Y&R Transcript Thursday 10/26/17

Y&R Transcript Thursday 10/26/17


Episode # 11287 ~ Victor receives a distress call; Victoria makes a startling connection; Dina surprises Jack and Ashley.

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Scott: No. No, no. No. Come on, come on, come on. Get it together, man. Come on, come on, come on, come on.

[ Breathes deeply ] Oh, please. Please, please. Please, please. There it is. Come on.

[ Inhales deeply ] Victor, it's scott. Uh... call me the second you get this. It's urgent. I just -- I need you right away. I need your help.

[ Sighs ]

Dr. Rosen: Thanks, guys. You have to wait outside, sir.

Billy: Vick, I'll be right here. You hang on there.

Victor: What did you do to my daughter?

Nick: Billy, what the hell happened?

Nikki: Please tell me she's okay.

Jack: The jet's ready for immediate takeoff.

Ashley: I don't know how we're ever gonna thank paul for finding mother.

Jack: I'm sure he knows how grateful we all are. I'm just glad graham took mother to florida and not out of the country.

Ashley: Doesn't mean he's gonna make it any easier for us to find her.

Jack: Like renting some high-security place with a panic room and a guard gate?

Ashley: Jack, you don't know what you're walking into.

Jack: Hey, I want you to know I will stop at nothing to get her back here. I mean that.

Ashley: I know. That's why I love you. It's also why you're not coming along.

Jack: N-- ash, ash, I love you, too, but I want you to be safe. Graham is desperate. This could get ugly.

Ashley: It's already ugly, jack. Come on! You and I are on the same page. I'm ready for a showdown. I don't care what you say. You're stuck with me.

Jack: [ Sighs ] Okay. Let's go.

Scott: [ Sighs softly ] Victor, hey. I-it's scott. Please. I don't even know if you're getting these messages, but can you please call me back? Please?

[ Sighs ]

[ Cellphone rings ]

Sharon: Hi. It's me. I hope everything's okay. I thought I would hear from you last night. Um... call me back, please.

Scott: [ Exhales sharply ] Victor, please, please. Please pick up the phone. Please.

[ Sighs ]

Billy: Hey, doctor. Uh, can you tell us anything about what's going on with victoria?

Dr. Rosen: We still don't have any further information. I'm sorry, mr. Abbott. I promise to come find you as soon as I can give you a diagnosis.

Billy: Listen, uh, I know it's probably too early to commit to anything, but... maybe an educated guess? You look like you know what you're talking about. That would really help us out here. It's my ex-wife in there. We raise our kids together. To be honest, this waiting around is torture, so a little first aid would be nice.

Dr. Rosen: I wish I could.

Victor: Doctor... just for your information, this man is no longer a part of this family, okay? So, uh, I'm not only victoria's father, but my name is on two wings of this hospital. So, if there's any update on my daughter's condition, you report to me. Is that clear?

Dr. Rosen: Of course.

Victor: Good.

Dr. Rosen: Yes, mr. Newman. At the moment, we're trying to determine if ms. Newman's condition could be the result of a car accident which she didn't seek medical attention for.

Victor: Wait a minute. What car accident?

Dr. Rosen: We can't exclude anything, including a concussion.

Billy: But the concussion -- that was diagnosed months ago.

Nikki: What? What are you talking about? Wh--

Billy: A few days after she fell at your concert reception.

Dr. Rosen: I'll put in a call to her primary healthcare physician and get back to you. Excuse me.

Victor: Thank you, doctor. I can't believe I've become so distant from victoria that i don't know anything about this.

Sharon: Six assorted coffees, apple strudel, whole-grain muffins, and orange-cranberry scones?

Abby: That's mine.

Sharon: Oh! Hi! Um...you must have the appetite of a sand shark.

Abby: No, it's -- it's actually for a family breakfast in the emergency room.

Sharon: Really? What -- who?

Abby: I don't know much yet. I just know that, apparently, victoria collapsed on the set of "the hilary hour" during the show.

Sharon: That is awful news. Wow. Please give her my best.

Abby: I will.

Sharon: And, also, just let me know if there's something else I can do.

Abby: Well, actually, since you offered, um, could you tell your boyfriend to show up at newman today -- the sooner, the better? My dad and I could really use him to cover some meetings for us since we won't be in the office for most of the day.

