Y&R Transcript Wednesday 9/6/17

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 9/6/17


Episode # 11251 ~ Sharon resorts to extreme measures; Tessa and Zack have difficulty keeping up appearances; Cane and Juliet learn news about their baby.

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Victoria: Are you sure i can't drop you off at school and give you a great big hug and cry as you run off to class?

Reed: Honestly, I think it's a great idea. If you're trying to get me to go live with dad in poland.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Nice try, but you couldn't afford a bus ticket to genoa city, so I doubt that you can afford a plane ticket to poland. And besides that, I'm really glad that you came to live with me, and you know that.

Reed: Even though I broke 1,000 rules to get here?

Victoria: Oh, boy, I feel a lesson coming on.

Reed: Mom, here I am. In genoa city. Doing well in school. I even signed up for that creative writing class you suggested to help me with my lyrics.

Victoria: Yes, I know. All of which I'm very proud of.

Reed: Part of that's due to mattie. She's what you adults like to call a good influence, yet, you still say I'm not allowed to see her.

Victoria: It's not about mattie, okay? It's everything else. I just don't want you caught up in an uncomfortable situation.

Reed: Mom! You realize this is coming from the woman who works with her ex-husband, whose current girlfriend is right upstairs? I mean, uncomfortable is the norm around here.

Billy: You ready for something hot?

Phyllis: You're just a walking double entendre today.

Billy: That's what you love about me.

Phyllis: What I love are nights like last night. I want more of those.

Billy: Then you shall have them.

Phyllis: Mm. Hmm.

Billy: What?

Phyllis: Well, the jabot server wants me to sign back in.

Billy: Is that weird?

Phyllis: Yeah, because i never signed out.

Alice: Nick.

Nick: Hey, look who's back!

Alice: Did I leave my credit card here?

Nick: You sure did. Sharon tried to catch you, but you had already taken off.

Alice: [ Sighs ] Thank goodness. So, you got it?

Nick: Actually, sharon has it, I think. Just hang on a second.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Sharon: What's up, nick?

Nick: Hey, alice is here at the bar looking for her credit card. Do you still have it?

Sharon: Yes. Um, I'm on my way. Don't let her out of your sight.

Hilary: Oh, juliet. You poor thing. You don't look too hot.

Juliet: I haven't been getting much sleep. It's nerves. And heartburn, but mostly nerves.

Hilary: Why, what's wrong? Is is the baby?

Juliet: We're waiting on the results of a genetic test.

Hilary: For?

Juliet: Cystic fibrosis. It's excruciating. I lie awake all night just staring at the ceiling, worried about the results and the future.

Hilary: When do you find out?

Juliet: I find out today.

Hilary: Are you going alone?

Juliet: Cane's meeting me there, of course.

Hilary: We're at of course now. Wow, well, that's new.

Juliet: Cane is as concerned as I am. He's completely supportive.

Hilary: Okay, let's keep things in context. Cane is worried about the baby. He doesn't care about you.

Juliet: You know what, hilary, screw you.

Cane: All right, we got batter mix, strawberries, and whipped cream -- everything we need to make aussie waffles. Hey, uh... thanks for letting me come.

Lily: Yeah, of course. I mean, it's the first day of school, which means waffles. It's a family tradition.

Cane: Yeah, well, you didn't have to make it happen this year, so... thank you.

Lily: Yeah. I did.

Allergies with

nasal congestion?

Billy: Well, maybe it's a new security thing. You got to log back in.

Phyllis: Yeah, probably. I mean, jack's on a cyber security kick ever since the high-profile corporate breaches.

Billy: Far be it from me to give my brother any credit, but he's right about this one. Is my lady hungry? Can I get you something to eat?

Phyllis: When you talk like that, I'm not quite sure what you're offering me.

Billy: Whatever you want.

Phyllis: Mm.

Billy: Tell me.

Phyllis: [ Giggles ] What's gotten into you this morning? Not that I mind.

Billy: You. Me. You ever think about how lucky we are to have each other?

Phyllis: Think about? I never forget. And I'm not gonna let you forget, either.

Billy: Mm.

Cane: Do you remember walking the kids to kindergarten on their first day?

Lily: Yes, and we had to explain why they couldn't be in the same classroom.

Cane: God, they would fight like cats and dogs, but they couldn't stand to be away from each other, could they?

