Y&R Transcript Monday 9/11/17

Y&R Transcript Monday 9/11/17


Episode # 11254 ~ Billy and Victoria take a chemistry test; Dina is haunted by her past; Sharon takes a risk.

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Sharon: Um... I'm almost done closing up. Then we can get out of here...

Scott: Yeah, take your time. Whatever distracts you from what you're really thinking about, huh?

Sharon: The gps app tracking alice's car.

Scott: I can tell you're torn between what you promised nick and a burning desire to get over to that house and see what alice is really up to.

Sharon: That's what you'd be doing.

Scott: I'm trained for that kind of thing. You're not. I mean, nick made a good point. You need to be safe. You have a family to consider. You know, people who depend on you. So as much as I share your curiosity, I'm not gonna try and talk you into pursuing this.

Sharon: You could go without me.

Scott: I think we both need to keep a safe distance and just see how this thing unfolds, you know?

Mariah: Hey, wait. Hold on.

Tessa: What?

Mariah: I know that it goes without saying, but would you please be incredibly careful?

Tessa: You know I will. Promise.

Mariah: And if anything goes wrong, just [Sighs] Run!

Alice: Here you go, sugar. I wanted to make sure you had all your stuff.

Crystal: I just got here. Why am I leaving? I didn't call anyone. I didn't do anything. I swear.

Alice: I know you've been a very good girl. Sweetie, this isn't a punishment. The boss thinks you're beautiful, and that you deserve extra special treatment. That's all.

Crystal: Are you sure?

Alice: I'm positive. You know I always take care of my girls, don't you? Well, you're one of my favorites. There is no need to worry. Not one little bit. Everything will be fine. You'll see. Okay?

[ Doorbell rings ]

Ashley: Is that what I think it is?

Jack: Mother's market analysis for the parker beauty line. It's good. She makes some pretty good suggestions on how to position the product. You want a copy?

Ashley: Oh, I've seen it.

Jack: I got to say, it's pretty impressive. When we brought mother on board, we had no idea what to expect. Now, surprise, surprise, she's turning out to be quite an asset.

Ashley: Mm...she's turning out to be...quite a threat.

Phyllis: Thank you so much for pulling this together. It's been way too long.

Lauren: Agreed. Although, you know, it's supposed to a working dinner, so I figure... I brought this along.

Phyllis: Oh. "Health and beauty sales figures." No doubt prompted by the upcoming battle between jabot's new parker beauty line and brash & sassy.

Lauren: Mm-hmm. I think giving them equal shelf space will set up a fair head-to-head competition. I mean, it's win-win for fenmore's, but, honestly, I can't wait to see who comes out on top.

Phyllis: Wait a minute. This can't be right.

Billy: These numbers are way past what we projected.

Victoria: I don't even want to know what rules your top-secret sales-boosting project broke, okay?

Billy: Well, that's smart. But all that matters is the sales data. And these numbers don't lie.

[ Snaps ] We are on a roll, vick.

Victoria: You know, if you hadn't have been willing to access jabot's server using phyllis' work computer, we wouldn't have known what dirty tactics jack was up to until it was too late. So I just really, really appreciate you doing this and taking this risk. And I hope phyllis doesn't find out.

Billy: She won'T. Okay? And this is war. And you know what they say.

Victoria: "All's fair."

Billy: That's right. Look, I want to show you this. If we change this one little thing right here...

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Jack: Graham read this report? You're sure of it?

Ashley: I read the e-mail he sent dina myself. Thank god that ravi was able to catch it when he was updating her computer.

Jack: I'll be damned.

Ashley: Yeah, I didn't think you'd like it very much that she was sharing sensitive information with her companion. I didn't, and I told her so.

Jack: Wait, how did she react?

Ashley: She didn't apologize, jack. She was defensive. She said that graham was a brilliant asset to mergeron.

Jack: Mergeron is her company. Jabot is not.

Ashley: Exactly. Thank you very much. I told her we didn't want outsiders to have access to sensitive information no matter how much she trusted them.

Jack: It kills me he has access to her computer and her password.

Ashley: And you realize that if he manages to get on to our server, there's no telling what kind of confidential information he can gather.

Jack: We have to handle this. Right now.

