Y&R Transcript Friday 9/29/17

Y&R Transcript Friday 9/29/17


Episode # 11268 ~ Lily asks Cane for a divorce; Kevin is interrogated; Sharon gives Alice an ultimatum.

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Alice: No... here it is. Drink up.

[ Alice coughing, gasping ]

Mariah: Hey. Here it is. Drink up.

Alice: No... no.

Mariah: What? It's not poisoned.

Alice: [ Sobbing ] No! Cassie...

Mariah: Holy crap. She thinks I'm my sister.

Tessa: Alice, wake -- wake up. Wake up.

Mariah: [ Snapping ] Oh, my god. Oh, my god! She is totally out of it!

Tessa: What are we gonna do?

Mariah: Uh... did she say anything? Anything? No? While -- while I was getting water, did she admit anything?

Tessa: No. No, okay? And she's not real talkative passed out, either!

Mariah: Okay... you know what, we... we can't do this alone. We need backup.

Tessa: Wait, no! Wait! Mariah, wait! Where are you going? Okay? What am I supposed to do with her?!

Mariah: Just don't let her get away. Even dead, cassie may be our last hope.

Scott: [ Chuckles ] Okay...

[ Sharon giggles ]

Mariah: Whoops!

Scott: Oh...

Sharon: Uh... no, no, that's okay, honey. It's fine. We just -- we got a little carried away.

Mariah: Um, please don't killed me, but I need to speak with you alone. It's urgent. And, no, it cannot wait.

Sharon: Is everything okay?

Scott: I'll, uh... I'll call you later, okay?

Sharon: Okay. Well... we'll pick this up tomorrow.

Scott: Count on it. Bye.

Mariah: Sorry.

Sharon: Um... okay, we're alone. What?

Mariah: Alice and cassie. Their relationship, what was it like?

[ Stammers ] How much did alice care about her? I need to know everything.

Sharon: That's what you needed to talk to me about? Wh-what's going on? Why are you asking me about alice?

Mariah: Because she's kind of tied up in the stables right now. Like literally tied up.

Hilary: [ Rings doorbell ]

Lily: What the hell are you doing here?

Hilary: I know I'm probably the last person that you want to see, but... I had to come.

Lily: Why?

Hilary: I just left your husband, and I have never seen him so devastated.

Jordan: You might want to use gloves. That's a good way to injure your hand. I had to learn that the hard way.

Cane: You're pretty smug, aren't you?

Jordan: Excuse me?

Cane: Counting the days till you can move in on my wife.

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Hilary: Cane is a complete wreck. Any glimmer of hope that he had is gone.

[ Sighs ] I thought that you guys were going to marriage counseling to deal with your issues. To start to heal.

Lily: Marriage counseling is not gonna fix our problems.

Hilary: Are you saying you don't want to fix your marriage?

Lily: Okay, I'm -- I'm not talking to you about this, so please just leave.

Hilary: It's about that baby, isn't it?

Lily: [ Sighs ] There is so much more to it than that, not that I owe you any explanations.

Hilary: Lily, I understand where you're coming from, okay? It's a lot to accept. And juliet has this misguided notion that cane is gonna be there for her when this child is born.

Lily: Yeah, I expect him to live up to his responsibilities.

Hilary: And he can do that with a monthly check.

Lily: Okay, this is so far beyond none of your business.

Hilary: Cane has no affection for that woman, lily. He loves you. And only you. But if you don't give him some hope, he is going to fall into a well of despair. He's already utterly devastated as it is. Is that what you want? He's the love of your life. You guys have been through so much together. Just...reconsider counseling. Doesn't this marriage deserve one last shot?

Jordan: I'm not after lily. We've already discussed this. She's in a rough state right now.

Cane: What, because of me? Is that what you want to say?

Jordan: You want to put words in my mouth, go ahead. I'm just telling you how it is. Lily and I, we work together. We're friends.

Cane: Okay. And the moment you thought you could have a shot at her, you went and dropped hilary like a hot rock, right?

Jordan: That's not why hilary and I ended things.

Cane: All right, listen. You've had your eye on lily since the day you came to town, and I was a fool for recommending you to victoria.

Jordan: You done?

Cane: Am I done? I don't know. You know what, though? You are dreaming if you think that my wife's gonna be available soon, right.

Jordan: Well, maybe you should focus on your own problems instead of creating new ones.

