Y&R Transcript Friday 9/1/17

Y&R Transcript Friday 9/1/17


Episode # 11248 ~ Nikki questions Jack's loyalty; Hilary meddles in Devon and Mariah's relationship; Victoria loses patience with Phyllis.

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Victoria: You don't usually stop by this early. So, what's the occasion?

Nikki: Do I need one?

Victoria: Let me guess. It's been a while. You miss me. And you know I make you a mean cup of tea.

Nikki: [ Laughs ] Correct on all accounts.

Victoria: You definitely did not stop by to talk about the fool that I made of myself on

gc buzz, I'm sure.

Nikki: I cannot believe that that witch hilary aired that argument with benjamin on her show.

Victoria: Yeah, well, that makes two of us.

Nikki: Are you all right?

Victoria: It was irritating for a day. But what can you do? When you're a newman, there will always be opportunists like hilary curtis waiting in the weeds. Especially if dad enables them.

Nikki: Well, I know you've been looking for some common ground. But the way he's been acting lately...

Victoria: Lately? That's very generous. When I think about the damage that dad has done to my life, all in the name of protecting me... you know, mom, he's caused irreparable damage.

Nikki: You're talking about billy now.

Victoria: The more time that I spend with him here at the office, the more that I wish...

[Sighs] We were back together.

Phyllis: That's mine.

Billy: Sorry.

Phyllis: I'm running late, so I need to go.

Billy: Hold on a second. Please don't -- don't leave the house like this, okay?

Phyllis: I said I'm late. Please move.

Billy: Yes, I know. And you've said two words to me all morning, and the ones that you have have not been very nice. Look, I know you're upset with me because I had to go back to the office last night. We were supposed to spend the evening together, and we didn't because of me.

Phyllis: We sure didn'T.

Billy: And I'm sorry, okay? I would like to make it up to you. Can I do that? Starting now?

Jack: Revised budget approved.

Ashley: Thank you.

Jack: Was there something else?

Ashley: Guess who paid me a visit last night? Billy and victoria.

Jack: Oh? What did they want?

Ashley: Well, apparently brash & sassy's re-orders are slipping, and victoria's worried that maybe you're gonna try to use your influence to ace her company out at fenmore'S. Take over their shelf space. Make room for our brand-new line.

Jack: That's quite an accusation.

Ashley: I know. It is, isn't it?

Jack: You don't really think I'd pull something like that?

Ashley: I don't know. Would you?

Hilary: [ Sighs ] I-I owe you an apology.

Mariah: What are you talking about?

Hilary: Seriously?

Mariah: You know what? I really don't have time for this.

Hilary: Mariah, I really am sorry.

Mariah: Why?! Spit it out. What'd you do to me now?

Hilary: I ruined your date with devon the other night.

Devon: Good morning!

Tessa: Uh...hey there.

Devon: How you doing? Is, uh, mariah home?

Tessa: Um... she's at work.

Devon: Oh. Okay. She must have gone in early. I guess I'll, uh, track her down there.

Tessa: Okay.

Devon: Hey, actually, since I got you here, I have some news for you. I want to get you back into the recording studio as soon as possible.

Tessa: You do?

Scott: Got a surprise for you, beautiful.

Sharon: This early?

Scott: Yeah. I promise you'll like it. I was up past 2:00 working on it.

Sharon: Well, okay. Let's have it.

Scott: What if I told you i used my brilliant journalistic skills to track down alice johnson's address from her credit card?

Sharon: You have alice's address?

Scott: I told you I was a brilliant researcher.

Sharon: Wait a minute. Is this legal? I mean, to use someone's personal financial information to... forget it. Forget it.

Scott: We have a built-in excuse now to go to her place and return the card she left at underground. It'll give us a chance to look around and see if your hunch about her is correct.

Sharon: Okay, hold on a minute, scott. You know, I was tossing and turning all night last night thinking about this. Just the odds that alice is the same blond woman who I saw driving away in that car with those prostitutes, it'S... it's so unlikely. I think that my suspicions have been off-base.

Scott: Well, I guess I have more, uh, trust in your instincts than you do.

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Tessa: The song I recorded, people are actually streaming it?

Devon: Oh, yeah. Quite a bit more than expected, actually. And the metrics are great for a new artist, which is why I want to get you back in the studio so we can lay down some more tracks and, uh, release a full E.P.

Tessa: I can't believe it.

Devon: Well, what can't you believe?

