Y&R Transcript Friday 10/6/17

Y&R Transcript Friday 10/6/17


Episode # 11273 ~ Jack announces Billy's deception; Tessa confides in Noah; Phyllis and Victoria clash over Billy.

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Abby: Oh! My mom, innovator of the year. That is fantastic! Congratulations!

Ashley: I know. Thank you! Thank you. I couldn't believe it when your uncle jack told me.

Abby: Oh, well, I can. But, then again, I'm a little biased.

Ashley: Oh, I didn't know that.

Abby: [ Laughs ] So what are we gonna do to celebrate?

Ashley: Ooh, well, your uncle jack is actually having a big dinner party for me. Family dinner...

Abby: Ooh. Okay.

Ashley: ...To celebrate.

Abby: Is aunt traci gonna be there?

Ashley: Yeah, she's flying in.

Abby: Great.

Ashley: And here I am, to personally invite you.

Abby: Well, I will be there with bells on. Not literally, unless that's a good look for me.

[ Both laugh ] And what about dina? I heard there's some tension between you.

Ashley: Yeah, we've been having some differences lately. But, you know, she's my mother. So she has to clear her calendar for me, doesn't she?

Abby: Yeah. And what about a date for the dinner?

Ashley: A date. Yeah. Hmm. You know what, I'm gonna get back to you with all the details as soon as I have them, okay? And, by the way, you can bring zack if you want to.

Abby: Okay. Bye, mom. We'll see. [ Sighs ]

Zack: Once again, I'm left to clean up everybody else's mess. Save your excuses. This is a complication we can do without.

Phyllis: Thank you.

Victoria: Hi, phyllis. Do you have a second?

Phyllis: Sure. What's up?

Victoria: Well, I just wanted to give you a head's up that the kids' school is having a haunted-house fundraiser this month, and of course I'm selling raffle tickets, and I just wanted to know if I could count on you for a few?

Phyllis: Sure. Yeah. I-I love a good raffle.

Victoria: Great. Well, the kids are so excited planning their costumes. And I know that billy is not gonna want to miss it, either.

Phyllis: No, I'm sure not.

Victoria: Heh. I'm planning on asking him if he would sign up for a few shifts with the dads at the school building that thing, whatever it is, but I wanted to run it by you first and make sure that you didn't have a problem with it.

Phyllis: Why would I have a problem?

Victoria: Well, you've just been so great -- you know, all of the time that billy's been spending with me and the kids lately. With work and that, I know that I've been monopolizing a lot of his time. And I know that it's created a little bit of tension between you. The last thing that I want to do is cause any problems.

Jack: Wrong floor. Unless you're here to see what success looks like.

Billy: We got plenty of that downstairs, but I appreciate the offer.

Jack: Enjoy it while you can.

Billy: As much as I love the banter, jack, I'm not here on business. This is personal.

Devon: Hi.

Mariah: Hey. Thank you.

Devon: You're welcome.

Mariah: Sorry that I went off the radar yesterday, but I was helping tessa with something.

Devon: Don't be sorry at all. Is everything all right?

Mariah: Yeah. Everything's fine now.

Devon: Yeah? Good. I, uh -- I sensed that there was something going on, but I didn't want to pry.

Mariah: Well, thankfully it's over, and all that tessa has to focus on now is her music.

Devon: That's very good to hear. Uh, you'll never guess who I ran into.

Mariah: [ Gasps ] Who?

Devon: Kevin. We had a very interesting conversation.

Mariah: [Nervously] Yeah? What about?

Devon: He made me wonder if i had some competition for you.

Tessa: I'm glad to hear that you feel safe now, crystal. Paul williams will protect you until you -- oh, yeah. Absolutely. No, you can trust his word. These people are my friends. You can trust them.

[Voice breaking] I love you too.

[ Door opens ]

Noah: Hey. There you are. I was starting to worry about you. I tried the house and --

Scott: I'm glad crystal's safe. Protective custody, though?

