Y&R Transcript Monday 10/23/17

Y&R Transcript Monday 10/23/17


Episode # 11284 ~ The jig is up for Billy; Victoria asks Chelsea to keep a secret; Cane makes a promise to Juliet.

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[ Slow music playing ]

Billy: Perfect moment. Perfect evening. I don't want it to end.

Phyllis: Then let's hang on to it as long as we can.

Victoria: [ Sighs ]

[ Knocking ]

Chelsea: Victoria! Are you all right?!

Abby: I hope it's not too late.

Jack: No, no, no. It's not too late. Come on in.

Abby: As soon as my tech conference ended, I drove straight here. So, please, tell me what's going on. How is everyone?

Jack: Uh, maybe you should sit down for this.

Abby: Oh, my god. Is it that bad?

Jack: Graham bloodworth kidnapped your grandmother. We have no idea where she is.

[ Keys jingle, lock clicks ]

Scott: Whoever you are, I'll have you know, I'm taken.

Sharon: Very taken.

Cane: Hey, this is cane. Wait for the beep and leave me a message. Thank you.

[ Voicemail beeps ]

Lily: Hey, it's me. Uh, I know that you wanted more time with the kids, so I thought we could set up a schedule. So... call me when you get a chance.

Juliet: Wow. Actually staying here. Are you sure about this?

Cane: Yeah. Well, you're dealing with a high-risk pregnancy, so you shouldn't be alone.

Juliet: I appreciate this. More than you know.

Cane: Well, I want to keep you and my son close so I can keep an eye on you.

Chelsea: What happened?

Victoria: [ Sighs ] It's fine. I just -- I was so stupid. I took my eyes off the road for one second, and... just -- I don't remember anything after that.

Chelsea: Okay, okay. You know what, you stay right here. I'm gonna go call an ambulance.

Victoria: No, I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm fine.

Chelsea: What are you talking about, you're fine? You could have internal injuries.

Victoria: No, trust me, the only thing hurt right now is my pride.

Chelsea: Victoria, I really think that you need to see a doctor.

Victoria: It's not necessary, okay? The last thing I need is to be sitting in an emergency room all night for them to tell me that I'm perfectly fine.

Chelsea: Well, I-I -- I really wish that you wouldn't argue with me about this.

Victoria: Okay, look. Do me a favor, okay? Please don't tell anybody. Not even nick. Nobody. Just [Sighs] I don't need anybody making a fuss over me.

Chelsea: There could be complications later. I really think that you should tell your family.

Victoria: No, no, no.

Chelsea: At least let me tell nick.

Victoria: No. I don't -- where's your -- where were you headed?

Chelsea: I was -- I was headed to my studio.

Victoria: The jabot office is on your way, uh... so after the roadside service comes, would you mind giving me a ride?

Chelsea: Uh, n-no, of course I don't mind, but, I-I mean, are you sure? It's getting late, and I really think it's best you go home and get some rest.

Victoria: No, I got to get to work. It's just a really critical time for brash & sassy, so resting isn't really an option right now.

Chelsea: Wait, hold on.

Victoria: I'm fine.

Chelsea: Let me help you.

Scott: If that was your idea of a welcome home, I'm gonna have to go out of town more often.

Sharon: "Stay away" is not the message I was trying to send.

Scott: Duly noted. Mmph. I miss this.

Sharon: Mm, me too. We haven't had a lot of time together lately alone. I mean, like that. Thing have just been so crazy.

Scott: Well, no matter how busy our lives get, I will always make time for you.

Sharon: And I make that same promise to you.

Scott: You hungry at all? What would you say to a late-night supper?

Sharon: Um...

[ Knock on door ]

Scott: Oh...

Sharon: I think food is gonna have to wait.

Paul: Thanks, scott. Hey, how's it going?

Scott: Good.

Paul: All right. I'm glad you're both here. I have an update on alice.

Abby: What a loathsome, despicable piece of -- how could he do that to dina? She just had a stroke. Not that that matters to this graham jerk. All he cares about is controlling her and getting his hands on her money.

Jack: Okay. We are going to find her. You have my word. We're doing everything we can to find out where that plane landed.

Abby: How would you even go about doing that?

