Y&R Transcript Tuesday 10/24/17

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 10/24/17


Episode # 11285 ~ Nikki comforts Jack; Lily cuts loose; Billy scrambles to save his relationship with Phyllis.

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Phyllis: This look familiar? It should. It's the computer you used to steal confidential files from jabot.

Billy: Okay, let's just take a step back here for a second.

Phyllis: Let's not. You used me. You were supposed to put me first. But this proves without a doubt I am the last thing on your mind.

Billy: That is not true.

Phyllis: You know, you have made your priorities crystal clear! It's victoria, brash & sassy, more victoria, then me.

Billy: Okay, that is wrong. That is not at all --

Phyllis: Oh, oh, wait, wait, wait. How could I forget? It's victoria, brash & sassy, get revenge on jack, then me.

Billy: Just let me explain here for a second, okay, phyllis?

Phyllis: It's amazing that you used dina's password to log on to jabot's server with my computer. I mean, there is some sort of perverse brilliance. You actually took advantage of jack's mother and his ex-wife just to screw him over. I mean, that is fantastic work!

Billy: You got this all wrong.

Phyllis: Oh, do I? You know what I think the truth is? Your undying devotion for victoria and this desire to stick it to your brother overruled your love for me!

Billy: Phyllis, that is not true.

Phyllis: Don't you lie to me again.

Billy: [ Sighs ]

Nikki: Oh, jack, what is it? Tell me what I can do to help.

Reed: [ Chuckles ]

Mattie: Isn't this so nice?

Reed: Couldn't beat it.

Mattie: It's just such a relief not having to pull a romeo and juliet and sneak around behind our parents' backs. Balcony scene, though, that i wouldn't mind too much. But in the meantime, I'm perfectly happy sitting here holding hands and watching a movie.

Reed: Oh, there's a movie on? I hadn't noticed.

Mattie: Very smooth. And right answer.

Charlie: Oh, come on. Seriously?

Reed: Sorry.

Mattie: You don't have to apologize to him.

Reed: I'm sorry.

Mattie: You don't have to apologize to me, either.

[ Chuckles ]

Reed: So-- sorry, I'm just kind of uncomfortable here, you know.

Charlie: I mean, do you guys, like, wait before I'm about to walk in before you start to kiss or...

Mattie: That's exactly what we do. We were sitting here waiting for you to come out so that we could engage in a liplock.

Charlie: I do not need to hear my sister say the word "liplock."

Mattie: It's a noun, charlie.

Charlie: It's an eyesore is what it is, and I shouldn't have to see it. No one should.

[ Doorbell rings ]

Reed: I can get that.

Charlie: No, no, it's fine, man. Dad.

Cane: Hey, mate. I came over to -- what are you doing here? You're not supposed to see my daughter.

Mattie: No, dad, it's okay.

Cane: No, it's not okay.

Reed: We're not doing anything wrong, mr. Ashby.

Cane: Well, not from where I'm standing.

Reed: We have permission to see each other.

Cane: No, reed, you don't have permission to see each other.

Mattie: Actually, we do, dad.

Cane: I beg your pardon?

Mattie: We're allowed to see each other.

Cane: And on whose authority?

Mattie: Mom'S.

Lily: The perks of working at a cosmetics company. You can test the product out.

Victoria: Yeah, I just thought maybe it would help with some of the bruising and swelling. Did it work?

Lily: Uh, yeah. It looks a lot lighter.

Victoria: Oh, yeah?

Lily: Mm-hmm. I think just a little dab of concealer and you should be good for "the hilary hour" tomorrow.

Victoria: Great. Listen, I'm gonna need you to be camera ready, too.

Lily: I'm sorry, what?

Victoria: Well, I want you to come on with me to promote the products.

Lily: On air with hilary?

Victoria: Mm-hmm.

Lily: Do you think that's a good idea given our dynamic?

Victoria: Oh, absolutely. I'm sure you can manage some semblance of professionalism. You've done it before.

