Y&R Transcript Thursday 10/19/17

Y&R Transcript Thursday 10/19/17


Episode # 11282 ~ Victor seeks help from an unlikely person, Hilary makes nice with an enemy, and Phyllis pushes Billy to come clean.

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Ashley: Jack! Where is he?

Jack: He's gone. He must have moved her before he came to talk to us.

Ashley: He's still playing games with us.

Jack: No, that's what he does. He plays games. That's what he's always done since he weaseled into our mother's life.

Traci: Okay, let's not jump to worst-case scenario.

Jack: No, I'm basing this on facts, on what I've seen him do, what I've heard him say. He's a time bomb. You saw him at ashley's party.

Traci: I admit, he is unstable, but we're in a hospital! Maybe the nurse or the doctor has taken our mother off to get more tests done. Let me at least check it out, okay?

Jack: I'm gonna see if graham is still in the hospital. Who are you calling?

Ashley: I'm calling graham.

Jack: You think he's gonna pick up?

Ashley: I don't know, jack, but maybe he wants a chance to gloat. Call me if you find them, would you? Oh, my god.

Phyllis: What haven't you been honest about with me?

Billy: Work. Family. Us.

Phyllis: I know. It's been tough on you, living with divided loyalties.

Billy: I've had to, you know, compartmentalize things. Wall off certain emotions.

Phyllis: It's taken a toll on you. I tried to help you.

Billy: I know. And I don't share everything with you.

Phyllis: And I don't understand why. We are a team. We support each other. We care about each other.

Billy: Through anything?

Phyllis: Nothing you say will change what you and I have.

Billy: I'm glad to hear you say that because... none of this has anything to do with how I feel about you.

Victoria: So, where's your halo?

Nick: Ha, ha! So many jokes. So many wisecracks. Let's just get it out of the way.

Victoria: I just automatically assumed that you got one after giving your trust fund to neil and jack's charity.

Nick: You could call me saint nick.

Victoria: How about I call you crazy nick?

Nick: Vick, I couldn't keep the money.

Victoria: Look, above and beyond the money, you went on "the hilary hour" and you told everyone what you thought of our father. And then you want to meet me in a restaurant that dad owns.

Nick: Well, the chef here grills a mean trout.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Are you deliberately trying to keep this hostility alive?

Nick: No. Not anymore. Dad and I declared a truce.

Hilary: [ Scoffs ]

Neil: Whoa! Giving up on me already?

Hilary: Well, you weren't firm on whether or not you were gonna come, so... thank you. So, are we having coffee?

Neil: Okay, look. Let's make something really clear here. That footage that you caught of me escorting graham out of the abbott dinner -- I do not give you permission to air it.

Hilary: Don't sweat it, neil. I'm not airing any of it.

Neil: Really?

Hilary: Mm-hmm. Is that so hard to believe?

Neil: Well, I don't know. You've aired a lot of the newmans' dirty laundry before, and what about ashley, revealing that john's not her bio dad? That's -- that's really huge.

Hilary: It doesn't get much huger.

Neil: So why are you giving the abbotts a free pass?

Hilary: Because jack is my friend. Besides, victor gave me permission to air that argument with him and nick.

Neil: That may be, but what about you broadcasting that confrontation between vicki and benjamin hochman? She didn't sign off on that.

Hilary: Yes, and she made that abundantly clear. Funny that you should bring up victoria. Because she is the reason why i wanted to meet with you. I have a favor to ask you.

Hilary: Neil. At least hear me out!

Neil: [ Chuckles ] Okay. Uh, 60 seconds, and go.

Hilary: Taping and airing that footage of victoria, it taught me a very valuable lesson. It brought me tons of glory and it generated all kinds of buzz, but then other more interesting events came along, and that moment, that story was forgotten.

Neil: Not by victoria.

Hilary: Yes. She hates me now.

Neil: So what?

Hilary: So if I want "the hilary hour" to continue to be successful, I need to align myself with the movers and shakers in this town. So that I can have direct access to newsworthy people and events.

Neil: Right, and burying that footage from the abbott dinner was about more than just looking out for your pal, jack, right?

Hilary: Well, jack will hire me again because I protected his family, but I allowed nick to come on the show and give away his trust fund. I gave him the opportunity to rebrand himself as a generous and noble guy.

