Y&R Transcript Thursday 10/12/17

Y&R Transcript Thursday 10/12/17


Episode # 11277 ~ Ashley's moment in the spotlight ends in chaos; Nikki clashes with Hilary; Nick's announcement shocks the Newman family.

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Nikki: Oh, jack! The linens, the flowers -- all excellent selections. I'm surprised you're having it here, though. I mean, top of the tower in the newman building?

Jack: Say what you will about victor. He knows how to choose a chef. Gerard is ashley's new favorite, and the view isn't too bad, so for my sister, anything.

Nikki: Wow. You are full of surprises. But you did a beautiful job. It's just amazing.

Jack: Thanks.

Nikki: One moment. Um, I'm sorry. This restaurant is closed for the evening for a private party.

Hilary: Wonderful. Looks like we have the place to ourselves. Let's set up over here.

Nikki: What? Jack!

Jack: Hilary is my personal guest. She is covering the festivities tonight for a piece on her show.

Nikki: Are you kidding? You need to rethink that. If anyone will ruin this entire evening, it's her!

Traci: Do you remember a family named davis? Ashley, look at the time. We better get going.

Dina: Oh, I -- I just don't know, graham.

Graham: About the outfit? I love this one on you.

Dina: No, no, no. Ashley keeps calling you a liar, and, I mean, I don't see how this evening can possibly go well!

Graham: You know, it's insulting that she refuses to trust your judgment. I mean, all because of a mistake you made years ago.

Dina: Oh, no, it's much more than that.

Graham: Is it? Ashley acts as if her life has been one trauma after another since finding out john abbott wasn't her father, but what effect did it really have on her? She got the name, the money, the respect, and even an award to show for it.

Dina: No, no, no. When ashley learned the truth, she went into a horrible tailspin.

Graham: How so?

Dina: She had a breakdown that was so serious, we thought we had lost her for good.

Graham: Oh, my... that is tragic.

Jack: Make sure we have enough bar stools for everybody over there, okay? Maybe cut some of those flowers.

Nikki: Jack. Jack!

Jack: Yes?

Nikki: That hilary is gonna be prowling around all evening, eavesdropping, poking her camera and her microphone where they're not wanted. And she's gonna take innocent comments and twist them into scandals. I am telling you, from the parking garage to the ladies' room, she is gonna be on the prowl for disaster.

Hilary: If I may? Nikki, the last time we shot here, I recorded nothing but the truth. Your husband and your son's fight, which I merely stumbled upon was newsworthy because they are public figures. But you seem to be the only one that is holding a grudge. Victor had no problem with the footage, and nick, well, he came to me today and asked to appear on my show.

Nikki: Don't be ridiculous. He would never do such a thing.

Hilary: Well, believe what you want, but his rebuttal is airing right now, and it is powerful stuff. I'm surprised you're not watching.

Nikki: Do you hear this? I told you! Excuse me, but I have to go see what this woman has done to my family now.

Michael: Hey!

Jack: Hello.

Phyllis: Jack. Hilary. Nice to see you.

Jack: Someone is missing here.

Michael: Oh! Ah, yes. Lauren sends her regrets. Out of town on business.

Phyllis: I will make it my personal responsibility to keep michael in check.

Michael: I do need a minder.

Phyllis: Mm.

Jack: Billy. Glad you could make it.

Hilary: Well, there's a moment to preserve -- jabot breaking bread with brash & sassy.

Victoria: What was nick thinking, spending even one second with that vulture? I don't even know how she got him in the studio. It must have been blackmail.

Victor: I guess we're about to find out what your brother's up to.

Hilary: Welcome back.

Now, as I teased in the intro,

we have a very, very special


Nick newman, I am so excited

that you've joined us.

Nick: Thank you for having


Abby: What are you thinking, nick?

Hilary: Now, remember that

explosive footage that we aired

a while back?

And do I mean explosive...

the battle of the newmans,

father versus son,

legend versus scion.

Now, nick newman was not too

happy that we ran that story,

but since then, things have


He is here of his own volition

to say his piece.

Isn't that right, nick?

Nick: Yep.

I'm here because there are some

things that need to be said.

Hilary: So, how did you feel

when you saw that footage in

the parking garage the night of

your mother's concert?

Nick: Honestly, it felt like

it was a violation.

