Y&R Transcript Tuesday 10/10/17

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 10/10/17


Episode # 11275 ~ Hilary lets her guard down with Devon; Traci looks into Graham's past; Chelsea cautions Nick on his need for revenge.

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John: I have been going over these figures you gave me of your young teen line. And I must say that the junior jabot numbers are impressive, to say the least.

Ashley: Well, it's not exactly my teen line.

John: Oh, I wouldn't say anything different. Listen, you pulled it off the shelf, you got the ball rolling, and you deserve all the credit.

Ashley: Daddy, it was just woman's intuition.

John: Oh, woman's intuition.

Ashley: [ Laughs ]

John: A lot more than that. Now, you have done a great job, and you're showing enormous instinct into the business. No, really, I am very proud of you.

Jack: Ash?

Ashley: Were you able to get ahold of mother?

Jack: Yeah, she'll be at the dinner.

Ashley: With or without graham?

Jack: Without.

Ashley: Did you tell her i didn't want him there?

Jack: Well, I didn't spell it out for her, but I think she got the message.

Ashley: Good. [ Sniffles ] I want tonight to be special. I want to be surrounded by people that care about me. I'm not even sure my own mother fits in that category, but certainly not graham.

Jack: Whoa, hey, stop. What's going on?

Ashley: I miss dad. I really wish he was gonna be there tonight to see me get my award.

Jack: He will be there in spirit. He's looking down on you right now, beaming with pride.

Dina: Mnh!

Graham: Glitch in your new software?

Dina: Oh, well, it's all the fault of my hard-headed son!

Graham: What has jack done now?

Dina: Well, I thought he'd accepted my apology, but it's quite clear he's not only still angry with me. He wants to hurt me.

Nick: You still can't believe I'm doing this, right?

Chelsea: You have to admit, it's a little bit crazy.

Nick: Ah, it's a little out of the box. All right, it's crazy. But after everything that's happened, this is the way to go.

Chelsea: I highly doubt that.

Nick: You know, you don't have to stick around if you don't want to.

Chelsea: Oh, no, and miss seeing how this plays out? Not a chance. I'm staying right here.

Nick: All right.

Hilary: Here I am, right on time. I'm dying to hear what you want to tell me.

Victoria: Hi. How long have you been standing there?

Neil: Long enough to admire your powers of concentration.

Victoria: [ Chuckles ] What can I do for you?

Neil: I just wanted to stop by and thank you for promoting my daughter.

Victoria: Oh, no. No thanks necessary. I mean, adding lily to our executive team was the best decision I could have made for brash & sassy. She has great management skills. She's already come up with some exciting and money-saving marketing ideas.

Neil: I have no doubt in her abilities, but it's always nice to hear somebody say that.

Victoria: Hmm.

Neil: So, how are things going? I see that you're back on track.

Victoria: Yes, thanks in large part to you and your loan.

Neil: Glad I could help.

Victoria: Hmm.

Neil: Vicki, if you need anything at all -- anything -- don't hesitate to call, okay?

Victoria: I will.

Neil: Okay. Talk to you later.

Victoria: Bye.

Neil: Okay.

Victoria: You know, neil.

Neil: Yeah?

Victoria: Since you are here, there's really no need to call. I actually could use your help.

Billy: Hey. Morning, beautiful.

Phyllis: Good morning.

Billy: Everything okay?

Phyllis: Actually, no. It's not.

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Billy: You want to tell me what's bugging you? Phyllis? Should I sit down for this, or...?

Phyllis: I don't think you should go to ashley's innovator of the year celebration.

Billy: That's coming out of nowhere. Why do you say that?

Phyllis: I think jack might be planning to embarrass you.

Billy: Did he say something or did he do something?

Phyllis: No, he wouldn't tell me plans that would undermine you, knowing that I'm coming right back to you.

Billy: So...what? This is instinct?

Phyllis: Something like that.

Billy: Thank you. I appreciate your concern, but it's not necessary. Jack and I had a conversation. We both agreed to set our personal differences aside out of respect for ashley.