Sharon: Um...I really don't know where scott is right now. He's also not one to clock in or chain himself to a desk. He's usually in meetings with freelancers or he's working on his own stories, which take him who knows where?

Abby: But he is editor-in-chief of hashtag. His office at newman is equipped with the finest telecommunications hardware that money can buy. So tell him to act like he works at newman and use it. We really need him today. Please. Thanks.

Victor: What the hell do you want?

Scott: Victor. Thank god.

Victor: I'm in the emergency room with victoria. Why do you keep on calling me incessantly?

Scott: Because I woke up in a motel room... covered in blood... next to a dead prostitute.

Scott: Look, I'm truly sorry victoria's in the hospital, and I know you'll get her the best medical care, but, victor, this -- this girl's not walking out of here. Someone killed her, and I swear it wasn't me. You got to believe me when i tell you this. Someone's setting me up.

Victor: What in the world do you want me to do about this?

Scott: Make it go away.

Victor: Are you out of your mind?

Scott: I'm getting there real fast. Look... I researched your life. You paid me to. So I know what you're capable of. And you have the power to make things happen, a-and you use it. And I know you value loyalty, and I will be loyal to you forever. I-I -- you have my solemn pledge.

Victor: Listen to me. I'm in the emergency room at the hospital.

Scott: Victor, please. There's no other way out for me, and I-I-I don't know what else they're doing to frame me right now.

Victor: Then call your stepfather. He's an attorney.

Scott: No. Michael is -- is an officer of the court. I can't have this turning into a whole legal thing.

Victor: [ Breathes deeply ] Okay. Leave it to me.

Scott: Thank you. Thank you. I'm at the night and day motel by the airport, room 8. What do I do? Just tell me.

Victor: You do nothing. Just sit still.

Scott: Yeah. Okay. Whatever you say.

Victor: And don't call me again today. Is that clear?

Scott: Y-yes, I do. Absolutely. Thank you.

[ Sighs ] Thank you very much.

[ Sighs ]

Victor: [ Groans ] Listen. I hate to make this call.

Abby: Here you go.

Nick: Oh. Here, mom.

Nikki: Thank you. We have been here for hours, and the doctor hasn't told us a thing.

Abby: What's the hold-up? Why don't they know?

Nick: They just don't know yet, but thank you so much for the breakfast.

Billy: Yeah, thank you. It's a nice idea.

Abby: No problem.

Victor: Hi, sweetheart.

Abby: Dad. Hey. I brought you a coffee -- the good kind.

Victor: That's so sweet of you. Thank you.

Abby: [ Sighs ]

Nick: [ Sighs ]

Abby: Well, this is a pretty lousy excuse for a family reunion, huh? Okay. So, why -- why can't they update you on victoria's condition? They must know something.

Victor: Right now, they're just guessing at a diagnosis.

Abby: Like what?

Victor: They think it may have to do with a fall that victoria took at the end of nikki's concert.

Abby: Oh, my god. Um... this -- this could be all my fault.

Nick: Why do you say that?

Abby: Victoria and I got in an argument.

[ Sighs ] I threw a drink in her face, and she fell and she hit her head, and I-I feel awful. She could be in there because of me.

Victor: Sweetheart, I'm quite certain this incident had nothing to do with this, all right?

Nikki: Well, thank you, dr. Newman.

Victor: Will you drop this? It's nothing to do with abby.

Abby: It...is if it's my fault.

Billy: Abby, I'm sure that the airbag going off when she got in the car accident is a lot more plausible than --

Nikki: Yeah, an accident that nobody told me about!

Victor: I guess victoria has refused to let any of us in on what's happening in her life.

Billy: Look, victoria can't talk for herself right now, but just let me say that she's not trying to leave everybody in the dark, okay? She's been focusing on brash & sassy, trying to keep it viable, at the expense of her health.

Nikki: Well, I'm not the one who raised her to be successful at any cost.

Abby: Please stop it, all of you. Can you just stop it?

[ Knock on door ]

Paul: Open up, scott! It's the police! Freeze! Face down on the floor! Do it!

Scott: Okay. This is all just a mistake. I don't want --

[ Breathing heavily ]

Paul: I'd call it much more than a mistake.

Scott: You have to know i didn't do that. I couldn't have! I didn't do anything!