Lily: Barely. And plus I have to go to dallas for that convention.

Victoria: You can just go after the show.

[ Cellphones chime ] It's mattie.

Victoria: Mine's from reed.

Both: Oh, no. The opioid my doctor prescribed for my chronic back pain

Scott: Who should I contact? Fantastic. I will call him right now. Thank you, victor. If all goes well, a lot of women's lives could be saved.

Sharon: Well, that sounded promising.

Scott: Yeah, he didn't even hesitate. Gave me carte blanche to use his team to help with the investigation.

Sharon: Well, the man does have his moments. So, we know the name of the llc that rented the house where the girls were kept.

Scott: County connect. And if victor's people can find the person behind it, we'll know who's running the sex trafficking ring. This could be the break we've been looking for.

Nick: So, I have news.

Chelsea: Oh. About victoria.

Nick: Uh, no.

Chelsea: Uh, have you spoken to her?

Nick: Well, not tonight.

Chelsea: So you don't know.

Nick: Know what?

Chelsea: Your sister was in a car accident.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Victoria: Hi, nick.

Nick: Hey, what's this about a car accident?

Victoria: You spoke with chelsea.

Nick: Yeah, she told me the basics. Why don't you fill in the rest?

Victoria: There's nothing to fill in. I'm fine. That's why I told her to keep it to herself.

Nick: I'm glad she told me. Look, I know you're in crazy work mode right now, but your health is key. You have to stay on top of that.

Victoria: And I am.

Nick: Okay, well, I would feel a lot better if you went in and saw a doctor. I'll call dr. Carlisle. He'll see you tonight.

Victoria: For him to tell me what I already know? That no matter how stressed i am, I can't let it distract me, particularly when I'm driving? Lesson learned. Hey, listen, I'm gonna call you back later, okay? Thanks for checking in, though.

Nick: Yeah, take care of yourself.

Victoria: Okay, I will. Bye. Hi.

Reed: Hi.

Victoria: How badly did it go with cane? Please tell me that he didn't lay a finger on you or yell at you or anything like that.

Reed: He didn'T. It was intense, but nothing i couldn't handle. I just left because mattie thought it would be best if i took off.

Victoria: Yeah, that's a good idea. Less of a chance for someone to do or say something that they'd regret later, right?

Reed: You've been so cool with all this. I just wish he could be the same.

Victoria: Well, after today, cane won't be an issue. Lily went home to talk to him and try to get things under control.

Reed: Good luck with that. He's gonna put up a huge fight. I just hope he doesn't wear her down, make her change her mind about me seeing mattie.

Mattie: Mom, since he won't listen to me, will you please tell him how totally unreasonable he's being?

Cane: Hang on a second. I'm being unreasonable? No, I don't think so. I think I'm the only reasonable person here, 'cause it's not the first time I've walked in on you and reed, but it's going to be the last.

Mattie: What part of us having permission to hang out is so hard for you to understand?

Cane: The part where I said you couldn'T. And don't speak to me like that.

Mattie: Mom, can you please help me out here? You gave us the go-ahead to start dating.

Cane: Without consulting me.

Lily: You were away visiting jill.

Cane: Right.

Lily: And when you got back, we were both so preoccupied with our new jobs that it slipped my mind. So I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner. And I'm sorry that your dad walked in and on you and reed without knowing that the rules had changed.

Cane: And you made this decision all by yourself.

Lily: No, victoria and i discussed it, and we decided that they should be able to see each other.

Cane: You don't think that maybe you could have sent me a text or an e-mail? I mean, is that how little my opinion matters now?

Lily: Well, we all know how you feel about reed.

Cane: If you know that that's how I feel, why wouldn't you include me in the decision?

Mattie: Reed is not a bad influence on me, dad.

Cane: He made you cut class from school!

Lily: Okay, it was one mistake, and they've been on their best behavior ever since.

Charlie: Dad, the guy's a complete tool, but he's all right sometimes.

