Y&R Transcript Tuesday 9/12/17

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 9/12/17


Episode # 11255 ~ Ashley changes course to learn Graham's secret; Neil is concerned about Lily; Victoria uses an opportunity to freeze Phyllis out.

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Hilary: Not a fan of eggs, I see.

Phyllis: Ah, I don't have an appetite. For food, anyway. Have a seat. Screwdrivers are on me.

Hilary: What, you're having a bad day already?

Phyllis: No, just a little eye-opener. Would you like one?

Hilary: Well, since keeping my eyes open is part of my job... why not?

Phyllis: That's what I'm talking about. Two more, please.

Hilary: Okay, so, why are you here having breakfast alone?

Phyllis: Well, billy... billy, billy, billy is occupied.

Hilary: Let me guess -- victoria scheduled an early meeting, and attendance wasn't optional.

Phyllis: Oh, no. She has a much better card she played today.

Victoria: All right.

Billy: How's everything going this morning?

Victoria: Everything's right on track. Hannah took katie to preschool. I packed johnny's lunch. Included a very special treat for him for his first day of kindergarten.

Billy: Sugar cookie from crimson lights.

Victoria: Ah, yes. So, we'll be saving this for after lunch. I don't want him climbing the walls at school.

Billy: [ Laughs ] That's probably a good call. Still have to make a good impression with the teacher.

Victoria: Who? Us or johnny?

Billy: Both.

Victoria: [ Giggles ]

Billy: Can't believe this day is here. I mean, honestly. Where'd the time go?

Victoria: I know, right?

Billy: I'm glad we're doing this together. It's nice to be able to take him to school. You know, the three of us.

Victoria: I wouldn't have it any other way.

Cane: Mattie. What's going on?

Ashley: Just the man I was looking for. Coffee?

Jack: Please. No doughnuts?

Ashley: No. You're gonna have to settle for interesting news.

Jack: About?

Ashley: Our mother's sidekick.

Jack: What has graham done now?

Ashley: Something I never expected -- he left.

Jack: Town?

Ashley: The states.

Jack: For good?

Ashley: I wish. No, apparently there's some problem with his apartment in paris.

Jack: Any time he's away from our mother is bonus time for us.

Ashley: I'll drink to that.

Jack: Though it is kind of strange. Why now? I mean, he's been so reluctant to leave her side.

Ashley: I know. The timing is really interesting, isn't it? We find out that he's had access to mother's market analysis, and -- pouf! -- He's gone.

Jack: You think he's taking a powder?

Ashley: Maybe. Maybe not. I mean, it could be a coincidence.

Jack: No, I mean what's your sense? What do you think?

Ashley: I don't know. I have so many unanswered questions about that guy.

Jack: Well, that makes two of us. You know what, while he's gone, while he can't interfere, we better get some answers.

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Jack: You know, mother is going to cry mutiny the moment we go after graham.

Ashley: Too bad. We've been very loyal soldiers. We backed off of him so we could concentrate on working on our relationship with her. She's the one that broke the treaty.

Jack: By involving him in jabot.

Ashley: I told you so!

Jack: Not to hire her. I know. You said that repeatedly.

Ashley: Yes, exactly. She has no respect for our father's legacy, jack. She's proven that.

Jack: I expected more. Unless...

Ashley: What?

Jack: Unless graham pushed her, whether it was to gain access to jabot's files because he has a bigger plan for jabot, or because he wanted us to find out.

Ashley: What, so that we would confront her, and that would cause a rift? Because mother would never believe that her favorite lapdog could actually do something that underhanded.

Jack: Her will is signed, but he's still threatened by us. I just don't understand why she has this undying loyalty to him, how he became so indispensable to her.

Ashley: So, what, you never believed what she was shoveling?

Jack: Did you?

Ashley: Not for a minute.

Jack: We have to talk to mother. Today.

Ashley: I think you should do it without me. I gave her a very severe reprimand, and she did not want to hear it. She's not gonna be too chatty if I go along with you, jack. I think I should try a different approach.

Jack: What are you gonna do?

Ashley: Something I should have done a hell of a long time ago.

Cane: Didn't expect to see you here.

[ Sighs ] Thought you'd be home primping in front of the mirror, huh?

