Y&R Transcript Wednesday 9/20/17

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 9/20/17


Episode # 11261 ~ Nick becomes a target for revenge; Lily has a meltdown; Kevin returns to Genoa City.

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Nick: Oh, no. Oh, man! Hey! Dude! Help, help! Grab this one! This one! This one!

Noah: Agh! Oh, that's --

Nick: [ Laughs ]

Noah: Yeah. Ya goof!

Nick: Here. Take this.

Noah: Well, you're in a hell of a mood today.

Nick: Yeah, I just got f the phone with our realtor in ann arbor. Apparently our fast-track liquor license is the stuff of legends.

Noah: Cool. That should work in our favor, right? You know, generate some buzz for the new club...

Nick: That's it? That's all you got? Just "cool," man? Come on. That's disappointing.

Noah: The way things went down with the liquor board, grandpa using his clout... I know that's not how you like to do things.

Nick: Look, it happened, all right? I'm over it -- mostly. We needed that liquor license to begin our expansion, and now we have it. We're gonna charge right ahead. You know? This thing is all ours. We don't owe anyone anything, including your grandfather.

Victor: Have you arrived in genoa city yet?

Kevin: A little ahead of schedule. Just dropped bella off with esther. Where should we meet?

Victor: I'm at the ranch, so get here as soon as possible, all right?

Kevin: Copy that. Should I pick -- hello?

Michael: Hello to you, too.

Jordan: So I'm at the club, minding my own business, trying to work out in peace. Devon decides to school me on how I shouldn't play with his ex-wife's fragile emotions. If anything, she used me! But there he was, bad-mouthing me because I shoved her aside to move on to his sister.

Chelsea: Okay, jordan, to be fair...

Jordan: Unh-unh. Come on. No, no, no. Not you, too. I wasn't hanging out with hilary waiting in the wings for lily to kick her husband out! She is a friend. Devon knows that.

Chelsea: Maybe, but put yourself in his shoes. I mean, you dump hilary, and then you waste no time having dinner with lily and her kids. I mean, even if it didn't go any further, it'S... wait a second, did it go any further?

Jordan: Oh, no, no. Not at all, not at all.

Chelsea: Jordan.

Jordan: What? All right. I kissed her.

Cane: [ Panting ]

Hilary: Don't stop on my account.

Cane: I'm not.

Hilary: I would nag you about your progress with lily, but at least you're staying in shape.

Cane: Oh, I am. Speaking of which, I have to thank you for pushing me to be more proactive. It's finally gonna pay off.

Hilary: Really? How big?

Cane: Well, lily and I are gonna see a marriage counselor today.

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Hilary: Couples therapy? Wow. That is huge. And a fantastic sign that your strategy is working.

Cane: Please don't call my attempt to heal my relationship with my children a strategy.

Hilary: It's just a word so let's not get hung up on it.

[ Sighs ] I knew it. I knew that emphasizing the family aspect would remind lily what she was throwing away -- the important things in life.

Cane: Which makes jordan less important, which is your ultimate goal, right?

Hilary: One you and I should both share.

Cane: It doesn't even matter what your motives are, okay? All that matter is that lily's agreed to give us a chance to work things out.

Juliet: I was pleased to hear the dare campaign's on again, and you're back to work.

Lily: Yeah. It's, uh -- it's been nice. It's not official. How did you -- cane, of course.

Juliet: He was thrilled about it, that you weren't suffering because of his... that your job is okay.

Lily: Yeah, I heard that you received good news, as well. That the genetic testing came back normal. I was happy to hear that everything is okay.

Juliet: Yeah. Me, too. I was more worried than I've ever been. That maternal bond people talk about? You never understand it, really, until it's your kid. Which you know.

Lily: Yeah. Cane told me it's a boy.

Juliet: Cane has been nothing but supportive through all this, and I know it's because of you insisting he act responsibly.

Lily: I don't think it's my influence. Cane will do what matters most to him. Um, I should get going. I have an appointment I have to get to, but I wish you the best.

Juliet: You, too.