Cane: Oh, I am doing that. See, we're going to marriage counseling together. 'Cause we're committed to making this thing work.

Jordan: Great.

Cane: Great.

Jordan: I wish you all the luck.

Cane: Yeah, no, you don'T. See, you want us to fail. 'Cause then you think you're gonna, like, swoop in and pick up the pieces. But you can forget about it, 'cause our marriage is far from over. So I'm tell you -- back off.

Scott: What happened to your date?

Abby: What happened to yours? I thought you and sharon were having this epic romance, no app needed, yet here you are burning the midnight oil.

Scott: Sharon had a family thing come up with mariah.

Abby: Ouch. Sorry you were excluded. Not a great sign.

Sharon: Mariah, my god! What -- what have you done? This is a serious crime! You know, you could go to jail!

Mariah: Look, we know it was wrong. We acted in the moment. We only had one chance to grab alice, and we did. We have to save crystal, and alice is our only solid lead.

Sharon: Okay, what -- what have you found so far?

Mariah: Well, not a whole lot. She wouldn't talk, at least while she was still conscious.

Sharon: She's unconscious?! What did you two do to her?!

Mariah: Sharon, calm down.

Sharon: It's a little hard to remain calm, considering.

Mariah: All I did was show her my face. I-I mean, I had no clue that -- look, she thought that she was staring into the eyes of a dead girl grown up. And then she just fainted on the spot.

Sharon: That's so weird. Alice never even saw cassie as a teenager.

Mariah: Well, I guess some people, you never forget.

Alice: Don't you remember? I gave you that doll. We were in this toy store, and you saw all these beautiful toys you wanted. And then you saw cindi. So I bought her for you. Right then. And I didn't have a lot of money, but I knew you had to have that doll. And it means so much to me seeing that you still have her.

Cassie: She was the only doll I had before I came to live with nick and sharon.

Alice: You don't remember a whole lot about our time together, do you?

Cassie: I told you, I just remember that you yelled a lot.

Alice: Well, you know what? I've changed, cassie. It won't be like that anymore.

Cassie: And sometimes I had to be quiet 'cause you were sleeping in the daytime.

Alice: Things are gonna be so much better this time, cassie.

Cassie: Look, I know you want me to like you, but I don't even know you. I just want to call my mommy.

Alice: Cassie...

Sharon: Then I-I was right. Alice is a part of that sex-trafficking ring.

Mariah: It seems like she spends a lot of time at that house where she keeps the girls.

Sharon: We need to call paul.

Mariah: No, no, no! Sharon, sharon, sharon! We can't call paul. If alice feels threatened, she could have crystal killed.

Sharon: Okay. Okay, um... we have to handle this very carefully. How can I help?

Mariah: Tell me about cassie. I know that alice treated her like dirt. Is that true, or is there more to the story?

Sharon: Why are you asking me that? What are you planning to do?

Mariah: Bring cassie's ghost back.

Devon: Yo, what's going on, man? I didn't know you were back in town.

Kevin: Hey, devon. Good to see you, man.

Devon: Good to see you, too. What brings you back here? Is it business or personal?

Kevin: Uh, personal, mostly. Bella needed some grandma time, grandma needed some bella time, so I thought I'd bring my daughter back for a few days.

Devon: That's cool. I'm sure esther's happy about that.

Kevin: Yeah.

Devon: I know family's a big thing for her.

Kevin: Right.

Devon: So what are you working on?

Kevin: Uh, you know. This, that. Computer stuff.

Devon: Yeah? Consulting?

Kevin: Yeah. Consulting.

Devon: Nice. I, uh, hear portland is an interesting city. I've never been, but how do you like living there?

Kevin: I'm really enjoying it so far. It's this, uh, really nice blend of arty and tech. And the scenery, I mean... beaches, mountains, forests. Take your pick.

Devon: Wow. How's, uh -- how's bella adjusting to everything?

Kevin: Really well. Found a great preschool for her, and, um, there's a lot of moms in the neighborhood that like to have play groups, so she's met a lot of kids her age.

Devon: That's really cool, dude. Sounds like you made the right choice leaving your past behind, starting a new life with your daughter. I'm very happy for you, man. Have you met anyone?

Kevin: Huh? No. Um... really just... focused on bella, making that work.