Sharon: Yeah.

Scott: Wow. I didn't realize the situation was so extreme.

Sharon: Well, it's only until the police bust these sleazy traffickers and bring them to trial. What? What's that look?

Scott: Oh, everything that's happened up to this point, it's -- it's all because of you, sharon.

Sharon: Well, tessa and mariah had a big hand in it, too. And I'm sure other people would have helped, also, if they had known what was really going on.

Scott: Most people would have given up. But not you you hung in there, and you managed to pull this thing off.

Sharon: What, you didn't think I was capable?

Scott: Obviously you were, and I know better than to ever underestimate you.

Sharon: Oh, good answer.

Scott: Yeah. I just can't help think about how many ways a rescue like that could've gone wrong.

Sharon: Believe me, I wasn't happy to have a situation that dicey laid at my feet. Mariah and tessa took on so much risk, and they broke so many laws.

Scott: Yeah. For the best possible reason.

Sharon: You know, it all just happened so fast. I was following my instincts. I think we were all running on adrenaline.

Scott: Yeah.

Sharon: [ Sighs ] Oh, god. I just hope everything we did led the police to arresting the guys behind this.

Scott: Yeah.

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Paul: The house had been emptied by the time my officers arrived.

Sharon: Did you find any of the girls that were being kept there?

Paul: I'm -- I'm sorry to say, no. They're probably scattered all over by now. These organized sex rings are very nimble. I've got my detectives on it.

Sharon: Were you able to find alice? She might know of other locations and names.

Paul: Sharon, alice has been in an accident.

Sharon: What?

Scott: What happened?

Sharon: Do you have any details?

Paul: She was hit by a vehicle -- a possible targeted hit-and-run. She's at memorial.

Sharon: Is she gonna be okay?

Paul: Well, we're not sure. It was -- it was pretty bad. She's still unconscious. She's listed as serious.

Scott: Any suspects?

Paul: Not at the present time. Based on the crime scene, it looks like she was headed out of town in a hurry, and someone clearly did not want that to happen.

Scott: Yeah, she must have pissed off the wrong people when she helped crystal escape.

Sharon: Either way, it's my fault.

Zack: Sit tight, talk to no one, and wait till you hear from me. For now, we go dark. I'll let you know when we make our next move. After I've dealt with this latest complication.

Ashley: Thanks.

Graham: Hello, ashley. May I? [ Clears throat ] I promise not to take up too much of your time.

Phyllis: Why do you think billy and I are having problems?

Victoria: Oh, none? Really?

Phyllis: No, we're actually okay. But it's sweet of you to be concerned. How are you doing?

Victoria: I am fine.

Phyllis: I know you had that dry spell for a little bit. I mean, especially when things didn't go well with ben, I'm sure. What a disappointment.

Victoria: Well, it was for you, after all of the effort you put into shoving him at me.

Phyllis: Yeah, well, I was trying to help you out.

Victoria: Right.

Phyllis: You went for it, and that's good. Even though billy's just...

Victoria: Billy is just what?

Phyllis: [ Sighs ] You have to know why he has been spending so much extra time with you at work. I mean, you have to know the real reason.

Victoria: Well, you're enjoying this so much, why don't you enlighten me?

Phyllis: I think it's made itself really obvious. He feels sorry for you.

Billy: Ashley told me. Innovator of the year. It's a hell of an accomplishment.

Jack: Indeed it is.

Billy: Look at that. We can agree on something.

Jack: I assume we're gonna get to the point of this visit soon?

Billy: Ashley invited me to the presentation and the family dinner in her honor. But I don't want to our personal stuff ruining the event.

Jack: No, I don't want that, either.

Billy: Good. So, for our sister's sake, I'm hoping we can put our differences aside and celebrate ashley.

Jack: If you can, I can.

Billy: Really?