Nick: You know, dad helped us bust through a serious roadblock, and now it's done, and we're charging ahead. This project is nothing but ours.

Noah: Sounds good to me.

Nick: I also put in a call to our new banker to make sure i had plenty of cash on hand, just in case we saw a new property that we wanted to scoop up while we were on our trip.

Noah: I am so excited for tomorrow. You and me, on the road, our first look at the ann arbor club. I can't thank you enough, dad.

Nick: For what, doing all the driving?

Noah: No, come on, for financing my dream!

Nick: It's our dream, you know? We're doing this together.

Noah: Well, having the right dad helps. Oh, hey, I forgot to tell you, devon and I met with this promoter at the music festival in san francisco -- irv west. He's a major player.

Nick: Yeah, I've heard of him. He must be.

Noah: Yeah, he's the guy you call if you want to book the hottest up-and-coming indie-rock or edm talent. He's gonna be a major help for booking acts for our new expansion clubs. Anyways, the reason why I'm bringing him up is he's coming to watch tessa perform.

Nick: Here? That's amazing. How did you manage that?

Noah: Well, I've been politely stalking irv since i got back from the west coast, trying to persuade him to make a stop into genoa city. He finally said yes, and tonight's the night.

Nick: That is crazy! I mean, tessa's virtually an unknown.

Noah: I just told it to him straight, you know? She is a gifted artist with the ability to take her most painful memories and turn them into compelling and accessible music. It helps that she has the support of devon's new company, as well.

Nick: Well, tessa is a very lucky girl. You're obviously a big fan. And not just of her music.

Noah: We have been getting closer.

Nick: Mm. Are you, uh, I don't know, a little hesitant?

Noah: Just trying to manage my expectations.

Kevin: I can explain...

Michael: That phone call better have been you leaving me a voicemail announcing your very, very surprise visit.

Kevin: You were my next call.

[ Stammering ] I... and, yes, this very last-minute trip was a surprise. There's an airfare war, and bella needed some grandma time. She's with esther now.

Michael: I guess I won't begrudge you that first stop. Come here.

Kevin: [ Sighs ]

Michael: Well, living in the northwest seems to agree with you.

Kevin: Thanks. You know, the city's motto is "keep portland weird," so I'm doing my best.

Michael: I'd expect nothing less.

Kevin: [ Sighs ] Mikey, i made such a great choice. I -- I love the cool, cloudy weather, there's ton of delicious cheap food, cutting-edge tech work...

Michael: How's bella adjusting?

Kevin: Better than I would have hoped. This whole thing to her is an adventure. And she loves her preschool.

Michael: You realize that you've given me more information than in all of your e-mails or social media posts combined?

Kevin: I apologize if it seems like I've been shutting my family out. I never want any of you guys to feel that way. It's just -- there's just so many hours in the day, you know?

Michael: Yeah. Yeah. Come on. Lauren and I understand. We know why you had to get away. And just hearing how well things are going, that's all I need. Almost all. It would be nice if I were able to check things out for myself. Maybe if somebody would invite me up there...

Kevin: Yes. Mikey, of course. Yes. Yeah. I mean, bella and I, we're still adjusting, but once we're settled and you have the time...

Michael: Hey. Don't worry. I can wait. Are you gonna bring, uh, bella around to the cemetery?

Kevin: No, no. I'm trying to focus on the present and the future with her, and she's in a good place with her mom. With her memories, I mean.

Michael: All right. Beautiful. I've got to get to court, but i will see you back at our place later, and that was not a question, by the way.

Kevin: Okay. I hear you. I've got a few things to take care of first.

Michael: All right. See you soon.

Kevin: Mm-hmm.

[ Door opens ]

Lily: Hey.

Cane: Hey.

Lily: I thought it was the therapist.

Cane: No, the receptionist said she'll be right in. You know, she's one of the best-rated in town, so we're lucky we got in because there was a cancellation 'cause she's booked up for weeks.

Lily: Kind of a sad commentary on the current state of marriage, huh?