Neil: And helping victoria to rebrand herself as what...?

Hilary: Whatever she wants her public face to be.

Neil: So you can get more viewers.

Hilary: That's a side benefit.

Neil: We were married. I know you oh-so-well. And this right here, this is a ploy to help yourself and nobody else.

Hilary: I'll admit it, I blew it with victoria. On a professional level, I could take the hit, I could move on. But on a personal level, i thought that we had some kind of mutual respect, that maybe we even liked each other.

Neil: Yet, you publicly humiliated her.

Hilary: That was stupid, short-sighted, and wrong. I don't regret a lot of things, but...I regret that.

Neil: You really mean that.

Hilary: Yes, I do. And you're friends with victoria, so maybe you could talk to her, put in a good word for me?

Neil: Not a chance. If you really want to make amends with victoria, I suggest you do it all by yourself.

Victoria: I am relieved that you and dad have made peace.

Nick: Peace is probably too strong a word. I mean, we haven't forgiven each other, and we certainly don't like each other very much right now.

Victoria: Well, how is that a truce, then?

Nick: We have agreed to not push each other's buttons and go our separate ways.

Victoria: Well, that's just sad. I guess I should take some comfort in knowing that you won't be at each other's throats non-stop with the rest of the family caught in the middle. Does mom know?

Nick: Mnh-mnh. You're the first. You know, I'm just gonna focus on the things that matter most to me -- chelsea, my kids, the underground expansion...

Victoria: You're happy?

Nick: I am happier than I've been in a long time.

Victoria: I miss how our family used to be. How tight we used to be before we found out what dad did and how he set up adam.

Nick: He got him killed.

Victoria: There are some days when I wish we'd never learned the truth.

Nick: Yeah, well, we did. I just can't pretend that it never happened.

Victoria: And it bothers you that I can and I'm managing to get along with dad?

Nick: Look, you are doing what works for you. I just hope he doesn't hurt you again.

Victoria: Well, I'll never fully trust him or forgive him, but he has been very helpful

Nick: Doing everything he can to win you back.

Victoria: Of course.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Oh, no.

Phyllis: What is that you want to be honest with me about?

Billy: We have been... we've been talking a lot about jack and the family and... you've been pushing me to try and fix things with them, and...

Phyllis: Mm-hmm. It's obviously been on your mind, and every time I bring it up --

Billy: I shut down. Which in turn...

Phyllis: Well, yeah.

Billy: ...Puts more distance between us.

Phyllis: Right. Right, right. You think I'm just -- I'm pushing too hard. You think I'm a nag.

Billy: I don't think that. I don'T. I love you and I want to be with you, and sometimes I try and reassure you of that, and it just...

Phyllis: It feels like a lie.

Billy: Do you think that I'm lying to you? I mean, if you do, I mean, I can understand that. You know, I get quiet and I get preoccupied -- none of which is your fault.

Phyllis: Right, and you're coming to me now, you're opening up, and that'S... that's good. That's gonna go a long way to making us strong again. So, what is it? What is it? What is bothering you? What is it that you think you've done?

Billy: Phyllis, I've been...

[ Cellphone rings ] Will you give me a second, please? I got to take this. Vick, what's up?

Victoria: There's an emergency at the warehouse on gordon -- a flood that could affect our entire shipment. I'm headed back to the office now.

Billy: No, you don't -- you don't have to sweat that.

Victoria: No! Billy, this is a huge disaster! It could cost us everything.

Billy: Victoria, I've got contingencies in place, okay? Look, nothing is gonna throw us off-schedule. All right? I promise you.

Victoria: All right. Then you'll handle it?

Billy: Yes.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Thank you. I'm sorry if I sounded, um...

Billy: Freaked out?

Victoria: Well, can you blame me? I mean, we're moving so quickly and taking big risks to outsell jabot. All it's gonna take is one monumental glitch.

Billy: Yeah, I understand that, but you can consider this a glitch-free zone, okay?

Victoria: All right. Thank you. Keep me informed.

Billy: I will. I'm sorry, I just -- I need a minute to figure something out here.

Phyllis: Hope everything's okay.

Jack: Graham is nowhere to be found.

Ashley: And he's still not picking up his phone.

Traci: The nurses don't know where dina is, and now I'm starting to panic. They've paged the doctor, and he's gonna come down and answer some of our questions.

