Y&R Transcript Wednesday 9/13/17

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 9/13/17


Episode # 11256 ~ Cane's feud with Victoria escalates; Abby takes a leap of faith; tensions mount between Devon and Mariah.

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Victoria: We want your honest opinion of the product...

Billy: Which we're calling "sassy mask."

Victoria: Candace, why don't we start with you? You mentioned that you've tried other masks before. So now, after trying our brand, what do you think?

Candace: My skin feels amazing, soft and kind of tingly.

Victoria: Okay. Good. That's wonderful. I've been beta testing it, and that's the exact same reaction I've had myself. So, if you were to see this product in a store...?

Candace: I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

Billy: Anything else? Any other observations?

Candace: Testing a product in this building, we just assumed it was for jabot.

Victoria: Ohh. Yeah. Heh.

Candace: But they don't have any masks like this, right?

Billy: No.

Victoria: No, no, no. They definitely do not.

Jack: These figures are correct? You've cross-checked them?

Phyllis: At all the fenmore locations, there's been an increase of purchases of brash & sassy products. At roughly the same price point.

Jack: Isn't that curious?

Phyllis: Yeah, well, to say the least. From location to location, there's been no variance. So...do you think that this is a coincidence?

Jack: I'm not paid to believe in coincidences. It's far more effective to a sharp eye on my competitors.

Phyllis: So you think that --

Jack: I think someone out there is manipulating their sales figures at jabot's expense. This has your boyfriend written all over it.

Mariah: You're planning something.

Tessa: How? I mean, I can't plan some superhero rescue mission with next to no information.

Mariah: We will figure it out.

Tessa: That woman, alice, she was on her way to the airport.

Mariah: All that we know is that her car went to the airport.

Tessa: I know sharon said not to jump to any conclusions about that, but --

Mariah: That your sister is in the car with her.

Tessa: What if she is, and i can't get to her?

Mariah: Look. Look. Alice flying off in the middle of the night with your sister, it kind of seems like a stretch. She said that she had a job in sales, and maybe she travels for that job, so --

Tessa: So where is crystal? Where's my sister? That's the question.

Zack: So your man took crystal to the airport and put her on a plane?

Alice: She's gone. Just like you ordered.

Zack: Good. I've got more news for you.

Alice: Trouble?

Zack: Not unless you like raking in cash. Designdate's kicking into high gear. Expect a real uptick in business for the girls.

Alice: [ Sighs ] I'm prepared.

Zack: The trick with this app is luring in the customers we want, and discouraging those who don't really know what we're about.

[ Music playing ]

Mattie: It's mattie. Your turn.

[ Voicemail beeps ]

Cane: Mattie, it's me. Will you, uh, call me the minute you get this, please, sweetheart? Thanks.

[ Sighs ]

Hilary: Do you think she's okay?

Cane: [ Sighs ] I saw her at the coffeehouse this morning before school. She said her friend erin was gonna give her a ride, so...

Hilary: And? Did she?

Cane: Well, erin made it to school on time, but mattie was nowhere to be found, so... I never thought I would say this, but I'm starting to think that maybe my daughter cut school.

Reed: Are you sure you're okay with this?

Mattie: [ Gulps ]

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Mattie: Um... maybe we should --

Reed: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Um... are you upset that i made you cut class?

Mattie: No! No, no, no, no. I-I want to be here. Just...slowing down.

Reed: [ Slowly ] Oh-kay.

Mattie: [ Laughs ]

Reed: Is this slow enough for you?

Mattie: It's just right. It's so unfair our parents are trying to keep us apart.

Reed: Well, it's no use trying to change their minds. So we go even more stealth.

Mattie: How?

Reed: We just have to be careful. But... if that woman, hilary...

Mattie: If she wanted to out us to my dad, she could have by now. We just have to hope this mess between our parents blows over soon.

Reed: I don't think your dad's gonna ever like me. He hates me.

Mattie: He's just old-fashioned. He'd feel that way about anybody I'm interested in.

Reed: Oh, yeah, and him being at war with my mom, and me going to public school and playing guitar, all non-issues. Right. Heh.

Mattie: Maybe this will make for a great song someday.

Hilary: You know, even if mattie did skip class, what kid hasn't? It's not that big a deal.