Jack: I have hired someone to look for a flight plan. You mother and aunt traci have hired a P.I. In paris in case they return to their respective homes.

Abby: [ Sighs ] Well, is there anything I can do?

Jack: I appreciate you offering. We got it covered, honey.

Abby: How's my mom holding up?

Jack: She's strong for the time being. She's still angry as hell at what dina did, but she's set that aside, is channeling all that energy into finding our mother.

Abby: Sounds like my mom.

Jack: How you holding up?

Abby: Honestly, I don't even know.

[ Sighs ] I was so happy to get to know dina. And I still want her to be a part of my life, but... after dinner the other night, the way she just blurted out that painful information about my mom...

[ Sighs ] You know, my whole life, my mom took such pride in telling me that I was john abbott's granddaughter.

Jack: Because that's who you are, abby, through and through. You are an abbott. Just like ashley. Blood is only part of the equation.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Jack: You know what, I-I'll let you get that in privacy. Um, I'll be up in my office, all right?

Abby: Okay. Hi.

Zack: Hey. I'm so glad you finally picked up. I -- [Chuckles] I missed hearing your voice.

Abby: Um... sorry, I-I've been tied up all day. Um, are you calling about designdate?

Zack: I'm calling about our date. The one I hope you'll go on with me tonight?

Abby: Um...zack, you know what, that is very sweet, but, um... I don't know if I'd be the best company. I just got some bad news.

Zack: Then my timing's perfect. You can talk to me about it.

Abby: I doubt that you'd find it very enjoyable listening to me vent about all my personal problems.

Zack: Don't you know by now? Anything you need, I'm there for you. Look, I know things haven't been all that stellar between us lately, but I care so much about you, abby. Give me a chance to prove it. Hot pockets satisfies hunger...

Cane: I, uh, hope you're gonna be comfortable here.

Juliet: Oh, let me think. Will I somehow manage to feel at home in this gorgeous mansion on this huge estate? I can't make you any promises, but I will give it my best shot.

Cane: In all seriousness, all right, I want you to rest. You gave me a scare earlier.

Juliet: It was nothing. Just a passing moment. But, yes, I promise I will be more careful. Nothing means more to me than this baby. I can't tell you how touched i am that you asked me to move in with you.

Esther: He did what?

Cane: All righty. Um... esther valentine, this is juliet helton. Esther lives here, and she manages the place.

Juliet: It's a pleasure to meet you.

Esther: Uh, you, too. So...this is juliet, and she'S...living here now?

Cane: Yes, and I would like to think that you'll make her feel at home.

Juliet: No, don't worry. I will stay out of your way. I won't be any trouble.

Esther: There's plenty of space here for everyone.

Cane: Okay, thank you.

Juliet: Think I'll head to my room, lie down for a bit, maybe take a bath.

Uh, the rose guest room is made up.

Cane: Okay. It's, uh, upstairs, second floor, third door on the right, okay?

Juliet: Okay, got it.

Cane: Here, let me help you.

Juliet: No, I think I can manage the steps.

Cane: Are you sure? You sure? All right. Well, uh, I'll bring them up in a minute.

Juliet: Thank you.

Cane: Okay. I know it's a surprise. I know.

Esther: Why on earth would you do this, cane?!

Cane: Because she needs our support, that's why.

Esther: Well, how do you think jill's gonna feel when she hears this?

Cane: I don't think jill's gonna mind.

Esther: [ Scoffs ] Oh, yeah. Have you met the woman?

Cane: Yes, I have. And if she can make me the acting C.E.O. Of chancellor, she wouldn't mind if I have a houseguest.

Esther: You're living here and running chancellor?

Cane: Yeah.

Esther: Wow. Okay. Uh, so... what does your wife think about this arrangement?

Cane: Lily and I are over. And as much as I don't want to admit it, my marriage has ended. And so now I need to take care of this baby, and lily's just -- she's gonna have to accept it.

Lily: Hi. You wanted to see me?

Victoria: Hi. Oh, yeah. Come on in.

Lily: Oh. Uh, what happened to your face?

Victoria: Oh. [ Sighs ] I was just a complete and total klutz.

[ Chuckles ] It's a long and boring story. I-I -- not worth repeating at all.