Paul: I'd be a lot more likely to believe you, scott... if you had reported this last night yourself. We can continue this at the station. Let's go.

Scott: [ Grunts ]

Paul: Secure the scene and radio for forensics.

Scott: Wait. Wait. Wait. How did you know this happened last night? And you knew I was in here. You called my name. I'm telling you, whoever called this in killed natalia. I'm being set up.

Paul: Victor newman called it in. Let's go.

Abby: Anyone who has witnessed the bitterness and the animosity would wonder why the five of us met up here. Yes, we have issues with each other, some bigger than others, and I don't expect those to just magically disappear, but can we just leave those outside for now? 'Cause we can all agree on two things -- we love victoria and we want her to get better as soon as possible.

Victor: You're absolutely right, my sweetheart. Thank you.

Abby: It's been a rough week. I know I could use some family.

Nick: Sorry.

Nikki: Abby's right. We should all rise above this, for victoria's sake -- all of us.

Abby: I'm sure we're all willing to try. Dad's not the enemy, right?

Billy: No, you're right, actually. This time, he's not.

Victor: Kindly refrain from talking about me or to me, all right?

Billy: You're angry. Okay. I understand that. You feel helpless. If anybody wants to vent, why don't you just take it out on me, okay? Don't take it out on each other. I mean, come on. We've all lost children here, right? Go ahead. Have at it. Everything's fair game with the prospect of losing another one.

Scott: This looks bad for me. I get it. But so do you, paul, right? I mean, it's too bad to be true -- laid out so neat like this? I mean... yes, I should have called you last night, but I had been drinking. I blacked out, and I panicked, just like whoever did this hoped I would. But you've known me since birth. I'm not a murderer. I'm trying to save these women.

Paul: Some would theorize that your interest in the sex ring was more than professional.

Scott: As in what -- pathological, homicidal? Paul, it's me! I'm [Sighs] The activist for oppressed people everywhere! I'm a writer!

Paul: Okay, scott. Uh... please understand this has gone beyond what would be considered my call. There is a system, and I have to operate within it.

Scott: You're my mother's oldest friend.

Paul: Which is why we have to use extreme caution. We don't want people screaming that you got special treatment. That would be the worst thing here.

Scott: You're right. Okay. What do you need from me in order to bring these people in?

Paul: You can start by telling me everything you did yesterday.

Scott: In order? Because it all ends with that blackout I mentioned. I mean, the last thing i remember is going to the underground.

Paul: Who was with you there? Do you remember seeing anyone?

Scott: Zack stinnett, abby's friend, the guy who developed that dating app she launched for newman. I mean, we had a couple drinks -- beers. I-I wasn't trying to get wasted.

Paul: Okay. I know zack. A statement from him would clarify this.

Scott: Good. Then... he'll -- he'll -- he'll tell you. Well, let's find zack, and he can vouch for me.

Paul: Okay. Just to be clear, from here on in, we are not finding anyone. I am handling the police investigation, and you are not going anywhere.

Reed: Where is she? Is -- is my mom okay?

Victor: Your mom is resting, okay?

Nikki: Oh, honey, I'm so glad you're here. I know she will be, too.

Reed: Is she asleep? Could -- can we see her?

Victor: Yeah. Come here.

Abby: I saved you the last bagel.

Nick: Oh. Yeah, thanks. I...tried to eat earlier. I'm just not hungry.

Abby: Yeah, I'm right there with you. It's been a rough week. My grandmother was apparently kidnapped by her charming constant companion, who turned out to be the stepson of her former lover, the country club gigolo, who has been plotting revenge against her for decades. Yeah, you know -- same old story.

Nick: Oh, man. That sucks. I'm sorry. I hope dina's okay.

Abby: Yeah, me, too. Well, my mom texted me some good news, or at least I hope it is. She and jack traced dina to florida, and they went there last night.

Nick: So, you got the standard abbott-newman dilemma going on -- which family crisis will you stick closer to?

Abby: Today it suits me to be more of a newman.

Jack: You've barely said a word since we left the house.

Ashley: I'm thinking. What are we gonna do once we get to the hotel, jack? I mean, how are we gonna get mother away from graham? Have you thought of anything?

Jack: We tried diplomacy at the hospital, and here we are. From now on, deeds, not words.

Ashley: That's your plan -- we're just gonna grab mother and run?

