Y&R Transcript Friday 9/22/17

Y&R Transcript Friday 9/22/17


Episode # 11263 ~ Billy and Victoria venture into dangerous territory; Tessa's moment in the spotlight is derailed; Phyllis defends Jack.

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Phyllis: Are you sore yet?

Billy: From that little workout we just had?

Phyllis: Well, I mean, you did add like 20 pounds to the barbell.

Billy: Yeah, I mean, I could have added another 30. I mean, I would have hurt myself, but I could have done it.

Phyllis: [ Laughs ]

Billy: All in seriousness, though, thank you.

Phyllis: For what?

Billy: For getting my mind off of the war with jack and jabot and the brother-on-brother battle that goes along with it.

Phyllis: You are strong. You can handle anything that comes your way.

Billy: Well, sometimes it feels like it's almost too much. But then without fail, I'm with you, and you make me feel sane again. What do you say? Should we go upstairs and grab a bite to eat? I'm starving.

Phyllis: Yes.

Billy: Come on.

Jack: Each day of the week, we showcase a different parker beauty skin product -- light daytime moisturizer on monday, an anti-aging night cream on tuesday... you get the gist of it.

Hilary: Yeah, I sure do, and it sounds fantastic.

Jack: Well, good. I'm glad we're in sync. I'll let marketing know it's a go.

Hilary: Not so fast. I already have commercials on my show. If you want me to promote jabot's products, I'm gonna need a little something extra for my viewers.

Jack: Such as?

Hilary: A scoop. We all know that the revamping of this new product line is going to kill it in the marketplace. But so far, you've been a little coy as to how far you're willing to go to beat brash & sassy. What are the limits, or aren't there any?

Billy: What are those two doing together?

Phyllis: Well, it looks like they're having dinner. They're friends. Match made in hell, if you ask me.

Billy: I don't know about that. Jack and hilary, I'm sure they're cooking up something to make brash & sassy look bad. Not on my watch.

Phyllis: Billy... please. Don'T.

Juliet: I hope that wasn't out of line. I just... I thought in the moment, it was what you needed. You were so down when I got here.

Cane: Yeah, I was.

Noah: All right, everyone's in for a real treat tonight. Tessa porter always packs them in at the underground open mic night. She's also the new artist for my buddy devon's new streaming service, lp. She has her first single out, "fight or flight," so please download that after the show.

Scott: She looks familiar. No, wait here, I want to get a better look.

Noah: All right, let's give it up for tessa!

[ Cheers and applause ]

Tessa: Well, thank you for the great introduction, noah. So, this is a song that I wrote about love and what happens when you lose it.

I wait by the telephone

don't know why 'cause I know you're not coming home

but call it wishful thinking

a dying man and a boat that's sinking




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Cane: I'm doing better now, okay? So... yeah.

Juliet: I better take off.

Cane: Okay.

[ Door opens ]

Cane: Hey, what are --

Kevin: What are you doing here?

Cane: Uh, I -- I'm staying here.

Kevin: Oh.

Cane: Oh, this is, uh, juliet helton.

Kevin: Oh. Uh, um, you work at, uh, brash & sassy.

Juliet: Worked. Past tense.

Kevin: Huh. Okay. This is awkward.

Cane: Yeah.

Kevin: Uh, I'm kevin fisher, by the way. I worked at the police department before I moved to oregon.

Juliet: Well, nice meeting you.

Kevin: Yeah.

Juliet: I was just leaving, so hi and bye.

Kevin: So, if you're here, where is your wife?

Cane: Uh, she's at home, i guess.

Kevin: Huh. Must have been a lot of changes since I left. And who is that woman to you? Besides an ex-co-worker.

Esther: Ah! You're back.

Kevin: Hey. How's my little girl?

Esther: Bella's napping.

Kevin: Why didn't you mention that you were shacking up with cane?

Esther: Well, you didn't give me a chance to. You were in and out of the house so fast. Besides, I'm trying to pretend he's not here. Which isn't easy.

Cane: Ah, well, uh, you know, jill did say I could stay here.

Esther: You told me it was gonna be temporary, and now your stuff is everywhere, and the whole house smells like mu shu pork.

Cane: I'll get a can of air freshener and I'll spray it for you.

Esther: Or you can meet your friend at a restaurant next time.

Kevin: Oh, so she's a friend?

