Y&R Transcript Friday 10/27/17

Y&R Transcript Friday 10/27/17


Episode # 11288 ~ Billy points the finger at Gloria; Lauren snaps at Sharon; Abby and Zack's relationship takes an unexpected turn.

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Billy: Billy abbott. Yes, yes, about the launch... yes. No, everything should be... can you hold on one second, please? This is old data. I want every face mask rechecked for toxins, and I want it done now. Please. Can somebody else answer the damn phone? As I was saying, everything is fine with the face masks. No, you can reassure your readers that brash & sassy's committed to every product that we put out in the marketplace. No, those are just rumors. No, your viewers should know that we are committed to our customers at brash & sassy and stand by every single product we put out in the marketplace. There is no problem at all with our products. Everything is fine. No, no, no! There is no concern whatsoever about this or any other brash & sassy product. No, thank you for calling.

Lauren: [ Sighs ] Have you seen this?

Billy: [ Sighs ]

Sharon: I'm getting more and more worried. Please call me.

Mariah: Who are you worried about?

Sharon: Scott. When I saw him yesterday, he was in paul's office.

Mariah: Wait, as in police chief paul?

Sharon: Scott was -- and there was blood.

Mariah: Blood? What?

Sharon: On his shirt. And before I could ask scott what it was about, paul told me I had to leave. Now scott's not returning my calls. I'm going back to the station.

Mariah: Wait, you don't even know that he's still there.

Sharon: Well, he would have returned my calls.

Mariah: Maybe he's embarrassed because he got in some fight and he got hauled in by the cops.

Sharon: I think you're jumping to conclusions.

Mariah: What do you really know about him? Maybe you got too serious too fast with a guy that you know very little about.

Scott: [ Gasping ]

[ Garbage lid slams ]

[ Spoon clatters ]

Abby: [ Sighs ]

[ Knocking on door, doorbell rings ]

[ Graham and dina speak indistinctly ]

Dina: [ Laughs ] He's so funny.

Graham: Thank you very much.

Jack: She looks happy. I know.

Ashley: She looks really happy, but could she be faking it?

Jack: She doesn't seem to be.

Dina: [ Laughs ]

Ashley: Okay, I don't know about you, but I thought she would be depressed and lethargic and... I thought she'd be all drugged up.

Jack: How can she be so comfortable and at ease with that money-grubbing manipulator?

Dina: Just big lumps of crab.

Ashley: There could be a simple explanation. We came a long way to save somebody that's not looking to be saved.

Dina: [ Laughs ]

[ Dina speaks indistinctly ]

Jack: It doesn't make any sense. Last we saw her in genoa city, she was in a wheelchair.

Ashley: Exactly. She was in a wheelchair.

Jack: Frightened and frail and...

Ashley: Acting like somebody who was being forced to leave against her will. How could somebody have changed so much in such a short amount of time?

Jack: Maybe she's just putting on a show for him, not letting him know how frightened she really is.

Ashley: Really? That's acting?

Jack: He lied to her. She knows it.

Ashley: Apparently she's forgiven him, jack. And as much as I hate that graham's responsible for it, it is good to see mother acting like her old self.

Jack: No, not really. Something is off.

Ashley: So when are you gonna make your move?

Jack: The instant she's alone. Once she's away from graham, we can find out how she's really feeling.

Lauren: I find out on social media that the facial masks are toxic? When on earth were you gonna tell me this?!

Billy: We have prepared a statement for your P.R. Department simply saying that the masks are not for sale yet, so fenmore's customers have nothing to be concerned about.

Lauren: And what about all the rest of the brash & sassy products?

Billy: Everything else is fine.

Lauren: [ Sighs ]

Billy: And, of course, we will reimburse you for any sort of costs that are gonna affect your bottom line because we are postponing the launch.

Lauren: This is a disaster.

Billy: Yeah, tell me about it.

Lauren: You know, here I am complaining about business, and I-I -- is this true? Did victoria's exposure to these masks, did they cause her collapse on "the hilary hour"?

Billy: It's pointing that way, yeah.

Lauren: How is she?

Billy: She's stabilized. But she's still under observation.

Lauren: I'm so sorry.

Michael: So you woke up next to a murdered hooker.

Scott: Yeah. Yeah, what are the odds?

Michael: How did you get to the motel?

Scott: Not a clue.

