Y&R Transcript Tuesday 9/19/17

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 9/19/17


Episode # 11260 ~ Nikki and Victor clash, Dina interrogates Graham, and Cane has a plan to save his marriage. (TV-14 D)

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Jack: Sleep well?

Nikki: Oh. In that bed with this blissful quiet? How could I not?

Jack: Well, you could pretend you missed having me in that bed with you.

Nikki: [ Chuckles ] No pretense necessary. You and I agreed --

Jack: Hey, hey, hey. You can make it all up to me with a good-morning kiss.

Nikki: Oh. Well... good morning. Thank you for remembering my tea.

Jack: Always. Always. I need the java in the morning, even if it comes out of a coffeemaker we've had here for decades.

Nikki: Hmm.

Jack: No double-shot, no-foam soy lattes for me.

Nikki: Well, I'll stick with my tried and true any time.

Jack: That almost sounds like a reference to victor.

Nikki: Tried? Yes. True? Not so much. Why do you think I'm here?

[ Jack chuckles ]

Ashley: [ Sighs ] Victor.

Victor: Hi.

Ashley: Hi. Congratulations on your brilliant idea.

Victor: What idea?

Ashley: Well, the idea you had to have abby move into the ranch with you. She loves it there.

Victor: Oh! I love having her there. You know that. Looking at her beautiful face every day, I love it.

Ashley: Yeah, that's great. You know, there's one more thing.

Victor: Hmm?

Ashley: Do you remember your first take when you met graham bloodworth?

Victor: I suggested that he was after dina's money.

Ashley: Yeah. Well, I've been keeping a closer eye on him.

Victor: And was I correct?

Ashley: Mm-hmm.

Victor: Wow. Are you going to do something about it?

Ashley: It's more difficult than you'd think.

Victor: Is your mother all right?

Dina: Brent, if you ever say one word -- one word about our secret -- I'll kill you.

Brent: I want my daughter to know me. To look at me as her father.

Dina: You're not going to see ashley again. You're not going to try to reach out to her in any way. You've done all the damage I intend to allow. And you will never, never be a father to her.

Dina: [ Gasps ] Graham? Graham! [ Whimpers ]

Lily: Charlie, what's taking you so long?

Charlie: Are you finished yet?

Lily: No, she's not. And your breakfast is getting cold.

Charlie: Well, I'm just gonna grab a protein bar.

Lily: No, sit down and eat, please.

Charlie: Mom, I --

Lily: Hey. Having meals together is important, okay? We have to spend more time together, not less.

Charlie: [ Snapping ]

Mattie: Don't snap your fingers at me. I have a name.

Charlie: Yeah, and if I have to get in on this "family togetherness" deal, so do you. So, tell us, mattie. How's your life?

Mattie: You so don't want to go there right now.

Lily: Mattie, we've discussed this.

Mattie: And yet I am still grounded.

Charlie: Say what?

Mattie: Turns out dad's not the only one who can mess up around here.

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Charlie: Okay, look, somebody throw me a spoiler. What's up?

Lily: Your sister cut class yesterday.

Charlie: Okay, good one. What's the real story? So, I'm being pranked? Joke's on charlie. Everybody yell "gotcha!" Okay, you're saying my sister, the multiple-ap-class-taking, curve-setting, super-straight arrow, cut? For what? To build a robot? To have a quick consult with nasa? What?

Mattie: I was with reed.

Charlie: I thought you weren't seeing him anymore.

Mattie: That was the edict.

Charlie: Which you ignored and got caught?

Mattie: Turns out dad is a master detective. Can I be excused? I need to brush my teeth.

Charlie: What did dad do now?

Ashley: So, graham told both dina and me -- and everybody else -- that both his parents were dead. But I did just a little bit of digging, and I found out that his mother is very much alive.

Victor: Hmmm. Wouldn't be the first son who would want one of his parents out of the way.

Ashley: That's true, but it's just the opposite. He's taking excellent care of her, victor. He's footing the bill for a very expensive senior-living facility in florida.

Victor: Really? Why would he lie? What's his angle?

Ashley: I haven't figured that out. But I do know that he's gone to a lot of trouble to worm his way into my mother's life. They did not meet by accident. He honed in on her, and then gave her some sob story about being an orphan.

Victor: So, what was your mother's reaction when she found out the truth?