Lily: You can't have them not see each other because you don't like victoria. That's unfair. So why don't we all just take a step back and try and move forward? Can you at least be reasonable about that?

Billy: Look, I understand why you hauled off and smacked me, okay? I get it. And this is gonna sound a little bit lame, but I didn't mean to hurt you, okay? I didn't want to make you feel second-best.

Phyllis: You put my career at risk. Did you even think about that when you used my computer to download jabot files?

Billy: Phyllis, I thought i was in the clear, okay? I didn't think anybody was gonna catch me. I mean, it was a jabot-issued password went on a jabot-issued laptop.

Phyllis: The files you copied had restricted access, genius!

Billy: Yeah, I realize that now.

Phyllis: Oh, good, good, because you almost tanked my reputation. But that doesn't matter to you because you got what you needed to help your precious company.

Billy: Hold on a second. In my mind, okay, what we had, this, this was all right here. And what I was doing for brash & sassy was, like, over there.

Phyllis: Are you seriously telling me you compartmentalized this so you could justify it?!

Billy: Hold on a second here. In my mind, this was not black and white, okay? I needed that information, but i felt very guilty about it! I mean, I tried to tell you a couple times!

Phyllis: You did?

Billy: Yes. You trusted me. And I betrayed you. And I am so, so sorry about that.

Phyllis: I see how much you mean it, your apology. Maybe I just needed to hear it to realize, you know, it makes all the difference.

Billy: [ Sighs ] It does?

Phyllis: Of course not! You're insane! No apology you give me is ever gonna work! And do not give me those puppy eyes, okay, and all the "I feel guilty" noise, because if you felt guilty, you would have stopped!

[ Voice breaking ] Why? Why would you betray me like this?!

Billy: You know what? I could ask you the same question, okay? I'm not the only liar standing in this room!

Billy: Look, I admitted what I did was wrong, okay? I came clean with my big secret. But what about you?

Phyllis: What about me?

Billy: Well, I mean, if you were so mad at me, why didn't you come clean the moment you found out?

Phyllis: Because I wanted you to man up, take responsibility for what you did! Why should I have to browbeat you to be honest with me?! I also knew if I confronted you, I knew exactly what you would do.

Billy: Oh, yeah? And what is that?

Phyllis: Yeah, you'd be defensive.

Billy: [ Scoffs ]

Phyllis: Yeah. And you'd run right into victoria's arms, which is exactly what she wants!

Billy: Bingo. Okay, there it is. That's exactly it. You know, I can start to see the green coming out of your eyes. My god, phyllis, how can somebody that is so outwardly strong, so brazenly confident be so damn insecure?!

Phyllis: Insecure? Oh, you think I'm insecure. No, here's the thing! I just know the competition, and she plays dirty!

Billy: [ Scoffs ]

Phyllis: Yeah, she plays by every trick she knows in every single rule book just to prove that I am just some little shrew who cannot understand why you did what you did!

Billy: You want to talk about playing dirty?

Phyllis: Yeah!

Billy: What did you do? You knew this, and you sat on it! You let it fester, and then you used all that negative energy to attack victoria, to attack brash & sassy, which means you were attacking me! Everything that I worked for for that company obviously doesn't mean anything to you!

Phyllis: Oh, please. Come on. You could be successful anywhere on your own away from victoria!

Billy: Oh! Is that what this is?! Are you saving me? Are you setting me free? Look, I don't need your salvation, okay? This is all starting to look a lot more clear to me.

Phyllis: Oh, is it? How so?

Billy: Benjamin hochman.

Phyllis: What about him?

Billy: I understand why you put him and victoria on that collision course. It's the same reason why you got all friendly with jack.

Phyllis: Oh, please, that's because victoria was manipulating this entire situation!

Billy: Stop blaming victoria! This is about you and how you ripped everything that i accomplished out from underneath me!

Jack: So, there you have it. My family's dirty laundry in a nutshell.