Ravi: Got your laptop here. Fully upgraded with the latest jabot software.

Dina: Well, thank you, darling. Once again, you've gone above and beyond.

Ravi: Oh, it was my pleasure.

Dina: You know, you're always so thoughtful and considerate. Unlike my daughter, sorry to say.

Ravi: I heard you guys had a disagreement.

Dina: Ashley thinks I'm too old or too stupid to know if I'm being used.

Ravi: I'm sure that's not it. Whatever you're trying to work out with ashley, I'm sure you have the best intentions. I bet it's hard for both of you.

Dina: Ashley said that? What else did she say?

Sharon: Hmm. [ Giggles ] What was that?

Scott: Oh, just my own small distraction technique.

Sharon: Oh, okay. In that case, I think we should get to my house as soon as we close this joint down. So I'm gonna go and get the night-deposit bag in the office. You flip the sign.

Scott: My pleasure. We're actually closed. I was about the flip the sign.

Abby: Well, the sign still says "open." As it should for the next five minutes.

Scott: We don't have any coffee left.

Abby: That's fine. I came here for white chocolate-macadamia-nut cookies, and I am not leaving without them.

Scott: I'll see what we have left. So, I guess your date tonight wasn't exactly dreamy.

Abby: No call. No text. He just left me there. Waiting.

Scott: He must have had a reasonable explanation.

Abby: Well, I didn't hang around to hear it. Go ahead. Tell me. You were right.

Scott: Did you just say I was right about something?

Abby: You lectured me repeatedly on office romance, and... you were right. You win.

Scott: Well, if you're still taking advice from me, I'd say give the guy a second chance.

Abby: Okay, I am way too exhausted for your weird mind games.

Scott: No games. Look, you, uh, ignored all the pitfalls I brought up and dove into this thing. So now you're just gonna chuck it all and not even hear his excuse?

Abby: After his rudeness, yes.

Scott: You know something, I expect that things can come up and get in the way of important plans.

Abby: I'm sorry. You don't like zack, and now you're standing up for him?

Scott: I have nothing invested in him. But you do, obviously, or you wouldn't be this upset. And the guy even has victor's seal of approval.

Abby: You honestly think I'm making a mistake?

Scott: Why not accept his apology, give him a chance to explain himself? You know, stuff happens. We live in an unpredictable universe.

Abby: Ha, ha. Clearly. I'm accepting relationship advice from you.

[ Chuckles sarcastically ]

Scott: Yeah.

Sharon: Oh, hi, abby.

Scott: Hey.

Abby: Hi. [ Sighs ]

Scott: Oh. She had a cookie emergency.

Abby: Oh.

Scott: Luckily you had six left.

Abby: Yes, how much do I owe you?

Sharon: Uh, I'm sorry. The register's closed.

Abby: You know what, I am gonna put this in the tip jar for tomorrow. I think the universe would want it that way.

Sharon: Okay. Thanks so much.

Abby: Thank you. Seriously.

Scott: Any time.

Sharon: What was that all about?

Alice: [ Sighs ] Sugar? Go up and wait in your room. This will only take a minute. Okay? It's okay.

Alice: Can I help you?

Tessa: Oh, hey. Uh, I'm the new music teacher. I'm here for kaley's first lesson?

Alice: There's no kaley here.

Tessa: Oh, um, maybe I wrote the name down wrong. Is it haley? Or kiki?

Alice: We didn't order a music lesson.

Tessa: Oh, look. I, uh -- I wrote it down.

Alice: You've got the wrong house.

Tessa: [ Laughs ] I'm such an airhead. Is mercury in retrograde?

Alice: I have no idea. But I'm busy.

Tessa: Uh, look, I-I'm gonna be late and get fired. C-could I use your phone? Mine died.

Alice: No. Sorry.

Tessa: Will you -- will you please help me?

Alice: No.

Tessa: Look, I-I can't lose this gig. I've got all this credit-card debt, and I-I'm late on rent. Again.

Alice: I wish I could help.

Tessa: Could I just use your charger? I mean, I'll bring it right back. Oh, oh! I could rent it. I have $1.

Alice: Sweetie, I can'T. I'm sorry. Good luck, though.

Tessa: Just --

Alice: Bye-bye. Bye-bye.

Tessa: Could you -- wait!