Ashley: Well, I'm just about to find that out.

Victor: You're on the way to see her now?

Ashley: Yes, I am. Hopefully, with a little bit of luck, my mother's gonna realize that she's been played, and she's gonna give this companion the boot.

Dina: Come in.

Graham: Weren't we scheduled to meet later?

Dina: Uh, this -- this can't wait.

Graham: What is it, dina?

Dina: I've made a terrible, terrible mistake. I never should have told you about ashley not being john abbott's daughter.

Graham: There's no harm done. Since ashley's aware, and has been for years.

Dina: That doesn't make it public knowledge. Nor is what I did to my husband and my daughter any less horrid.

Graham: Well, I'm glad you opened up to me.

Dina: Well, I'm not. Because I swore I would take this to my grave.

Graham: You know you can entrust any and all of your secrets to me. You must know that.

Dina: You can never tell a living soul what I shared with you. And if you tell anyone, especially ashley, what we have together will end. You will be dead to me.

Charlie: So you're not gonna tell me what went down between mattie and dad?

Lily: I would rather hear about you. This time last year, you were never around for breakfast.

Charlie: Well, I mean, I had early-morning practice. Not anymore, though.

Lily: How do you like cross-country?

Charlie: I mean... it's a great team. They went to state champions last year, and, uh... this practice schedule's easier to handle.

Lily: But?

Charlie: [ Sighs ] I miss football. The guys, hanging out.

Lily: Yeah, but you still see them.

Charlie: It's different now.

Lily: Well, I'm sure once, you know, season's over, everything will go back to normal.

Charlie: You know, I just keep kicking myself. You know, if I was just a little better, I would have made the team. Look, don't be too hard on mattie. She's smart enough to skip a few lousy classes.

Lily: What do you think of reed?

Charlie: Psh... I don't get her deal with the guy. I mean, dudes with guitars? Come on.

Lily: Well, not the first girl to fall for a musician.

Charlie: Yeah, but mattie's got big brains. And don't tell her I said this, but she's pretty. And witty and... fun to be around. She's in a whole nother hemisphere from this wannabe rockstar.

Lily: That's really sweet of you. I agree.

Charlie: Yet, and that being said... mattie's pretty good at sizing people up, right?

Lily: Right. That's true.

Charlie: So... I might not have much use for the guy, but there's got to be something to him.

Mattie: I'm ready to go. But since you haven't finished your breakfast yet, if I hurry, I can make the bus.

Lily: Wait, mattie. Hold on. Why don't you take two more bites and then take your sister to school, okay? You guys can take my car.

Mattie: Making sure I get there, mother?

Charlie: Well, I'm full, so... let's waltz, matilda.

Mattie: You are so lame.

Charlie: Which is why I need my own personal einstein to help me study for the math quiz.

Dina: Come. Sit down. I want to apologize for sounding so harsh. I'm sorry.

Graham: Well, it's obvious that you can trust me with your most sensitive information. This will be no different.

Dina: Well, that's very comforting.

Graham: You know, I'm surprised that something that happened so long ago still has such a strong impact on you to this day.

Dina: I was a terrible, terrible wife. And I really resented john's devotion to his company, so i had several affairs.

Graham: You just wanted attention, and for someone to put you first.

Dina: The issue is ashley. And the price she had to pay for my failings.

Graham: Your daughter's goal seems to be settling up accounts where you're concerned. It's obvious how much her attitude pains you. And I know you've rejected my thoughts on this before, but --

Dina: I'm not leaving genoa city.

Graham: What do you gain by staying? Ashley's made it clear she hasn't forgiven you. How do you expect to forge a relationship with her?

Dina: Perhaps a little time, hm?

Graham: Ashley will always feel that you ruined the one thing that meant the most to her -- her relationship with john abbott.

Dina: I am not going back to europe, and that's final. And furthermore, I don't need you instructing me about my own daughter.

Graham: Consider the matter dropped.

Dina: Good.

Graham: Can I give you a ride in to work later?

Dina: Oh, no. I'm too wiped out. I'm not going in today. I don't think jack will be there, either. Well, he went out of town last night with victor newman's wife.

Graham: I thought victor and his wife -- what was her name again?

Dina: Nikki.

Graham: Right. I was under they impression that they were separated?

Dina: So does jack, but, uh, I'm not so sure.

