Y&R Transcript Thursday 9/14/17

Y&R Transcript Thursday 9/14/17


Episode # 11257 ~ Nick asserts his independence; Michael counsels Victoria; Noah questions Victor's motives.

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Nikki: Oh!

Faith: Checkmate.

Nikki: [ Laughing ] Oh!

Nick: Yep. You got me.

Faith: I'm not gonna get better if you let me win, dad.

Nick: Faith, you beat me. Now, I could tell you that i let you win --

Faith: No! You admitted it. Almost the only person who beats me anymore is grandpa, and that makes sense because he taught me everything I know.

Nick: All right, chess master. Why don't you go get your stuff? I'm gonna sit here and lick my wounds.

Faith: Okay.

Nikki: All right. The coast is clear. You can't lie to your mother. You really didn't let her win?

Nick: No, she beat me. The kid's got moves. She sees everything several moves ahead. All skill, she's learned at my father's knee.

Nikki: Well, things could be worse. These skills will come in handy for her as she gets older.

Nick: Yeah, well, who knows what he will have taught her by then? I mean, he already has too much influence on her.

Nikki: Is that why you wanted me to come over? Is this about victor?

Nick: I need a favor.

Victor: Can I get you anything, noah?

Noah: Uh, no, thank you. A little curious why you asked me over.

Victor: What, do I need a reason to ask you to say hello? I haven't seen you since your grandmother's concert.

Noah: Yeah, things have been a little tense after that night. I mean, with the fight.

Victor: Oh, you know, every family has tension. The strong move beyond it.

Noah: And you don't, you're not strong?

Victor: Noah. What matters to you matters to me, okay? I've heard you've ran into some obstacle trying to get that liquor license from the state of michigan for the new venture you're opening up in ann arbor. How would you like it if i helped you remove that obstacle?

Mattie: Hey!

Reed: Hey.

Mattie: I made it to second period only a few minutes late. How about you?

Reed: Um... your dad found out.

Mattie: And you were right there when I talked to him and I took care of it. Everything's fine.

Reed: Actually, it's not. Your dad didn't buy the whole "flat tire" story. He showed up at my house soon after you left. Busted.

Cane: I know you are more sympathetic on this issue with mattie, okay? But things have escalated and now we have to get on the same page.

Lily: What are you talking about? Is this about reed? Because it's not the issue that you think.

Cane: Yeah, it is 'cause he's corrupting our daughter, okay? Because she ditched school and then she lied to me about it.

Michael: You have got to be a special client because I am making a house call. So... what seems to be the problem this time?

Victoria: The same one that has been making me miserable for months -- cane.

Michael: What could he possibly do to brash & sassy at this point? The harassment suit is settled. Juliet's cashed the check.

Victoria: Yeah, well, that harassment was a lie, and this one was real, and I am not gonna stand for it. I want to know what my legal options are. Cane needs to be stopped.

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Michael: Well, what did he do to you?

Victoria: No, not me. My son. I came home to find cane here berating reed.

Michael: About being fired?

Victoria: Ultimately, yes, that's the catalyst, but cane's excuse for barging into my house and verbally abusing my son is because reed is dating his daughter.

Michael: [ Chuckles ] Okay. All right. I see. The offspring of warring factions has found romance. Teenage hormones rarely help any situation.

Victoria: You're right. They don'T. So what are my options? I don't want cane coming after me and reed. I don't want him coming after us ever again.

Michael: You want to take legal action against cane for not approving of his daughter's boyfriend?

Victoria: He is obsessed with attacking me and my company. He offered insider information to jack about brash & sassy in exchange for a job, and when that didn't fly, he tried to team up with benjamin hochman to harm my business.

Michael: Without success, correct?

Victoria: No, because i figured out what he was doing and I put a stop to it.

Michael: A thwarted potential crime doesn't really give us a lot of leverage.

Victoria: I am not gonna give him another chance to come after me again.

Michael: I understand.

Victoria: Cane blames me for everything wrong in his life. He has a vendetta against me. He texted me so I could watch hilary humiliate me on tv. He barged in my home, he attacked my family. I'm not gonna stand for it, michael, I'm not. Can I at least take out a restraining order on him?

