Y&R Transcript Thursday 9/28/17

Y&R Transcript Thursday 9/28/17


Episode # 11267 ~ Mariah and Tessa make a dangerous decision; Abby plays hard to get with Zack; Hilary surprises Devon.

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[ Door opens ]

Cane: Hey. I came as soon as I got your message. It's good to see you.

Lily: Yeah, I thought we should talk.

Cane: If this about the marriage counselor, you know, if you don't like her style or something, we could always change her.

Lily: I won't be going to counseling again, no matter who you pick.

Cane: Why? You don't want to try anymore, or...?

Lily: I just think that we should talk, just the two of us, because we came into this marriage alone, and that's the way it should be now. So I think that you and I need to discuss our future -- tonight.

Mariah: This is not good.

Tessa: Okay, so, we go and find alice, we make her tell us where my sister is, and then we go and find crystal and put the pigs who did this to her in prison.

Mariah: Then what do we do? Because we need a plan. We need something smart and sneaky. Man, I used to be so good at this.

Tessa: Really? Because all you're doing is freaking me out and making me nervous!

Mariah: Look, not to brag, but nobody knew their way around a scam like I did. The more devious, the better. Trust me, I have stories. What I don't have right now is a plan. Do you?

Tessa: I'm -- I'm driving.

Mariah: Okay, so what are we gonna do when we get there? We're just gonna go up and knock on the door and be like, "hey! We were just in the neighborhood, we're looking for crystal porter," and then she's gonna say, "she's not here right now," and then you're gonna say what?

Tessa: If that's your idea of a plan, you should just go back to freaking out.

Mariah: Then help, damn it!

Tessa: I don't know what to do, but I'm not giving up! I won't let that woman slam the door in my face, and I will make her tell me where my sister is.

Scott: I'd hoped for better news from paul, but nothing suspicious showed up on this guy's credit card. No indication of how this music promoter booked his evening with natalia.

Sharon: Well, I suppose it was always a long shot. No one wants "services of prostitute" showing up on their credit card statement. You know, whether it's alice or someone else who's running this operation, they know how to cover their tracks.

Abby: Seriously?

Zack: What's wrong?

Abby: I have to put up with that man all day, every day. The last thing I want to do is be in the same room with him when we're trying to have a romantic evening. You know what, I'm gonna make reservations at top of the tower, or anywhere else.

Zack: Hold on. I'm gonna say something crazy. Don't have me committed. I think we should join them for dinner.

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Abby: You want to have dinner with them? With him? With scott grainger?

Zack: I remember when I first came to town, sharon insisted that she would never use an app like designdate. She's exactly the kind of person we need to talk to expand our user base.

Abby: But she's in a relationship. Granted, he is a self-satisfied jerk, but regardless, I don't think she's in the market for a dating app.

Zack: But if I can talk to them both, see what works, why they chose to come here for dinner, where they hang out, what their shared interests are... that's the kind of info I can use to fine-tune our algorithm.

Abby: Please, not tonight. Tonight was not supposed to be about work. It was supposed to be about fun.

Zack: Okay. You're right. I need to get my head out of the job for a while. We're hitting our targets, everything is going well.

[ Sighs ] I think I'm on overdrive trying to impress you as the boss and as my date.

Abby: And you have impressed me a million times over.

Zack: Well, you're not the only newman that I have something to prove to, but you are the most gorgeous.

Sharon: Men like this music producer hire a prostitute he can call his girlfriend for the night. He pays a woman to make himself look more important and desirable.

Scott: I doubt the evening ended for him and natalia at the underground.

Sharon: Yeah, I'm sure you're right, and I don't want to think about it.

Scott: [ Sighs ] I never thought I'd see her again. You know, I got her by calling that ad on the back of the free weekly, but there's no way a honcho like irv west would have hooked up with her in that channel. This is something bigger, more professional.

[ Sighs ] The credit card was a dead end, so we got to find another way to follow the money and get to the core of the organization.

Sharon: Meanwhile, I haven't heard from crystal in ages.

Scott: Right.

Sharon: Every time my phone rings, whether it's my cellphone or my home phone, I hope that it's her, and it's not. I mean, she's out there somewhere. I don't know how to help her.

Abby: Hi.

Scott: Hi.

