Y&R Transcript Friday 8/25/17

Y&R Transcript Friday 8/25/17


Episode # 11243 ~ Abby presses Victor for information on Ashley's past; Faith's behavior surprises Nick; a lucrative opportunity falls into Billy's lap.

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Faith! Brownie?

Faith: Um, yeah.

Nick: All right. I know, uh... I know your mom had to hold the fort down here, otherwise, she would have been there to pick you up, too. I'm sure she would have had a sign, you know, and jumped up and down and embarrassed you, but not me. 'Cause I'm cool, like a boss.

Sharon: Faith!

Faith: Mom! Oh, my god!

Sharon: Yes! Oh, I missed you so much!

Faith: Oh, I missed you, too!

Nick: I guess she reserved all her hugs for mom.

Sharon: [ Laughs ] Look at you! You've gotten so tall! You're gonna need all new clothes for school! I bet you're glad to be home.

Faith: Yeah, I guess.

Sharon: You guess? Why would you say it like that?

Chelsea: I just got a call from the movers who were supposed to deliver faith's new bedroom set to my place.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Chelsea: You know, nick and i wanted it to be a surprise for her when she came home from camp. Funny enough, they said that they were turned away. By you.

Victor: Yeah. They were.

Chelsea: Please don't play games. Not now. That was a gift from me. I designed that set. It was a gift for her.

Victor: Really? It wasn't meant as a bribe, so that faith would tolerate the relationship between you and her father? Hmm? I'm not playing games. This is not about some damn furniture. This is about the well-being of my granddaughter.

Ashley: Well, I have to say, mother's report is -- it's incredibly impressive.

Jack: She's sharp, she's fast. You know how concerned I was about all the errors on her first draft. This is very clean. Impeccable.

Ashley: I know, I guess decades of leading a multinational really hones your skills, huh?

Jack: Mother is suddenly an asset at jabot. Not without irony, given that she couldn't have cared less when we were kids.

Ashley: Jabot was not her priority, and, uh, neither were we.

Jack: Maybe we should discuss an expanded role for her.

Ashley: Are you changing the subject?

Jack: Because it's obviously upsetting you.

Ashley: Look, our mother had this incredible husband. Our father was generous and loving and would have forgiven her anything. So, yeah, sometimes I still don't understand why that wasn't good enough for her.

Jack: I have asked myself that same question countless times. You know what I finally realized? It doesn't matter.

Ashley: Well, maybe not to you, but you're not the one who's had to live with a lie because of it.

Abby: Designdate outperformed all of the other dating apps that went live in the same month.

Dina: Well, he certainly has the brains, he's handsome, and he's charming. Zack really is the whole package.

Abby: Yeah. He really is a good guy.

Dina: Are you two still socializing away from work?

Abby: Well, as a matter of fact, he just helped me move.

Dina: You know, honey, i always did admire a man who wasn't afraid to get his hands dirty.

[ Laughs ]

Abby: Dina! [ Laughs ]

Phyllis: Do you see how amazing mornings can be when we don't have to rush to work right at sunrise?

Billy: No complaints from me.

Phyllis: I think I'm gonna send neil and devon a thank-you note for that bridge loan to brash & sassy! It means more play and less work. So, you mentioned you want to hit back at jack. You care to tell me what you have in mind?

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Billy: Hitting back at jack? Nah.

Phyllis: You just said...

Billy: I was just making noise because my brother ticked me off, raising the rent on brash & sassy! Knowing that we were cash-poor.

Phyllis: So you were just blowing steam?

Billy: I have many ways to blow off steam.

Phyllis: Oh. You don't say.

Billy: I will say that I'm glad brash & sassy! Didn't end up in bed with hochman, in a business sense, that is.

Phyllis: That would have been a horrible idea.

Billy: The guy kneecaps companies like a mob boss for a living. I'm still not sure why victoria even considered taking a loan from that guy. He's not that smooth.

Phyllis: You know, maybe they actually really liked each other. Maybe his motives were pure. Unlike yours.

Billy: Can you tell me why you're defending him?

Dina: Zack helped you move? Does that mean you now have a corner office?

Abby: [ Laughs ] Well, it -- it wasn't for work, actually.

Dina: Oh? Well... how did that come about?

Abby: I moved to the newman ranch.

Dina: You did? You're living at victor's?

Abby: I am, yeah. It was all rather sudden, you know, it kind of was complicated, but, um... okay, nick moved out of his place, and dad offered it to me, and although it is strange to live in my brother's home, I -- I think it's a good sign, right? That dad wants me closer, more a part of the newmans.