Phyllis: Take a look at the brash & sassy sales figures. Don't you think the turnaround is a bit sudden to be this accurate?

Lauren: Well, yeah. I mean, it is a bump up from last quarter. But...so? I mean, since when do we get upset with sales spikes? In fact, it might be incentive for parker beauty to up their ad budget.

Phyllis: Okay, parker beauty is owned by jabot. Fenmore's business partner.

Lauren: And?

Phyllis: And shouldn't we be invested in its success? I mean, am I crazy?

Lauren: Crazy? No. Transparent? Yes.

Phyllis: Transparent.

Lauren: [ Laughs ] Oh, come on. Please don't play the "fenmore's loyalty" card. This is about brash & sassy failing. You and jack have it in for that company because who runs it.

Phyllis: Jack and I are not on the same page on this one.

Lauren: All right. Well, then, let's talk about you. You want billy away from victoria's control, and you want to stick it to her while you're doing it.

Phyllis: Okay, you're over-simplifying this grossly.

Lauren: As your best friend, I am begging you to abandon this plan with its many built-in flaws. And as your boss, I'm gonna tell you flat-out, I am not stacking the deck for your personal agenda.

Phyllis: Okay, as my best friend and my cherished employer, please listen. Victoria is not playing fairly. She is manipulating this. The business, these numbers, billy.

Lauren: That is exactly what you're doing. Oh, come on. Please. Would you just confess so we can have dessert?

Phyllis: I thought out of everyone I could depend on your loyalty.

Lauren: And, honey, you can. When it comes to our friendship, you have me. But this is business, and I am loyal to fenmore'S. And so should you.

Phyllis: Excuse me. I'm not feeling well.

Lauren: Oh, phyllis, come on. This can only end badly!

[ Sighs, stammers ] Can I have the check, please? Thank you.

Victoria: I am telling you, whatever you did to improve our numbers at fenmore is a huge success.

Billy: It was a short-term counter assault to show jack that we're not messing around.

Victoria: But you saw our numbers, though, at the other chains -- they're still flat.

Billy: Yeah, and I wish that I could pull off another fenmore's miracle, but...

Victoria: Well, we just need a bigger strategy.

Billy: We need the numbers up across the board, okay? And I'm thinking... I'm thinking men's line.

Victoria: Yeah, I agree. Because dare -- dare is our most reliable earner.

Billy: This body spray's a babe magnet.

Victoria: Yeah. Depends on who you spray it on.

Ravi: Ashley didn't say anything about the past. It was more about what she didn't say.

Dina: Ashley will never trust me.

Ravi: This is just a hunch. It could be that she knows so little about graham. Who I know is very important to you.

Dina: Graham doesn't owe my children an explanation, ravi, and neither do I.

Ravi: I agree. All that matters is do you trust him?

Dina: Oh, yes. Of course I do. And I can see that you have the same bond with ashley.

Ravi: Well, I hope i never give her a reason not to trust me. Just as I hope graham never gives you one.

Dina: Oh, never, never. But -- but he has gone back to paris.

Ravi: Really? That's sudden.

Dina: Well, it's a situation with his apartment that he has to handle in person.

Ravi: Okay. Well, will you be okay alone here?

Dina: Hmph, hmph!

Et tu, ravi? You think that I'm not to be trusted to handle myself? Hm?

Ravi: How could I ever think that about such a remarkable woman?

Dina: [ Laughs ]

Ravi: Bonsoir.

Dina: Bonsoir, chéri.

Jack: So do you think corporate espionage is some part of graham's larger plan in using mother?

Ashley: [ Sighs ] Well, we don't know him that well, so we can't put anything past him. But don't forget, how would he have ever known that we were gonna hire mother?

Jack: Well, he managed to take advantage of it pretty quickly.

Ashley: I know. But he has a huge inheritance coming. He's gonna risk that for some company secrets? I don't think so.

Jack: He doesn't get his payday until dina dies. Maybe he needs some fast cash.

Ashley: Try convincing our mother of that. Graham has made himself such an important part of her life.

Jack: This is exactly why i wanted her working here.

Ashley: I know.

Jack: We could put some distance between her and this guy, and she'd be forced to spend some time with her real family.