Nikki: Oh, god. No wonder you look like hell.

Jack: Gee, thanks. I trust you can be discreet?

Nikki: Yes, of course. This is just between us. Poor ashley.

Jack: Ooh, two words I never thought would pass your lips.

Nikki: Well, this is an extraordinary situation.

Jack: I keep telling her, "in every way that's important, john abbott is your father."

Nikki: Yeah, but to have this blurted out in public and it's so private -- by her mother, no less -- that's devastating.

Jack: Definitely thrown ashley for a loop. She's handling it, though.

Nikki: Any word on dina's whereabouts?

Jack: No, nothing yet. We're doing everything we can. Ashley and traci have hired a private investigator in paris in case they show up there. I'm trying to scare up a flight plan. No luck yet.

Nikki: It must be so stressful for the whole family.

Jack: Yeah, we're handling it as best we can.

Nikki: Well, if I had known about this, I would have shown up sooner.

Jack: No, no, no, no. You're here now. That's what counts. Thanks.

[ Cellphone rings ] Hold on. Oh, it's traci. Hey, sis. W-- slow down, slow down. What's going o-- does that mean mother's been found?

[ Ice shaking ]

Nick: So, vick seemed okay when you left her?

Chelsea: Well, at first i wasn't so sure. I tried to talk her into going to the E.R., But on our drive to brash & sassy, she convinced me that all was well.

Nick: Still wish she'd go see a doctor.

Chelsea: Me, too. But victoria's a grown woman. You did your brotherly duty, and you called her.

Nick: Hmm.

Chelsea: What?

Nick: I don't know. I just wonder if she's downplaying this whole thing.

Chelsea: Why would she do that?

Nick: Well, she's going on "the hilary hour" tomorrow.

Chelsea: Yeah, but given her history with the show, I don't think she'd go on there if she wasn't feeling at her best. She's not gonna just give hilary something to exploit if she's not feeling well.

Nick: Yeah. I guess you're right.

Chelsea: Just relax, newman. Sit back and enjoy this cocktail you're making. What is this, anyway?

Nick: This is my new drink special.

Chelsea: Okay. Am I the first one to try it?

Nick: You are. And if it passes the chelsea test, it's going on the menu.

Chelsea: Well, I do have ridiculously high standards when it comes to adult beverages. What's it called?

Nick: The armistice, in honor of the truce my dad and I agreed to.

Chelsea: I'm sorry. The what with the who?

Nick: Yeah, I went and signed some papers at the bank and then, uh, saw my dad.

Chelsea: So you could rub it in his face that you gave away all the money in your trust fund?

Nick: [ Chuckles ] No. I wanted to tell him that a portion of my donation was being earmarked for orphanages around the country.

Chelsea: Wow. Okay. Well, no wonder for the cease fire.

Nick: Yeah, it didn't make us resolve any of our issues, but it did force us to retreat to our separate corners.

Chelsea: I'm sure victor would appreciate the boxing reference.

Nick: So, toast?

Chelsea: No. No, not so fast.

Nick: [ Chuckles ] Why not?

Chelsea: Well, I mean, I'm all for this "live and let live" attitude, but is it for real? I mean, for you I'm sure it is, but for victor, I'm not really so sure.

Nick: You know, normally i would agree with you, but he sounded sincere, you know? Yeah, he did. He even offered up a modicum of respect for my desire to be my own man.

Chelsea: Okay, well, I'm impressed. Go, victor.

Nick: I'd hold off on the praise just yet. I'm pretty sure he has an ulterior motive.

Chelsea: See? I knew it. That's what I'm saying. So what is it? Why was he sucking up to you?

Nick: I think he wants a shot at making peace with mom and vick. If he lets me live my own life and do my thing, it will show them that he's cooperative and forgiving. You know, it's win/win for him and a huge win for me.

Chelsea: Okay. Okay, I can already see that it's having a very positive effect on you. You have a very breezy vibe, like nothing's weighing you down. I like it.