Dina: Victor is a man who doesn't like being alone.

Abby: So you think that's why dad asked me? To fill up the empty space?

Victor: I'm sure you think a new bed would dazzle faith so much that she would forget how two upended her life while she was in camp.

Chelsea: No, upending faith's life was actually your choice. I mean, when you kicked your son out of his home, you in turn kicked your grandchildren out, too. That's why nick came to me about moving in together. You think we would have chosen to do it like this otherwise?

Victor: Doesn't seem you had too much choice in it, did you?

Chelsea: No, that's not what I meant. I --

[ Sighs ] Nick wants to provide his children with a loving, stable home. That's what we intend to give them. I'm just wondering why you are always trying to make things so difficult for him.

Victor: Do I need to remind you that nicholas turned his back on me? Do you think I'll allow him to turn faith against me, as well?

Chelsea: He wouldn't do that.

Victor: He can hardly hide his animosity towards his father. Do you honestly think he's singing my praises now to faith?

Chelsea: Do you hear the way you're talking about your own son? Didn't you learn anything from your war with adam?

Victor: Chelsea, I'm not concerned with nicholas anymore. I'm concerned with faith. This is where she came when she found the situation with her parents unbearable. This is where she will come when she finds it difficult to live with you and nicholas. This is her sanctuary. It always will be her sanctuary.

Sharon: You're not all that happy to be home with us?

Faith: No, I am.

Sharon: Oh, okay. Well, what is it, then?

Faith: Um, I just had so much fun at camp, and I miss my friends already.

Sharon: Mm, those are memories you're gonna cherish forever.

Nick: All right! Lemonade after a nice long, hot bus ride.

Faith: Thanks. So, is christian at home? Did he miss me?

Nick: He sure did. And you're gonna see him soon. But, first, I think we should have a little talk, you know, as a family. You, me, and your mom. There were some changes while you were at camp. I think you know how much chelsea means to me. I know you love being a big sister to connor and christian. They mean a lot to you, too, right?

Sharon: And you're so good with them.

Nick: And when you put two families together like that and they enjoy being around each other, it kinds makes sense to not be apart. So while you were at camp, I... I decided to move in with chelsea at her penthouse.

Faith: You decided to move when I was away at camp, without telling me first?

Nick: Well, yeah, you know, it wasn't something I wanted to tell you over the phone or by e-mail. Look, I know you've spent a lot of time at chelsea's, and it's great place to live. Plus, there's a surprise waiting for you. It was all chelsea's idea.

Faith: What about mom?

Sharon: Sweetheart, you're still gonna come to our house on my days, just like always.

Faith: And while I'm there, can I see grandpa?

Sharon: I don't see why not.

Nick: Yeah. Yeah. If that's what you want.

Faith: I do. Grandpa needs the company now that grandma's moved out.

Nick: How do you know about that?

Sharon: Faith. Daddy asked you -- how did you find out that grandma moved out?

Faith: Um... mom, you're not the only person I talked to when I was at camp.

Sharon: I just assumed that she told you so that it wouldn't be such a shock.

Nick: You know, I know it's a lot to take in, all these changes, and that's why your mom and I wanted to get together with you and kind of help you make sense of it. So, you know, what do you think? How do you feel about us moving in with chelsea?

Faith: I loved our old house. I could walk back and forth from mom's, the main house. Plus, there's my pony.

Nick: Yeah. That's true.

Faith: But this could be really good, too, I guess.

Nick: Look, I think it's gonna be awesome. You know, you're gonna get a chance to boss around the littles, you're gonna be in town, which means you're gonna be closer to your friends and your school, and with that many people around, you are never gonna be lonely.

Sharon: Okay, well, uh, how about that triple-chocolate brownie?

Nick: Yeah, you, uh... you better get it to go.

Faith: Okay.

Nick: Thanks for helping me with that.

Sharon: Yeah, that -- that went better than I expected.

Nick: It's gonna take some time, you know? And there will be other things that come up, but I promise you, I will be prepared.

Sharon: Well, I can help out also, when she's staying at my place.

Nick: Yeah, just promise me that you won't let her spend as much time with my dad.

Faith: [ Sighs ]

Sharon: Okay!

Nick: Okay, uh, you want to get out of here and go check out your new digs?

Faith: Sure.

Sharon: All right. Sweetie, I'm so glad you're home. I missed you so much.

Faith: I missed you, too, mom.

Sharon: Okay.

Nick: All right, let's do it.

Faith: Okay. See you later, mom.

Sharon: Bye!

Nick: Bye.

Sharon: Hi. I was just saying hello and goodbye to my daughter, faith, who's just come back from camp.