Jack: Doctor.

Traci: Dr. Hummel. Dr. Hummel, we can't find our mother.

Ashley: Our mother's not in her room.

Jack: What is going on?

Traci: Did you take her out for more tests?

Dr. Hummel: Ms. Mergeron hasn't been scheduled for any further tests today.

Jack: Then where is she?

Dr. Hummel: While I would have preferred your mother spend another night here, she was medically cleared to leave.

Ashley: Did she check herself out?

Dr. Hummel: At mr. Bloodworth's request, i released her.

Ashley: Okay, wait a second. Did she object to this?

Dr. Hummel: Why would she?

Ashley: Because she just had a stroke, and you said yourself...

Dr. Hummel: Ms. Mergeron gave her consent. I escorted her downstairs myself.

Traci: Was graham with her?

Dr. Hummel: There was a town car waiting for them at the rear of the hospital. That's not unusual for patients who value their privacy.

Ashley: Did you ever think that maybe graham was hiding something from us? And that maybe you should have notified us?

Dr. Hummel: Again, I am forced to remind you that your family does not have power of attorney over ms. Mergeron's health. Legally, there was no reason --

Jack: No reason? Bloodworth does not have her best interests at heart!

Traci: Jack! Jack! Jack! It's done now. Thank you, doctor.

[ Sighs ] Okay. What's important is that we figure out where the hell graham has taken our mother.

Ashley: We have to go back to the club. Their things are there.

Traci: Okay, good. Thank you. Oh, dishwasher,

Billy: [ Clears throat ]

Phyllis: I'm sorry. Did I rush? Were you done?

Billy: No, no. Yeah, no, it's all good. I'm sorry we got interrupted.

Phyllis: Ah, I'm used to it. You know, I think victoria relies on you too much. That worries me sometimes.

Billy: Worries you how?

Phyllis: I don't know. Maybe she's pushing you, you know? Making you feel uncomfortable.

Billy: Well, that's why this is work because it's not all fun and games every time, you know? I've put a lot into this company. I feel like I have a certain responsibility. I got to do what I got to do to make sure it's a success, like you have to do with fenmore'S.

Phyllis: Yeah, and I -- we're loyal to our companies that employ us, I mean, but isn't it more important that we're loyal to each other?

Billy: Yeah, but I don't know if they're mutually exclusive.

Phyllis: Okay, you were just gonna tell me about what's distracting you.

Billy: Right, um... it's ashley. It's, you know, ashley, when her secret came out, you know, what it all means for me and the family.

Phyllis: What are you talking about?

Billy: Well, I just feel like she was really embarrassed, now that everybody know that our father isn't her father -- her biological father. I think she might feel that... I don't know, people might think less of her.

Phyllis: The only one who thinks that is ashley.

Billy: Well, I've been alienated from the family for a long time, too, so... and, look, I tell myself that it's not a big deal and I don't necessarily need to have jack's acceptance, but... when ashley invited me to the celebration, you know, I thought maybe for a second it'd be nice. It felt good to be a part of it again.

Phyllis: And you want to continue that trend? You want to make things right with jack?

Billy: Yeah, but I don't see that happening. I think that's pretty much hopeless.

Phyllis: You know, I don't -- I don'T...

[ Chuckles ] I don't understand what's happening because, I mean, I -- you just said that you wanted to come clean with me, so...

Billy: I am coming clean with you, right now, phyllis. Because all of this -- all of this affects us, right? I mean, jack comes down on me, i end up trying to get back at him, and that pulls me away from you, and it makes separation between us, and I don't want that to happen. So I feel like I got to be honest with you because I do love you, and I don't regret anything that's ever happened with us.

Phyllis: That's it? That's what you want to be honest with me about?

Billy: Well, I mean, I feel like it's important because if I'm not honest with you, then that starts to mess with us, and then I start getting too involved here, and I start pulling away from you, and i don't want that to happen. So... I mean, that's what you want, right? You want us to... you want me to be honest with you. You okay? I feel like you were expecting me to say something else.

Victor: Hey!

Neil: Hey!

Victor: Neil, my man.

Neil: Look who it is.

Victor: How are you?

Neil: [ Laughs ] I'm good, victor. How you doing? Come on. Take a chair.