Lily: Well, it was a big change for them.

Cane: Seems like it was yesterday, huh?

Lily: Yeah. Like yesterday, but also a lifetime ago. I remember every second.

Cane: Me, too.

Charlie: Hey, has anyone seen my charger?

Mattie: That's his way of saying I took it. Dad.

Cane: Hey.

Charlie: What's going on?

Lily: Waffles are going on.

Cane: Yeah, waffle before school -- first day. We're not gonna ditch a family tradition.

Mattie: We haven't exactly been a big happy family lately.

Charlie: Yeah, we were just planning on grabbing something on the way to school.

Cane: Uh, no. No.

Lily: No. No, no, no, no. You're gonna sit down, you're gonna have a real breakfast...

Cane: Thank you.

Lily: Listen, we're still a family, and we do family things, okay? We only have a couple more years with you guys. So please just pity us and... have some waffles.

Mattie: I don't want any whipped cream.

Cane: Whoa. Hang on a second. No whipped cream? What are you talking about? What is going on in the world?

Lily: [ Chuckles ]

Cane: Come on, sit down. We got waffles coming up.

Lily: Set the table, please.

Cane: Thank you.

Lily: Thank you.

Juliet: I am here worried about my baby's health, and you just want to make sure that you get a dig in, remind me that cane doesn't give a damn about me.

Hilary: I didn't mean it like that, okay? I wasn't trying to be insensitive.

Juliet: Oh, no, no, it just comes naturally.

Hilary: I am sorry, okay? What I meant was that you need to protect your heart. I spoke to cane. Nothing has changed for him. He's still all about winning lily back. And, frankly, that is the best thing for that family.

Juliet: Like you give a crap what happens to the ashbys. You loved it when I filed sexual harassment changes. You were recommending lawyers, egging me on. Any chance you got, you rubbed it in lily's face. I see you, hilary. What's going on inside that fevered mind of yours. Now that cane and lily are apart, you're worried jordan will try to get with her.

Hilary: Who could blame you for lashing out when you're worried about such a serious medical issue?

Juliet: I may be scared, but I'm not stupid. And I know what I see.

Noah: Hey. Thinking about crystal? Yeah. You want to talk about her? I mean, not, you know, this nightmare that she's going through, but... what's she like? What makes her unique?

Tessa: No one's ever asked me that.

Noah: Look, I just don't want you to think that with everything going on that I'm not focused on getting her help. You know? I want to know about her.

Tessa: I don't know where to start.

Noah: Just tell me anything. What do you love about crystal? There's just so much I don't know about her, or you.

Nick: [ Sighs ] I didn't expect to see you again so soon.

Alice: Yeah, well, you know how it is. Can't live without the plastic.

[ Chuckles ]

Nick: Isn't that the truth? Sharon tells me you're in sales. What kind of sales?

Alice: Uh, medical supplies.

Nick: Mm.

Sharon: Alice. Wow, you have no idea how glad I am to see you.

Lily: Oh, um, I forgot to send you the kids' schedule. Sorry, I spaced out.

Cane: It's okay. So, uh, did you get all those A.P. Classes you wanted?

Mattie: Yep.

Cane: That's gonna be a big workload for you.

Mattie: I can handle it.

Cane: No doubt. No doubt. You know -- you know, if you keep this up, soon you'll have all your college credits under your belt.

Mattie: That's the plan.

Cane: Yeah. What about you, mate? There any, uh, classes you're looking forward to?

Charlie: Probably photography.

Cane: There's a good elective. You know, you got a supermodel living in the house, too, huh?

Lily: [ Chuckles ] Well, I'm sure you'll find a more interesting subject to shoot than your mom. Although I can't wait to frame your photos like I did when you were little.

Charlie: You're killing me here.

Cane: Hey! We loved those little, uh, turkey handprint things, right?

Lily: Yeah.

Cane: You know, your mum and I were just talking about your first day in kindergarten.

Mattie: That was a long time ago. We're juniors now.

Cane: Yes, I know, okay? And soon we'll be filling out college applications, and your mum and I will be dropping you off in the dorm room.

Mattie: If we can afford college.

Charlie: Seriously? We had to go there?

Mattie: Sorry, I just -- never mind. We should probably go.

Charlie: Yeah.