Tessa: For you to be willing to take this chance on me. After the first time I choked. We were lucky to get one good take.

Devon: Yeah, well, I mean, it was good enough to get some big attention, right? That's all that matters.

Tessa: I, uh... I figured I did so bad that you...

Devon: What? What? You thought that after one shaky session in the studio, that i was gonna drop you? Really?

Tessa: [ Laughs ] I guess, I, uh... I guess I wasn't sure.

Devon: Listen, here's the scoop, tessa. I really, really believe in your talent, okay? That's the truth. So you don't have to worry so much anymore. And your first song has gotten the attention of our customers, so let's raise your profile even higher. That's why I wanted to get you under contract -- so we could make money together long-term.

Tessa: Thank you. Thank you, devon.

Devon: Of course.

Tessa: So much.

Devon: Yeah.

Tessa: Huh...

Devon: Absolutely. Thank you. Now, hey, if we -- if we book some studio time soon, are you gonna be ready to go back in? Because I expect your performance to be as good as your last take, if not better.

Tessa: I will.

Devon: Yeah?

Tessa: I promise. I was dealing with a personal issue. That's why I was distracted. Not singing my best.

Devon: Okay. Is it anything I can help out with?

Tessa: You know, I-I'm okay now. Thanks.

Devon: Okay. Um... well, then, I'll be in touch.

Tessa: Okay.

Devon: And, in the meantime, try not to worry about anything except for music, will ya?

Tessa: I'll do my best.

Devon: Okay.

Tessa: Yeah.

Devon: Have a good one.

Tessa: Thanks. You too.

Jack: Brash & sassy's sales were abysmal in june, especially at fenmore'S. What, they're gonna blame me for that now?

Ashley: Do you have any idea what's causing their slump?

Jack: Oh, uh, gee, let me guess. Bad financial decisions. Bad press. Worse rumors. Pick one.

Ashley: That's very glib of you.

Jack: Ash, you know what's going on down there. It's a mess. And thanks to hilary's show, the whole world knows that. Is it any wonder their sales are plummeting?

Ashley: Okay. But you weren't here last night when billy and victoria confronted me. Their concerns were... very alarming.

Jack: Such as?

Ashley: Such as the fact they know we're about to launch a brand-new beauty line, jack. We worked really hard on keeping that under wraps. How the hell did they get their hands on that information? And victoria's very worried that you're gonna try to use their misfortune against them and persuade lauren to give them the boot.

Jack: Well, victoria has a very active imagination.

Ashley: [ Sighs ] So this is just victoria being, what, paranoid? Because she's such an irrational human being?

Jack: Well, what do you want me to say? That I personally convinced a million people not to buy their product? God, I wish I had that kind of power.

Ashley: I got a very, very strange vibe.

Jack: Oh, come on. Could we not talk vibes, please?

Ashley: Yeah, okay. Look, let me lay it out for you, all right? Not once has anybody accused you of being behind their plummeting sales, and yet you keep hiding behind that every time I ask you what you're planning. So, where there's smoke, with you, there's usually fire. Do billy and victoria have a reason to be concerned, jack?

Jack: Did they tell you where they're getting these crazy ideas?

Ashley: No, they didn'T. But they're convinced you're out to get them. And I know for a fact that you would love to force them into bankruptcy.

Jack: And so would you.

Ashley: That's not true.

Jack: Give me a break.

Ashley: That's not true. Especially when the fight's not fair. And getting involved with their distribution channels, that's not fair. And here you stand. I've yet to hear you deny that that's the case.

Jack: Lauren decides what is sold in fenmore's stores and on their website. Now, I suggest you put all of your energy into making our latest acquisition a giant success, and I will handle everything else.

Ashley: I agree with you this line is gonna be a huge success. It can stand on its own. It does not need your backhanded "support" -- the kind that always comes back and bites you in your butt. Are we clear?

Jack: Ohh... it's me. Where are you? Get to my office now!

[ Slams desk ]

Nikki: So tough to have feelings for somebody who doesn't return them.

Victoria: Well, if it hadn't been for dad, having to lie and cover up for him...

Nikki: Yeah, I know. I remember the second night you were going out with that benjamin guy, you seemed so excited. And I thought, "great, she's ready to move on."

Victoria: Well, you know, i thought I'd at least try to go out with him, see what happened. But I guess I felt that there was something off. I guess I knew deep down that he was trying to make a play for brash & sassy.