Victor: Do you mind?

Neil: No, come on.

Victor: All right. So...

Neil: So, I, uh -- I would ask about nikki, but...

Victor: I'd rather not talk about that, if you don't mind.

Neil: No. Don't mind at all. So, why don't you pick a topic? What you got?

Victor: I hear there was a dinner celebrating ashley.

Neil: Yeah, there certainly was. Innovator of the year award.

Victor: You were there?

Neil: I was there.

Victor: There was a family issue, I hear.

Neil: Yeah, let's just say it was, uh, an eventful evening that ashley handled with a lot of poise and grace.

Victor: Uh-huh.

Neil: But if you want to know more about it, I would pick up the phone and talk to her.

Victor: I will do that.

Neil: So, I caught nick's interview with hilary.

Victor: Yeah.

Neil: How you feel about that? Making a substantial donation from his trust fund to my charity.

Victor: Right. And the fact that jack abbott is your partner.

Neil: That must bother you quite a bit. Knowing that he has equal say in where that money is donated.

Victor: You bet. But you know, what my son does with his money is really his business. He and I are not getting along well together, let's put it that way.

Hilary: Nick! I'm glad I ran into you. The viewer response to your segment was more than I could hope for. I'm getting tons of e-mails raving about how generous and inspiring you are. And it even led to an uptick in charitable donations.

Nick: Well, it's nice to know that not everyone thinks my actions were crazy.

Hilary: Well, I'm just really glad that I was able to help you get your message out there.

Victoria: Well, it definitely made a big impact on the people that nick wanted to reach.

Hilary: I would love to interview you, too, victoria. You could tell your side of the victor story just like nick did.

Victoria: Thanks, but no thanks.

Hilary: You have no reason to trust me.

Victoria: You don't say?

Hilary: But I can assure that this time, things will be different. Everything straightforward. We will agree on everything in advance. No tricks.

Nick: Look, I will say, hilary was extremely fair with me, and if you feel like your reputation is still taking shots because of this footage with hochman that came out, then this could be a good opportunity for you to set the record straight.

Hilary: Thank you, nick. That's really nice of you to say.

Victoria: Yeah, it's very nice of you. But my brother will just have to forgive me if I don't take this particular piece of advice. I know your game, hilary, and i want nothing more to do with you or your show.

Hilary: Can I speak with victoria alone?

Victoria: I have no interest in talking to you.

Nick: Look, learning from my own mistakes, I have learned that anger doesn't do anyone any good. So hear her out.

Victoria: [ Scoffs ]

[ Door opens ]

Jack: Her things are gone.

Traci: We better be sure. Let's go check.

Ashley: No shoes, no clothes. Everything's gone.

Traci: And all of her personal things are out of the bathroom, also. Graham must had the hotel pack her up. Otherwise, they wouldn't have time to --

Jack: She was in an awfully big hurry.

Traci: [ Gasps ]

Ashley: There has to be some way to track them. Go to graham's room!

Traci: Okay.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Jack: Wait, is that dina?

Ashley: Uh, no. I'll be right with you. Just give me one minute. Victor. What do you need?

Victor: I don't need anything. I just wanted to offer my congratulations.

Ashley: I'm sorry?

Victor: You won the innovator of the year award.

Ashley: Oh, right. Thank you. I'm just a little distracted.

Victor: Well, I figured it's long overdue and well-deserved. So I understand there was a dinner. How did that go?

Ashley: Can I talk to you a little bit later about that?

Victor: Sure. Is everything all right?

Ashley: It's dina. She had a stroke.

Victor: She did? Are you at the hospital? I can be right there in a few minutes.

Ashley: No, it's -- it's not necessary, but thank you very much.

Victor: Is there anything you need me to help you with?

Ashley: There's really nothing. Tracy, jack, and I have it covered, but again --

Traci: Graham's room is cleared out, too.

Ashley: I've got to go.

Jack: He's probably got her on her jet right now, headed to paris.

Ashley: Where he's gonna have complete control over her.

Neil: Hey. Sorry about that.

Victor: Yeah, you know, ashley said that dina had a stroke.

Neil: What? That's terrible.

Victor: Yeah.

Neil: Is she gonna be all right?

Victor: Well, she didn't go into details.

Neil: What about ashley?