Mattie: Dad, I don't primp.

Cane: I know you don't primp. 'Cause you're a natural beauty.

Mattie: Whatever. I had to get some homework done, and I wanted a smoothie.

Cane: Must be a big assignment if you didn't get it done last night. But hey. I know you have a big schedule, so that's okay.

Mattie: Yeah. Teachers love piling on the homework.

Cane: Yeah. But I know you love to have a smoothie before you go to school. So, what, erin's picking you up and taking you?

Mattie: Yep.

Cane: Yeah? Good. I like her. She's a good friend. She's smart. She's focused. She's responsible. Schoolwork's a priority. You need more friends like her. And she knows what you're going through and what you're dealing with this year.

Mattie: It is going to be intense. But this is an important year for college. You don't have to worry. I'm not gonna mess it up.

Cane: 'Cause hard work pays off, all right? And stay focused, and don't let anything distract you from your goals.

Mattie: I'm trying. But it's not always easy when life gets crazy.

Cane: All right, look. I know it's -- it's gonna take a while before things go back to normal at home. But I don't want you to forget that I am your biggest fan.

[ Cellphone buzzes ] What is it?

Mattie: Um... erin is on her way to pick me up.

Cane: Oh, cool. All right. Well, I'll let you pack up and, uh, do your thing. Okay.

[ Sighs ] Hey. Don't forget... you and I have to have dinner. Okay?

Mattie: You bet, dad.

Cane: Okay. Bye.

Billy: Honestly, how did johnny go from this to kindergarten? Where did the time go?

Victoria: Next stop, high school.

[ Sighs ] Then college.

Billy: Then the pros.

Victoria: Oh, really? Our son's gonna be playing basketball for a living?

Billy: Or hockey. I mean, it's completely his choice, as long as I get season tickets.

Victoria: Oh, I see.

Billy: Yeah.

Victoria: You know, I took out his baby book so I could record this occasion, and I couldn't help leafing through and looking at all of the other milestones. Including the ones that weren't in the book.

Billy: Like the one where chelsea gave up her parental rights so you could adopt him.

Victoria: Yeah. That's the day that johnny became ours. And we became a family.

Billy: Never thought we'd have been apart back then. We never thought that. Always just wanted to give him the picture-perfect life.

[ Sighs ]

Victoria: Well, it may not be the life that we imagined, but he's got two parents that adore him. He's loved. And we are still a family. That's all that matters, right?

Billy: That is all that matters. Hey, there he is. The man of the hour. You ready for school?

Johnny: I don't want to go.

Hilary: First day at kindergarten. No competing with that.

Phyllis: Johnny should have both of his parents take him to kindergarten. He is so sweet. He deserves to feel special.

Hilary: Yes, but I'm sure that victoria is just taking advantage of the situation.

Phyllis: Oh, you have no idea. She is working it like a champ. I mean, she even roped him into doing some back-to-school shopping.

Hilary: [ Laughs ]

Hilary: Did she think that crayons and glue sticks were an aphrodisiac?

Phyllis: Oh, I don't know. Well, this was about her making new memories. So she can rub them in my face. I ran into them here at the club right after their buying binge, and victoria graciously asked me to join them.

Hilary: Which you graciously accepted.

Phyllis: Of course I did.

Hilary: Mm-hmm.

Phyllis: Yes, and it was so interesting. She was acting contrite when she apologized for the tiff that we had the other day. I mean, of course, it was all for billy's benefit. Once she made nice, she locked back in to billy's energy, and... oh, I don't know. Reminded him of something that johnny said that was so cute. And so I sat there, and i watched them smile and laugh, and then she turned to me and said so subtly, "guess you had to be there."

Hilary: Ohh.

[ Inhales ] Oh, she's good.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Hilary: There's no mistaking that message.

Phyllis: Nope. I'm the outsider. I'll never have what they have. And here's the thing. I'm gonna fix it.

Hilary: Are you thinking about getting pregnant?

Phyllis: A baby?

Hilary: Well, the way you were talking --

Phyllis: No, no! No. That's who I used to be. All right? I was that woman. But I got better ways to fight for my man now.

Hilary: Well, I hope you have a secret weapon.