Cane: [ Sighs ]

Lily: Wait, you guys, you didn't finish your fruit.

Charlie: I got to look for my charger.

Mattie: Can you please stop implying that I took it?

Lily: Stop. Charlie, I'll help you find it.

Cane: All right, you don't have to do that, okay?

Mattie: You guys cooked, i can clear.

Cane: Just come here. Sit down, will you? Please. I know you're mad at me 'cause i don't approve of the boy that you like.

Mattie: His name is reed, and it's not just that. Nothing's changed. You still cheated on mom and juliet is still pregnant.

Cane: I know this is hard on you, all right? But I'm not gonna run and hide because my family's my responsibility. And you have a big year coming up, and I just don't want -- I don't want a boy like reed hellstrom...

Mattie: Can we just not, for once, okay?

Lily: Hey, everything okay?

Cane: Yeah. Yeah. We're fine. We're fine.

Mattie: Where was it? Under your smelly laundry?

Charlie: Maybe.

Mattie: Can we just go now, please?

Charlie: Yeah, come on.

Lily: Okay, well, wait. Give me a hug, please. Hug. Thank you. Have a good day.

Mattie: Love you.

Lily: I love you, guys.

Charlie: Bye, mom. Love you.

Lily: Bye. Love you.

Cane: Wow. There we go.

Lily: I know. I hoped it would go better, too.

Cane: Yeah.

Reed: So you like mattie?

Victoria: She's lovely.

Reed: But I'm still not allowed to see her? Mom, you disapprove of her because of who her dad is. That's something she has no control over.

Victoria: All right, just think of it this way -- all this teenage suffering is gonna make your powerful lyrics even more powerful.

Reed: This is my life we're talking about, and you think it's a joke.

Victoria: [ Sighs ]

Reed: Thank you.

Billy: There he is.

Reed: Hey!

Billy: The high school junior. How are you? You ready to be the upperclassmen and boss around those freshmen and sophomores?

Reed: Yeah, I feel drunk with power.

Victoria: Well, that's all you're gonna be drunk on, at least for the next two years, especially when you're driving my car.

Reed: Okay, okay.

Victoria: Not so fast!

Billy: Brace yourself. Here it comes.

Victoria: I love you.

[ Sighs ] Come here. Mm!

Reed: We done here?

Victoria: I want a full report by the end of today, okay?

Reed: All right.

Billy: Go! Be smart!

Reed: Will do. See ya.

Billy: Later.

[ Exhales sharply ] First it's reed, and then it'S...

Victoria: Johnny, and then katherine. At least she's not gonna roll her eyes at me every time I try to give her a hug.

[ Both laugh ]

Billy: Listen, before we hunker down here, I think there's something we should talk about.

Victoria: It's fine.

Billy: You don't know what I'm gonna say.

Victoria: The kiss.

Billy: Okay, you do know.

Victoria: It's never gonna happen again, okay?

Billy: In case there was any confusion.

Victoria: No, no confusion. None at all. You're with phyllis, and it's completely forgotten. Now, can we please talk about work?

Billy: No, there's actually one other thing we need to talk about. Something, uh, phyllis told me.

Hilary: Well, hello.

Phyllis: Hilary! Hello. I haven't seen you in a while. What's the occasion?

Hilary: Well, I'm just following up with jack on promoting parker beauty on my show.

Phyllis: Oh, well, jack's not here right now, but feel free to wait. I love a good beauty segment.

Hilary: Women empowerment at its best.

Phyllis: Yes, I heard about the promo. About time you helped jabot, with all the attention you gave dare.

Hilary: Well, I don't think we need to worry about dare appearing on the hilary hour anytime soon.

Phyllis: Yeah. Victoria made quite a splash with that benjamin hochman scream-fest.

Hilary: Tell me you didn't love it.

Phyllis: Hilary, job well done.

Hilary: [ Laughs ] All I did was turn on my camera, point it, and victoria did the rest, but she still hates me, of course.

Phyllis: Join the club. Be glad you're not number one on her hit list. That position's all mine.

Hilary: That's what you get when you steal someone's man.

Phyllis: I did not steal anybody. He decided he wanted to be with a woman who appreciates him. I'm not waiting for him to be someone other than exactly who he is, and victoria can't handle that.

Hilary: Well, the newman ego just can't accept defeat. She fighting to get him back?

