Y&R Transcript Friday 9/8/17

Y&R Transcript Friday 9/8/17


Episode # 11253 ~ Cane scores a victory; Mariah flirts with danger; Nick confides in Chelsea.

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Scott: Hey. You want to work in?

Abby: No. I came here to get away from the office and you. Would you mind coming back later?

Scott: Oh, of course. Whatever you want. Yeah, sure.

Abby: Really?

Scott: No. [ Scoffs ]

Devon: [ Breathing hard ]

Hilary: Want to talk about it?

[ Doorbell rings ]

Cane: Hey.

Lily: Hi.

Cane: I thought I'd ring the doorbell instead of using my key.

Lily: [ Stammers ] Uh, yeah. I wasn't expecting you.

Cane: I, uh, probably should've called.

Lily: Uh, that's fine. Come on in.

Cane: Thanks.

Lily: So, I assume that you're here to talk about the kids' first day at school?

Cane: Um... that's not the only reason.

Tessa: Well, I'm glad that sharon and nick told us what they know about alice johnson. I mean, she might have crystal.

Mariah: Might.

Tessa: Mariah.

Mariah: I have your back. And I hear what you're saying. But we also have to listen to what nick said. We don't know anything for sure.

Tessa: It won't stop me from thinking that she might be running a sex-trafficking ring that's holding my sister against her will. What kind of woman would do that?

Alice: [ Sighs ] I bet I know why you're here.

Zack: Rainbow girl. Our hot new talent. Who's unfortunately been causing us trouble.

Alice: No, her attitude is much better now.

Zack: I'll be the judge of that.

Alice: Crystal? Would you come in here, please?

Zack: Hello, crystal. You've had a lot of people concerned about you.

Sharon: Alice has been at the same place for a while now.

Nick: Well, her car has, anyway.

Sharon: I know it's a bizarre situation. I can't tell you how grateful i am for your help.

Nick: Well, seeing alice after all these years... you know, it brought up some feelings for me, too. So I get why you're so committed to this, and I will support you any way I can.

Sharon: That really means a lot to me.

Nick: Well, maybe she's in for the night.

Sharon: I'm going over there. I'm going to investigate for myself.

Nick: No. Sharon, no. I'm not letting you do that.

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Scott: Thank you. Hey!

Abby: Did you think that was funny?

Scott: Tell me, do you talk to everyone you work with as rudely as you do me, or am I a special case?

Abby: Ohh, you're special, all right.

Scott: You know, what's funny is that your claim to fame is investing in a dating app. And usually it helps that you can be, uh, nice to people when you're trying to attract them.

Abby: [ Laughs ] Don't be embarrassed, scott. I'll see what I can do about getting you a discount.

Scott: Thanks, but it's not really my thing. And, uh, besides which, I'm taken.

Abby: Oh, yeah, yeah. You know, as hard of a time as we give each other, I wouldn't wish sharon on anyone. Not even you.

Scott: Wow. That's some attitude. Why do you have an issue with her?

Abby: Because you weren't around. You didn't have to live through the pain and the heartache that sharon caused nick, my dad, her own children. Pretty much everyone with the newman name.

Scott: People are capable of changing, abby. I mean, do you see yourself as the same person who proclaimed herself as the naked heiress? I mean, how would you like it if people defined you by the most cringe-worthy period of your life?

Abby: If that comparison makes you feel better about glomming onto the first person who showed any interests...

Scott: Who do you keep hoping to have reach out to you here? Is this your new boyfriend?

Abby: As a matter of fact, yes. Zack and I made plans for tonight.

Scott: And yet it seems like the genius behind your dating app is, uh, blowing you off.

Zack: I'd like to talk to crystal. Alone.

Alice: Of course.

Zack: So, how do you like this place? You comfortable?

Crystal: Yes, very.

Zack: Sit down. Relax. No, closer. We take good care of you, right?

Crystal: Alice has been great. I'm happy here.