Ashley: Yeah. About that. I think, um, maybe she still has a little bit too much time on her hands.

Jack: Oh?

Ashley: She had breakfast with abby recently, and, uh, guess what they talked about?

Jack: The perfect place to get an eyebrow threading?

Ashley: Very funny. No. I wish. She brought up... brent davis, jack.

Jack: What?

Ashley: Yeah. And the affair that she had with him.

Jack: I cannot believe mother would reveal anything about that to her own granddaughter.

Ashley: She did. I mean, not the part, you know, that he's my father.

Jack: Well, thank god for that.

Ashley: Right. But she did tell abby why she left us, and... what went on with her and brent.

Jack: Okay, well, you talked to mother. Did she give you any reason why she would spill any of that?

Ashley: Well, she said that she felt she had to say something, and that possibly that would head abby off from asking more questions.

Jack: I guess that makes some sense.

Ashley: How?

Jack: If abby knew the whole story, maybe she'd understand you and your actions a whole lot better.

Jack: I'm sorry. That was out of line. You know me -- I've always got lots of opinions. Most of which should be kept to myself.

Ashley: It's okay. I'm used to you and your opinions.

[ Sighs ] You know, I realize this is my issue, jackie, and i wish I could get past it. I wish that I could just be grateful every day that john abbott was my father in every way that mattered and move on. Oh, what? No opinion now?

Jack: You know my opinion on this one. It has never mattered to me how you got here.

Ashley: You're afraid to say it, aren't you? Please don't be coy. We both know that our mother had an affair with the country-club gigolo, and therefore I exist.

Jack: You can say this a million times. It makes zero difference.

Ashley: It makes a difference to me, jack.

[ Sighs ] You know, before mother came back to town, I rarely thought about brent davis. But now when I see her, how can I not think about him? I think about, "how could you do this to dad? How could you do this to me?"

Jack: On some level, I'm glad she did. You wouldn't have been born, otherwise.

Ashley: And knowing that makes it all so much more confusing, because that is the absolute truth. I think I'm having an identity crisis. It's ridiculous at my age, isn't it? The bottom line is, I don't want any lingering resentment to define my relationship with my mother.

Jack: I understand that. And my situation is not as complex as yours, but the pain that mother inflicted was real. Only, since she's been back, the time we've spent with her has been surprisingly healing. And I think that's true for you, too.

Ashley: Have you not heard anything I've said?

Jack: I'm not saying there isn't more work to do. But slowly but surely you two are growing closer.

Ashley: I know. You're right. There has been definite improvement. Except for this last graham thing. But a lot of that is because of abby.

Jack: How so?

Ashley: Well, she's made me see dina in a different light. Probably because I have a grown daughter who hasn't always agreed with the choices that I've made.

Jack: Wow. I would call that a real breakthrough.

Ashley: Are you being sarcastic?

Jack: No, I'm not. I'm saying... how did my sister manage to become so evolved in secret?

Ashley: [ Laughs ] It wasn't in secret. I told you. Ravi has been encouraging me to be more understanding with our mother, and to cut her some slack. You do know that he's very well-adjusted, right, and healthy and grounded, where you and I tend to be a little bit more messed-up, and kind of bitter and jaded? I don't know.

Jack: Oh, I don't know. I'd say ravi wouldn't agree to an overnight at a lakeside cabin with a woman he considered damaged goods.

Ashley: I think there's, um, a compliment buried in there somewhere.

Jack: [ Chuckles ]

Ashley: I'll make sure I pass it on to ravi.

Jack: So you're gonna see him later? I'm just curious.

Ashley: I'm gonna let you speculate on that quietly. To yourself. Goodbye.

[ Trunk opens ]

Mariah: [ Sighs ]

Tessa: [ Sighs ]

Mariah: So? Did you talk to alice? Was there any sign of crystal? What story did you feed them?

Tessa: I kind of struck out. I only saw alice. But no doubt it was the same woman in your mom's photo of her driving.

Mariah: Really?

Tessa: Yeah. I mean, same haircut, same build. I mean, I-I kept her chatting at the door as long as I could, but she only opened it a crack. Just enough to see her face. I mean, no way did she want me seeing what was inside.

Mariah: So you agree with sharon? You think she's hiding something?