Phyllis: What do you think?

Hilary: [ Chuckles ] So, how's it going? You winning, or are you losing?

Phyllis: I'd say it's complicated.

Hilary: Naturally. How bad is it?

Cane: I told myself not to have expectations for this morning, you know?

Lily: Well, that's tough to do, you know? I know how much you love the kids, and they know it, too. That's why they're hard on you. They know that you won't walk away.

Cane: Have you told them that?

Lily: Well, I have to give them space to feel what they feel, but just keep trying.

Cane: Thank you for giving me room, you know, to do this. I, uh...I appreciate your support.

Lily: Yeah. Just let the kids come back to you on their own, you know? I do have to put their needs first. So, how's the job hunt going?

Cane: Uh, nothing yet, but I'm, you know, still looking. Full steam ahead. You know, I hate that you're carrying the financial responsibility of the family.

Lily: It's fine now that I'm working again. I actually have to go in later.

Cane: Oh, you have a photo shoot, huh?

Lily: Yeah, it's the first one since the dare campaign is back on track.

Cane: Is it with jordan?

Lily: Mm-hmm. We're really lucky that another brand didn't take him. So...

Cane: Anyway, I, uh... I have somewhere I have to be.

Lily: Do you have an interview?

Cane: No, um, those genetic tests for the baby have come back, and I have to, uh... I have to go and meet juliet.

Lily: Oh, okay. Um, well, good thoughts to both of you.

Cane: Thank you.

Lily: Let me know what happens.

Cane: Of course. All right.

Phyllis: Billy and I are fine. He makes that more than clear on a regular basis.

Hilary: Uh-huh.

Phyllis: Okay, fine. Do I think that he and victoria have chemistry? Yes. Of course. They will always have chemistry. I think that's true of any couple that has ever been in love at one time. Past tense.

Hilary: Well, sometimes, you find out that there isn't anything left, but other times you find out that there was a reason to worry.

Phyllis: I think that he's trying to be a good soldier, and he tends to overcompensate. I mean, victoria martyrs herself on a daily basis.

Hilary: But you two feel solid.

Phyllis: What I see is victoria manipulating billy. He knows all the angles. It's part of what makes him so sexy, but... when it comes to his ex-wife, he's just -- he's not seeing it. He's not seeing that she's playing him.

Hilary: Men are blind.

Phyllis: This is true. Hey, I am sorry. You didn't come here to hear me vent.

Hilary: No, no. I -- I love it. I mean, I don't love that you have to deal with such a phony, but I do love speaking to a woman who just tells it as it is.

Phyllis: Yeah, well... hey, this was all off the record, right?

Hilary: Yes. [ Laughs ] But, you know, it doesn't hurt to check.

Phyllis: Okay, well, listen, I need to get back to work, but I'm sure jack wouldn't mind you hanging out here. If he doesn't get back soon, just write him a note.

Hilary: Yeah. Got it. Uh, phyllis... no matter how tight you think you and billy are, don't give victoria an inch.

Phyllis: Oh, believe me, I'm not about to.

Billy: Phyllis told me that she pointed hochman in your direction. She also said that you called her out on it, and you didn't tell me anything about it.

Victoria: Look, I'm not proud that I went off on phyllis, but I said what needed to be said, and now it's in the past.

Billy: Is it?

Victoria: You know, phyllis could have shoved a million different guys in my direction. It's how I handled it that's my responsibility, billy.

Billy: Whoa, hold on. Let's be clear. Nothing about what happened was your fault.

Victoria: I don't want to talk about that sleaze anymore. We have much more important things to talk about. I had dinner with my father last night.

Billy: Whoa. How'd that go?

Victoria: It went pretty well. He said something that hit home.

Billy: Yeah?

Victoria: We need to change brash & sassy's narrative. People see us an embattled. We need to change that perception to resilient and triumphant.

Billy: And how do we do that, exactly?

Victoria: With a new product. Something groundbreaking in the industry. And for that, we need to be financially stable. We need to outperform ashley's parker beauty line -- you know, the one that they're planning to launch as their own?

Billy: I am not worried about that. We got this one.

Victoria: Okay, good. I like confidence. I want to stop by fenmore's today. I want to check out our shelf space and make sure it's front and center, not shoved in the corner, out of the way of traffic so that jabot's products are in front.