Nikki: Well, it's a good thing that you found out what kind of guy he was before he could do anything like that to you.

Victoria: Unfortunately, mom, my troubles are far from over. Ben didn't target me for my enviable business skills. Someone else gave him a little push in my direction. Someone that we all know.

Billy: Well, how about this, okay? We -- we go downtown. We can go see a movie. The theater opens up at 11:00. That would be fun. Or we can take our coffee and we can go back to bed.

Phyllis: Mm.

Billy: I like that idea.

Phyllis: Oh, you're just giving me the morning? Oh, I-I guess the entire day is not even an option, because victoria can't really function without you.

Billy: Come on, honey. I'm trying here, okay? Can you meet me halfway?

Phyllis: Yeah, with a half-day. You know, you'd be distracted with brash & sassy 'cause you're not joined at the hip with your ex. So, no, thank you.

Billy: When I'm there, I'm working.

Phyllis: And what were you working on when you rushed back to work last night?

Billy: Come on. I don't want to talk to you about that kind of stuff.

Phyllis: Why is that?

Billy: Because. You know why. Jabot and brash & sassy, we're competing companies, phyllis.

Phyllis: There was a day that you confided in me about everything. Do you not trust me anymore?

Billy: I am trying to protect you, okay? I don't want you in the middle of business and jack and everything else. And I'm sure there are secrets that you know about jabot that you are compelled to keep from me.

Scott: I don't believe your suspicions are baseless, sharon.

Sharon: You're the one who's always telling me a good investigator needs evidence. What facts do I really have? Other than two blond women driving a similar car?

Scott: Yeah, one of whom is picking up hookers at the police station.

Sharon: And alice's only crime is forgetting her credit card after paying for a hamburger. I don't know how in the world I made the leap to she's running a sex-trafficking ring and holding poor crystal against her will. I-I just -- I don't know what's wrong with me, or where I came up with this wild scenario.

Scott: Exhibit "a" -- alice johnson. You remember what you told me about her? That she was a shady, untrustworthy woman.

Sharon: Well, that was years ago. I mean, nick and I made our peace with her after we adopted cassie.

Scott: Yeah, but even so, I don't think alice has ever been someone that people said was a quality individual. True or false?

Sharon: She does look a lot more prosperous now.

Scott: Yeah, leopards don't change their spots, even when they're making money. Especially then. Take a look at this address. Tell me what it says. Genoa city.

Scott: When you asked her what she was doing in town, what'd she say to you?

Sharon: She said that she was just passing through.

Scott: Implying that she's visiting from someplace else. But, in fact, her home is just right here, just outside of town.

Sharon: So that was a lie.

Scott: Apparently so.

Sharon: Hm. I guess it couldn't hurt to... bring her credit card back to her.

Scott: Maybe take a look around, see what we can see while we're there.

Sharon: Let's go!

Scott: Yeah.

Tessa: Oh, my god. I'm so glad you're here.

Sharon: What? What's up? What happened?

Tessa: [ Sighs ] My phone rang, and all it said was "unknown caller," and I thought for sure it was crystal... but it turned out to be a telemarketer.

Scott: Shook you up, huh?

Tessa: Yeah. Can I talk to you for a sec?

Sharon: Sure. What is it?

Tessa: Have you heard anything from chief williams? I hate all this waiting. Worrying about crystal.

Sharon: I'm really sorry, but there's been no word from paul.

Tessa: I guess I just have to be patient.

Scott: What was that about?

Sharon: Um... we should get over to alice's house. I will just fill you in along the way.

Hilary: Okay, just get back to me as soon as you have more details.

Mariah: So, can we solve this mystery so I can get some work done?

Hilary: What mystery?

[ Scoffs ] I cannot believe devon didn't tell you. I ran into him, we got to talking, and... well, one thing led to another, and we lost track of time. I hope you weren't too upset with him.

Mariah: Define "one thing led to another."

Hilary: Well, you know how it is when you just find that you have so much to talk about. Especially when you shared a life with this person. Such...intense feelings.

Mariah: So, what did you two share the other night?

Hilary: Okay, please. We had drinks. That's all. Thought your relationship was rock-solid. That's what you're always telling me.

Mariah: So is that it? Confession over?

Hilary: Not quite. After devon finally left, I assumed that he was gonna go and see you. You did get his text that he was gonna be late, didn't you?

Mariah: Yeah, eventually. But I was with tessa and noah, so I was really hovering over my phone.