Cane: It's a long story. Don't worry about.

Esther: Uh-huh. I'll say. So I'll check on bella, and then he can fill you in. There's a lot to catch up on.

Cane: Well, that's an understatement.

Phyllis: Okay, making a scene in front of hilary -- probably not a good idea, especially when victoria ran into what's-his-name on her show.

Billy: I can't argue with that. But look at him. I'm sure jack's feeding hilary a bunch of garbage about how brash & sassy's failing when the exact opposite is true. How do we fix this?

Phyllis: We can head back into the gym, we can put some gloves on, pummel the heavy bag, get the aggression out. Or we go for a nice romantic meal. We take in some good wine and relax. And then we make love until we pass out. Your call.

Billy: Option B.

Phyllis: Yes.

Jack: I always play to win.

Hilary: So you do have a plan to obliterate brash & sassy. Come on. Spill.

Jack: I would be a fool to let a reporter in on my strategy.

Hilary: But I am your strategy. Or at least part of it.

Jack: I haven't forgotten that for a second.

Hilary: I guess I will call it a night.

Jack: Let's do this again soon.

Hilary: Yes. I would like that.

Victoria: Hello, jack. Good luck with that one.

Jack: Uh, care to join me? Oh, come on, we're supposed to be friendly competitors.

Swallowed up the sea

we're sinking down




sinking down

do I chase the ghost or just let go

a dying man and a boat that's sinking


[ Cheers and applause ]

Noah: Give it up for tessa!

Mariah: Whoo!


Sharon: What's going on? Why are you so interested in irv's date?

Scott: He might want people to think they're dating, but, uh, it's a lie. He's compensating her for her time.

Sharon: She's a prostitute? Are you sure?

Scott: I am now. I met her at the motel the night I was pretending to be a john and trying to get information on crystal. When I asked if she knew tessa's sister, I definitely got a reaction.

Mariah: Amazing!

Tessa: Thank you!

Noah: Guys! Come on. Did you hear that applause? The crowd cannot get enough of you.

Tessa: Thanks.

Devon: Hey. Irv's coming, guys. Be cool.

Irv: For once, the performance exceeded the hype.

Tessa: Oh! [ Laughs ]

Irv: You two guys, you've undersold her talent! It was great hearing you perform.

Tessa: I'm so glad you could make it.

Irv: Do you like traveling, life on the road?

Tessa: Uh, I mean, I've been a few places, but...

Irv: I want to send you across the midwest.

Tessa: Like, on tour?

Irv: For sure. Like, on tour.

Tessa: Uh...

Irv: You'll be opening for some of my more established artists.

Tessa: Yeah!

Irv: I mean, with your talent, your looks, you'll be headlining soon enough. I need to get you on my roster before that happens.

Tessa: I'm so in.

Irv: What about you, bossman? You up for this?

Devon: I'm on board 100%.

Tessa: This is so nuts!

Irv: Hey, hey, hey, hey! Back off, honey. You don't want to get my girlfriend jealous.

Tessa: Sorry.

Irv: What'd you think of the show, babe?

Natalia: Oh, I enjoyed it. You are very good.

Tessa: Thank you.

Irv: Right there.

Natalia: Oh. Be right back.

Sharon: Okay, this may be our only chance to get her alone. Tell tessa and we can talk to her together.

Scott: All right, I'll make sure she's right behind you.

Kevin: You're having another son?

Cane: Yeah.

Kevin: Congrats?

Cane: [ Sighs ] Look, it's not how we planned it, but it's happening, and I'm gonna be a father to this kid.

Kevin: Another sore spot for lily, I'm sure.

Cane: Oh, yeah.

Kevin: Hey, I'm not judging. I've messed up a ton, also, but she did give you a lot of chances.

Cane: Yeah. And after everything we've been through, she's trying to forgive me, but I just think... I just think this is too much.

Kevin: Have you thought about seeing a counselor?

Cane: Yeah, we did. It was my idea.

Kevin: How did that go?

Cane: Well, I thought it was gonna, like, steer us in the right direction, but it just blew us right off course.

Kevin: I'm sorry, man. That's rough.

Cane: Because, lily, she didn't want to fix us. She just wanted advice on how to help the kids deal with it.

Kevin: Well, you have pulled a lot bad things, and she did forgive you for all that eventually.