Michael: [ Sighs ] I might be able to get that past a judge, but I wouldn't recommend it.

Victoria: Why not?

Michael: Because it's an escalation of the conflict, and you have to consider what that means to the kids. Do reed and mattie really have to be in the middle of their parents' dispute?

Victoria: They're already there.

Lily: That doesn't make any sense. Mattie would never skip school. She takes extra classes. She doesn't cut them.

Cane: Well, that's before she met him, okay? But I get a phone call from the school today saying that she didn't turn up. I call mattie, and without hesitation, she says she's with erin and they're having car trouble and they're together.

Lily: Okay, then there you go.

Cane: No. Not "there you go." Because erin makes it to school on time and mattie doesn't show up, which means she flat-out lied to me.

Lily: Well, what did she say when you called her out on it?

Cane: I didn't call her out on it. I wanted to talk to you first. But I did go over to victoria's house to see if she was there with reed, and you know what? She had been because I saw her hairband -- it was on the sofa.

Lily: Please tell me that you walked away and you didn't engage, cane. That's my employer's son.

Cane: I don't care who his mother is. I care that he's trying to pressure our daughter, and you should care about that, too.

Mattie: [ Sighs ] Oh, god. My dad knows I lied. He knows.

Reed: I tried to cover for you, but he saw your hairband. I left it at --

[ Sighs ] Damn. Did he freak?

Reed: If he hated me a little before, he certainly hates me a lot now. I'm the loser who's dragging his daughter down.

Mattie: What? No! No, you're -- you're nothing like that. I decided to go into school late, I went to your house, and I make my own decisions. You didn't force me into anything, and my dad has no right to get so judgy after everything he's done. He doesn't know you, but I do.

Reed: Well it's not only your dad now. My mom came home when your dad was ripping into me and, um, i mean, she didn't really look at me 'cause she was so busy kicking him out. But when she gets a minute to think about it, I'm gonna be in for it big.

Mattie: [ Sighs ] So we're both grounded for years. I have no idea when I'm ever gonna be able to see you again.

Nick: Are you sure you don't mind taking faith to her riding lesson? You're probably not too fired up to go out there, either.

Nikki: Honey, any extra time I can spend with faith is always a pleasure. It doesn't bother me in the least going onto the ranch. Victor knows where he and i stand. I'm really more worried about you. How are the new living arrangements? Is faith settling in?

Nick: You know, we're getting there. She's definitely more quiet than I would like, you know? When she's with the boys, I hear her laughing and talking a lot, and when she sits down at dinner, it's hard to get a full sentence out of her. But I'm being patient.

Nikki: You are a wonderful, attentive father, even when you have many other things going on. It's a gift that you have. Makes me very proud.

Nick: Aww, shucks, mom. Thanks.

Nikki: [ Giggles ]

Nick: I tell you, chelsea's been the true champ. I mean, she went from just it being her and connor to having a huge, loud, messy houseful. She's been amazing, you know? She's made faith feel as comfortable and welcome as possible. I don't deserve her. So that's why I'm gonna have a little romantic interlude here. I'm gonna shut the place down, you know, like I own it, 'cause I do.

Nikki: Oh! Well, pretty soon, you can shut down clubs all over the country to prove your point.

Nick: Hit a few hiccups there, you know, but if I can get a 10-year-old girl to talk to me at dinner, I think I can handle just about anything.

Noah: How do you even know where we stand on getting a liquor license in michigan?

Victor: Noah. Your grandfather has his ways, you know? Sit down. All I can tell you is that you stand to lose a lot of money if you don't get it.

Noah: So, what are you saying? You, uh... you want to help us out? Give dad a hand?

Victor: I'm concerned about you. I told you once that if you ever needed my help, I would give it to you, and I think this is one of those moments.

Noah: Let me guess, you don't want dad to know about it?

Victor: I don't care if your dad knows about it.

Lily: Of course I care about our daughter, but what did you think you were gonna burst in on at victoria's house?

Cane: I'm not stupid, okay? When two teenagers cut class, they don't do it so they can go and play video games.

Lily: Yeah, but to go over there when you know how victoria feels about you...

Cane: So I'm out of line. Is that what this is?

Lily: I just wish that you had called me when it happened. That's it.