Devon: Yeah, for sure. I'm sure you're still mourning a bit. And I just want you to know, I hope you one day find someone who is as special to you as chloe was to share your life with. Hope you don't miss out on any opportunities, 'cause you never know what life might throw your way. I didn't think that mariah would come crashing into my life the way she did, and there she was, you know?

Kevin: That's mariah. One crash landing after the next.

Devon: Yeah. We, uh -- we have a great relationship, though. We're doing really well. We have a lot of fun together. She's an amazing girl. You're her best friend, so i don't have to tell you that.

Kevin: Yeah. Sweet. Well, I'm -- I'm glad everything worked out so well for you.

Devon: Thank you. I know you guys are close. She talks about you all the time. Just got to say, it's really nice to be with someone who is loyal, who you know is not playing games, and you don't have to wonder where they're coming from all the time.

Kevin: That sounds ideal.

Devon: Yeah. Is something wrong with you?

Kevin: No. Why do you ask?

Devon: I don't know. 'Cause ever since I brought up mariah, you seem a little uneasy.

Kevin: No, I don'T. Uh... but, you know what, I do, uh, need to get going. Help esther put bella to bed. So...

Devon: Hold on a sec, kevin. Why do I get the feeling that you don't think mariah and I are okay?

Alice: Where am I? Was that cassie?

Tessa: Look, I want to talk about crystal, okay? She's the only girl you should worry about right now. She's been dragged into this sick, twisted --

Alice: I don't know any crystal. You've got the wrong person.

Tessa: Do you want me to call the cops? Have them raid that fancy house of yours? The one where you keep the stable of girls locked up until men are ready to pay for them?

Alice: No, I'm telling you, you're mixing me up with somebody else. I work in medical sales.

Tessa: Stop lying!

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Alice: Who's that from? No! Who's behind this?!

Tessa: I suggest that you take this time alone to remember where my sister is. Don't bother screaming. Nobody will hear you.

Sharon: My god. You're serious? You want to pretend to be cassie again?

Mariah: Blame alice. She's the one who gave me the idea.

Sharon: I mean, it just seems like a very bad one.

Mariah: Well, if you have a better one, now's the time.

[ Door opens ] Hey, what's going on with alice?

Tessa: She woke up.

Mariah: And?

Tessa: She's sticking with her story about medical sales.

Mariah: Crap.

Tessa: What are we gonna do? I've never ben in a situation like this before.

Mariah: Okay, stay cool. I have a plan. But, sharon, I'm gonna need your help, so you have to decide now. Are you in or are you out?

Lily: You are the last person on earth I would ever take marital advice from.

Hilary: Lily --

Lily: Okay, I already asked you to leave. What's it gonna take for you to get out of here? Please.

Michael: Oh. Hello, ladies. Uh, am I interrupting?

Lily: No, not at all. Come on in. Hilary was just leaving.

Michael: All right.

Hilary: Okay, just please think about what I said. Don't give up too soo--

Lily: I'm really sorry about that. Can I get you something to drink?

Michael: Uh, only if you're having something.

Lily: Um, I was thinking about having a tall glass of water to wash down an aspirin, because that woman gives me a headache.

Michael: Water's fine. Um... but I don't like seeing you under so much stress. What's happened? Besides hilary?

Lily: [ Scoffs ] Um... I made a decision. I want to file for a divorce.

Lily: Here.

Michael: Thank you. I'm sorry it's come to this, lily.

Lily: [ Sighs ] Yeah, me too. But it's the only way to move forward.

Michael: I'm sure you've given this a great deal of thought, but I'm going to advise you to continue with that process.

Lily: Michael...

Michael: I'm not just telling you this as an attorney. I'm telling you this as someone who has had... big challenges in his own marriage. Emotions get heated. Things get said in anger.

Lily: I know. I appreciate your concern. But cane and I have gotten divorced before. Why I remarried him knowing how deceitful he can be, I'll never know.

Michael: You do seem calm.

Lily: Yeah. I think going to that marriage-counseling session, it's like all my thoughts and feelings that I've been having for weeks sort of... crystallized. You know, it just gets harder every day to think about the fact that there is this woman across town who is carrying my husband's child. Carrying a painful reminder of the terrible things that he's done.

Hilary: Cane! Can we talk? One drink. It's important. Okay. I will get right to the point, okay? You cannot give up. There's no doubt in my mind that lily, she still loves you. She just can't get over juliet's baby.

