the outside, and I walk around all day, and I make jokes and I talk crap, and... I am a walking comic relief, and I know that. But it's like all day long... I am playing this part, and I am so...

[ Sighs ] I'm so tired of pretending.

Sharon: Then stop.

Charlie: This was your idea! You were all proud of yourself for having the key to this place, like it makes you some sort of big-time player.

Reed: And you were all for coming here if it meant regina would waste more time on you.

Charlie: You just had to be the big man.

Reed: Do you really think she was gonna stay with you, with your dad coming in and turning the lights on the way he was?

Mattie: Stop it! We need to conserve energy and oxygen. You two can fight all you want once they get us out of here.

[ Coughs ]

[ Siren wailing ]

Charlie: How long do we have? How long until the fire just --

Reed: Wait, wait, wait. Do you hear it? Listen, they're close!

Charlie: Thank god. We're gonna get out of here.

Mattie: It's not over yet. My dad'S.

This is fully engulfed. Sound another alarm. I want engine 7 around back. Give me roof coverage.

Cane: My kids and their friend were in there! Did they get out?

The girl who put the call in?

Cane: Yeah, yeah, that's my daughter mattie. Yeah, she's with her brother and a friend. I just got a voicemail.

If they haven't contacted you or us, then chances are...

Cane: Would they still be in there?

Sir, okay, protocol is we get the fire under control and then we start search and rescue.

Cane: You got to go in there!

Sir! Sir! There's no way you're going in there.

Cane: Please go in there, please get them out. If you don't go in there -- if you don't go, I'm going in there!

Listen to me. I need you to step back and let us handle it. Please.

Cane: [ Panting ] Please. Please! Please, go!


Sharon: Talk to me, sweetie.

Mariah: You don't understand.

Sharon: Well, then help me. Tell me how you really feel about devon.

Mariah: I care about him. A lot. He's a good person and a good boyfriend, and all of those things that I said about him are true.

[ Sniffles ]

Sharon: But you still feel like you're pretending?

Mariah: What you said about how you felt about nick... or even how I've seen you with dylan, and now scott... I just don't have that with devon. But I never had anything like that with anyone before him, either. I mean, even tyler, while I was trying to ruin his life... it was about jealousy and revenge and everything else. It wasn't about love. Not in that way. Not in the way that you described it.

Sharon: Well, you're young. You know? There's someone else out there. And when you meet him, you go for it. You don't hold back.

Mariah: I have. Found someone.

Sharon: So then you feel badly about devon?

Mariah: Yeah, that's a part of it.

Sharon: Well, who is he?

Mariah: She.

Sharon: What?

Mariah: "Who is she?"

Sharon: Oh. I had no idea.

Mariah: Neither did I.

Sharon: So, is that what you're upset about? You -- you thought that I would have a problem with you being attracted to women?

Mariah: Not women. Just her.

Sharon: Okay, well, she, uh...she must be very special, then. I'm happy for you, mariah. You know, if you care about her, then I want to meet her. What's her name?

Mariah: Tessa.

Sharon: Tessa, as in noah's tessa? No, I mean, I -- I didn't mean it like that.

Mariah: No, you're right! That's who she is. She is noah's tessa.

Sharon: Does she have any idea about this?

Mariah: Well, I feel like it might have been pretty obviously when we kissed.

Sharon: She kissed you?

Mariah: It was mutual, i think.

Sharon: Well... give me a moment here, all right? I just need a minute. I really want to be supportive, but... noah's girlfriend? You know he had a lot of concerns about getting involved with her in the first place, and he's been burned many times, and when he finally opens up...

Mariah: I know! I know! He's in love and he's happy! You actually think that I wanted this? All those weeks that she was living here, just down the hall, I was so happy knowing that i would wake up every morning and she would be there. I would listen for the door to open, even when she was coming home on dates with own brother. The four of us going to that festival, and... I didn't want this. I never, ever wanted this.

Sharon: Does tessa know how you feel?

Mariah: After we kissed, we told each other that, um, it was just one of those things that happens, it was no big deal, "best friends forever." But... it was a lie. I mean, at least it was for me. And there have been a few times where I've... but tessa is committed to noah.

Sharon: If she's kissing his sister, I don't know how committed she really is.

Mariah: Well, I can't say anything now. I can't be that person.

Sharon: So... back to pretending?

Mariah: I don't really see how I have any other choice.

[ Sniffles ]

[ Sighs ]

Sharon: Be who you really are, mariah.

Mariah: How do I do that? What do I say? It's such a mess.

[ Sighs ]

Sharon: Love usually is. But you have to -- you have to go to tessa and tell her how you feel. And you can't wait.

