Y&R Transcript Wednesday 8/30/17

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 8/30/17


Episode # 11246 ~ Victor quizzes Abby about her relationship with Zack; Chelsea issues Hilary a warning; Sharon makes a startling connection.

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Nick: Alice? Alice johnson.

Alice: Nick newman? I can't believe this.

Nick: [ Chuckles ] Yeah, me neither. I haven't seen you since, uh...

Alice: The year cassie died.

Nick: Yeah. What brings you to genoa city?

Tessa: [ Sighs ]

[ Cellphone buzzes ]

Abby: Wow, a "welcome to the ranch" soiree in my honor? How very sweet of you.

Victor: Isn't that something?

Abby: When I left earlier, i didn't expect you to call me back.

Victor: Well, I thought you moving into the tack house is worthy of a celebration.

Abby: You know, I didn't realize how much I missed it here. But I took a walk earlier, and i was looking at all these places that I played as a kid. So many good memories.

Victor: I love having you here, okay?

Abby: Do you love it as much as a great profit-and-loss report? Which I happen to have on my tablet.

Victor: Well, uh... let's not do that now.

Abby: Okay.

Victor: Okay?

Abby: But you don't want to talk about business? Are you feeling okay?

Victor: We have plenty of time to do that tomorrow in the office, okay, but now I want to run something by you.

Abby: Yeah, let's hear it.

Victor: What do you think about having dinner with me once a week?

Abby: Yeah. Sign me up.

Victor: And I mean just the two of us. Except tonight. Tonight, I asked your business partner zack to come along.

Abby: What? No. Dad, no, no, no. Zack and I, we are far from being at the stage of "come over and be grilled by my father." No, you should never have invited him here behind my back.

Cane: All right.

Charlie: It's been a while since I've been here.

Cane: Yeah?

Charlie: Before, uh, jill and grandpa colin left on their trip.

Cane: Yeah. It's a great house, but it's not like our home.

Charlie: What?

Cane: What's wrong?

Charlie: No way...

Jordan: Here you go.

Lily: I can't believe you didn't have a hot date.

Jordan: I had a few offers. But none of them wanted to come here. It's one of my favorites.

Lily: Yeah, I know. I wanted to change up the scenery from the gcac. Plus, I didn't want to risk running into a certain someone.

Jordan: Mm. Juliet.

Lily: Yeah. Every time I see her baby bump, it's just a constant reminder of cane's lies and infidelity. And there was someone else I want to avoid.

Jordan: Coming in close second -- hilary.

Lily: Mm-hmm. I cannot deal with her.

Jordan: [ Sighs ] I hear you.

Lily: You do? Why?

Jordan: [ Clicks tongue ] We broke up.

Chelsea: Yeah, I just need those business orders to... hilary. This is a surprise.

Hilary: Hey. I hope you don't mind me dropping by.

Chelsea: Uh...

Hilary: Are you free?

Chelsea: [ Stammers ] Can I just call you back? Okay. I appreciate it. Uh, no. I'm not really free.

Hilary: Well, I need you to make time. Because we have some unfinished business.

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Lily: So, when did this happen?

Jordan: Not that long ago.

Lily: Yesterday. When you said that you had to tell someone something they wouldn't want to hear.

Jordan: [ Sighs ] We weren't clicking like we used to, so...

Lily: You had to cut her loose.

Jordan: [ Scoffs ] That's one way to put it.

Lily: Well, are you doing okay? I mean, I know ending a relationship isn't easy, even when you know it's the right thing to do.

Jordan: I appreciate you playing the supportive-friend role. But who are you trying to fool?

Lily: What?

Jordan: You know you want to buy a round of drinks for everyone to toast to the breakup. Don't lie. Come on.

Lily: [ Laughs ] No. But I do feel bad for you. And I will be that friend that you can call day or night to talk.

Jordan: Noted. Now, can we change the subject? 'Cause I don't want hilary talk to hijack our evening.

Lily: Yes, that is fine by me.

Jordan: How did tryouts go for charlie?

Lily: Uh, I never heard. I don't know. But I do have other news about him.

Jordan: All right. Lay it on me.

Lily: He and cane are having some bonding time. They're grabbing pizza together.

Jordan: That's got to make you happy.

Lily: I forced the issue. Charlie, you know... he wanted to bail.

Jordan: You don't think that that's gonna make him resent cane even more?