Jack: [ Sighs ]

Reed: [ Sniffles ]

Nikki: Sweetheart.

Reed: [ Crying ] Thank you.

[ Blows nose ] Why won't they tell us something -- anything?

Nikki: Honey, I'm sure the doctor will tell us something soon.

Victor: She's getting the best care possible, okay? She'll pull through this. Don't you worry about a thing, all right? Okay?

Reed: [ Crying ] Okay.

Abby: So, what happened to that truce I heard you had going on with dad?

Nick: It's not like I've forgiven him, and we won't be having a beer together anytime soon.

Abby: Come on. Yes, he has his flaws.

Nick: What, you mean those massive personality and ethical defects? Yeah, you could say that.

Abby: Look at him. He's worried. He's worried about our sister, just like we are, and no matter what, he's our dad.

Nick: Not mine. Not anymore. You know, I shouldn't be dragging you into the middle of this. We're supposed to be here for victoria, who's awfully quiet at the moment. I could use something to distract me. Tell me what's going on in that fabulous life of yours.

Abby: Oh, wow. Um, well, my designdate app is a hit. Everybody loves romance, right? And I'm in a relationship. Or at least I think I am.

Zack: We're moving out of genoa city right away. Things here have gotten too complicated. Listen to me. This is simple. Cancel any bookings. Pack up all the girls, except for natalia. She's not coming. Yeah. No more questions. Hurry up and close it all down. Leave no trace. Leon. Leon. I know how much this will cost. Trust me. Just do it.

[ Exhales sharply ]

Paul: Hey. Chief williams. You're zack, right?

Zack: Oh, hey. Yeah. What can I do for you? I was just about to, uh...

Paul: Would you be okay answering a few questions for me -- official business?

Zack: Yeah. Happy to help if I can.

Paul: [ Sighs ]

Zack: Hey. So, what's going on?

Paul: Well, I'm trying to confirm a story, a statement that a witness made. Standard stuff. Can you walk me through your schedule last night?

Zack: Sure. Um... after work, I went to the underground for drinks with scott grainger. He works with abby newman.

Paul: Yeah, I know scott. How did he seem?

Zack: [ Scoffs ] Drunk. I mean, the guy works hard. I'm not judging him. And he wasn't driving, so... wait. Scott's okay, right? I mean, he didn't wind up behind the wheel after we hung out, did he?

Paul: No. He's -- he's fine.

Zack: I put him in a cab before I left the underground.

Paul: Did, uh, scott happen to say anything, like where he was going?

Zack: [ Chuckles ] Clubbing. I was too tired for that. He kept asking the driver which night spots in G.C. Get the most beautiful women.

Paul: Did you get the sense that this was something that, uh, it was some story that scott was doing, or...?

Zack: You know, I'm not sure. Um... he did say there was a woman that was trying to find him. He was trying to help her.

Paul: You seem skeptical.

Zack: Look, I don't have all the facts, okay? I don't want to jam up abby's colleague and...

Paul: Yeah. The more you can tell me, the faster I can straighten everything out.

Zack: Okay. Um... well... at the underground, scott spotted some attractive blond-haired girl. He kind of flipped out when he saw her -- even went after her, running outside to catch her, but she was gone.

Paul: There's more?

Zack: I saw the look on her face...when she spotted scott, and, uh, it didn't seem like she was trying to find him. Like, more like the opposite, like she was...kind of afraid of him or something. But it all happened really fast. Like I said, I don't want to jam up scott or...

Paul: Was that the woman?

Zack: Yeah. That's definitely her.

[ Sighs ]

Dr. Rosen: I have some news for you all. Ms. Newman's regained consciousness.

Abby: [ Gasps ]

Nikki: Ohh. God.

Victor: May we go see her?

Dr. Rosen: You can have a quick group visit now. Please make sure you all stay calm so she does the same.

Victor: Thank you, doctor. Thank you. Well...

Nikki: Oh, honey.

Victor: Hi, sweetie.

Victoria: Hi. Hi, dad.

Victor: Hi, sleeping beauty.

Victoria: [ Chuckles ]

Victor: Hmm?

Victoria: Well, this is quite a surprise party, isn't it? The doctors told me how long you've all been waiting here. I'm so sorry. I-I wish I could figure out what caused this so I could get out of here.

Reed: No, no, mom. You need to rest.