Cane: The problem is -- pretty soon, juliet's gonna have a baby, and then my wife is going to have a daily reminder as to why she should never forgive me.

Hilary: Oh! Did you settle another lawsuit, or did something else put that smile on your face?

Juliet: Someone else.

Hilary: Cane?

Juliet: We had dinner. Alone. At the chancellor house.

Hilary: Well, enjoy it while it lasts.

Juliet: He was feeling down, so I helped lift his spirits. The same way he helped me when i was waiting for the genetic testing results.

Hilary: And what was cane down about?

Juliet: A marriage counseling session didn't go the way he wanted it to. I wonder whose shoulder lily leaned on.

Hilary: The only reason why cane puts up with you is because of that child that you're carrying, but once you pop out that baby, his interest in you will disappear. What is wrong with you?

Juliet: Agh! Agh! [ Gasps ]

[ Breathing heavily ]

Hilary: Is there anything that I can do?

Juliet: Ow!

Hilary: Okay, you really need to go and get that checked out.

Juliet: I can't drive. Take me to memorial. Please.

Hilary: Uh... all right, fine. Let's go. Come on! Come on.

Juliet: Ow! Ow!

Hilary: Yeah. I got you. I got you.

Juliet: [ Breathing heavily ]

Billy: Siberia is less empty and barren than this fridge. Honestly, we could unplug it and turn it into a filing cabinet.

Phyllis: There should be leftovers from when we went out the other night.

Billy: I threw them out because they were so green and fuzzy, it looked like a science project.

Phyllis: Well, check the cupboard. I'm sure we can pull something together.

Billy: Says the woman who doesn't cook.

Phyllis: Says the man who has a prized collection of takeout menus.

Billy: We can go to the club. We could eat there.

Phyllis: You're not fooling me. Not for one minute. I know what you want to do. You want to go see what jack's up to, but that's not gonna happen. You know why? Because you are all mine tonight.

Jack: Well, thank you for the warning, but hilary's a friend.

Victoria: Mm. A friend. A friend who happens to own a television show...

Jack: You've taken advantage of that fact.

Victoria: I've been taken advantage of, jack.

Jack: Getting eyeballs on our products is crucial to our success. And surprising everyone with our sales numbers -- that takes real creativity, right?

Victoria: What are you implying?

Jack: You tell me. I mean, jabot's just playing catch-up here. After how well you did at fenmore'S...

Victoria: You are right. We are pretty far ahead of you, now, aren't we?

Jack: Brash & sassy's sudden sales spike -- wow! Raised a few eyebrows.

Victoria: Well, we made a wonderful product, and our consumers took note, and they snapped all of our products up in record time. End of story.

Jack: Wait till the parker beauty line is on the shelves. You'll feel like you're standing still. Then after that...

Victoria: After that, what?

[ Laughter ]

Irv: Seriously! Way back before she was selling out stadiums, I booked her band in most of the lower east side clubs.

Tessa: No way.

Irv: Gave her a few pointers on, uh, stage presence. She's still using my tips to this day.

Devon: I bet!

Scott: Hey, uh, pardon the interruption, guys.

Mariah: Hey, where's sharon?

Scott: I just wanted to congratulate you. She must have gotten lost in the crowd or something.

Noah: Hey, have you met irv?

Scott: No. Not yet.

Irv: Hey.

Devon: Scott grainger, this is irv west. He's a music promoter.

Noah: He's come to check out tessa's gig.

Devon: Scott here is an executive at newman enterprises and also runs hashtag.

Irv: Oh, nice! Your site is on my news feed. It's one of my favorites.

Scott: Oh, good to know!

Irv: If you want a ton of hits and some page views, you should do a profile on me.

Scott: Is that so?

Irv: Oh, yeah.

[ Laughter ]

Mariah: Irv has worked with some major, major legends.

Scott: Huh.

Devon: And now tessa's gonna be going on the road, opening up for some his clients.

Scott: Congrats.

Tessa: Thank you.

Scott: You know, I've seen you a few times, but tonight was magical. Your lyrics grabbed me, your performance -- it was on point! And just your look. I mean, you're becoming a bona fide star.

Tessa: Gosh, you're the sweetest! You get a hug!