Lily: No. No. And, you know, if it all goes well, then hopefully this will help mend cane's relationship with the kids. You know, I don't want my issues affecting his role as a father.

Jordan: Taking the high road. I got to give you props on that.

Lily: Well, cane and I have managed to work through every issue we've had. But... this one, I'M... I'm not sure.

Jordan: Well, isn't that what the separation thing is for? For you to work out everything without pressure?

Lily: I suppose.

Jordan: Look, you'll figure it out. You'll do what's best for you, what's best for your family. But, hey, right now, you only have two things that you need to decide on...

Lily: [ Chuckles ] Oh, the pressure.

Jordan: [ Chuckles ] What you want to eat. And what you want to drink.

Lily: Okay, see, that, I can handle.

Jordan: All right.

Cane: Okay, listen. I'm sorry you didn't make the team.

Charlie: Mom will be thrilled. I mean, she hates the thought of me playing football. But, uh... sucks for you, though.

Cane: Why do you say that?

Charlie: Well, I mean... now you can't brag about your son, the star football player who just made varsity anymore.

Cane: Ah.

Charlie: Turns out, I'm not one.

Cane: I only wanted this for you 'cause you wanted it. And I will support you in everything you're interested in. The same goes for your sister.

Charlie: I just can't believe I didn't make the cut. That's never happened before.

Cane: Look, I know this is hard on you. And it's okay if you want to be angry, and you want to blame me.

Charlie: What do you mean?

Cane: 'Cause I've caused you all these problems, all right, and you're struggling at home, so it probably affected the way you focused during the tryouts.

Charlie: No, I was focused. I just wasn't good enough this time.

Cane: Then...don't worry about it. You've always got next year.

Charlie: Yeah. Maybe things will be different by then.

Cane: Charlie, I feel terrible that I let my family down like this, okay?

Charlie: It's mom you hurt the most.

Cane: [ Sighs ] It's gonna take her a while before she, uh, trusts me again. But you know what's good is that she has family and she has friends she can lean on. You know, like jordan. Hmm? Listen, it's okay, all right? Mom told me that you invited him over to have dinner last night.

Charlie: Yeah. I mean, he's -- he's a cool dude.

Cane: Okay.

Charlie: He cooked. Told us about the celebs he worked with. But... pizza's getting cold.

Cane: Hey. Don't do that. What were you gonna say?

Charlie: I mean, if you were wondering if it was like our family dinners or whatever... it wasn'T.

Abby: I cannot believe you invited zack here without talking to me about it first. Well, you know what, actually, i can believe it.

Victor: Why are you upset?

Abby: Because you're jumping the gun. Zack and I just started dating, and the next thing I know, you're gonna be doing a background check on him.

Victor: I already did.

Abby: Dad.

Victor: And he checks out. Doesn't that make you happy?

Abby: [ Sighs ] Yeah, I guess. But you know what, if you already did your digging, then why invite him here and put him under your microscope?

Victor: Sweetheart, I thought that he was important to you. Both professionally and personally, you know. I mean, this is not gonna be an inquisition.

Abby: What will it be, then?

Victor: Well, just a conversation, you know, just to get to know him a little.

Abby: [ Sighs ]

[ Doorbell rings ] Here we go. [ Sighs ]

Victor: All right.

Zack: Hey.

Abby: Hi.

Zack: You look great.

Abby: Oh, thanks. No. Uh... dad's waiting. Um... dad, zack's here.

Victor: Hello, zack.

Zack: Hello, mr. Newman. For you.

Victor: Well, I'll be damned. My favorite tequila.

Zack: Yeah, I thought I heard that somewhere. I was surprised when your assistant called with the invite.

Abby: Oh, yeah. Dad's full of surprises.

Victor: Anyway, I'm glad you're here. I'm looking forward to talking with you.

Nick: I mean, what are the odds? You showing up in my spot and grabbing some food.

Alice: I had no idea you owned this place.

Nick: So, what's your story? You gonna stick around town for a while?

Alice: No, I'm just passing through.

Noah: Hey, uh, is it all right if I take off?

Nick: Yeah. Cool.

Noah: All right. See you later.

Nick: See you, bud.

[ Sighs ] Sharon?

Sharon: Nick called and told me you were here. I just had to rush over and see you.

Alice: Oh... aren't you the sweetest. But, shoot, I -- I've got to get going.

[ Stammers ] Sorry you made the trip for nothing.