Sharon: Well, hi, you two!

Abby: Um, zack and I have a a favor to ask. Do you mind if we join you for dinner?

Tessa: Why so jittery?

Mariah: Well, from what you told me, these people have bodyguards in there that don't smile much. Maybe there are a dozen or more in there right now, not smiling.

Tessa: Well, if they are, there's probably women being held prisoner, and if we find crystal, we might be able to help them, too.

Mariah: Tessa, we should just call the police.

Tessa: And say what? "Hi, officer, there might be a sex trafficking ring ground-zero in this nice house in this ritzy neighborhood." And then when the cops show up, alice will know we're onto her, and then we might never see crystal again.

Mariah: Okay, fine, you're right, but we need to think about this from every possible angle. I mean -- is there any chance that natalia would have told alice about your run-in at the underground and that they're waiting for us and this is a trap?

Tessa: Are you saying that i should give up?

Mariah: No! I'm just saying that you need to be cautious. For your sake, for crystal's sake.

Tessa: Well, you're here, too.

Mariah: I'm -- I'm not really worried about me. I can handle whatever.

Tessa: You're only worried about me and crystal?

Mariah: Look... I never got to know my sister, so I'm gonna make damn sure that you spend the rest of your life with yours.

Cane: We don't need to talk about this now, okay? So there's no pressure. You can take as long as you need.

Lily: Yeah, mattie and i talked, and she mentioned you coming home.

Cane: Well, is that because she wants me here or because she thinks I'll change my mind about reed? [ Chuckles ]

Lily: [ Laughs ] Yeah, you know our daughter. I think it was a little bit of both. But she misses you, and she misses our old life.

Cane: I know that feeling.

Lily: Look, the kids -- they're growing up really fast, and, you know, they only really need us now when they want to borrow the car or money...

Cane: When they need money. Yeah. [ Laughs ]

Lily: But our family has always been a safe place for them, and that's gone now, and they miss it.

Cane: So do I. So... do you think they're ready to forgive me, or...?

Lily: I think that if you, you know, get a job and move back home, they can try and pretend like things are normal, and then after a while, things will probably settle down for real.

Cane: You know, I've been trying to get a job, but it's harder than I thought.

Lily: I know, I don't think that's a deal breaker for the kids. I think they would like to just have you here.

Cane: I know. I know you want what's best for them.

Lily: Always.

Cane: And, uh, you know, you sound like you know what the kids need, but, um... what is it that you need?

Lily: You hurt me. More than I thought I could be hurt. And I was really angry and confused, but... I know that I still love you.

[ Car approaching ]

Alice: Sexy, but demure. The older rich guys go bananas for this look. One final touch. Anna. Let me take a look at you. Okay. Perfect. Okay. Limo's here. It's showtime, ladies.

Mariah: A limo. Classy. Probably for their girls by the hour.

Tessa: The organization's upgraded since that dive motel where I went to find crystal.

Mariah: Yeah, they're probably using all that money that they're not paying their workers. Or captives, I should say.

Tessa: [ Scoffs ]

Mariah: What? Talk to me.

Tessa: It's my sister. I mean, she's caught up in all that. I can't sleep at night thinking about it. I mean, growing up, it was us against the world. We didn't have anybody else. Now I have a real live friend, who's actually here, standing by me... god, you must think I'm out of mind and I'm just going through with this with having no idea what I'm doing.

Mariah: Hey, that's just because I don't want anything bad to happen to you. But I'm not gonna abandon you. And I know that when you feel like you have to do something, you just have to go for it. So the best thing I can do is just ride shotgun and babble at you.

Tessa: [ Sighs ] I don't know what I did to deserve a friend like you, and I really hope i don't lose you.

Mariah: Why would you?

Tessa: Because I finally have a plan, and I don't think you're gonna like it.

Devon: You drinking alone?

Hilary: Some might say that I'm enjoying my own company.

Devon: Are you still upset about jordan?

Hilary: You are 0 for 2.

Devon: You know, it's okay to admit that you cared about the guy and that you're bummed that he's moving on. I get it. I know that control is a big thing for you, and not having it is even bigger.

Hilary: Is this your idea of sympathy? Because I don't need it. My life is full.

Devon: Oh, yeah? What's it full of?