Cane: Yeah, or it could be a hopeful sign there are couples willing to fight for their marriage. Like us. Anyway, thank you for coming. I appreciate it.

Lily: It's our marriage, so... it means...

Linda: Hello. I'm linda. It's a pleasure to meet you both.

Cane: I'm cane. Nice to meet you, linda.

Lily: Hi.

Linda: Hi. You look nervous, lily.

Lily: Um, cane just proposed this, so it's still very new to me.

Linda: Oh, I see. Well, just be open and truthful and we'll go from there. Please, make yourselves comfortable.

Cane: Thank you.

Linda: We can plunge right in. When, uh, cane called, he said you'd recently separated, but you're both committed to preserving your family and, if possible, your marriage.

Cane: Yes. Absolutely. Otherwise, we wouldn't be here.

Linda: Well, what about you, lily? Being as honest as you can, tell me in your own words why you're here today.

Jordan: It was a simple kiss.

Chelsea: Mm. Simple.

Jordan: It happened in the moment.

Chelsea: You care about lily! Or the other name for her, mrs. Cane ashby! Okay, let me guess -- wait, unless you were gonna tell me that you were just kissing her like a sister.

Jordan: Not at all.

Chelsea: Yeah. I didn't think so. Look, you might have just thought of it as a sweet kiss with no intentions behind it, but you have to think of this from lily's perspective. She's been through the wringer lately. She's probably feeling very angry, very hurt, very vulnerable, and then this guy shows up, this guy that she trusts, that cares about her, that's super attractive, and then you kiss her? Come on! And even if you say it was totally innocent and you had no intentions, which I kind of don't believe you, by the way, you've admitted you have feelings for her, so it's bound to just stir stuff up!

Jordan: Now it seems like she's pulling away. I never wanted to pressure her.

Chelsea: Jordan, lily is going through a lot right now. Her main focus is probably her children and her family's future. And, listen, I know you're not gonna want to hear it, but...

Jordan: It's me. Go ahead. Say it.

Chelsea: Lily and cane -- this is a long-term couple. I mean, they share a life together. They share children. They have a history. When you love somebody that much, it doesn't just go away because of a betrayal or because you have a separation...

Jordan: Or if your husband's life gets cut short. I am so sorry. I did not try to compare what happened to adam to what's going on with lily. I'm so sorry.

Chelsea: No, no. It's okay. What lily's going through right now, it is a loss. I have to live with mine every single day.

Nick: So, are you having doubts about you and tessa?

Noah: Mm, I wouldn't call it doubts. Self-awareness. I know in the past I've had a thing for challenging girls -- the more drama, the better. So I'm just trying to change my default setting from rescue to something deeper, more mutual, you know?

Nick: Look at you, all older and wiser.

Noah: Believe me, I have a lot to learn. I took it pretty hard when i found out that she was... holding back about her sister.

Nick: Look, if it's true and crystal was involved in that kind of, you know, sex work, it can't be easy to talk about with people, especially a new guy she's dating.

Noah: She told mariah. Guess she was afraid that I'd be judgmental, that she'd have to live up to some kind of higher standard 'cause I'm a newman.

Nick: Been there, done that. But you guys seem to have gotten past that.

Noah: Yeah, it forced us to communicate. She knows that I'm interested in her. And there's so much there, dad. I mean, her drive, her talent, sense of humor, passion...

Nick: Well, getting to know tessa the way I have, I mean, it seems like you guys are on target.

Noah: Glad you agree.

Nick: Yeah, I just wish i could have helped crystal more, you know, when I found her out by the dumpster. If I'd known that she was tessa's sister...

Noah: How could you? Nothing to go on. And your instinct was to step in and help. It's who you've always been. It's the example you set for me my entire life. And I love you for it.

Victor: Thank you for coming all the way from portland so quickly.

Kevin: I know how much I owe you. When you called, I didn't hesitate. I have too much to lose.

Victor: How's chloe?

Kevin: She's great. Better than ever.

Victor: Happy to hear that.

