Y&R Transcript Tuesday 9/5/17

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 9/5/17


Episode # 11250 ~ Victoria's plan for a Newman family truce backfires; Lily smells trouble for Devon; Phyllis and Billy outsmart each other.

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Victor: [ Breathing heavily ]

Nick: [ Sighs ]

Victor: So you're paying your own gym dues? Glad to see that.

Nick: Yeah, it turns out there's some benefits to having your own account.

Victor: Is this a sudden growth spurt in maturity and responsibility, or what?

Nick: No, actually, they asked me on the rules committee, so, uh, why don't you make sure you wipe off the equipment when you're done with it?

Victor: You gonna fine me if I don't?

Nick: I think I'll let you off with a warning this time, considering you did the right thing the other day. I mean, life is just full of surprises.

Nikki: Couldn't resist.

Victoria: I thought you left!

Nikki: Well, I did. I almost made it to the lobby, but then I decided to come up here and see how you were doing after our talk earlier.

Victoria: I am awesome. Actually, I am fantastic.

Nikki: Really? Why?

Victoria: I got phyllis alone, and I set her straight, and it was fun.

[ Door unlocks ]

Phyllis: I've been waiting for you.

Billy: Sorry, I didn't know you were -- sorry, go ahead.

Phyllis: You just left victoria.

Billy: Yeah.

Phyllis: Yeah, I know she told you. We fought about it in the elevator when we got stuck in there, and I have been going over everything, and I've been trying to figure out how to explain it to you, what I should say, and I... told benjamin hochman to look up victoria because I thought, "hey, you know, they're single. Maybe they would enjoy each other, you know?" But knowing victoria, she probably made an innocent set-up date sound like some evil, vindictive plan, so... what did she tell you?

Billy: She didn't tell me anything. Not a word. This is the first I'm hearing that.

Hilary: It's about time that your indie pal left. Next time you need a shoulder to cry on, why don't you take it out to the patio? Because we reserve this space for our actual work.

Mariah: Oh, hilary, how you love to spin. See, I don't cry on shoulders. I make mean little girls run home to their mamas.

Hilary: If that's directed at me, my mother's dead.

Hilary: Come on. Mariah, I know you what's going on between you and tessa. You're heartbroken because things aren't working out between you and devon, and your little friend, she's trying to make things all better.

Mariah: You really don't know what you're talking about.

Hilary: Okay. Well, I hate to make things worse for you, but hey, why not? I was gonna tell you this before, but devon interrupted us.

Mariah: Do you need a map to get to your point?

Hilary: Jordan and i broke up. So I am a free agent. But probably not for long.

Devon: Hilary and jordan are done?

Lily: Yep. She ruined that relationship in record time.

Devon: When did this happen?

Lily: A few days ago.

Devon: We were just here a few days ago. We had drinks together.

Lily: And she didn't tell you?

Devon: No. I mean, now that I think about it, she kind of avoided any questions that I asked about jordan...

Lily: Well, yeah, of course she did. You're her ex-husband. She doesn't want to seem guy-less to you. Did she hit on you?

Devon: No. No. She just said that she was happy we got a chance to reconnect.

Lily: [ Scoffs ] Here we go again.

[ Knocks on door ]

Dina: Oh, good! I see you have the report.

Ashley: Yes, I was just going over it.

Dina: Well, I know how important this line is to you, so I made a thorough analysis.

Ashley: Yes, it is very thorough.

Dina: Good.

Ashley: All sorts of untapped avenues that we can exploit as we move forward with our marketing strategy.

Dina: Mm-hmm.

Ashley: Lots of good info.

Dina: Well, I'm awfully glad that you and jack appreciate my expertise.

Ashley: We'll have to make sure and guard this from the competition.

Dina: Oh, well, that goes without saying, dear.

Ashley: I thought it did, too. But you've given somebody who does not work at this company complete access to every single word in this report. Graham, mother. Why would you share this information with graham before jack and I have even had a chance to look at it? Please explain that to me.

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Victor: I guess you're referring to faith's furniture that I had sent to your place?

Nick: Have you done anything else right by me lately?