Sharon: No, no. You can't go yet. It's been forever, and we have so much catching up to do. I want to hear everything that you've been up to.

Victor: So, my daughter tells me the two of you have a promising partnership.

Abby: Dad...

Victor: Professionally, of course.

Zack: When abby selected designdate for her startup incubator, I was blown away.

Victor: Ah.

Zack: When I heard that it was a division of newman enterprises...

Victor: Well, I'll be damned.

Zack: I respect and admire you, sir. A self-made man that wound up at the very top. That's what I want.

Victor: Well, if you continue to exhibit the same kind of drive and ambition and innovation that you have demonstrated so far, the sky's the limit.

[ Cellphone rings ] Oops, excuse me. I need to get this. Excuse me.

Abby: Whew...

[ Chuckles ]

Zack: I know that face.

Abby: Oh...yeah.

Zack: You're not as excited about this get-together as your dad.

Abby: It was just, um, a little out of the blue. But, um, I am really excited to see you.

Zack: Same.

Abby: A little advice?

Zack: Sure.

Abby: You've already scored major brownie points, so maybe, uh, tone it down a little bit. You don't want my dad to think you're a brownnoser.

[ Laughs ]

Zack: It's not like that. I was being honest.

Abby: It's horrifying just watching you being subjected to my dad's third degree.

Zack: I can handle it. And besides, how cool is it that I'm hanging out in victor newman's lavish estate? And he asked me to come here.

[ Abby laughs ] That's got to be a positive sign.

Abby: Yeah, it is.

Zack: Your dad's still on his call...

Abby: So?

Zack: Means I can finally do this.

Victor: Hello.

Abby: [ Chuckles ]

Tessa: You must have set a record driving over here.

Noah: Well, your text message made it sound urgent.

Tessa: It is. And when you hear the whole story...I hope you'll be able to understand. And that it won't change what you think of me. But I'm afraid it will.

Alice: It's wild, seeing you two again. Lot of water under the bridge.

Sharon: You're talking about...cassie. And everything that happened after we discovered you adopted her.

Alice: For the first five years of her life, I raised her. Well, if I'm being honest, it was mostly ma who did the raising.

Nick: You know what, we don't need to do that -- you know, rehash the past. Let's, uh, focus on what we're doing right now.

Alice: When you finally reunited with cassie, I almost wrecked it by suing to get her back. But you convinced me to give up my parental rights. Undo the adoption. I mean, you knew what was best for that little girl.

Sharon: Because of your willingness to do that, nick and I were able to find our peace with you.

Alice: Well, I never had any regrets about that decision. I do have a lot of regrets... about my time with cassie. I wasn't there for her the way I should have been.

Sharon: You know, the reality of motherhood was just too much. You weren't ready for that responsibility. I know. Neither was I. I was a teenager when I had her. That's why I made the decision to give her up.

Alice: You know, I still think about her. I wonder what she'd be like nowadays. I bet she'd be a special lady.

Sharon: No doubt. She was an extraordinary girl.

Alice: And she had a lot of wonderful years with parents who loved her. And I never could have given her the life you did. And you two are still together, even after everything. Now that's something.

[ Both chuckle ]

Nick: Uh, actually, sharon and I split years ago. Uh, you know, a lot changed... since cassie died.

Alice: Oh, shoot. I really stepped in it.

Sharon: No. No, you didn'T. It's, uh... we're actually still very good friends.

Alice: Impressive. Not a lot of people can be friendly with their exes.

Nick: [ Laughs ]

Sharon: Is there a story there?

Alice: Everybody's got a story. So, you still own that coffeehouse, or...?

Nick: Yeah, crimson lights. Um, no. We sold it. But it's a local institution. It's had a few different owners over the years. Sharon actually owns it again.

Alice: Oh. [ Laughs ] Life's funny, isn't it? Always comes back full circle when you least expect it. So, um, when did you open this place?

Nick: A few years back.

Alice: Seems popular.

Nick: Yep.

Alice: Love the energy. Did you decorate it yourself, or was it like this when you bought it?

Sharon: You know, um, enough about us. I want to hear everything that you've been up to.

Nick: Uh, you know what, there's some customers I got to take care of. So, um... you guys, uh, you know... carry on.

Hilary: I was captivated when jordan brought me the idea.

Chelsea: Yeah. Yeah. I design all of your wardrobe for "the hilary hour" in exchange for promotional mention of my company.