Kevin: Thanks. It's been a really smooth transition. She's a new person, and I don't just mean the new look and identity. Having our family together, making a new start in a new city, watching bella thrive, it's -- it's been a miracle cure.

Victor: A solid family can be a healing force, you know? But when that is broken, the strength that held it together can sometimes turn into poison, and that is what my son has done to me. He turned my family against me.

Kevin: So it's nick. That's why I'm here.

Victor: Yeah.

Kevin: I know the two of you have had issues, but for nick to try and sabotage a concert, one that his mom was giving for charity...

Victor: He damn near succeeded, you know...

Kevin: Who would be against a night like that?

Victor: Well, if you don't believe me, go talk to hilary at gc buzz and she'll show you the tape. Nicholas admitted it on that tape. He said he was concerned about his mother's health. It nearly robbed her of a wonderful experience.

Kevin: You think his real motive was to punish you?

Victor: You know what it was.

Kevin: Adam.

Victor: Exactly. You know how hypocritical that is? While adam was alive, nicholas hated his guts.

Kevin: And he still decided to appoint himself adam's avenger. Decided to stalk and harass chloe, hunt her down like a dog...

[ Sighs ] If it wasn't for nick, things would be so different right now.

Victor: Things have only gotten worse.

Jordan: You're telling me i need to give lily some space.

Chelsea: She's in the middle of a crisis, jordan. Wrestling with questions that are going to affect her for the rest of her life, questions that are gonna affect mattie and charlie... when she's ready to make the break from cane, if that day comes, you'll know.

Jordan: You're right. You're right. I got it.

Chelsea: In the meantime, i need you to take care of yourself.

Jordan: Come on. You know me. I'm always landing on my feet.

Chelsea: We grew up in a business where survival meant keeping your emotions completely locked out. Rule #1 -- you can't scam somebody that you care about.

Jordan: And our scamming days are way behind both of us.

Chelsea: But we both became really good at protecting ourselves and, you know, keeping people out. It's just -- it's not good. It's not healthy.

Jordan: Well, you managed, and I'm doing pretty good, too.

Chelsea: That's my point. I see how much you care about lily, and I just -- I just want you to protect your heart, okay?

Jordan: A reminder from chelsea never hurts. [ Laughs ]

Chelsea: [ Chuckles ]

Jordan: Well, I am going to go ahead and get out of here.

Chelsea: Okay.

Jordan: Thanks again for everything.

Chelsea: Of course. Anytime.

Jordan: [ Sighs ]

Chelsea: Hi.

Nick: Hey! What's up, man?

Jordan: What's going on, nick?

Nick: How you doing?

Jordan: Great.

Nick: Good.

Jordan: As always, i appreciate the wisdom.

Chelsea: Of course.

Jordan: See you later, man.

Nick: See you, bud.

Chelsea: See you soon. Take care of yourself!

Jordan: I will, I will.

Chelsea: [ Sighs ] Hey.

Nick: Hello.

Chelsea: How are you? I was just giving my friend so much-needed advice. So, are you all set for your trip?

Nick: Yeah, pretty much, uh, but I think we should have a little discussion about christian.

Chelsea: What do you mean? Everything's gonna be fine. Monique watches the boys when I'm at work.

Nick: What about when you're not?

Chelsea: They're gonna be fine. They love each other, and christian just follows connor around all the time. It's gonna be perfect. It's gonna be great.

Nick: Yeah, I know. Just another reason why I love living together. The cousins gets to grow up like brothers.

Lily: The last thing that i want is for my family to split up.

Cane: That's a good thing, right?

Linda: Well, it's a start. She's expressing what she doesn't want. Lily, finish this sentence -- "I would like..."

Lily: ...To be able to trust my husband again.

Cane: I want that, too. 'Cause I'm the one to blame here. You are my world. You and the kids. I had sex with someone else, though.

Linda: Talk a little bit about how you made the choices you now regret.