Phyllis: [ Sighs ] Why?

Hilary: Because you're at a disadvantage. Exes, they come together because of kids all of the time. Especially if there is lingering feelings between the parents.

Phyllis: Ugh. Thanks for the pep talk, hilary.

Hilary: I'm being realistic.

Phyllis: Billy's love for his kids should not be used as a weapon against me.

Hilary: Yes, I agree. But what are you gonna do?

Phyllis: I think we should spend more time with them.

Hilary: [ Scoffs ] Really?

Phyllis: Yeah, I do. I would actually like to get to know johnny and katie a little bit better. I think they're wonderful children, and I-I just have not been given a chance.

Hilary: Because of victoria?

Phyllis: Yeah. Yes. She won't let them come to the apartment. And I'm certainly not welcome in the newman household.

Hilary: Yeah, and I don't see that embargo being lifted any time soon.

Phyllis: Well, it's not gonna stop me. Even if I have to take them to one of those kiddie places where they're singing crazy songs and the animals are moving everywhere and I carry a bucket with tokens and eat greasy pizza for the rest of my life. It would prove that I am committed to making us a happy family. A normal family.

Hilary: And when billy sees how sincere you are, it'll mean that much more to him. And then victoria -- heh. There is nothing that she can do.

Billy: Why don't you tell us why you don't want to go to school?

Victoria: Does your tummy feel tingly?

Billy: It does? Well, that's probably just nerves.

Victoria: It happens to us all the time.

Billy: It does. And it's okay.

Reed: What's okay?

Victoria: Your brother. He's having second thoughts about going to kindergarten.

Reed: Oh, no!

Victoria: You know how he feels, right?

Reed: Yeah, totally. When I first came to G.C., Bud, it was really hard. I mean, I had to go to a new school with new classmates and new teachers. But I'm really glad I did, because it was awesome. And now I wake up every morning excited to go to school.

Billy: See? Your big brother was nervous, too.

Victoria: Yeah, but he was a big boy, and he went.

Reed: That make you feel any better?

Johnny: No.

Reed: Well, I tried.

Billy: Look, buddy, change can be hard.

Victoria: But it's gonna be okay.

Together: I promise.

Jack: Good morning.

Dina: Ugh. Hardly.

Jack: Something wrong?

Dina: Yes. I didn't sleep well at all, and I'm exhausted.

Jack: Well, I'm sorry to hear that. Here, let me get you some tea.

Dina: Stop, jack. Stop. You're not here for a tête-à-tête or a friendly conversation. Ashley told you we argued about graham.

Jack: She did.

Dina: Yes, she did. So if you don't mind, just show yourself out, because I'm not ready for round two.

Jack: Mother, mother, relax. We will not need a referee. But before I go anywhere, we have to get a few things straight.

Ashley: Thank you for coming so quickly.

Neil: Good to see you. I knew it was important. Didn't want to keep you waiting. Plus, I got to be honest, I was very curious.

Ashley: You were wondering why I was asking about graham.

Neil: Yeah, I didn't know if I could be any help or not. Um... the mergeron acquisition was a while ago.

Ashley: I know. I've been kicking myself for not talking to you sooner. Were you able to find it?

[ Gasps ]

Neil: I got it right there.

Dina: I don't appreciate my children insulting my judgment. And I don't care how you sugarcoat it. That's the truth.

Jack: We are mainly concerned about graham having access to jabot's documents and data.

Dina: Well, he put in his input, nothing more.

Jack: Was this your idea or his?

Dina: Well, I welcomed his input.

Jack: Mother, you ran a multinational conglomerate.

Dina: What's your point?

Jack: My point is you don't need anyone -- graham or anyone else -- to lend you a hand to work on a marketing report.

Dina: Oh, well, good business stems from good collaboration.

Jack: With fellow employees. Which does not include graham. No one on our payroll should be sharing private files with outsiders.

Dina: What are you afraid that graham is going to do? Steal the formula for our new lipstick color? I mean, you and ashley are really being paranoid.

Jack: You trust this man, mother.

Dina: Yes, I do.

Jack: I do not. I'm telling you as your son, and as C.E.O. Of the company, if you want to continue working at jabot, graham can have no part in it. Do we understand each other?