Zack: So [Sighs] Imagine my disappointment when I heard how you've been showing your gratitude. Running away? Was that really necessary?

Crystal: I made a mistake. I'm sorry. I told them that I would never...do it....

Zack: It's just you and me now, crystal. I'm good at reading people. I know when they're being honest with me.

Crystal: You don't trust me?

Zack: I want to. I hope I can.

Crystal: I didn't mean to worry you or alice. I just... needed to see someone.

Zack: Your sister. Tessa.

Crystal: How do -- how do you know...?

Zack: I told you. I know when people are telling the truth... and I just want to help you.

Mariah: Alice sounds like the type of woman who would adopt a kid and then decide that she had better things to do. Not that I [Scoffs] Am in any place to criticize. I pretended to be cassie's ghost. I cannot believe that i disrespected my sister's memory that way. That I actually went along with victor's plan to torment sharon.

Tessa: Hey. You didn't know at the time that she was your mom. Or that cassie was your sister. Don't do that to yourself. What are you thinking?

Mariah: I was just imagining cassie and... and me when we were little. The hell that each of us was going through while not knowing the other existed. And cassie dealing with a mom that basically ignored her, and me being raised in a cult by a guy with a messiah complex. But we survived. We made it out. And we both made our way back to sharon. It just wasn't at the same time.

Tessa: I'm sorry you never got to know your sister.

Mariah: Yeah. Me too.

Sharon: I wasn't gonna go barreling over there and ring the bell. I'll be discreet.

Nick: Sharon, the houses in that kind of neighborhood for sure have security systems. You can't go sneaking around at night or peering in windows. 'Cause if you do, what's gonna happen? You're gonna get caught. And then what?

Sharon: I wasn't planning to do anything stupid.

Nick: Especially if you're right and this house is some heavy-duty sex-trafficking ring. Which means -- I can't believe that alice would get involved in something like this.

Sharon: With her past? She was hanging around some sketchy people.

Nick: It's a pretty big leap to go from an irresponsible young woman who can't take care of a child to someone who is involved in an operation that forces young people into prostitution.

Sharon: Well, I can't just ignore my instincts. And scott says --

Nick: Well, scott was wrong. Scott may be willing to let you put your life in jeopardy, but I'm not.

Scott: [ Grunts ]

Abby: You know, zack created that concept. He made it unique. It was making money on the very first day. It's not like he went to some digital-media shop and had my dad buy him whatever flavor he wanted. Zack is working hard for his success.

Scott: I'm sure zack is a paragon of virtue, and would never think of standing you up. But he can't piss off daddy's little princess -- then he might not get invited over to dine at the big house again.

Abby: How'd you know about that?

Scott: Victor mentioned it. Nothing like glomming on to the first person who showed any, uh, interest.

Abby: As a matter of fact, I've had to turn down plenty of dates.

Scott: Well, then, it shouldn't bother you if zack turns you down tonight. Right? Look, I got to get going. As much as I'd like to continue this conversation, I've got to hit the showers before I meet sharon. Oh, have a good one.

Hilary: Whenever you are working out this hard, I know there is something weighing on your mind.

Devon: [ Sighs ] It's just I had a rough day. That's all.

Hilary: Problems with the business?

Devon: [ Sighs ] Well, it's -- you know, it's a lot of headaches taking over a company like mergeron.

Hilary: I bet.

Devon: I do enjoy the music side of it, though. I'm building my own roster of talent.

Hilary: I know. I am so happy for you. Just following your passion.

Devon: Yeah. Thank you.

Hilary: So, is mattie still interning with you guys?

Devon: No, she, uh... she started back at school.

Hilary: Well, it was nice of you and neil to do that for her. Man, I feel for those kids.

Devon: Yeah. I know. They worshipped their dad, and he broke their hearts.

Hilary: Kids. Now that's one complication that we avoided.

Devon: Yeah.

Hilary: You would've been a great dad. Me, uh...