Hilary: It's genius.

Chelsea: So, if you thought it was genius, why didn't you contact me sooner?

Hilary: Well, you know, life got in the way. But I'm here now. So? What do you say?

Chelsea: I mean, it really could be mutually beneficial for the both of us. You get the status of having a personal designer --

Hilary: And your creations get the exposure from a larger audience.

Chelsea: Mm-hmm. I mean, we'd have to hammer out the details, but I think I'd be willing to give it a try.

Hilary: Excellent! Okay, so, do you think you could give me a sneak peek at what I'll be wearing?

Chelsea: Oh, yeah. Sure. Come check out my tablet.

Hilary: Yay!

Chelsea: Here's, um... actually... some of the things I've started working on. Right about there.

Hilary: Beautiful.

Chelsea: Yeah.

Hilary: Wow. Did... did jordan snap some of these pics?

Chelsea: He did, yeah.

Hilary: I recognize his style. I'm sure he jumped at the chance to help you. Especially since you guys are such old friends.

Chelsea: Well, I wouldn't really call us old friends. You know, we just met a few years ago at fashion week, so...

Hilary: [ Scoffs ] You don't have to cover with me.

Chelsea: What are you talking about?

Hilary: Well, jordan told me about all of the... less-than-reputable times that you two shared.

Chelsea: Did he? No, I'm sure he was just joking.

Hilary: I don't think he was.

Chelsea: Why are you bringing this up to me now?

Hilary: No reason.

Chelsea: Hilary, you always have a reason

Hilary: Don't be so suspicious. Okay? It's my job as a public figure to recognize achievements. And going from rogue to respectable, that fits the bill. I mean, these -- this is amazing work. This is stuff that you can put on your résumé. Not some of those iffy ventures.

Chelsea: Okay, you can drop the act now.

Hilary: Drop what?

Chelsea: Looking for ammunition to use against jordan. That's the real reason you're here.

Noah: So, the woman that my mom has been trying to help... the one that was forced into prostitution...crystal... she's your younger sister?

Tessa: Yes.

Noah: Wow. I'm so sorry that she got caught up in that.

Tessa: I should've been there for her.

Noah: I just thought that you hadn't spoken to her in a while.

Tessa: It was months. I mean, no calls. No texts. Nothing. I didn't know she was living on the streets. Or she was in this serious of trouble. And when I found out, the first thing I wanted to do was go get her, and get her out of this life that she's stuck in.

Noah: So that's why you went to the motel last night? Tessa, you -- you should not have gone alone, okay?

Tessa: I had to. I thought it was crystal who texted me. I had no idea it was a setup to scare me away. But now I know she's alive. It was worth it just to see her with my own eyes.

Noah: She was in the room?

Tessa: No, it -- it was a video chat. I have no idea where they're keeping her.

Noah: Hey, listen. Tessa, you don't have to go through this alone any more, all right? We will get help. Together.

Tessa: I already went to the cops.

Noah: So paul knows.

Tessa: And your mom. Mariah convinced me to come clean.

Noah: Mariah?

Tessa: I told her a few days ago.

Noah: Uh, why wouldn't you just...come to me first?

Victor: So, zack, you, uh, grew up in chicago?

Zack: Yes, sir.

Victor: Mm-hmm. What brought you here?

Zack: Oh, chi-town's great, but nothing was sparking for me there. So I moved north, met abby, and...sparks.

Abby: [ Laughs ]

Victor: Stuff happens.

Abby: You know what, um... sparks -- yeah, you want to talk about sparks, uh, let's talk about designdate. That is really sparking. Do you want to hear all about it?

Victor: Yeah.

Abby: So, we have moved beyond free ad-supported downloads, and revenue is actually coming in from people signing up for our premium subscription level.

Victor: Well, that's quite an accomplishment.

Abby: Yeah.

Victor: But why didn't I see that reflected in the media?

Abby: Well, you know, we're taking a low-key approach when it comes to the press.

Victor: Well, I suggest, if you want to rouse more interest, perhaps you should contact scott, and he could write a feature in hashtag, you know?

Abby: Uh, you know what, we actually -- we don't need scott's help. Um, a very popular blogger wanted to do a story on zack, but he actually turned it down.

Victor: Zack, why would you shy away from publicity?

Sharon: So, are you single?

Alice: No one's put a ring on it yet.