Tessa: Oh, beyond. I mean, I pretended to be some music, flaky guitar teacher, and she was so stressed out to even have me at the door. I mean, like she wanted me to bounce out of there real bad. But it was all very polite. Clamped down. Under duress.

Mariah: Like she was more afraid of making a scene that somebody might notice.

Tessa: Nailed it.

Mariah: Well, thank you for not doing anything crazy. When you ran back to the car to get your guitar, I... I didn't know what you were thinking.

Tessa: Well, I hope you don't expect me to give up. I'm gonna find another way in.

[ Engine starts ]

Alice: Crystal? It's time to go, baby.

Crystal: Why are you letting them send me away? I promised to do anything you asked. I thought I could count on you.

Alice: Trust me, sugar. It's like you're getting a promotion. It's the best thing that could happen to my prettiest girl.

[ Door opens ] All righty. [ Sighs ] You know the deal, leon.

Crystal: You don't need to do this. I don't want to go.

Leon: What is it with this one? You're not gonna be a problem, are you.

Alice: No, she isn'T. Right, crystal?

Zack: [ Sighs ] I am so glad you texted. I feel rotten. That I stood you up. About how I handled the whole night.

Abby: Look, I understand that things happen when you're starting a new business. But you completely blew me off. Am I finding out what you're really like? I-is this how you treat women? Zack, I need you to be honest with me. Or I can't do this. Where were you tonight? What was so urgent it made you act like you don't give a damn about me?

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

[ Elevator dings ]

Ashley: Hi.

Ravi: Hey. You're here.

Ashley: Yeah, for a minute. What's going on?

Ravi: Uh, well, I just delivered dina's jabot laptop.

Ashley: Mm. How was she?

Ravi: She was great. Yeah. Super cordial and chatty.

Ashley: Oh.

Ravi: We had an interesting conversation.

Ashley: Oh, about me?

Ravi: About you. About me. About our special bond of trust.

Ashley: Oh.

Ravi: Yeah. She started talking about her and graham and made the comparison. It was a bad comparison. In so many ways.

Ashley: Yeah, the biggest difference being that you are trustworthy and graham isn'T.

Ravi: Thank you.

Ashley: So, while you were there, did you happen to see graham in her suite?

Ravi: Uh, no. Graham wasn't there. He went back to paris.

Ashley: When did that happen?

Ravi: Like a day or two ago. Yeah, apparently there were some issues with his apartment. Dina insisted it wasn't a big deal. She was a lot more concerned about the argument she had with you the other day.

Ashley: [ Sighs ] I'm sorry. She shouldn't have pulled you into our drama.

Ravi: I think she just wanted someone to talk to.

Ashley: Well, she found the best listener there is. Any observations?

Ravi: [ Sighs ] Dina thinks that you're not gonna forgive her for her past mistakes.

Jack: You're confident these cosmetic-sales figures are accurate?

Lauren: Yes. I have a highly-skilled marketing team.

Jack: I'm talking about this spike in brash & sassy's sales figures on page four. They have no new products, no promotions. And somehow they pull this off when they can't even keep the lights on? How did they manage that?

Lauren: Okay, this goes no further.

Jack: Okay.

Lauren: They are an established brand with good products, and our customers like them.

Jack: This meeting is over. Thank you for bringing this by.

Lauren: On another note, as long as your arch enemies downstairs continue with these numbers, they're gonna stay on my shelves. Even if your much-vaunted new line outsells them.

Jack: Do I have to remind you jabot and fenmore's are now partners?

Lauren: Oh, really? I don't think you do. Because you love to remind me all the time. And in case you're having a memory lapse, I still have controlling interest. Any other questions?

Jack: Yeah, one. Whatever happened to loyalty?

Lauren: Phyllis works for me. She is part of my highly-valued team, and she's a confidante of mine. You're playing on her insecurities about victoria. You are bullying her into going along with this spiteful vendetta you have against your brother.

[ Scoffs ] Let's not talk about loyalty here, okay, jack?

Victoria: Jabot doesn't even have a face mask. This is gonna be our ace in the hole.

Billy: Yeah, but our ace in the hole isn't supposed to come out of the hole for another six months.

Victoria: That's fine. We move it up. You love a good rush launch, don't you?