Neil: Graham's human resource file from mergeron.

Ashley: I owe you big time. Have a seat, please.

Neil: Sure. Thanks. You know, I'm sorry I couldn't answer your questions earlier about him when you called. The funny thing is, we passed on hiring him at our company, and that's why I never really looked at the file.

Ashley: I'm so happy you were able to find it. And thank you for breaking the rules a little and making me a copy.

Neil: Yeah, ashley, for you, anything.

Ashley: Thank you.

Neil: So, let me --

Ashley: Why did I want it?

Neil: I'm very aware that jack isn't fond of the guy, so he's not gonna be working here.

Ashley: Very true. Plus, we've already filled our quota for questionable employees. Jack hired my mother.

Neil: Dina's working here at the family company?

Ashley: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

Neil: Wow. How's that going?

Ashley: Well, you know what, this whole thing could have been avoided if you had just given her a job.

Neil: Okay, yeah.

Ashley: [ Laughs ]

Neil: So jack... this is am-- jack hired dina.

Ashley: Yeah. I let it be known that I thought maybe she was suffering from depression, because leaving the workplace maybe was a shock. Jack thought having her work here with us might give her something meaningful to do, and would help her.

Neil: Right. Well, has it?

Ashley: Mm... giving my mother a new perspective is a positive. Having graham's input is a negative. My mother showed him a confidential marketing report.

Neil: Did you call her on it?

Ashley: Oh, yes. She couldn't understand why I had a problem with it. And she did not appreciate being scolded by her daughter.

Neil: Well, you see, right there are the perils of working with family members.

Ashley: Yeah. Seems like you and devon have mastered it.

Neil: We've had our fair share of disagreements. But honestly, this is one of the best decisions I've ever made, you know? I'm very proud of what we've accomplished so far.

Ashley: You should, yeah. I mean, your company's become a real power player.

Neil: Thank you.

Ashley: And then you gave brash & sassy that bridge loan. I'm sure they were incredibly grateful.

Neil: Oh, yeah. They were. Jack, not so much.

Ashley: Oh, well him. He's hell-bent on taking victoria's company and grinding it into ash.

Neil: Yeah, I'm sure she's hell-bent on doing the same.

Ashley: I know. They're determined to destroy each other.

Neil: They don't realize that friendly competition, it can be beneficial. You keep each other on your toes. You don't step on them. And it can lead to greater success for everyone involved.

Ashley: I agree with you. I wish they would take a more philosophical approach to business, you know what I mean? I believe in trying to fight fair. Those two... they just want to drag each other down into the muck. And then everybody loses.

Lauren: Are you hungry? Do you want to order something?

Phyllis: No, I came early. I drank my breakfast.

Lauren: Oh. Okay. Well, let's get going. Okay. So, I brought you a more detailed version of the cosmetic sales figures.

Phyllis: Oh. Are they the same ones that, uh, you showed me last night that had us sniping at each other, or...?

Lauren: [ Sighs ] Actually, this version, um, shows more of the individual purchases at each store and online.

Phyllis: Mm. Okay. Well, they're kind of hard to check out when you cover them like that.

Lauren: Uh-huh. Because I need you to promise me this isn't gonna morph into a bitch session about victoria. I really don't want to hear you hurling insults about her, okay?

Phyllis: Professional.

Lauren: Lovely.

Phyllis: Mm.

Lauren: Okay.

Phyllis: Okay.

Lauren: Moving on.

Phyllis: Go.

Lauren: Let's start with brick-and-mortar stores. So, um, you can see that brash & sassy's exceeding what we expected.

Phyllis: Mm. Goody.

[ Giggles sarcastically ] Sorry. Okay. I'm sorry. Sorry. Hang on a second. Okay, that doesn't make sense.

Billy: What happened? I thought you were really excited to go to school?

Victoria: It's all you've been talking about for weeks.

Billy: Yeah. You got along with mrs. Cole, your teacher, at the open house.

Victoria: Yeah, remember we walked around? She showed us all the cool things you're gonna do?

Billy: And, I mean, come on, that classroom was rad.

Victoria: Yeah! The books and the games.

Billy: Your name on your cubbyhole.