Nick: Yep. The next chapter of my life is officially starting. So, can we please toast now?

Chelsea: Absolutely.

Nick: To new beginnings.

Chelsea: Hmm.

Nick: Hmm?

Cane: I'm sorry I lost my temper. I was just -- I was excited to come over and plan with you guys things we could do while your mom is out of town. I'm sorry.

Charlie: You're leaving?

Lily: Yeah, I wanted to tell you both, but I haven't had a chance to.

Mattie: Where are you going?

Lily: To dallas for work. So your dad will be here with you both while I'm gone.

Mattie: But we don't need a babysitter.

Charlie: Yeah, we're old enough to watch ourselves.

Lily: Well, when you're 18, you can stay here alone. But until then, an adult will be here.

Mattie: You guys just don't trust us.

Cane: This isn't about trust, all right? It's about what's gonna happen if there's an emergency here.

Charlie: If there's an emergency, I'll dial 911.

Lily: Okay, we're not debating this.

Cane: Guys, can I talk to your mom for a sec, please?

Mattie: Fine.

Charlie: Yeah, whatever.

Cane: I know you're angry at me, but please don't undermine me in front of the kids.

Lily: I'm not doing that.

Cane: Yeah, you are doing it. And just please -- just don't do it.

Scott: Nothing.

Sharon: Do you want some coffee or something more to eat?

Scott: No, I'm good. But, uh, if you're hungry, help yourself.

Sharon: No, my stomach's in knots. I think I'll just wait until after we hear from victor's guys.

[ Laptop chimes ]

Scott: Oh, hey, got a new message. It's an electronic coupon for a free cup of coffee at crimson lights.

Sharon: Fyi, those are nontransferable. You know... when I thought that the sex trafficking ring was getting busted, I imagined the vice squad busting down doors and making arrests, not us sitting here with a computer waiting for an e-mail.

Scott: The dramatic bust can't happen until we find out who's behind county connect.

Sharon: And even though I saw it with my own eyes, I just can't fathom how callous these people are. And I will never forget how terrified crystal was of them and now far they were willing to go to keep her under their control.

[ Laptop chimes ]

Scott: Oh, hey. We got something.

Victoria: Here you go.

Reed: Mattie texted.

Victoria: And?

Reed: Her parents are arguing about us. Big surprise. Her dad's still not cool with us seeing each other. She says it doesn't look like he's gonna change his mind.

Victoria: I wouldn't underestimate lily. My bet is she digs her heels in and gets him to change his mind.

Reed: I hope so.

Victoria: And if he causes any more trouble for you, he's gonna have to answer to me.

Reed: Mom, this is my problem. You really don't have to take care of this for me.

Victoria: I know that, but I'm your mother, and it's what we do.

Reed: Yeah, but mattie's dad is a real jerk with serious anger management problems. If you push him, who knows how hard he's gonna push back.

Lily: How can you accuse me of trying to undermine your relationship with the kids?

Cane: Because that's what you were doing.

Lily: I forgot to tell you. It was not that big of a deal.

Cane: So you forgot to tell me. So, what if you were out of town and I came over and saw that and things were worse? I mean, unless that's what you wanted to happen.

Lily: Can we stop with the conspiracy theories?

Cane: There's no conspiracy here, okay? You heard the way she spoke to me. It's like you're trying to, like, drive a wedge between me and my daughter.

Lily: I would never do that.

Cane: [ Sighs ]

Lily: I was gonna tell you when I came to jill's house, but then your little friend juliet made this grand entrance down the staircase, and I got distracted. So I guess we both had unpleasant surprises tonight.

Cane: I understand you're angry about juliet, okay, but this is not about juliet. This is about our children.

Lily: No, you don't get to question my motives when it comes to the kids. I have done nothing but work hard day and night to maintain the status quo. And I said that mattie could see reed 'cause it's the right thing to do, so if you're trying to change my mind, it's not gonna happen.