Cane: Yeah, well, it is for her. She loves to learn, and she's focused.

Hilary: Well, even the most focused person can come up against a distraction every now and then.

Cane: You mean boys.

Hilary: Well, biology has been known to get the better of us from time to time.

Cane: I don't know. Maybe she's acting out 'cause i said, "you can't see victoria's son."

Hilary: You think that's where she is? With reed?

Cane: [ Sighs ] She still hasn't gotten back to me. Listen, I'm gonna call the school again. One more time, just in case.

[ Keys tapping ]

Reed: What's wrong?

Abby: You were talking about our app?

Zack: Like I'm ever running my mouth about anything else. I'm promoting designdate all day, every day.

Abby: That's what that was? You were talking about luring some people, discouraging others?

Zack: Oh, I was on the phone with one of my coders.

Abby: Okay. So, who do you want to lure or discourage?

Zack: I mean, you know how it is. With any business like ours, there's a fine line to walk. We're in the business of hooking people up.

Abby: As many people as possible. Therefore --

Zack: Yeah, but if the dominant pickings are less than grade-a material, the app gets a rep that we can do without. I mean, we're all about targeting the demos that we want to hit. The best, the brightest, the most desirable.

Abby: That's a valid point.

Zack: Then what's the issue?

Abby: I just... we're just staring out. So I thought we'd want as many eyeballs to see our app --

Zack: The right kind of eyeballs. Niche marketing demands --

Abby: Ooh, "niche." "Niche." All right, isn't it a little too soon to talk about a niche? Shouldn't we be casting a wide net?

Zack: Because larger numbers will impress your father.

Abby: And what is wrong with that? What is wrong with being ambitious and working hard and making designdate a billion-dollar enterprise? Huh? I thought that's what you wanted, too.

Zack: It is.

Abby: Then let's do it.

Zack: Chase down any and all eyeballs -- check.

Abby: Which brings me to my next point -- advertising.

Zack: But you just sent me that e-mail congratulating me on how the money generated from the advertisers I recruited was more than enough to cover the free version of the app.

Abby: I know. And if that was our only goal, then I would say those companies were acceptable.

Zack: You don't like the color of their money?

Abby: It's not that. I just think we need to step up our game a little bit. Some of the ads that are advertising on designdate, some of those companies are pretty low-rent. They're ones that you'd see on late-night cable.

Zack: I mean, so long as they're bringing the money in.

Abby: Remember our high-class clientele? That niche?

Zack: Yeah.

Abby: Then why wouldn't we structure our ads around that? Ads that reinforce our first-class, elite message? Okay? Companies that our users and our demos know and trust.

Zack: Okay. I'll work on it.

Abby: You don't have to. I already did. I set up two pitch meetings for us this morning. The first one is at jabot.

Zack: You sure about this?

Abby: Well, I'm sure that i want to grow our business. And I want designdate to attract more users than all of the other dating sites combined. Let's go. We're gonna be late.

Devon: Hey. We really need to, uh, sit down and talk about that fight we had, 'cause I have a lot to apologize for.

Mariah: Yeah, it wasn't my best moment, either. Maybe after we both cool down?

Devon: Well, I don't want to wait.

Mariah: Well, it's not just about what you want.

Devon: I know that. I just -- I don't think that, um, us being apart is really doing any good. You know, letting things fester isn't helping, so it'd be great if we could -- could meet right now. Can you come here?

Mariah: Now is not a good time. Hold on.

Tessa: Is that devon?

Mariah: Yeah.

Tessa: You should see him.

Mariah: What? No. You're scared and worried. I don't want to leave you alone.

Tessa: No, I just got a text from noah. He's gonna drop by. So there's no reason for you to to stay.

[ Car approaches ]

Tessa: See? He's just pulling up.

Mariah: Okay. Uh, hey. Yeah. You know what, I will, um -- I'll be right there.

Devon: Okay. Cool.

Noah: Hello. Hey.

Tessa: Hi! How are you?

Noah: Good.

Tessa: Good?

Mariah: All right. Well, I will, um -- I'll leave you two alone. See you later.

Noah: All right.

Tessa: Bye.

Mariah: Bye.

Tessa: Well, is that why you wanted to see me?

Noah: Mm, among other things. First of all, what's up with mariah? She was in a hurry to get out of here.