Victoria: It was so cool. Oh, do you remember the 3-d printer?

Reed: A 3-d printer?! That's super cool, bud! I mean, you can print all the trucks you want.

Victoria: Mm-hmm. Yeah. And the art room has all those markers and paints in it.

Billy: And what about that foam pit? You can do summersaults into it and not even hurt yourself.

Victoria: Oh, my gosh. You know, all this talk of kindergarten makes me want to go back to kindergarten.

Reed: Yeah, me too.

Billy: Me three. You know what, johnny? I'm gonna go to walnut grove, okay? You can go to the office for me. Is that a deal?

Johnny: No, I want to go.

Victoria: You do?

Billy: You sure? I mean, I can go get my briefcase. You can go to the office with mommy.

Johnny: No, I want to go.

Billy: Okay.

Victoria: Well, then let's go. Let's get going while we can.

Reed: You made the right choice, dude.

Victoria: Yes, really good choice.

Billy: Reed, can you snap a little family photo?

Reed: Yeah, no problem.

Victoria: Oh, yeah. Let's do that.

Reed: Ready? Funny faces.

Victoria: Funny faces. Okay.

Billy: Whoooo! Yeah!

Reed: One more.

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Neil: Thanks.

Cane: Hey.

Neil: Hey.

Cane: You have a sec?

Neil: Have a seat.

Cane: Thanks. Listen... I just want to let you know, I've kept my word, and I'm, uh, working hard to regain my family's trust.

Neil: Yeah? No doubt you're trying to change things. Good.

Cane: Yeah. I'm not pressuring lily, and, uh, I'm giving her space.

Neil: Good to hear that.

Cane: And I, uh, support her going back to brash & sassy. As long as, uh, billy and victoria treat her right, you know, 'cause her happiness is -- is paramount to me.

Neil: How are things with the kids?

Cane: Well, I'm not living at home. But I'm still in their lives, so it's okay.

Neil: So you're spending time with them?

Cane: Yeah. Yeah, uh... made breakfast the other morning, which was great. And I had dinner with charlie, which was fun, and I hope to do the same with mattie, so... progress.

Neil: Yeah, good. So, it seems like you're saying and doing all the right things. And it's clear that you want to put your family back together again.

Cane: Yes, I do.

Neil: That you want everyone to get past what's happened and move on.

Cane: Absolutely.

Neil: Well, the fact remains. Another woman is having your baby. It's a constant reminder to lily and the kids that you cheated. On all of them. I don't know how they're gonna come to terms with that. So let's not pretend that all is forgiven, and that things are just gonna go back to the way they were.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Mattie: Hi.

Reed: Hey. What's going on?

Mattie: Not much. Heading to school. You?

Reed: Just hanging out at the house.

Mattie: Aren't you going to be late?

Reed: Nope.

Mattie: Do you have a free period?

Reed: No. [ Sighs ] But I do have the house to myself. Want to come over and help me take advantage of this rare opportunity?

Mattie: [ Sighs ] I can'T. I have french.

Reed: Aren't you fluent?

Mattie: Reed...

Reed: It's the first week of school. Aren't they just gonna be reviewing a lot of stuff from last year?

Mattie: Maybe... but --

Reed: Come on. We really didn't get to spend time together yesterday. I'd love to see you.

Jack: Think about it. Mom is feisty as ever. She looks incredible. She has a ton of energy.

Ashley: So you think I'm making a big deal out of nothing.

Jack: Well, obviously you don'T.

Ashley: I can't shake this feeling. I think something's going on with her. I mean, what about graham? He's always skulking around.

Jack: "Skulking"?

Ashley: What do we know about him? Nothing.

Jack: Nothing, but -- and obviously they are joined at the hip, but I don't know a thing about him.

Ashley: Well, dina may not be the mother I've longed for, but she's the only one we've got. You said that. I think something's going on with her, and I'm gonna find out what it is.

Jack: Wow. You're serious. Amazing.

Ashley: After all the years of despising her, it's weird. I can't help it.

Jack: Well, how about that? Maybe your heart isn't made of stone. Okay, obviously you feel strongly about this. So go for it. I'm 100% behind you.

Ashley: Oh! How long you been there?