You know, that was a very

private family matter that no

one would like to be seen,

but I get it, you know.

The public wants to see that

the wealthy have problems, too.

Hilary: And your family has

more than their fair share.

Nick: What, us?

Hilary: [ Laughs ]

Money, name, and a sense of

humor -- who knew?

Nick: [ Chuckles ] Yeah,

there's a lot of things that

people don't know about me.

Or my family.

Especially my father.

Hilary: Well, I'm glad you

came and chatted with us.

I'm sure you have a lot to say.

Nick: I do. Let's do it.

Chelsea: Hold on. Here we go.

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provided by...

Nick: That fight with my

father showed me at my worst.

Hilary: And you caught a lot

of heat on social media.

Nick: Yeah. I sure did.

And rightfully so.

You know, I look like the

ungrateful son throwing around

accusations against his

brand-name patriarch.

Hilary: Did the public get it


Nick: The thing is, I'm not

ungrateful, at all.

I know I've been handed a lot

in life, you know, I've had

enormous advantages.

Hilary: Handed by whom?

Nick: My father, of course.

Hilary: Then you admit it.

Nick: Absolutely.

Victor newman is a force of


He came from nothing, he had no


From sheer will, he created

this incredible empire.

I mean, everything he has,

he fought for and earned.

Victoria: Sounds like he's trying to make up with you.

Victor: Don't be so sure.

Neil: Well, well! You have done your father proud once again, jack.

Jack: Oh, ashley has done my father proud. I merely sent out invitations.

Neil: Right. Yeah. About that. We're gonna be one short. Victoria, I invited her to be my guest, but it seems she can't make it.

Billy: Did she say if there's a problem, neil?

Neil: She texted me earlier. She said that there was some kind of newman crisis, so... I don't know, when isn't there?

Jack: Well, we all know who the king of drama is in that particular family. And tonight, we don't even have to discuss him.

Neil: [ Chuckles ]

Phyllis: That's right. Tonight is an abbott family production. No one else is gonna steal the limelight.

Dina: Oh! Jack!

Jack: Mother!

Dina: Hello, dear! Oh, this looks lovely!

Jack: Well, thank you. You look lovely yourself.

Dina: Thank you.

Jack: Graham. Here you are.

Graham: I'm glad I could be a part of such an exciting occasion.

Ashley: Traci. Tell me what you remember about graham davis.

Traci: Um, not all that much, just the name, really. Oh! And his expression. I remembered that this boy did not seem happy. Oh, my earrings. Ashley, I'll be right back.

Ashley: Look, graham, ravi is conducting a thorough search. If you did this, I'm gonna find out soon enough.

Graham: And I welcome the truth coming out. Then you'll realize that I'm not the bastard in all of this.

[ Doorbell rings ]

Traci: Ashley?

[ Laughing ] What are you doing, going over your speech in your head? The doorbell's ringing!

[ Laughs ] I'll get it. Hi, ravi. Come on in, please.

Ravi: You both look lovely.

Traci: [ Chuckles ] Thank you. You look pretty good yourself.

Ravi: Thanks. Something wrong?

Ashley: Sorry?

Ravi: Your expression. You have that look you get when you're problem-solving.

Traci: You know, he's right. And very perceptive.

Ravi: Can I help?

Ashley: Traci nailed it before you came in. I was just thinking about my speech. How I'm gonna be honest without being over-emotional.

Ravi: Okay, what are you trying to say?

Ashley: That I couldn't have gotten to this place and time by myself.

Traci: Oh. You're wishing daddy were here.

Ashley: More than you know. He always knew what to do. He always knew exactly what to say. He's not here to help me, though. I've got to do this one on my own.

Phyllis: That was a quite a performance, the handshake with jack. What was that all about?

Billy: He stuck his hand out, so I didn't want to leave him hanging.

Phyllis: Oh! Working on your personal image?

[ Chuckles ] Or maybe you're ready for some peace?

Billy: Come on, jack didn't mean it and neither did I. Hypocrisy at its finest. It's the abbott way.

Phyllis: Touché. Or maybe you're feeling a little more confident that you got a leg up on jack and you can afford to be generous...

Billy: Okay. Let's just chalk it up to another fake sibling moment and leave it at that.

Phyllis: Billy...