Devon: Oh, I think youyou would've risen to the occasion. Been a good mom.

Hilary: I hope that I get a chance one day.

Devon: Well, I know you're not in the best of places right now, but I believe everything's gonna work out for you.

Hilary: What is that supposed to mean?

Devon: Well, last time we spoke, you didn't mention that jordan broke up with you.

Hilary: Oh...

Devon: I know it was fresh, so I thought maybe you were embarrassed or something.

Hilary: Don'T. Don't, devon. Don't feel sorry for me. The person that you should be worried about is lily.

Lily: Sorry. I had to check something in the crock-pot.

Cane: No problem.

Lily: So, you were telling me why you came by?

Cane: I wanted to, uh, congratulate you on your photo shoot today. I know it was your first one back at brash & sassy. And I heard you looked exceptionally beautiful. Which, you know, is no surprise.

Lily: Where did you hear that?

Cane: I saw jordan at the gym. So, uh, how was it? Being back in front of the camera?

Lily: Uh, at first, I was nervous. Then it felt strange not having you there. It just made me think of the time that we spent together, and the plans we made.

Cane: Yeah, I miss that. You know, waking up with you and going to work, and seeing you throughout the day and having lunch, then coming home at night. You know, a lot of people would say, "whoa, that's a lot of closeness together," you know, but, uh... it never really felt like that, huh?

Lily: No, it didn'T.

Cane: You know, I've been thinking about the last few months, you know, and how things were going so well between us.

Lily: I know. Victoria was always singing your praises.

Cane: She's not taking this out on you, is she?

Lily: No. She's been very understanding.

Cane: 'Cause you didn't do anything wrong. I'm the bad guy.

Lily: Look, I want to let you know that... I don't see you that way. You know, I hate the lies, and...

Cane: Yeah.

Lily: ...What's happened between us. But I know that, deep down, you're a good man.

Cane: I'm gonna make things right, okay? I'm gonna take responsibility for my actions. Look, I want to tell you that i got the results back for those genetic tests.

Lily: Oh. And?

Cane: They're negative.

Lily: That's great.

Cane: Yeah.

Lily: That's great.

Cane: Yeah.

Lily: I'm sure juliet's relieved about the baby.

Cane: Yeah. So, uh... he's not gonna have the disease.

Lily: You said "he"?

Cane: Yeah. The doctor asked, uh, if we wanted to know.

Lily: It's a boy. Wow. Congratulations.

Cane: Yeah. Thanks.

Nick: I'm not asking you to ignore this. But you have to be smart.

Sharon: I know. I am. I-I will be.

Nick: There's a lot of people who care about your safety and well-being.

Sharon: I appreciate that. I know it took a lot to convinces you that this wasn't some hysterical overreaction on my part.

Nick: [ Sighs ] Look, I respect your instincts. With what we learned about alice, she bears watching, whatever this turns out to be.

Sharon: You know, a year ago, I wasn't sure you would ever speak to me again.

Nick: Well, you've come a long way. Sharon, you have turned your life around. It's inspiring.

Sharon: I run a coffee shop, and I take a few college courses. It's hardly inspiring.

Nick: Don't do that, all right? Don't diminish what you have accomplished. You have taught your kids by example. Showed them that they can make mistakes and come back from it. That no matter what life throws at them, they can overcome it.

Sharon: Seeing alice again brought up all those old, terrible feelings. What losing cassie did to us. How it destroyed our marriage.

Nick: Yeah, but despite that, I mean, look at us now. We got the co-parenting thing down. We've been through some rough stuff with faith. Got through it. And look at you. I mean, you work at a crisis hotline. You're helping people like crystal. You're giving something back. And I admire that. Makes me want to help, too.

Sharon: You have. Putting that tracker device on alice's car.

Nick: It gives us an edge. But I want to be smart about it, all right? We can track her movements so we can go to paul if there's anything he should know about. But you have to promise me that you are not gonna go charging over there in the middle of the night. I couldn't handle it if anything happened to you.