Hilary: Well, my dessert commercial is scheduled for heavy rotation, so the residuals will be rolling in, and I am prepping a new episode that will feature some incredible new products from jabot. Oh, and jack, he also wants me to be in some ads for his jabot products. And I'm doing a deal with chelsea, so all of my onscreen wardrobe will be original, and most importantly, free.

Devon: That all sounds amazing.

Hilary: It is.

Devon: It's not gonna be enough for you, though. It never is. You can fool yourself, hilary. You can't fool me.

Lily: Even after everything that's happened and all the pain that you've caused... I can't just stop loving you.

Cane: You know, that's how i feel about you. You and I have been through more than most couples have, and we've survived. Because we have that love. You know, you are... you're the most important thing to me in this world.

Lily: But that's not true.

Cane: Of course it's true. I love you and I love the kids.

Lily: Yeah, and your son with juliet.

Cane: I will be there for him financially.

Lily: Cane, have you -- have you thought about at all what your life is going to be like soon? Because I have. I mean, what if juliet calls you and says the baby has a fever and is at the hospital? But yet you're on your way to charlie's cross-country meet. Do you ignore your sick child or the son whose trust you're trying to regain?

Cane: That's what happens when you have kids. We have two kids. We have choices. We've learned this with mattie and charlie.

Lily: Yeah, we talk, we plan, we divide responsibilities. And now you'll be doing that with juliet, too.

Cane: But she knows where my priorities lie.

Lily: Okay, fine, then let's talk about money. What if mattie gets into her dream college, but yet, your youngest is enrolling in walnut grove preschool and you can't afford both tuitions. How do you decide?

Cane: Juliet got money from the settlement, so this is -- this is ridiculous.

Lily: I don't think you'll be saying that when a lawyer comes after you for educational support all the way through college, and a judge signs off on it. And don't say that won't happen because no one knows the future. This child, no matter how he was conceived, deserves your love and support just as much as mattie and charlie.

Cane: I understand this. I do.

Lily: Do you? Because I don't want get in the way of a love that a child deserves. But I also can't forget the fact that you cheated on me and you lied to me.

Cane: What do you want me to say to you? I love you. And you love me.

Lily: That child will be a constant reminder of what you did to this family and what you did to us. And I thought I could get past it, but I don't think I can get past what you did to us.

Juliet: I'm sorry for interrupting your evening.

Cane: All right, listen... you don't need to apologize when it comes to our baby. You don't have to do that.

Juliet: I'm scared.

Cane: You don't have to be scared. 'Cause I'm here, and I'm not gonna let anything happen to our little baby boy. There has to be something that i can do. There has to be some way that we can get past this.

Lily: Please, just -- just go.

[ Sobbing ]

Devon: Hey, mike... I do give you credit. Last time I brought up you and jordan separating, you made sure to let me know that he was going after lily, and of course, i confronted him like I'm sure you wanted me to do, right?

Hilary: What's your point, devon? That I'm a manipulator? That I know how to pull your strings? Maybe I do. Maybe that's why you simply can't walk by me on your way from the gym. But if you know all of my tricks, devon, then why even go to jordan?

Devon: I can walk by you. And I went to jordan because he was going after lily. Just because you got what you wanted doesn't mean it was a bad thing. The guy's a player. He acts like he's your friend, gives you a shoulder to cry on, and then he makes his move. I'm not gonna let anyone do that to my sister right now.

Hilary: What a hero you are.

Devon: Thanks. So why would you want to get back with a guy like that?

Hilary: I never said I did.

Devon: Well, you don't want him with lily. And is that because he's so cool, or is that because you don't like losing to people? Especially my sister.

Hilary: You put a lot more thought into this than I did.

Devon: Yeah?

Hilary: Yeah. I just -- I don't need a man right now. Okay? I am happy. There's no one trying to change me or making me feel bad because they're threatened by my success.

Devon: I take it that was directed at me.

Hilary: Like I said, you put a lot more thought into this than I have.

Devon: Well, hilary, I just -- I know you. I know you better than most people do, and I know that underneath all that drive and ambition, there's just a vulnerable person, like anyone, that wants to be loved.

Hilary: [ Sighs ]

Zack: Thank you so much for doing this. I know it can be a little awkward talking to a semi-stranger about where you go on dates.