Billy: Come on, who are we kidding? The only reason why I'm here is because ashley felt obligated to invite me. But since jack's fronting the bill, I might as well enjoy one or three drinks on his dime, right? Be right back.

Hilary: Are you two okay? I saw that.

Phyllis: What did you see?

Hilary: That little explosion behind your eyes when billy just had to make sure that victoria was all right.

Phyllis: That's a minor setback. I don't give up without a fight.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Ashley: Thank you. Thank you.

Jack: There she is. Dad's beauty, inside and out. You ready for this?

Ashley: Mm-hmm. Tonight, the abbotts show their strength.

[ Cheering continues ]

Hilary: When we talk about

the 1%, the newman family comes

to mind.

Nick: [ Chuckles ]

That is fair.

Between my mother, father, and

my sisters, I've been given a

lot, financially and otherwise.

We didn't always live with my

dad, but we always felt his

influence and the benefits that

came with being a newman.

Hilary: Well, you don't sound

ungrateful at all.

Does that mean that you two

have mended fences? Hmm?

All is forgiven?

Nick: There's a lot to

forgive on both sides.

One of the biggest hurdles was

the lawsuit that my sisters and

I brought against our father.

Hilary: Yes.

I heard about that.

It was in the news.

Nick: Yeah, we sued him for

mishandling our trust.

I can literally feel everyone's

eyeballs rolling about these,

you know, first-world problems,

but I get it.

We sued him, and we won, and

in the process, I was handed

$500 million.

Hilary: $500 million. Wow.

Nick: Yes, it is a surreal

amount of money.

And it's really, most of it,

just been sitting there this

whole time.

Hilary: What? No yacht?

No fleet of rare sports cars?

Nick: Eh, it's not really my


Plus, it's not money that i

ever earned.

Hilary: So you fought for it,

you won it, and now it's just

sitting there?

Nick: Yeah, it sounds crazy,

I know, but it's the principle

of the thing, you know?

That money was from my father's

hard work and sweat.

The truth is, with money like

that comes its own set of


Hilary: I sense that we are

getting closer to this big

announcement that you wanted to


Now, I am dying to find out.

I know that my audience are on

the edge of their seats.

Nick: Not enough money can

tear a family apart.

The same could be said for

having too much money.

You know, you start seeing

dollar signs instead of human

beings, and for me, the

solution is simple.

I'm gonna eliminate the money

from the equation.

That way, the people I care

about, the people closest to me

can't ever be hurt by it.

So I'm just gonna give it away.

Hilary: Okay.

So you're gonna be giving away

a portion?

$100 million?

That sounds like a pretty big

chunk of change.

Nick: No.

I'm giving it all away.

Every single last cent from my

trust fund will be going to


Hilary: Wow.

And which lucky charity will be

getting these millions?

Nick: The bulk of it

will be going to the

abbott-winters foundation.

Jack abbott and neil winters

are men I respect very much,

and I love what they're doing,

and I know that they will do

very good things with that


Hilary: Well, ladies and

gentlemen, you heard it here


Chelsea: How are you doing?

Nick: No regrets.

Chelsea: I hope so. Because you just dropped a major, major bombshell.

Nick: [ Sighs ] Yeah.

Nick: Had to be done. I know there will be repercussions.

Chelsea: Yeah, I mean, repercussions and probably some major fallout.

Nick: Just means I made my point.

Chelsea: No, you were great. You were great. You were strong and you were real, and you showed that this was just about finding your own kind of inner peace. Nobody watching will think otherwise.

Nick: I wouldn't say nobody.

Chelsea: Look, your father has always managed to use money as a form of control -- bribes, threats, rewards. You managed to take that off the table.

Nick: I know, but there are other people in the mix, you know? There's no telling how the rest of the family is gonna react.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Well, it looks like we're about to find out.

Dina: Jack, this is just wonderful, darling. You know, you created an atmosphere that's just perfect for family and close friends.

Jack: Don't worry, mother. Nikki is here.

Dina: Oh!

Jack: She was the first to arrive.

Nikki: Oh. Hello, dina.

Dina: Nikki.

Nikki: I am so sorry. I have to run. Family emergency.

Jack: Is anyone hurt?

Nikki: No, not physically. Not yet. I'll explain it all to you later. Please give ashley my apologies.