[ Laughter ]

Scott: The woman irv's with is a hooker. She knows your sister. Sharon's stalling her. You got to get to the bathroom, okay? Seriously, wonderful job tonight! Congratulations, guys. Irv, nice to meet you.

Tessa: Uh... oh, is it just me, or is it hot in here? I'm gonna go, uh, splash some water on my face.

Noah: Uh, hey, tessa, irv's a pretty busy guy. He's probably got somewhere he needs to be, so...

Tessa: Oh, uh, it'll be fast.

Irv: All right. What is taking my girl so long? Excuse me, guys.

Scott: Hey, uh, no doubt she's gabbing with the other ladies in the restroom. She'll be back soon.

Irv: I better go check. You know what these chicks are like.

Scott: Hey, let me grab you a drink, get some background for the article I'll be writing.

Irv: Ha! I knew it piqued your interest. Have I got tales, let me tell you...

Scott: Excuse me! Can we get another, uh, drink for this gentleman?

Sharon: Finally!

Tessa: Scott told me about irv's date. Where is she? Look, hold up.

Sharon: We need to talk to you.

Natalia: My date is waiting.

Sharon: Well, he can wait a little longer.

Tessa: This is important.

Sharon: Please.

Natalia: Leave door open.

Sharon: We need privacy.

Natalia: No! Talk to me out there. I don't know either of you. Not alone.

Tessa: But you do know her. That's my sister.

Sharon: You recognize her?

Natalia: I -- I don'T...

Sharon: Her name is crystal.

Tessa: And you're natalia.

Sharon: And you both work for the same...people.

Natalia: You're wrong.

Sharon: No, we're not. It's okay. We're not gonna make any trouble for you.

Tessa: Look, I've been trying to locate her for weeks, but i can't find out where she is or what happened to her. We don't want to put you in any more danger, but if you could please help me...

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Esther: Bella's wide awake and thirsty.

Kevin: Oh, I can get that.

Esther: Oh, that's okay. We're in the middle of a game anyway. Gosh, I have missed her so much.

Kevin: She misses you, too. It's not easy living so far away.

Cane: So, why did you move?

Kevin: Uh, I just needed a fresh start.

Cane: And what brought you back to town?

Kevin: Just taking care of some business. Plus, I wanted bella to have some time with her grandmother.

Cane: Yeah. So, how long are you gonna stay?

Kevin: It's just a brief visit.

Esther: I'll take as much time with bella as I can get.

[ Sighs ] She reminds me so much of chloe at that age.

Kevin: I'll be up in a few minutes.

Esther: Okie dokie. Oh, I'll put the can of air freshener on the counter.

Cane: [ Laughs ] Uh, I think that's my cue to start cleaning up before she calls the hazmat team.

Kevin: Mm-hmm. Cozy dinner for two, huh?

Cane: No, it's actually more just, uh, takeout between a couple of friends.

Kevin: So, finding out juliet was pregnant didn't bring you two closer?

Cane: Not the way you're implying it, no.

Kevin: But you are closer.

Cane: Well, at least we can be in the same room now, which is a big step. Look, what is important to me here is this baby because I do not plan on abandoning an innocent child.

Juliet: [ Groaning ]

Hilary: Um...

Dr. Alcott: Step outside, please.

Juliet: [ Gasping ]

Dr. Alcott: Try to relax, try to relax.

Juliet: [ Panting ]

Dr. Alcott: It's tough when you're in pain, but don't worry, I'm gonna get to the bottom of what's going on with you tonight, okay?

Juliet: Hilary!

Hilary: Do you want me to stay?

Juliet: No. Call cane.

Hilary: Are you sure that's wise? You wouldn't want to worry him if it's nothing.

Juliet: I need him.

Natalia: Your sister... is my friend.

Tessa: Where is she?

Natalia: They took her somewhere.

Sharon: But crystal was here in genoa city. You saw her?

Natalia: Da.

Sharon: Why did they take her away?

Natalia: They told me... no more questions.

Tessa: Just wait! Is there anything else you can tell us? Even if you don't think it's important, it might be.

Sharon: You're scared. We understand. But we can protect you. Promise.

Natalia: I want to help. But...can'T. My date -- I should not be gone this long.

Tessa: Just wait! Wait! Here's my number. Call me if you get any new information, or if you remember anything.

Natalia: I liked crystal. Very much.

Tessa: I can't believe it. We might have a lead.