Sharon: I promise.

Nick: All right.

Nick: Hey. Uh, sorry I haven't been home. I got caught up with some stuff here. I lost track of time.

Chelsea: Sure. Is there a problem?

Nick: I was just helping sharon with something she's got going on.

Sharon: Um, thanks again for all your help. Chelsea, nice to see you.

Chelsea: You too.

Nick: I'm sorry I left you to deal with bath and bedtime on your own.

Chelsea: Oh, it's fine. Monique's with the boys now. Frankly, I'm glad I got some alone time with them. Especially connor.

Nick: Oh, was that today?

Chelsea: Yeah. One year since adam's death. I... I've just been thinking a lot about it.

Nick: [ Sighs ] Yeah. So many painful memories. They can come up out of nowhere and blindside you.

Chelsea: Like whatever sharon's dealing with?

Nick: Yeah, um... somebody that we hadn't seen in a long time showed up out of the blue. Somebody from a very difficult and complicated time in our past. Kind of brought up some stuff.

Chelsea: Apparently not just for sharon.

Mariah: I'm sorry I... got so emotional.

Tessa: No, don't apologize.

Mariah: I have so much to be grateful for. I have an amazing family. A wonderful sister. Great brother. But I can't help but think what it would've been like to have cassie in my life. What was it like for you and crystal?

Tessa: Um... we were close. Not because we were sisters, but because we had to be. We were -- we were both born in chicago. Not the pretty part. Heh... gangs. Drugs. My dad was in it. Low-level. But, uh... people were, uh, coming in and out at all hours of the day and night. My mom got hooked. She would disappear for days at a time. Sometimes weeks. So from the second that crystal was born, I looked after her. I taught her how to walk. How to act. When to shut her mouth and hide. Like when my dad would come after my mom. Or me. Especially then. He was a mean drunk. And then one day these guys were coming in a-and looking at me different. Like they wanted something from me. And it got to the point where I couldn't count on my dad to protect me. I couldn't count on anyone. So that's why I had to leave. I told crystal that when I got set up, I would get her out. I promised.

Mariah: We are gonna find your sister.

Tessa: How?

Mariah: We will find a way. Trust me.

Crystal: I can't believe you know tessa.

Zack: We met a long time ago in chicago. You've tried to get in touch with her. I know you two spoke.

Crystal: How?

Zack: She told me.

[ Sighs ] Your sister is trying to turn things around for herself. And you could ruin that. Is that what you want?

Crystal: No.

Zack: If you try to contact tessa again... or anyone else... I don't know how I can help you avoid the consequences.

Crystal: I understand.

Alice: Is everything all right?

Zack: Crystal, would you go back to your room, please? I would like to talk to alice now.

Crystal: Okay.

Zack: Get her out of this house.

Alice: Why? She just got back.

Zack: Don't ask questions. Find a place. I want her gone. Tonight.

Devon: Hey. Hang on a second. Hang on a second. You can't just say something like that and leave it hanging out there, all right? Why should I be worried about lily?

Hilary: I just thought that you should know what's going on with her and jordan.

Devon: There's nothing going on. They're just friends.

Hilary: Yeah. That's what I thought at first, too. Jordan comes off as this wonderful guy with all of the best intentions. But I've gotten a glimpse of the real man.

Devon: Okay, and? What?

Hilary: He's an opportunist, devon, and lily is susceptible now. He's had dinner with lily and the kids at least once that I've known of, and, as I understand it, cane's seat at the table, it suits him just fine.

Devon: Really? And what the hell's he doing crashing family dinners with them?

Hilary: Isn't it obvious? Now that the two of them are separated, jordan didn't waste any time going after the woman he really wanted. There is no love lost between lily and me. But I don't wish her any harm. And I know what is happening with that family, and this is the last thing that they need.

Devon: Well, yeah. Especially not someone taking advantage of their situation.