Dina: Well, nikki seems to have suddenly remembered what family she belongs to.

Jack: Ash...

Ashley: Hi. This is so lovely.

Jack: I'm glad you like it. If you'll excuse me, there's someone I'm going to help get to her car.

Dina: [ Chuckles ]

Ashley: You look beautiful.

Dina: As you do, dear. You're just glowing with your well-deserved success.

Ashley: Oh, thank you.

Graham: Ashley. Congratulations again on the honor.

Dina: You know, you are just shining like the star you are.

Ashley: Thanks again. That's very sweet of you.

Graham: Thank you for letting me escort dina tonight. I know it was more for her sake than for mine.

Ashley: I'm very happy you're here, graham. I think it's gonna be a great night.

Ravi: Hello, everyone. Dina, nice to see you again.

Dina: Same to you, ravi.

Graham: Would you like to check out the view?

Dina: Certainly.

Ravi: You know, this is your night. Don't let him being here ruin it.

Ashley: Not at all. I think I found a way to handle graham, but I could use a champagne or a bourbon first.

Ravi: Perhaps both.

Ashley: Yes. That sounds good, actually. Come on.

Devon: I hope I'm not interrupting.

Hilary: You? Never. So, um, where is your plus-one?

Devon: Mariah had to cancel.

Hilary: Why? What's wrong?

Devon: She was super tired and wanted to go home and crash.

Hilary: How old is she again? I'm -- I'm joking, so you can laugh.

Devon: It is pretty early, isn't it?

Hilary: It's a little.

Devon: Yeah.

Abby: Dina!

Dina: Oh, abby, darling!

Abby: Hello! Mwah! I am so sorry that I am late. Total and complete insanity. Nick is giving away all of his money. Yeah, well, not all of it, just his trust fund, which is huge. I should know, I have the same one. He's donating it all to charity.

Dina: What on earth...

Abby: Yeah, well, there's more to it than that, but i just -- I don't want to get into it. Not tonight.

Dina: Oh, no, of course not. I won't mention a word, but a word of advice? Do not follow suit with your own newman money.

Abby: Are you kidding me? Never. [ Laughs ]

Dina: Good girl.

Abby: Can I tell you how much I love that you and I, we are just on the same wavelength?

Dina: Oh, yes, we are.

Abby: [ Chuckles ]

Traci: [ Laughing ] Oh! Honey!

Billy: Hey!

Traci: Oh, billy, you're always so handsome.

Billy: Look at you.

Traci: So, you, jack -- in the same room. What would you call that? Progress?

Billy: I would call it performance art for ashley's sake.

Traci: Oh, no! Oh... well, dad would really, really appreciate the effort you're making, and who knows? Maybe if you guys fake forgiveness long enough, it'll stick and turn real.

Billy: That's very sweet of you, but I don't think it's very practical.

Traci: [ Sighs ] Well, we may never say it, but all of john abbott's children operate on the same philosophy -- "what would dad do?"

[ Glass clinking ] Honored guests...and others, please take a seat.

Michael: Yes! Hear, hear!

Devon: You don't have to, uh, supervise your cameraman?

Hilary: Oh, this is best seat in the house. I can get everything I need from right here.

Phyllis: What do you think lauren would say to do tonight everybody? Do you think she'd say "relax and enjoy," or "michael, get ready for some billable hours if this thing blows up?"

[ Laughter ]

Michael: Lauren would say that my sexiest quality is my ability to multi-task, meaning i can manage both.

Phyllis: [ Laughs ] Good answer.

Billy: A quiet abbott family celebration. I mean, what could possibly go wrong, right?

Neil: Hey, how you doing? It's a good thing that everybody looks so sharp because this camera here is taking our every move, right? Like any good reality show, this footage can and will be used against us.

[ Laughter ]

Graham: I'm so glad we're dinner mates. Dina's told me so much about you.

Traci: Then you know that I'm a writer? Oh, well, unfortunately, most of us writers would rather observe and listen and not chat. Most of us want to know everything there is to know about everyone, and for me, personally, my very favorite thing is to figure out what makes a character tick.

Ashley: [ Laughs ]

Michael: Ashley, I am so sorry lauren couldn't be here. I know how pleased she is with the productivity of the recent merger between jabot and fenmore's in spite of all those early concerns.