[ Chuckles ]

Lily: Okay. Uh... I-I can -- I'm good with concealer. I can help you.

Victoria: Oh, really? Okay. Uh, thank you.

Lily: Yeah, sure.

Victoria: That's great. Have at it. Um... so, um... thank you for coming in. I want you to represent our company at the cosmetics convention in dallas. You'd be leaving tomorrow night.

Lily: Oh. Um... that -- that sounds incredible.

Victoria: Oh, good. So, I'll book your flights, then?

Lily: Um... would you be disappointed if i say I don't feel ready? I just -- I feel like I'm still easing into this job.

Victoria: Oh, come on. I mean, you'll do beautifully. I have every confidence in you. Between working for dare and all of your personal appearances and your marketing experience with jabot, you should be just fine.

Lily: Yeah, it just -- it kind of feels like short notice.

Victoria: I know. I'm sorry about that. Juliet was supposed to go, but after she left, after all the chaos, everything just sort of fell through the cracks. But we have you on board now.

Lily: Uh...okay. I see.

Victoria: Look, it's imperative that we have an executive presence there for the sake of our reputation in the industry.

Lily: Uh [Sighs] Yeah. Um... right, because you and billy are working on expanding the men's line, so...

Victoria: Yes, exactly. Would you please do this for us? You won't have to give any presentations or sit on any panels. I have two people from P.R. Already down there. They're gonna set up the booth in the convention center, so you won't have to deal with that. You'll just have to network and schmooze and talk up the company. Easy peasy.

Lily: Okay. Um... yeah. I mean, in that case, I'll do it.

Victoria: Oh, great. Great. Thank you so much.

Lily: Sure.

Victoria: I'll have your travel arrangements ready by tomorrow morning, then.

Lily: Okay.

Victoria: All right. Great.

[ Cellphone rings ] Oh, excuse me for one minute.

Lily: Yeah, sure.

Victoria: Hello? Hello, hilary. Oh, really? That sounds great. Let's make it happen.

Billy: Hit me up one more time, mama.

Phyllis: No. There's no more left.

Billy: What do you mean, there's no more left?

Phyllis: Who needs chocolate when you have something far more delicious to look forward to?

Billy: Oooh. When you say it like that...

Phyllis: Mm.

Billy: You're all fired up tonight, huh?

Phyllis: I am.

Billy: Running a little hotter than usual.

Phyllis: I am. That's 'cause you always get my temperature a-risin', always.

Billy: Right back at you. But there is something else going on.

Phyllis: Yeah. There is.

Paul: And it took us a while to go through the security footage, but we picked alice up right outside the icu, headed to the elevator. And then on a second camera downstairs, exiting a side door near the lobby.

Scott: Where the cabs line up?

Paul: That's the one, yes.

Sharon: Well, she must have woken up and remembered the accident.

Scott: And realized that the people in charge of the sex ring weren't gonna let her off with a warning.

Paul: Not after helping crystal escape. I mean, she was a valuable asset. They would consider that tantamount to theft.

Scott: Yeah, and scum like that always wants payback.

Paul: Alice seemed terrified on the footage I saw.

Sharon: How did she seem physically? She had been unconscious since the accident.

Paul: Right. You know I'm not a doctor, but she seemed to be in pretty rough shape. I mean, you could see how painful it was for her to move. And you could also see how determined she was to get out of there.

Sharon: Well, better off alone and injured than dead. I just wonder where she could be. How far could she have gotten?

Scott: When you guys questioned the hospital staff, had anyone seen or heard anything useful?

Paul: No, nothing at all.

Scott: So, the one person who could identify the traffickers or give us an idea of how they operate is lost to us. So we're back to square one.

Paul: Well, that's not necessarily true, because i didn't come here just to give you an update on alice. We have a new lead.

Zack: I'm glad you decided to come out.

Abby: Yeah. It beats stewing alone at home. I'm sorry. That didn't come out right. Um... I was very happy to hear from you.

Zack: Some wine? Ordered your favorite.

Abby: Yeah, sounds great. I could use a break.

Zack: So, what's going on? You sounded upset on the phone.

Abby: Hasn't been my best day.

Zack: You're always so upbeat. It really threw me to hear you so down.