Cane: Well, I couldn't call you 'cause you were in the middle of doing a photo shoot for victoria.

Lily: Oh, I'm -- I'm sorry. Am I working for the enemy? You have a problem with my job now?

Cane: I don't have a problem with your job. I have a problem with the fact that our daughter just lied to us, and what happened today with reed is proof that he's a bad influence on her.

Lily: You know what, cane, yeah, she screwed up. I don't think that reed is the only possible trigger for that.

Cane: Okay. All right. I understand this now. So this is my fault, right? Is that what you're saying to me?

Lily: Our family is in turmoil. If the kids are acting out, that shouldn't be a surprise.

Cane: I know our family's in turmoil. I know that. And I know what I've done and I'm trying to fix it, okay? But I'm still her father. So I can't just throw my hands up in the air and say, "hey, i messed up, mattie, go and do whatever you want." I can't do that!

Lily: Do you remember when my father tried to keep us apart? I really hope that you didn't just push mattie right into reed's arms.

Reed: Whatever happens with our parents, I mean, we'll figure something out. It's not like they can watch us every second.

Mattie: My dad will make it his mission to try to. And once my mom finds out i lied, she won't trust me, either. We don't get enough time together as it is. Now this?

Reed: We'll figure something out.

Mattie: I better go talk to my mom before my dad makes it sound like I held up a bank.

Reed: I should probably call mine, too.

Mattie: In case we don't find a way...

Michael: The teen years aren't easy.

Victoria: This is about cane, not reed.

Michael: But there's the added intensity of the young people involved. Emotions are heightened, for them and for the parents.

Victoria: Look, cane came to my home when I wasn't here and he yelled at my kid, and that is not okay.

Michael: That was a poor choice on his part, but the only way I could advise legal action is if he were to follow through on illegal moves against brash & sassy or if he'd been violence or threatened violence. Has he?

Victoria: No, not in so many words, but reed must have felt intimidated with cane in his face like that. Thank god I got here when I did. And now you're telling me that there's nothing that I can do about it?

Michael: It would be so easy for an attorney to say that cane was simply a father looking out for his daughter. And even if we could press charges, would it alleviate the tension?

Victoria: Yeah. It would alleviate my tension.

Michael: Big picture! You know what it's like to have an overprotective father.

Victoria: Okay, this is different.

Michael: No! Is it? Victoria, in all your years of victor objecting to certain men in your life, did you ever, ever just nod your head and take his advice? Or did you fight even harder for what you wanted to prove he was wrong?

Nick: You know, it's hard enough to do the renovations long-distance, but to go up against the licensing board? It is tough! A club has to be able to sell liquor, you know? And it is frustrating, but noah's even more frustrated than I am.

Nikki: I hope it won't keep you from opening the club.

Nick: Well, it's definitely put us behind, but you know, i just don't want to let noah down. This project means so much to him. I'm gonna do everything I can to make it happen.

Nikki: So how are you dealing with it?

Nick: Making a lot of calls, you know? Reaching out to friends of friends. I think I found a contact who will put in a good word for us, but that doesn't mean anything. I mean, there's no guarantees. These licenses are very hard to get, especially if you're from out of state.

Nikki: I have complete faith in your business and networking abilities.

Nick: Well, at least one of my parents does.

Nikki: Your father knows what you're capable of.

Nick: Oh, mom, come on. Dad doesn't think I can do anything without his enormous generosity.

Nikki: Well, let's face it. He did give you kids a lot of advantages growing up. We can't deny that.

Nick: No, but with that comes strings attached and expectations. You know, I've cut the cord, and despite the fact that I'm facing all these problems, it feels good, you know? I just really don't want to let noah down.

Nikki: The way your father let you down?

Nick: Dad has no idea what it's like to have a real relationship with your son, like the kind I have with noah. So I'm gonna do everything I can to make this project happen.

Nikki: Honey, if it's meant to be, it will happen. Worst-case scenario, you just find a different location for your club.

Nick: I'm not thinking in terms of worst-case yet. My goal is to be to my son what victor never was for me.

Noah: Well, I'd never lie to my business partner or my dad -- happens to be the same in this case -- so if I do accept your help, he is gonna know about it.

Victor: That's your decision and I respect it, okay?