Tessa: Oh, she's on her way to see devon. They have a few things to work out.

Noah: Everything okay?

Tessa: Uh, I'm -- I'm sure it will be.

Noah: What caused it not to be?

Tessa: Well, remember when you got upset when i confided in mariah about my sister before coming to you about it?

Noah: I felt excluded. Is that what mariah's going through?

Tessa: My point is we figured it out, right?

Noah: Yeah.

Tessa: So, when you care, you get honest about how you feel and why.

Devon: Is it too last to ask for a do-over?

Mariah: Are you serious? I am never going through that again. Re-living that whole thing, where you and I had plans, and then you bump into hilary, and you blow me off to hang out with her.

Devon: Listen, let's not re-live any of that, and jump straight to me telling you how truly sorry I am. It never should have happened, and it never will happen again.

Mariah: Yeah. It's too bad that that can't make it all better.

Devon: Well, what can?

Mariah: Look, the disagreement we had started because you ditched me to hang out with hilary. But it ended up being about a lot more than that.

Devon: No, I know that. I mean, that's -- that's why i wanted to talk to you in person. If I had just blown you off, i probably could have just gotten away with sending you flowers. It's a joke. I know it goes deeper than that.

Mariah: Yeah, problem is, you're not the only one who knows. Hilary knows we had a fight, and she couldn't wait to get into it.

Devon: Are you serious? Of course you're serious. It's hilary.

Mariah: It was humiliating. Listening to her be so sure that you could never feel about me the way that you felt about her. I mean, she's convinced we fought because we aren't meant to be together.

Devon: All right, hilary is full of it.

Mariah: Really? I mean, maybe she has a point, when one of us can't spit out the "l" word.

Victoria: All right, ladies. Thank you so much for being so incredibly helpful.

Billy: Yes, thank you. Thank you.

Victoria: Your skin looks beautiful.

Billy: You all look beautiful.

Victoria: Bye-bye. Yes! Can you believe that?

Billy: Yes, I can believe it, because they said the same thing that the groups in chicago, houston, atlanta all said.

Victoria: Yes, and san francisco. That college student that said it gave her the "happy tingles."

Billy: Exactly what she just said. "Glowing" keeps coming up.

Victoria: Yes, I know. Billy, it's a good product.

Billy: Right. So, how many more groups do we have to bring here before you believe it?

Victoria: Because it's a risk putting it out there, fast-tracking it like this, but it'll be worth the cash outlay as long as we can get our sales figures up.

Billy: Not only is this a good product, vick, but it changes the narrative about the whole company, okay? We roll this mask out, give it a massive P.R. Push, and all the negative press that's been out there, it goes away.

Victoria: God, it's so embarrassing! I still can't believe that we're doing damage control over what cane did, and then I went and got myself on film going off on this guy that I should've never messed with in the first place.

Billy: Stop that, okay? Eye on the prize here. Can't stress out about that. It's gone and past.

Victoria: Right. Exactly. Stay present. And we do that by getting this product out there and catching jabot off guard.

Billy: So, when do we launch?

Victoria: Now.

Billy: That's what I like to hear. Okay. This is not the only thing that's gonna catch jabot off guard.

Victoria: So, when are you gonna give me the details about your little behind-the-scenes dealings?

Billy: Not quite yet. It's better off you don't know.

Victoria: Billy, thank you. Thank you so much for stepping up for me and this company. I know I've said it before.

Billy: Victoria, you've told me that before.

Victoria: I just wish that there was some other way that we could have accessed jabot's server instead of using phyllis' computer.

Billy: Victoria, it's all good.

Victoria: But it's not all good. Because she's not gonna be okay with this when she finds out.

Billy: She's not gonna find out. Nobody's gonna find out, okay? One day very soon, jack's gonna wake up, and he's gonna realize that he's in last place.

Jack: Whoever initiated this, whether it was billy or victoria or both of them, I'm sure it was sparked by their visit here the other night.

Phyllis: When they confronted ashley?

Jack: And shared their suspicions that we were messing with their sales at fenmore'S.

Phyllis: Which you were.

Jack: Which we were. I seem to remember you climbing on board that particular initiative. Even though it didn't pan out as we had hoped. That's not what's bugging me, though.

Phyllis: You want to know how they got onto us.