Hilary: Yeah. And I feel for those kids. They are going through so much turmoil, and they have a little sister or brother on the way.

Devon: And jordan's using that to get close to lily, and capitalizing on their pain.

Hilary: I just thought that you should know.

Devon: Well, I'm glad that you told me. Yo.

Jordan: What's up?

Devon: Well, why don't you tell me? You're the one playing all the angles, right?

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Jordan: Angles? What angles? I don't know what you talking about, man.

Devon: I'm talking about you moving in on my ex-wife before the ink was even dry on the divorce papers, when she's good and vulnerable.

Jordan: She's a big girl. She can take care of herself.

Devon: Don't do that, man. Don't act like she doesn't have feelings, and like you didn't hurt her. Okay? Don't insult the woman.

Jordan: You divorced her. I give you credit for making it last that long.

Devon: And, what, you couldn't dump her fast enough? 'Cause when you found out that lily was having trouble with her marriage, you dropped her so you could put the moves on my sister when she's good and vulnerable, right?

Jordan: It's not like that.

Devon: That's exactly what it's like, actually.

Cane: I'm glad that juliet's baby's healthy, but this is my family. You are my wife. These are my kids, here in this home. This is our home. So, where are the kids? Are they home?

Lily: Um, charlie's in his room, and then mattie, I think, is doing drama club. So I hope she doesn't overload herself on top of all her A.P. Classes.

Cane: Yeah, well, you know, those colleges she's applying to are competitive. But that's what she does. She competes. You know, and, uh, she's proven she can keep up. And now at least she has her priorities straight, so...

Lily: You mean since she doesn't have time for reed?

Cane: Yeah.

[ Door opens ]

Cane: Hey. Hey.

Mattie: Hi.

Cane: Come here.

Lily: How was school?

Mattie: Fine.

Cane: Come here. So, your mom said you were at drama club, right? Were you enjoying that? Is it good?

Mattie: Uh, it was our first day back.

Lily: He's really interested, mattie.

Cane: Mattie, I really am, okay? 'Cause I love you, sweetheart. Look, I'd like to have dinner with you. Just like I did with charlie. You and me. We can talk. We can catch up and chat. You know, see how life is in school, out of school. What do you say?

Lily: Mattie?

Mattie: Look, I'm -- I'm sorry, I just -- I can't pretend that everything's normal.Al. That I like it when you forbid me from seeing my own friends.

Cane: All right, listen. Backing off from reed, that was for your own good.

Mattie: Doesn't mean I'm happy about it. But okay. I'll have dinner with you, dad.

Cane: Well, that was a small victory. But, uh...I'll take it.

Zack: I am so sorry. I cannot believe how late I am. Something came up. I had to deal with it. Please forgive me. It was important. Very. There's no place I'd rather have been than here with you.

Abby: Hands. Let me see your hands. I mean... your thumbs don't look broken. So tell me what required so much time and attention that you couldn't take a few seconds to text me.

Tessa: Hey. Has there been any more word?

Sharon: So, he set up the app so that I could track her whereabouts, too. She hasn't moved. She's still at the same house.

Mariah: Is that good or bad?

Sharon: Well, it's neither, really. It's just information. So we're going to track alice's whereabouts, and if she does anything suspicious, then we're going to bring it to the police. But we're not going to run in and do anything risky that could tip her off. Like nick said, she could just be visiting a friend.

Mariah: Do you mind if i see the phone? I'd love to know how the app works.

Sharon: Oh, sure.

Tessa: So, when scott posed as a john, he said that the girl said that there was a woman who was nice to them, and looked after the other girls?Ter the other girls? Does that sound like something alice would do, or...?

Sharon: I've been asking myself that same question.

Tessa: From the way you described her, alice didn't sound like a cruel person. Just...you know, careless. Maybe a little self-centered. Do you think she'S...capable of something like this?

Sharon: It's been so many years since I've even thought about this woman. Who knows what could have happened between then and now, and how desperate she may have become for money...