Ashley: Well, considering jack wanted majority interest in fenmore's, I think concern is probably an understatement, michael.

Michael: He's a respectful ally as far as I know. You keep him honest.

Ashley: Oh, I can't take all the credit for that, that's for sure. I wish I had that gift, how to make people be honest.

Phyllis: Well, is honesty really valued anymore in the business world?

Michael: It is if you're reporting to my wife.

Phyllis: Well, of course, i mean, but with other companies, the line can get fuzzy.

Billy: Well, what kind of honesty are you talking about? I mean, you're not gonna open up your books to the competition, are you?

Phyllis: Nobody would willingly expose the inner workings of their company...

Jack: Tonight is about the most forthright businesswoman i can name. Ashley abbott. And with that brilliant segue, traci and I have a word or two we'd like to say.

Ashley: Oh, jack, you did this at the office.

Jack: Yes, we did, we paid homage to you at jabot -- your brains, your cleverness, your creativity. But tonight...

Traci: Tonight is about ashley herself, our sister, the apple of daddy's eye.

[ Laughter ] Our father adored ashley, and i idolized my big sister, so much so that I may have committed my idolization to paper at one point...

Ashley: No...

Traci: ...And I may have it right here.

Ashley: No...

Michael: Yes!

Billy: Go on! Read it! I beg you!

Ravi: Oh, I vote yes! Please!

Traci: This is my first poetic masterpiece.

Neil: That right there, that belongs in a frame.

[ Laughter ]

Traci: Ahem, ahem! "What I can say about my sister ashley? I love her, more than my potatoes mashed-ly."


Traci: And now you see why I've gone into novels and not poetry.

[ Laughter ] "She lets me follow her to school and store. She leaves her socks all over the floor."

Ashley: Not true!

Abby: Oh, mom! For shame!

[ Laughter ]

Traci: "I would be just like her if I could. I have tried, but I'm not that good. When she's away, I truly miss her. My heart would blister without my sister.

Ashley: Aww!

[ Applause ]

Devon: Hey, you got to put that over music. I'll sign you, traci!

Traci: I am available!

[ Laughter ]

Jack: I second that emotion! I also commend you all of the hearts that dot the I'S.

[ Laughter ]

Jack: Ashley, you are powerful, you're intelligent, and you're loving, and that's an amazing combination.

Michael: Hear, hear!

Jack: Will you all please raise your glasses? To the innovator of the year.

Ravi: Whoa!

Neil: Yes! Wow!

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jack: And the sister of a lifetime.

Traci: Yes!

Ashley: Oh! Nice! [ Laughs ]

Traci: Congratulations! Beautiful! Mwah!


Jack: Congratulations.

Graham: You should say something, too. You have every right.

Dina: Shh! Now isn't the time.

Graham: You said you feel terrible about the pain you've caused her.

Dina: I do.

Graham: Let her know and everyone she cares about. Make amends, dina. Now's your chance. Do it now, or you'll forever regret it.

Dina: Excuse me. May I please speak?

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Mom and nick should be here soon. Look, nothing's happened that can't be undone. We'll just talk nick out of this. Giving away his trust is completely insane!

[ Sighs ]

Nikki: Well, this family keeps continuing to give hilary material for her show, doesn't it?

Victoria: Mom, thank you for coming. It's terrible timing since we're missing ashley's party.

Victor: So it takes your son's financial ruin to rip you away from that clown jack abbott's side?

Nikki: Can we please not get into that right now? Nobody is ruined yet.

Victor: Mm.

Nikki: And my children have always come first, and they always will.

Victoria: And nick just announced to the world that he's gonna be handing over his evil newman money to neil and jack. How is this even happening?

Nikki: Well, to be fair, he's not exactly giving it away. He's donating it, so it's an act of charity. That is noble, I have to say that.

Victor: Did you know about this?

Nikki: Absolutely nothing! I cannot understand why he would do something like this. It doesn't make any sense!

Nick: Well, let the family meeting commence.

Nikki: What is going on? What are you thinking?

Victoria: You had to make a grand announcement to hilary curtis, of all people? Because she hasn't tortured this family enough?

Nikki: We have always been here for you. You know that! Why didn't you come to us? This is something we should have all discussed together.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Was this your idea, chelsea?