Cane: I got ridiculously drunk. I was in tokyo with a work colleague, and we closed this business deal, and, uh... it just happened. I didn't repeat it. I didn't plan for it to happen. I never had a conscious sexual thought about this woman or a romantic feeling. I love my wife. I love you. I made a terrible mistake, and I'm gonna regret it for the rest of my life.

Linda: Trust, loss of, lack of -- it's at the root of most troubled marriages. It's not an easy thing to get back. Cane's taken a solid step, owning his mistake.

Lily: Except it wasn't one mistake. I mean, that night in tokyo started a series of them.

Linda: What happened afterwards?

Lily: Cane swore that nothing happened, and so I defended him to everyone, including our kids. I mean, he lied and lied again, even when there was video footage of him going into his hotel room late at night with his colleague, and her leaving again hours later. It was humiliating. I mean, our children's lives have been undone. So for him to say it was a mistake, it'S... it's insensitive and it's inadequate..

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Jordan: Oh, can I give you a hand?

Hilary: No, thanks. I'm sure there are other women who would love your help.

Jordan: Oh, here. I don't -- I don't work here. Yet.

Hilary: That's not what i meant.

Jordan: For now, my gig back at brash & sassy's back on.

Hilary: Cane told me. I'm glad that everything's back on track over there. After all that messy business.

Jordan: We haven't seen each other in a while. You been good?

Hilary: Outstanding. Wouldn't you agree?

Hilary: [ Exhales sharply ]

Jordan: Hilary, let me help.

Hilary: You don't have to do that.

Jordan: Look, you got to have good form, right? Great. Let's get a couple more. Follow through with your chest. That's right. Like that. Good job. This is all you right here. Last one, last one. Push it through, push it through.

Hilary: [ Exhales sharply ]

Jordan: Good job. There you go.

Hilary: Thanks.

Jordan: Yeah, no problem.

Hilary: So, what's a busy photographer doing here at this time of day, wasting all that natural light?

Jordan: It's my day off.

Hilary: Oh, that's right. Lily's busy. Cane told me that they're going to marriage counseling today.

Cane: She's right. I should have come clean from the start, but I just couldn't get over the fact that i endangered our marriage with a woman who meant nothing to me. I... it was a meaningless night, and to be honest with you, I don't even remember it. And I didn't want to lose my wife.

Linda: Talk to lily. Tell her.

Cane: I regret what I did. I let you and the kids down. But we've been through bad times before. And I know we can get past this.

Lily: I don't like feeling this way.

Linda: What way?

Cane: I understand what she's saying. Lily had an affair, and, uh, i forgave her for it.

Lily: You can't compare what I did to this.

Cane: Hang on, but... I don't understand. I -- I got past it. And I just don't understand why it's so hard for you to do the same.

Linda: Let her answer.

Cane: Okay.

Lily: I could run into a certain pregnant woman at any time, like today, and it's a constant reminder that not only did you cheat on me, but you lied to my face again and again. You tried to ruin billy's reputation out of spite, and because of that, you hurt me and the kids and so many other people. And now juliet is walking around carrying your child, something i could never do because I had cancer. So that's why it's so hard.

Linda: Yeah, it's important you understand what lily is saying.

Cane: Yeah, but hang on, wait a second. That's not fair. It's not because she's lumping in my mistakes with things that are outside of my control. I mean, I'm doing the right thing here. I'm taking care of this baby. I'm taking responsibility for it, and that's what -- that's what she wanted. You wanted that. You told me to do this. Unless you've changed your mind now. I don't understand.

Lily: No! How can you even say that?

Cane: Why are you holding this against me? Why? Why are you doing that to me? I mean, you're now adding this to the list of things that I've done wrong. You're shutting me out while you invite your friend jordan into our house. You had him sit down at our table and have dinner with our kids, in my chair. Do you know I saw that? Lily. I saw that.

Nick: You know, I really appreciate you watching christian while I'm away with noah.

Chelsea: Of course. It's easy.

Nick: And faith is gonna be with sharon, so there's no big hassle there.

Chelsea: Faith and I are coming along. I mean, she's not exactly our biggest cheerleader, but we're coming along.

