Y&R Transcript Friday 10/13/17

Y&R Transcript Friday 10/13/17


Episode # 11278 ~ Life for the Abbott family changes forever.

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Abby: What did you just say?

Jack: Okay, everyone take a big breath and step back here. I think there's been a little confusion, right, mother?

Dina: Yes, but I -- I don't understand what's happening.

Graham: If dina's confused, it's because you made her that way. You're all so self-righteous, but especially you, ashley. Your mother did what she could to keep the truth from you. Not because she wanted to lie but because she wanted to protect you.

Traci: Okay, protect her from what? What "truth?"

Jack: Okay, that's enough, graham. You can leave now.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Mariah: Hey, tessa.

Tessa: Hey! What's up? Did you get any of my texts? I'm surprised I didn't hear from you.

Mariah: Sorry, I've, uh, been stuck at work.

Tessa: Well, I'd love to hang. Are you free?

Mariah: No, it's gonna be a while here. You know, I've got deadlines and more deadlines.

Tessa: Oh.

Mariah: You know, you're not the only one that I had to blow off. Devon had to go to this fancy shindig for ashley abbott without me.

Tessa: Well, what's your eta for wrapping up there?

Mariah: Tomorrow.

[ Chuckles ] Next week. Hilary doesn't really believe in a work-life balance.

Tessa: Okay. We'll hang another time, then.

Mariah: Yeah, definitely.

Chelsea: You are stalling, newman.

Nick: [ Scoffs ] Stalling?

Chelsea: Yeah. You still haven't told me what happened back there with your dad at brash & sassy after he kicked us out.

Nick: [ Sighs ] You know my dad. He was just throwing around his threats and trying to get under my skin. It's nothing for you to worry about.

Chelsea: If it involves you, of course I'm gonna worry about it, unless you've forgotten. I mean, this -- you, me, the kids -- all of us, we're a team now. If it affects you, it affects me.

Nick: [ Sighs ] I appreciate your candor.

Chelsea: Well, now I'd like some in return. This thing with your dad, was it all about money?

[ Doorbell rings ]

Nick: I'll get it. Oh!

Victoria: I am still trying to wrap my brain around this lunatic move that you made.

Nick: I thought we settled this at your office.

Victoria: Donating your money to charity is one thing, but doing what you did just to spite dad -- couldn't you have thought of something cheaper? It's certifiable!

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Nick: Donating my trust is the sanest move I have ever made.

Victoria: How so?

Nick: Because dad was coming after me.

Victoria: By draining your checking account?

Nick: Yeah, and it's clear he wasn't gonna stop there. All I did was declare my independence.

Victoria: Oh, nick newman, true patriot.

Nick: No, what I am is not weighed down by this ridiculous trust. Dad can no longer accuse me of riding his coattails anymore.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Would you back me up here? Would you tell him that he's being rash and impulsive?

Chelsea: I'll admit, at first, I was thrown for a loop.

Victoria: Thank you.

Chelsea: No, only at first, though. Maybe this isn't something that I would have done, but it's not my money. It's nick's money and it's his choice, and I back him up 100%.

Victoria: Oh, that's so cute, standing by your man.

Chelsea: It is, especially when you have one to stand by.

Nick: Hey. Whoa! Let's not -- come on.

Victoria: You know what, I've had my problems with dad, but I've learned how to deal with them and negotiate a truce instead of a drawn-out war.

Nick: Oh, and how is that turning out for you?

Victoria: Better than expected.

Nick: Right.

Victoria: It is! I've had a few meetings with dad about brash & sassy, and he's given me some good advice. It's no secret that my company's having some struggles right now.

Nick: And how many times did he say "I told you so?"

Victoria: Not once. He's been very encouraging and very generous. In fact, he gave me a fully tested ready-to-market skincare line that's gonna help get brash & sassy back on its feet.

Nick: Well, if I was you, i wouldn't get too attached to that line.

Victoria: Why not?

Nick: Because when you're not looking, he might take it back.