Victor: You honestly think i sent that furniture to please you? I don't give a damn about what you think, son. I sent that for faith's sake, okay?

Nick: Unlike me.

Victor: That's right, unlike you, who failed to inform faith that you'd moved to your girlfriend's house until after she came home from camp. What kind of a father does that?

Nick: You're gonna talk to me about being a good father?

Victor: Your negligence will not only hurt faith but also my grandson and your son noah.

Nick: Really? I'm looking forward to hearing this.

Victor: I understand that you moved your accounts away from our financial advisor.

Nick: Yeah, I did. I figured you'd hear about that sooner or later.

Victor: That's right. What, was that an attempt at trying to be independent, or what?

Nick: Just trying to expand a successful business. What do you have against that?

Victor: You're doing it on your own instead of tapping into a resource -- a true and tried resource that's made a lot of money for our family. You're winging it, son.

Nick: Maybe you're just frustrated that dean can't spy on me for you anymore.

Victor: The hell -- he's not a spy. You damn well know that. He's one of the greatest wall street whizzes around. Made a lot of money for us.

Nick: Yeah. You're telling me this 'cause you're concerned for me?

Victor: I don't give a damn what you do. I'm concerned for your family and for noah and faith.

Nick: You know, dad, I've run successful businesses before. I even ran yours.

Victor: Really?

Nick: Mm-hmm.

Victor: Should I count the failures?

Nick: You don't think I can succeed without you.

Victor: Don't come running to me when you go broke.

Nick: I think I'm gonna be just fine. In fact, why don't you, uh, pick yourself up some mineral waters and put them on my account?

Victor: You sure you can afford it?

Nick: I got you.

Victor: Okay.

Victoria: Do you know how long I have been waiting to put phyllis in her place?

Nikki: Quite a while, I would imagine. How did she react?

Victoria: How do you think?

Nikki: Uh... she denied it, evaded it, and then blamed the whole thing on you.

Victoria: Wow, mom, it's as if you were there. [ Laughs ]

Nikki: [ Chuckles ]

Victoria: You know what? I put phyllis on notice that I'm onto her, and she better watch her back.

Nikki: Good for you.

Victoria: I'm sure you did just as well, didn't you?

Nikki: What are you talking about? All right, I did have a talk with jack about the way he's been treating you and your company.

Victoria: You didn't have to do that, mom.

Nikki: I'm your mother. I can do anything I want. And even though you did get the satisfaction of telling phyllis off, she is still in the picture where billy is concerned, so... I don't know what to tell you about that.

Victoria: Well... [ Sighs ]

Nikki: What? Is there something more?

Victoria: You know, going after phyllis wasn't even the best part of my day. That happened afterwards, right here in this office, when I was alone with billy.

Nikki: What?

Victoria: [ Laughing ] No, mom, it's not what you're thinking.

Nikki: [ Laughing ] I'm not thinking anything!

Victoria: There was just a moment when I knew that if I'm careful and if I'm patient, i think billy's gonna come around.

Nikki: Really? You sure you're not misreading anything?

Victoria: I was married to him, mom. I know him. And I'm finally starting to feel really good about things for a change, after all of the stress with the company and not feeling like myself.

Nikki: I know. You've said you've been feeling off.

Victoria: It's just very freeing to have something positive to focus on for a change.

Nikki: Well, don't get too far ahead of yourself because phyllis, after all, still is phyllis.

Victoria: Well, I know that, but today felt like a turning point.

Nikki: Well, good. Let's celebrate. I'll take you out to dinner.

Victoria: Okay! You don't have to twist my arm!

Billy: What part of connecting victoria and hochman together did you think was a good idea?

Phyllis: Look, I just --

Billy: The guy's a user, phyllis, you know that. So why would you do such a thing?

Phyllis: Okay, you are upset.

Billy: Yeah, I'm upset right now.

Phyllis: I was just playing matchmaker, that's all.

Billy: So you thought you were doing victoria a favor?

Phyllis: It was on a whim. It was a conversation I had that I forgot two seconds after i walked way.

Billy: You had to know something like this was gonna happen.