Jack: I have no ill will toward you. It's a waste of energy. I've even agreed to lessen my hostilities toward victoria. Or did she not tell you about our little truce?

Billy: Well, I mean, it's one thing to talk about a cease-fire, but when you got your fingers crossed behind your back, that's all it is, is talk, jack. You made it very clear how you feel about brash & sassy.

Jack: Gee, that almost sounds like you're calling me a liar.

Paul: Sharon, you are not responsible for what happened to alice.

Sharon: I set all of this in motion when I forced her to bring crystal back.

Scott: Alice chose to get involved with these people. She knew the risks.

Paul: You gave her a chance to get out. A chance she shouldn't have had. At least as far as the law is concerned.

Sharon: It was the only way to convince her to get crystal out of that situation.

Paul: I don't condone your methods, going rogue like this. But the young woman is free because of you.

Sharon: Well, I doubt that's going to be much comfort to alice.

Scott: She may have claimed she was trying to help these girls, but sh--

Sharon: You know, honestly, in her heart of hearts, I believe that she -- she thinks she was helping. You know, deep down, she's not a bad person. She's just one of these lost souls who never put her life together. No one ever cut her a break. Constantly worrying about keeping her head above water. And I know what that's like. I've been there. And it can change a person. It can warp their perspective.

Scott: Working with a bunch of criminals to exploit those young girls... that's warped all right.

Paul: Okay, I'm posting an officer outside alice's door. So when she comes to, we can question her. In the meantime, I want you to think back on all the conversations you had with her. Names. Places. Just in case she's not forthcoming with us. Any detail, no matter how small, could be the key to saving these young girls.

Noah: Wow, you must be so relieved that your sister's safe.

[ Sighs ] I just wish I'd known what you were getting yourself into.

[ Chuckles ]

Tessa: You were out of town with your dad.

Noah: Still, if I had known what was going on, maybe I could have helped somehow. When something this big comes along, I want to be the first person that you come to.

Tessa: It just all happened so fast, and --

Noah: I know. I'm not blaming you. I'm not. I'm -- [ Sighs ] In a way, I brought this on myself.

Tessa: What do you mean?

Noah: I mean, my history with women, and it's the reason why i wanted to take things slow, to give us a better chance of working out. And now I just feel like it's coming back to bite me because you still feel like I'm not that into this... and so you hold back.

Tessa: I don't -- I don't mean to.

Noah: I know you're just trying to protect yourself. I get it. I do. It's just sometimes I wind up feeling shut out because of certain things that you won't share with me.

Tessa: It -- look, it's more like... you're this amazing guy. Who grew up like this. I mean, wonderful family. Security. While I grew up penniless. I mean, with people who forgot that they had kids to raise. I mean, the kind of world that your little sister ends up on a prostitution racket. I was so desperate to find crystal... I did some things that aren't gonna win me any "good citizen" medals. And mariah... she really stepped up. I mean, she pretended to be her dead sister in order to shake information out of this alice woman --

Noah: I'm sorry, what -- mariah pretended to be cassie?

Tessa: [ Sighs ] I forgot. She was your sister, too. I-I know that this stirred up a lot of things for sharon and mariah...

Noah: I can see how much it stirred up for you, too. I just don't know what else i have to do to... get you to trust me.

Tessa: No, hey, I do trust you, noah. I just... I just have trouble opening up to you sometimes.

Noah: Because I come from a different world. I see things through a different filter, and so you think that i won't understand. Not like mariah.

Mariah: What would make you think that you have competition?

Devon: I don't know. He didn't actually come out and say it, it's just...

Mariah: What did he say?

Devon: Uh... well, he was adamant that there's nothing going on between you two. There's no romantic feelings, and he's not into you in that way, so...

Mariah: Right. Because we parked each other in the friend zone a long time ago.

Devon: Yeah. Right. And that's good. I think I just misinterpreted. You know.

Mariah: Well, why would you even think that that was possible?

Devon: I don't know. Just the way he was probing about you and me and our relationship.