Abby: Yeah, if I start crying on your shoulder, I might never stop.

Zack: Tell you what. Five minutes, right here. Get it all out of your system. It helps to have somebody listen, am I right? And then we'll relax, and you can forget all your worries.

Abby: Okay. It all started at dinner the other night.

Zack: The one I wasn't invited to? Which was fine. [ Laughs ] I know it was an intimate family thing. I wasn't expecting an invite.

Abby: It's just as well that you weren't there. It was supposed to be this lovely occasion to celebrate this award that my mom received, innovator of the year. And, well, out of nowhere, it turned ugly. It turned into this massive showdown.

Zack: Sounds rough.

Abby: It was awful. You know, all this ancient family history put out on display in front of everyone. Things that I didn't even know. By the time I left, I was just... I was so confused.

Zack: I'm sorry you had to go through that.

Abby: And as bad as it was for me, it was even worse for my mom. This jerk completely attacked her, and someone that she really trusted betrayed her, even though they didn't mean to. But... the damage was already done. And my mom was heartbroken, and so was I. I just felt so helpless, you know? I don't know what to do. I'm sorry. [ Chuckles ] I shouldn't have even gotten into this. I get so wound up.

Zack: You need to give yourself a break.

Abby: [ Sighs ]

Zack: I mean, it just happened. When stuff in your life blows up, it takes time to sort through. Especially given it's about your mom. First time I met ashley, I could tell just how close the two of you were.

Abby: We really are, yeah.

Zack: And I know how tight you are with her side of the family. That hasn't changed because of what's happened, has it?

Abby: No. No, no. They are amazing. I mean, we're all in this together.

Zack: In that case -- and not to sound glib. I honestly believe this -- you and your mom are gonna be fine.

Abby: Do you really think so?

Zack: I know so. You're both strong women with all these incredible people around you who love and support you. I can't imagine anything -- anything -- getting either one of you down for very long.

Abby: Thank you. Those were the exact words i needed to hear.

Lily: Sorry to just stop by like this.

Esther: Uh... oh, it's fine.

Cane: Hey. Hey, I wasn't expecting you.

Esther: Uh, I'll be in the kitchen if anyone needs me.

Lily: Uh, I tried calling. This won't take long.

Cane: Okay.

Lily: Yeah. Uh, I guess you didn't get my message?

Cane: Uh, no. Uh, my battery died, and, uh, I'm charging it. So, um, what's up?

Lily: Um, I had an emergency that I needed your help with.

Cane: Sure. What's the emergency?

Lily: I'm going out of town to dallas on a business trip tomorrow night, and I thought maybe you could stay at the house with the twins while I'm gone.

Cane: You want me to move back in, huh? Um... yeah. I mean, I would love to spend more time with the kids, but, um...

Lily: But what? I thought you would jump at the chance. What's stopping you?

Billy: Tell me again why we're leaving without just a little sip of brandy?

Phyllis: Because I want you to myself.

Billy: Well, that's a damn fine reason.

Phyllis: [ Chuckles ] You know, we've been living together for the last few months, and I feel like we are not on the same page. Like our minds are just a million miles apart. And I think in some ways we have failed to appreciate what we have right in front of us.

Billy: I couldn't agree more.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Victoria: Hi. Um, listen.

Billy: Hey.

Victoria: I'm sorry to interrupt your evening, but something's come up.

Phyllis: Always. It always does.

Billy: What is it?

Victoria: I just heard from hilary. She had a guest cancel on her, and she wants me on her show tomorrow.

Billy: And you said yes with -- with no prep time?

Victoria: I mean, of course I did. In a heartbeat.

Phyllis: Why don't you two talk, and I'll be in the ladies room.

Jack: What is it?

Phyllis: Plans have changed. Victoria's going on "the hilary hour" tomorrow.

Jack: To promote the new men's line?

Phyllis: Yes. We don't need to just move fast. We need to move now. We need to get the new men's products out of the warehouse and delivered to fenmore's immediately.

Jack: Then take care of it.

Phyllis: Are you sure about this?

Jack: Yes, I'm sure. I told you, you're in charge of this. Take care of it.

Phyllis: Consider it done.