Cane: Well, that's just the tip of the iceberg, isn't it, because I lied to her, I cheated on her, and I tried to sabotage billy.

Hilary: Well, you've forgiven each other before, right? None of those things would be insurmountable if juliet wasn't carrying your child...

Cane: Exactly.

Lily: ...A soon-to-be living, breathing reminder of all of your mistakes.

Cane: Exactly. And there's nothing I can do about that, is there, 'cause i can't just make the baby disappear, can I?

Hilary: Yeah, you're right. You can'T. But you can make juliet disappear.

Kevin: Hey, devon, it really was great running into you.

Devon: Hey. Yo. Yo, sit down, man. [ Chuckles ] You didn't answer my question.

Kevin: Uh, uh... okay. If you say you are mariah are fine, then you're fine. Obviously I don't know what I'm talking about. It would not be the first time.

Devon: Well, kev, I admit that I don't know you that well, but I like to think I can read people. And when I brought mariah up, you seemed like you were just --

Kevin: What? Okay, you know what, I'm protective of her. What can I say? It's a force of habit.

Devon: [ Scoffs ] Okay. Well, I mean, I understand that. But, uh, to ease your mind, you know, you don't have to be. I-I respect the hell out of that girl, you know? When we communicate, it's straightforward. It's honest. We really get each other. I think this is probably one of the most stable relationships I've ever been in. And, you know, when it comes to chemistry, not to over share, but I think we're pretty great in that department, too.

Kevin: But I remember you feeling that way about hilary not too long ago.

Devon: Well, sure. I mean, that's why I married her.

Kevin: Yes, and a woman like that, I imagine, would be a tough act to follow.

Devon: [ Stammers ] Can't really compare the two. I mean, they're very different.

Kevin: Right.

Devon: I think I-I get where you're trying to go with this. I know that hilary is very different. She's a very unique woman. And mariah's real and down-to-earth, you know...

Kevin: No fireworks, huh?

Devon: Well, I didn't say that.

Kevin: Different. Right. I got that.

Devon: Heh... kev, I don't know where this is coming from, uh, 'cause our relationship is very solid. I'm not pining over hilary, or any other girl for that matter, and I think we're gonna be together for a long time.

Kevin: Still...

Devon: Still what?

Kevin: If I've learned anything in the past year, it's that you never know what the future holds.

Devon: I don't know what -- are you trying to tell me something?

Kevin: Like what?

Devon: I don't know. Is it that maybe you want another shot with mariah?

[ Alice struggling ]

Alice: Oh! Who's there?! What are you gonna do to me?! Huh?!

Mariah: Hi, alice. It's me, cassie. I've missed you.

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Alice: [ Huffs ] Th-this isn't happening. I'm hallucinating.

Mariah: It's me, alice. It's really me.

Alice: There was that terrible car accident... I mean, you died a long time ago.

Mariah: I'm right here. And I want to help you.

Alice: You want to help me? Untie me. Get me out of here!

Mariah: I'm afraid I can't do that.

Alice: Why not?

Mariah: Because it's not what millie would want.

Alice: You shut your mouth! I mean it! My mother is gone!

Mariah: Millie's not gone. She's watching you. Just like I am. She always wanted you to tell the truth. To be a good person. She still wants that for you.

Alice: I am a good person!

Mariah: I'm afraid you're not, alice. What you're doing to those girls is horrible. You're exploiting them. It's wrong.

Alice: No, no! You're the one who's wrong! No, I-I'm looking out for those girls! I'm protecting them! I'm being a mother to them! Which is what I should've been to you.

Mariah: You know what a real mother is supposed to do. A mother should want what's best for their daughter. That's what millie wanted for you. You still think of me sometimes, right?

Alice: All the time.

[ Sniffles ] My poor little cassidy.

Mariah: You imagined me. What I'd be like right now. The kind of woman that I'd grow up to be. Right now, I would be the same age as those girls. Those poor girls whose bodies you're selling.

Alice: No.

Mariah: What if I was one of them?

Alice: No. No. No.

Mariah: Imagine me, sweet, innocent cassie, going off to one of those seedy hotels...

Alice: No, no, no!

Mariah: ...With one of those creeps --

Alice: Just stop it! Please! I would never want that for you.

Mariah: Then you have no other choice. You have to do the right thing.

Scott: Still here, I see.