Nick: Yeah, no pom-poms. Maybe a simple cheer here or there, maybe a somersault.

Chelsea: Mm.

Nick: Thanks for understanding.

Chelsea: Are you gonna be okay with her seeing victor when she's staying at her mom's?

Nick: Well, based on her reaction when she found out dad kicked me off the ranch, I don't think she's gonna be rushing back to grandpa, which I take no pleasure in.

Chelsea: Well, it's not your fault. You tried to keep her out of all that drama.

Nick: Till I had to tell her the truth, thanks to dad sneaking up to the camp for a little advanced manipulation. You know, if dad thinks his relationship with faith took a hit, that's all on him.

Chelsea: True. Although we both know that's not how victor sees it.

Victor: After the concert, nicholas managed to prevent me and nikki from reconciling, and then he began to influence his own children.

Kevin: Trying to turn them against you?

Victor: Yeah. You know, I had a wonderful relationship with my granddaughter faith. She looked at the ranch as her sanctuary until he filled her ears with all kinds of bad things about his father.

Kevin: That's messed up. Sounds like nick is at his most self-righteous.

Victor: Now he wants to turn me against my grandson noah. And I won't let him.

Kevin: I guess that's why I'm here.

Victor: Yeah. Only esther knows that you're here?

Kevin: Well, that was the plan. I ran into michael at crimson lights, but I covered the reason for my trip, said it was purely personal. I kept you out of it. So, what are you planning to do to nick, and what is my role in it going to be?

Nick: You know, dad blames me for the situation with faith. I'm sure he's gonna try to find a way to get back at me.

Chelsea: And you don't seem too concerned. That worries me.

Nick: I have taken steps to protect myself. When my dad is involved, you have to be prepared for anything. You want to change the subject?

Chelsea: Yes. I would love nothing more.

Nick: Good. How would you feel about a family dinner tonight? You, me, the boys. I could invite noah and faith. I think it'd be awesome.

Chelsea: Short notice, but sounds like fun.

Nick: Well, you aren't gonna have to do anything. I'm gonna cook, clean -- all of it.

Chelsea: [ Gasps ] Even more fun. Mm.

Nick: [ Sighs ] I'm really gonna miss you. You know, I am leaving, so this could be our last time alone for a while.

Chelsea: Uh-oh... well, then I'd say you, uh, better get crackin', newman.

[ Chuckles ]

Hilary: You know, I admire cane and lily for actually trying couples therapy. If devon and I hadn't been so stubborn... if we actually seeked outside help, maybe we would have fixed our marriage. But we didn't have kids to consider. I'm sure that cane and lily both have to be thinking about what it means to break up their family. But lily needs to do what's right for her, too, right?

Jordan: If there's a way that they can salvage their relationship, they should do it.

Hilary: Seriously?

Jordan: Charlie and mattie are great kids. They don't deserve to have their family broken apart. I know what a difference it'd make for them if their folks find a way to just figure it out.

Lily: This isn't relevant in any way. Jordan is a friend, so please don't imply that I'm trying to replace you with another man.

Cane: I just wish you would tell me what you want. I've admitted to you I'm wrong. And I've been a punching bag for everybody -- our family, your family, ours kids... I lost my job. I don't know, what is it gonna take for me to let you know how sorry I am and how much I love you and all I want to do is for our family stay together and have it heal?

Lily: Cane, I don't know. I didn't realize there was some sort of schedule that we had to stick to.

Linda: No, there's no timetable. It's not about that. For counseling to work, you both have to want the same thing, for your marriage to survive. Cane does. And now I have to ask -- lily, do you?

Cane: There's your answer, isn't it? So why'd you come here? Is it so you can just say you gave it a shot?

Linda: I don't think that's fair. This is a process. It's important that lily not feel rushed, and this hasn't been a waste of time. You've covered lots of important ground.

Lily: Can I answer his question?

Linda: Please do.

Lily: I came here today for the kids. Because they are struggling with everything that's happened. It's upsetting and confusing and I thought that coming here would help give clarity on how to deal with that.