Billy: Look, I know you want to move on this soon, but we got to put the brakes on, okay? Hilary will understand. We're just not ready to launch.

Victoria: We're ready enough.

Billy: Vick, you're gonna go on there, and you're gonna talk about the extended line, which includes this new face mask. People are gonna get excited about it, and we're not gonna have enough product for them to buy.

Victoria: Listen, I just want to keep up the momentum. I want to stay ahead of the pack. And what better way than to surprise our competitors? Especially jabot?

Billy: Okay, but we got a schedule for this --

Victoria: I know it's gonna make things crazier than they already are. But we can handle this, billy.

Billy: Okay, fine. We'll figure it out.

Victoria: Okay. Thank you.

Billy: What is that?

Victoria: What?

Billy: What's on your face right here?

Victoria: Oh, you can see it? Oh, damn it. I put on a ton of concealer.

Billy: Victoria, what happened?

Victoria: Uh, nothing. It's not a big deal. It was a fender bender.

Billy: What?

Victoria: Yes, earlier tonight. It's not a big deal.

Billy: Are you okay?

Victoria: It was a minor thing. I'm okay. The only thing I'm concerned about is that it's gone before i appear on hilary's show.

Billy: It's not that bad, but...

Victoria: Yeah, but the camera sees every flaw, so... oh, well. It's fine. Really.

Phyllis: You all finished here? Ready to take this guy home.

Victoria: Yep. All done. I'll see you bright and early tomorrow. We have a big day.

Billy: Okay.

Scott: "County connect"?

Paul: Right. That is the name of the llc they used to rent the house the prostitutes were living in. That is, until the boss decided to suddenly move them to wherever they are now.

Sharon: Well, you always said these people would be hiding behind a dummy business. Now we have a name to go on.

Paul: [ Groans, exhales ] When you say "we," sharon, i certainly hope you mean the police department? And it is just a name. I wouldn't get too excited. I would expect to see a string of shell companies behind this one. And remember, it would be for the express purpose to bury the names of the people running it.

Sharon: How long will it take to cut through all of that and get to the real owner?

Paul: It's probably gonna take a while. But I have the forensic accountant team working on it now.

Scott: Well, thanks for sharing that. But if it's all the same, I'm gonna pursue it myself for my article.

Paul: Yeah, I figured you might. I just want to ask one thing.

Scott: That I keep it as discreet as possible, and I let you know if I hear of anything. I know how this works.

Paul: And that you don't take any unnecessary risks and do anything dangerous. Because I would have to answer to lauren.

Sharon: I'll keep him in line, too.

Scott: She always does.

Sharon: Well, thanks for coming by, paul. And thanks for delivering this information personally.

Paul: Okay. I'm serious, though. Please.

Sharon: Well, it's a start.

Scott: Now for the fun part. Unraveling miles and miles of muddle paperwork to get to the source.

Sharon: You know, you're a great journalist.

Scott: And researcher.

Sharon: And researcher. But do you really think that you can do this faster and more thoroughly than the police can?

Scott: The cops have plenty of resources at their disposal. But, uh...I have something they don't have.

Zack: Feels so good seeing you smile again.

Abby: Well, it's all on account of you being a phenomenal listener and an all-around sweetheart.

Zack: Tell you what. I'm starved. I bet you are, too. Let me get something to go with the wine.

Abby: Yeah, now that you mention it, I could use something to eat.

Zack: I'll be right back.

Abby: Okay.

Zack: What are you doing here, natalia? You're not supposed to be working in genoa city. I specifically told you that when we moved you to the new house.

Natalia: I know, but leon is boss now.

Zack: Excuse me?

Natalia: He tells me -- he tells me who to see and wh-where to work. I tell him that you will be very angry, but he --

Zack: I can't believe this.

Natalia: My arm, please. Let go.

Zack: Convince your date that you can't wait to get him back to his room. Then get the hell out of here. Move!

[ Sighs ] Leon, I need to talk to you. Give me a call, asap.

[ Exhales deeply ]

Cane: Come here. Have a seat.

Lily: I don't want to have a seat. I want to know why you're hesitating. Since you moved out, you've wanted to spend more time with the kids.

Cane: Yeah, that's true. I do.