Graham: You think nikki's leading on your son while she'S...?

Dina: When you have an unhappy marriage, it's still a marriage. And I sure learned that the hard way. But what's even more frustrating is the fact that my children are making the same mistakes that I did.

[ Knock on door ]

Graham: I'll get it.

Dina: Thank you.

Ashley: Is my mother here?

Graham: Looks like you came to the right room this time.

Dina: Ashley, please. Join us. You know, I don't know why you made up that convoluted lie last night when you were coming out of graham's room.

Ashley: I wasn't sure what i was supposed to say, mother.

Dina: Well, at least I was truthful when I gave you his room key. So, now that that's taken care of and I know that you have found nothing that graham is hiding, then we can put that to rest. Correct?

Ashley: Of course.

Dina: Good.

Ashley: However, there are times when I prefer to speak with my mother alone, and this is one of those times. Would you please excuse yourself, graham?

Graham: I was thinking of having a workout, anyway.

Dina: Good.

Graham: Call me when you need me.

Dina: [ Sighs ] You know, it would have been so much easier if you had been up front with graham last night.

Ashley: Did you ever think that maybe I was trying to protect you? Because I didn't want him to get mad at you?

Dina: Good lord, ashley. When are you ever gonna give up this notion that graham's out to get me?

Ashley: After last night, not ever.

Jack: I could call off my meetings for the rest of the day. We could stay up here and just relax.

Nikki: Mm. I love that idea, but I have appointments, too. I can't be late.

Jack: "Appointments." Can I hope that maybe one of them is with a lawyer to make this separation official?

Nikki: Well, actually, I am meeting with a trainer at the gym. It's imperative that I stay healthy.

Jack: Oh, yes. To ward off a relapse. You get no argument from me. Whatever you've been doing lately, it's sure working.

Nikki: You're part of what's working. And coming to a place like this, the peace that it gives me... that's good, too. Very healing.

Jack: I know abby's intrusion was, uh, not exactly soothing. I'm sorry about that.

Nikki: Hey, we don't have to apologize to anybody. Anyway, I like the pace you and I have set for ourselves.

Jack: Slow and easy.

Victor: [ Grunting ] You're graham bloodworth.

Graham: Good memory. Good to see you again, mr. Newman.

Victor: Yeah, good to see you. You box?

Graham: Oh, well, not in the true sense. I don't spar much. But I do find that working out with a heavy bag is a good way to sort through my thoughts.

Victor: You bet. It's a great way to release tension, you know.

Graham: Can't argue with that.

Victor: That's right.

Dina: You know, you are just so stubborn.

Ashley: Well, maybe you need to blame it on genetics, mother.

Dina: Oh, please.

Ashley: Would you please just listen to me?

Dina: No, I won'T. I sent you to graham's room so that you would stop picking on his past. And obviously you found nothing. So let's put an end to that.

Ashley: Who says I didn't find anything?

Dina: Oh! Well, what could you have possibly found? What, an overdue phone bill? Or maybe he was just overindulging in the minibar.

Ashley: Are you familiar with boca pointe active living residence in boca raton?

Dina: What? Florida?

[ Scoffs ] What are you talking about?

Ashley: It's a very nice place, apparently very expensive. Have you ever heard of it?

Dina: I see what you're doing. You and jack are going to ship me off to this senior residence, right? Is that what this is all about, ashley?

Ashley: It's where a certain mrs. Bloodworth lives. Graham's mother. Which I think is highly disturbing, considering he told all of us that she was dead.

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Dina: Oh, graham's hiding another parent in another state. Now, why in the world would you think of that?

Ashley: Because I found a monthly statement from that residence in the amount of $8,000 that graham had paid.

Dina: Well, perhaps it, uh... [ Stammering ] ...He has a -- a distant aunt or something.

Ashley: It's his mother.

Dina: Well, this is -- this is foolishness.

Ashley: Look, I made a call last night to confirm my suspicions.

Dina: You spoke to this woman? And she told you that she was graham's mother?

Ashley: Not exactly. But it was obvious from what she said on the phone.

Dina: Oh, I see. Now you're jumping again, as usual, to these ridiculous, erroneous conclusions.

Ashley: If you had heard what she said on the phone, mother, it was very clear.

Dina: Oh, well, I don't believe it.