Victoria: You know, the only thing this little stunt of yours achieves is to give the illusion that you're on top, when in reality, you're just dragging out the tension with dad. And the rest of us? We're just collateral damage.

Nick: Okay, so now we get behind the real reason for this visit. You don't want anything I do to ruin a good thing for you.

Mariah: Whoa! Wow! [ Laughs ]

Tessa: [ Laughs ]

Mariah: Uh, you scared me.

Tessa: Oh, I'm sorry to just drop by. Wait, are you leaving? I thought you were gonna be here for a while, with your deadlines and your pesky paperwork...

Mariah: Uh, snack run.

Tessa: Oh, well, I got your covered.

Mariah: You do? That's crazy. Uh, what do you -- what do you got there?

Tessa: Well, you sounded stressed, so I happen to know the perfect cure, which is... ...cheap red wine and dark chocolate.

Mariah: [ Chuckles ]

Tessa: And since you're taking a break anyway, we can enjoy them together. Come on. You're running out of excuses.

Mariah: Fine. You got me. As they say in show business, "let's take five."

Tessa: Uh, so, I caught nick's segment. That was quite a thing he did.

Mariah: What, the sit-down or the money?

Tessa: Well, I was surprised by the former, floored by the latter.

Mariah: Yeah, you and everybody else. I mean, the comment section on the website is still blowing up.

Tessa: Well, I hope it didn't overshadow the brilliant "taste of genoa city" segment of yours.

Mariah: You watched it?

Tessa: I watch all your segments. Why are you so surprised?

Mariah: Well, I just figured you'd be a little preoccupied, you know, settling in at noah's and everything.

Tessa: And you thought i wasn't gonna have time for you anymore...

Mariah: No. No, I didn't say that.

Tessa: No, but maybe you thought it, and that's the real reason I came here tonight.

Jack: All right, let's go.

Graham: Your mother put you first, and it cost her, and you've done nothing to deserve that gesture, that generosity. All you do is play the victim. It's all about how you were betrayed, ignored, or pushed aside. Well, excuse me if I don't feel sorry for you. You got to grow up with all the prestige and benefits of being an abbott. You lost nothing! Unlike the others whose lives were destroyed.

Ashley: Whose lives? Yours? Your mother's? And yet you go on and on and on about how much you care for dina. I understand your anger, graham, and your outrage. Your secret is out, and your need for revenge is pointless because brent davis was never gonna be able to give you any of the things that you covet so dearly! He wasn't good enough to shine john abbott's shoes! In fact, if you ask me, dina did you and your mother a favor by getting him out of your lives. Yet here you are. You're still working your con! You're still doing everything you can to get back at her!

Jack: We should take this somewhere more private, ash.

Ashley: I know exactly what you did. You set your sights on a rich old lady! You did everything in your power to prove your devotion to her! You even got her to give you almost everything in her damn will. And you made her trust you even more than she trusts her own children. You son of a bitch! You made her believe in you. Bravo! Come on! Let's hear it for graham! What a hell of a performance!

Dina: [ Sobbing ] No, please! Stop! Stop! This is enough!

Michael: Now might be an appropriate time to give ashley and her mother some space so they can...

Ashley: No, graham's leaving! You get out now or I'll call security and have your dragged out.

Dina: This has all been so difficult, so unnecessary.

Jack: Mother makes a very good point. So does ashley. Do us all a favor and leave now.

Graham: Fine. Dina, let's go.

Dina: No! No, I'm staying. Ashley's revelations and everything she's said -- it's all true, isn't it?

Graham: Well, if we could talk privately, I could explain to you what --

Dina: Our entire relationship, the trust -- it's all gone. Just get out!

Graham: Don't listen to ashley or jack.

Dina: Oh, please.

Graham: They've never cared about you, not like I have. The things ashley said, it's just so clear she's unhinged. It wouldn't surprise me if she's having another mental breakdown.

Neil: All right, look, I'm shutting this whole thing down. We can do this the easy way, or we can do it the hard way. Take your pick.

Jack: Let's go. Thank you, everyone, for enduring that discomfort. Uh, can we get back to what this evening is supposed to be about? A celebration of ashley.