Hilary: Huh.

Nikki: You think that phyllis asked benjamin to take you out?

Victoria: Jabot's software engineer, ravi shapur, overheard phyllis arranging to meet the guy at the club the same day that he asked me to dinner. I think that's a little more than coincidental, don't you, mom?

Nikki: Well, let's say it is. Uh... I mean, what would that do for phyllis, playing matchmaker?

Victoria: Well, for one thing, if I were spending more time with benjamin, I would be spending less time with billy, which means billy would be getting home from work at a decent hour, which I'm sure phyllis would love.

Nikki: Okay. I see what you're saying.

Victoria: Of course, benjamin cozying up to me was just a way for him to get his hands on brash & sassy, which I would've fallen for if I hadn't found out that he tried to hire cane, who would have given away all of our company secrets. So thank you, phyllis. Thank you for encouraging this snake in the grass to come after me and my company.

Nikki: I can't believe that she would want to hurt billy's employer.

Victoria: Mom, this is phyllis we're talking about. If my business goes under, she gets billy 24/7.

Nikki: Have you shared any of this with him?

Victoria: Just my theory that she is trying to take this company down, which he doesn't believe. But I don't have proof. At least not yet.

Phyllis: Well, I'm here. So, what is the reason for the foul mood this morning?

Jack: How are things going with you and billy?

Phyllis: You called me in here to quiz me about my relationship?

Jack: Actually, I'm a little more interested in your pillow talk. Kind of things that you've told billy that may have made it to victoria's ear, like our plan to denude fenmore's shelves of any products from her company.

Phyllis: Of course not. I would never breathe a word --

Jack: Then how did they find out?!

Phyllis: They found out? Are you sure?

Jack: They went to ashley with their suspicions last night.

Phyllis: [ Stammering ] I did not leak the marketing plan to billy. No, I don't know how they got wind of this.

Jack: It seems to me it would go a long way towards cementing your relationship with billy if you gave him this tip.

Phyllis: Are you out of your mind? I wouldn't lift a finger to keep that company from going under. Every day it's in business, it brings him that much closer to victoria.

Devon: Hey. Still upset with me?

Mariah: I've been busy.

Devon: Too busy to return any of my calls? Listen, mariah, I'm very sorry that I didn't make it to the underground.

Mariah: You know what, it's fine. I, uh... something came up while I was waiting for you, so I didn't notice that you were a no-show.

Hilary: Wait, you didn't see mariah at all? I had no idea.

Mariah: Do you feel bad? Poor baby. Because, of course, this is all about you.

Hilary: I didn't mean for you to stand up mariah. If I had known, I never would have kept you for as long as I did.

Mariah: Oh, excuse me while i break out my violin.

Devon: Okay. Hilary, can I talk to mariah alone, please?

Hilary: Absolutely. I would never want to intrude.

Mariah: [ Scoffs ] So, what was so fascinating about your talk that you decided to blow me off for her?

Ashley: I'm so happy that you like it at the ranch, honey. And things are working out well with your dad?

Abby: Yeah. I love living near dad. You know, I never had that growing up.

Ashley: Must be nice, to be able to spend so much time together. I mean, you guys are getting the opportunity now to get to know each other as people, right?

Abby: Yeah. I mean, there's a lot I don't know. About both sides of my family. Look, mom, I-I know that you'd prefer not to talk about this --

Ashley: Let me guess -- you're gonna ask me more questions about dina. The affair she had. And why she left us and moved to europe.

Abby: I know how painful it is for you --

Ashley: I really don't think you do.

Abby: Okay, well, then, help me understand. Brent davis. I mean, dad told me not to even mention his name. That it was poison.

Ashley: Your father was right.

Abby: Well, then, what is it with this guy? What's so terrible? What's the big secret with brent davis?

Victoria: You know, phyllis has forgotten one crucial detail. Billy and I share kids together. So he's always gonna be a part of my life, no matter what happens to brash & sassy.

Nikki: Well, I know how you feel about billy. Do you think he feels the same way about you?

Victoria: Mom... [ Sighs ] Ever since I fired cane, billy has really stepped up in some very surprising ways. In fact, just yesterday, he took a risk that helped the company. And it could've gotten him in a lot of trouble. But he did that for me.

Nikki: Has he shown any signs of wanting to split up with phyllis?

Victoria: No. And normally I would just let things be, and let the relationship run its course.