Billy: [ Muffled ] Reed! Charlie! Mattie! You in here?

[ Coughing ]

Mattie: We need towels or dish rags -- any kind of fabric.

Reed: For masks?

Mattie: Yeah! Soak them in water and cover our faces.

Reed: Mini fridge.

Charlie: Got it.

Reed: [ Coughs ]

Mattie: Guys, is there any water?

Charlie: One bottle of water, plenty of beer.

[ Coughing ]

Mattie: Are you kidding me?

Charlie: What?

Mattie: Beer for the fabric, water to share.

Reed: [ Coughs ]

Charlie: You believe this?

Mattie: Do you want that to be your first beer or your last?

[ Coughs ]

[ Sighs ]

Charlie: A total waste. We'll be out of here in no time.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Mattie: Dad?

Cane: Mattie. Mattie. Hey, baby. Is anyone hurt?

Mattie: No, no, but the door is stuck and we can't get out.

Cane: All right, sweetheart, listen, the firefighters are coming in, okay?

Mattie: I'm doing everything I can to keep us safe, dad.

Cane: I know you are, baby. I know. And those boys are lucky you're in there with them, okay? So it's not gonna be much longer, okay?

Mattie: Can you stay on the phone until they come?

Cane: Of course I will, sweetheart. Hey, listen, I'm gonna tell your favorite story.

Mattie: No.

Cane: Yeah. You know the one when you and charlie were preemies?

Mattie: Dad...

Cane: And you didn't like to be apart and you were sharing that bassinet. So you would always be holding onto each other. You were like two peas in a pod. You remember?

[ Mattie coughing ] Mattie?

Mattie: [ Coughs ] Dad, it's getting worse.

Cane: Mattie, you're breaking up, baby -- mattie?

Mattie: Daddy! Daddy! I'm really scared.

[ Coughing ]

Cane: Mattie? Mattie? Mattie? Mattie? Mattie?

No. No.

Cane: Please! Please let me go in there! Please! Mattie! Mattie!

Sir! There's only one place with endless lipsticks, festive

Tessa: [ Chuckles ] Oh, um...hey! Uh, are you feeling any better?

Mariah: What? Yeah, um.... I think so. We'll see.

Tessa: Well, I wish you would have come with us. I mean, you would have danced on the tables, unlike some unnamed party poopers who couldn't be bothered.

[ Laughs ]

Mariah: Well, I'M... I'm here now. But there's something that i need to do.

[ Sighs ] It's crazy. I have no doubt about that. But I'm -- I want us to try being honest with each other.

Tessa: That, I can do.

Mariah: [ Scoffs ] Were you afraid I was gonna ask for something else? Another kiss? Maybe more?

Tessa: I wasn't afraid of anything.

Mariah: Do you think about that kiss? Because I do. I think about how it felt. How I felt. What it meant.

Tessa: We talked about it.

Mariah: No. We lied about it. Telling ourselves that it was nothing, it's just something that happens. It was the excitement of the festival that got to us. Lie, lie, lie.

Tessa: All of those things are true.

Mariah: But it's not the whole truth! Is it? Because it certainly wasn't for me. And now here's the part where I have to tell you everything that I have been feeling, or i am gonna spin out.

[ Sighs ] But sharing my emotions is not something that I am comfortable doing, at all.

[ Sighs ] Feelings are overrated and emotions are messy and... the thought... the thought of telling someone my deepest, darkest secret is enough to make my skin crawl. Usually. But I have to do it. I have to do it with you. Because something happened. And I don't understand. But something happened. I -- I didn't imagine it, or maybe I did. Did I? Now here's the part where you have to help me out. Here's the part where you jump in and tell me if that kiss meant something to you, too.

Tessa: Yeah. It did.

Billy: [ Coughing ] Reed!

[ Charlie, mattie, and reed coughing ]

Mattie: [ Gasps ]

Reed: Why haven't they come yet?

Mattie: Maybe they can'T. Maybe it's too late.

[ Coughing ]

Billy: Reed! Mattie! Charlie! Can you hear me? Reed! At petsmart, we're so close to donating

Jordan: [ Laughs ] Wow.

Hilary: And what is so funny?

Jordan: You, acting all self-righteous, like I committed a crime against you and your ego. Wow.

Hilary: Well, one of us is about to commit a crime if you don't wipe that damn smile off your face.

Jordan: You want to talk about lily? Fine. I kept my options open. Nothing wrong with that.

Hilary: Treating me like a backup plan? Oh, that is a big mistake. I deserve better. No, I demand better.

Jordan: You demand?

Hilary: Yes.