Jack: It's obvious brash & sassy has someone working inside jabot.

Phyllis: Who?

Jack: If we're going to figure out where victoria and billy are getting their information, we're gonna have to be as sneaky as they are. Now, let's see. What resources could we exploit to get inside information on their strategy?

Phyllis: Jack, I have done enough.

Jack: How much do you want to detach billy from his ex-wife?

Phyllis: You know how much. But sneaking around like this is not --

[ Knock on door ]

Jack: Come in!

Abby: Hi. Oh. Um...I'm sorry to interrupt. We had an appointment?

Jack: No, no, no. That's all right. Come on in. You're right on time. I was just giving phyllis instructions on something I need her to handle. And we are clear on the best way to do that?

Phyllis: Crystal. Abby.

Abby: Hi.

Abby: Advertising on our app will allow jabot to break from the pack, to reach millennials where they live -- on their mobile devices.

Zack: People can't block or ignore mobile ads the same way they can with most websites.

Jack: Yeah, I can attest to that from my own experience.

Abby: Our audience of daters, both men and women, will be very receptive to whatever jabot is marketing. They're looking for love. Who doesn't want to look their best doing that?

Jack: Excellent pitch.

Abby: Thank you, uncle jack.

Jack: Zack, you'll not be surprised that my niece came here to court jabot's advertising dollars.

Zack: You're one of the biggest cosmetic companies out there.

Abby: Would you like to see our formal pitch?

Jack: No. Not necessary. I know what you're selling. Zack, you obviously have a real flare for this kind of work.

Zack: Thank you. That means a lot coming from you.

Jack: Could I have a private moment with my niece to discuss this further?

Zack: I'll be outside.

Jack: Excellent. Abby, we were partners. When no one else would back you, when no one else believed in your startup incubator or this project, I stepped up.

Abby: And I'm very grateful.

Jack: And when, at your insistence, we dissolved our partnership and went our separate ways, I could have taken a very hard line. What did I do? I very graciously stepped aside and wished you well. I cannot believe you are once again coming to me to ask for money.

Abby: Uncle jack, it's -- it's not like I'm asking for a handout. This is a business opportunity that could really benefit ja--

Jack: Victor. That's who it benefits. You honestly thought I would write a big check to newman enterprises without a single qualm?

Abby: Uncle jack --

Jack: I'm sure you'll find other companies to invest in your app. Jabot won't be one of them.

Abby: Look, I understand that you are upset. And I am sorry that you misunderstood my intentions. But, uncle jack, I came to you first because I felt bad about the way that things shook out between us. But I really think that you're missing an opportunity that could benefit jabot in a big way.

Jack: I guess I'll just have to take that chance, won't I?

Reed: What did the text say?

Mattie: This proves that hilary's on our side. She must have somehow guessed that we're together.

Reed: "Red alert. Your dad knows you're not at school."

Mattie: And before that, my dad left me a voicemail sounding worried.

Reed: Do you think he knows we're together?

Mattie: Hilary didn't say, but how could he? He thinks I obeyed his orders about not seeing you. All I have to do now is come up with what I'm going to tell him.

Reed: Well, keep it simple. He just needs to be reassured, right?

Mattie: Right. I've never lied to my dad about something this big before.

Cane: I'm gonna call lily and let her know what's going on.

Hilary: No. Don't overreact, okay? You don't have the whole story yet.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Cane: Well, I'm about to hear it -- from the source herself. Mattie.

Mattie: Dad. Hi. I just got your message.

Cane: You all right? I haven't heard from you. I called you a while ago.

Mattie: Yeah. Um, I'm sorry. My -- my phone was on mute. Erin and I were on our way to school, and she got a flat tire.

Cane: Is that right?

Mattie: Yeah. We were so close, too. But I didn't want to abandon her. We had to wait for her auto club to show up. But I'll only wind up missing first period and study hall. But I'm really sorry you got worried.

Cane: Well, you're safe, so that's what matters, huh?

Mattie: Yeah. Erin is signing paperwork now. I got to run. Love you, dad.

Reed: See? That wasn't so hard, was it?

Mattie: Hard? That was awful.

Hilary: So? Is mattie okay?

Cane: She lied to me. She didn't know that I already knew that erin got to school on time. My daughter flat-out lied to me.