Ravi: Uh, like an hour.

Ashley: Ha, ha. Why didn't you clear your throat or something?

Ravi: I didn't want to interrupt. You seemed very captivated by whatever you were looking at. Looking at, uh, puppy vids on the viewclick?

Ashley: Better.

Ravi: Kittens?

Ashley: Graham's personnel file from mergeron.

Ravi: Wow. Wow, you move fast.

Ashley: I was fired up. Pull up a chair. Come on. I'm gonna tell you all about mr. Bloodworth. Okay, so. Before he started working at mergeron a year and a half ago, he applied several times for different positions, starting in 2012.

Ravi: Wait, it took him four years to get a job?

Ashley: Yes. By the time he actually landed a position, it was a low-level post in finance. But he wasn't there long. He quickly got promoted to executive vice president of corporate strategy.

Ravi: Dina's right-hand man at the company.

Ashley: Yeah. And that's where he stayed until neil and devon bought the company.

Ravi: [ Scoffs ] Now he's constantly around her.

Ashley: He went from actor to executive to heir.

Ravi: He's had a very interesting life.

Ashley: Yeah, unbelievable.

[ Sighs ] He's persistent, that's what I'll say about him.

Ravi: Mergeron must be his dream job. I mean, why else would he keep applying after being rejected so many times?

Ashley: You know what bugs me about this file? I mean, what changed? If he wasn't qualified before, what changed in 2016? Why the rapid ascent? I mean, I know that sucking up to my mother had to have some kind of an effect on the whole thing.

Ravi: You could... talk to dina.

Ashley: No. She'd get so defensive. She would just shut down. I do think I know somebody else that could shed some light on this, though.

Dina: Graham is in paris. Far away from everything jabot. Problem solved.

Jack: Yeah, ashley told me about that -- something about his apartment.

Dina: That's right.

Jack: How long will he be gone?

Dina: Oh, a few days.

Jack: And this problem came up unexpectedly?

Dina: Uh, jack, why do you always ask questions all the time?

Jack: Because I get so few answers, mother.

Dina: Ugh! Well, I don't think it's particularly shocking for him to have to go back to paris on such short notice. He's been neglecting his own personal matters to be by my side.

Jack: Yes, his devotion to you is something to behold.

Dina: Graham is not after my money. He's my friend. Why can't you accept that?

Jack: I'm sorry.

Dina: Oh, I don't think you are.

Jack: Okay, I will concede this much -- he was there for you when we were not. He filled a very large void in your life.

Dina: Indeed he did.

Jack: But you've been holding something back from us about him. What is it? I want to understand. Help me. Please. What has this man done to deserve undying loyalty from you?

Dina: All right. I'll tell you.

Cane: You know, you're the last person who should tell me the people I love won't forgive me. I mean, it wasn't that long ago...

Neil: Hold on a minute.

Cane: ...That you pulled some pretty twisted stuff on hilary and devon -- the people you love. Your family didn't disown you.

Neil: Hold on. They damn sure came close, all right? I had to make amends, and ask forgiveness on my knees.

Cane: Okay, so what's the difference, then?

Neil: The mistake that I made didn't have a permanent impact. Something that will affect all of us for a lifetime. I give thanks every day for that. I don't know what I'd have done if hilary had died. We probably wouldn't be having this conversation right now. My family would have been fractured beyond repair, just like yours might be. So like it or not, that baby is gonna change things.

Cane: Well, I won't let it.

Neil: [ Sighs ] You can't pretend like it didn't happen.

Cane: No, listen. Just 'cause I'm having a baby with juliet, it doesn't mean i have to give up my family with lily.

Neil: We'll see soon enough, won't we? I got to go to work.

Hilary: [ Clapping slowly ]

Cane: Oh, god.

Hilary: Standing up to father-in-law. Ooh, bravo.

Cane: Oh, and your support is so touching.

Hilary: Well, it should be. Especially since I'm the only one in your corner right now. So, what's on the "score points with wifey and kids" agenda?

Cane: I'm taking the day off.

Hilary: Can you afford to? That wasn't an unemployment jab, but... you know, it has been a few months. Maybe if you sent out a résumé or two, it might help your cause.

Cane: I'm working with a headhunter, but there's no bites yet.