Chelsea: I had no idea what nick intended to say in the interview, but it's his money and it's his decision, and i back him up completely.

Victoria: Then why?

Nick: You want to take this one, dad?

Nikki: Oh, what does your father have to do with it?

Nick: He knows exactly why i made this move.

Victor: You think you're taking power away from me, son?

Nick: Well, at least my goal wasn't to hurt you the way yours was to hurt me.

Nikki: All right, stop. Please, both of you, stop it. Will somebody just tell me what the hell's going on?

Nick: Come on. I know you're so proud of your slick moves, so why don't you share them with mom and vick?

Victor: You know, I don't know what you're talking about.

Nick: I'm talking about you stealing every last cent from my checking account.

Ashley: Mother, we're so happy that you joined us this evening. Don't feel like you have to give a speech.

Graham: You wouldn't begrudge your mother a few kind words, would you, ashley? Not in front of your closest family and friends.

Traci: Hey, why don't we all have a little more champagne?

Abby: Why not? Dina, please. I would love to hear what you have to say about my amazing mother.

Dina: Thank you, abby. Ashley, dear, I just want to tell you how very proud I am of all your success.

Ashley: Thank you.

Dina: And I'm very grateful that you've allowed me back into your life.

Abby: We love having you back in town.

Dina: Thank you, abby. I made a horrible mistake when i left genoa city and when I left my children.

Ashley: Mother, honestly, it is all water under the bridge. But I know that we all appreciate your sentiment.

Graham: Dina wasn't finished.

Ashley: I think she was.

Dina: Ashley, really...

Graham: You know, I've heard how gracious you can be, ashley, but I've yet to see it.

Jack: Graham, perhaps you can go and get yourself a drink.

Ashley: I don't need anybody's protection, but thank you. I don't need protection at all from this person.

Graham: Your mother's just trying to speak honestly, from the heart. Why is that so terrifying?

Ashley: My mother and I have had several conversations, in private, so why don't you stay the hell out of it?

Dina: Ashley, don't you dare talk to graham --

Ashley: Here you go again! You keep defending him! You have no idea who he really is!

Dina: More accusations and insults!

Ashley: No! Facts. Reality! I don't have all the answers yet, but I do know the who, i know the what, I don't know the why.

Graham: Do you really want to do this here?

Ashley: You bet I do.

Nikki: Victor, please tell me that nicholas is wrong about this.

Victoria: Dad, did you drain nick's account?

Victor: Of what? Of money that I've earned? I have already enough of that. Why would I need his?

Nikki: To punish him. To make him see the world the way victor newman sees is, as usual? And what are you doing? You're giving away everything just for spite?

Nick: That's not what I'm doing.

Victoria: It was a stupid knee-jerk reaction. If you had thought about it for more than two seconds, you wouldn't have made that announcement on tv.

Chelsea: I understand it sounds rash to you, but just hear nick out.

Nick: Look, I meant what i said in that interview. Money becomes this wall, this obstacle between people. So I've decided to take the money out of the equation. And in dad's own twisted way, he is the one who helped me see the light. First by kicking me off the ranch, and then by draining my account. This is the way things should be.

Victoria: No, it was a few words said to hilary curtis, of all people. There's nothing that says that you have to go through with this.

Nikki: Listen, son, some money to charity is fine, but your entire trust fund?

Nick: I am not changing my mind. And I'm not exactly gonna be broke, all right? I have money -- money that I've earned on my own, I have invested. I'm still planning on going ahead with the underground expansion. It just won't be nearly as big as we were hoping. My kids are always gonna be taken care of -- I've made sure of that -- but the trust will be gone. It's a non-issue. Nothing good has ever come from it.

Victor: [ Chuckles ] Oh, yeah?

Nick: Well, not until now. Now it's in jack and neil's hands. They'll do something good with it, something positive. You've always believed I was nothing without it. So I guess in your eyes, officially, now I am nothing.

Ravi: Ashley, are you sure you want to do this?

Ashley: I'm done humoring this sycophant.

Neil: I'm gonna go get some fresh air.

Ashley: Would you please stay? I'd like you all to stay. Please. I've had my fill of mysteries, you know. I think it's time for some answers. I've been able to get some of the puzzle pieces together, no thanks to graham who hasn't said one honest word since he came to genoa city. Mother, do you remember that woman that graham is supporting in boca?