Scott: Do you focus on a specific genre of music, or...?

Irv: Interesting question. You see, that's a trap that most promoters fall into, but not me. If the music moves me, it makes me money. You could say I've got a golden ear.

Scott: Yeah, that'd make an excellent quote.

Irv: I agree. Shouldn't you be writing this down or recording it? You don't want to miss any nuggets.

Scott: Oh, no worries. You've made quite an impression. I won't forget.

Irv: Ah! There she is. Mm, I missed you, hon. Oh, uh, thanks for the drink, scott.

Scott: Yeah.

Irv: Listen, uh, we got to jet. See you round like a doughnut.

Scott: [ Chuckles ]

Irv: Hey, close me out, would you, please? Hey, uh, give me a ring.

Scott: Yeah.

Irv: We'll finish that interview. I got a ton of interesting insider tidbits. You might want to do a series of stories.

Scott: All right. I like that.

Irv: Good man.

Noah: You know, let me find tessa.

Irv: No time, kiddo. Sorry.

Devon: Hey, irv, are you taking off already? 'Cause we haven't had a chance to talk about specifics or a contract or...

Irv: Oh, ho worries. I'll be in touch. But, uh, do me a favor -- e-mail me her bio and links to her music?

Devon: Absolutely. You got it.

Irv: Good man.

Devon: All right.

Irv: Come on, beautiful.

Devon: Thanks again for coming.

Noah: Guys, where is tessa? She missed an opportunity to talk to irv before he left.

Scott: She's right here.

Mariah: Hey. Where were you guys? The promoter left.

Tessa: Oh, uh, I was talking to his date.

Mariah: For this long? She barely spoke two words to us.

Tessa: Wait until you hear what she told me.

Devon: Hey, do you mind if we take off?

Mariah: Uh, I haven't finished my drink.

Devon: I know. I just want to head to the office and stop by and prep the documents that irv asked for. We can get a nightcap at the club if you want.

Tessa: It's cool. Yeah. I'll text you later.

Mariah: Okay. Yeah.

Devon: Appreciate it. Hey, you did a phenomenal job tonight. Your career's really about to blow up.

Tessa: And I'm taking all of you on the ride.

Mariah: [ Chuckles ]

Devon: All right.

Mariah: Um, yeah. I'll -- I'll talk to you later.

Devon: See ya.

Noah: Hey. I was hoping you could spend a little more time with irv before he left, but he seemed impressed.

Tessa: Sometimes less is more.

Noah: True. So, are you happy how things turned out?

Tessa: You have no idea. It turned out way better than i expected.

Jack: Cheers.

Victoria: Oh! Okay. What are we toasting?

Jack: Your cleverness. You almost got me to spill company secrets.

Victoria: Spill away. Unlike hilary, I know how to keep my mouth shut. Besides, we're just having a friendly little chat, remember?

Jack: Well, I'll leave you with this little nugget -- jabot always knows when the competition has had an edge. We also know what we have to do to stay on top.

Victoria: Well, that's nice and vague. What are you trying to do, jack? Are you trying to rattle me?

Jack: Did it work?

Phyllis: Okay, and here is the last bite. [ Chuckles ]

Billy: Mmm!

Phyllis: Okay, so what did we say we were gonna do after dinner?

Billy: I don't know. I forget.

Phyllis: Oh. Okay, so we earned our paycheck today.

Billy: Did that.

Phyllis: Yes, yes. And we worked out.

Billy: Oh, we definitely did that.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm. We ate...

Billy: Pb&js, a throwback to our youth.

Phyllis: Yeah, so what am i forgetting?

Billy: Let me try and help you remember.

Phyllis: Oh, okay. Yeah. Oh! Yep. It's coming back to me. Yep.

Billy: Mm-hmm.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Phyllis: You know what? You should take that. It's a change of plans, but I'll tell you what, I'm gonna draw a bath -- a bubble bath -- and when you're done, maybe I'll let you join me.

Billy: Hey. What's up?

Victoria: Hi. I just had the most interesting run-in with jack.

Billy: Let me guess -- at the club.

Victoria: How did you know?

Billy: I saw him and hilary and they had their heads together.

Victoria: He's definitely up to something, that's for sure.

Billy: Well, you couldn't crack him?

Victoria: No, not for a lack of trying. I mean, he dropped a few hints. Whatever it is, it's gonna be be big.

