Y&R Transcript Monday 10/2/17

Y&R Transcript Monday 10/2/17


Episode # 11269 ~ Sharon cuts a deal with Alice, Kevin delivers on a promise to Victor, and Cane and Lily break the news of their divorce.

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Chelsea: I missed you. Tell me everything. How's the new club? Do you like the new managers? Are you gonna give the entire bartending staff my recipe on how to make a blue cockroach?

Nick: You haven't even asked the most important question -- how much did I miss you?

Chelsea: Oh. That's a good point. How much did you miss me? Make it good.

Nick: Done and done.

Chelsea: [ Gasps ] For me?!

Nick: Yep.

Chelsea: You shouldn't have.

Nick: Eh...

Chelsea: Oh... yeah, no, you -- you shouldn't have.

Nick: So, not only are we opening up an underground in Ann arbor. I scooped up a new location in Akron, so...yes.

Chelsea: Babe, that's great.

Nick: Yep.

Chelsea: This? Mm...

Nick: Really? Come on, I saw this and it just screamed "Chelsea!" So I got it! Listen, I'll keep it. Oh, yeah, I'm gonna keep this classy vessel. And whatever else might be inside it.

Chelsea: What's inside it?

[ Gasps ]

Kevin: That's not spooky at all, taking the elevator up into this ghost town after hours.

Victor: Mm. So, what's the status?

Kevin: Look, victor, I'm sorry, this is very complicated. Nick has diversified heavily, which means...

Victor: Kevin, do me a favor. Spare me the excuses, okay? I want results sooner rather than later.

[ Knocks on door ] Come in!

Noah: Hey, grandpa.

Victor: Hey! Noah, my boy. Come in.

Mariah: Well, the hard part's over. We got Alice to bring crystal back to Genoa city. Your sister's on her way home.

Tessa: Those people are liars. Anything could happen. You can't trust a word that they say.

Mariah: That's true, but we have to be vigilant. And we have a secret weapon. Cassie's ghost.

[ Laughs ] Avenging all wrongs from the great beyond. She's gonna protect your sister, and she'll protect you, too.

Alice: I fell asleep?

Sharon: For most of the day, actually. Last night was stressful, being tied up. And then, of course, the visit from Cassie.

Alice: [ Exhales sharply ]

Sharon: Don't.

Alice: What, can't a girl stretch? I've got like a crick in my neck.

Sharon: It'll go away. But you're not going anywhere. Not until crystal is safe.

Alice: Who's gonna stop me?

Lily: Ki-- oh. Hi. Um, I'm sorry, I thought it was the twins.

Cane: I wasn't sure if I was meant to ring the doorbell or use my keys. I guess it wasn't, uh, specified in the divorce papers you sent me. Coney island has been around for a long, long time.

Victor: How was your trip?

Noah: It was good. We have all the elements in place for the expansion, and that liquor license you got us made all the difference. So we're back on schedule, and that enabled us to buy a third location.

Victor: Congratulations.

Noah: Thank you. Listen, I just wanted to come down here, see you in person, and, uh, tell you it means a lot to me to have your support.

Victor: And I appreciate that, Noah. Unfortunately, it will be the last time that I will be able to help you. Your father is not appreciative of my assistance, and I don't want to antagonize him.

Nick: When I saw it... I thought of you.

Chelsea: Eternity's a long time, you know.

Nick: It's barely enough if it's with you. And being away from you for a few days really hammered that home. Especially after our family dinner the night before Noah and I left.

Chelsea: It was very special.

Nick: Look, you let me and Christian and faith move into your home. You didn't have to do that. And it felt so awesome to have to tell people I couldn't wait to get home to my family. Because that includes you and Connor. This is the life I want, and you're the person I want to spend it with.

Zack: Alice, where are you? I've been leaving messages since last night. Call me now.

Abby: Hey there, stranger. Wow, that was warm and welcoming.