Billy: What about the hyper-promotion that goes with it?

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Okay, so let's get hyper.

Billy: Okay. Well, right off the top of my head, I'm thinking lily. I mean, she's been knocking it out of the park with the men's line. We can have her be the spokeswoman for the sheet-mask, too.

Victoria: Yes! Yes, that's brilliant. I mean, you saved us an entire month right there. That's great.

Billy: Come on, a month? More than a month. Show me a little love for that.

Victoria: [ Laughs ]

[ Knock on door ]

Phyllis: Hi.

Billy: Hey.

Phyllis: It was open. Don't mind me, victoria. Give him all the love he wants. I know he's deserved it.

Billy: I do. I do. I've been working very hard down here.

Victoria: Yeah, but that doesn't mean that we can't take a break.

Phyllis: Oh, no, no, no, no. Don't stop on my account. Don't stop the momentum. I just swung by to see if you wanted to come home. But I see that I caught you in the middle of something.

Victoria: No, that's okay. We were just, uh --

Billy: No, no. We were just about to wrap it up. Um, why don't I text you when I'm walking out of here?

Phyllis: Okay. All right. You just squeeze in as much productivity as you can, okay?

Billy: Okay.

Phyllis: All right. Sorry to interrupt.

Zack: I could lay out every detail of what kept me away tonight. But as important as it seemed to me at the time, it would sound like I'm just justifying my actions. And you're too good for that. I have such respect for you, abby, but until I put that into practice, they're just words. Which I don't expect you to believe. You asked me if this is how I treat women. It isn'T. And you're unlike any woman I've ever known. I was driven before I met you. But now I am killing myself to make this business work for an entirely different reason. And that's you. I want to impress you. I want to make you proud. Because... I still can't believe that you would ever look twice at a guy like me.

Abby: Why would you say that?

Zack: You know how they say people are from two different worlds? We're the textbook example.

Abby: You think? Heh...

Zack: You've been everywhere. You have everything. You've probably dated the cream of the a-list. I'm just a street kid from a long line of losers. I figured that out when I was 9 years old, and I have been hustling ever since to make sure the same thing didn't happen to me.

Abby: Well, I think you might have broken the family curse.

Zack: I'm not convinced. I was lucky to find my niche when I did, but to have that niche lead me to someone like you? I mean, that's like winning the scratch-off mega-jackpot that my mom wasted so much money chasing. Billion to one odds. And I won. I knew it the day I met you.

Abby: Stop it. [ Laughs ]

Zack: At first I thought we were just connecting over the project. I was so stoked to have a partner that I could get along with. But one day, I woke up, and I knew. I had conceived designdate to give people an edge in finding what they want most. But I found it without even looking. It found me. I'd like to think that it found us. And... it is too strong and good and right for me to sabotage just because I'm afraid. I'm afraid that you might not feel the same way.

Tessa: [ Sighs ] I just keep replaying it in my head, the scene at the front door. I mean, how could I just walk away and not do anything?

Mariah: Do what? I mean, what were you gonna do, tackle alice and bust into the house?

Tessa: It would've been better than doing nothing. This whole trip was a waste.

Mariah: Tessa, it was so not a waste. You met alice, and you agreed that she's the woman in the photos that sharon showed us.

Tessa: Oh, my god. I might have made a huge mistake back there.

Mariah: Why? What do you mean?

Tessa: I was so focused on crystal it didn't even occur to me... now alice knows what i look like.

Natalia: Alice?

Alice: What is it, sweetie?

Natalia: What happened to crystal?

Alice: [ Sighs ] She couldn't stay.

Natalia: It's very sad to me. I like crystal. So much.

Alice: Yes, I know, sugar. You and crystal are my favorite girls.

Natalia: But you take good care of her, yes?

Alice: You have my word. Did you know I once had my own little girl? It's really... very tragic. She died much too young.

Sharon: Tessa asked me if the alice I knew would be capable of something like this.

Scott: You mean as a house mother for sex slaves?

Sharon: I keep thinking what alice was like back then. Imagining why she wanted to adopt cassie.

Scott: Yeah, when she was so obviously ill-equipped.

Sharon: I feel like alice convinced herself that taking in a child would fix her own life because it was an act of goodness or kindness.

Scott: On the surface.