Phyllis: You think he'll stand by that?

Billy: Yeah, I do. And I hope by attending this dinner, it's a clear sign that i want to be part of the family again.

Phyllis: You miss them, don't you?

Billy: Yeah, I do. And look, I get having one dinner together is not gonna smooth everything over, but it's a start, right?

Phyllis: If you want to get back into jack's good graces, you know there's an easy way to do that.

Billy: An easy way? Really? Please lay it on me.

Phyllis: Quit brash & sassy.

Victoria: How does it feel?

Neil: Oh, it feels amazing.

Victoria: Hmm. Okay. Anything else, in practical terms?

Neil: Um... yeah, it feels comfortable, soothing, uh, rejuvenating.

[ Timer chimes ]

Victoria: Okay, you're done. You can take it off now.

Neil: Okay. Thank you.

Victoria: So, you said something about the fragrance.

Neil: Yeah.

Victoria: How would you describe it?

Neil: Um, fresh. You know, that's important, because guys don't want to use anything that's too perfume-Y.

Victoria: Uh-huh. And now that the mask is off?

Neil: I got to tell you, uh, my face feels like it just had an awesome massage. It does.

Victoria: Hmm.

[ Computer keys clacking ]

Neil: Let me see here. Does it look like I lost 10 years? Because I think I lost 10 years. I do.

Victoria: Oh, at least.

Neil: Yeah.

Victoria: But listen, you know this is a scientific experiment, so you need to say exactly --

Neil: I'm not exaggerating here. You don't believe me? Come here. Come on! Feel my face. Feel it.

Victoria: Wow.

Neil: Yeah, right?

Victoria: That is amazing.

Neil: What'd I say?

Victoria: You're right.

Neil: Uh-huh. You know, if I didn't already have a job, I would volunteer to be brash & sassy's spokesmodel for the male mask. I would do that. Wait. Shh. Look up. There's my billboard. You see my billboard?

Victoria: Don't put any ideas in my head.

Neil: Yeah. I do actually have an idea that I want you to think about.

Jack: I'm sure dad's looking down on you right now thinking, "what took you so long to win the award?"

Ashley: He did set some pretty high standards. Standards that I'm still trying to reach.

Jack: Yeah, aren't we all?

Ashley: But you know what, jack? He never really pressured us. He always accepted his children for who we are.

Jack: Yeah, but for him, the sun always rose and set on you.

Ashley: Did that ever bother you?

Jack: What? That you were his favorite? Why would it? I was never even in the running.

Ashley: Well, you are the firstborn.

Jack: I think I squandered that advantage by, uh, acting up in my torrid youth. I think dad many times wanted to disown me.

Ashley: He never would have done that.

Jack: No, he never would have done that.

Ashley: So you and dina were so close, I mean, until she abandoned us. I'm so happy dad never found out my true paternity, jackie.

Jack: Oh, it would have broken his heart, ash. But it wouldn't have changed anything in his relationship with you. You would always be his daughter.

Ashley: I could have lived my whole life without finding out the truth.

Jack: It was so selfish of that man to tell you.

Ashley: Go ahead and say his name. Brent davis.

Jack: Brent davis. Jerk. It was a secret better kept. That's the way mother wanted it.

Ashley: Well, too bad she didn't have ultimate control over it. Brent davis almost destroyed my life.

Jack: Yeah, and she practically killed him for it.

Ashley: Oh, how noble of her to try to protect me.

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. No, the important thing for you to hold on to is no matter how painful the truth was, it didn't destroy you. It made you stronger, more accomplished. You're the innovator of the year, for god's sake.

Ashley: [ Laughs ]

Jack: And that's the ashley i want to celebrate tonight.

Hilary: Okay, let me have it.

Nick: I want to appear on "the hilary hour."

Hilary: You're serious?

Nick: Yep. I mean, don't get me wrong. I don't appreciate the "in your face" style of reporting you tend to go for, but I'm thinking maybe I should use this to my advantage.