Zack: [ Scoffs ] I'm sorry. Sorry. It's work. You look gorgeous. How are you?

Abby: I'm bummed. I wish we could skip to the date portion of the evening, but we have to discuss work. I've been analyzing the app, and we have a big problem.

Tessa: When you go in, you go all in.

Mariah: [ Laughs ] Some people would say that's a bad thing. I'm not exactly great with restraint.

Tessa: When we were on the way to Alice's, I thought you might bail on me.

Mariah: Hey. I told you I would never do that.

Tessa: I mean, pretending that you were your sister's ghost... I have to admit, no one's ever done that for me before.

Mariah: [ Scoffs ] I unfortunately had practice. That's not me bragging about it. What I did to Sharon was horrible. But at the time, I didn't know that Sharon was my mom, I had no idea that Cassie was my sister. I hate myself even more when I think back on that time.

Tessa: But you did it anyway.

Mariah: Crystal deserved to be safe, and you deserve to be with her.

Tessa: When you say things like that... you really are like family to me.

Mariah: You're not like family to me, Tessa.

[ Laughs ] Sorry. I didn't... I didn't mean for it to come out like that. What I meant was that you are... so much more to me than that.

Tessa: I'll never be able to repay you. I wish I could, but there's no way.

Mariah: I don't need you to repay me.

Tessa: Just -- this is insane, okay? I can't just sit here and do nothing.

Mariah: Tessa. Tessa!

Sharon: If you're looking for a way out, there is none. One call to ranch security, and they will stop you. Before you know it, the police will be here asking you questions, and you'll have a lot of explaining to do.

Alice: Well, I won't be the only one. You think of that? I was taken against my will and dragged here like a sack of potatoes.

Sharon: And then I will tell them to check out your phone and trace the call that you made to bring crystal home. I'm sure you have a lot of other contacts in here that the police would be very interested in. All kinds of information will spill that you won't be able to talk your way out of. So running isn't really the best idea right now.

Alice: You think you know things, but you don't.

Sharon: We're not enemies. I know that because of the decision you made last night to do the right thing. For Cassie's sake. Crystal's plane should be landing by now. Call your friend. Set up a meeting for us with crystal, and then you're free to go. On speakerphone, please. I need to hear that crystal's okay.

Leon: Yeah?

Alice: Hey, you, uh, back in Genoa city, buddy?

Leon: We're here.

Alice: Then let me talk to crystal.

Crystal: Hello?

Alice: Hey, baby. It's Alice. You doing okay?

Crystal: Where are you taking me now?

Alice: Someplace safe. I promise to always do right by you. Don't you sweat it. Can you put Leon back on?

[ Whispering ] Are you kidding me?

[ Scoffs ] Perfect. match dates. Then we can't deliver on our promise if the sexes aren't signing up at the same level. Zack.

Zack: Guys will jump at any new dating app. Women, they need some time to come on board.

Abby: I want them to come on board right now. We need a stronger female presence. Hopefully the ad-buy from brash & sassy will help with that. Did you go over those figures I sent you?

Zack: Sorry, what?

Abby: Okay, normally, you are much more on top things than this. If you want designdate to be profitable, if you want to impress my dad, solving problems like this is how you make that happen.

Zack: We're still making money, okay? Give it a rest.

Abby: Whoa. Where did that come from? What's going on with you?

Alice: You still don't trust me, do you?

Sharon: Do you trust me? You know, it happened to me, too. I thought I was seeing Cassie's ghost.

Alice: It was like a dream. Her pretty face, all grown up.

Sharon: I felt the same way, and it's heartbreaking, isn't it?

Alice: [ Sighs ]

Sharon: Feeling her so close, having her tell you things that you're not ready to hear. I know it wasn't fair to do that to you. But it's hard to be fair when a young woman's life is at stake. And I'd like to think that Cassie wouldn't be angry at Mariah or me.

Alice: But you think she'd be upset with me.