Abby: I'm sorry, but is that even possible?

Victoria: I came here to have a rational conversation, not to be insulted.

Nick: You barged into my home and called me a lunatic. How is that rational?

Victoria: You know, your big announcement on "the hilary hour" didn't wrap everything up with a neat little bow.

Nick: It felt like a gift to me.

Victoria: All it did is drag things out with dad. Did you think about how this is gonna affect your kids?

Nick: I did them a favor. That money was a curse. It did more harm than anything. My only regret is I didn't do it a lot sooner.

[ Sighs ] What's up? Is something wrong?

Victoria: The only thing wrong is that there's no talking any sense into you.

Billy: You know what, there's a lot of third wheels sitting around here, so why don't we let jack and traci and ashley attend to their mother without an audience? What do you say?

Michael: Sure.

Neil: Hey. Wait, wait, wait. One minute. Um, before the night is over, i would like to say a few words in celebration about this lady right here, the lady of the hour. Ashley, you know how I feel about you. I am so proud of you, and this innovator of the year award -- you deserve it. Most of you know that I've worked with ashley a lot over the years, and I have been lucky enough to have a front-row seat to all of your brilliance. I mean, really, you've been so instrumental in creating new and exciting products and protocols. You have helped a lot of people. I admire you, I respect you, but most of all, ashley, you're my friend, and you are truly one of genoa city's special people. So I'd like you to raise your glasses and give ashley some more love, huh? All right.

Abby: To ashley.

Michael: To ashley.

Jack: Hear, hear.

Neil: Cheers.

Michael: Cheers.

Neil: All right, everybody. You heard billy. Come on. Let's go home, let's get out of here.

Jack: Nice words, sir.

Neil: Thanks, man.

Billy: You okay?

Ashley: Thanks for clearing the room.

Billy: I can stick around, i can send phyllis home in a car.

Ashley: It's okay. I'm gonna deal with dina. You go.

Billy: I love you.

Ashley: I love you, too.

Jack: Good night.

Ravi: I should probably take off, unless you want me to stay. I don't want to abandon you with everything you've been through.

Ashley: No, you've done so much already. It's okay.

Ravi: Okay. Whatever you want. Whenever you need it.

Ashley: Thank you.

Ravi: Bye.

Abby: What is going on?

Traci: Jack, is mother ill? I mean, she looks like she's in shock.

Jack: Um, can you two lay low for a second? I got to deal with something. Hilary...

Hilary: [ Sighs ] Any chance you're here to give me an exclusive sound bite?

Jack: None whatsoever.

Hilary: And let me guess -- you want to make sure that my footage never sees the light of day.

Jack: You're reading my mind.

Hilary: It's good stuff, jack. But I get it.

Jack: I will make it up to you, okay?

Hilary: We're friends, okay? I'm happy to help. But, yeah, you will definitely make it up to me.

Jack: [ Exhales sharply ]

Dina: What have I done?

Jack: It all happened so fast, I wasn't sure you knew what you did.

Dina: You know, I've been replaying it over in my mind...

Jack: I tried to cut it off as early as I could...

Dina: ...But I said it out loud. To a table full of people. The secret that I swore I would never tell. Oh, jack, ashley's gonna hate me now.

[ Sobbing ] She's gonna hate me. Oh!

Tessa: I got to noah's last night and unpacked. But the truth is, I had a lot of trouble settling in.

Mariah: Well, yeah, I know that feeling. It's weird sleeping in a new place.

Tessa: That's not it. When I drove away from your mom's, I knew we had a left a few things unsaid.

Mariah: I don't think that's true. I said we weren't gonna get sappy, say a bunch of things that didn't mean anything.

Tessa: Not getting all sappy is one thing, but... I'm your friend, you're my friend. When I had trouble falling asleep last night, all I could think is that friends are honest with each other. And maybe I haven't been honest with you. Maybe I pretend that it's all good and that there's nothing to talk about, and I rush off when all I should be doing is staying. Sitting down and actually talking about things.