Michael: Did she bring you there or did you meet her there? Look, if I'm gonna help you, you're gonna have to start talking.

Scott: You think I'm withholding information, but I'm not! When I try to remember how I got in that room, I... there's nothing.

Michael: But you do recall seeing natalia earlier.

Scott: At the underground. She walked in, then turned around and walked out, and I ran after her, but...she was gone. After that, I just came back inside.

Michael: Okay. Next memory?

Scott: Waking up. Last I knew, I never even went to sleep, and I'M... I'm in bed. It's not my bed. In a hotel room with a woman who... who looked familiar, but i couldn't place it. So I turned her over. God, what they... what they did to her, michael, it...

[ Voice breaking ] Natalia'S... she's dead because of me. She'S...

Michael: Explain that.

Scott: You think I -- no, I -- no! I-I couldn't have.

Michael: Look, I'm not making any judgments or assumptions.

Scott: You certainly sound like you are.

Michael: What it sounds like is that you're being stingy with the facts.

Scott: I didn't kill her. That is a fact! I've told you everything I know.

Michael: Really? Okay. Well, you've neglected to mention that natalia was part of a sex ring.

Scott: What? You think I was paying her for her services?

Michael: Were you?

Scott: I was doing an exposé on the traffickers who were exploiting her. So, yeah, I know her. I knew her. I-I spoke with her.

Michael: About? How am I supposed to get you out of here?

Scott: How much of this are you gonna tell my mother? How much?!

Michael: I haven't even told lauren that you're in police custody. I'm hoping that you'll be able to explain all of this to her yourself once you're out of here. Tell me the rest.

Scott: Someone involved in the sex ring must have known i was on to them and that I could blow up their operation. That's why they killed an innocent, young woman. Frame me, shut me up. It's my fault.

[ Voice breaking ] It's my fault. It's my fault.

Michael: Okay. Listen to me. Listen. You can say that to me. You can feel what you need to feel to me. But don't ever say that to anyone else while this is hanging over your head. You understand that?

Scott: Mm-hmm.

Michael: Now, I am sorry about natalia. But I have one job and one job only -- to defend you. Help me do that.

Scott: [ Sighs ]

Michael: Is there anything else you haven't told me?

Scott: Can you get me out of here?

Michael: [ Chuckles ] Well, you haven't been charged. That's good. I can talk to paul, work on getting you released.

Scott: Paul knows me. I mean, he knows I was working with the cops to -- to bring down these traffickers. How could he suspect me of murder?

Michael: Paul has to abide by the rule of law. Don't expect to be handed any "get out of jail free" cards because we're all friends. If the evidence points to you, it points to you.

Scott: It's a setup. But they miscalculated. I'm going after them.

Michael: That's not the best idea for a suspect.

Scott: Nothing and no one is gonna stop me from writing that exposé. Even if I have to do it from behind bars.

Sharon: Scott is a brave and honest man.

Mariah: [ Scoffs ] Listen, one of the things that i love about you is how ride-or-die you are with people that you care about, even strangers. But...

Sharon: What? You think I'm being naive?

Mariah: I think that love can make people blind, and it happens to the best of us.

Sharon: I know scott.

Mariah: Okay, so let's go with that. You know him. You know that he's covered not just the news but wars. He's seen people dying all around him. He's even been kidnapped and held hostage himself.

Sharon: Exactly. And that man, a man who has put his life at risk over and over again for good --

Mariah: Could be messed up. Could be walking around with a whole heap of an emotional baggage that he's very good at concealing.

Sharon: You're wrong.

Mariah: Look, you're studying psychology. Follow the bouncing neuroses. I mean, what happens to a person when all of the awful things that they've seen or experienced pile up on them?

Sharon: They hit a wall.

Mariah: Maybe that's what happened to scott. Maybe he slammed up against his own personal wall and just... lost it.

Michael: Okay, so you're keeping my client locked up while you go off on a scavenger hunt for evidence linking him to the murder?

Paul: Legally, I have a right to hold a suspect 72 hours.

Michael: But it's scott. It's scott we're talking about.

Paul: Scott was found at the scene of the crime, covered in the victim's blood, and he didn't even bother to call 911.

Michael: He was in shock.

Paul: That's what they all say. I'm keeping him in custody. And I'm telling you, we are very close to charging him.

Michael: With what? Murder?

Paul: Possibly.

Michael: There is no motive. And what about the corroborating witness?