Sharon: Any prospects?

Alice: Had a few relationships. Nothing to write home about.

Sharon: Well, it's never too late.

Alice: No, i don't need a man. Wasted a lot of years chasing after guys who didn't give a damn about me. Woke up one morning and decided time to stand on my own two feet.

Sharon: Seems to be paying off.

Alice: What do you mean?

Sharon: Well, you just seem so confident. And you look fantastic. Is that...fenmore's?

Alice: How did you know?

Sharon: Oh, I -- I just -- I do a little online shopping. I saw it on their website.

Alice: You've got a good eye.

Sharon: I also saw the price, too. You must be doing really well. Where do you work?

Small company. Sales. Um, you'll have to excuse me for a minute, I -- I've got to send a quick text.

Zack: The rollout's generating its own buzz. The problem with bloggers is they love to build up and then tear down new ventures. Makes them feel all-knowing.

Abby: We didn't want to blow our horn too loudly.

Zack: Setting up expectations we can't live up to. It's important right now that we live under the radar until we're well-established. Protect our intellectual property.

Victor: I see. I see.

[ Cellphone buzzes ]

Zack: Oops. My turn. Excuse me.

Victor: All right.

Abby: Business?

Zack: Software guy checking in. Pardon the interruption.

Victor: Starting a business means you can never clock out.

Zack: Hey, if that's what it takes to succeed, I'm there.

Abby: That's why zack's company was my first acquisition. I was impressed by his drive and determination.

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Cane: Well, you destroyed that pizza, huh?

Charlie: I was starved.

[ Yawns ] I should go home.

Cane: Well, uh, I can drop you off.

Charlie: No, my, uh, ride's on the way.

Cane: Okay. Hey, thanks for hanging out.

Charlie: No problem.

Cane: You know, come over whenever you want. You can just show up. You don't have to have an invitation.

Charlie: Cool.

Cane: Okay. Look... [ Sighs ] I know, okay, that this is gonna be a long road. But there's nothing that means more to me than putting my family back together. Okay?

Charlie: Yeah, I know, dad. Good night.

Cane: Good night, man.

Jordan: We were on this field trip. Thought I'd impress this girl by jumping over this fence. So I go to jump, came up short, got caught on the pole. And there I was, dangling upside down in front of the whole class. And did I mention it was an electric fence?

[ Lily laughs ] So every single time that i tried to touch it, it would shock me -- zap-twitch. Zap-twitch. Zap-twitch. I don't even...

Lily: No, that did not happen.

Jordan: Yes, it did. I have a lot of embarrassing stories like that. I was definitely a geeky kid.

[ Laughs ]

Lily: What? I'm so surprised. I feel like you're so cool and laid-back. I just thought you were always mr. Popular.

Jordan: Yeah, I didn't get my swagger until after high school. So, if these were the popular kids over here, this one right over here, this is me with my camera, taking pictures for them for the yearbook. I was the outsider looking in.

Lily: Wow. I finally learned something new about you. Well, I think tonight was a success. I'm really glad that we got together.

Jordan: Me too.

[ Both chuckle ]

Chelsea: Hilary, hilary, hilary. You are so transparent.

Hilary: Okay, I swear, I'm not -- I'm not trying to ruin jordan's career or tarnish his reputation, okay?

Chelsea: Uh-huh.

Hilary: After my divorce, jordan, he helped me, okay? He...he made me feel good about myself. I don't -- I don't want to hurt him.

Chelsea: Okay. Maybe you're trying to get some scoop on him, though, so you can bring it to lily. You know, drive a big ol' wedge between them. I bet you can't stand how close they've gotten.

Hilary: He is cozying up to lily thinking that he has a chance.

[ Scoffs ] But she is still married. Okay? She just wants a shoulder to cry on. Jordan is going to get his head handed to him. And I thought maybe you, as a friend -- don't you think that you should protect him? Come on. Don't you think that what is going on, this thing between him and lily, this is a disaster?

Chelsea: No, not really. Not necessarily.

Hilary: Well, I care about him more than lily ever will, and I don't want to lose him.

Chelsea: You don't want to lose him? Or you don't want to lose him to lily? Or you just maybe don't want to lose face?

Hilary: All of the above.

Chelsea: Okay, well, thank you for at least being honest. I mean, hilary, come on. You are gorgeous. You're successful. You're smart. You have all these things going for you. I mean, you could get any man that you want.