Mariah: Well, it was probably just kevin's oddball way of looking out for me. I'm sorry if he overstepped.

Devon: No, don't apologize at all. I'm happy that that's all it was. 'Cause I prefer the thought that you're all mine.

Mariah: Well, there's no worries there.

Devon: Hey, how would you like to be all mine for the next few days? 'Cause I was thinking we can go out of town. Take a little r&r trip, just the two of us. Maybe go to chicago while the weather's still nice?

Mariah: Well, that sounds amazing. It sounds awesome.

Devon: Yeah?

Mariah: Yeah. I'm sure hilary won't mind. She's happy to do her show alone. When were you thinking about going?

Devon: How soon can you be ready to go?

Mariah: Whenever you need me to be.

Victoria: Billy feels a lot of things for me, phyllis.

Phyllis: I guess so. Especially after your romp with ben was broadcast to the whole world.

Victoria: I wanted to thank you for that.

Phyllis: For the publicity?

Victoria: Being with a jerk like him made me realize that i shouldn't settle. That I should hold out for the right man. A guy who is talented and hardworking, bright and witty, with a killer sense of humor. Passionate and loving. Great with kids. With maybe a little bit of a gambler in him. That someone who's going to go the extra mile to make sure that I am pleased.

Phyllis: Okay. Since you don't have the guts to say it, I will. You want billy back. And I hate to burst your bubble, but that's not gonna happen.

Phyllis: You are transparent to me -- with all of your excuses that you bring up so you can get billy to hover around you, with your work emergencies and the kids. And I want you to remember, I am the one he comes home to every night. While you go home to an empty bed, which you kicked him out of, if you recall. You will never be enough for that man.

Victoria: Careful, phyllis. Your insecurities are showing. That's right. But you know what? You have a right to be concerned. The chemistry is back between billy and me. And it's only a matter of time before he moves out of your apartment and back into our home.

Phyllis: What chemistry are you talking about? That's all in your head.

Victoria: You sure about that? How do you know we haven't kissed? Or even more?

Phyllis: Because I know billy.

Victoria: So do I. Better than you. That's why I know I will get him back.

Jack: You come here claiming you want to make nice at ashley's big event, and the very next words out of your mouth, you imply that I've broken my agreement with victoria. Is there something I've done to give you that impression?

Billy: I'm not accusing you of anything.

Jack: No?

Billy: No. We're competitors, right? That's all I meant. But, of course, you know, brash & sassy can't compete with jabot. You got 10 times the budget. We're just down there, slugging away. Staying in our lane. Doing the best that we can to make up for a rough year. But we are getting stronger every day.

Jack: Glad to hear it. I want those lease checks to keep coming in on time.

Billy: Believe me, I want the same thing. So, good. Ashley will be happy. We'll get along, for one night at least, right? I'm looking forward to celebrating her.

Jack: I'll see you there. Ravi. In my office.

Ravi: Uh, what's up?

Jack: The enhanced cybersecurity measures you have been recommending. I want them put in place right away. And change dina's password A.S.A.P.

Ravi: So does this mean you no longer want billy to have access?

Jack: He was just here. And from his coy behavior, I'd say he found what I wanted him to find.

Ravi: Well, I'm glad you decided to plug the hole. I've been worried about the flaw in our system. I'll get I.T. To apply the patch I designed right away.

Jack: Thank you. Uh, one other thing. Ashley has been given a major accolade from the cosmetics industry -- innovator of the year.

Ravi: What? That's -- that's amazing! Jack! That'S...

Jack: Listen, ashley could never have accomplished all that she did without your considerable talent and support.

Ravi: Well, thank you. I appreciate the kind words, but --

Jack: I'm putting together a little dinner for her. I was hoping you could help me plan it. You seem to be tuned in to what makes my sister happy these days.

Ashley: I was hoping to do a little work with my coffee, so...