Cane: I'm not trying to change your mind, okay? What I'm trying to do here is have an open dialogue as parents.

Lily: No, you're not. No, you're not. You don't like reed because he's victoria's son, and you can't see beyond that. They deserve a second chance. And if mattie cuts class again or gets in trouble, then reed is off-limits.

Cane: So you have all this worked out without me?

Lily: Yeah, I do. And if you want to repair your relationship with mattie, then try showing her that you can be an understanding father. And the same for charlie, too. I'm sure that he would love to have some quality father/son time with you.

Cane: I would love to have quality father/son time with charlie. I would, but he's too mad at me to do that.

Lily: Okay, let's call them back in here. We can talk to them together and try to figure this out before you move back here temporarily.

Cane: Don't worry about it. I don't need your help. I can do this on my own.

Lily: You know what? I'm gonna go so that you can handle it, 'cause you can do it on your own.

Cane: [ Sighs ]

Lily: And don't ever say this is not because of juliet. We are here right now because you slept with her, and nothing but lies came out of your mouth after.

[ Door closes ]

Nikki: I'm sorry traci didn't have better news.

Jack: Yeah, there was no guarantee he was gonna whisk her off to paris, but a part of me keeps thinking I'm to blame for all this.

Nikki: What? How can you even think that?

Jack: If I'd have handled things differently, we wouldn't be in this mess.

Nikki: From what you have told me, this guy has dina wrapped around his finger.

Jack: Yeah, so we should have gotten him out of her life sooner. Been more accepting of her flaws, if I'd been less judgmental, maybe she wouldn't have needed his companionship. Hell, she would have kicked him to the curb herself.

Nikki: Jack, you went above and beyond for that woman.

Jack: I'm her son. I'm her oldest child. I am responsible for taking care of this family, taking care of her. Right now, legally, graham has more rights in her life than i do! He's taken her off to god knows where! I keep trying to find her! I run into dead ends! I don't know what else I can do!

Nikki: You could stop trying to find her.

Chelsea: [ Laughs ]

Lily: Oh, hi.

Chelsea: Oh, hi.

Lily: I could use a laugh. What's so funny?

Nick: Oh, this one, she's just so clever.

Chelsea: Oh, don't listen to him. He's just sore because I was critiquing his talents with drinks.

Nick: What can I get you? You want a wine?

Lily: Um, actually, I could use something different. What are you guys having?

Nick: This here is the armistice.

Lily: [ Chuckles ]

Nick: Did I mispronounce that?

Lily: No, no, it's just -- it's ironic. I feel like I left a battlefield. Is it strong?

Chelsea: It's strong enough.

Lily: Okay, well, I'll take it.

Nick: I'll get you one.

Lily: Thank you.

Scott: So county connect was founded in wisconsin.

Sharon: But they still haven't tracked down the owner.

Scott: Wait, look at this. The company also owns a pizza place, a car service, and a beauty salon.

Sharon: Is that significant?

Scott: It's huge.

Jack: You're really suggesting I should stop looking for my mother?

Nikki: I'm just saying perhaps she left with this graham of her own free will and doesn't want to be found.

Jack: No, no. You didn't see him blow up at ashley's dinner. Mother finally saw him for what he is. He's been using her, manipulating her since the day she met him. He knew she was gonna cut him out of her life, out of her will. That's why he took off with her -- to stop her, to control her.

Nikki: Well, I know you're not gonna like this, but is it possible that dina forgave him?

Jack: I saw them at the airfield before they boarded the jet. She was so confused, so fragile.

Nikki: All right, well, think about it, jack. Her stroke was minor, and she was well enough to be released from the hospital. So maybe she was just reacting to seeing her children at the airport. Maybe it upset her that you kind of chased her down, and maybe she was feeling guilty because she was about to leave again.

Jack: No, no, no, why would she choose to leave?