Victoria: Just dragging you all here and making you wait and worry -- I just feel --

[ Sighs ] I feel really ridiculous right now.

Nikki: Honey, the only thing that's ridiculous is somebody as bright as you not paying attention to their health.

Nick: Vick, in the future, if you're in a car and the airbag deploys, you should probably get that checked out.

Victoria: [ Sighs ]

Abby: I just really hope that they don't trace this back to the night of nikki's benefit concert. I feel horrible.

Victoria: Yeah, I do, too. Why don't we just call it even and forget about it, okay?

Reed: In the future, mom, could you, like, let me know if you have any major medical issues? Because I can -- I can handle it. And I might even be able to help.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] I know parents are supposed to be the ones that worry, not the kids, but I promise I will remember that you're a responsible young adult.

Victor: There. You see?

Victoria: [ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ] Billy...

Billy: Yeah?

Victoria: ...We need to talk about the fallout from my latest debacle on "the hilary hour."

Billy: No. We don'T. That can wait, okay? Right now you just need to focus on getting healthy and listening to the doctor. Work will be there.

Victoria: Dad, please. Overrule them. Just help me up.

Victor: Sweetheart --

Victoria: You know the stakes at brash & sassy right now.

Victor: Sweetheart, please, lean back.

Victoria: But my company is in trouble.

Victor: Don't worry about your company now. Your health is more important... than any damn company, okay? So just relax.

Victoria: Okay.

Ashley: Three minutes from the hotel.

Jack: Listen, once we get mother safely away from graham and back on our home turf, have you given any thought to how you want to handle things with her?

Ashley: I never had a chance to talk to her after she... exposed the truth about my paternity.

Jack: Yeah. There wasn't much of an opportunity with her spontaneous travel plans.

Ashley: Yep. But you know what, jack? If we find her safe and unharmed, I'm going to consider it a very good thing I never had a chance to confront her.

Jack: Funny how scary times like these make even major issues seem unimportant in the big picture.

Ashley: Absolutely.

Jack: I'm not saying that this crisis... makes what she did go away. I'm just saying, over time, maybe -- maybe you can get past this, free yourself... on -- on your own time.

Ashley: I've made a decision. I am gonna get past this. I'm gonna get past all the old secret pain and the new public reality. I have to. I'm not going to lose my mother now.

Scott: [ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ] You find zack?

Paul: Yeah.

Scott: Did he recall anything -- any-- anybody, anything suspicious from last night?

Paul: I'm afraid he did.

Scott: What's that mean?

Paul: Did you go to another club after the underground?

Scott: I blacked out. I told you that already. Did he say we went club-hopping together?

Paul: No.

Scott: Good, 'cause that would make no sense.

Paul: But you do remember being at the underground when natalia walked in and you flipped out... you chased her after she saw you, and you made a quick exit?

Scott: I flipped out? Is that -- those were zack's words?

Paul: You haven't answered my question, scott.

Scott: What else did he tell you? It must have been one compelling story for you to come back here and start treating me this way!

Paul: I'm trying to help you, all right?

Scott: Sounds like I need a different kind of help -- a lot of it -- from a lawyer.

Paul: Yeah? Come in.

Sharon: Hi. What's going on? That'S...blood on your shirt.

Abby: Hey. It's abby. Sorry I missed you. Tell me everything.

Zack: [ Chuckles ] Hi. Listen... I know that doing this on a voicemail is a classic gutless move, but... I know that if I were looking in your eyes right now, there's no way I would say any of this. And you deserve an explanation. Abby, I wish... that I could be... the strong, reliable guy that's never gonna disappoint you. That's just not possible. Because...that...same... survival instinct that pulled me out of my messed-up childhood and has driven and protected me ever since suddenly kicked back in. It's been with me for so long that I feel like I was born that way -- damaged and broken. You deserve so much better than someone that's defective and can't be fixed. I want that for you. You should want that for yourself. So... I'm leaving so that you can find that. Goodbye, abby. I'll never forget you.

[ Sniffles ]

Nick: Vick, brash & sassy can bounce back from anything.

Victoria: This time, things are different. Billy knows that, and so does dad.

Billy: Right now, work is not a priority, okay? You need to get healthy. You were unconscious for hours, and you scared the hell out of all of us.

Victor: Sweetheart, this is serious. We still don't know why you're here. Okay? I'm gonna talk to the doctor.