Cane: So you came here for mattie and charlie, not for us.

Lily: I'm just being honest. I thought that was the point of this.

Cane: No, it is.

Linda: Why don't we take a final moment before ending the session --

Lily: I'm sorry, I can'T.

Juliet: Hi.

Cane: [ Scoffs ] You are the last person i expected to see here.

Juliet: It's not that bizarre. Pregnant women like music, and they make a mean club soda here.

Cane: Would you like to join me?

Juliet: Okay.

Cane: [ Sighs ]

Juliet: Looks like you've got a lot on your mind.

Cane: You couldn't imagine.

Juliet: Look, if you want to talk about it, that's cool. Or I can keep quiet. Up to you.

Cane: Lily and I went to see a marriage counselor today.

Juliet: That's, uh, good news, isn't it?

Cane: Well, I thought so, but it turns out that I'm just being an optimist.

Juliet: Mm. Didn't go the way you were hoping?

Cane: No. I thought it was what we needed, but you know what, you need two people to make it work, and, somehow, I don't think that lily does.

Lily: Hi.

Michael: Hey.

Lily: Thanks for coming over.

Michael: Sure.

[ Exhales sharply ] I imagine you're curious about the fallout of cane's visit to victoria's home. Blaming reed for mattie cutting class...

Lily: Yeah. I know what cane did. How did victoria respond to it?

Michael: She wasn't thrilled. I advised her to let it go this time, and I warned cane that it was crucial that he stay away from victoria's home and her place of business, or there could be real trouble.

Lily: Thank you for talking to cane. And for de-escalating things with victoria.

Michael: It was the right thing to do.

Lily: Um, have a seat. Please.

Michael: Sure.

Lily: So, the, uh, other reason why I wanted to talk to you was, um... juliet's baby. What kind of legal responsibility is cane expected to have?

Michael: Well, the state laws on child support only consider what's best for the baby, whether the pregnancy was planned or not. The prior relationship of the parents doesn't factor into it.

Lily: So what is cane expected to contribute?

Michael: Well, care, feeding, medical expenses. Juliet would be well within her rights to ask that he share in the educational costs, starting with preschool.

Lily: Right. So whether we like it or not, this baby will be a part of our lives.

Michael: If juliet opts to raise the baby in genoa city, i would say the answer is yes. I know these issues sound daunting, but plenty of couples navigate these issues all the time.

Lily: Cane and I have plenty of those to deal with.

Michael: Anything I can do to help?

Lily: Um... we had our first marriage counseling session today.

Michael: Mm. And?

Lily: And maybe our last. I don't -- I don't know.

Michael: I'm sorry to hear that. Are you thinking of taking legal action --

Lily: What, divorce? You can say it. It's fine.

Michael: I didn't want to push.

Lily: It's okay. I don't know, I mean, before today, I could let myself think those words, let alone say them. But to be honest... I don't know if cane and I can get through this.

Jordan: If you want to work your obliques, I got a good exercise for you. Just bend your legs like this and keep your pelvis forward. Move around and keep checking in right in the middle, like that. Yeah.

Hilary: Like that?

Jordan: Like that. Keep your arms straight. Put a little bend in your knees. Right there. Ooh, you should feel it right here. Good job, good job.

Hilary: I feel it.

Jordan: You feel it?

Hilary: Yeah, that's quite the burn.

Chelsea: I feel like this is just an evil plot to make me miss you more.

Nick: You see right through me.

Chelsea: Mm!

Nick: I'm not gonna be gone long. This trip is for us and for our future. I love you, chelsea. I love this life we're building.

Victor: So, kevin, with your help, I will give my son nicholas what he claims he wants most.

Kevin: Sounds final.

Victor: It is. An ideal time for nicholas to put his money where his mouth is.

Next on "the young and the restless"...

Mattie: Mom made dinner reservations at the club. You guys can go together since that's what she really wants.

Juliet: It sounds like you won't have the same love for this child as you do for mattie and charlie.

Devon. Good to see you guys.

Devon: How you doing? Good to see you, too.


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