Mariah: I don't think it's gonna matter. I don't think it's gonna change anything.

Tessa: You don't know that. I mean, I don't know that. Neither of us do until we actually say some of the things that aren't getting said.

Michael: That was a unique evening.

Phyllis: Well, lauren picked the wrong weekend to go on a business trip.

Michael: I mean, I thought for a second, I was at a newman dinner, not an abbott one. It was crazy, right?

[ Scoffs ] Did anybody else get the sensation -- the creepy sensation -- that almost anything could happen? Oh. I apologize. That was probably insensitive.

Billy: No, you're not far off. Believe me, I did not see this coming.

Phyllis: Well, jack and ashley have never been a part of the graham fan club. Now I know why.

Michael: She was certainly lit up.

Billy: Well, can you blame her? After everything she said about the guy, somebody had to expose that lying sack of garbage.

Michael: The man they mentioned -- brent davis? I've never heard of him.

Billy: Me neither. Pre-dates my knowledge of family history, although now I'm gonna have to go back and figure out who all the players are, you know? I mean, come on -- we're really not gonna talk about it? After everything that was said, that dina said? I mean, the way jack tried to cover everything up? "Your father, brent davis." I heard it.

Michael: Everybody did. And if it turns out to be correct, that means that, um...

Phyllis: Ashley is not john abbott's daughter.

Billy: Biological daughter. She was still raised by my father.

Michael: True. You and ashley never shared a mother, but now that you don't share a father, either, then...

Billy: Ashley's always gonna be my sister no matter what.

[ Sighs ] Oh, my god, I cannot believe that this happened.

Dina: I've got to undo the damage I've caused. Tell me what to do, son. Tell me how.

Abby: Okay, um, everyone's left. It's just us. Can someone please explain to me what is going on?

Traci: Yeah, things happened pretty quickly. We're having trouble keeping up.

Abby: You said that you ended your marriage to grandpa john because there was another man, brent davis.

Jack: Look, there's been a lot of back and forth going on, a lot of misinformation...

Ashley: Could you girls excuse me for a moment, please?

Abby: Yeah.

Jack: Ash, listen, we can salvage this...

Ashley: Don't bother. There's no point. Thanks to mother, everything's out there.

[ Sobbing ] I feel like a part of me died tonight.

Dina: [ Sobbing ] I feel exactly the same.

Ashley: You promised me.

Dina: I know, but it just blurted out, and I... I'm so, so, so, sorry.

Jack: Come on. Come on. I'll get you back to your suite.

Dina: Oh!

Jack: Come on.

Dina: Okay.

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Hilary: Am I interrupting a little coffee break?

Tessa: Oh, did I break a rule by bringing mariah a treat? I didn't see the "do not feed employees" sign anywhere.

Hilary: What my employee does on her own time is her business.

Mariah: Hilary, shouldn't you be covering the ashley abbott award dinner?

Hilary: Well, funny...

Devon: It ended early. Enough said.

Mariah: Hey!

Devon: Hey, you! Hey, tessa.

Mariah: What are you doing here?

Devon: Hey. I could you ask the same question. You haven't been answering your phone all day long. I called sharon, she said you were here.

Mariah: Sorry, my cell must be on silent.

Devon: Is everything all right, though? 'Cause you said you were gonna go to sleep early.

Mariah: Yeah, I just got stuck in the office, lost track of time.

Devon: All right, well, neil and I are gonna stop by the club to get some food 'cause we didn't eat at the party, and you're more than welcome to come, and you, too, tessa.

Mariah: Actually, uh, she was just heading back to noah'S.

Tessa: Right. Thanks for the invite, though.

Devon: Sure.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Neil: Hey, uh, young man.

Devon: Yeah?

Neil: Conference call. Hong kong. We're both in on it. Come on.

Devon: Okay. Give me one second.

Mariah: Yeah.

Tessa: So we'll talk again soon?

Mariah: Yeah.

Tessa: Yeah. I'll catch you later.

Jack: You were awfully quiet on the way here.

Dina: Well, I have no words. I've ruined her life. Haven't I?