Sharon: She's not one who delves deeper. I think she's still telling herself that same thing today. That she's helping these girls, not exploiting them.

[ Cellphone beeps ]

Sharon: Alice's car. It's on the move.

Billy: That was close earlier. With phyllis. We should make sure we keep the door closed.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] I doubt she heard anything. Although we are surrounded by jabot world headquarters. And our sheet-mask launch needs to stay top secret.

Billy: No argument here, especially the way jack's been attacking us.

Victoria: You know what, maybe you ought to head home. It's late. I don't want you to keep phyllis waiting.

Billy: You sure? Okay. We do have a big day tomorrow morning -- johnny's first day of kindergarten.

Victoria: Yeah, and after we drop him off, it's gonna be a big day here for the two of us.

Jack: Your boss send you here to apologize?

Phyllis: Oh, let me guess. Lauren made it clear that she is not gonna play sides when it comes to parker beauty and brash & sassy?

Jack: Bingo.

Phyllis: [ Sighs ] I just came from down there. Victoria's having an after-hours strategy session with billy.

Jack: My. Sounds juicy.

Phyllis: Mm. Yeah, well, they shut it down as soon as they saw me. But not before I caught a few words. Billy and victoria are working on something big.

Jack: Tantalizing. Can you use your unique skill set to find out more?

Phyllis: Oh, it's my new priority.

Dina: I never, ever wanted it revealed. I would have given my own life to protect this secret.

Ashley: But someone else knew the secret too, huh? You couldn't control your lover, brent davis, could you?

Dina: Brent means nothing to me. Nothing.

Ashley: Well, obviously he did at one time, mother. I mean, after all, he is my father.

[ Present dina sobs ] You know what that does to me? When I think that that drunken slob was your lover? His genes are inside me. Because his blood is running through my veins, mother. Of course I want to know about him!

Dina: Well, I don't know what I can tell you.

Ashley: Oh, that's lovely. I'll assume that means that you can't think of anything even remotely positive to tell me, right? I already know he's an alcoholic. And he's a deadbeat. Brent davis wanted to claim his daughter back then, too, didn't he? And that man wouldn't rest until he'd wrecked my life. Well, he did that. He accomplished that. He ruined my life. He took everything away from me when he took away my father, and I hate him for that.

Dina: Ashley, please. You've got to believe --

Ashley: I don't have to believe anything! Because everything you've ever said since before I was even born has been a lie. There is not one thing about me that is real or honest. Do you have any idea what that does to me? Or do you even care?

Dina: Graham! Graham!

[ Gasps ] Oh... hello. Please connect me to room number -- I'm sorry. P-pardon me. Ohh... oh...

Abby: I could say the same thing. You are different than anyone that I have ever dated. All that you've overcome to get where you are, I really respect that. So you don't have to prove yourself to me. There's no imaginary standard.

Zack: I'm not imagining it. You deserve the best.

Abby: I deserve to not be stood up.

Zack: Never again. I swear.

Abby: Dating your co-workers is stupid. Uh... it's a minefield. And it should be avoided. But then there's everything that you said. The connection that we have. The way that we can talk to each other and laugh, and the way we worked together starting this app, I mean... all of that, it does exist. So for me to pretend like it doesn't, I mean, that would be just as stupid as dating my co-worker.

Zack: Maybe more?

Abby: Maybe much more.

[ Sighs ]

Zack: How do you feel about public displays of affection?

Abby: Surprisingly tolerant.

Mariah: As soon as we have real evidence that links alice to the sex ring, we're gonna go to the cops. They will listen and help.

Tessa: Right now, all we have are hunches and a lot of circumstantial nothing. And once we do have something more, it might be too late.

Mariah: Hey, you can't think like that. We just have to focus on finding your sister. And you can't give up.

Sharon: Where is alice going at this hour?

Scott: Look, she's turned onto the access road. She's headed for the airport.

Sharon: I don't care what nick thinks. I want to go after her.

Next on "the young and the restless"...

Victoria: I'm really glad you were there to help.

Billy: Yeah, we make a pretty good team.

Phyllis: I'm the outsider. I'll never have what they had. And I want to fix it.

Jack: What has this man done to deserve undying loyalty from you?

Dina: All right. I'll tell you.

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