Paul: Zack stinnett?

Michael: Yeah, have you even talked to him?

Paul: I interviewed him myself.

Michael: Oh.

Paul: And he confirmed that he had drinks with scott at the underground.

Michael: Then you know.

Paul: I know that scott claims he had a few beers. Zack's take on it, he was pretty plastered. And when he poured scott into a cab, scott said that he was headed to another club.

Michael: No, that's can't be right.

Paul: Michael, he knew this woman natalia. And after he ran into her in the underground, he went looking for her.

Michael: You're putting your spin on it now, paul.

Paul: Show me any proof that would negate what we've got, and I would be more than happy to release him.

[ Telephone rings ] Williams. Okay, thank you.

Michael: What? Was that about scott?

Paul: It's not good. The opioid my doctor prescribed for my chronic back pain

Michael: Are you positive it was roofies?

Paul: There are traces of the drug that were found in natalia's system.

Michael: Scott recalls running after her.

Paul: You're proving my case, counselor.

Michael: No, no, but he has no memory of reconnecting with this woman or getting to that motel. So if she was drugged, so was he.

Paul: There's no indication of that.

Michael: Then a person or persons unknown delivered scott and natalia to that motel while they were both under the influence.

Paul: You know, there's one hitch in that theory. Scott tested negative for drugs.

Michael: Because it was already out of his system.

Paul: Oh, come on now. Who's reaching?

Michael: You know as well as I do that there are drugs that can leave a person's system before she or he is even aware that they've even been drugged. And that is consistent with what happened with scott.

Paul: What he claims happened. He also claims that he was not drunk. But after questioning zack, that was not the case.

Michael: You really think that he killed natalia in some drunken blackout?!

Paul: I don't think anything. I'm just going where the case takes me. I'm just doing my duty as a sworn officer of the law.

Michael: Do you really think that he killed this young woman?

Paul: [ Sighs ] If there's nothing more, I have calls to make.

[ Sighs ]

Abby: Leave.

Zack: Just hear me out.

Abby: No, I-I got your voicemail. I heard it all. Get out.

[ Sighs ] If you don't leave right now, then I'm gonna call ranch security!

Zack: You won't listen to me, so I'll listen to you. Come on, abby. Have at it.

Abby: [ Scoffs ] How dare you break up with me on a voicemail?! Do you know what you are? You are a coward. Do you have any idea what it was like to get that message when my sister's in the hospital, when i am worried about victoria, when I needed you?

Zack: I --

Abby: No, do not open your mouth. Do not talk, 'cause every time you do, it is a lie. Some romantic speech about how you will never let me down?

[ Scoffs ] Were you laughing at me when i fell for that?

Zack: Of course not. Abby, I'm sorry --

Abby: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. There's that word again. The "s" word -- "sorry." Like balloons and "I'm sorry" is gonna make this better. Well, guess again.

Zack: I wish that I never left that voicemail. I wish you never heard it.

Abby: Well, I wish I had never met you! Now get out! Fine. I'm calling ranch security.

Zack: Abby. I love you.

Scott: [ Sighs ]

Victor: Thank you.

Scott: Thanks for throwing me under the bus.

Victor: You called demanding that I help you cover up a murder.

Scott: A murder I didn't commit. Now I'm stuck in here while the person who killed natalia is...

[ Chair clatters ] I got to get out of here. What did you think was gonna happen when you called the cops on me?

Victor: Calm down, son. What I thought would happen is exactly what did happen. Paul williams sees what I see. You're not capable of murder.

Scott: Glad somebody knows that.

Victor: You know what I know? You better be careful. Look over your shoulder. Because the person that framed you is not gonna rest until you spend your life behind bars.

Scott: That'll never happen.

Victor: Oh, yeah? It'll happen if you continue to be as arrogant as you are right now. You better think, son. Think very hard about who might be your enemy.

Billy: Have you talked to phyllis at all?

Lauren: Yeah. She just called from the cosmetic convention, said everything was going well. I'm sure that's not why you asked.

Billy: No, we're just, uh... we're just on a little bit of a break right now. It's nothing serious.

Lauren: It's very serious, according to phyllis. So you're gonna have to bring out the big guns and work very hard if you want to get her back.

Billy: Little swamped right now.

Lauren: So, do you have any idea what made these masks toxic?

Billy: No. Trying to figure that out.