Hilary: By letting me interview you?

Nick: Hey, you asked me to be on the show to give my point of view regarding my relationship with my father.

Hilary: I never expected you to agree. What do you think about this?

Chelsea: It doesn't really matter what I think. Once this guy makes up his mind, there's no changing it.

Hilary: Have you tried?

Chelsea: Well --

Hilary: Never mind. Come by the studio. We can do this today.

Nick: Sooner, the better.

Hilary: But fair warning -- this is not gonna be a puff piece. I'm not gonna let you get away with just ranting and raving about victor. I'm gonna ask hard questions.

Nick: I have every expectation that you will. Bring it.

Jack: You want to ride to work with me today?

Ashley: Oh, no thanks. I've got some things I have to do around here.

Jack: Among them digging up more dirt on graham's sordid past? Don'T. You got to let this go. Okay, I wasn't gonna tell you this. I wanted it to be a surprise.

Ashley: What?

Jack: I have decided to memorialize your little celebration tonight by having it filmed on "the hilary hour."

Ashley: Jack, that's totally unnecessary.

Jack: I want to do this for you.

Ashley: Is this for me or is this to get extra publicity for jabot and parker beauty?

Jack: There would be no jabot, no parker beauty if it weren't for your creations.

Ashley: Okay, I should know better than to try to out-talk the master.

[ Door opens ]

Traci: Hello!

Ashley: Hey!

Jack: Hey!

Traci: Is there an award winner in the house?

[ Both laugh ]

Ashley: Yes! Hi!

Traci: Hi!

Ashley: Thanks for coming!

Traci: Oh, my gosh, are you kidding?

Jack: Excuse me, award winner. It's my turn.

Traci: [ Laughs ] I wouldn't be anywhere else. Hi, jack.

Jack: Listen, if I didn't have a meeting, I --

Traci: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I've heard all this before. I will catch up with you later.

Jack: Okay. Do me a favor.

Traci: Mm-hmm?

Jack: Tell our sister to focus on what is important.

Traci: Do you want to tell me what that was all about?

[ Door closes ]

Dina: [ Sighs ] You can't get it to work, either?

Graham: It's not you. It's the password.

Dina: Then i was right. Jack has shut me out of the company. At least he could have told me to my face.

Graham: I'm sorry if he's still angry at you about those pictures of him and nikki.

Dina: Well, I wouldn't be at all surprised if he just disinvited me from the family dinner.

Graham: Perhaps he's compartmentalizing, separating business and personal.

Dina: Well, if he just talked to me. I just can't imagine all the tensions between jack and ashley and me. I just dread attending that dinner.

Graham: They've included you.

Dina: They feel obligated. Ohh, thank you. You're always such a dear.

Graham: Would it help if i went with you tonight?

Dina: Oh, would it ever. Absolutely. But I doubt very much that ashley and jack would allow it.

[ Knock on door ]

Graham: Ravi.

Ravi: Graham. Uh, how are you?

Graham: Very good, thank you. Uh, please come in.

Ravi: Good morning, dina.

Dina: Well, let's dispense with the niceties. I'm sure you're here on jack's behalf... to tell me that I'm no longer needed at jabot, hmm?

Billy: I'm not quitting my job at brash & sassy.

Phyllis: It's not your company.

Billy: I have a certain responsibility, phyllis.

Phyllis: It's a slap in your brother's face every day you are there.

Billy: It's got nothing to do with my job. Jack sees every breath that i take as a personal insult.

Phyllis: And instead of healing that, you're making things worse.

Billy: By working? By having a job?

Phyllis: For one of your brother's biggest competitors. And you're not just a cog in the wheel. You are pulling shelf space and customers and profit away from your family's company, away from your father's legacy.

Billy: Hold on a second. What miracle do you think is gonna happen if I leave brash & sassy? You think jack's heart's gonna open up? He's gonna invite me to break bread at the abbott family dinner table?

Phyllis: I didn't say it was gonna be easy.

Billy: You just said it's a simple solution.