Sharon: Well, scott is very devoted to his research, also, so we get it.

Scott: Mm.

Abby: Well, it's all for the good of the company. And, you know, zack wants to make sure our clients have the best experience.

Zack: It's the only way to create brand loyalty and generate word of mouth.

Sharon: Oh, you know, I saw two women in the coffeehouse creating online profiles for designdate.

Abby: Oh, wow! That's what I like to hear! And, you know, brash & sassy just came on board as a sponsor.

Scott: Congrats! That's a smart move on both ends.

Abby: Mm.

Zack: It wouldn't have happened without abby's pitch to victoria. She killed it.

Sharon: Isn't it nice how well you two work together? Since, uh, you know where we like to go for breakfast and dinner, do you mind if I ask how you two balance your business and personal lives?

Zack: Well, if tonight is any example, I'm blowing it on the personal side.

Abby: [ Laughs ] Not at all. Actually, this is fascinating. And I found out where to get the best eggs benedict in town. But, seriously, it's really not complicated. Zack and I have the same goals, and we think that working hard and playing hard is very important.

Zack: You must be able to relate.

Scott: Mm.

Zack: Sharon mentioned your research, and abby said you're working on a piece about sex trafficking. Must be hard to put that aside and just concentrate on a nice dinner.

Scott: Yeah, that wasn't public knowledge.

Abby: Oh, please, it's not like we're going to run out and beat you to a scoop. You should be happy that we even talk about you.

Zack: When you do think

hashtag will publish the series?

Scott: It's a long-term project. The most important thing is just getting it right.

Zack: Yeah, I mean, where do you even start? The johns? The girls?

Scott: Yeah. It'll all be there in hashtag when the time comes, but, uh, I'll promise you this -- the articles will blow your mind.

Alice: You know how this goes, right, girls? Cash up front. Smile, laugh. Not too often or too loudly. Act as if your dates are the most important men in the room. Because, to us, they are.

Natalia: We understand.

Alice: You are such terrific girls. My number one and number two. And that's why you're getting the good clients with the dough to blow. They want premium service, and that's what you two will give them, right? And that's why they come back again and again.

[ Sighs ] This is so much nicer than the way things used to be. We're moving on up.

[ Doorbell rings ] Okay, so, that's the driver. Scoot. Make me proud. Come on. Let's go. Oh!

[ Doorbell rings ] All right. What'd you forget? Oh! [ Screams ]

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Juliet: Hey. I'm doing fine. Thanks for asking. Hey, I wanted to thank you again for coming to the hospital.

Cane: Look, I'm not really in the mood to talk right now, okay?

Juliet: Is it about lily? Did you two talk? What'd she say?

Cane: [ Sighs ]

Devon: You told him all of that?

Lily: Yeah. I wasn't sure what I was gonna say, but then... it all started spilling out, you know? Everything that I have been thinking but didn't say out loud before.

Devon: About the baby?

Lily: I just imagine cane at the hospital with juliet while she's giving birth and him coaching her through it and then holding the baby in his arms. Photos on his phone. I mean, is the baby gonna have his last name? It's like -- all of this started because cane cheated on me and then lied about it.

Devon: Well, it's -- it's not the first time cane's kept the truth from you.

Lily: So many lies over the years, but this one will never go away.

Devon: Well, look, if it makes you feel better, I do think that you made the right decision.

Lily: Yeah, but did I? I mean, mattie and charlie, they were finally ready for him to come back home.

Devon: But what -- what kind of message does that send? Everything's forgiven and that their father can break your heart without being held accountable? You deserve a lot better than that.

Lily: [ Sighs ] I didn't even know what I was gonna say when I had him come over. I mean, I really did want to talk things through, but then everything started coming up, you know? Juliet and the baby and... I know the baby is innocent in all of this, but cane isn'T. He made me feel like a fool. And I -- I can't be in limbo anymore. Neither can the kids. It has to be a clean break.

Devon: Well, have you told them?

Lily: [ Sighs ] No. It's gonna be so awful. I thought I would feel at peace with my decision, but instead, i just feel hollow, like a part of me has been ripped out.

Devon: It's because it has. The love doesn't go away just because you realized you can't be with someone.

Lily: Yeah, but the man i loved...is gone. The person that I vowed to be with forever.