Mariah: Do you have a photo of her? I'm kind of wondering what she looks like.

Sharon: Alice?

Mariah: Yeah.

Sharon: Uh, yeah, actually. Here. I took this earlier at the underground when nick was changing her tire. She didn't know I did it.

Sharon: Oh, scott's here.

Mariah: Okay. Uh, go ahead.

Tessa: I don't want to wait. You know, I just want to go to where she's parked and find out what's going on.

Mariah: I just memorized the address, and now we know what she looks like.

Tessa: What are we waiting for? Let's go.

Mariah: Yeah.

Devon: You know, lily is a little too damn trusting when it comes to you, and she's not in a position right now to be making the best decisions, and you're taking advantage of that.

Jordan: Think what you want, man. But this is what it is -- if lily comes to me tomorrow and tells me that she wants to be with cane, I'll be supportive of that. Will you?

Devon: I'm not talking about me.

Jordan: Well, that's where I'm at. And that's what friends do for each other.

Devon: Yeah, you know, you keep throwing that "friend" word around.

Jordan: Lily and I, we've known each other for a long time. Way before this brash & sassy gig. So I will not apologize for being someone that she can lean on, someone that she can trust. But if it develops into something more, there's not a thing that you or cane can do about it.

Nick: You know, when I found out she was back in genoa city, it just didn't seem real. Alice johnson was a name I never thought I would hear again.

Chelsea: She's the woman that adopted cassie.

Nick: Yeah, but she didn't stick around to raise her.

Chelsea: She abandoned cassie?

Nick: Technically, no. Uh, they did share an address. But alice was too busy bar-hopping and playing musical chairs with different boyfriends. She just was too busy to be tied down with an infant, so she left cassie to be raised by her elderly mother. Uh... her name was millie. She had good intentions, but she was pretty old, and had some health issues, and... I guess raising a girl at that age was too much of a burden for her. When sharon gave up cassie for adoption, she wanted cassie to have a better life. But she wound up with someone who couldn't cope with her own life and responsibility, and... cassie kind of became an afterthought. Seeing alice, I mean... you know, it brought back some feelings I thought I'd dealt with. Sitting at cassie's bedside in the I.C.U., You know, watching my 14-year-old daughter slip away, it just... you know, hearing her try and comfort me and sharon by saying we were gonna have another little girl someday... which we did. But we had... we had already suffered. Our marriage fell apart. And it was my fault, you know? I shut sharon out instead of trying to share the grief.

[ Sighs ] But seeing alice walk into my bar, I mean, it was like... she didn't know this place was mine. But hearing her voice, seeing her face... she had on different clothes -- you know, a different look, but...

Chelsea: But still the same woman.

Nick: Well, if sharon's right... much worse.

Scott: You actually punched a hole in this woman's tire?

Sharon: I know. It's terrible, right?

Scott: Normally, yes. But in this circumstance, hell no. I'd call it being resourceful. Well done.

Sharon: And it paid off, too, because of nick. He offered to change her tire. So while alice and I were inside talking, I managed to snap a photo of her, while nick slapped a gps tracker on her car.

Scott: As little use as i have for your ex, that's pretty solid teamwork. So, where is she now?

Sharon: Okay. So, she's in an upscale neighborhood in genoa city. It's not the same address that we found she was living at, but nearby. She drove straight there from the underground, and she's been parked at that house this whole time.

Scott: Well, based on my research about these sex rings, this could be a safe house. Or one of several, depending on the size of the organization. It's a nice neighborhood. Not much trouble there, so residents tend to keep to themselves.

Sharon: So you think it fits?

Scott: To a "T." You ready to go check this place out?

Sharon: Um...I promised nick I wouldn'T.

Scott: Why would he make you do that?

Sharon: Because it could be dangerous.

Scott: It's already dangerous for those girls. That's why we're trying to break this thing up, and bring these people to justice.

Zack: I never meant to hurt you.