Lauren: I have to go. You know, is it possible that one of your competitors accessed your formulas and then sabotaged the masks? I mean, it does happen.

Billy: I would say that our security is tight, but then everybody thinks that right before they're hacked.

Lauren: But who would hate brash & sassy so much to do something so low, so des...picable?

[ Chair scrapes floor ] Not many people would test 100 pans to find the right one

Billy: Jack!

Gloria: He's not here.

Billy: Where is he?

Gloria: He's out of town.

Billy: Then I'll talk to ashley.

Gloria: Ashley is out of town, too. She's with jack.

Billy: Then I'll call them.

Gloria: Oh, really? And you think he's gonna pick up your calls? He really has more important things to do.

Billy: Yeah, like avoiding my calls.

Gloria: And I wonder why he would do that.

Billy: Maybe because he tampered with brash & sassy's face masks and put victoria in the hospital.

Gloria: Why do you think jack would be involved in that?

Billy: Why do you think? Because he's wanted to destroy the competition for a very long time, and he does have an employee that has experience with poisoning face creams.

Michael: Lauren, just -- just try to stay calm, all right?

Lauren: Paul, what are you doing?

Scott: Mom, come on.

Lauren: He's innocent.

Paul: He's only being charged with solicitation for now.

Lauren: He didn't kill that woman. Am I the only person who sees how wrong this is?

Michael: No, you're not. But scott met with the victim while he and sharon were searching for a missing girl, a girl who called sharon on the crisis hotline.

Lauren: Sharon. Sharon. It's always sharon.

Scott: What happened last night had nothing to do with sharon.

Lauren: Of course it did! If she wasn't in your life, this wouldn't be happening. Michael has your suit for the arraignment. I'll see you at the courthouse.

Scott: Mom, no, please. I'll call you after, but just please leave this alone!

[ Sharon and mariah speak indistinctly ]

Lauren: This is your fault. You are the reason that scott has been arrested.

Sharon: Arrested? What?

Lauren: You dragged him into this. You have been using him and involving him in your own issues!

Sharon: Okay, my relationship with scott --

Lauren: Is very self-serving and one-sided.

Sharon: Now, that's not true.

Lauren: Why on earth are you here? Why are you safe and comfortable and completely oblivious to the fact that my son is being framed for murder?

Mariah: Murder? What?

Sharon: No. Scott would never --

Lauren: Yes, you're right. Scott would never. This is because of you. You have screwed up my son's life like you have screwed up the lives of every other man you have ever been with! Nick, jack, adam, dylan. Oh, let's throw in victor newman, okay? You got the whole set there! Proud of yourself?

Sharon: I understand that as scott's mother --

Lauren: Oh, what do you know about being a mother? When you aren't walking away from your own children, you're trying to steal someone else's!

Mariah: Whoa, whoa, hey! Guys, cut it out! Cut it out! Hey! You guys need to dial it back, like, a bunch!

Sharon: Don't you talk about my children! I love them more than my own life!

Lauren: Oh, until a good-looking, vulnerable guy shows up, like my son, and then you just pounce!

Sharon: You know what? You are an overprotective, interfering mother who won't let her son make his own choices. And when scott gets in trouble, who do you blame? The people who framed him? No. You blame me because you're jealous of our relationship.

Lauren: [ Chuckles ]

Sharon: Well, you move on, lady. It's time for you to get your own life and...

Mariah: Hey. Excuse me.

Sharon: ...Let me and scott live ours without you in it!

Lauren: You're the one who deserves to be in jail for stealing nick's baby!

Sharon: You controlling and entitled bitch. You really think I'm just gonna fall in line?

Lauren: Oh, you back the hell away from my son!

Mariah: [ Whistles loudly ] Hi! Hey, guys! Smile for the camera, because you're about to be on "the hilary hour" tonight!

Sharon: You wouldn'T.

Lauren: Don't you dare.

Mariah: Oh, oh, but I would. I would. 'Cause if you keep going at each other, you guys are gonna be viral before nightfall! Okay?!

Gloria: I resent your insinuations.

Billy: Oh, yeah? You gonna pretend to be outraged right now, gloria? We all know that you're jack's friend with benefits.

Gloria: That is beyond the pale. Jack and I are business associates.

Billy: Oh, really? Well, when you're "associating" with each other, did you whisper in his ear or did he whisper in yours? When exactly did you come up with this big master plan to poison brash & sassy's masks and come after victoria?