Billy: But we know everything that's on the files. The only thing they have coming down the pipe is their launch of parker beauty.

Victoria: Well, it must be a new project. We have to find out what it is.

Billy: There's only one way to do that.

Devon: Well, now that I got those documents to irv that he asked for, how about that drink, huh? Mariah.

Mariah: What? I'm sorry.

Devon: It's all right.

Mariah: Tessa that she would text me. It seemed important.

Devon: Well, did she?

Mariah: No. Nothing yet.

Devon: Her performance was great tonight, huh?

Mariah: I know. I totally agree. It was outstanding.

Devon: I was watching you watch her, and you were really into it.

Mariah: Yeah. I mean, everyone was. Especially irv.

Devon: Yeah.

Mariah: He's the most important.

Devon: No, I know, but you're very supportive of her -- you really are -- and I hope that she sees how good of a friend you are.

Devon: It's way later than i thought.

Mariah: [ Laughs ]

Devon: We can skip the drink and I can drop you off, or...?

Mariah: Is that your way of asking me to spend the night?

Devon: Well, I'm not gonna push, but it's been a while.

Mariah: Well, we should fix that.

Tessa: Whoa.

Noah: That was for a spectacular performance onstage tonight.

Tessa: Was that my tip?

Noah: Yeah, you know, an advance, to help you get through the next few days since I'm leaving tomorrow.

Tessa: Oh. Yeah. To ann arbor with your dad.

Noah: You know, I -- i could, uh, reschedule, let him take the meeting solo.

Tessa: Why would you do that?

Noah: It's just bad timing, you know? I should be here for you in case you hear something about your sister.

Tessa: Remember how I was excited earlier?

Noah: About irv? Yeah.

Tessa: Well, he -- he had something to do with it, but not for the reason you think.

Noah: I'm not following.

Tessa: Did you notice anything about his date?

Noah: [ Laughs ] She was too young for him.

Tessa: Anything else?

Noah: Uh... too hot for him?

Tessa: What else?

Noah: Well, now that you mention it, the fact that they were boyfriend and girlfriend. It was pretty obviously they didn't really know each other.

Tessa: And what does that spell out to you?

Noah: Wait a minute. Are you saying...? No.

Juliet: You're here.

Cane: Yeah. I jumped in the car the moment hilary told me you were here. You okay?

Juliet: I am now.

Cane: How's the baby?

Juliet: Dr. Alcott should be back soon to tell me.

Cane: No. She's gonna tell us. 'Cause I want to be here when you get the diagnosis. Because the truth is, sweetheart, our little baby boy's health is my number-one priority. Because you and our little baby boy might be the only family i have.

Juliet: Then I'll be your family. We can raise this child together.

Dr. Alcott: How are you feeling?

Juliet: Anxious. Nervous. Honestly, I'm not sure.

Dr. Alcott: That's understandable. Now that your pain has subsided, I want to ask you a couple questions.

Juliet: Okay.

Dr. Alcott: Is this the first time you felt cramping?

Juliet: No, there were a couple of other times.

Dr. Alcott: Recently?

Juliet: Not as bad as tonight, though.

Dr. Alcott: Mm. Any bleeding?

Juliet: Light spotting, but not enough to be concerned.

Dr. Alcott: Based on your answers, your preliminary tests, and your bedside ultrasound, I'm concerned you might have a condition called placenta previa.

Juliet: Oh, my god. I've never heard of that. How worried should I be about, um, what was the name again?

Dr. Alcott: Placenta previa.

Juliet: Oh. Can you explain it to me?

Dr. Alcott: Of course. As the uterus grows, the placenta moves up and away from the cervix. In your case, the placenta is planted down low in the uterus and may be covering the cervix. As the uterus grows, it pulls on the placenta, which causes the tearing, the cramping, and the bleeding. We're gonna have to watch this very closely. There can be serious consequences as you get closer to term. If the placenta is still dangerously close to the cervix, you can develop bleeding that comes from both you and the baby, life-threatening amounts of blood.

Juliet: Life-threatening? For both of us?

Cane: Hilary, where is she? Is there any word from the doctor?

Hilary: Not yet. She's in the room with juliet.

Dr. Alcott: I'm gonna send you to radiology for a formal ultrasound. Get more detailed pictures.