Billy: First of all -- field trip? Totally into that. Second of all, I need to tell you that phyllis said lauren is going to do right by us. She is not gonna be playing favorites.

Victoria: Well, that's easy to say, but I want to confirm it.

Billy: Yeah. Trust and verify.

Victoria: You got it.

Billy: Let me tell you this, okay? Our numbers at fenmore's, they are going to go up.

Victoria: That is great, but our numbers are only half the story. Jabot's numbers are the other half. It's not enough just for us to climb, jabot --

Billy: They need to dive.

Victoria: Off a cliff.

Billy: Okay, so, we compare our sales figures, and we adjust accordingly. The only problem is -- jabot's not gonna hand over those numbers.

Victoria: I know. We need to stay ahead of jack on this one. Look, I don't want to ask you to do anything compromising.

Billy: Compromise what? My integrity? That's funny. And you didn't ask me to do anything.

Victoria: Fair enough.

Billy: So... when they launch their new skincare line, if there happens to be a computer laying around, I will get into jabot's main server, and I will let my fingers do the walking, and i will slowly back out.

Victoria: We know whose computer you're talking about.

Billy: Yes, we do.

Victoria: Are you sure about this, billy?

Billy: I'm not gonna make a habit of it. But we need to do this. This is for a good cause.

Tessa: Pizza, chicken tenders -- I mean, crystal eats like a first grader. What else? Um... oh, she doesn't sing at all. Except for the shower and the car.

Noah: Oh, so you're the artsy one.

Tessa: No. Crystal draws. She can create these whole worlds. She also has the math and science gift. Which I definitely do not.

Noah: Zack. How you doing? Tessa, you remember zack, right?

Tessa: Sure. Oh, I saw abby yesterday. She mentioned you.

Zack: I'm hoping good things.

Noah: How's designdate going?

Zack: Taking off. We're hitting our groove. That's the only reason I was able to leave the office. Thought I'd get a sweat in while I still can. I'll let you two get back to whatever it is you were talking about.

Sharon: I'm sure it's here. I wouldn't have taken it out. I don't think. So, are you, um... are you just passing through town again, or did you come here just for the card?

Alice: I can't do a whole lot without it. [ Chuckles ]

Sharon: Um... so you're in medical sales. That's what I heard you tell nick.

Alice: Are you sure you didn't leave the card at your place?

Sharon: No. No. It's here somewhere. I'm sure you're always on the go.

Alice: Yeah. Hospitals, doctor's offices. I mean, that's my thing.

Sharon: Mm. Small company?

Alice: Nothing you've heard of. Look, I'll just cancel the card and get a new one. It's --

Sharon: Oh, no, that could take a couple of days. You know what, just give me a couple of... oh! [ Chuckles ] Look. Here it is. See? I knew it was in here.

Alice: Great. Thanks. Well, look, I got to scoot.

Nick: Okay.

Sharon: Um, nick, did you see the résumé of those two baristas I told you might be looking for extra work -- josie and crystal? Alice? Something wrong?

Alice: [ Sighs ] Look at me. Rushing off and forgetting my manners. I never said how good it was to see you two again.

Sharon: You sure you can't stay a while longer? I mean, who knows when we'll see you again?

Alice: I got a long drive ahead of me.

Sharon: Back to madison? You still there?

Alice: Same place. But, um, thanks for the card, and you two take care.

Nick: Bye. Seriously?

Sharon: Don't start.

Nick: Could you have taken any longer to look through your purse? Sharon, do you really think alice is working with sex traffickers?

Sharon: Did you see her freeze when I said the name?

Nick: She had a reasonable explanation for that.

Sharon: There is nothing reasonable about what she's doing to those poor girls.

Nick: Okay, look, I -- I get it. You are concerned about crystal, okay? But I think you're seeing what you want to see.

Sharon: Mm. Scott said the same thing to me.

Nick: Well, for once, scott and I agree on something.

Sharon: But he didn't tell me that I should ignore my instincts. In fact, he's helping me pursue this.

Nick: And we're back to disagreeing again.

Sharon: Some poor, vulnerable girl is being exploited, and you know, it's not just any girl. It's tessa's sister.

Nick: What?