Graham: Well, I'm sorry to interrupt. But I wanted to extend my congratulations. Dina told me you've won a very prestigious award.

Ashley: I'm sure she did. She tells you everything.

Graham: Your mother's terribly excited for you. And I'm sure your father would be, as well.

Ashley: You don't know anything about my father.

Graham: Actually, I do. Dina's told me a great deal about him.

Ashley: Well, she's not an expert. She missed out on a large part of his life.

Graham: I'm making a sincere effort here, ashley. You now know that you were wrong to accuse me of taking the jabot files. And I appreciate you admitting it.

Ashley: Well, I was just trying to be honest. You should try it sometime.

Graham: [ Scoffs ] All right. If it's honesty we're going for, I hate how much you mistrust me.

Ashley: But I'm sure you don't blame me.

Graham: I take my share of responsibility for the situation that we find ourselves in. But I would love to find a way to put our differences aside.

Ashley: And why on earth would you think I'd be interested in doing that?

Graham: Well, we may have more in common than you realize.

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Graham: We're both businesspeople who lived in europe. We both belong to this club.

Ashley: Well, that's pretty thin soup.

Graham: And we're both people who care about dina a great deal, and are very important to her life. That's an inescapable fact. Much like the scars you carry with you from your childhood.

Ashley: So, did you think it was ridiculous that I was holding on to those bad feelings from things that happened when I was a child? Did you think I was just supposed to get over it?

Graham: I realize it's not as simple as that.

Ashley: You do.

Graham: Yes. Some betrayals, one never gets over.

Ashley: One of those other things that you and i have in common?

Graham: Dina and I will return to paris, eventually. You have the chance for something more with her. She's a wonderful woman who openly admits to her faults and loves you very much, in her own imperfect way. Don't squander this time with her.

Ashley: I have no intention of doing that, graham. In fact, I'm hoping that my mother will have her eyes opened, and you will be returning to paris without her.

Devon: Hey. How you doing?

Abby: Hi!

Devon: Hey. Mwah!

Abby: I'm great. How are you? How's hamilton-winters? Do you love running your new company?

Devon: Oh, yeah. Well, you know, I've always hoped to get back into producing, so...

Abby: Well, you've always been good at it. You still are. I've been listening to lp, your streaming service, nonstop.

Devon: Yeah?

Abby: Yeah.

Devon: That's what I want to hear.

[ Abby laughs ] We're getting ready, actually, to launch tessa's new single.

Abby: Oh, amazing! I can't wait to hear it. So, how's everything else? Are you still seeing mariah?

Devon: I am. I am. We're in a good place.

Abby: Amazing. Wow. I'm really happy for you.

Devon: Thank you. What about you? I remember you, uh -- you brought some dude that you were working with to nikki's concert, right?

Abby: Zack. Yeah.

Devon: Zack.

Abby: Mm-hmm.

Devon: That turn into anything?

Abby: Uh, it did.

[ Chuckles ] Until it didn'T.

Devon: Uh-oh. What happened?

Abby: [ Sighs ] We were getting close. We were spending a lot of time together. And then I saw this side to him that was a real turnoff. It's like he became this totally different person.

Sharon: I have played the conversations over and over again in my head. I have told you everything i remember. I'm sorry if it's no help.

Paul: No, it's okay. I appreciate you trying. You can always call me if something else pops into your head. And, sharon, I don't want to hear about you pulling anything else. I was not at all happy about hearing that you, mariah, and tessa risked your lives without backup. Okay? Although we did learn a lot more than we did before.

Scott: Anything useful at the house where alice was keeping the girls?

Paul: Well, yeah, maybe. There is paperwork, there were rent payments, that kind of thing. But there are also partial fingerprints. They could be useful.

Scott: Wow. I mean, the traffickers didn't clean up at all, did they, when they took off?