Victor: Sounded rather distracted.

Neil: Dina's connection with her children's come a long way since she returned to genoa city. You know, jack actually told me that he enjoys working with her at jabot.

Victor: Well, it's nice to have a member of your family work alongside you. I'm very happy that abby is with me at newman enterprises.

Neil: Right? Like I am with devon.

Victor: Yeah.

Neil: I imagine nick feels the same way about working with noah.

Victor: I guess so.

Neil: Hey.

Victor: Yeah?

Neil: I know it's painful, not having a good relationship with your son.

Victor: Yeah, well... seems that sometimes it's better to keep family apart, you know?

Neil: I can't even imagine that, you know? Our kids grow up, and they still need us.

Victor: Although they don't know it.

Neil: Well, we need them.

Victor: As if it's a chore to be saddled with all the opportunities and all the money. I just have a feeling this generation is just very ungrateful. Very entitled. I worked my behind off to create wealth and opportunity for my children and grandchildren, making sure that they didn't have to go through all the loneliness and hunger that i went through.

Neil: I don't know what happened between you and nicholas, but I do know this -- I have had my fair share of problems with lily and devon, and I let them know, man, and that little boy of mine, moses...

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Neil: ...That they are loved forever and a day, you know? No matter what.

Victor: But do I need to remind you that you didn't sound like that a few years ago?

Neil: Well, yeah, I mean, come on, man. I made some bad choices. I, uh, was letting my personal demons get ahold of me. Being an alcoholic, you know, it goes with the territory.

Victor: I never told you how much I respect the fact that you overcame those demons. I really respect you for that.

Neil: Thank you. Thank you very much. Yeah. One day at a time.

Victor: Yep. But I'll be damned if I have my son throw everything that I've created back in my face.

Neil: You know what? I think you're gonna be there for him when he really needs you.

Victor: I'm not so sure.

Neil: You're his father. You know, if I ever let a business problem come between me and devon, as father and son, you know something? Hamilton-winters group, my company?

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Neil: History. I'm out.

Victor: I'm gonna hold you to those words.

Neil: You absolutely can. Because I will never let anger get in the way of having a relationship with my kids.

Victor: I'm glad to hear that, neil. At the moment, I don't share those sentiments.

Victoria: Okay. So... where are the hidden cameras? Or maybe you bribed the waiter to secretly record me with his phone.

Hilary: I understand why you would think that, but... victoria, that's not what this is about.

Victoria: You better be honest with me, or I'm gonna leave right now. You should try it. It might make you feel like a new person.

Hilary: Full disclosure, I have a few of the wait staff on my payroll. They tip me off when anyone of interest comes in or if they overhear a juicy tidbit while they're refilling water glasses. Oh, and if you're gonna have a clandestine phone call, i wouldn't do it in the alcove outside of the ladies' room. The flowers have ears.

Victoria: I don't know why i should be surprised that you're spying on me and my family.

Hilary: You're naive if you think that I am the only one. The newman family has been in the spotlight long before I came to this town.

Victoria: And that justifies your actions? We're well-known, so it's open season on us?

Hilary: No, no, that's not --

Victoria: Save it. I don't need to hear your pitch. How the dare body spray demo episode was such a big hit for brash & sassy and how it caused a ratings hike for "the hilary hour" and how we should work together again because it paid off so well the last time. Am I leaving anything out?

Hilary: Yes. My apology.

Phyllis: You know what, I'm gonna hit the gym before I get home. Are you gonna be working late?

Billy: I don't know yet. Hold on a second. Are you okay?

Phyllis: I'm disappointed that this is what you've been worried about and twisted about, you know? I mean, I... I know that you don't blame me for the rift between you and jack. He's the one that's made things difficult on you. If you want to reconnect with the family, then do it. I know that ashley and traci miss you as much as you miss them.

Billy: Thank you for understanding that. I still feel like you're expecting me to say something else.

Phyllis: I just -- I thought that there were issues here, you know? With victoria.

Billy: What kind of issues? Like she's mistreating me and that I'm gonna quit?

Phyllis: That would be very nice. I'd have you all to myself, you know? I know she can be pushy. Does that ever, like, just get to you?

Billy: I'm good.

Phyllis: Okay. I'll see you at home.