Phyllis: If you remember, i went out of town on my business trip. Things heated up between the two of them when I was away!

Billy: Sounds oddly convenient.

Phyllis: You know what, it sound like it's very suspicious to you. You don't believe me!

Billy: I'm not sure if i believe you. Okay? Hochman took advantage of victoria personally, and everything blew up with them on television, okay? That's not a good thing. And do you know the damage that could have happened to the company if she would have followed through with the loan from him?

Phyllis: You think I want to hurt the company?

Billy: Well, victoria does!

Phyllis: Well, I don't give a damn what victoria thinks!

Billy: Yeah, and I told her she was off base, but now I'm not so sure. Was she?

Phyllis: I admit, I screwed up. Benjamin hochman is no prize. Some people would even call him a sleaze.

Billy: Then why would you do this?

Phyllis: Because when i suggested that hochman look her up, I cared about one thing, and that is that -- you know what? Maybe they would get along. Maybe victoria would have some semblance of a social life, and you wouldn't be so guilt-ridden.

Billy: I don't even know what that means, phyllis. What are you trying to --

Phyllis: When you and I got back together... victoria was left alone. She wanted you back. And whether you admit it or not, you didn't want to hurt her. So you overcompensated. You became the best co-worker ever, you put in killer hours, and you were on-call to whatever, whenever.

Billy: So you did this to protect me from being overworked? Is that what this is?

Phyllis: Did you ever tell me that victoria needed money to keep the company afloat?

Billy: No.

Phyllis: Okay, then how would I have known that she was gonna hit him up for a loan? Or end up on tv giving the guy holy hell? What I knew for sure is that I was losing my lover to a needy boss. And I wanted you back.

Devon: It was just a run-in, okay? She was coming from the gym, i was leaving the office.

Lily: Oh, please, she planned it.

Devon: We're divorced for a reason, okay? She wasn't looking to see me any more than I was looking to see her.

Lily: Okay, do you or do you not leave the office at the same time every day?

Devon: Yes. On most days, I do.

Lily: Okay, then it's not a coincidence. And you've said hilary was evasive about jordan.

Devon: Well, I mean... like you told me, they just broke up, so maybe she was sad that, you know, they're not gonna end up together.

Lily: Aww, leave it to my sweet brother to come up with the most generous interpretation possible.

Devon: I could be right about that.

Lily: Yeah, if it wasn't hilary! Don't forget why you guys broke up -- all the lies and manipulation. Don't let her suck you back into her vortex.

Devon: Nobody's getting sucked in. I -- we had drinks. That's it.

Lily: Let me guess -- after the first round, she said something like, "oh, this is so much fun, let's have another." See? I knew it. Too bad you didn't have plans with mariah. Then you could have used that as an excuse.

Devon: Well, actually, I did have plans with mariah that night.

Lily: You canceled on your girlfriend?

Devon: We got to talking and time got away from me.

Lily: Devon, why would you do that? Mariah adores you. Don't let hilary ruin that.

Devon: I know. I might be doing that all on my own.

Hilary: That's good. Put that in, take that out.

Mariah: So, this breakup between you and jordan -- did that happen in the last hour or so?

Hilary: I don't know, mariah. Have you seen him around here lately?

Mariah: No, I haven't, which means that you chose precisely the right moment to spring this news on me. Hoping, obviously, for maximum impact. But I'm sorry to say, hilary, it's a hit and a miss because i just don't care.

Hilary: Really? You're not even a little concerned about where things stand between you and devon?

Mariah: Because of your sudden availability? Um, no. I don'T. Because the thing is, devon had you, he divorced you. And so as far as he's concerned, you're just...history.

Hilary: "History." That's an interesting word. Especially since I'm the one with the long, charged, intense, committed relationship with the man, and you two, well... you guys are just such great pals.

Ashley: Graham e-mailed this report to you with a note that said -- "lots of good info in here."

Dina: Graham is a trusted confidant. I wanted his take on things. What's wrong with that?

Ashley: He doesn't work here!

Dina: That doesn't make a shred of difference.

Ashley: I know that your faith in graham knows no bounds. You made him your heir.