Noah: When you say you can help us make this obstacle disappear, what -- what exactly do you mean by that?

Victor: I mean exactly that. I'm gonna get you your liquor license for ann arbor so you can open your new club on schedule.

Noah: Right, no, I -- I know that. Like... I guess what I'm trying to ask is, um, your methods. I know how newman enterprises sometimes does business, so is it legitimate, and how much is it gonna cost me?

Victor: [ Chuckles ]

Victoria: [ Sighs ]

Michael: Okay. How do you really feel about reed seeing mattie, setting aside the issue of cane?

Victoria: How do I separate the two? Because reed is interested in her, a man that I fired showed up here -- today, in my home.

Michael: Mm, granted. But from all I've heard, she's a sweet girl, studious, responsible.

Victoria: There are plenty of lovely young women for reed to go out with. He plays the guitar, for heaven's sake. Girls love that kind of thing.

Michael: [ Chuckles ] All right. All right. That's a perfect point. Let's consider that, shall we? Even if reed were allowed to see mattie, given all the other fish in the sea, what are the chances this relationship would last more than a semester?

Victoria: What if every single one of those days is filled with headaches like today?

Michael: [ Chuckles ]

Victoria: It's too much, michael.

Michael: At this age, everything is more dramatic for them, and for the parents. I've been there, victoria. Lauren and I lived through plenty with fenmore. Some of it quite frightening, actually. But we made it through the other side, and more importantly, so did fenmore.

Victoria: This isn't about motherly concern. This is about cane's behavior. And if he gets away with this kind of aggression, I guarantee you it's gonna happen again.

Michael: You pay me for advice. So I'm gonna tell you the truth, even though I know it's not what you want to hear. Take a deep breath and let this go.

Victoria: What if cane doesn't?

Cane: [ Sighs ] Look, you and I getting together was nothing like our underage daughter and this kid.

Lily: No, it's not the same, but the feelings are. My dad opposed us being together, but nothing he could say or do could change how i felt.

Cane: That's because you were so headstrong.

Lily: So, this was fun.

Cane: Just don't forget to stretch.

Lily: Oh, I -- I won'T.

[ Chuckles ]

Cane: And if you keep up, you know, the soreness will be gone in about a week. There's some books, you know, you can get.

Lily: Um, yeah, I'm kind of, uh, inundated with schoolbooks, so I don't need another one right now.

Cane: Well, why don't you get someone to work out with?

Lily: Like a trainer?

Cane: Yeah.

Lily: I -- I can't afford that.

Cane: Well, I work out a lot. I mean, you could maybe work out with...with me.

Lily: Oh! Um...yeah! That'd be -- that'd be great.

Cane: Then it's a date? Oh, I don't mean like a date, date, but...

Lily: No! No, no, no. Just a hang out, training... thingy.

Cane: Thingy. [ Chuckles ] Exactly.

[ Door opens ]

Mattie: Mom, I need --

Lily: Mattie.

Mattie: I know. It's awful and it's unlike me and I cut class. I'm sorry. I swear, nothing like that will ever happen again. Ever.

Cane: Okay, well, you know, it's gonna take more than an apology because what you did was big.

Lily: I know that you and reed are getting close, but what happened today concerns us.

Mattie: You can't blame reed for what I did.

Lily: You've never done anything like that before.

Mattie: Because you guys have never been this unreasonable before! Your rules aren't about us! Nothing that's happened to this family has anything to do with reed and me, but we're the ones who are paying for it anyway!

Lily: Whether you think the rules are fair or not are not the point! It's the rules!

Mattie: Okay, fine. Punish me. Whatever. But after it's done, let me see reed whenever I want.

Cane: You're kidding, right?

Lily: No, we talked about it. You're grounded for two weeks, and no cell phone.

Mattie: Mom! No, I need my phone. How will you know where I am?

Lily: Because you'll either be at the school or library or home because you're grounded.

Mattie: [ Sighs ] Fine, but after the two weeks --

Cane: You'll get your phone back, but you're not gonna see reed anymore, and that is final.

Victor: Those are good instincts. You're asking good questions.

Noah: I just don't want to, uh, agree to anything without knowing what I'm getting myself into.