Phyllis: I said that it would go a long way toward proving that your loyalty is with your family.

Billy: Why is that on me? Honestly, jack's the one that kicked me out of jabot. He's the one that won't let me cross the threshold at the house that I grew up in! I knock on the door to see ashley, and I can hear him growling on the other side!

Phyllis: You're just -- you are just --

Billy: No, understand this. Jack's grudge with me is because you chose me, okay? He has to get over that! This has nothing to do with business!

He needs to realize that family is more important!

Phyllis: Why don't you be the bigger man and you do this for your kids and your sisters? And you put love above everything else, and you choose -- family or business.

Billy: You know, I'd say that being my own man and playing nice with jack would be damn near impossible, but I don't think I can say that.

Phyllis: Why not?

Billy: Because I'm looking at a woman who has somehow managed to keep her relationship with me while maintaining a working relationship with my stubborn brother. And I admire you for that. So if you can do it, I can, too.

[ Door closes ]

Devon: Hey, is mariah here?

Hilary: Uh...

Devon: Sorry. Didn't mean to scare you.

Hilary: No, no, it's fine. I just -- I didn't hear you come in. But, uh, mariah -- she -- she's not here yet. Did you call her?

Devon: Yeah, it just goes straight to voicemail.

Hilary: Must be important.

Devon: Well, I wanted to invite her to a, uh, this dinner that jack is hosting for ashley.

Hilary: Well, I'll be seeing you, then. Jack asked me to cover it on "the hilary hour."

Devon: That's impressive.

Hilary: Yeah. And in addition to landing the abbott party, I also landed an interview with nick newman later today.

Devon: Doesn't nick, uh...

Hilary: Hate my guts? Yeah. He probably still does, but he just -- he wanted a chance to refute the damage that victor did by allowing me to air the footage of their fight.

Devon: It's quite the coup. Congratulations.

Hilary: Thank you. It's just part of the job.

Devon: Well, now, don't sell yourself short. I mean, the fact that you got nick newman to agree to come on your show and do an interview, must be doing something right.

Nick: [ Grunting ]

Chelsea: You know, you take out all your aggression now, you're not gonna have anything left for victor on hilary's show.

Nick: Ah, don't worry. I'm still gonna have plenty left to say.

Chelsea: Look, I understand. You have every right to be mad at your father for emptying your checking account.

Nick: You're worried about me getting my revenge by venting on "the hilary hour."

Chelsea: Yeah. I mean, once you say all this stuff, there is no taking it back. It's gonna just be out there forever.

Nick: Yeah. I hear you. I got to hand it to hilary, you know. She said it wasn't gonna be just some puff piece.

Chelsea: Well, hilary loves a juicy story, and there's nothing juicier than you and your dad. I think you need to consider just dealing with this in private with victor. You shouldn't be airing all of your dirty laundry on hilary's tv show.

Nick: Yeah, I get it. You're concerned. And I'll admit you make a great case.

Chelsea: Then cancel the interview. It's not too late.

Devon: Hey, it's me again. I'm here at gc buzz trying to find out if you're on your way here or not. Um, there's something I want to talk to you about, so call me or text. Bye.

Hilary: Okay, make sure you have the mikes and the lighting ready for the nick newman interview. I don't want him waiting around when he gets here, okay?

Devon: Doing everything you can to make sure nick doesn't back out?

Hilary: You know me too well. And thank you for what you said earlier.

Devon: Yeah, of course. Whatever differences you and i have, I still respect your ability to run this show.

Hilary: Tell me more.

Devon: [ Chuckles ] You don't need to hear more from me. You know how good you are.

Hilary: Not always. Blew it with victoria when I ran that piece about her and benjamin hochman, their fight. I'm pretty sure she's incapable of forgiving me.

Devon: I'm sorry to hear that. I know how much you respect her.

Hilary: That's how it goes.

Devon: Oh, come on now. Don't stand there and tell me that the interview is king and more important than anything personal, 'cause you and I both know that's not true.