Gloria: Ahh! Go.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Jack: Make it quick.

Gloria: Fine. Brash & sassy's facial mask is toxic. And billy thinks you're responsible for it and I helped you. Did you do it?

Jack: No. Did you?

Gloria: No. And if it wasn't either of us, then who?

Jack: I don't have time to decide this right now. Deflect anything from the press. Don't say anything to anyone. Just sit tight till I get back.

Gloria: When will that be?

Jack: You'll know as soon as I do.

Ashley: What was that about?

Jack: No graham.

Graham: I knew it wouldn't take you long to track dina down. But it's a wasted journey.

Jack: Don't be too confident, graham.

Lauren: Oh.

Michael: Hey, hey.

Lauren: Hey. I'm sorry I missed the arraignment.

Scott: It was over faster than it took me to change into this suit.

Michael: Just long enough for the judge to set bail. Mwah.

Lauren: I'm so glad that you're free. At least for now.

Scott: Hey, you got to stop worrying about me, mom.

Lauren: [ Chuckles ] Never, baby boy. Not even when you're old and gray. See, I'm gonna be driving my little, red sports car to the senior living facility every day to make sure they're treating you right.

[ Chuckles ]

Michael: I call shotgun.

Lauren: Forever and ever.

Scott: You know the whole thing was, uh, was bogus, right?

Lauren: Of course I do.

Sharon: Hey. Thanks for the text.

Scott: Oh. Hmm. I knew you'd be worried.

Sharon: So, okay, where to now?

Scott: Well, I'm with you.

Lauren: Maybe you shouldn'T. I just, um, I mean, you know, you're probably hungry and exhausted after your horrible night in jail.

Scott: Hmm. Yeah to both. But, in fact, if you don't mind, I was thinking of ducking out of here with sharon.

Lauren: But --

Scott: Mom, it's been a bad couple of days. The last thing I want to do is argue with you. Hey. And thank you. Thank you. Thank you for everything.

Michael: Of course.

Scott: Yeah. Come on.

Abby: No, if I need mr. Stinnett removed, I will give you a call back. Thank you.

Zack: You're not siccing ranch security on me?

Abby: Then they will inform my father, who will want you out of designdate, and that will reflect badly on me, so do us both a favor and skulk off like the snake that you are.

Zack: Did you hear what i said before?

Abby: No, you don't get to dump me on a voicemail and then tell me you love me!

Zack: You're the last thing i wanted.

Abby: Oh! Thanks for the insult.

Zack: I fought it, failed, tried to avoid you. That didn't work. I needed so badly to escape that I packed all of my bags and tried to leave town. I really tried.

Abby: Then why didn't you?

Zack: Because I realized that I can't live without seeing you again.

Abby: That is the sweetest, most romantic... load of bull I have ever heard!

Zack: You think I'm making this up?

Abby: Did you forget how many times we've done this? I get angry at you, you give me some heartfelt speech, I melt, i forgive you like an idiot, and then I get hurt? No, no, no. It's not happening again.

Zack: I know that I've been sending you mixed messages.

Abby: Mixed messages? I-I got the message. You don't want to love me, so stop trying. I get that you are ambitious and you probably think that I'm gonna go all "woman scorned" on you, but don't worry. I can accept it. I...I can accept if I am not the woman that you need or you want.

Zack: Abby, you are who i want, who I need...and love.

Abby: Then why the back and forth?

Zack: 'Cause I'm scared.

Abby: Of what?

Zack: That you'll find out who the real me is.

Abby: And who's the real you?

Zack: Someone that doesn't deserve you.

Abby: Why not?

Zack: That's what I'm afraid you'll find out.

Abby: Look... I didn't want to fall for you. I didn't want to get hurt after my marriage, but you got through my defenses.

Zack: And you got through mine.

Abby: If that's true --

Zack: I'm good at keeping my distance. When this started, I wanted to keep it light and fun.

Abby: All business.

Zack: That's why I kept shutting you down and why i tried to run away.

Abby: What's changed, zack? Hmm? What's gonna keep you from breaking up with me an hour from now, a week from now, or --

Zack: Never. Or never.

Abby: If you don't mean this...

Zack: I mean it. Abby newman, I would rather risk everything and be with you than not be with you and have nothing.

Scott: You have your laptop here?

Sharon: Sure. So, how do you want to handle this? You want to escape it for a while or...