Victor: And you shouldn'T. You're absolutely right about that. Now, when you worked for me, do you remember that whenever you mentioned the fact that you were victor newman's grandson, it opened doors? Now, your father doesn't want to take advantage of that, you know. That's his problem. Not yours. This will cost you if you don't take advantage of it. All I can tell you from years of experience -- if you want certain things to happen in business, sometimes you need a push, you need some power behind you. That's all I want to give you. Nothing else. No strings attached. No quid pro quo. You're my grandson. If you want me to help you, you say the word. I'll do it.

Noah: Okay.

Victor: Okay?

Noah: Appreciate it.

Victor: Nothing makes me happier than to see you succeed, all right?

Noah: Thank you.

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Mattie: Reed isn't a slacker. He's a musician. He's creative, smart, funny. If you just gave him a chance, you would realize all of that.

Cane: Okay, listen, sweetheart. I know you see his hair and his smile and his guitar, okay? But, you know, what you don't see is he's spoiled and he's selfish like his mom and the rest of the newmans.

Mattie: See? It's all about victoria. You're mad because she fired you and you're taking it out on reed. But I've heard about some of the stuff that grandpa colin's done, and no one blames you for that. So how you can blame reed?

Lily: Mattie, reed is not innocent in all of this. He cut class, too.

Cane: Right.

Lily: Then he invited you to his house with no adult present.

Cane: And the reason victoria isn't phased about it -- she just doesn't expect that much from the kid.

Mattie: Stop acting like he's some kind of criminal.

Cane: All right. I'm not gonna let this kid disrespect us, okay? I'm just not gonna take it, all right? And we can't accept it from you, either. That's what this is.

Mattie: You slept with a stranger, got her pregnant, and then lied about it, and then got fired from your job! If you'd have just stayed away from juliet, no one would care if reed and I were together right now.

Cane: Mattie. Mattie! Hey.

Lily: No. Cane. Cane. Just, look -- stop. Stop.

Cane: All right, see --

Lily: Let me just talk to her. Alone. I think you should just go.

Cane: Sure.

[ Door slams ]

Lily: Mattie. Mattie, your dad left. Can you come out now, please?

Mattie: Mom...

Lily: Honey, I know. I -- I hate to see you hurting. I really, really do, okay? But you can't talk to your dad like that when he says something that you don't like. He deserves your respect.

Mattie: Shouldn't that go both ways?

Lily: He respects you, mattie, and he loves you more than you will ever know.

Mattie: But he thinks that I'm too stupid to pick a decent guy.

Lily: No, he's worried about you, and I am, too. Look, you have so many important years ahead of you. You have high school, you have college, you have a job after college. I don't want you throwing that all away just for some boy.

Mattie: It was one class, mom.

Lily: Yeah, but then it's the next class and it's another lie.

Mattie: I told you. It's not gonna happen again.

Lily: Honey, come here. Look, I didn't think it would happen the first time, all right? Can you please just be honest with me? Tell me whose idea it was. Please.

Mattie: Reed's, but it wasn't this deep, dark plan.

Lily: I understand, but one bad decision can lead to another, and before you know it, you and reed are in over your heads. Trust me, I've been there.

Mattie: I told you before. I'm not like you! I know that school's a priority!

Lily: I get that, but you can be easily distracted, especially when hormones are involved.

Mattie: Mom, I'm not gonna do anything crazy.

Lily: You know what, mattie, I thought the same thing at your age. Until I did it.

Nikki: Hi.

Victor: What are you doing here?

Nikki: I'm only here because faith is having her riding lesson.

Victor: Then I will see her in the stables.

Nikki: No, victor, please don'T.

Victor: What do you mean, don't? You're gonna tell me when I can see my granddaughter?

Nikki: Not forever. Just right now. You can see her when she's at sharon's house.

Victor: You're not gonna tell me when I can or cannot see my granddaughter.

Nikki: Nicholas has made his decision about this, and on the days that he has faith, he doesn't want to deal with you, and as much as that irks you, i know you wouldn't want to involve her in the middle of your issues.

Victor: I don't give a damn what he thinks. Faith is rather mature. She will not take sides, okay?

Nikki: You do understand that her parents make the decisions. Not you, not me...