Nikki: Because that's what she does, jack. Dina hurts her family and then she runs. Don't forget. She's the one that sent the photos of you and me from the cabin to victor. She humiliated ashley in public. You see why she would want to leave and not look back?

Billy: Ah, yeah. You know, victoria warned me, said, "phyllis is colluding with jack," but I didn't believe her. I mean, phyllis would never do that to me. Thank you very much.

Phyllis: For what?

Billy: For making me look like a complete idiot!

Phyllis: I was returning the favor.

Billy: I apologized, okay? I owned up to my mistake, and you... look at you, just...not an ounce a remorse on you. No, not a little bit. Nothing. Not even for teaming up with my brother, not for hitting me where it hurts the most, working with him on the jabot men's line in direct competition with my pet project!

Phyllis: Oh, I'm sorry. And I know that this is no consolation to you, but, you see, I had nothing to do with helping jack with that plan. You see, I figured it out after you revealed yourself. Jack laid the bait in the trap. You took it.

Billy: Hold on a second here. Jack had no intention of pulling back on the men's line? He knew that we would put all of our resources into it?

[ Sighs ] How big is it? How big is the launch?

Phyllis: It's big.

Billy: When is it happening?

Phyllis: Fenmore's are getting deliveries as we speak. The opioid my doctor prescribed for my chronic back pain

Lily: How is it that cane can always twist everything around and make me seem like the bad guy?

Nick: Well, without knowing all the details of what went down, I can declare with 100% certainty that you are not the bad guy. After what cane did to you and to my sister, he is the one wearing the black hat.

Lily: Thanks.

Chelsea: I'm sorry. I've been where you are, and it totally sucks. I'm so sorry.

Nick: You have held your head very high, lily.

Lily: [ Scoffs ] Yep, that's me. Strong, suffering woman.

Chelsea: You know, I'm so sorry. I just have to go check with the sitter. I'll be right back.

Nick: Yeah.

[ Sighs ] Divorce -- it's rough. And it gets even harder when there's kids involved. But I know you're doing everything you can to help charlie and mattie through it.

Lily: I keep telling them to not shut their father out and to be understanding. I have just taken the high road at every single turn, and it's exhausting, 'cause I just -- I'm really furious, and I want to just scream and yell.

Nick: If you want to vent...

Lily: I stood by cane when he was accused of sexual harassment, and I stood by him when it turned out that he did sleep with juliet, and then i find out that she's pregnant, and I'm just humiliated over and over again. I should have just kicked him out when I saw that footage of juliet going into his room. But no, I...I swallowed my pride and I buried my feelings, and i worked hard to keep my family together.

Nick: Because you had to.

Lily: Because I had to. For my children.

Cane: I want to apologize to you about the way I behaved earlier, okay? We're a family. We should be coming together, not apart. I was just excited about coming over here and spending time with you, all right, 'cause I want to close that gap, and I just want to go back to the way we were, just talk like we used to.

Mattie: Before you wrecked our family?

Charlie: Chill.

Cane: No, no, no, she's okay.

Charlie: Come on, mattie.

Cane: No, it's okay. Let her say what she wants. You can say what you want, too. This is a safe space, all right? I'm not gonna get mad. I promise you that.

Mattie: Tell that to reed.

Cane: Okay. I love you both. And I want to do whatever it takes to make you proud of me, all right? And I'm starting to make the steps that it's gonna make sure that happens.

Charlie: Like what?

Cane: Well, I'm running chancellor for grandma jill, huh?

Charlie: That's awesome. Added bonus -- mom won't have to pay for everything now.

Cane: Exactly, 'cause that's what I want to do. I want to take the burden off your mom and be able to provide for the family again. I know that when parents split, okay, the kids are worried about having to choose sides. But your mom and I, we don't want you to have to worry about that. All we care about is that you guys are happy, and we will do whatever it takes to make sure that happens, okay? Mattie, I promise you that.

Mattie: If you meant that, then you would change your mind about reed.