Hilary: Hey, where -- where are you going? Cane!

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Devon: You can't let the things that hilary says bother you. I mean, really. She says stuff on purpose to unnerve you. Thank you. She plays the same game with lily all the time, all right? It's the way she operates.

Mariah: Look, I have gone hand-to-hand with hilary before. Literally. I mean, tearing clothes, pulling hair. Do you think her spouting off would get me that upset?

Devon: Well, you just said that --

Mariah: No. Forget the messenger. Focus on the message.

Devon: What, that we're not right for each other?

Mariah: What if she's right?

Devon: She's not right.

Mariah: But she could be. What if there is someone else out there who is... perfect for you? What if there's someone else out there that's [Inhales sharply] Perfect for me?

Tessa: I missed you last night. When I got your text, it was too late to call.

Noah: Never too late to call.

Tessa: Mm.

Noah: What kept you busy?

Tessa: Uh, I was -- I was with mariah.

Noah: Oh! Oh, wait. Before you get into that, I need to tell you why I left a message -- big news.

Tessa: About the expansion?

Noah: Yes. Things are definitely coming along with the first of the new undergrounds that my dad and i are rolling out.

Tessa: Already? Oh, it's happening so fast.

Noah: I know. Tell me about it. Last night, it was insane. I was just juggling all these calls with the -- the contractor in ann arbor, the manager I' hired, suppliers. It's just, like, a massive amount of movement going on right now. It's a race to see if we can get it all done in time.

Tessa: But your dad's helping.

Noah: Yeah, we got enough going on right now to keep us both busy full time. He's got legal issues to work out -- licenses, state boards. And, plus,I got a few road blocks that are giving me some major headaches.

Tessa: Wow. That sounds painful.

Noah: Yeah.

[ Tessa laughs ] But it's also exciting. Like the most important call from irv west.

Tessa: You're looking at me like I should know who you're talking about.

Noah: [ Laughs ] He's a music promoter. He was huge in this part of the country. Devon and I met him in san francisco, and it turns out that connection was a very, very big deal.

Tessa: Because he can get you famous acts for your venues.

Noah: Eh, more like up-and-coming, almost famous. But yeah.

Tessa: Wow. Uh... working with a major promoter like that is everything for a venue.

Noah: Mm. You're gonna get to meet him pretty soon, because he's actually coming to genoa city to scout out this -- this amazing act.

Tessa: Uh, anybody I know?

[ Noah laughs ] M-me?

Noah: Yeah. Now, look, he knows that you are contracted with devon, but he wants to work with hamilton-winters to get you on his touring roster.

Tessa: No way.

Noah: Yeah. He wants you to be an opening act for various clubs and concert venues that he handles.

Tessa: Uh... wow. I, um...

Noah: No, before you finish that thought, wait for the best news of all.

Tessa: If this gets any better, I'm gonna pass out.

Noah: Okay. I want you to be the opening act for our club in ann arbor when we go live. And then, maybe, all the rest of them. I mean, if you're still available after you start working with irv.

Tessa: I-I can't believe you're doing all of this for me.

Noah: Look, I'm doing all this work anyways. I had to meet with all these various promoters to vet the talent for the new clubs. And, you know what, if I can do something for you while I'm at it, all the better.

Billy: This is intriguing.

Victoria: Billy, I was --

Billy: Hey.

Victoria: Oh. Hi.

Abby: Hi.

Victoria: What's going on?

Billy: Your sister and her partner, zack, think brash & sassy's a natural fit to advertise on their app.

Abby: Our metrics are already outstripping our competitors. Billy has the numbers.

Billy: They're impressive.

Abby: Our app hits brash & sassy's target demographic right in the center of their sweet spot.

Victoria: Huh. So, how effective are online ads? In reality?

Abby: Very.

Zack: Included in that presentation, you'll see data on how mobile ads are not just effective, but often are more effective than desktop ads when it comes to driving key brands to targeted consumers.

Abby: That also shows our revenue early on. Every indicator points to designdate being an immense success. I'm just happy that dad saw the potential when, well, others did not.

Victoria: Touché.

Abby: [ Laughs ] Oh, no hard feelings, sis. There's still time to jump on board.

Zack: And it is a direct pipeline to the younger consumers that jabot didn't seem to think it was all that important to reach.