Victor: I don't give a damn about her parents, all right? You tell our granddaughter i will be with her momentarily. Meanwhile, I have some business to take care of. You can show yourself out.

Nick: Yes, and your friend clive -- you talked to him? Good. Um... yeah, so you understand our -- right. No, I -- I get that. I just think if you would sit down and meet with us, then you would see that -- yeah, no, I -- I get it. Uh, okay. Well, if anything changes, you got my number, right? Thank you. For nothing. That went great.

Noah: I may have another way to get the liquor license.

Nick: Counterfeiting? Love it. I'm in.

Noah: Remember you said that.

Nick: Uh-oh. What, uh... what's up?

Noah: Grandpa's gonna help.

Reed: It was stupid, and especially after I just earned your trust back.

Victoria: Skipping school? I mean, honestly. The year just started! Did you think nobody was gonna notice? I thought you were more mature than that.

Reed: I am. Mom, you know I am.

Victoria: Okay, you're grounded for a week and whatever punishment the school dishes out.

Reed: A week? Um, not that I mind, but last time, it was no phone, no guitar, no life.

Victoria: Just say "thank you" and let it go, all right? You're getting off easy because cane overstepped.

Reed: I'm fine, but... mom, what about mattie?

Victoria: I'm sorry that she has to deal with a father like cane.

Reed: She's a good person, mom. Always wanting to do the right thing. I mean, she's never defied anyone in her life. Can you imagine what it's like for her in that house? It's no wonder she wanted a break just to hang out and be normal. Now she's being punished for it.

Victoria: Look, it's a shame what she and her family are going through because of him. This is what I was afraid of all along. You know, cane is gonna make it impossible for you two to ever see each other ever again.

Cane: Thank you.

Michael: I heard you paid a visit to reed hellstrom.

Cane: Seriously? Victoria hired an attorney. Okay.

Michael: I'm here as a friendly intermediary.

Cane: Oh, friendly, my ass.

Michael: I'll tell you what i told victoria. This is a family matter, not a legal one. It should stay that way.

Cane: Really? Okay. So because the newmans think they control the world, then reed is entitled to use my daughter for his amusement, and then victoria thinks she can hire an attorney.

Cane: [ Scoffs ] Please. She's grandstanding, michael.

Michael: And what were you doing, cane? You confronted a minor in the home of the woman who fired you -- with cause. Wasn't that grandstanding?

Cane: I will tell whoever i want, whenever I want, wherever I want to stay away from my daughter, okay?

Michael: Listen, I urge you not to stir things up. Do not stir things up. I revisited the paperwork I drew up for your termination from brash & sassy. You go at victoria, her family, or her company, you will regret it -- quickly.

Nikki: There she is. Hey. You hungry? I can get you a snack from the house. Why don't you take a minute and come sit down with me, and I can hear a little bit about your new home.

Faith: Well, it's not like the ranch. At all.

Nikki: I know. I lived at the penthouse. It's very different.

Faith: I guess I'm getting used to it. Connor and christian really need me. I help out with bath time and dinner. They're a handful for chelsea.

Nikki: [ Chuckles ] Well, that's great that you help her. I'm sure she appreciates that.

Faith: But it's still kind of weird, living with somebody that's not even my stepmom.

Nikki: Yeah. Maybe she will be someday.

Faith: She tries to make me happy, like decorating my room. That was really cool.

Nikki: Yeah. You know why she did that? 'Cause she adores you. Everybody does. And I know it's hard to get used to something like this. It's a great, big change.

Faith: When I first found out that dad left the ranch and moved in with her, I wished i could stay at camp. I didn't even want to get on the bus home.

Nikki: Oh, you learned about that when you were at camp?

Faith: But I'm better now, grandma. So you don't have to worry about me.

Nikki: I'm not worried about you. Listen, uh, I know you're not hungry, but maybe your pony is. So why don't you go find buck and see if he has an apple to feed her?

Faith: Okay.

Nikki: Hi, gene. It's nikki newman. How are you? Oh, that's great. Did you get my donation for the campership fund? Oh, terrific. That's wonderful. Faith had the best time this summer. She can't wait until next year. Listen, um, I won't keep you, but something came up I was hoping that you could clarify for me.

Nick: You went to my dad. Behind my back.

Noah: He called me.