[ Sighs ] But I have a feeling that phyllis is trying to mess with my life.

Nikki: So what are you planning?

Victoria: It depends on who her accomplice is.

Nikki: Accomplice?

Victoria: It phyllis' end game is to take down brash & sassy, she's gonna need some help. She's gonna need a partner. Someone who has incredible business skills who wants the same thing as she does. And if he can stick it to billy while he's at it, so much the better.

Nikki: Oh, my god. You think it's jack.

Victoria: Jack can move mountains that phyllis can'T.

Nikki: Jack's not above playing dirty. It's just that this is so extreme...

Victoria: Well, this is all theoretical. But it does have a ring of truth, don't you think?

Nikki: [ Sighs ] I don't know. I'm just sorry to hear about all of this.

Victoria: Oh, I'll put a stop to it. And once again, phyllis is gonna learn the hard way what it means to take on a newman.

Phyllis: Billy needs to stop running to victoria every time she stubs her toe. Or whenever she has a brilliant idea for a lip gloss.

Jack: Wait, does she?

Phyllis: How would I know? Billy doesn't talk shop with me anymore.

Jack: Any idea why?

Phyllis: I mean, isn't it obvious? Victoria's brought the hammer down. Says he shouldn't trust me anymore.

Jack: Wow. That's got to make your blood boil. Her insisting that he put her first and cut you out. No wonder you're mad.

Phyllis: Oh, I am sure that she considers herself the incumbent and me the other woman, but you know what, I'm not gonna stand for that.

Jack: And nor should you.

Phyllis: And I want you to know, just to be clear, I realize your support has nothing to do with billy and me wanting to be happy.

Jack: Strictly selfish.

Phyllis: But I'll take it, anyway. And you have my full support in return --

Jack: I know that. I know. You made that very clear yesterday when you jumped in to my effort to get lauren to take all their products off her shelves.

Phyllis: How did that go?

Jack: Not so well. After you left, she was adamant that she would not do that.

Phyllis: Well, that doesn't surprise me. Lauren is very loyal to her established vendors.

Jack: She's gonna give us shelf space, but little more. We're gonna have to slug it out for ourselves. No built-in advantage against the competitor.

Phyllis: Even playing field. Not how you like things.

Jack: You know what I like? I like to win.

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Devon: Hilary was telling me about her commercial shoot in new york, and I'm -- you know, the time just got away from me.

Mariah: That's it? Her little side hustle was so mesmerizing you forgot about our date?

Devon: No. We didn't just talk about that. We talked also about getting our friendship back on track.

Mariah: [ Scoffs ]

Devon: I told her you wouldn't have a problem with it, because I know you're not the jealous type.

Mariah: Oh, my god. She has you snowed. She kept you from meeting up with me, and you not only fell for it, you liked it.

Devon: I don't know where you're getting that from. I'm just trying to apologize to you.

Mariah: Oh, I'm sorry. Should I be more gracious? Maybe I should go find hilary and thank her for keeping you so thoroughly entertained.

Devon: Mariah, this has nothing to do with hilary, okay? You know how I feel about you.

Mariah: Really? I do? Because... I haven't heard you say that you love me back. In fact, ever since I said it, you haven't been around as much.

Devon: I haven't been around -- I've been trying to get a company off the ground, right?

Mariah: And when you're not working, you're having cocktails with your ex-wife. Who still loves you, and hates losing you to someone like me.

Devon: Okay, listen to me. When you told me that you loved me, it really took me by surprise. I'm not gonna lie. But I don't take words like that lightly. And when I said to you that I'm committed to you, I mean it. Nothing has changed between us.

Zack: New song?

Tessa: Uh, hi. Yes, uh, as a matter of fact.

Zack: How are things since we talked last? Any word on your sister? Cops have any leads?

Tessa: I wish.

Zack: Nothing. That's too bad.

Tessa: At least I got to talk to her. It was a video chat. Crystal seemed okay. I mean, she said she was fine.

Zack: That's got to be a relief. I hope you hear from her again soon.

Tessa: So do I. But I have no way to get in touch with her.

Zack: That's got to be rough.

Tessa: I'm trying to focus on my music. 'Cause if my career takes off, i can sock away some money, and then take care of crystal when we're together again.

Zack: I always thought you had a good voice.

Tessa: You did? I didn't think you noticed. You always seemed busy with... other things.

Sharon: [ Sighs ]

Scott: Nervous?