Hilary: I wouldn't say that, because you're absolutely right.

Traci: You're certain that this woman you found in florida is graham's mother?

Ashley: When I spoke to her on the phone, she referred to him as her son.

Traci: I don't understand. Why is he passing her off as his aunt?

Ashley: Because he wants to keep the facade going with dina. He also neglected to tell her that his mother/aunt was from genoa city.

Traci: So graham could be from here, too.

Ashley: Yeah, it's a pretty reasonable conclusion, although ravi hasn't been able to find a birth certificate or any records of him going to school here under graham bloodworth.

Traci: Did you say that you're working on this with ravi?

Ashley: Could you please try to stay focused?

Traci: [ Laughs ] Okay, okay, okay. We'll table the ravi conversation.

Ashley: Thank you.

Traci: For now. But don't think that we won't return to it later. Now back to this graham thing. Um, if there is no public record of him from cradle to high school, then obviously he's changed his name.

Ashley: That's what we're trying to find out. I mean, there's just way too much mystery surrounding this whole thing. And I'm sure that's exactly how graham wants it.

Traci: Graham bloodworth.

Ashley: Quite a name, right? Not one you'd easily forget.

[ Computer keys clacking ]

Ravi: That should do it.

Dina: Oh!

Graham: You have given dina a new password?

Ravi: Now she should be able to access the jabot servers without any problems.

Dina: Oh, thank you so much, ravi. As always, you're such a dear.

Ravi: I should have really called ahead of time and let you know we were making this company-wide adjustment so you didn't get upset and think the worst.

Dina: Well, I feel much better now.

Graham: I'm surprised you needed to change the password. Ashley told me the security breach was just a false alarm.

Ravi: Even so, jack wanted to step things up. I imagine when dina ran mergeron, she had high-level monitoring in place.

Dina: Oh, of course I did. I had my I.T. Department deal with it, and whenever there was a blip, they'd let me know.

Graham: With this company-wide adjustment that you're implementing, are you looking for something specific, or is it more of a curiosity factor at play?

Ravi: Oh, I'm always interested in other companies' systems.

Graham: So you can uncover their secrets?

Ravi: Depends on how tightly they lock down.

Dina: Well, you're always such a dear. Thank you for coming, ravi.

Ravi: Of course. I look forward to seeing you at ashley's celebration. It should be a wonderful evening.

Dina: Yes, it should. But if you'll excuse me right now, graham will show you out, dear.

Ravi: Oh, okay. Is dina all right?

Graham: She's concerned about jack and ashley's reception of her tonight. She would actually like me to be her guest.

Ravi: I see.

Graham: It would make her much more comfortable. Perhaps you can talk to ashley.

Ravi: [ Sighs ] Okay. I'll see what I can do. But it is ashley's decision.

[ Door closes ]

[ Computer keys clacking ]

Jack: You're late for our meeting. So, did billy try to access the server using your computer?

Phyllis: Damn you, jack.

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Ashley: I'm so sorry. You just got here, and I have to leave you, too.

Traci: Oh, that's okay. Believe me, I have plenty to occupy my time.

Ashley: Okay.

Traci: Um, I've invited an old classmate of mine to come over, and we're gonna catch up a little bit.

Ashley: Great.

Traci: Uh, in fact, he was a hunky football player, but now he's a pro wrestler, and i thought maybe I would let him have his way with me here on the sofa, you know, for old time's sake?

Ashley: Good. Wait, what?

Traci: Ashley, what has got you so preoccupied? Is it plans for the awards presentation tonight?

Ashley: Yes, yes.

Traci: Why aren't you more excited? I mean, this -- this is a huge award.

Ashley: I'm very excited. I'm happy. I'm just busy.

Traci: Busy researching graham?

Ashley: Traci, I'm really concerned.

Traci: Yes, I know. Of course you are. And so am I.

Ashley: Behind those designer suits and that smooth talk is just a conman who's manipulated our mother into leaving him the bulk of her estate.