Victoria: Try not to worry about cane lashing out at me or trying to interfere in your life. I'm just -- I'm not gonna tolerate it.

Reed: I know, but what if --

Victoria: No, just please -- just focus on what you and mattie are gonna do on your next date.

Reed: Thank you, mom, for really having my back throughout all this and really stepping up. It's been cool of you.

Victoria: It's fine. I love you. I'll see you at home, okay?

[ Cellphone rings ] Billy, I was just, uh --

Billy: Victoria, we've been set up, okay? Jack knows. Hold on --

Phyllis: Give me, give me, give me, give me!

Victoria: Billy?

Phyllis: You're calling victoria?!

Billy: What do you expect me to do? Not tell her what's going on? Vick, you there? What are you --

Phyllis: Since she's your priority, then go live with her!

Victoria: Billy!

Billy: Phyllis -- vick, you there?

Scott: Small, under-the-radar businesses.

Sharon: Let's see. Beauty salon, pizza place, or car service?

Scott: Tend to do a lot of cash transactions, which makes it perfect for money laundering so they can hide the proceeds they make from the prostitution ring.

Sharon: If you can learn more about these smaller businesses, you can find out more about the umbrella company.

Scott: I follow the money to the guy that at the top, and gotcha.

[ Laughs ] Let's get this.

Cane: Okay, I admit it. I have been a little overprotective and maybe just a little bit irrational when it comes to reed.

Mattie: "Maybe"? "A little"?

Charlie: Hey, let him finish.

Cane: Hey, just, you see, there's other factors.

Mattie: Factors other than his mom?

Cane: Yeah, other than his mom, like his family. The newmans are a little, uh... what's the word? They're kind of like self-entitled.

Charlie: Nick newman gave away millions of dollars to grandpa neil's foundation. So, I mean, he seems pretty cool.

Mattie: Yeah. See? They're not all the same. If you just sat down with reed... while you're staying here, just let me invite him over for dinner, and you can get to know him. Please?

Cane: [ Sighs ] All right, we'll have dinner. Come on.

Mattie: Thank you!

Cane: Come here.

Mattie: Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Nick: There is another one.

Lily: Thank you. You know, I just wish I could take a break from being the one who always plays it safe. You know what would be great is if for just one night I could just forget about all my responsibilities.

Nick: Yeah, I get it. You want a hall pass. Just, uh, a night to cut loose without any consequences.

Lily: Yes, that. That is what I want. I just want to go out and just have fun, you know? I just want to have revenge sex with some hot, uncomplicated guy like you.

Nick: [ Chuckles ] What?

Lily: What?

Nick: Did you -- did you say with me?

Lily: No. I mean -- [ Chuckles ] I meant like you. Like, I just -- I meant the idea of it, you know, like just the general idea.

Nick: Yeah.

Chelsea: What idea?

Lily: Oh, just, uh, throwing caution to the wind, being reckless.

Chelsea: Ah. As someone who lived recklessly for a very long time, it is not a way of life. But I can still remember the appeal. Every once in a while, it can be just what the doctor ordered.

Nikki: So are you angry with me for speaking my mind about dina?

Jack: I never want you to censor yourself with me. No. I'm not angry with you. I know why you would think that of my mother, but you're wrong.

Nikki: Is that so?

Jack: No, despite everything that happened, she wanted to be in our lives. That's why she came back to town in the first place. She didn't leave voluntarily. She was kidnapped. And right now, she's worth a lot more to graham dead than alive. No, I got to find her before it's too late. And when I do, I am gonna make that man pay for what he's done.

[ Sighs deeply ]

Victoria: Why aren't you answering, billy? How have we been set up? Call me back.

[ Pounding on door ]

Billy: Phyllis. Would you just let me in, please? I love you. And we're both upset. We just -- we need to talk about this, please. Will you just let me in? Phyllis. Thank you. I --

[ Door slams ]

[ Sighs ]

Next on "the young and the restless"...

Scott: I got to run to the restroom.

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