Nick: And you talked to him about our business?

Noah: He found out that we're having trouble with the liquor license.

Nick: How would he do that?

Noah: Because he has tentacles everywhere. He wants to help.

Nick: And you accepted it without discussing it with me first?

Noah: We're discussing it now.

Nick: Noah, you know I don't want him anywhere near this business.

Noah: He's not buying in. He doesn't get a vote. He's just gonna make a few phone calls so we can move forward.

Nick: Noah, man, come on! This is victor newman. He doesn't just make phone calls. There's always something shady. He doesn't play by the book.

Noah: Well, the book is not working for us right now, okay? We're losing money every week we're not open in michigan.

Nick: You're nervous, I get it, but these things take time. All right? I'm still working my contacts. We're good.

Noah: That's great. That's great. It's not like grandpa has to jump in right away, but he is ready to help when we give him the go-ahead. Hey there.

Nick: Ah. Walks right in like he owns the place. What a surprise.

Victor: Came to see my grandson.

Mattie: What happened when you were younger? Did grandpa neil not like someone? Did you get in trouble?

Lily: Um...I made some really bad decisions, you know? People got hurt. Futures could have been ruined, especially mine.

Mattie: That sounds pretty extreme, mom. What did you do wrong?

Lily: I experimented with sex before I was ready. I ran off to L.A. With a boy.

Mattie: Who knew you were such a rebel?

Lily: No, but I regret those things. I didn't feel good about myself. I don't want you to feel that way. Look, I know that feelings can be overwhelming. You have your family and school and your own sense of right and wrong. I don't want you falling in the same trap that I did where you think that you can bend the rules or break the law because in that one instance, it'll be okay. Bad things can happen, even when your intentions are good.

Mattie: So I have to stay locked in my room and be perfect because you weren't? How is that fair?

Cane: Okay, so now we're getting to it -- those threats. Okay, so, that's why victoria sent you.

Michael: No, she didn't send me, and this isn't a threat. There's an actual clause in your termination paperwork that mandates you stay away from the company offices, and yet, you still somehow manage to show up there.

Cane: Once, and that's because she summoned me.

Michael: Then respectfully decline should it happen again. And consider her private residence off limits, as well.

Cane: Hey, if reed stays away from my daughter, I won't have to track her down there or anywhere else.

Michael: I'm serious, cane!

[ Sighs ] Look, you know how quickly these things can escalate.

Cane: [ Scoffs ]

Michael: Given the animosity between you and victoria, just don't push her buttons.

Cane: [ Laughs ]

Reed: There has to be a way for me to see mattie without making cane's head explode.

Victoria: By sneaking around again? You know that's not gonna win you any points.

Reed: Mom...

Victoria: Reed, you are my priority. Coming home, finding cane here harassing you -- I'm not gonna stand for that again because that's gonna make my head explode, and then things are only gonna get worse!

Reed: So now you're okay with mattie, but we still can't be together because her dad's a royal jerk?

Victoria: I am sorry! But that's the way that things have to be for everyone's sake. Including yours and mattie'S.

Nikki: Yeah, faith gave me the impression that somebody came to visit her up at camp. This would have been shortly before the end of the session. Oh, yes. Of course. I should have known it was victor.

Noah: Already? This is amazing. How did you pull this off so fast?

Victor: I have certain connections, son. Called in a favor. Now, that's a copy. The real liquor license will be sent to you shortly. Unless, of course, you prefer to fight for it your way.

Nick: No, we're partners. If this is what my son wants, I support his decisions.

Noah: Thank you, grandpa. Sincerely. Now we'll be able to open on time.

Victor: You're welcome.

Nick: It is appreciated.

Victor: Was that so hard to say?

Nick: Don't get any ideas. This was a one-time thing.

Victor: Until the next time you need my help?

Nick: I got it covered.

Victor: Mm. At least this time you didn't let your pride stand in the way of what's good for your son. I never have.

Next on "the young and the restless"...

Phyllis: Pump the brakes for just a moment.

Dina: She will betray you. Just like she betrayed your brother.

Nikki: It never ends, sharon.

Sharon: Victor?

Nikki: Who else?

Faith: You lied to me, grandpa. How could you be so mean to him? And you said you'd never lie to me!

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