Ashley: Look, I'm trying to put this together. He has a mother who's very much alive, after he told us all she was dead. The way that he set it up for him to meet you at that party in monte carlo.

Dina: You're twisting facts.

Ashley: You know what I see? I see a man who has inserted himself into every aspect of your life. Who is ingratiated himself to the point where you are leaving him the bulk of your estate.

Dina: You know, all this talk about graham's agenda... why don't we focus on yours?

Ashley: I don't have an agenda, except I'm trying to look out for you.

Dina: Oh, by sowing doubt and mistrust?

Ashley: That is what graham's doing. Can't you see that? He's trying to turn you against your own children.

Dina: You know, with all your foolishness, ashley... that might just work!

Victor: Good. Good. Good. Turn it over. Turn the right over. Look. Like that. Good. Good. All right. Damn good job.

Graham: Coming from victor newman, that's high praise indeed.

Victor: [ Chuckles ] You should keep it up.

Graham: Will do.

Victor: Yep. Good for you. Excuse me. Were you home last night?

Nikki: Oh, hi.

Victor: Didn't answer your phone.

Nikki: My -- my phone was turned off.

Victor: Oh. Was that the case this morning, as well?

Nikki: And that's your business because...?

Victor: Because when I call you and leave a message, i expect you to return my call.

Nikki: Oh, well, I would have gotten around to it. Eventually. I think maybe I'm just following your example. Throughout our marriage, you always decided where we would go, when we would go, what we would do. And I find it quite exhilarating to do the same.

Victor: Well, I'm so happy to know that you're feeling exhilarated, okay? Where were you last night?

Nikki: [ Laughs ] If I'm not going to jump to answer my phone when you call, why on earth would I run my itinerary past you?

Victor: So, this new freedom allows you to not answer phone calls, not return them, and, uh, disappear overnight.

Nikki: I enjoyed myself. The peace and the quiet. Let's just leave it at that.

Victor: Were you with jack abbott last night?

Mattie: Unlock the car.

Charlie: Oh, she speaks!

Mattie: What do you want, charlie?

Charlie: Look, are you mad about the stuff i said about you cutting class? 'Cause, believe me, I never saw that coming.

Mattie: It was under extreme and urgent circumstances. Mom and dad were being unfair in their demands. It was torture missing reed that much. Skipping first period was the only way I could see him.

Charlie: Well, I just wish you would have told me about it first.

Mattie: Why? So you could've told me to "dump that loser" like you always do?

Charlie: No, so I could teach you how to beat the system so you wouldn't get busted. I mean, that's how you got caught, right? School called? They always do.

Mattie: Wish I'd know that.

Charlie: Well, you're an innocent who never breaks the rules. Me? I'm an expert.

Mattie: I'll remember that for next time.

Charlie: So, uh... what went down between you and dad? Mom didn't want to get into it.

Mattie: Oh, not much. He just made everything a million times worse.

Cane: Is it okay I stopped by?

Lily: Um, sure. But the -- the kids aren't here.

Cane: Yeah, I know. I timed it that way, that they're gone.

Lily: Oh. Did you want to talk about mattie?

Cane: No, actually, I-I need to talk about, uh... you and me and the kids, yeah.

Lily: Uh...yeah. I don't know if I'm ready for anything that deep right now.

Cane: All right, look, the clock is ticking on our marriage. And we can't just keep putting this off, okay? We need to talk about this.

Lily: I'm not. You come by when you want. You see the kids when you want.

Cane: But we never talk about what's wrong.

Lily: Well, we did plenty of that before I asked you to move out, and it got us nowhere.

Cane: All right, see, that's why this needs to change, all right? Because this separation is affecting the kids. You know that, right?

Lily: Yes, I do. And it'll take them some time to get used to it.

Cane: You know mattie's acting out. Could you imagine months ago that you and I would have said that mattie's acting out?

Lily: Cane, it's no great revelation that our daughter's been affected, and charlie, too. The other day, he blamed himself for not making the football team.

Cane: Yeah, I know. He said the same to me. And you think it's my fault, don't you?

[ Scoffs ] It's okay. You don't have to say it. It is my fault he didn't make the team. I know that. 'Cause all this turmoil, it's taking its toll on the kids. Which is why we need to address this now, not later.

Cane: Lily.