Abby: You too. Look, I-I hope you didn't take what I said earlier the wrong way.

Scott: I think I took it the way that you intended.

Abby: I didn't mean to offend you.

Scott: Look, it takes a lot more than that, believe me. But mariah wanted to have a conversation with sharon in private, so I took off so they could do that. Is there any other private details of my life that you are dying to know about?

Abby: [ Chuckles ] Dating someone with kids, it isn't always easy.

Scott: Did you pick up on that fascinating insight from your extensive dating-app research?

Abby: No, actually, I picked it up firsthand from a troubled young boy who was my stepson.

Scott: I remember, actually, in our interview for victor's book, that you had been married, but I didn't realize there was a kid involved.

Abby: Yeah, well, it wasn't one of my happiest memories. It actually ended our marriage.

Scott: Wow. Sorry to hear that. Luckily I don't have any problems with mariah, or noah for that matter, and I don't even know faith yet.

Abby: Well, good. It's better to keep your problems just between you and sharon.

Scott: What makes you think, uh, sharon and I have problems?

Abby: Please. You two are so different. I mean, sharon is all about her kids and keeping the home fires burning, while you are chomping at the bit to save the world with the magic of journalism.

Scott: Have you been comparing notes with my mother?

Abby: [ Laughs ] About your love life? Uh, no.

Scott: Well, she said almost the exact same thing.

Abby: Well, I must be right then.

Scott: Or you must not know much about the ultimate principle of romance. Opposites attract.

Lily: I love cane. And I'm sure a part of me always will.

Michael: It's not like it's something you can turn on and off like a switch.

Lily: No. And I'm grateful for our children, and the times that we've shared, but I'm afraid that if I stay [Sighs] Our love will turn into something ugly.

Michael: Understood.

Lily: So, I want this divorce to be as amicable as possible for mattie and charlie. I don't want my bitter feelings towards him affecting their relationship.

Michael: That's noble of you. So, um... does cane have a job yet?

Lily: Uh, no. He's out there trying.

Michael: He's a talented executive. I'm sure something will turn up for him soon.

Lily: I don't want anything from him, if that's what you're asking.

Michael: No. Assuming that the minor children continue to reside with you, the state is gonna mandate that cane pay child support until they're 18 or graduate from high school, whichever happens later. So in that sense, cane's employment status is material.

Lily: Okay.

Michael: Does cane have a lawyer? Does he even know this is happening?

Lily: Um... I-I haven'T... even said the word divorce out loud, so I'm not looking forward to breaking it to him.

Michael: Would you like me to do it?

Lily: [ Sighing ] Yeah. Yeah, I think it might be cleaner that way. Given that everything's been such a mess.

Cane: Okay. But after everything juliet gave up to move here, why would she just throw that away and go back to japan?

Hilary: Because things have changed. What does she have here now? She has no job. No family. No real friends. And she was happy. Tokyo was home for a long time.

Cane: True.

Hilary: Yeah. And she was all set to head back when she got her settlement from victoria.

Cane: Mm. And then she found out she was pregnant, and all bets were off.

Hilary: So bring it up with her again. If juliet was on the other side of the world, lily could let go of her animosity. There wouldn't be this constant reminder of your infidelity walking around pushing a stroller. You know what they say -- out of sight, out of mind. Will you at least try? You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Juliet: Hi. Mind if we join you?

Hilary: You know, we were just talking about you. I was just saying how bored you must be all held up in your suite.

Juliet: I have plenty on my mind to keep me busy.

Cane: How are you? Is the baby okay?

Juliet: We're hanging in there.

Cane: Mm.

Hilary: Cane had mentioned all of your success in tokyo. You were a real rising star in international business. He said that it's what put you on his radar in the first place.

Juliet: That's awfully kind. I wouldn't say I was a star. When I got the call from brash & sassy, I was still trying to find my niche.

Cane: Come on, don't sell yourself short. You did good work.

Hilary: You know, I've always been fascinated by the far east. You must really miss it.

Juliet: At times. But my life is here now.

Michael: Excuse me, ladies. Uh, cane. May I have a word, please?

Cane: Excuse me.

Juliet: Yeah, no problem.

Hilary: You should really consider moving back to tokyo.

Juliet: Why should I?

Hilary: Do I have to point out the obvious yet again? Cane doesn't want you. And if you insist on staying, he's gonna resent you as the impediment that kept him from reconciling with lily.