Traci: I'm so grateful that you and ravi are looking into graham's past, but just today, could you take jack's advice and focus on your major accomplishments? Ashley, this is huge! Please enjoy it.

Ashley: Okay.

Traci: Okay.

Ashley: I love you.

Traci: [ Laughs ] I love you back.

Ashley: Bye. See you later.

Traci: Have a good day.

[ Chuckles ]

Ashley: Have fun with your football player.

Devon: Things are sounding more hopeful where jordan's concerned.

Hilary: Yeah, we ran into each other.

Devon: Oh, yeah? And?

Hilary: And there is no doubt in my mind that he is still interested.

Devon: Well, I thought you weren't interested in lily's castoffs.

Hilary: [ Sighs ] Okay, I-I may have spoken out of anger.

Devon: And?

Hilary: And yes, jealousy. But it seems like I had nothing to worry about anyways.

Devon: Well, lily is filing for divorce.

Hilary: Yeah, I'm sure that's her intention.

Devon: You don't believe she'll follow through with it?

Hilary: That divorce is never happening.

Devon: What's this? Your wishful thinking that cane and lily will work things out so you can have your shot with jordan again?

Hilary: I know everybody thinks that I'm a cynic.

Devon: On a good day.

Hilary: [ Sighs ] I'm serious. And I'm optimistic. What lily and cane have, that love, it's real. That connection, it is never gonna disappear.

[ Sighs ] That kind of true love, they'll always find a way back to each other.

Victoria: Okay, I will see you later.

Neil: Take care. Hey, billy. How's it going, man?

Billy: Good. How are you?

Neil: Not bad. Not bad at all. Got to go. I'll see you later.

Victoria: Bye, neil.

Neil: Yep.

Billy: What was he here for?

Victoria: Oh, he just wanted to thank me for promoting lily.

Billy: Well, shouldn't we be thanking him for sparking the idea?

Victoria: I said the same thing. You know, sometimes I think we're the same person.

Billy: Yeah, in business maybe.

Victoria: Yeah. Right. Uh, anyway, I, um, I roped neil into being my guinea pig for the new face mask, and he loved it.

Billy: That bodes well, huh?

Victoria: Well, I'd like to do more testing with men. But yes, you're right. Um, I'm kind of excited to get this product on the shelves. Knock on wood.

[ Knocks desk ] It might be a huge hit. So, today we're gonna be going over the budget and working on that, and then you have the men's line meeting with r&D. I'm working on the strategy for the new anti-aging skincare cream and face mask, and then lily's gonna be getting as caught up on all of our paperwork. Caught up! [ Chuckles ] Those are the two words I didn't think I'd be able to say any time soon. Isn't it amazing? Billy. What's wrong? Is it phyllis?

Phyllis: I wish you never told me billy used my computer.

Jack: I take it then he tried to access our server yet again.

Phyllis: "Tried" is the operative word. I stopped him before he could get any more information. He still doesn't know that you're on to him.

Jack: Well, I think we should need to keep things that way. Ravi has changed our passwords. You are not to let your laptop out of your sight for an instant.

Phyllis: Yeah, I get it. Just... I can't believe that --

Jack: What? That billy would go behind your back? That's what he does, phyllis. My brother doesn't care who it hurts as long as he gets what he wants.

Phyllis: You accused me of that once.

Jack: Unlike billy, you have a sense of loyalty to me.

Phyllis: And that has not been easy.

Jack: Tell me, why have you remained loyal?

Phyllis: I want billy away from victoria. The whole situation is toxic. And I could give a damn about the success of brash & sassy!

Jack: Well, there you go again.

Phyllis: What?!

Jack: Trying to convince yourself that the only thing standing between you and billy's undying devotion is his working with victoria. I'm sorry to break it to you. Billy isn't going to change! He wants to beat me! He's obsessed with it! It's the only thing that's important to him, more important than your relationship with him!

Phyllis: You're so wrong.

Jack: Oh, did he tell you that this morning, when once again he neglected to tell you he's using you to spy on me?