Lily: No, cane. I-I know what you're gonna say. You're gonna ask if you can move back in. And the answer is no. I'm sorry. It might be better for you, or for the kids, but I -- I can't do it. Okay? [ Stammers ] We can't just press the panic button because this is hard.

Cane: I know.

Lily: I told you that i needed time away from you to see how I feel. I can't just move that process along.

Cane: And I understand.

Lily: Then why are you forcing this?

Cane: Because this isn't just about me. This is about our kids. Look, we're in the kitchen and, you know, there's the spot that charlie hit his head on when he was a little toddler, you remember that? And we panicked, and we rushed him to the hospital. And out on the sofa there is where mattie used to read to us when she was 4 years old, and it's where you and I would sit, and we would laugh and we would make love. And I want that back. I want to come home. I want to come home to you. I want to be in the bed with you at night. I want to be with the woman that I chose for the rest of my life. Listen to me, I know -- I know this is a lot of hard work. But we can't fix our marriage, baby, if I'm not here. We can't do it.

Lily: Cane, I just know... I need this home to be a safe space for me. And I need you to respect that.

Cane: [ Scoffs ] I should've known that this would be a tough sell.

Lily: Well, you could have saved yourself a trip.

Cane: It's just, what you and I have is too precious not to fight for.

Lily: I don't want to fight.

Cane: I don't want to fight. That's why I think, you know, there's a compromise. And -- and if we make that compromise, maybe we can fix this.

Mattie: After dad got that call from walnut grove, he went straight to reed's house on a hunch.

Charlie: So, he caught you there?

Mattie: No. I-I'd left by then.

Charlie: So then how did dad know you were there for sure?

Mattie: I dropped my headband.

Charlie: Amateur. Anyway, reed's mom came home in the middle of dad yelling at reed, so it was this massive mess. Talk about humiliating.

Charlie: I'm sorry, sis, but maybe it's no surprise that dad went off on you. You already know you're not supposed to be with reed.

Mattie: We were just hanging out. So what?

Charlie: And?

Mattie: Listening to music.

Charlie: And?

Mattie: Kissing a little. But that's it.

Charlie: Yeah, that better be it. You're only 16.

Mattie: So are you, twin.

Charlie: Yeah, but I'm so much more worldly.

Mattie: Ugggh! Let me out of this car!

Charlie: Okay, how about this. You want to date a guy dad won't hate, I'll ask around.

Mattie: Sure. If you let me pick out your dates.

Charlie: Whatever. Honestly, reed can't be worth all this trouble.

Mattie: You never liked him because you both were once into the same girl.

Charlie: And he's obnoxious. He's got this huge ego.

Mattie: This is about dad. Reed's mom hates him because of what he did to the company. If he hadn't messed up so badly, nobody would be saying anything.

Victor: You running away or what?

Nikki: No, I am walking away from a conversation that has digressed into something I'm not interested in.

Victor: A simple question. Where were you last night?

Nikki: You are way out of line.

Victor: Really? Where were you last night?

Nikki: We are living apart. And that means that my personal life is none of your concern. Nor is it your concern the time that I choose to spend with my friends, like jack.

Victor: You are still my wife!

Nikki: Well, if you want it to stay that way, you better not speak to me like I'm one of your minions, because I am not. Now, about these phone messages.

Victor: Important messages.

Nikki: Yes. About nicholas and faith. That is something we need to deal with.

Victor: Right here, right now. Unless, of course, you want to play with your friends.

Nikki: I will always have time to speak to you about our children or grandchildren, without fail.

Victor: Then let's do it right now, right here.

Nikki: Fine. But I will not discuss jack with you.

Victor: Spare me.

Jack: You're sure about this?

Ashley: I made a call, and i spoke to a woman that I'm certain is graham's mother.

Jack: Good. Now mother can't deny --

Ashley: No, I already spoke with her, and she shut me down.

Jack: This is absolute proof, ash.

Ashley: Not according to our mother. She can't even begin to entertain the possibility that graham could have been lying to her this whole time, jack.

Jack: Well, wouldn't it be nice if she gave the same benefit of the doubt to her children that she gives to this guy.

Ashley: Yes, it would be. So what are we gonna do?

Jack: We keep digging. If this guy would lie about his mother being gone --

Ashley: Then he's lying about other things, obviously.