Abby: Well, you know what, zack, you did. You did hurt me. I tried to reach you repeatedly. Were you on your way? Did I get the wrong time? The wrong place? You could have text me something, anything -- like a smiley face. But no. You know what I got instead? Nothing. I don't ask for much. Just a little respect and consideration. My time is valuable. And instead of working on something, I had to sit here waiting and wondering if you ever --

Zack: You're right.

Abby: "You're right"? That's all you got? Wow. Okay.

[ Scribbling ]

[ Slams pen, check book ]

Zack: Don't walk away from me!

Zack: Give me a chance to explain. Please, abby.

[ Sighs ] I care about you.

Abby: [ Scoffs ] Yeah, well, you have one hell of a way of showing it.

Devon: Hey. So [Sighs] You were right. About jordan. And I just want to tell you that I'm sorry for how he treated you. 'Cause the guy is careless, and he's arrogant, and I really wanted to knock him out.

Hilary: Well, I'm glad you didn'T. He's not worth it.

Devon: He just acts like it's no big deal that he's hitting on lily while she's married. It doesn't bother his conscience at all.

Hilary: Believe me, I know. But it's not gonna matter. Unless someone can make lily see it.

Cane: Despite all things, I think that went pretty well.

Lily: Yeah, I can tell you're feeling pretty good about it.

Cane: I'm trying to make up ground with my kids, but it doesn't mean that I can stop being a parent. I'm just hoping that once mattie gets back in the swing of things of school, she'll get over her infatuation with victoria's slacker son.

Lily: That's a little harsh, don't you think?

Cane: Maybe, but... look, he's just not the sort of guy I want dating my daughter. End of story.

Nick: Alice lied to sharon about where she was living. There could be a simple explanation for that.

Chelsea: Listen, you and sharon obviously both have a real history with this alice person. That's probably what's driving sharon. She's letting her emotions get the best of her. I mean, this... sex-ring scenario is kind of a reach.

Nick: I mean, I know sharon. And despite our past, or maybe because of it... I can't ignore this feeling she's got. You understand that, don't you?

Chelsea: Yeah. I do.

Sharon: Nick made me realize some things I hadn't thought of. You know, I got so caught up in helping crystal, I forgot about my kids. The people who need me most. It would be irresponsible to go running over there and -- and take any kind of risk.

Scott: He's right. I'm so used to operating on my own, going into bad situations... I'd never want to put you in any danger.

Sharon: I know you don'T. Believe me, this isn't easy. But we have the advantage now. We can track alice wherever she goes. And this is the right way to handle it.

Tessa: Well, that's the car that sharon described. Alice must still be inside.

Mariah: I still cannot get over this neighborhood.

Tessa: It's pretty fancy.

Mariah: Seriously. Do you know how much a house like that costs? I mean, who would buy a house like that and run a sex ring? In the middle of a neighborhood like this?

Tessa: Business must be good.

Mariah: Or maybe it's part of their cover. If sharon knew we were here, she would kill us.

Tessa: I can't think about that. I need to get a look inside.

Mariah: How?

Tessa: I don't know. Go up to the door. Make up some story.

Mariah: Wait, what if they don't buy it?

Tessa: Why wouldn't they? Alice has never seen me before.

Mariah: Look [Stammers] I don't know how I feel about you going up there alone.

Tessa: You can't come with me.

Mariah: Why not?

Tessa: You're the identical twin of the kid she adopted.

Mariah: I know, but when's the last time she saw cassie? When she was like 7? 8? I mean, she would-- she wouldn't recognize me now.

Tessa: Well, what if she's looked up pictures of her growing up? We can't risk this. I can do this.

Mariah: Tessa, wai--

[ Car door slams ]

[ Sighs ]

Next on "the young and the restless"...

Jack: He has access to her computer and her password. We have to handle this. Right now.

Billy: This body spray's a babe magnet.

Victoria: Depends on who you spray it on.

Tessa: Gonna be late and get fired. Could I use your phone? Mine died.

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