Scott: When I was in that cell, that's all I wanted to do -- to stop seeing natalia and what they did to her.

Sharon: And now?

Scott: I owe her, sharon.

Sharon: So then let's start paying up, and we'll start with what you remember about last night.

Scott: [ Sighs ] God. Not much. Zack was with me.

Sharon: Well, he can fill in some of the blanks. Get him on the phone.

Scott: [ Scoffs ] I've tried. He's not returning my calls.

Sharon: Okay, then we'll just keep going with what you know for sure, and we'll verify it with zack later.

Scott: It's useless. I can't remember how I got in bed with her body. No matter how hard I push, it just...I just can'T.

Sharon: Sometimes when I'm trying to remember something, it helps if I just clear my mind, make it a point to not focus on it. So for now, we're going to have to figure out another way to find out what happened last night.

Scott: Which is why we need to find out everything we can about natalia.

Billy: Just left a meeting with the lawyers. They want to work up a statement with the P.R. Department about the face masks, so expect a call from them. I got to go. Confidential files.

Victor: Let me ask you, why the hell, then, did you leave it on this table here for everyone to see? I mean, the social media are gonna have a field day with this. Why didn't you put a block on this immediately?

Billy: I've been doing damage control all day, victor.

Victor: Really?

Billy: Yes.

Victor: Who the hell poisoned those face masks?

Ashley: You really expect us to believe that our mother left genoa city and came here with you of her own free will?

Graham: As a matter of fact, that's exactly what she did.

Ashley: Right.

Graham: But since I can tell you don't believe me, why don't you two come see for yourself?

Dina: Hello, dear.

Graham: Dina.

Dina: Why did you bring him here? You know how much I despise him!

Jack: Mother, you don't mean --

Dina: Don't you dare touch me! I never, ever want to see you again!

Graham: I tried to protect you from her true feelings. But as you can see... I'm sorry about this. The opioid my doctor prescribed for my chronic back pain

Victor: I'm inclined to agree with you. I think your brother jack may have had a hand in poisoning the face masks. And that is why victoria's in the hospital right now.

Billy: She could have died. I could strangle him with my bare hands.

Victor: I'm gonna do worse to him than that.

Billy: You saying you're gonna go after my brother, victor?

Victor: And jabot. You gonna stop me?

Billy: No. I'm gonna help you.

Jack: I don't know what he's done. His influence over her has always been hard to understand, but this is like he's brainwashed her.

Ashley: Do you think there's a possibility that that's how she really feels?

Jack: Ash, we have had our differences. You saw the way she looked at me. It's like she despised me.

Ashley: So what do you want to do now? Should we just go home?

Jack: No. I'm not leaving now, not till i figure this out.

Michael: Been one of those days.

Lauren: Oh, it feels like about 10 of them. Dealing with the face-mask crisis on top of it.

Michael: Scott's arrest. Toss in your fight with sharon.

Lauren: I do not see what he likes about her.

Michael: In your eyes, would any woman be good enough for him?

[ Chuckles ]

Lauren: Maybe I am that mother. You know, everybody told me, "don't get involved." But maybe if I had, this wouldn't have happened. I want my son to be happy. I want him to have a fulfilling life filled with wonderful things. But what if he's charged with murder? And what if he's found guilty?

Sharon: So, how many of these online escort and massage sites did natalia post on?

Scott: More than 30. And we're just getting started. Oh, here's another one.

Sharon: Yeah, but these are all outdated, and they're full of broken links.

Scott: Yeah, but if I could just find the name of this so-called dating service that natalia was most recently using, then I can...

Sharon: What? What are you thinking?

Scott: [ Sighs ] I got to dig deeper. I got to go to the places on the web that aren't so easy to access.

Sharon: Poor natalia. How did she get involved in this sad and dangerous life? Maybe that was the only choice she had. Maybe her choice was taken away from her. I'm gonna get us some coffee.

Scott: Sharon.

Sharon: Did you find more posts?

Scott: Uh...

Sharon: Oh, yeah. That's natalia's photo. What site is it?

Scott: It's new. It's, uh, connected to an app you can use on your phone.

Sharon: Okay, what's it called? Designdate?

Scott: Yeah.

Sharon: Isn't that...

Scott: Funded by newman enterprises, created by zack stinnett.

Sharon: Whose partner is...

Scott: Abby newman. Y would I squeal over <

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