Sharon: A little. You know, maybe I should've told tessa about alice.

Scott: No, you did the right thing, sharon. She would have insisted on coming with us. And until we have solid proof, it'S...

Sharon: Yeah, why give her any false hopes.

Scott: Yeah.

Sharon: You know, this is a much nicer neighborhood than the one alice used to live in. That sales job she mentioned must pay pretty well.

Scott: Depends what she's selling.

Valerie: Can I help you?

[ Scott and sharon gasp ]

Billy: Sorry I'm late. It's been a bear of a morning.

Victoria: Oh, no. Did phyllis find out that you used her computer to log in to jabot?

Billy: No, thank god. She'd be more upset with me than she already is.

Victoria: Why? What's going on?

Billy: She's clearly not happy that I'm spending this much time at the office.

Victoria: With me, right? That's the issue.

Billy: She knows there's nothing to be concerned about there.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Listen, billy, I really appreciate what you did last night, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart, but I don't want you risking your relationship.

Billy: You didn't ask me to do anything, okay? It was my decision. I got the password from dina. I got into jabot's main server, and I took what I needed.

Victoria: By using your girlfriend's company-issued computer without her knowledge and consent.

Billy: And I would do it again if it meant saving this company.

Victoria: Which means you put brash & sassy and me ahead of phyllis, and that's what she's upset about.

Billy: Look, none of this would happen if jack wasn't so hell-bent on getting back at me. But I am not gonna let you or this company become collateral damage.

Victoria: No matter what the cost?

Nikki: Oh. Hello, phyllis. He's all yours.

Nikki: I thought you worked at fenmore's?

Phyllis: Well, with jack owning 49% of the company, occasionally I do have to meet with him.

Nikki: Are you busy?

Jack: Nikki, hi! Come on in.

Nikki: Well, I would think you would rather meet with lauren about fenmore's business rather than your ex-wife.

Jack: Well, lauren isn't always available.

Nikki: [ Gasps ] I see.

Jack: So, what brings you by? Not that you need an excuse. I'm happy to see you any time I see you.

Nikki: Oh, I was just downstairs visiting. I thought I'd come up and say hello.

Jack: How's victoria doing?

Nikki: Well, how do you think victoria is doing?

Jack: Well, I know brash & sassy is having a rough time of it. I'm guessing she's struggling a bit.

Nikki: You can be such a wonderful, kind man. All the times that I've met with you lately, I have had nothing but peace.

Jack: Well, thank you. I feel the same way about you.

Nikki: But I also know that there is a dark side to you, where all the world is a competition. Everything is a high-stakes game, and you have to win at all costs.

Jack: Oh, very dramatic.

Nikki: Well, business is what you do best. It's your reason for living. And that forces me to ask you, are you planning on destroying my daughter's company?

Sharon: Alice is an old friend of the family. We were in the area. We thought we'd stop by.

Scott: Yeah. How long have, uh, you and she been neighbors?

Valerie: Oh, not long. I've only seen her a couple of times.

Sharon: Don't suppose you know whether or not she's home?

Valerie: But you can always ring the doorbell.

Scott: You know, we tried calling a couple times, but no one answered.

Sharon: Thought we'd just wait it out a little longer.

Scott: Yeah. Does alice usually have a lot of guests over?

Valerie: She had a niece that came to visit.

Sharon: Oh, yes. That's right. Have you seen her niece around lately?

Valerie: Sorry.

Scott: Oh, that's okay. Thanks for your time.

Valerie: Mm-hmm.

Zack: So, are you still hanging out with the newmans?

Tessa: And why do you care about that?

Zack: Victor invited me to dinner last night at the ranch. I've been spending some time with his daughter abby. She's helping me launch my new business. Newman gets a cut of the profit, so her old man's pretty interested.

Tessa: Makes sense.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Zack: Uh, hope you don't mind. I've got a few business calls to make. Good luck with everything.

Tessa: Thanks.

Zack: Yeah.

Tessa: You too.

Abby: I've upset you by bringing up brent davis. I know I shouldn't mention him. I've been told not to. Dina told me not to. My dad told me not to. But... I'm sorry. I-it's just -- it's so bizarre. I mean, how can I not be curious with all the intensity?

Ashley: Please. Honestly.

Abby: I don't want to be a pest. I really don'T. Look, you've always been such an open book with me. You've told me everything. So why is this so different?