Jack: Why would it be important to him that mother think both his parents are gone?

Ashley: That was bugging me, too. I almost booked a flight down to boca today. Till I realized that graham's poor mother probably has no idea about these lies that he's been spinning.

Jack: Yeah, I'm not sure pressuring her is the right thing to do right now.

Ashley: So? I-I've hit a wall.

Jack: If only we knew if mother had some connection with her before.

Ashley: I watched her very carefully when I said the words "boca" and "florida."

Jack: And? Nothing?

Ashley: Nothing. Well, except she was wondering if we were gonna ship her there or something.

Jack: You know what? Maybe mother doesn't have such a bad idea, after all.

Cane: What if we go and see a marriage counselor?

Lily: [ Scoffs ] I can't believe you're saying this.

Cane: Why? 'Cause I didn't want to go the last time, after --

Lily: Yeah, after my affair.

Cane: Okay.

Lily: And, you know, maybe if we had gone then, we wouldn't be here right now.

Cane: Okay. It's not too late.

Lily: Cane, you're having a child with another woman. How are we gonna bounce back from that?

Cane: If -- if we don't talk about this, we're not gonna be able to fix our marriage. And I can't just step back and just let my marriage just lay down and die. And I can't imagine that you want to do that, either.

Lily: I just don't know if i have it in my to go and re-live everything in front of a stranger.

Cane: But it can't be any harder than it already is. If we don't talk about this, we can't fix our marriage. Look... I know this isn't easy for you, but... I know every time you see juliet walking around, it reminds you of how I betrayed you. I know this.

Lily: And you think that can be fixed?

Cane: I think we can face this if we go into a room that's a controlled environment, with a professional who can help facilitate the conversation. We can acknowledge each other's hurt, and we can acknowledge each other's truth. And we can push past the pain. And if we can do that, sweetheart, then maybe somehow we can save our marriage and put our family back together. And then I can just... you'll trust me again.

Lily: Okay. I'll try it.

Nikki: Tell me this. Why was it so very imperative that we talk about nicholas and faith this very minute?

Victor: Because I wanted to tell you in person. You had no right to interfere. Not your place.

Nikki: Really? It's my family, too.

Victor: What, that means that you go to nick and tell him that I visited her in camp?

Nikki: I was upset that you went around our son.

Victor: Then you should have come to me and discussed it with me.

Nikki: Nicholas deserved to know.

Victor: You know what this has done? This has ruined my relationship with that adorable granddaughter of mine, okay? She no longer trusts me. It's the only relationship that she could count on.

Nikki: And who's fault is that? She can count on me. She always has.

Victor: Now, does that mean you're throwing in your lot with nicholas?

Nikki: Oh, god! Why does everything always have to come down to either your side or his side?

Victor: Because it does! You're making a mistake. A big mistake.

Nikki: You just made a scene in the gym. Good going.

Victor: To hell with it. I don't care.

Dina: [ Sighs ]

Jack: We're so grateful for your offer to, uh, tour your complex so we can see if any of the models work for our mother.

Ashley: Yeah, it seems like it would be a great fit for her.

Jack: Listen, we were turned on to boca pointe by a friend of ours. His mother is there. It's myrna bloodworth?

Lloyd: Oh, yes. Mrs. Bloodworth has our most luxurious unit.

Jack: I've no doubt. How long has she been there?

Lloyd: Since boca pointe opened in 2012.

Jack: Uh, I'll look into flights from genoa city to boca raton, and I'll get back to you with a schedule.

Lloyd: Mrs. Bloodworth is from genoa city, as well. I'm sure she'll be excited to have a visitor from her old hometown.

Jack: Thank you very much for your help. We'll see you soon. Did you know that?

Ashley: What, that myrna bloodworth was from genoa city? Of course not! Jack, that means graham's from here, too.

Jack: Yeah, funny he never mentioned that in conversation.

Ashley: You know, I've been thinking all this time that graham latched onto our mother just a few years ago. But what if this obsession goes back even further? And what the hell started it?

Next on "the young and the restless"...

Nick: When my dad is involved, you have to be prepared for anything.

Victor: Have you arrived in genoa city yet? I'm at the ranch, so get here as soon as possible.

Hilary: Lily's busy. They're going to marriage counseling today.

Why don't we take a final moment --

Lily: Sorry, I-I can'T.

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