Jordan: You're serious. You got with the son while still being married to the blind father.

Hilary: That was a completely different situation.

Jordan: When you made it clear to me that you were still into devon, did I thump my chest and demand you to get over it? No, because I don't mind a challenge. I know what I have to offer. Now, you -- you get all crazy-jealous when it comes to lily, which I don't understand because how can you have so much self-confidence yet be so insecure? Unless it's all just some front.

Hilary: Well, you think I'm gonna take your cheap bait, hmm? The second that lily was single, you walked away from me, and as soon as she was done with you, well, you came slinking back to me.

Jordan: Okay, and if devon would have crooked his finger, you would have been sprinting after him and his money fast.

Hilary: Devon and I were married, okay? We had something real.

Jordan: Until you tried to start making all the rules, and he got tired. So he wouldn't play, and you tried to whip me into shape.

Hilary: No, this is about respect, jordan.

Jordan: No, it is not!

Hilary: Yes, it is!

Jordan: It is about you being in control! It's always about hilary. Tv show with your name on it. You think that all of us are just there to make you look good, tell you that you're beautiful, that you're smart, and that you're sexy. It's all some show. Nothing is real about you.

Hilary: Well, if you think that, well, I guess you don't know me at all.

Jordan: Even the sex isn't worth this hassle.

Hilary: [ Scoffs ] Don't you walk away from me. You do not -- we are not done until I say that we are done.

Jordan: You've bought into your own hype. You think you're some big tv star with a lot of power. Your husband gave you a tv show so he wouldn't have to deal with your diva nonsense all by himself. You're a joke, hilary. You're all hairspray and nail tips --

[ Gasps ] You have a good evening, hilary.

Billy: Reed! Mattie! Charlie!

Reed: Billy!

Billy: Reed! Reed! I'm gonna bust open the door! You stand back, okay?

Reed: He's coming, he's coming, don't worry.

[ Coughing ]

Billy: Reed!

Reed: Billy... billy... we need help.

Mariah: So it wasn't just me. I wasn't deranged or delusional. I... or maybe I was just babbling, and you were trying to say something nice to shut me up.

Tessa: No. I meant it.

Mariah: You did? Really?

Tessa: The kiss wasn't about san francisco or being at a music festival. It wasn't about anything except for you and me. And it was wonderful. But it's too complicated. That moment was perfect. But it's passed.

Mariah: I don't, um... I don't understand.

Tessa: You are the best friend I've ever had. I love you. And who knows what'll happen in the future? But, for now, friends is what we are.

Mariah: No, we're not. I have friends. I don't feel the same way about them as I do about you.

Tessa: I hate hurting you. It's -- it's the last thing i want to do.

Mariah: Is this about noah?

Tessa: No, it's -- it's about me. No one else. You don't really know me, mariah, my past.

Mariah: [ Scoffs ]

Tessa: And you can'T.

Mariah: That's ridiculous. Because you thought that you couldn't tell anyone about crystal, and then you did, and now she's safe. So... whatever else there is, you have to know by now that you can tell me.

Tessa: But I won'T. And you just have to take my word on that. I will never tell you because i care about you. So, please, don't ask anything more from me. But none of this means that... I don't still need you in my life, because I do, and I want to be in yours. But this is just how it has to be right now.

Mariah: According to you.

Tessa: You are not hearing me.

Mariah: No, I hear everything! You want me in your life. You just want me on your terms. You want us both to keep pretending!

Tessa: It's not pretending. Just because it's not everything you want it to be doesn't mean that it's a lie!

Mariah: Tessa...

[ Sighs ] God...

[ Voice breaking ] I want you in my life, too. I do. But not like this.

Cane: [ Panting ]

[ Sighs ] Lily, it's me. You need to call me as soon as you get this message. Something's happened.

[ Coughing ]

Billy: Go! Go! Stay low! Go out the back! Not the front.

Reed: Follow me.

Charlie: Mattie!

Billy: Stay low!

Reed: Billy --

Billy: Just go! I'm right behind you!

[ Coughing continues ]

Cane: What is going on? Why is there no news about my kids?


Mattie: [ Panting ] Dad!

Charlie: Dad!

Cane: Oh, god! Oh, god, I've been so worried about you.

[ Charlie and mattie coughing ] You're okay, you're okay. Are you all right, baby? Hey. Hey. Mattie, you all right? You okay?

Charlie: Yeah.

Cane: All right. Where are the firefighters? Which one saved you?

Charlie: It was billy.

Cane: Billy? Billy abbott?

Mattie: He saved our lives.

[ Coughing continues ] Well, where is he? Where is he?

Reed: He said he was right behind me.

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