Sharon: You heard me. Crystal is tessa's sister, and tessa didn't want to say anything before because she didn't want to put the girl in any danger, and she also didn't want to be judged.

Nick: All this time. I mean...

Sharon: Yeah. Crystal was here. She was in this very bar. She was safe for a few moments, and then she was gone. We could have helped her, but instead, we didn't do enough, and I'm not going to fail her again. So if you're telling me that you have a problem with that --

Nick: Stop putting words in my mouth, okay?

Sharon: Okay, then you stop talking and listen to me. Please. Just hear me out.

Tessa: Eh, I was never really cut out for school. Music was all that mattered. But crystal, I had plans for her. She was gonna go to college and get a real education, make something of her life. But now... even when I find her and save her, how is she supposed to get past what these monsters have done to her?

Noah: You can't think like that, all right? There's always a way to heal. I've seen it. As for college, my mom's going right now. It's never too late, so... we save crystal, and then, like you said, give her time to heal. And then she can live a life that she wants, and I'm willing to bet it's gonna look a lot like a life that you want for her.

Tessa: You're the most optimistic person I've ever met. But sometimes it doesn't work out the way a person wants.

Noah: You just have to believe that it's possible, okay? You have to have hope. Everything good that's ever happened in this world started with hope.

Juliet: I was worried you'd be late. I was imagining you couldn't make it, and I would get the news all by myself. Sorry, my brain works overtime on everything now.

Cane: Okay, listen, i wouldn't let you go through this alone, okay? It's too much.

Juliet: It is too much. Have you thought about it? If it's not good?

Cane: All right, listen. Listen, worrying about something you can't control like this does nothing but keep you up at night, all right? Now you just need to get enough sleep for two people.

Juliet: For two.

Cane: Yeah.

Juliet: Mm. This my life now. This is what it means to be a parent, I guess.

[ Sighs ] You know, even before you meet your child, you pray. Pray that they'll be healthy. Pray that you'll always be there to protect them. I just want everything to be okay.

Cane: So do I. Listen...

[ Sighs ] Whatever happens, okay, I just want you to know that we're gonna go through this together. Okay?

When you have allergies,

Sharon: I do have pieces of information that start to create a picture. It's just a hunch that alice was the same woman who drove those prostitutes away from the police station. But I have caught her in a lie. She just got through telling both of us that she lives in madison, and that's not true. She lives right outside genoa city.

Nick: How do you know that?

Sharon: Scott tracked down her address from her credit card, and we went and saw the house for ourselves, and we confirmed with a neighbor that alice lives there along with a

niece who comes to visit. You and both know from the custody battle that alice doesn't have any family. And that house was way too nice for someone who's working in medical sales for a small company.

Nick: Okay, so, this is somebody who has come up a little bit in life, and maybe she's being a little guarded about her privacy from two people who used to be her adversaries. Well, yeah, then she must be making money off of prostitutes.

Sharon: Did you happen to notice that alice avoids all mention of her current life? Any time you ask her a question, she changes the subject or she starts talking about the past.

Nick: Well, that is true.

Sharon: See, there's something really off about that woman. She is hiding something. Are you starting to see what I'm seeing?

Victoria: Okay, we got his backpack, pencil box...

Billy: We got a superhero lunch box over here, which is great.

Victoria: Are you sure we didn't leave anything at the store?

Billy: We bought the whole store 'cause we were celebrating because fenmore's has brash & sassy front and center, and it's johnny's first day of kindergarten, okay? That only happens once!

Victoria: I know. He's a big boy now. No more baby stuff.

Billy: Yep. There's not gonna be any storage in my phone after the amount of photos I take of him tomorrow.

Victoria: You know we're gonna be the parents that they invite to leave because we hang around too long.

Billy: We're gonna be brave, okay?

Victoria: I know, but I'll miss him.

Billy: Maybe not too brave.

[ Footsteps approaching ]

Victoria: Phyllis.

Phyllis: Hi.

Billy: Hey.

Victoria: Hi.

Phyllis: Hello.

Billy: Hi.

Phyllis: Hi. Looks like someone went shopping.

Billy: Yeah.

Victoria: I'm actually glad you're here. I wanted to apologize for what happened on the elevator the other day. I take full responsibility. And I'd like to move forward.

Phyllis: Apology accepted. I'm glad you said something. I feel the same way.