Lily: Okay, well, here's your opportunity. You get to spend several days with them. You can wake up and have breakfast, and dinner, and shoot hoops, have a normal routine --

Cane: Sounds fantastic. It really does. It's just the timing. It's just not good right now. You're kind of just dropping this on me, and I --

Lily: Well, if it has to do with your job at chancellor, the commute's the same.

Cane: It's not that.

Juliet: Oh, hands down, that is the most comfortable bed I have ever been in. And that rain head in the shower? Oh, my god! It was pure heaven. It will not take me long to get used to living here.

Lily: You're living together?

Cane: I hope now you understand why I asked juliet to stay here. Because I can't have her stay at the club on her own while she's having problems with the pregnancy. And at least here, I can take care of her, and esther can help.

Lily: You don't have to explain anything to me. I get why you made your choice, and I really hope that -- that everything is okay. And, plus, we're getting divorced, so you can live your life how you want.

Cane: All right, just --

Juliet: Just so you know, this is all about the baby. There is nothing going on between cane and me.

Lily: So, you don't want to stay at the house with the twins because you would rather be here instead?

Cane: Well, hang on a second. No, I didn't say that. I didn't say that to you. And I didn't get a chance to answer earlier because I was trying to tell you about juliet. Look, I don't have a problem staying at the house with the kids while you go to dallas. 'Cause I already said to you that esther can take care of her while I'm gone. She'll be fine.

Juliet: Yeah, of course I will. And you should be with charlie and mattie.

Cane: And if she needs me, she can call me. Right?

Juliet: Yeah, I won't forget.

Cane: Okay.

Juliet: Well, excuse me. I'm gonna go finish unpacking.

Cane: I know that this is a shock for you.

Lily: Cane, just...stop.

Abby: Oh, no! You got to be quick.

Zack: [ Laughs ] I could watch you do that all day.

Abby: What, chew? [ Laughs ]

Zack: It's pretty adorable. Just like everything else you do.

Abby: He finally notices.

Zack: Oh, please. I noticed a long time ago. So, how about it? How you feeling now that you got this food in you?

Abby: I definitely feel much better than when I first walked in.

Zack: I'm glad.

Abby: [ Laughs ]

Zack: What's going on in that beautiful head of yours?

Abby: I was just thinking, um... you're full of surprises.

Zack: Uh-oh. What'd I do this time?

Abby: How you insisted on seeing me tonight, even though i told you I was in a lousy mood. And how attentive you are, and such a good listener. I feel like I really saw a different side to you. One that I really liked. And I've just -- I've never felt closer to you before.

Zack: I feel the same.

Abby: You know, I've been wondering where things stood between us. I mean, where you stood. If this relationship was important to you. And, well, I was hoping -- I need to know --

[ Cellphone rings ] What, you're --

Zack: Abby, I'm sorry...

Abby: You're not actually gonna take that now?

Zack: I know. Again, I'm sorry.

Abby: I was about to tell --

Zack: I'll be right back.

Jack: I highly doubt they have a doctor with them. What would be graham's incentive for keeping my mother alive? All he cares about is the millions he's going to inherit from her. He's not going to let anything or anyone come between him and that money.

Paul: Jack, I'm truly sorry that you and your family have to go through this.

Jack: Paul, we have to find her.

Paul: And I sincerely hope you do. And soon. Graham has dina's power of attorney. He was well within his rights to have her released from memorial. And it was not illegal for them to leave town together.

Jack: I know all that. But there is something you can do for me -- if you're willing.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Sorry. Just take a moment. Just a work thing.

Billy: This late?

Phyllis: Well, let's not worry about that. Let's focus on the things that need to get done. Okay? You know what we need?

Billy: I don't need anything but you.

Phyllis: We need champagne. I'm gonna get the glasses.

Billy: I'll get the music.

Phyllis: Awesome.

[ Celllphone chimes ]

Billy: [ Sighs ]

Phyllis: Where's that music you said you'd put on? What are you doing with my phone? Hot pockets satisfies hunger...

Sharon: So, you working for newman might be what finally brings down these vicious criminals.

Scott: All I need is victor's approval, and his resources.

Sharon: You think you'll get it?