Abby: She's right here.

Dr. Rosen: I apologize for the delay. I have all the test results now. You're suffering from prolonged toxic poisoning. We're talking about repeated direct contact in your immediate personal environment, unwittingly self-inflicted since the results indicate entry through the lungs as well as the skin. You've been exposed to some form of toxic chemical poisoning that's built up over time and resulted in your body effectively closing down.

Billy: Is that in our building? Is it in the -- in the paint, in the walls? It could be in the water.

Victoria: Yeah, but why is nobody else at jabot sick?

Billy: I don't know. I don't know. Maybe it's just our floor. What is it?

Dr. Rosen: Ms. Newman didn't contract this from a ventilation system or anything ephemeral or indirect.

Billy: Then how?

Dr. Rosen: I'd suggest her face, mainly, since she was breathing it in with such virulent results.

Victoria: The masks. The product that I've been testing for months. Oh, my god. They're toxic. The opioid my doctor prescribed for my chronic back pain

Scott: Hey. I'm not hurt. I promise.

Sharon: But all the blood!

Scott: It's not mine.

Paul: Sharon, you can't be here. I'm sorry. Come on.

Sharon: Paul, I want you to tell me what's going on right now.

Paul: I can't comment.

Sharon: Then let me talk to scott.

Paul: I can't do that, either. I'm sorry.

Sharon: Okay. This is bad. Whatever this is about, I can hear it in your voice. Is scott in trouble?

Paul: Now is not the time. Please go. And when there's something I can tell you, I will.

Scott: Paul, I-I need to tell sharon I'm dealing with a frame-up, so can we just get through the interrogation, please?

Paul: Nobody rushes me through a murder investigation.

Scott: I've told you everything I know.

Paul: That may be. But we still don't have a clean timeline or the truth. And until we do, I'm gonna have to hold you for questioning. Jessup!

Scott: Hold me, like, in a cell?

Paul: It's procedure. I'm sorry.

Scott: You know I had nothing to do with this.

Paul: I really hope that's true.

Ashley: Okay. So, you've got a lot of cash, right?

Jack: Oh, I got a wad.

Ashley: Good. I hope we don't have any problem with the hotel clerk. We have to make sure we can find out where our mother's stashed.

Jack: If need be, we start with the $50s and we work our way up.

[ Laughter ]

Oh, no! I don't believe that!

Dina: Don't you love dina's jokes?

Oh, my god!


Dina: I love happy hour. How 'bout you?


We ought to do it again.

Dina: Oh, absolutely!


Dina: So lovely to meet you young ladies. Mm-mm-mmm!

Mmmmmmm! Nothing like a good martini.

Ohh, boy.

Nikki: Honey, are you sure it was the masks that did this to you?

Victoria: Has to be.

Victor: Sweetheart, think carefully. Is there something else you might have been exposed to in the lab?

Victoria: Everything lines up, dad.

Victor: Well, now, how long have you had these symptoms -- dizziness and headaches and all that?

Victoria: I don't know. Months.

Victor: Hmm?

Victoria: Months! Maybe the same amount of time that I've been... trying them at home and at the office.

Nick: How could you put a toxic chemical into one of your products?

Billy: We didn'T. Somehow, it got tweaked -- the final formula -- after we signed off on it.

Abby: Well, I'm -- I'm probably the only one, but I am very relieved that my bratty drink-in-victoria's-face stunt caused none of this. Okay. Yeah. I'm definitely the only one. This -- this is...horrible on a much bigger scale. Yeah.

Reed: You want to join me at the vending machine? I'm gonna get a soda.

Abby: Oh, sure.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] The mask...

[ Sighs ] ...Is set to launch. It's gonna go on sale this week, billy.

Billy: I'm gonna handle it, okay?

Victoria: This isn't something that you can just handle!

Billy: I will pull every package off the shelf if I have to, victoria.

Victoria: Dad, this is a huge P.R. And financial catastrophe.

Victor: Sweetheart, you need to calm down, okay? Billy is right. He will take care of it. We will take care of it.

Victoria: This was gonna be our top seller.

Nikki: Honey, listen to your father. Billy said he would take care of it.

Victoria: We have a product in the warehouse -- a product that we can't sell. We're relying on that profit. How the hell is brash & sassy gonna survive this? How?!

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