Jack: I'm not gonna sugarcoat this. The damage done to ashley is irreparable. This on a night that we were supposed to be celebrating her. Everyone who heard those words is now processing them. There's not a lot of room for interpretation. John abbott is not ashley's father. Some loser you had an affair with is.

Dina: No.

Jack: You know what, um, you try to take it easy, get some sleep tonight. We'll deal with things tomorrow, all right?

Dina: But what about traci? And abby.

Jack: It's gonna be difficult, for both of them.

Dina: And graham. I've hardly had time to process what we know about the likes of him.

Jack: Well, we'll deal with him, too. Ashley is the priority right now, but we will all protect you from graham.

Dina: Protect me? How?

Jack: He's not the man you thought he was, mother. He's been lying to you from the beginning. That requires action, like writing him out of your will. Immediately.

Dina: Hm. Rewrite my will. Jack --

Jack: Mother, listen to me.

Dina: Yes, but --

Jack: We have to deal with graham, and we have do it quickly.

Abby: Now that we're home... do you want to talk about it?

Ashley: Sorry I was so quiet. It's a lot to take in.

Traci: Of course.

Abby: Can I get you something? Something to drink, maybe?

Abby: Oh, honey, just maybe some tea. Thank you. Chamomile would be great.

Traci: I'll put the kettle on.

Abby: And I will get some of mrs. Martinez's chocolate chip cookies.

Dina: My will. It hasn't even crossed my mind.

Jack: We'll take care of that. And graham. First thing in the morning.

Dina: Okay.

Jack: Right now, I have to check on my sister.

Dina: Jack! I'm so sorry, son.

Jack: I wish for ashley's sake that were enough to fix it.

Graham: There you are. I've been worried about you.

Dina: [ Scoffs ] Well, isn't it amazing? Why haven't I been worried about you all this time?

Graham: Your children. They've gotten into your head. Now that we're alone, I can make you -- help you to understand.

Dina: Oh, I understand. Perfectly.

Nick: I heard him on the monitor. He sounded pretty restless, so i brought him down here to work off some energy.

Chelsea: You doing okay?

Nick: Yeah, I'm all right. I didn't give away my money for victoria. I did it for me, for this little guy.

Chelsea: Have you talked to noah?

Nick: Not yet, but I do need to have a sit-down with him and let him know this isn't gonna affect our plans to expand the underground.

Chelsea: The scaled-down plans. Yeah, it's gonna be quite a conversation.

Nick: Guess I should have handled things differently?

Chelsea: Well, let me put it this way -- next time you want to go on tv and make a big speech, maybe you should run the speech by me.

Nick: Well, to be fair, I did tell you I had something on my mind. Does that count for anything?

Chelsea: Not really. No.

Nick: You know, I didn't tell you or anyone else because i didn't want anyone to talk me out of it. I don't care what vick says. This wasn't just some knee-jerk reaction to my dad's stunts.

Chelsea: Then what was it?

Nick: It was a chance to prove myself and to do some good. You know, I figured out that i have to stop just being a rich guy's son. I have to be free of all of that. I have to succeed and fail on my own terms. It's important to me.

Chelsea: Well, if it's important to you, then it's important to me. So don't leave me in the dark, okay?

Nick: Okay.

Chelsea: Christian, did you know your daddy went on tv today and became the most popular guy in town!

Nick: Mocking me in front of my son is not helping the situation.

Chelsea: You know every charity's gonna be knocking on that door.

Nick: Well, the most needy ones will get the most, that's for sure.

Chelsea: What are you gonna do about your dad?

Nick: Not worried about that at all. He can't hurt me. Not anymore.

Victoria: Ravi? Hi.

Ravi: Hey, victoria. Enjoy the rest of your evening.

Victoria: Hey, hey. Take a seat.

Ravi: You sure that's a good idea? We work for rival companies.

Victoria: Well, there's nothing wrong with two competitors sharing a friendly drink.

Ravi: Okay. As long as you promise not to pump me for confidential info.

Victoria: The same applies to you.