Victoria: So, did you get to turned down by jack before coming here to make the exact same pitch?

Abby: I owed jack the first meeting. He was very encouraging to me at the very beginning of this process. But it's very clear to me, and it's clear to zack, that designdate is a much better fit here at brash & sassy. If everything that I've heard is true.

Victoria: Uh, and that would be about...?

Abby: Oh, well, that the competition is really heating up between you and uncle jack.

Billy: Scorching as ever.

Abby: This is your shot to leave everyone upstairs in the dust.

Victoria: All right. Draw up the papers. We're in.

Abby: Thanks.

Zack: That was like watching performance art, the way you handled your sister. You knew all the right buttons to push.

Abby: Well, I wouldn't have had to if you hadn't almost blown the deal.

Zack: I shouldn't have brought up jack.

Abby: Her competitor? No. And then I had to scramble to come up with a reason why we went to them first that wasn't insulting.

Zack: I'm sorry. I just wasn't thinking.

Abby: See -- see, that's what I don't get. You are far too smart to slip up like that. If you didn't want brash & sassy advertising on the app, that was the way to accomplish it.

Victoria: So, do you really think it's a smart move advertising on designdate?

Billy: You just signed the paperwork. Why are you questioning it now?

Victoria: I met abby's partner, zack, at the benefit.

Billy: And?

Victoria: He's smooth but harmless. But now seeing him in a business situation, he sort of seems a little slick to me.

Billy: It's the tech guys, okay? They're arrogant. But I have a feeling that abby can handle him.

Phyllis: Am I interrupting?

Victoria: No, no. Not this time. I'm on my way out. So, uh, you're gonna follow through with those things that I asked you to?

Billy: Yeah, of course.

Victoria: Great.

Billy: Hi.

Phyllis: Hi. Looks like my timing's perfect. Hey, now that you're free, what do you say we, uh, get out of here and grab some lunch? A nice romantic lunch somewhere?

Billy: Sounds delicious. Tastes even more delicious. But we got a lot going on here today.

Phyllis: I know. I can see that. You and victoria have really been hunkering down lately.

Billy: Well, the harder i work now, the more time I get to spend with you.

Phyllis: I hope so. Judging the way things are going upstairs, I may be busier than you soon.

Billy: Yeah? Why's that?

Phyllis: Well, I don't know. You know, just some things I'm picking up on. With jack. Being jack, he just seems to rant constantly about the competition with brash & sassy.

Billy: Well, exactly. That is jack, and he wants us in the graveyard.

Phyllis: Yeah, well, it's kind of hard to escalate from that, you know, but...

[ Chuckles ]

Billy: But what? He is?

Phyllis: Look, the other day, when you and victoria came up, and you confronted ashley, and you accused jabot of kind of pushing you out of the fenmore's shelves, where... where did that come from?

Billy: Reasonable thing to assume given our numbers.

Phyllis: Yeah, the problem is jack doesn't think it's so reasonable. In fact, he's wondering if brash & sassy has a spy upstairs.

Billy: [ Laughs ] Jack thinks we have a spy upstairs? That's -- that's funny, jack.

Phyllis: I'm just repeating what I heard.

Billy: Yeah, well...

Phyllis: But judging from the way you're reacting and that look on your face, maybe jack's not so far off the mark.

Billy: Who's side are you on here, phyllis?

Jack: I'm sorry I missed you yesterday when you dropped by and left that note.

Hilary: No, it's not a problem. I didn't want you to think that I forgot about our plan to promote your new products on my show.

Jack: Well, I am very flattered that you jumped on board without hesitation.

Hilary: Of course. You know how much I love working with you.

Jack: Well, we should toast to this.

Hilary: Yes, we should.

Jack: Bear with me.

[ Cork pops ]

Hilary: Whoo!

Jack: Hilary, this is going to be good for both of us.

Hilary: I like the way you put that.

Jack: Oh?

Hilary: Mm-hmm. Because it's the part that's good for me that's been left undetermined.

Jack: Oh, being associated with a company of jabot's reputation isn't enough?

Hilary: It would be... if you hired me to do commercials for your products.

Jack: You're already on tv. What's motivating this?

Hilary: A lot of things. More money, more prestige...