Ashley: He was not a very nice man. And the affair he had with my mother... it did a lot of damage to my family, honey. I mean, my father thought of it as the ultimate betrayal. It scarred him. It scarred my family. My father never got over it. Clearly neither have I.

Abby: I'm -- I'm so sorry.

Mariah: I want to believe that you're committed to me. But the fact is, you've probably said "I love you" to hilary dozens of times. Even when she's made you miserable. I just don't think you're over her, or ever will be.

Devon: I don't know how many times I have to tell you. I swear to you, I am over her.

Mariah: Well, if that were true, then... you would say the "l" word back to me.

Devon: Okay. So that's what this is. I can say that to you. I'll say it right now. Mariah, I --

Mariah: No. No! You're just saying it now to make me feel better. Which honestly is worse than not saying it at all.

Victoria: You know, even if phyllis isn't directly involved in jack's plan, working at fenmore's, she at least has to be aware of it, right?

Billy: I'm not privy to everything that goes on up there, so I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt, okay?

Victoria: Well, now that we know what the play is, we have to circumvent it. We can't afford to lose even one inch of shelf space.

Billy: Okay. So, what does that mean? You got a plan?

Victoria: Yeah, the obvious one -- we have to outsell jabot's new line.

Billy: Gift with purchase?

Victoria: No, it's not in the budget. And besides, jabot will have their own promotions.

Billy: What about lily? She's our secret weapon. She pulls a big crowd everywhere she goes.

Victoria: Yeah, that can be considered. But we need something bigger. Something outrageous. Something that has never been done before.

Billy: Okay, what about, uh...

Victoria: I know. When you logged on, did you notice anything about the new product itself? Like any manufacturing flaws, or any subpar ingredients, or --

Billy: Ashley's not gonna release any shoddy product.

Victoria: Well, we just have to make people believe that it's shoddy, that's all.

Billy: Underhanded tactics, vicki. I'm surprised by you.

Victoria: [ Sighs ]

Billy: Look, let's be clear. Ashley is not the problem here, okay? It's jack.

Victoria: I have been ethical always. And look at where it's gotten me. Maybe the only way to beat jack is to... [Slams table] Stoop to his level.

Scott: Still no sign of alice. You want to keep waiting, see if she shows up?

Sharon: [ Sighs ] It could take hours.

Scott: I'm game.

Sharon: No. We should go. She has nosy neighbors. If someone calls the police...

Scott: You're right. Bad idea.

Sharon: Well, at least we don't leave empty-handed. We did learn something interesting today.

Scott: Yeah. We did.

Jack: Businesses compete. That is how they survive. I'm not gonna stand by and watch brash & sassy bury us.

Nikki: Doesn't answer my question.

Jack: It's the only way i know to answer your question.

Nikki: Years ago, newman and jabot went head-to-head. Do you remember that? Who could forget? Victor went too far. Ended up being convicted of commercial bribery. And it destroyed our family. Left us in chaos. And I see that that is happening again, and I hope nothing is about to go down that will make it worse.

Jack: You have nothing to worry about.

Nikki: Well, I'm happy to hear that. Because if I ever learn that you are taking steps to undermine my daughter's livelihood, our friendship would be over. Instantly.

Victoria: I'm sorry to cut things short, but I have a meeting with the accountants. Even with the bridge loan, we have to minimize expenditures.

Billy: Okay. I'll stick around here and figure out ways to boost our sales.

Victoria: Billy, listen. I'm sorry if I was abrupt. This -- it's really not about you at all.

Billy: It's okay. I know it's your frustration talking.

Victoria: Thank you for understanding.

Billy: Listen, I got your back, okay? I'm gonna handle this. And when you walk back through that door later on, you know what you're gonna hear from me? "Problem solved." Mona. Hey. It's billy abbott from brash & sassy. How are you? I'm great. Thank you. Listen, I, uh -- yeah, you're a step ahead of me. Except this time I don't need one temp -- I need a whole army of them across the country. No, I want you to bill me personally, not the business, okay? That's simple. Everybody gets a $100 gift card to fenmore's -- buying brash & sassy product only.

[ Elevator dings ]

Phyllis: What do you think you're doing?

Victoria: I'm onto you, bitch.

Next on "the young and the restless"...

Sharon: My instincts were right in the first place. Alice is part of a sex ring.

Zack: Who's rainbow girl?

Alice: One of our most requested. But she's been trouble.

Jack: You and I are both people who are willing to take risks. I think you can help me with a little plan of mine.

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