Sharon: You're on the side of the angels because you decided to bring crystal back to the sister who loves her. I know you're nervous... but maybe it'll help to feel that Cassie is by your side tonight. Maybe it'll even inspire you to turn your life around.

Alice: Or you'll sic the cops on me?

Sharon: The cops don't need to be here. Not if everything goes as planned.

Alice: [ Sighs ]

Sharon: Once the girls are reunited, what you decide, that's up to you.

Alice: I care about my girls. No matter what you think.

Sharon: Get out of this business, Alice. This is the perfect chance.

Cane: Hang on a second. You're telling me the scores were that close, and walnut grove couldn't pull off the win?

Charlie: [ Chuckling ] No. After the fifth turnover, things just went downhill.

Cane: See, that's the coach's fault for not putting you on the team, huh?

Charlie: Whatever. I'm over football.

Cane: Hey, you know what we should do? We'll go to debate meets. We'll have a little cheerleading squad. Huh? What do you think, Mattie?

Mattie: Sure. Is that why you came here? To talk about extracurriculars?

Lily: We have to do this.

Cane: Yeah.

Lily: Your dad and I... we're getting a divorce.

When you have a cold

Lily: We know this is a big deal, okay? It's hard and scary for all of us, so we can talk about this as much as you would like.

Cane: You can, um... you can talk to us about anything or you can ask us anything.

Charlie: Why now?

Lily: I just -- I didn't think that it was healthy to be in this holding pattern, you know? If there's no resolution, then we can't move forward, we can't grieve and heal.

Cane: Now that we've figured this out, we can, um, decide how we, you know, move forward to the next place.

Mattie: What about where we'll live or visitations and all that? Logistics.

Cane: Uh, this will always be your home, sweetheart. You'll live here with you mom.

Lily: And you guys can see your dad whenever you want. Okay? We'll figure out the other details later.

Charlie: So you don't hate each other's guts?

Lily: No.

Cane: No. No, we don't. We care about each other a lot still.

Lily: We might not be together, but we're still civil.

Cane: Yeah.

Lily: Look, we are partners in raising you both, and I know that you know how hurt I was by everything, but I don't want that to affect your relationship with your father. There are no sides here.

Mattie: But the divorce was your idea.

Cane: No, sweetheart. No, your mum and I, um... we got to this point together.

Mattie: Or maybe there's another reason for the divorce she doesn't want to admit.

Charlie: Like what?

Mattie: Like Jordan.

Kevin: That was fascinating gamesmanship back there. Offering Noah a lease, knowing that nick would freak. Impressive. Guess that's why you're victor Newman, and I'M... well, me.

[ Keyboard clicking ]

Victor: I offered my grandson nothing. I just mentioned a property, that's all.

Kevin: Uh, okay. Look, just throwing this out there -- as soon as nick's accounts go bust, so do Noah's big dreams.

Victor: Again, you're wrong. Noah has his own money, his own trust fund. He doesn't need any help from anyone. It's occurring to me that you're talking too much. You're not getting this done, are you? I want results. You know, Nicholas is spending my money as you talk, as you're trying to stop it. Get to it now. Tonight.

Kevin: All right. [ Scoffs ]

Noah: No answer on mom's landline or on Tessa's cell phone.

Nick: You know what, she and Mariah are probably just somewhere together, hanging out with their phones off.

Noah: Yeah, you're probably right. She wasn't expecting me back yet. Hey, dad, I should let you know that I stopped by Newman tower.

Nick: Okay.

Noah: Just wanted to, uh, give him the good news in person, all our progress, and the leg up he gave us with the liquor license created a lot of momentum.

Nick: Yeah. Yeah, it was, uh...a big piece to the puzzle.

Noah: Yeah. So, grandpa could help with another piece.

Nick: Noah...

Chelsea: What do you mean?

Noah: Newman enterprises is about to have a vacant restaurant space in St. Louis.

Nick: [ Sighs ] Of course they are.

Noah: Just let me finish.