Phyllis: Oh, jack, I don't think so!

Jack: You're the one that caught him in the act. Surely you don't think victoria put him up to this.

Phyllis: It's what she does!

Jack: Stop being a victim. It doesn't suit you.

Ravi: Hey. I was just trying to find you. I just came back from the athletic club. Gave dina her new password.

Ashley: How did she seem?

Ravi: [ Sighs ] She thought I was there to fire her on jack's orders.

Ashley: Why would she think that? Do you think graham put that in her head?

Ravi: I don't know, but she was relieved when she realized she still has a job.

Ashley: That's very strange. We would never do that.

Ravi: She's feeling insecure.

Ashley: Because jack and i are so suspicious of her companion?

Ravi: She's worried you're angry with her.

Ashley: Well, you know what? She's not wrong about that, at least where jack's concerned.

Ravi: What -- what happened, if you don't mind me asking?

Ashley: Not at all. My mother sent victor compromising photos of nikki and jack.

Ravi: Ooh.

Ashley: Yeah, very shady. I have to side with jack on this one.

Ravi: As would I.

Ashley: She has no right to be getting involved in his personal life like that.

Ravi: Was that the only thing?

Ashley: No, it's not! I'm so frustrated, and my mother will not acknowledge graham's lies. We're this close to finding out about his secrets. If I could just convince her...

Ravi: Let me just preface this by saying I really dislike being the messenger in this situation, especially when i know how you're gonna feel about the request.

Ashley: Okay, well, now you have to tell me.

Ravi: Graham -- he wants to accompany dina to dinner tonight.

Ashley: Oh, no.

Billy: Phyllis was adamant. She said the only way jack was gonna forgive me is if I quit working here.

Victoria: And you believed her.

Billy: She's got a point, doesn't she?

Victoria: No, she has an agenda. That's why she's using jack to try to get you to walk away from brash & sassy. She's still mad at me because of what I said to her at the club.

Billy: Right, when you said that our relationship wasn't as perfect as she thinks? That was very helpful, by the way. Thank you for that.

Victoria: Well, clearly she heard me, and that's why she wants you to walk away from your job. I'm sorry. I'm not trying to make your life more difficult. I won't do it again. I promise.

Billy: Well, at least I know what set her off. Now I can do everything in my power to convince her that there's nothing to be jealous of, right? I think a dozen roses should do the trick. Maybe 10 at this point.

Victoria: Can you do that later? Please? We have to work on the budget for the face masks. Accounting needs the numbers by the end of the day. And since we're both leaving early tonight.

Billy: Leaving early?

Victoria: Yes, leaving early. Miracles do happen.

Billy: What? You got a hot date?

Victoria: As a matter of fact, I do.

Phyllis: I am not a victim.

Jack: You sure as hell sound like one.

Phyllis: If victoria hadn't --

Jack: Stop blaming victoria! Start blaming billy! You're so busy trying to defend him to prove that he's done no wrong that you're helpless in the face of the facts!

Phyllis: I'm not helpless.

Jack: I feel sorry for you.

Phyllis: Don't patronize me!

Jack: Then wake up. Face the facts.

Phyllis: I am right that victoria manipulated this entire situation!

Jack: Oh, let's -- let's say you are. And I doubt it. But let's say victoria has been coercing him. What does that prove? That billy will do anything she wants him to do even when it hurts you.

Phyllis: [ Scoffs ] I'm, uh, very uncomfortable right now.

Jack: I'll bet you are. I'll bet you are. Because you're trying to convince yourself the only thing standing in the way of you and billy's undying devotion is victoria, so you're avoiding looking at one thing. Or you don't want to look at one thing. The fact that he's already made a choice. He used you to get proprietary information from this company. That makes him every bit as culpable as victoria, if not more so. He did the deed! And if you can't face that, if you won't acknowledge that, you're gonna find yourself hurt in ways you never even imagined.

Chelsea: Well? Are you gonna cancel the interview? Because once those cameras are rolling, there is no turning back.