Billy: Hey. I hope you realize that I'm here for you, okay? If there's something you feel that you need to...talk to me about, if you're going through something...

Phyllis: I hope you realize how much I love you. I love you.

Hilary: Victoria, when you went off on me at the club the other day, I realize that you were still angry about what i did, and it reinforced how much I hurt you by airing that footage.

Victoria: Wait. What do you mean, I went off on you?

Hilary: Well, maybe that wasn't the best choice of words, but you were obviously upset. And you had every right to be. I let my ambition get in the way of your feelings, and I -- I'm so sorry about that, okay?

Victoria: And yet you're not quitting your show to run off and rescue puppies.

Hilary: I want to start over. I want to stop putting the scoop ahead of people that I like and respect.

Nick: You ignoring me?

Phyllis: [ Laughing ] Okay.

Nick: That's not the reaction I was looking for.

Phyllis: Who needs cardio with you around?

Nick: Well, yeah, I mean, i am the only sweaty person in the place. What's going on? What's wrong?

Phyllis: You're the one with the big news. Tell me, does our daughter have any inheritance left?

Nick: [ Laughs ] All right, you saw it.

Phyllis: Yeah. You could have said something to your exes and your kids when you gave all your money away. I bet sharon didn't take to it too well.

Nick: Eh. [ Laughs ] No. Wasn't a pleasant conversation. But I'm gonna tell you exactly what I told her. I don't want my kids relying on my money for the rest of their lives, you know? I'm trying to raise financially independent children. I don't want them thinking they can use me as a fallback when times get tough. Now, my dad, on the other hand...

Phyllis: Okay. Say no more. You had me at victor. No further discussion necessary.

Nick: I'm not sure I'm happy or annoyed that you and I still understand each other so well.

Phyllis: Oh, I do understand you. You just think you understand me.

Nick: Oh, really?

Phyllis: Mm-hmm.

Nick: Then how come I can tell that there is something bothering you?

Phyllis: Lucky guess.

Nick: Oh. I'll do you one better then. What did billy do now?

Phyllis: Why do you always have to blame him?

Nick: Tell me I'm wrong.

Phyllis: You're wrong.

Nick: Oh. All right. Why don't you tell me the truth now?

Phyllis: Things are just a little intense right now at brash & sassy.

Nick: With victoria?

Phyllis: [ Sighs ] Billy just thinks he owes it to her to work as hard as she does.

Nick: [ Scoffs ] I just don't get it. When are you two gonna get it? You are too good for this guy.

Phyllis: [ Sighs ]

Billy: So, the shipment's back on schedule. Good. Got to love when everything goes according to plan. Yes, I will tell victoria how you came through for us, and i appreciate it. Okay. Bye-bye.

Victor: Where is my daughter?

Billy: She's not here, victor, but I'll tell her you stopped by and that you couldn't stick around.

Victor: Were you at ashley's dinner last night?

Billy: Yes, I was, and i don't have time to discuss with you.

Victor: Do you realize that dina had a mild stroke?

Billy: What'd you say?

Victor: What, does that concern you?

Billy: Yeah, it does concern me because she's a nice woman. It's my sisters' mother, and I'm worried about my sisters.

Victor: Well, I would suggest you not go there because ashley's rather upset.

Billy: Well, you know what, even more reason to go to them right now.

Victor: Well, that might make you feel good, but I assure you that ashley and traci will consider that an intrusion.

Billy: They're my sisters, victor.

Victor: That's right. And dina is their mother, not yours. So, if I were you, I'd lie low for a while, you know? Stay out of their business.

Neil: My man! I'm glad I caught you. Um, listen, I'm downstairs. I'm hungry. Why don't you join me for a bite and a drink? No, no. Listen to me. You leave those files in the office. I don't want to catch up on any kind of business at all. I just want to spend some quality time with my son.

Nick: I was just with victoria.

Phyllis: Yeah? Did she mention billy?

Nick: She called him. There was some crisis at work, so he calmed her down. I think he handled it.

Phyllis: Of course he did. You wouldn't happen to know what that crisis was about, would you?

Nick: Well, I don't know. I wasn't paying attention.

[ Chuckles ] Look, she's my sister. I'm very loyal to her. So whatever's going on with brash & sassy, you can't expect me to spill anything to her competitor.

Phyllis: Do you really think I'm gonna report back to jack?