Nick: No. Dude, your grandpa keeps saying he wasn't gonna get involved in our business. This is just him trying to maneuver his way back in.

Noah: That's not what this is.

Nick: Yes, it is, and the answer's no. This is not gonna happen. All right? Will you please tell him that this is just classic victor maneuvering?

Chelsea: I think you should hear Noah out.

[ Footsteps approaching ]

Alice: There she is. Let me take a look at you, sweetie. Bet you're glad to be back.

Crystal: Uh-huh.

Leon: What are you playing at, Alice? You give me an address, and you don't tell me it's a graveyard.

Alice: Relax, scaredy cat. It was cleared by the boss. We needed a private spot. You're gonna get more instructions later, okay? But for now, crystal comes home with me. Come on, hon. Let's motor. There you go. Good girl.

[ Twigs cracking ] Leon! Don't!

Sharon: Get your hands off of me!

Leon: What's the hell's going on here?

Lily: Mattie, you and your brother have my word. This divorce has nothing to do with Jordan.

Charlie: This is about Juliet and her baby. Why would you even bring up someone else?

Lily: Okay, you guys, let's just leave the regrets and recriminations behind us.

Cane: Your mother and I just think that this is the best way that we can just move forward.

Charlie: So it's for us? Because first it was "let's stay together for the kids," and now it's "let's get divorced" instead? Whatever. At least you can move in with Juliet now if you want.

Cane: Hey. That's not gonna happen, okay? I'm just doing the right thing by this baby, but I will not have a relationship with this woman.

Charlie: Oh, so you're just her baby daddy, like, no big deal?

Lily: Charlie, we want you to be honest, but please think about what you're saying and be kind.

Cane: I know how you feel. I understand you're mad at me, okay? But I'm not gonna go anywhere. It is not gonna happen. Not now, not ever. Do you under that?

Lily: Your dad loves you guys. And he wants what's best for you, but we need each other right now. Let's not make this any harder than it already is.

Mattie: How can I get any harder?

Lily: I don't know.

Mattie: Everything's upside down.

Charlie: Not us. It's you and me.

Lily: I'm really grateful that you guys have each other, but you have us, too, okay?

Cane: You know, we had a lot of great times, huh? We had a lot of good moments.

Charlie: Yeah, but we won't be making any more new ones together.

Cane: Oh, come on, man.

Nick: Okay. You two have me outnumbered. It's okay. Let's hear it. Tell me about this new lease.

Noah: All right, just to be clear, it's not like grandpa said "here is the lease, sign the paper, this place is yours," all right? He knew that would drive you crazy, and he didn't want to stir anything up.

Nick: But he did mention it, which means he was okay with causing a little bit of trouble. Look, I'm telling you, if we open this door, my dad could have a dozen schemes up his sleeve. It's just... it's not worth the risk.

Noah: This is risk-free!

Nick: I disagree. Let my dad give this lease to someone else.

Noah: So that's it then? No discussion? Come on, Chelsea. Help me out here.

Chelsea: I understand you want this new place in record time, but nick's right. There are other buildings with other landlords. I mean, why just hand your money over to victor?

Zack: I am a complete jerk for snapping like that. It's not you, believe me. There are a couple glitches in the app that I wanted to handle without dragging you into it. My stress level is through the roof, but that's no excuse.

Abby: Hope that's all it is.

Zack: What else would it be?

Abby: I just would hate to think it had anything to do with last night. When you didn't get what you wanted.

Zack: I don't know what you're talking about.

Abby: When I made it clear that I wouldn't go to bed with you.

Zack: [ Scoffs ] Abby, no. Me being a jerk is all about work and nothing else. I promise. I would never hold last night against you. I'm not that guy.

Abby: Then what guy are you? Look, you know what, um, you have a lot on your mind. Why don't we just call it a night, and we will regroup at the office tomorrow?

Zack: Abby, wait.

Leon: What is this? You three cook up some plan?

Crystal: I don't know anything about this.