Devon: It's okay. It's all right.

Sharon: Did you get enough information? Because I think it's about time for us to head out.

Scott: You're right. I didn't realize how late it was.

Zack: Yeah, thanks for your help. Sorry for hijacking your night. Let me get this.

Abby: No! Let newman get it.

Zack: She's the boss.

Sharon: Well, thank you both!

Abby: Thank you for your insight.

Sharon: Yeah. I wish you all the best with your new app.

Abby: Thank you. Yeah, it's only gonna get better.

Scott: I'll see you at the office.

Abby: Can't wait.

Zack: [ Sighs ] I learned so much. Thank you. I owe you one.

Abby: Actually, it was fascinating.

Zack: You know, scott and sharon, they don't have that much in common, but somehow it works.

Abby: No, I was -- I was talking about you. It was amazing watching you dig in, ask questions... it was kind of sexy. You have this killer business instinct. I think that's why my dad likes you so much.

Zack: When I'm interested in something, it's easy for me to dive in. I'm just a tech guy, but this stuff that scott's pursuing, it seems important, the whole sex trafficking thing. That's heavy stuff. I can't imagine getting anywhere near something like that. I like my warm, safe office.

Abby: Well, it sound like admire scott.

Zack: I appreciate anyone who hustles for what they believe in.

Abby: Mm. Please don't tell me you're trying to start a bromance with scott grainger. One dinner was plenty. I get enough of that guy at the office.

Zack: I promise, from here on, I'll keep you out of it.

Mariah: This is not a plan. This is a crime, and now I'm an accomplice. I have a record. I don't need to add to it.

Tessa: You said you were in, okay? I can pull over and let you out. She still hasn't seen me.

Mariah: I'm not bailing on you now.

Tessa: I'm giving you permission.

Mariah: I'm not leaving. Even if you go to prison, I'm gonna be right there beside you.

Alice: Who are you?! What do you want?!

Tessa: Just shut up and stop moving!

Mariah: Whoa! Whoa!

Tessa: You'll know soon enough! Oh!

Juliet: You can't even talk to me.

Cane: Lily said she can't get past the baby.

Juliet: Meaning what? She's giving up?

Cane: Meaning she said what she said. And then she asked me to leave.

Juliet: I'm so sorry.

Cane: [ Chuckles ]

Juliet: Maybe she'll change her mind, maybe...

Cane: Maybe there are no more maybes because she made a decision that was for once and for all except, uh, she made it without me. Yeah.

Juliet: I've caused so much damage in your life. All because of one night in tokyo. All the pain for everyone, more than we could have ever known... okay. I'm -- I'm gonna let you be.

Alice: Please! [ Screams ]

[ Exhales sharply ] Where are we?! What are you gonna do to me?!

Tessa: Just don't move!

Alice: [ Whimpering ] I've got money, if that's what you want. Please! Please!

Tessa: Ugh! So you're a delicate little flower now, huh?

Alice: Please don't hurt me!

[ Whimpering ] Can I have some water? I'm so thirsty! I'm so thirsty!

[ Crying, panting ] I know you.

Tessa: You know my sister crystal. Yeah, that's right. She's one of your girls, isn't she? One of the young women that you take in off the street because you think no one's looking for them. That no one will care if they fall off the face of the earth. But crystal isn't alone in this world. I'm here. Sucks for you.

Alice: That's why you came to my house. You asked for a phone.

Tessa: And you slammed the door in my face. What are you hiding, alice? Who are you hiding? Was my sister in that prison that you call a house? I have the cops on speed dial. You can talk to me or you can talk to them.

Abby: What was that for?

Zack: There's a guard gate at your place. 24/7 security, correct?

Abby: And? Are you some kind of wanted criminal?

Zack: I assume your dad is apprised of all the comings and goings at the ranch. As in visitors who show up at night and don't leave until the morning.

Abby: What are you trying to say?

Zack: The rooms here are nice, and nobody cares who checks out or in.

Abby: [ Chuckles ] That was to tide you over. Because you will be taking me home tonight, and security will indeed notice when you leave. Tonight.

[ Chuckles ]

Scott: Next time, no double date. I promise.