Dina: His aunt. What of it?

Ashley: No. Myrna bloodworth is his mother, not his aunt.

Dina: Well, what if she is? That isn't a crime.

Michael: Uh, well, actually, from a legal standpoint, it might be. Without being too specific --

Ashley: Please listen to me, dina, when I tell you this. Listen to me very carefully. Myrna bloodworth is not just graham's mother. She was born and raised here in genoa city. He had ties to this town long before he met you, and he never told you! In fact, graham was raised here, for a little while, weren't you, graham? You even went to walnut grove.

Traci: No, ashley. The photo in the yearbook was not graham bloodworth. It was graham davis.

Ashley: Mm-hmm, they're one and the same. Bloodworth is his mother's maiden name. How am I doing so far?

Graham: I'd say at this point in the evening, you've had a little too much champagne. Nothing you say makes any logical sense.

Billy: Oh, I don't know. Sounds pretty damn sober to me.

Graham: Ashley, I don't know what you're trying to do, but one thing's for certain -- you're upsetting your mother.

Ashley: She should be upset. Because you've been deceiving her and lying to her since the moment you wormed your way into her life.

Jack: Okay, graham, tell us right now. What kind of game are you playing with our mother?

Graham: I haven't -- I've done nothing.

Ashley: Oh, you've done nothing? You've become her closest confidant, graham. Haven't you become the primary beneficiary in her will? I'd say you're the type of person that goes after any fat bank account, but that's not true, is it, graham davis? You went after my mother and her money!

Graham: You're right, ashley. I needed revenge. You have no idea how your mother has destroyed my life.

Dina: What?

Nikki: All right, that's enough for one evening. We can finishing discussing --

Victor: Give us some privacy, please.

Victoria: Oh, no, I don't think that's a good idea.

Chelsea: Victoria's right.

Nick: Nah. It's okay. It's okay.

Nikki: This is just outrageous. Why do they have to keep fighting and fighting like this?

Chelsea: Nick has been trying to end it.

Nick: Did you think I was just gonna sit back and let you pillage everything you claim is yours?

Victor: Yet, instead, you throw away your legacy, right?

Nick: Which I only got because I'm your son, but you disowned me, remember?

Chelsea: My god, victor emptied his son's checking account! That's ridiculous! That's invasive and crazy and mean. Victor just had to prove that he will continue to do as he pleases. I mean, he hired somebody to break the law for him! It's too much! It's been too much for a really long time! And nick, he's finally putting an end to it. He's cutting victor off at the knees.

Victoria: Really?

Nikki: Nobody cuts victor newman off at the knees. All nicholas has done is escalate the war!

Nick: I got rid of the last connection between us. It makes a lot of sense if you think about it.

Victor: All right. I think it's very foolish. That kind of money -- you threw away a lot of protection.

Nick: Protection from what?

Victor: Yourself, son.

Graham: You think dina was the only woman brent davis ever looked at? She wasn't the only and she wasn't the best. That would be my mother. Yes, the woman you found in florida is my mother, and for a time, brent davis made us a family. My mother's husband, my step-father, the only father i ever knew and the only family i was ever a part of. But then dina sunk her claws back into brent. What did you do, dina? More smiles, more flattery, clever conversations, and cocktails? Or was it something a little more basic than that? Always on the prowl, ready to steal another woman's man! Brent left us to go back to dina. He gave up a wife and a kid who worshipped him, who depended on him for everything! He threw it away to go back to someone who didn't give a damn about him or the family he left behind! You didn't even want brent davis, but you took him anyway.

Dina: I-I don't understand. This is all about brent davis? Ashley's father, brent davis?

Graham: Are you happy, ashley? Is this what you wanted?

Dina: I don't care about any of this. I just want the truth!

Graham: Oh, I care about the truth, all right! I think ashley does, as well. Isn't that right? To ashley, the untrue abbott.

Dina: [ Sobbing ] Oh, my...

Next on "the young and the restless"...

Victoria: Doing what you did just to spite dad -- it's certifiable!

Dina: [ Sobbing ] This is enough!

Ashley: Bravo! Let's hear it for graham!

Graham: Dina, let's go.

Dina: No. I'm staying.

Ashley: You get out now, or I'll call security and have you dragged out.

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