Jack: More opportunity to outdo your ex-sister-in-law's success at dare?

Hilary: Lily has her career, I have mine.

Jack: Then that's all there is to it? This is just about business success, nothing to do with a personal victory?

Hilary: I don't know, jack. You tell me. Your brother is working downstairs at the company that you are trying to crush. You telling me that's just business? This is so much fun, isn't it?

Cane: Where's my daughter? Mattie? Mattie!

Reed: What-- how would I know?

Cane: Mattie? This is her headband. Huh?

Reed: M-mr. Ashby, I --

Cane: How'd you get her to do it, all right? She's never cut class before, and she hasn't lied to me like this. But thanks to you, she's now good at making bad choices.

Reed: I didn't --

Cane: What? You didn't what? She was a good girl, but she's not anymore, thanks to you!

Victoria: What the hell are you doing in my house?

Devon: You are the person that I want to be with. I'm sorry that it's taken me longer to verbalize it than it's taken you.

Mariah: No, I'm not pushing you to --

Devon: Look, that doesn't mean that I don't take this relationship as seriously as you do.

Mariah: Then what does it mean?

Devon: I've been married. And divorced. So those three words, they carry a lot more weight. And they're harder to say. But not impossible to say. If you give me the time that I need. That's all I'm asking. Can you do that for me?

Mariah: I don't know. Maybe I put too much...pressure on us by saying it first.

Devon: Listen, I want you to forget everything that hilary said to you. There's nobody else for me. And I can say that without a doubt. And if you can say it, too, i know that we can fix this. Can we?

Mariah: There's no one else. That's for sure.

Noah: Just look at all the links that come up when you do a search for irv west. The guy is a powerhouse promoter. And he is gonna be blown away when he hears you sing live.

Tessa: Look at all the famous clubs he's been associated with. I mean, you've got chicago, st. Louis, kansas city.

Noah: And you're gonna be touring all these cities and the outlying areas. Anywhere there's an underground location.

Tessa: Uh... why don't you tell me more about the road blocks you've been running into with the new club?

Noah: It's nothing I can't handle. Wasn't there something you wanted to talk to me about before?

Tessa: Uh...no. Never mind. You've got too much going on with trying to get ann arbor up and running. It can wait.

Zack: I am your devoted and loyal partner in more ways than one.

Abby: After our talk yesterday, I'm grateful that you opened up to me, but --

Zack: But I blew it today. Look, I'm sorry I almost messed things up with brash & sassy. But you've got to know it wasn't intentional. When you told me you wanted to up our ad game and court the big boys, I was with you all the way.

Abby: I'm not mad at you. I'm just frustrated. I didn't think I'd have to do so much tap-dancing to try and make a deal with my own family. But we have one. And things are only gonna get better for our app.

Zack: And for us.

Abby: [ Giggles ]

Billy: I think it's better we don't go any further into this.

Phyllis: I don't want to pry. I know that you and victoria have business that needs to stay private.

Billy: Well, if you don't want to pry, you shouldn't have accused victoria.

Phyllis: "Accused"?

Billy: Saying that she would hire a spy to go after jack.

Phyllis: Everything is a competition with victoria. She's been competitive since preschool. You think she's above getting her hands dirty on this?

Billy: Okay, phyllis, just be careful here, okay? Everything you say about victoria, you're saying about me. So just... think about that next time. Excuse me.

Cane: My daughter cut school today.

Victoria: What does that have to do with reed?

Cane: She came here, and she's not meant to be seeing him.

Victoria: Okay, that's enough.

Reed: Mom, I can explain --

Victoria: You? No. You go to school. You're supposed to be there. Go. Now. We'll talk later. I don't care how upset you are, you don't get to come into my house and speak to my son that way.

Cane: I wouldn't have come here if he hadn't lured her here.

Victoria: Damn it, you don't even know reed!

Cane: She's a minor!

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Okay, get out. I want you out of my house now. Get out! You've got to get out.

[ Door slams ]

Next on "the young and the restless"...

Nick: This is victor newman. He doesn't play by the book.

Noah: Well, the book is not working for us right now, okay?

Cane: I don't care who his mother is. I care that he's trying to pressure our daughter, and you should care about that, too.

Victoria: Cane is gonna make it impossible for you two to ever see each other ever again. 

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