Nick: Well, I don't know, phyllis, would you?

Phyllis: You know, everybody's bending over backwards to look out for victoria when we all know she's perfectly capable of taking care of herself.

Nick: Yeah, I don't know about that.

Hilary: I was never out to get you.

Victoria: Well, it certainly felt that way.

Hilary: We always had a great working relationship. I want to get back to that. I want to get your trust back.

Victoria: How are we supposed to make that happen?

Hilary: An interview.

Victoria: [ Scoffs ]

Hilary: Come on, brash & sassy is always coming up with new ideas.

Victoria: So?

Hilary: So, I'm sure that there's something new coming down the pipeline. Something that you want to get out there and promote.

Victoria: Even if that were the case, how do I know you won't march that straight back to jack, and then come back and say that your schedule doesn't have time for a promotional show after all? Or better yet, maybe you're gonna blindside me on the air about my personal life.

Hilary: That won't happen.

Victoria: You say you want my trust, hilary, but I've seen you go back on your word too many times to believe you. Can I get the check?

Billy: You know, victor, for once, I'm actually gonna agree with you, and it -- it comes to me with a certain amount of shock why you are looking out for me.

Victor: I'm looking out for the abbotts I care about.

Billy: Ah, there's the victor I've come to know and avoid.

Billy: All right, well, for this fleeting moment of good will, I'll let victoria know that you stopped by. Thank you.

Victor: Victoria has grown dependent upon you much more than she used to.

Billy: I'm not gonna hurt her, if that's what you're worried about.

Victor: And, uh, you've even turned against your own brother to help her.

Billy: Well, I'm always gonna side with victoria over jack.

Victor: I want my daughter back in my life.

Billy: That's not surprising to me. What is surprising to me is why you're opening up to me about this. Why are you doing that?

Victor: I want her to trust me again.

Billy: Come on, victor, why would anybody do that? Especially victoria.

Victor: But you're very close to her, and I think you can persuade her to do so.

Nick: [ Breathing heavily ]

[ Sighs ]

Phyllis: Why do you think that victoria isn't any good at taking care of herself?

Nick: Well, brash & sassy hasn't exactly been on stable ground lately. Vick likes to think she's in control of things, but despite all the constant reminders, life is controlling her -- it's not the other way around. Now, who do you think she turns to to help her through that?

Phyllis: Billy. Believe me, I know, and don't you say a bad word about him.

Nick: It's not just billy. I mean, you know, hilary stopped by while vick and I were having lunch, and she mentioned... you know what, it's not important.

Phyllis: It's important for you to mention it. All right, what? What? What? What? What? What? What did hilary say?

Nick: [ Chuckles ]

Phyllis: Seriously? You're not gonna answer me?

Nick: Hilary wants to interview victoria.

Phyllis: Why? I doubt with brash & sassy's financial woes that victoria wants to give away her trust fund on tv, so...

Nick: I think that hilary feels bad about the way she portrayed the newman family, and this is a chance for her to make things right.

Phyllis: Do you think she should do the show?

Nick: Look, when I went on there, it helped me come to terms with my dad. If vick does an interview, it could let her talk about brash & sassy's new products. She could insist that the interview be live so she could control the content. That way, hilary couldn't go back and edit it to make victoria look bad. It could be a valuable promotional tool to help brash & sassy get back on its feet.

Phyllis: I'm guessing victoria's missing the benefits, and she just said no?

Nick: Hilary can be persuasive, you know? Maybe vick changed her mind.

Phyllis: Hilary and victoria together... that could be can't-miss tv.

Hilary: I got this. I'll sign a contract! Stating everything that we'll discuss during the interview, and if I violate that contract, strict penalties will be enacted.

Victoria: My attorney will draw up the contract.

Hilary: Agreed.

Victoria: And any penalties incurred will be more than just a slap on the wrist.

Hilary: Otherwise, what would be the point?

Victoria: There will be absolutely no talk of my personal life.

Hilary: None.

Victoria: All right, then. You have a deal. I'll appear on your show.

Billy: Why don't you tell me, victor -- why would I ever help you win your daughter back?

Victor: If you do, you'll be generously rewarded.

Ashley: Look!

Jack: Mother!

Traci: Mother, we're here!

Ashley: Mother!

Traci: We're here!

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