Juliet: Fine.

Dr. Alcott: I'll schedule the procedure.

Juliet: May I have visitors while I wait?

Dr. Alcott: Absolutely. Would you like me to send your friend in?

Juliet: And cane. I heard him out there, too.

Dr. Alcott: The father of your baby?

Juliet: You met him at my last appointment.

Dr. Alcott: After I contact radiology, I can come back and explain your condition to him if you'd like.

Juliet: That would be great. Thank you.

Cane: Hey, um, dr. Alcott said we can come in. Did she manage to tell you what's wrong?

Juliet: Yes. And it's not good.

Sharon: [ Sighs ] It was frustrating not being able to get more out of natalia. Well, at least now she does have tessa's phone number. So fingers crossed that she calls with some news. In the meantime, all we can do now is wait and pray that nothing bad happens.

Scott: Maybe not.

Sharon: What do you mean?

Scott: Irv paid for his drinks with his credit card, so his number's in the system. I mean, if noah lets us take a look, we can get his account information, take it to paul, and then see what else irv's spending his money on.

Sharon: Do you really think that he would pay for a night with natalia with a personal credit card?

Scott: It's a hail mary, but it's worth a try.

Sharon: Let's do it. You know what, I was not able to help crystal when she called the crisis hotline. So I owe it to her to follow up on any and all leads.

Scott: You've gone above and beyond for her.

Sharon: So have you. If you hadn't recognized natalia tonight, we wouldn't have even gotten this far.

Scott: It was dumb luck that she was in here tonight.

Sharon: Still. I owe you.

Scott: Uh-huh.

Sharon: And trust me, i always pay my debts.

Scott: Oh!

Noah: So natalia is part of this prostitution ring.

[ Scoffs ] And she was here tonight with the dude who's gonna rep you.

Tessa: How screwed up is that?

Noah: How are you doing?

Tessa: It was a big night.

Noah: Tessa...

Tessa: [ Sighs ] After I lost contact with crystal, I almost gave up hope. I was worried I'd never see her again. But after talk to natalia and hearing that she cares about my sister and that she has my number and that she might call... I mean, I know it's not a sure thing, but -- it's something to hold onto.

Noah: All right, um, I'm not going to michigan. My dad will understand.

Tessa: No. Hey. The underground expansion is your dream. You should be there.

Noah: Look, only if you are careful when I'm gone. You can't go running off if you get a lead, okay? You have to promise me that you'll be safe.

Tessa: I promise.

Dr. Alcott: I can't stress this enough. You need to follow my instructions to the letter. If you don't, you're putting your life and the life of your baby in jeopardy.

Cane: She will, doc. I'll make sure of it.

Dr. Alcott: Okay. Oh. Excuse me.

Cane: [ Sighs ] Thank you for bringing her here and for calling me. I appreciate that.

Hilary: Yeah. No problem.

Cane: Okay, well, uh, I've got this from here. You can go. I'll take her back to the club when she's done.

Juliet: No. No. You both should go. Who knows how long this is going to take?

Cane: No. No.

Juliet: I'll just get a ride share.

Cane: No, I'm staying until you get the results, all right? I'm not leaving you, okay? End of discussion.

Hilary: Well, that worked out well, didn't it? I'll check in with you later.

Juliet: I'm sorry for interrupting your evening.

Cane: Hey, it's all right. You don't need to apologize when it comes to our baby. You don't have to do that.

Juliet: I'm scared.

Cane: You don't have to be scared. 'Cause I'm here, and I'm not gonna let anything happen to our little baby boy.

Victoria: Did you get access?

Billy: Yeah, dina's password is still working.

Victoria: Is phyllis there?

Billy: Yeah, she's upstairs waiting for me, so I don't want to give her a reason to wonder where I am.

Victoria: Is anything jumping out at you?

Billy: No, I'm not reading that thorough. I'm just skimming through. Wait a second.

Jack: No, I want the whole proposal as fast as you can get it to me. And tell the boys in r&d it is go-time! It's downloading.

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Ashley: I know what you did, and you're not gonna get away with it.

Phyllis: What's going on?

Ravi: It seemed like...

Phyllis: What? What's the issue?

Jack: Why would victor be e-mailing me?

Nikki: Wait! Before you open that --

Jack: Oh, my -- someone's stalking us?

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