Sharon: [ Chuckles ] I didn't mind. I know some people don't think we make sense as a couple, but i had fun explaining why we're a good fit. You know, zack seems like a decent guy. He seems genuinely interested in your series on sex trafficking.

Scott: Yeah.

Mariah: Hi. Hey!

Scott: Hi.

Mariah: I didn't hear you guys come in.

Sharon: Uh, are you drinking that or bathing in it?

Mariah: What?

Sharon: That's a lot of water.

Mariah: Oh. Yeah. Um, it is. Um, it's for tessa and me. We're working on a project, and it's probably gonna take all night, so bye. [ Chuckles ]

[ Door closes ]

Lily: You didn't have to stay.

Devon: Don't be silly.

Lily: I feel bad. I cried all over you.

Devon: I'm pretty sure I can afford a dry cleaning bill.

Lily: [ Laughs ] That's true. You've always been there for me.

Devon: You've been there for me since just about day 1. You got the better end of the deal, though.

Lily: [ Laughs ] I'm really glad the twins have each other.

Devon: They have you, too.

Lily: [ Scoffs ] Yeah, I'm doing a great job.

Devon: You are doing a great job. Hey. You are. You really are. You didn't start this mess, but you're getting them through it. And you have to think about yourself, and the first step in that is being honest about what you can and can't live with. I think leveling with cane, it was a big move for you. Do you know what you're gonna do next?

Lily: Talking with him was hard, but... the next step is gonna be harder.

Hilary: Can I help you?

Cane: I thought you might want to know that lily said she can't get past the fact that I'm fathering a child with juliet. We're through.

Hilary: I -- I don'T...

[ Sighs ] I don't know what to say.

Cane: Maybe you should keep your opinions and your unwanted advice to yourself because, you see, I took it, and that was my mistake.

Hilary: Uh, no, your mistake was getting fall-down drunk on a business trip and sleeping with a co-worker, okay? But lily, she still loves you. Okay?

Cane: Lily still loves me.

Hilary: You should go focus on your wife and prove to her that you can be a good husband again.

Cane: She's already made up her mind. Do you understand what I'm saying to you?

Hilary: That's ridiculous. Lily, she's gonna cry and she's gonna be all dramatic, but listen to me, she will nobly welcome you back into her life.

Cane: Right.

Hilary: So you need to be there fighting for her when she's ready.

Cane: For what? So you can have another shot at jordan? Sweetheart, we're losers. We both lost this time. You get it?

Hilary: Yeah, speak for yourself. Yeah, you're the one that's giving up on your family.

Cane: No. I'm not giving up on my family.

Hilary: [ Sighs ]

Sharon: Well, I'm glad you're having fun, but do go to bed at a decent hour, okay, faith? I love you, too.

Scott: Faith's first night back with you, and she's at a sleepover instead?

Sharon: She really missed her friends when she was away at camp. But at least we had the day together. You know, when I went through some of my rough patches, the kids felt like they needed to look after me. I was a little needy. So I'm glad faith feels like she can go, have fun, and I'm gonna be perfectly fine. But I guess I am getting a taste of things to come when my baby goes away to college.

Scott: Well, look at the bright side -- maybe someday she'll be living upstairs like mariah.

[ Chuckles ]

Sharon: [ Laughs ] Hey, did she seem a little jumpy to you?

Scott: You know, I didn't notice. I, uh... I was just distracted doing calculations in my head. You know, if mariah and tessa are out all night, then you have an empty house. All alone.

Sharon: But I'm not alone. You're here with me.

Scott: My point exactly.

Alice: [ Coughing, panting ] My throat... so dry. [ Coughing ]

Mariah: Did she say anything about crystal?

Tessa: No, she's too busy with her throat drama. She can hardly get a word out.

Mariah: Okay, well, let's move this along and get some answers.

Alice: [ Panting ]

Mariah: Hey. Hi. Here it is. Drink up.

Alice: [ Panting ] No.

Mariah: What? It's not poisoned.

Alice: No! No! No! Cassie?!

[ Gasps ]

[ Groans ]

Next on "the young and the restless"...

Devon: Why do I get the feeling that you don't think mariah and I are okay?

Cane: I can't just make the baby disappear, can I?

Hilary: Yeah, you're right, but you can make juliet disappear.

Lily: I made a decision. I want to file for divorce.

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