Dina: He is an invaluable asset, both personally and at mergeron.

Ashley: Where he was employed, mother.

Dina: Yes.

Ashley: Okay, if the situation was reversed, and i did something like this with one of mergeron's subsidiaries, you never would stand for it! Because we don't share sensitive business documents with people outside of the company, no matter who they are!

Dina: But in this instance, it's different, and you should be thanking me.

Ashley: For leaking sensitive business documents?

Dina: For reaping the benefits of graham's talent and ingenuity, for free.

Ashley: Okay, you have made him privy to our analytics, our projections, our budgets -- everything! And all he has to do is take this information and share it with the highest bidder, and it would do serious and irreparable damage to our company. All thanks to you!

Dina: Graham would never hurt this company because that would mean hurting me, and you know, ashley, I really resent what you're implying about my judgment.

Ashley: What judgment? That's the whole point. You haven't shown any.

Dina: Then why am I working here if you mistrust me so damn much?

Ashley: Mother, you and i both know that a company excels or implodes based on how well they keep their secrets. You banked on that very premise when you tried to make your own move for jabot years ago.

Dina: [ Chuckles ] And i nearly pulled it off, didn't I?

Ashley: I need to know what other information you let graham review? Was it just part of the confidential data that was entrusted to you, or all of it?

Dina: I can't believe that you would think that he would try a clandestine takeover of jabot. Even if you had a legitimate complaint, you undermined it completely with that supposition.

Ashley: Could you please just answer the question?

Dina: You know, maybe we weren't close when you were growing up, but you have my blood. I would have thought you were smarter than that.

Nick: Hey, ladies.

Victoria: Oh, hi. Mwah!

Nikki: Hey! This is unexpected.

Nick: Yeah. You guys, uh, having dinner?

Nikki: Yeah.

Victoria: We sure are. Would you like to join us?

Nick: Eh, I don't know. I mean, I'd like to, but I just ran into dad downstairs in the gym.

Nikki: You mean, I may have to actually see victor?

Nick: That's funny, mom.

Nikki: Well, thanks for the heads up. Listen, did you get an unexpected delivery at chelsea's?

Nick: Yes. Did you talk to dad about having faith's bedroom set sent over?

Nikki: Well, I tried to talk some sense into him. I don't know if I was successful.

Nick: You were.

Victoria: Oh! Well, did you thank dad?

Nick: What are you, the manners police?

Victoria: No, I'm just hoping for a lessening in hostilities, you know? He made a generous gesture, you show your appreciation, and over time, maybe there will be a tentative truce.

Nick: Well this time, it led to some not-so-subtle probings into my business dealings with noah.

Victoria: What did he want to know?

Nick: He just wants me to fail so he can prove he's right about everything.

Victor: I am right about everything, except you refuse to listen.

Victoria: Hey, you know, it's been a while since the four of us have sat down together for dinner.

Nick: You're not suggesting...

Victoria: Well, I mean, we are a family. We can at least be civil with one another for the length of a meal. I am serious.

Nick: Well, I will nominate you for the president of the optimists club. I'm out. Good night, mom.

Nikki: Good night, honey.

Nick: Bye, vick.

Victor: Well, I'm not averse to breaking bread with you and your mother.

Nikki: Look, I know what you're trying to do, and it's just too soon in my opinion. Tonight, anyway. Good night.

Victor: Well. And then there were just the two of us.

Phyllis: Victoria's supposed to be a great businesswoman, but maybe if she wouldn't let the stresses from her work get to her so much, she would have written hochman off as a creep right away.

Billy: Phyllis, that's not a great excuse for this.

Phyllis: I admit that I am guilty of putting benjamin into her orbit, but beyond that, i mean, shouldn't she take some responsibility for how things went? For getting into an argument at a hotel corridor and getting caught on tape, in the middle of a screaming fit?

Billy: You know she's the mother of my children, right?

Phyllis: And your boss in your up-and-coming business, and I am the woman in your life that you are in love with, who shares your home. Don't you think that you should hold your ex-wife a little bit accountable for what's going on in hers?