Billy: Wow, look at us -- all on the same page.

Victoria: Would you like to join us?

Phyllis: Well, thank you. I'd like that very much.

Dr. Alcott: I won't drag this out. The test came back negative.

Cane: [ Sighs ]

Dr. Alcott: The genetic marker for cystic fibrosis that showed up in the initial test for the baby did not turn up when we ran cane's blood, which means your child will carry the gene but will not develop the disease. The test revealed some other information -- the baby's sex. Would you like to know?

Juliet: I hadn't even thought.

Cane: Neither did I.

Juliet: I'm just so relieved. I'm fine being surprised.

Cane: Actually, I would kind of like to know, and it's not a planning thing. I just want to know if I'm gonna say he or she, you know, if I'm having a son or a daughter.

Juliet: Go for it, dr. Alcott -- pink or blue?

Dr. Alcott: Blue.

Cane: Wow. Wow, it's a boy.

Juliet: A son.

Lily: Well, aren't you getting out?

Hilary: So much for manners.

Lily: Don't you have lives to ruin on your show?

Hilary: I assume that you're on your way to brash & sassy.

Lily: Yeah, I am. I have a photo shoot with jordan. You must be so bummed that he dumped you. A great guy like him, just not that into you.

Hilary: You should spend less time gloating and more time thinking about what you're doing to your husband and your kids.

[ Scoffs ] You say that you're all about your family. You're just a big, fat hypocrite.

Lily: It amazes me how anyone falls for your garbage. You are so transparent. You can't stand that jordan and I are friends.

Hilary: One has nothing to do with the other. See, jordan, he's just sucked in by your whole damsel-in-distress act, and you're torturing your husband for kicks. Two different issues.

Lily: I'm torturing cane? You are ridiculous.

Hilary: I spoke with cane. He would do anything to make things up to you. He would cut off an arm to make you happy, but look at you -- you're running around like you got a brand-new boyfriend. Inviting him to have dinner with cane's kids?

Lily: Cane would never say that, especially to you.

Hilary: It's amazing, isn't it? What someone would tell you when they're lonely and neglected... and good job with mattie and charlie, by the way. Inviting a new man into their life as if their father doesn't even exist.

Lily: Jordan is a friend, not that that's a concept that you would ever understand.

Hilary: You think you can see through me, lily? Well, it goes both ways. Because I can see through you. You want to keep hubby on a string while you lean on your dear friend jordan. Well, you push cane hard enough, that string will snap, and juliet will be more than happy to catch him.

Cane: So... it's good news. The baby's gonna be okay.

Juliet: He's okay. A son. Oh, I have no idea how to raise a little boy.

Cane: Well, it's not as tough as you might think. You'll get the hang of it. I think now you just need to focus on being relieved that -- that your baby's healthy.

Juliet: Our son will be fine. He's going to be okay. I love him so much already. I love him.

[ Cries ]

Billy: So, after we checked out fenmore's, we, uh, did a little shopping for johnny. Just a little bit.

Victoria: [ Chuckles ]

Phyllis: I assume you'll both be taking him to his first day of kindergarten together.

Billy: Check this out -- I mean, come on. He's gonna love this.

Victoria: Are you sure we shouldn't have gone for the paisley?

Billy: What are you talking about? He loves cars. Look at the colors in this thing!

Phyllis: It's super cool. I think he'll love it.

Victori he is so excited about being a big kid. He says it all the time.

Billy: He was, uh, standing on the couch a couple day ago, banging his chest.

I'm a big kid now.

[ Laughter ] It was so adorable.

Victoria: Yeah. It was cute. I guess you had to be there.

Tessa: I just realized -- you don't even know what crystal looks like.

Noah: Mm. Aww, she looks so happy here.

Tessa: She was.

Noah: She will be again. Just like this. Can't wait to meet her.

Nick: I respect your instincts, you know I do, but I just think I'm gonna need more factual proof before I can buy into this theory of yours. But I'll admit, it's worth checking into.

Sharon: Well, I'm glad you feel that way because alice is going to be back soon.

Nick: How do you know that?

Sharon: Her car won't make it far.

Next on "the young and the restless"...

Jordan: If Lily wants to talk to someone, that's up to her. Not you.

Lily: Even if your dad gets the perfect job, I don't know if I'll ever be ready for him to move back home.

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