Alice: Look, you did your job, Leon. You delivered the girl. Go get a drink or three and kick back.

Leon: Who's this one?

Alice: Don't worry about it. The boss knows everything.

Leon: You. She was with crystal after one of her tricks. You behind all this?

Crystal: No. Please.

Sharon: This is above your pay grade. Just walk away now.

Alice: I'd listen to her.

Leon: One more word out of you that isn't what I want to hear...

Sharon: [ Gasps ]

[ Grunting ]

Crystal: Tessa!

Tessa: Crystal!

Crystal: What is happening?

Tessa: I don't know!

Mariah: What are you waiting for? Point the thing at him!

Alice: Not so fast!

Mattie: Can we go now?

Charlie: Family meeting's over, right? Nothing left to say.

Lily: This won't be the last family meeting, okay? We're gonna keep talking and find our way through this.

Cane: And, uh, hey, you can always call me. You know, I'm here, day or night. If you want to talk, you want to vent, just say hey... the same goes for you, Mattie. Come here. Come here, baby. I love you.

Mattie: Love you, too, dad.

Cane: Come here. Come here, come here, come here. You mean more to me than anything in the whole world, you know that? Okay.

Lily: [ Sighs ] That was harder than I imagined. They'll always remember this day as when everything changed.

Cane: I know I let you down, but you didn't say that to them, did you?

Lily: It's not just you. It took both of us to get to this point. And they need you. You're a wonderful, wonderful father.

Cane: I'll always love you.

[ Sighs deeply ] The keys.

Mattie: It's okay, mom. We'll be okay.

Kevin: Look, the way these password hacks work, it's trial and error.

Victor: You said you could get this done.

Kevin: When we first spoke, you said you wanted it done right, not fast. This is getting it done right.

Victor: What you don't understand is Nicholas is using liquid capital right now. So stop him from doing that.

Kevin: I -- I can't do anything until I get in!

Victor: Stop talking! Just get in!

Kevin: That's not the way -- wait a second. Look at that! I guess I'm better at this than I thought.

Nick: And there she is, Chelsea telling it like she sees it. Thanks for being so honest, even when we disagree.

Chelsea: Well, I'm not sure Noah is gonna be as grateful.

Noah: So that's it for St. Louis, then.

Nick: No! Noah, it's -- it's one property that's off the table -- one! -- And we didn't even know about it till tonight. We're gonna be fine.

Noah: It's gonna take more capital.

Nick: Which we have. I'll just, uh, you know, transfer some money from my personal account.

Noah: You don't have to do that.

Nick: Yeah, I do. Just keeping up my end of the deal.

Chelsea: What's wrong?

Nick: There's got to be a huge mistake.

Noah: What does that mean?

Nick: My bank account says I have zero funds. Where's all my money?

Sharon: Alice, what are you thinking?

Mariah: Please, think of Cassie.

Leon: You're in this together?

Sharon: This is your chance!

Leon: You're making a big mistake.

Alice: Shut up! Beat it. Now!

Sharon: What?! No!

Mariah: You can't let him get away!

Alice: I did what I said I would do! What Cassie would want. You have your sister back.

Zack: Please don't go. Look, it's embarrassing to admit, but this is my first big success. For you, it's another day at the office. This is everything I've ever worked for. The pressure, it's something I need to learn how to handle, and I will.

Abby: Zack, it's a marathon, not a sprint, and there will be hiccups, but you can handle it. Just relax and enjoy your success.

[ Cell phone rings ]

Zack: This might be the solution to those glitches. Excuse me.

Zack: Have you heard from Alice?

Leon: Oh, yeah.

You have a problem.

A big problem.

Crystal: How did you do this?

Tessa: Hey. I made a promise to you. I would never break a promise.

Next on "the young and the restless"...

Nick: You can stop trying to find who hacked my account. I figured out who it was.

Paul: I'm here to help, and you can trust me, okay? Which makes what I'm about to say even more difficult.

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