Billy: You messed up. I know you didn't mean to. It's not entirely your fault.

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Mariah: Devon kissing me on the golden gate bridge, chinatown, fisherman's wharf...

Hilary: What is this supposed to prove?

Mariah: "Pals." That's the word that you used to describe us. Well, I don't know about you, but I think we look like a hell of a lot more than that in these photos. Especially this one. Oh, my gosh, that's one my -- that's my favorite.

Hilary: You should have been there when devon and I had drinks the other night. See, we didn't need an artificial event to paint the picture of a happy couple. Even the air between us was electric.

Mariah: For you. But for me and devon, you're nothing but hot air. Excuse me. I have someplace to be.

Hilary: One more thing before you go. When devon blew you off to have drinks with me, he didn't call you, did he? No. He texted. So he didn't see the need for you to hear his voice. Maybe reassure you that he wouldn't be long. Nah. He just let his thumbs do the talking. Yeah, so, um, you just go ahead believing that you have something special with devon.

Devon: So, when mariah found out why I didn't show up to the underground that night, we kind of had a little fight.

Lily: You said you were with hilary.

Devon: Well, I told her I was talking to hilary, and there was nothing to hide, you know? But she saw it the way you do and thinks that hilary was trying to keep me here on purpose, away from her.

Lily: That's bad.

Devon: Yeah. And it gets worse. 'Cause while we were talking about everything, she brought up the fact that I haven't said "I love you" yet to her, even though she said it to me.

Lily: That's not really a way to endear yourself to a woman.

Devon: Yeah, well, she was so upset during the conversation and things got so intense that i kind of started to...

Lily: No, don't tell me you told her in the middle of a fight.

Devon: Yeah, I -- I tried, and she wasn't having it.

Lily: Good! Good for her.

Devon: The truth is, though, lily, I've -- I've been in love before, you know? And when I get that feeling about mariah, that I love her, I'll be the first one to tell anybody -- tell the world. You know? I'm that guy.

Lily: Do you think that will ever come?

Devon: Yeah. I mean... you know... I don't know, maybe there is a reason why I haven't gotten there yet.

Ashley: I'm sorry if I upset you, mother, but this isn't about you or me or the past. Jabot is at stake here, and this relationship with graham that you have is something that i don't understand.

Dina: No, you don't understand it.

Ashley: I've been trying for a long time!

Dina: Well, think about it, ashley. If graham were as untrustworthy as you keep implying, wouldn't he be trying to get closer faster to my inheritance? Or perhaps maybe he would put a soupįon of arsenic into my tea every night!

Ashley: So, what, then, he helps you?

Dina: Graham's input makes me even more valuable to you and jack.

Ashley: Well, that's one way of looking at it, or, uh, you could say that it's possessive.

Dina: Oh, that's absurd.

Ashley: Is it? He has to know where you are every second of the day, mother.

Dina: He cares about me, ashley. That's all. He cares.

Ashley: So you're asking me to risk jabot based on what this man claims to feel for you?

Dina: You know, I'm sorry that you don't have someone in your life to care about you that way.

Ashley: Okay.

Dina: And you have no idea how comforting it is to know that you're not alone.

[ Scoffs ] Well, I'm calling it a night. Unless you have something else for which to reprimand me.

[ Knocks on door ]

Ravi: Hey! Oh! Uh, sorry to interrupt.

Ashley: Not at all.

Ravi: We can talk later.

Ashley: No. We're done here.

Lily: Look, don't worry about not being able to say the "l" word right now, you know? That time will come. What's the rush, anyway?

Devon: Well, nothing, unless mariah gets tired of waiting for me.

Lily: Well, hopefully she's too smart for that and realizes that she's lucky to have someone who won't lie to her.

Devon: Like cane did to you.

Lily: Yeah. To have a partner who respects you and themselves enough to be honest with you. That's everything.

Devon: Yeah. Well, I sure didn't have that with hilary.

Lily: I thought I had that with cane, and look how that turned out.

Devon: Yeah.

Mariah: I am through listening to you tear down what I've got with devon.

Hilary: Come on. Your relationship with devon is about as special as a bag of steamed carrots. You seem closer to your friend little miss alternative than you do to him.