Ravi: Deal. I'll have a scotch, neat, please.

Victoria: Wasn't ashley's big dinner tonight?

Ravi: Yeah, it was.

Victoria: Oh. It ended early.

Ravi: Well, the guests decided to leave early to give the family some privacy. There were a few issues they needed to work out. It actually got pretty ugly.

Victoria: Well, it sounds like I missed out on some primo abbott family drama.

Ravi: Thank you. Were you invited?

Victoria: Yes. Yes. Neil asked me to go with him.

Ravi: Oh, are you two, uh...

Victoria: Oh, no. No, we're just friends.

Ravi: Okay. And you considered going?

Victoria: Well, I -- I know it might have been seen as unconventional to some people, but I've known ashley for years, and I do respect her accomplishments.

Ravi: But you decided to drink here alone instead?

Victoria: Something came up. So, did all of the family stay behind?

Ravi: Everyone except for billy. He took off with phyllis. I really should have stayed. Ashley needed someone in her corner.

Victoria: You like her, don't you? Well, word gets around.

Ravi: She's a special person. I'm lucky to be working for her.

Victoria: Well, from what i hear, your skills are invaluable, so she's the lucky one. It makes me wonder what would have happened if I interviewed you first instead of her.

Ravi: Well, I guess we'll never know.

Victoria: I guess not.

Jack: I spoke to hilary. She agreed to bury that footage.

Ashley: Thank you for dealing with that.

Jack: You know, eventually, we have to talk about this. Mother is a wreck.

Ashley: I'm not surprised, jackie.

Jack: Not just by what she's done to you, though that's foremost in her mind. I think she's concerned about graham, now that she knows what he's really doing here. I must admit, I was a bit caught off guard by all you divulged tonight.

Ashley: I was planning on confronting him this evening, but I didn't know at what point. And then when she started defending him again, I just couldn't keep it quiet anymore.

Jack: So how did you put the pieces together?

Ashley: Traci's yearbook. When I saw the picture of graham davis, I knew that there was no question.

Jack: Wow. Amazing.

Ashley: Yeah, well, everything I'd learned up to that point about him made perfect sense. The way he ingratiated himself to her, the way he was pitting us against our mother... it was all part of this grand scheme of his, you know? Revenge. It was all about brent davis.

Jack: Your connection to him is a biological accident. Your father is, was, and always will be john abbott.

Dina: What about those things ashley said about you wanting to drive a wedge between me and my children? That was your goal all along, wasn't it?

Graham: Ashley's goal was to make me look bad, and she did. I know you're furious with me.

Dina: Oh, you're damn right, I am!

Graham: Then hear me out!

Dina: Well, start talking!

Graham: How did you leave things with your daughter? Did she take you in her arms, or did she forgive you, or did she turn your back on you?

Dina: Oh, god.

Graham: She stayed true to form. You've told me about the numerous times you've tried to reconcile things with her and jack, and this is what they do to you. They reject you. If I upset you with the things that I said, I'm very, very sorry. All I care about is your welfare and your happiness. You have to believe that.

Dina: You want my money and revenge.

Graham: Am I not entitled? Is my mother not entitled? My perfect family was ruined because of you! Brent left me and my mother broke. We were moving all the time, constantly getting evicted. We even had to live out of a car for a short time! If you can call that living.

Dina: Oh, you were better off without him!

Graham: Classic dina, tossing off a mean-spirited comment like that, but you weren't the one trying to make sense of your life, trying to make everything okay for your broken mother! No, you jetted off to france to live the high life, to find your next gigolo, someone to tell you you were fabulous and to flatter you when you were never anything -- anything! -- Except pathetic and needy and soulless!

Dina: I'm done with you! I want you out of my life!

Graham: What are you doing? Who are you calling?

Dina: I'm calling jean-marc. It's early in paris, but I'm sure he'll take my call.

Graham: Stop. Your lawyer? That's -- that's crazy!

Dina: Am I crazy or am i pathetic? Graham, give me that phone. Graham, give me that phone! Give it to me!

Graham: No. No, no. This is not happening! I've earned it all! Every penny!