Lily: Hey.

Jordan: Hey.

Lily: How was the shoot?

Jordan: Everything went fine. It is nice to have a side gig every once in a while, you know?

Lily: You have no idea how glad I am that you're back.

Jordan: Well, you seemed a little stressed. Everything okay?

Lily: Uh...no. Not really.

Jordan: All right, well, talk to me. What's going on?

Lily: Well, while you were gone, I made a really big decision.

Jordan: What'd you do?

Lily: I decided to end my marriage. Please tell me that I didn't make a mistake, and that I did the right thing.

Devon: I know you've been down that road before, so --

Kevin: Whew! No, no. Never again. We -- we went there once, and it was D.O.A. I mean, crash, burned, disintegrated.

[ Mimics explosion ] So, there's nothing to worry about there, no sir. I'm very happy to be mariah's best friend.

Devon: I hear the words coming out of your mouth, but --

Kevin: No, no. Believe the words. Believe them. We were an epic fail. And trust me when I tell you, mariah doesn't have any feelings for me.

Mariah: Help this poor young woman find her sister. Get her out of this terrible life.

Alice: This can't be real. Why is this happening? Why are you coming to me now?

Mariah: I want to help you, alice. Someone has to stop you from going too far. Deep down, I know that you want to help crystal. So if you tell me where she is, you can go home. Be at peace with yourself knowing that you did the right thing. Millie will be proud of you, and so will I.

Alice: [ Sighs ] It's a dream. That's all. No, I'll wake up soon enough. Sharon! [ Sobs ] Sharon, thank god you're here! Something crazy is going on. You have to help me. Tell me I am not losing it. Do you see what I see?

Sharon: I see cassie came back. She must be here for a very important reason. That's something that we, as her two mothers, can't ignore.

Abby: Opposites attract only in the short term, which is probably all a guy like you can handle. And, yes, I did learn that in my research for online dating. For a couple to stay together, they have to have similar interests.

Scott: We're actually on the same page about many things. Sharon's been through a lot, and she's learned from it.

Abby: Great. That means she won't fall apart when the inevitable happens and the two of you don't work out.

Alice: I don't understand. Why would you care about me? I wasn't good to you. Not the way I should've been.

Sharon: Cassie always had the biggest heart, ever. She wouldn't be here if she didn't forgive you, alice. So if she's reaching out to you, how can you reject her again?

Mariah: Please. Treat these girls better than you treated me. Please.

Alice: [ Inhales deeply, sighs ] Okay.

Sharon: Where is crystal?

Alice: [ Sighs ] She's with a guy named leon. In new york city.

Sharon: You go call him. And you're gonna bring crystal home.

Jordan: Here. Come over here. Sit down with me.

Lily: I'm sorry. [ Sighs ] You must think that I'm losing it. And maybe I am.

Jordan: Not at all. Lily, listen to me. I understand that you need reassurance that getting this divorce is the right thing to do. But I can't tell you what's right or what's wrong when it comes to your marriage. It's got to be your call.

Lily: I know. This just changes everything, you know? Especially for the kids. But I have to believe that I'm doing what's best for them. Or am I just being selfish?

Jordan: No.

Lily: And I'm trying to justify it to get what I want? It's -- it's like either way, nobody wins. It's like, why did this have to happen to us? It's just so unfair. And not just to me, but... to the kids, and... even to cane.

Jordan: [ Sighs ] Come here. It's gonna be ok.

Hilary: Cane wants lily. Not you. You're never gonna be the happy family that you're envisioning, juliet. So just go back to tokyo. Okay? Reconnect with your friends. Make a fresh start. It's gonna be the best thing for you and for your baby.

Juliet: If you're all finished, the answer is no. As much as you would love to bring me down, I believe there's a chance for us. You'll see. Cane cares about this baby, and he cares about me.

Cane: Okay. Yeah. Okay. Thank you. All right. Bye. Uh, sorry about that. It was a prospective employer.

Michael: I'm sorry. I'm gonna have to stop you right there. Actually, I'm here in an official capacity.

Cane: What do you mean?

Michael: Lily wanted me to speak to you. As her attorney.

Cane: Wait, she hired you? Does -- does she want a divorce?

[ Sighs ]

[ Groans ]

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Lily: Your dad and I, uh, we're getting a divorce.

Sharon: Get your hands off of me!

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