Mariah: Save your fantasies for somebody else who doesn't know you better. I'm going home.

Hilary: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Home? Not devon's place? Ah, that's right.

[ Laughing ] You still live at home with your mom, instead of with your supposedly serious boyfriend. Come on, mariah. Just be honest with yourself. Isn't it possible that the two of you have just peaked?

Nick: I'm surprised you didn't stay to eat with dad and vick.

Nikki: Look, I have no problem being civil to the man, but that doesn't mean I have to socialize with him. Anyway, he had somebody to join him. You didn'T.

Nick: I hate making you choose.

Nikki: He is always going to be in our lives, and right now, for me, the best thing is to keep our interaction to a minimum. It's the recipe for inner peace.

Nick: You sound like a zen master.

Nikki: Namaste, the newman way.

Nick: [ Laughs ]

Victor: It isn't lost on me that you were willing to share a table with me tonight, unlike your mother and your brother. I also wish that our last meeting would have been a bit friendlier.

Victoria: You know, dad, I --

Victor: What?

Victoria: I overreacted when you offered me the loan for brash & sassy.

Victor: That's nice of you to say.

Victoria: But I don't think it was right of you to kick nick off the ranch.

Victor: It was necessary, my darling.

Victoria: I don't think so. But as long as nick is okay with it, then I suppose I am, too.

Victor: Let's not discuss this, okay? I'm just happy that you got the loan you needed for your business. I do know that neil lent you the money, and I'm very happy about that rather than getting the money from that shyster who intended to do you harm.

Victoria: Oh, my gosh, can we please not discuss benjamin hochman and my unfortunate appearance on "the hilary hour?"

Victor: What, I can't say to you that I'm happy that you got the money from neil? What's wrong with that?

Victoria: Nothing.

Victor: Okay.

Victoria: Thank you, dad. I appreciate it. And now I have to ask you for some advice.

Victor: Personal or business?

Victoria: Business.

Victor: Okay. Ask.

Billy: This ongoing war with jack, it's eating me up. And I know that it's not gonna end anytime soon. On top of that, this whole thing with ben hochman, it -- I'm sorry, okay? I said things that I shouldn't have.

Phyllis: So am I.

Billy: Phyllis, I wish i could tell you that I'm not gonna work as much, that I'm gonna spend more time with you. I just can't do that right now, okay? Vicki and I, we don't have time to slow down right now. With everything we know, what jack is trying to pull off here, there's just as much that we don't know.

Phyllis: Maybe you're making this more complicated than it needs to be, you know? You got the loan. You could build the company up, and jack, you know, he's just probably being competitive. You know, that's his defining trait.

Billy: Jack is competitive with every company that does what he does. This is different with us, okay? He wants to destroy us. This is an act of war.

Phyllis: I don't know about that.

Billy: Phyllis, he wants us decimated.

Phyllis: Is this about the fenmore's thing?

Billy: What do you know about that?

Phyllis: Just rumblings. All right? That you and victoria came to jabot and you were throwing around accusations that jabot wanted to take your products off of lauren's shelves. How did you suspect that in the first place?

Billy: I mean, it wasn't that hard. We noticed that our reorders were down, so vicki smelled a rat.

Phyllis: You know, if jack went there, it doesn't matter. Lauren wants to keep selling brash & sassy. She's got your back. She has the final word.

Billy: Thank you. She's not the only one.

Ashley: My mother didn't budge not one inch. She sees nothing wrong with sharing company secrets with graham. Because she likes his input. Because she trusts him.

Ravi: Okay. You can't relate to that?

Ashley: Well, I'm sure my mother doesn't think I can, but obviously I can because I trust you, right? But you deserve it because you've earned it. Graham, on the other hand...

Ravi: Yeah, you've always been suspicious of him.

Ashley: You know, she said something that really struck me when she was talking about his inheritance. She said that if he was really that untrustworthy, then why wouldn't he try to speed up the inheritance process?

Ravi: Yeah, I'm sure she was overstating to make a point.

Ashley: Yeah, a silly notion. Or is it?