Hilary: Well, I don't want "any man," okay?

[ Voice breaks ] I want -- I want jordan. Okay? And you don't know for sure that he won't choose me.

Chelsea: No, but I'll tell you what I do know for sure -- hatching some scheme, interfering in his life as a way of holding onto him, that's gonna end one way. It's gonna backfire. And it's gonna backfire on you.

Noah: [ Sighs ] I just thought we were closer than that. You should've come to me sooner.

Tessa: I didn't want to tell anyone.

Noah: Why not?

Tessa: Because I was scared it would put crystal in more danger.

Noah: But you confided in mariah.

Tessa: She knew something was off. She kept pushing and pushing until I couldn't hide it anymore. She's my best friend, noah. The only real friend I've ever had.

Noah: That's not true. Not anymore.

Tessa: Well, you're... you're more than a friend. And, honestly, I wasn't as scared to tell her as I was you.

Noah: You're afraid of me?

Tessa: No. Yeah. It'S... mariah and I, growing up, our lives were the pits. And you're a newman.

Noah: [ Scoffs ] Listen, we've been through this, okay, I --

Tessa: Look, I know you say it doesn't matter, but it does. If you knew how screwed up my family was... I was afraid you'd look at me differently. Turn your back on me and -- and walk away.

Noah: [ Sighs ] Did I ever say or do anything to make you think that?

Tessa: I know honesty is important to you. And the other women you dated, they kept secrets, and turned out to be different than you thought, just like me. I screwed up by not telling you. Can you forgive me?

Hilary: Hey.

Cane: What are you doing here?

Hilary: You texted me.

Cane: Yeah, an update, not an invitation. You could've sent me an emoji.

Hilary: Well, there isn't one to cover this situation. Besides, your text was annoyingly ambiguous. "Progress made." What does that even mean?

Cane: It means I shared a pizza.

Hilary: [ Gasps ] With lily? Did you wine her and dine her and get her to drop her defenses and remind her about the big, beautiful love story that you two shared, and how she can't live without you?

Cane: No, not exactly. But I did see her briefly.

Hilary: Here. Call jordan.

Cane: Why am I calling jordan?

Hilary: So that you can ask him if he needs help moving his things into your house.

Cane: Oh, well, there's a lot more factors in play here than just jordan. With which, you see, I made progress.

Jordan: Seeing you kick back, relax, and wolf down that burger, that was awesome.

Lily: Yeah, it was fun. I have to get out of the house more often.

Jordan: Well, now that I'm a free agent, that can be arranged.

Lily: And I was serious -- if you ever want to talk about her, please call me.

Jordan: I will. Deal.

[ Both laugh ]

Lily: I really treasure our friendship. I don't know what I would do without it.

Jordan: You never have to find out.

[ Door opens ]

Jordan: Oh.

Lily: Hey, sweetie.

Jordan: Charlie, what's up, my man?

Charlie: Uh, nothing.

Jordan: Hey, I was just about to leave. I'll see you later.

Lily: Okay. Bye.

Jordan: All right, my man.

Charlie: All right. You two ate together?

Lily: Yeah. We went to the underground for beer and burgers.

Charlie: Guess he didn't want, uh, lima beans and tofu either, huh?

Lily: [ Chuckles ] How did "dad time" go?

Charlie: Okay.

Lily: Okay good, or okay bad?

Zack: Okay, favorite match.

Victor: Favorite match. I would say one of my all-time favorites was leonard/hearns in 1981 in las vegas.

Zack: You saw "the showdown" in person?

Victor: Yeah, I was there. Ringside.

Zack: That must have been amazing.

Victor: Do you box?

Zack: [ Laughs ] I made a few pathetic attempts, but, uh, my place is in the stands, not in the ring.

Victor: [ Laughs ]

Abby: Are you boys bonding over sports?

Zack: I didn't mean to ignore you.

Abby: Uh, no, no. It's totally fine. I would much rather a lively conversation about jabs and uppercuts and tko's over awkward silence, for sure.

Victor: Zack, let that be a lesson -- she has a hell of a left hook.

Abby: Hey, he taught me a couple things.

Zack: Well, I will try not to give her a reason to have to use it. Well, I should get going.

Victor: All right.

Zack: I don't want to overstay my welcome.

Victor: I enjoyed your company.

Zack: I appreciate it, mr. Newman.

Victor: And I'm gonna keep an eye on your venture, all right?