Hilary: You're not informing lily on your progress, are you?

Cane: Lily is very understanding.

Hilary: [ Chuckles ] That's good news. But don't take her attitude for granted, because the goodwill is sure to dry up -- just like your bank account.

Cane: Well, a position will open up soon.

Hilary: I hope one does. So, how are the kids? Is mattie still mad at you?

Cane: Well, I'm not as worried about that now as I was before, so there you go.

Hilary: I'm surprised.

Cane: Yeah? And why is that?

Reed: I'm psyched you're here.

Mattie: Yeah, it's weird. I've never skipped before.

Reed: Don't worry. Your gpa is not gonna take a hit from ditching one class.

Mattie: How many does it take?

Reed: Did you just come here to give me a hard time?

Mattie: No. I-I wanted to see you.

Reed: That's what i wanted to hear.

Mattie: But there is another reason I came over.

Reed: What's that?

Mattie: Hilary saw us kissing yesterday.

Reed: So?

Mattie: So she knows we're not supposed to be together.

Reed: [ Sighs ] Man, she loves to cause trouble with my family.

Hilary: Yeah, I saw the shows. The one with your mom yelling at that man in the hallway, and your grandpa punching your uncle nick.

Reed: Is that witch gonna put us on blast now, too?

Mattie: She swore she wouldn'T.

Reed: And you believe her?

Mattie: Hilary seems sympathetic for what we're dealing with.

Reed: Being kept apart because our parents hate each other.

Mattie: She said our secret was extremely safe with her, and that she wouldn't tattle because we used to family. I think we can trust her.

Reed: Why?

Mattie: Well, I saw my dad last night and this morning, and he didn't go off on me or anything, which means she kept her word.

Reed: [ Sighs ] Yeah, that's good. 'Cause if your dad or my mom ever found out we were sneaking around --

Mattie: Don't even say it.

Billy: I mean...

Victoria: Oh, so cute!

Billy: Adorable.

Victoria: Oh, gosh.

Billy: Look at that.

Victoria: I love that. Look at this one. Hmm?

Billy: Where did you get that one? I didn't even see him reading in that chair.

Victoria: You didn't? Oh, well, I'll send it to you. Wait, don'T. I'll send it to you.

Billy: How did I miss that?

Victoria: [ Laughing ] What's wrong with us?

Billy: What is so funny?

Victoria: I mean, come on. We're ooh-ing and aah-ing over these pictures that we took 20 minutes ago. It's ridiculous.

Billy: Look at him. I mean, he's the cutest kid in the world.

Victoria: He's so cute. Oh, my goodness. It went all right, didn't it? The drop-off? I mean, I hugged him a little too long, probably. And just maybe too hard.

Billy: Yeah, you did. A little bit too long. But so did I. It's fine.

Victoria: He's gonna be all right?

Billy: He's gonna be great. And if there are any issues, then we'll just do our co-parenting thing that we do. It seems to work. I mean, we got the guy to school on time, right?

Victoria: Yeah. I'm really glad you were there to help.

Billy: Well, that's teamwork. And we make a pretty good team.

Phyllis: You got it here, here, and here. You have multiple fenmore locations. You have brash & sassy transactions. Virtually identical amounts, but all within the same window of time.

Lauren: Yeah, but you know what, we are running a chain-wide promotion -- a free fenmore's tote with every cosmetic purchase of $100 or more.

Phyllis: But all cosmetic purchases. That's not exclusive to brash & sassy. But brash & sassy's the only brand that's showing this pattern. I mean, that doesn't seem odd to you?

Lauren: You still think that victoria has manipulated these sales?

Phyllis: You still think that I'm jumping to conclusions?

Lauren: Wouldn't be the first time.

Phyllis: Okay. Fine. I'm gonna dig a little deeper. And I'm gonna be able to prove this.

Lauren: Okay.

[ Keys clacking ]

Reed: Why are we even talking about our parents? They're not around. It's just us. Alone.

Mattie: Did you finish that new song? Do you want to play it for me?

Reed: No, I think I'd rather do this.

Cane: Thank you.

Hilary: I was surprised -- in a good way -- that you and mattie are getting along. You told me that she was furious with you.