Ravi: Wait, you think -- you seriously think graham wants dina to die?

Ashley: You know what, it would serve his interests, wouldn't it? I mean, he would get his money a hell of a lot faster. He wouldn't have to worry about any of her annoying children ever again.

Ravi: Ashley, that's, uh...

Ashley: Mercenary, I know, but it's possible.

Ravi: [ Sighs ] We don't know much about the guy.

Ashley: No, we don'T. There's so many years unaccounted for in his background.

Ravi: If there was anything criminal, it would have come up in my search.

Ashley: Look, I don't care what my mother says. I don't trust graham. I haven't since the first time he came into genoa city. I've always had it in for him.

Ravi: Why'd you back off?

Ashley: Because I thought he made her happy. But you know what, underneath that smarmy, confident smile, there's somebody that we know far too little about. I want to know where he's been, who he knows, what he's after. All of it.

Graham: Sending you that e-mail referencing the report was sloppy. I should have been more discreet.

Dina: Oh, no, it's fine. All that ashley knows is that you provided a take on my work.

Graham: We've had this conversation before.

Dina: I know.

Graham: Jack and ashley have given you a position of responsibility, and yet, they burden you.

Dina: Well, it'll all blow over, don't worry.

Graham: Just call jack and let him know it's not working out. Then you and I can return to paris.

Dina: No, no, no. I have made a commitment, and i intend to keep it. Work is -- is good for me. The challenge of it. And it's no burden at all.

Graham: Well, it's up to you, of course. As for me, I have no choice. I must return to paris and deal with an issue regarding my apartment.

Dina: What?

Graham: It happened this afternoon. It's nothing that I can't deal with, but it needs to be in person.

Dina: [ Scoffs ] Can it wait?

Graham: I have to start packing, so if there's nothing else...

Dina: [ Sighs ] Well, uh... good luck. Um... graham! I'll see you when you return.

Graham: The trip will be as quick as I can make it.

Dina: Oh, my god. Oh! What am I gonna do? [ Sighs ]

Victoria: So, the loan is in place, but we've got to get out of this slump that we're in. And we have a mountain to climb. And I'm talking mount everest.

Victor: Mm-hmm. Well, then you've come to the right person for advice.

Nikki: I've been there if you want my take...

Nick: I could use it.

Nikki: You're trying to make your father less of a presence in your life, and that's not working.

Victor: Sweetheart, you need to change how people perceive your message -- both the buyers and the general public.

Victoria: But with all of the bad pr...

Victor: To hell with it. Change the message.

Victoria: The negative press is already out there. How?

Victor: Forget the negative press. Become proactive.

Nikki: Look, continuing to fight with victor on his terms is only gonna force you to deal with him more.

Nick: It's unavoidable.

Nikki: If all you do is react to him...

Nick: ...Then I'm still being controlled by him.

Nikki: All right, maybe I'm biased here because it's working for me, but just be proactive. Live your life.

Victor: Then you will define your own narrative.

Victoria: It's counterintuitive, but you're right. I have been trying to redefine a lot of things lately.

Victor: It's about time. And whenever you're ready to not follow your mother's and your brother's lead, you and I can maybe put all this tension behind us.

Billy: I still feel bad about some of the things that I said to you.

Phyllis: Yeah. If I hadn't gone to benjamin hochman and let all of my insecurities play out... I'm sorry for what I did, billy.

Billy: How do we fix this?

Phyllis: I don't know. I wish I could spend as much time with you as victoria does.

Billy: Phyllis...

Phyllis: I know that you're not attracted to her, and I know that it is over. And that's all that matters.

Billy: You know how much i love you. Only you.

Phyllis: I'm not used to seeing you look so intense.

Billy: I just want you to know.

Phyllis: Done and done.

Billy: Not quite yet.

Next on "the young and the restless"...

Hilary: How's it going? You winning, or are you losing?

Billy: I think there's something we should talk about.

Victoria: It's fine.

Billy: You don't know what I'm gonna say.

Victoria: The kiss.

Billy: Okay, you do know.

Sharon: You have no idea how glad I am to see you.

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