Paul: Well, they tried, but it seems like they were in a rush and they got careless. These are the mistakes that forensic people live for. And it's also where the media comes in. I will get you copies of everything as soon as I get it cleared by the feds and okayed by chris. And then you can use it in your exposé. It could lead to more arrests.

Scott: Well, I'm ready and willing to help. This is the kind of thing that gets me up in the morning.

Paul: All right.

[ Claps scott's back ] I got to take off. Remember what I said. You be a good girl.

Scott: Thanks, paul.

Sharon: I want to go to memorial. I want to see alice, but I want to be there when she wakes up. Maybe I can convince her to cooperate with the police.

Scott: After you.

Tessa: Why would you compare yourself to mariah?

Noah: Because I've seen how much you've grown to rely on her. And that's how I want our relationship to be.

Tessa: That dinner you took me to at chelsea and nick's, I can't even describe what it means to me. I mean, the love and the laughter... everyone enjoying themselves and having fun, that's not something I had growing up. And it felt so amazing to be a part of it.

Noah: You could have that feeling all the time. Move in with me.

Tessa: Seriously?

Noah: Yeah. I mean, I wasn't planning on asking you today, but it's been on my mind. And you know what, it feels right. This feels right. What do you say?

Tessa: I say yes. I mean, of course I'll move in with you.

[ Noah chuckles ] I just hope you don't get sick of me.

Noah: Well, that's kind of the point, right? To not get sick of each other, just to see how we feel. I want to spend more time together. I want to take things to the next level. I mean [Stammers] I would love to. And I'm sure your mom will appreciate having one less person under her roof --

Noah: Wait a minute. Are you just saying yes because you feel like you're imposing on my mom?

Tessa: No. I'm saying yes because I want to spend a lot more time with you.

Noah: Okay.

Devon: So, what exactly did this zack guy do that bothered you so much?

Abby: Oh, well, it wasn't just one thing. I mean, for starters, he totally stood me up, blew me off.

Devon: Was it the first time he did that?

Abby: Uh, yeah.

Devon: Did he have a good excuse, at least?

Abby: He said he was working. He lost track of time.

Devon: That happens.

Abby: Yeah. And I know he's determined to prove himself to me, and to my dad. But... yeah, I mean, I guess he was really sweet when he apologized.

Devon: That's good. At least he did that.

Abby: Yeah.

Devon: Sounds like he just kind of got caught up in whatever he was doing and made a mistake.

Abby: That's why the way he acted earlier was a total shock. I asked him about this marketing issue, and he got angry and abrupt.

Devon: What do you mean when you say angry?

Abby: I guess he was frustrated 'cause there was a glitch in the app that had him stressed out. But still, I was like, "whoa, where did that come from? What happened to the laid-back guy I've been seeing?"

Devon: Yeah.

Abby: You know, I just -- I didn't like it.

Devon: Well [Sighs] Either he's not right for you and it's taken this long for him to show his true colors, or he just had a bad moment at the end of a tough day. I don't know zack. But I know you. I know what it means for you to be putting your heart back out there. Are you worried you're gonna be let down again, so you're looking for a reason to back out?

Abby: I don't know. This just feels different. You know, different than all the other guys I got serious with.

Devon: Where are those other guys now? I think there's something to be said for being friends and colleagues first. You know, sometimes that can turn into something surprising and kind of wonderful.

Ravi: For you.

Ashley: They're gorgeous. Why?

Ravi: Jack told me about your award.

Ashley: Oh.

Ravi: Congratulations.

Ashley: Thank you. That's very thoughtful of you.

Ravi: My pleasure. How often do your peers make it a point to show you how valuable your contributions are? I'm guessing once in a lifetime.

Ashley: Pretty much.

Ravi: Yeah. Well, I'll be helping jack with the dinner he's throwing for you, so whenever you have a sec, let's go over the menu. I want the night to be perfect.

Ashley: I'm sure it will be. I was in a really bad mood when I came back to the office --

Ravi: Now you're not anymore. Crazy. Why were you in a bad mood?