Zack: Thank you.

Victor: See where it's going.

Abby: Um, well, I will walk zack out. I'll see you at work tomorrow.

Victor: Sweetheart, I think zack can show himself out. Would you kindly stay here? I need a word with you.

Abby: Oh.

Victor: Nice meeting you, zack.

Sharon: More coffee?

Alice: I can'T. I got to hit the road. But it was nice seeing you again.

Sharon: I just can't get over how incredible it is that our paths crossed.

Alice: [ Exhales ] Me neither.

Sharon: Well, take care.

Alice: Yeah.

Nick: Alice take off?

Sharon: Yeah. Gosh, talk about a blast from the past.

Nick: Yeah. She, uh -- she left her credit card here.

Sharon: Oh! Well, I'll see if I can catch her.

Nick: Okay.

Sharon: Alice. Alice, wait!

Hilary: So... you had dinner with your son.

Cane: You don't get it, do you?

Hilary: Enlighten me.

Cane: Well, before tonight, charlie didn't even want to talk to me, let alone spend time with me. But we connected. Look, I know this is not gonna turn around on a dime, but with lily's help, I'm thinking she may encourage the kids to spend more time with me.

Hilary: Wait, lily supports that?

Cane: Yeah, she does. She encourages it.

Hilary: Change of plans. Maybe you don't need to do a full-court press on wifey, after all. She's not budging, anyways. The best thing for you to do right now -- rebuild your relationship with the twins. You get them on your side, lily will fall into place.

Lily: Sounds like you and your dad had a lot to talk about.

Charlie: I mean, I guess.

Lily: I'm really sorry you didn't make the football team.

Charlie: It's no big deal.

Lily: Well, you're taking it really well. I'm sure your dad gave you one of his inspiring pep talks, like he always does.

Charlie: Just... mom, stop. It'S...

Lily: What?

Charlie: I don't know. I mean, I know what you're thinking. It's not like there was some huge breakthrough.

Lily: [ Sighs ] Charlie, I know. But it's a start, right?

Charlie: Yeah. I mean... but one pizza's not gonna make me forget what dad did. Not by a long shot.

Abby: Okay. Here we go. Give me all of the reasons why I shouldn't see zack.

Victor: I have no criticism to offer. I like the guy.

Abby: You do?

Victor: Yeah. He's a go-getter. And obviously smitten with you.

Abby: So he gets the victor newman seal of approval?

Victor: Well, I didn't say that. That's gonna take a while, before I bestow that honor.

Abby: [ Laughs ] Fair enough. But so far, so good?

Victor: Yeah. I'd say. I hope, in time, he won't disappoint you...or me.

Noah: This doesn't change anything between us.

Tessa: Really?

Noah: I understand why you didn't say anything.

Tessa: [ Sighs ] That's a load off.

Noah: Hey, look, I would never judge you because of how you were raised, all right? That would make me a hypocrite.

Tessa: [ Laughs ]

Noah: I mean, talk about a messed-up family, okay? I'm just lucky mine hasn't scared you off.

Tessa: Yeah, like I'd ditch you.

Noah: Just do me a favor, okay? From now on, tell me everything.

Tessa: I promise.

Noah: Wait, so... since you confronted this guy at the motel, does that make you a target? Can these people go after you?

Tessa: No. No, look, all they have is my cell number. They don't know where I live. And there's so much security here. I'm safe.

Noah: What can I do?

Tessa: Just keep being a sweet and supportive boyfriend.

Noah: We're gonna find your little sister, okay? I will be with you every step of the way.

Nick: Hey. Did you catch alice?

Sharon: She drove away before I could catch her.

Nick: Oh, okay. Maybe I can get her number from the credit-card company. Sharon?

Sharon: Her car...

Nick: What about her car? Did something happen in the parking lot?

Sharon: It was the same car I saw driving away from the police station last night.

Nick: You mean the one that the man who bailed out the prostitutes got into?

Sharon: Yes. And there was a blond woman behind the wheel.

Nick: Sharon, wha...?

Sharon: Nick, I know that this is gonna sound... totally out there, but I think alice is working with the sex ring.

Next on "the young and the restless"...

Faith: I'm smart enough to know when something's wrong. This isn't right. We shouldn't be here.

Phyllis: I have so had it with his damn ex-wife.

Billy: I was able to get into jabot's server. They got plans to smash us to bits.

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