Cane: Well, she's not thrilled, but we had a good talk. And she decided she's gonna focus on her priorities.

Hilary: Smart girl.

Cane: Yeah.

[ Cellphone rings ] Excuse me. It's walnut grove.

Hilary: Mattie and charlie's school?

Cane: Hello? Yes, this is her father. No, mattie's not sick. Well, that's strange. She's never missed class before. She got a ride there with her friend erin. Erin arrived on time?

[ Inhales deeply, sighs ] No, I, uh... I don't know why mattie's not at school. But I'm gonna find out. Thank you for calling.

Phyllis: So, here's a red flag. The online activity is matching the sales pattern in the stores.

Lauren: Customers spent almost exactly $100 on brash & sassy product.

Phyllis: And the fenmore's website was not promoting anything to explain this anomaly.

Lauren: Mm. This still doesn't prove your point.

Phyllis: Are you kidding me right now?

Lauren: Honey, people use gift cards all the time for that exact amount, and brash & sassy has a very loyal fan base.

Phyllis: You don't see what I see.

Lauren: You know what I see? Profits. Traffic in the stores. Clicks to the sites. This could all be one big coincidence. Not a conspiracy.

Phyllis: Okay. So it's either the biggest coincidence in the history of retail, or someone who is so desperate to win is willing to break all of the rules just to get what they want.

Billy: Are we all set? We'll be able to start on time?

Victoria: Yep. We're good to go. Let me tell you, I feel fantastic right now. It feels so good being excited about work.

Billy: Instead of the sense of dread hanging over our every move?

Victoria: I am never going to let plummeting sales affect us ever again.

Billy: We're unbeatable, vick. Our latest sales figures at fenmore's tell the world that jabot has nothing on us.

Victoria: That's right. Well, we made a very strong statement. And now that we have the edge over our competitors again, I am gonna do whatever it takes to keep us on top.

Dina: Not long ago, I nearly lost mergeron.

Jack: I didn't know that.

Dina: A senior executive sold our corporate secrets. Graham was in the financial division then, and brought it to my attention.

Jack: And saved your company.

Dina: Yes, 'cause I could have lost everything.

Jack: No wonder you hold him in such high regard.

Dina: I do.

Jack: Mother, graham did what any loyal employee would do in that situation. It doesn't mean you have to make him your most trusted confidant. It doesn't mean he earns your estate.

Dina: I owe him. For that, and what he's done for me since. He appreciates what I've given him.

Jack: Yes, I'm sure he appreciates what you've given him.

Dina: Jack, graham had a very rough life. His father left when he was very young. Then he and his mother were homeless for a while.

Jack: And his parents are now...?

Dina: They're gone. Gone.

Jack: Then you're all he has left.

Dina: Yes. I'm his family now.

Jack: Mother --

Dina: And I think it's time that you and ashley showed him some respect and compassion. And not keep up this constant suspicion.

Ashley: Merci, helene. Yes, I will absolutely give my mother your regards.

Au revoir.

Ravi: Head of mergeron's H.R. Department came through?

Ashley: Yeah, but I had to make a personal plea as my mother's daughter to get her to open up.

Ravi: What'd she say?

Ashley: Dina hired graham.

Ravi: What? How -- how did she even know him?

Ashley: They just happened to meet at some kind of social event, and my mother found out he was in between jobs.

Ravi: How convenient.

Ashley: Yes. And then she went right to H.R. And insisted that he was brought on board. She had no idea that he'd applied for several positions and been turned down every time.

Ravi: Was dina ever informed about these facts?

Ashley: She was. By the time she found out, she didn't care, because she was so impressed by him.

Ravi: [ Sighs ] These circumstances are unsettling.

Ashley: I know. Because it sounds like graham's been stalking my mother. Doesn't it? I just don't understand. I mean, why was he so determined to work for mergeron? And why did he want to be in dina mergeron's life so badly?

Next on "the young and the restless"...

Jack: Someone is manipulating their sales figures at jabot's expense. This has your boyfriend written all over it.

Mariah: What if there's someone else out there that's perfect for me?

Cane: She was a good girl, but she's not anymore, thanks to you.

Victoria: What the hell are you doing in my house?

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