Ashley: 'Cause I ran into graham.

Ravi: [ Clicks tongue ] Say no more.

Ashley: Exactly. You know what, he's being far too friendly to me. I'm sure that he knows that we're on to him.

Ravi: Well, I'll keep digging into his past. But... right now, I don't want anything to ruin your special night.

Ashley: Which brings me to something else we need to discuss.

Jack: And how soon will the new platform be ready?

Phyllis: The virtual dressing room 3.4 will launch next wednesday, give or take a day or two.

Jack: Good. That's about it on my itinerary. Anything else I need to know about fenmore's?

Phyllis: Nope. But something bizarre happened today that I think you might be interested in.

Jack: Regarding?

Phyllis: Ran into victoria at the club earlier, and she informed me that it'll be just a matter of time before billy dumps me and goes back to her.

Jack: Wait, victoria said that to you?

Phyllis: Mm-hmm. Now, I've always know that's what she's wanted, but for her to get in my face in public...

Jack: No, she's normally more circumspect.

Phyllis: Precisely. I can't help but wonder -- perhaps it's a new strategy.

Jack: To rattle you?

Phyllis: Get this -- she also implied that they had been hooking up, which I know is a lie.

Jack: We wouldn't be talking about this if you didn't think there was some chance it's true.

Phyllis: It's not true.

Jack: What has billy said about this?

Phyllis: I haven't spoken to him about it.

Jack: So you haven't asked him because you're not sure you want to hear his answer?

Phyllis: Okay. Now you're trying to rattle me.

Jack: What good would that possibly do me?

Phyllis: I confront billy, I look insecure and paranoid, and that's what she wants. And I'm not gonna fall for it.

Jack: Billy is a serial cheater. I'm not sure he's even capable of monogamy. When he's on unattached, he is attracted to women who are. But then, you know that. Whether it's the excitement of going after risk -- you know, the gambling thing -- I don't know. What I do know is, given his history with victoria, it is not preposterous to think that he might go to that well again.

Phyllis: It's different with us. We have always been honest with one another.

Jack: Maybe you've been straight with him. He hasn't been honest with you.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Wait. Stop. [ Sighs ]

Billy: Vicki... vick, are you okay?

Victoria: I'm so sorry. I'm not sure what came over me. I got carried away. That was wrong. You're with phyllis now.

[ Sighs ]

Billy: Hey. So, I got some good news for a change.

Victoria: Yeah. Lay it on me.

Billy: Lily accepted the job. Not only that, she's thrilled about it.

Victoria: Oh, thank god.

Billy: Right?

Victoria: Finally, a warm, competent body that we can delegate some of this never-ending work to.

Billy: She wants to hit the ground running, so I think it's a good idea for the three of us to get together and go over everything.

Victoria: Yes, of course. But before we dive into that, I have a confession to make. I saw phyllis at the club today, and... it wasn't pretty.

Billy: [ Stammers ] You didn't tell her anything about...?

Victoria: Jabot junior? No, of course. I would never let anyone upstairs know what we found out or how -- never. But phyllis was just acting so smug about the two of you. I told her that maybe things aren't as idyllic between the two of you as she thinks.

Billy: You what? Vick, why would you do that? Honestly? I mean, with everything going on right now, we need to stay focused, on top of that. We talked about keeping our personal and professional lives separate.

Victoria: I know. I know. I'm trying.

Billy: You understand that I'm committed to phyllis? You know that?

Victoria: Yeah, I know. So you keep saying.

Billy: And what is that supposed to mean?

Victoria: It means that you have shown a constant willingness to risk your relationship with her time and time again.

Ravi: I'm still in the early stages, so consider it a blank canvas. But this is your night. Whatever you want, we'll make happen.

Ashley: Okay. Well, what I want is to discuss the guest list.

Ravi: Okay. Who do you want to invite?

Ashley: You.