Scott: I have to. "No" isn't an option. I need to reach out to his backroom legal team -- his sharks who can put their legally- and ethically-gray methods to good use for once. Maybe with their help, I can uncover the real mastermind behind the fake corporation.

Zack: I don't care if it was a platinum-level request specifically for natalia. And I don't care how much money was in it. There are people in this town who are looking for any connection to alice and crystal. They cannot -- I repeat, cannot -- see natalia. Understood? Yeah, you're damn right it won't happen again. Abby! Hey, I'm so sorry. I should never had put you on hold like that.

Abby: Then why did you?

Zack: Because I can't help myself. There are times where I know i should stop working, but I can'T. I need to stop that.

Abby: [ Scoffs ] It's always the same excuse with you.

Zack: Abby --

Abby: Look, I take work just as seriously as you do, but that doesn't mean I-I peel off in the middle of a personal conversation to take a business call. It's rude. I was embarrassed, zack. You left me sitting there. I wouldn't treat you that way. I wouldn't treat anyone that way. I-it was like I was so unimportant, like I would be happy to just sit there and wait for you. Well, I'm not, okay? You can't do that to people.

Zack: Everything you just said -- you're absolutely right. There's a reason for it. Just let me explain. You've been an executive for a long time. This is my first big break. I've been struggling for so many years. Now that I've had a little bit of success, I don't want to risk it.

Abby: Look, I get that. But that doesn't excuse what you just did. You need to figure out what your priorities are.

Zack: I don't want to lose you, abby. I know that you've been burned in the past, and that you need someone you can rely on. I swear, you can count on me.

Abby: I really want to believe you.

Zack: You can. I need you to. Because you are, by far, the most incredible woman I've ever met. Come back to the table. Please? So I can keep telling you how much you mean to me.

Cane: Hey, hey, don't go. All right? Stay here so we can talk this out. Come on.

Lily: Talk about what? Juliet? No, thank you. I will pass.

Cane: All right, listen, I-I -- [ Sighs ]

Lily: Cane, listen. You can do whatever you want, okay? You can. But at some point, you have to tell the kids, 'cause I'm not gonna do it for you.

Cane: I don't expect you to do it for me, okay?

Lily: Good.

Cane: When the time is right, I'll tell them. And I think it's great. I will be able to spend more time and reconnect, okay?

Lily: I hope so.

Cane: All right.

Lily: For their sake. Because they need their father.

Cane: I know they need their father. And I'll always be their father, irrespective of the fact that you're the one who asked me for the divorce.

Lily: [ Scoffs ] Speaking of divorce, michael hasn't received your copy of the signed papers.

Cane: Yeah, no, I, um... I've been too busy with my new job to -- to sign them.

Lily: Well, you seem to be moving on in other ways, so I don't know what's holding you back.

Jack: And after all that, we still don't have a flight plan. Without it, the trail goes cold.

Paul: Well, a private jet does complicate things, jack.

Jack: Well, I am asking you to un-complicate things. You're the chief of police. Your wife is the D.A. You have connections at the highest level. Surely you can get this information.

Paul: Jack --

Jack: Paul, I saw how devoted you were to mary, god rest her soul. You would have done anything for your mother.

Paul: You're right. I would've.

Jack: So?

Paul: All right. I will do whatever I can to find your mother. But there are no guarantees.

Jack: Thank you. I will not be able to rest until I know she is away from that guy and back home where she belongs.

Billy: Jabot's launching a new men's line?

Phyllis: Yeah.

Billy: I thought they weren't doing much with this line anymore.

Phyllis: Well, they are.

Billy: [ Scoffs ] You knew about this, and you didn't tell me? You're handling this for jack, and you didn't -- you didn't tell me about this?!

Phyllis: I'm sorry, are you offended that I have not told you absolutely everything?

Billy: Well --

Phyllis: Okay? Because we both know that you're not telling me everything.

Billy: What are you talking about?

Phyllis: Oh, it's amazing. You're even lying right now. Let me ask you something. Why should I tell you anything when you are more than willing to help yourself to my phone and my computer?! I know. I know. I know you've been using me.

Billy: Okay --

Phyllis: I know that you have been using me and then lying to my face, and I want to know why! Why did you do this to me?!

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