Nick: Look, my father stole from me. It's another example of the horrible things he's done to his children in the name of loving us. You know, the world sees him as a successful businessman and a well-known philanthropist.

Chelsea: Okay, so you're taking it upon yourself to set the record straight. You want to embarrass victor, and you'll most probably embarrass yourself on television.

Nick: I'm so sick and tired of playing the "victor newman is a wonderful human being" game. You know, I've thought long and hard about this before I went to hilary and asked for that interview. I know the risks. But my life is never gonna fully be my own until I cut off all ties to my dad. And this interview cuts off access to him. I hope you understand that.

Chelsea: Yeah, I can understand it. Well, can I at least get a preview of what you're gonna say and how you're gonna say it?

Nick: Nope. I think you're gonna have to wait for the interview.

Chelsea: [ Sighs ]

Jack: Look what this is doing to your relationship. Billy's not the only one lying. You are, too. You haven't told him that you're on to him.

Phyllis: You just ordered me --

Jack: You haven't told him that you're working with me to bring down brash & sassy.

Phyllis: And he never has to know about that, jack, ever.

Jack: And again I say you're both keeping secrets.

Phyllis: So, what? Are you the arbiter of my morality now? I can still love billy and keep certain things to myself.

Jack: You mean from yourself. Come on, take off the blinders.

Phyllis: Why is it so important for you, for me to loathe him the way you do?

Jack: You need a list? I'll give you a short one. He's a liar and a cheat, and he is not worthy of the abbott name. And when I am done with him, he will have nothing left!

Phyllis: He'll have me.

Victoria: Neil asked me to attend ashley's celebration dinner tonight.

Billy: And?

Victoria: I said yes.

Billy: Do you honestly think that's a good idea?

Traci: It was so great getting to together, sandy.

Sandy: It's always fun strolling down memory lane.

Traci: Yes, it is. Listen, um, offhand, do you recall a fellow in our class named graham bloodworth?

Sandy: No. But there was a graham in our school. Younger, though. Not in our grade.

Traci: Really? Do -- do you happen to recall his last name?

Sandy: Oh. It escapes me. But I do remember he didn't have many friends.

Traci: Oh?

Sandy: Yeah, he, uh, kept to himself. A bit of a loner, an oddball, you know?

Traci: Yeah. I'll probably end up back in that yearbook. I'm gonna see if I can find him. It's gonna drive me crazy otherwise.

[ Both laugh ] Thank you again so much.

Sandy: You keep in touch.

Traci: Okay. You, too. Bye-bye.

Sandy: Bye-bye.

Traci: Graham bloodworth. Let's see.

[ Sighs ] No graham bloodworth. Graham. Ah. Here's one. Graham davis. Graham davis.

Ashley: Not at all. I have no problem with posing for pictures before the ceremony. Okay, thank you so much. I'll see you then.

Ravi: Why don't you let me handle graham? You've got enough on your plate.

Ashley: What would you say to him?

Ravi: Tell him he can't come. I'll be polite but firm, that way you don't have to get involved.

Ashley: Thank you. My mother's my responsibility, so I think I'll deal with her.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Dina: Ashley?

Ashley: Hi, there. I understand that you're feeling a little uncomfortable coming to the ceremony tonight solo and that you wanted graham to be your plus one.

Dina: Oh, I didn't realize that he had gotten in touch with you. I hope he didn't upset you.

Ashley: No, not at all. Don't worry about it. And please feel free to bring graham.

Dina: Oh, thank you, dear.

[ Chuckles ] Thank you so much.

Ashley: You're welcome. I'll see you later.

Ravi: What changed your mind?

Ashley: Everything that we found out about graham. I just want to see him try to lie his way out of all of that in front of my mother.

Next on "the young and the restless"...

Victor: Just remember one thing. There's nothing you have that i can't take.

Jack: Tonight's about celebrating you among the people you care about.

Dina: I'm just so surprised that ashley even invited you.

Graham: I don't think it'll be the last surprise before the evening's over.

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