Ravi: I mean, I assumed, as a member of your team, that i would be invited, but, um, thanks for thinking of me.

Ashley: Mm-hmm. Not as, um, you know, an escort. Or a plus-one. My date. [ Giggles nervously ]

Ravi: Uh, your -- your... your whole family will be there.

Ashley: Yes, they will. Are you up for that?

Ravi: Yes. Of course. Are you?

Ashley: Absolutely.

Ravi: You sure?

Ashley: Yes.

Ravi: Okay.

Ashley: Are you? You're sure?

Ravi: Yeah.

Ashley: Okay.

Devon: I mean, that's what happened with mariah and me.

Abby: Friends first?

Devon: And colleagues. And eventually I -- I developed an appreciation for her and how she is -- her mind and her character and her heart, you know? It turned into something deeper.

Abby: Well, that does not sound like the mariah I know. But, hey, I don't have to date her.

[ Both chuckle ]

Devon: Well, my point is is that it doesn't always have to be this, you know, bolt of lightning that hits you from the sky when it comes to relationships. It can actually be a bad thing. I remember when I was with hilary, it was very intense. She was on my mind 24/7, you know? We had this love/hate thing going on, and I'd get caught up in the passion and everything, and ended up making decisions that I regret.

Abby: But what if I like passion?

Devon: Well, then keep doing what you're doing, you know? Be happy that you have a guy who's solid and dedicated and cares about you. You never know -- this zack guy might surprise you.

Scott: This is it.

Sharon: [ Sighs ] Smart thinking, saying that we're alice's sister and brother-in-law.

Scott: Alice is still in serious condition, so only family's allowed to visit.

Sharon: Well, we are connected through family, sort of. Through cassie.

Scott: Yeah, close enough. Well, I hope she's still awake. I, uh -- I want to ask her if she saw the driver who hit her, and if she got a look at the car. I guess paul's officers must not be here yet.

Scott: Yeah, uh, I guess we caught a break. You ready to do this?

Sharon: Yeah.

Scott: Okay. Come on.

Sharon: She's gone!

Noah: So, tessa filled me in on your adventure.

Mariah: You did?

Tessa: I may have left out a few details.

Mariah: [ Chuckles ]

Noah: Oh, that's okay. I'm sure there's an uncensored version of the story that I'm better off not knowing, so...

[ Tessa and mariah laugh ]

Mariah: Well, on that note, um, I'll leave you two alone.

Noah: Oh, hey. Uh... we have some good news. Um... I asked tessa to move in with me. She said yes.

Mariah: That's -- that's great news.

Billy: Let me just get something clear, okay? Nothing that I've done for brash & sassy has anything to do with phyllis or our relationship. I logged on to her computer to get into jabot's server to get information to save this company because we don't have a choice, victoria.

Victoria: I'm grateful that you were willing to take that risk to protect the company, and I know that the one time that you slipped with me, you regret it as much as I did.

Billy: Can you just... next time you see phyllis, just don't engage. Can you do that, please?

Victoria: Okay. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I won't let her get to me, I promise.

Billy: We can't tip our hand, vick. Not now. Not when we got the edge.

Phyllis: Well, it sounds like you're just trying to stir up trouble.

Jack: I wasn't gonna get into this. I'm not terribly objective where you and billy are concerned. But ravi can back me up.

Phyllis: What does ravi know about billy and victoria?

Jack: Our recent security breach...

Phyllis: Which you said was a false alarm.

Jack: I was protecting you. But I can't stomach it when you go on and on about what a wonderful man billy is, how loyal he is, when I know what he's done without any regard to how it affects you.

Phyllis: What are you talking about right now?

Jack: Billy's the one who got into our server. He used your computer to do it.

Next on "the young and the restless"...

Sharon: Alice has been in an accident.

Nick: How is she?

Sharon: She's gone.

Colin: Colin atkinson, soon-to-be grandfather of the child you're carrying.

Mariah: Wait. I don't want you to go.

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