Dina: You are out of my will! Give me that phone!

Graham: No!

Dina: I --

[ Panting ]

Devon: Yeah, so things got pretty tense between ashley and graham and jack.

Neil: Yeah, it sure did. The family needed time to process without a bunch of eyeballs starting at them, so...

Devon: So we decided to take off.

Neil: And if we want to get to the club before it closes...

Devon: Yeah, sure.

Mariah: You know what, you two go ahead. I'm kind of fading fast.

Neil: Oh, that's too bad. We'll miss you. Well, it looks like you're stuck with the old man for the night, junior.

Devon: It's cool.

Neil: I'll see you at the car?

Devon: Yeah.

Neil: All right. Cool.

Devon: Well, hey, I'm gonna miss you, but I understand since you've been working all day.

Mariah: That's me. Busy, busy, busy.

Devon: Well, try to get some sleep tonight, and I'll text you tomorrow when I'm on my way to pick you up.

Mariah: Tomorrow?

Devon: Yeah. Tomorrow. We're going to chicago.

Mariah: I know! I was joking. First thing that we're gonna do there -- deep-dish pizza.

Devon: Yeah?

Mariah: Please.

Devon: You sure you're still down for our trip?

Mariah: Yeah, of course! Can't wait.

Devon: Okay. I'll see you.

Mariah: See ya.

Hilary: Thought you were going out with boo-boo and neil.

Mariah: Yeah, I didn't feel like it.

Hilary: Shocker.

Mariah: What is that supposed to mean?

Hilary: I don't know what you're doing with devon, but it's pretty obvious that you're just not that into him.

Mariah: And why would you say that?

Hilary: Because I have eyes.

Michael: Thanks again. I have to say, the beer was superb.

Billy: That's good. I wasn't sure if it would pair well with family drama.

Michael: You gonna be okay?

Billy: Yep. I woke up ashley's brother, I'll go to sleep ashley's brother. Nothing's gonna change that.

Michael: All right.

Phyllis: Give lauren our love, okay?

Michael: Yes, I will. Mwah! Mm! All right. Nighty-night!

Phyllis: Night.

Billy: [ Exhales sharply ]

Phyllis: You were covering, weren't you?

Billy: No. I meant every word I said. I'm always gonna be ashley's brother. But... it does feel odd.

Phyllis: I wonder how long she's known.

Billy: I don't know. It must have been a while. Didn't exactly seem like news to her. It felt like she was more upset that dina let the cat out of the bag in front of everybody.

Phyllis: Are you upset that ashley didn't tell you?

Billy: No. I wish she would have confided in me... maybe I could have helped somehow. I realize how painful it must have been for her, so i understand. It probably would have been easier to just to keep it -- keep it hidden. Jack, on the other hand...

Phyllis: What about him?

Billy: He... I mean, obviously he knew for a while by the way he tried to distract everybody from putting two and two together.

Phyllis: So ashley gets a pass, but you're pissed at jack for not telling you?

Billy: Yes, exactly.

Phyllis: Sounds to me like he was protecting his sister.

Billy: By keeping me out of the loop.

Phyllis: So... you believe that jack should have told you.

Billy: Are you asking me if i think that family members should keep secrets from each other?

Phyllis: Family members.. anyone who's close to you...

Billy: Well, maybe I'm overreacting. Maybe some things are better left unsaid.

Jack: One bit of good news for you tonight -- first thing tomorrow morning, mother is having graham written out of her will.

Ashley: Oh! Yeah. It's almost worth it, isn't it? Having the truth out about my paternity.

Jack: Ash, if I could change one thing about tonight, that would be it. One blurt. One terrible slip of the tongue.

Ashley: Traci and abby have been tiptoeing around it, but they have to know. Even though I know it's just so...wrong. I appreciate what you said about dad and me. But the truth is, I'm waking up to a whole different reality tomorrow, jackie. Do you think people are gonna treat me differently?

Jack: No. No. No.

Ashley: One good thing -- daddy died believing I was his daughter.

Graham: Dina!

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