Scott: And you don't want her to know about us.

Abby: It's true. Dad has chased off all of his other children. I'm the only one who wants to work with him. I'm definitely the only one who wants to live near him.

Dina: I understand that nikki has moved out, too.

Abby: Do you think he's just stroking my ego to keep me around?

Dina: Victor is a master manipulator, dear. Now, that's a fact, not a judgment.

Abby: No, everything dad does is for effect. I think he hired scott grainger just to drive me crazy, which makes me work harder, which i guess isn't such a bad thing. I mean, dad's pleased with everything I've accomplished.

Dina: Keep in mind, dear, that victor praises or criticizes to get the reaction he wants.

Abby: [ Laughs ] And he does both on a regular basis.

Dina: But don't forget, my darling, just how valuable you really are.

Abby: You know, it's complicated, being a newman and then being an abbott on top of that...

Dina: Oh, I know. I know.

Abby: Do you still consider yourself to be a part of the abbott family?

Dina: Well, I didn't for many years, but I'm trying now, hoping to be.

Abby: You know, there's something that I've been wanting to ask you.

Dina: Well, ask me anything.

Abby: It's rather personal.

Dina: Oh, well, it's a good thing that we're related.

Abby: You know when we had that spa day, and you said that you had lots of stories to tell...

Dina: Yes.

Abby: Well, there's one in particular that I want to hear. Why did you leave grandpa and the family?

Ashley: I was telling ravi that I think you remember everything clearer because I was so young and probably blocked it out.

Jack: I was old enough to see it all. Certainly a lot more than mother knew I saw. I was there the night dad found out that mother was having an affair.

John: Brent davis? For god's sake, I take golf lessons from the man! So does jack! How could you do this?

Dina: Oh, what do you care? You have your company to love. I'm home alone with three kids. I need more, john! I need so much more than this.

Ashley: Jackie. I'm sorry. I never knew.

Jack: Yeah. It was just one of many fights. Fights that just kept going until, finally, she was gone. Anyway, enough about that. Ancient history. How about something lighter? You still haven't told me about your trip to the lake with ravi.

Ashley: Oh, yeah, there's not much to tell. You know how it is up there --

Jack: There's the man himself. I was just asking ashley about your time at the lake. What'd you think?

Ravi: Um...

Ravi: I had a blast. The spot on the lake is very peaceful.

Jack: Well, as much time as you spend behind a computer, i can only imagine what an education it was to be in the great outdoors.

Ashley: Well, ravi is actually quite a sailor.

Jack: You took the boat out, too? Nice!

Ashley: The weather was perfect, and so was the company.

Jack: Any other adventures you care to share?

Ravi: I finally got to paddleboard. Yep.

Ashley: And we also -- well, he -- forged for mushrooms.

[ Laughs ] You made a great risotto.

Jack: So, cooking, sailing, foraging -- you're a man of many talents.

Ravi: Just putting those merit badges to use.

[ Laughter ]

Jack: Well, I got to say, I'm seeing you in a whole new light. How about you, ashley? Has your perspective changed, as well?

Ashley: Ravi and I aren't focusing on recreation right now, we're focusing on work because we're at work, so... I guess we should go to my office.

Ravi: Yeah, that sounds like a great idea. Jack.

[ Clears throat ]

Abby: I heard there was another man, and that you were done with marriage and family and you moved to paris. But that's all I've been able to put together over the years.

Dina: That's true, but it was much more complicated than that.

Abby: Which part?

Dina: All of it. I did betray your grandfather. I broke his heart. And our marriage.

Abby: Well, did you love this other man?

Dina: [ Laughs ] Oh, no, no. He -- he was charming and handsome. He was a golf pro -- catnip for a lonely, lonely unhappy woman.

Abby: So you didn't leave grandpa to be with him?

Dina: I left john because i was unhappy and unfulfilled. And so, to paris.

Abby: Did you ever see this golf pro again?

Dina: Brent davis? Yes, I did, briefly when I came back here in the '80s.

Abby: Did you ever tell my mom or uncle jack any of this?

Dina: They knew all about that part of my life, a part that, uh, I deeply, sadly regret.

Abby: Even now?

Dina: Some mistakes live inside you forever.

Phyllis: I am not defending anybody, especially ben hochman.

Billy: Sure sounds like you're giving him the benefit of the doubt.

Phyllis: If victoria was embarrassed, that is on her. She got with a guy, changed her mind, and made a scene in a public place!

Billy: A scene that ended up on television.

Phyllis: She had morning-after regrets in the middle of a hotel.

Billy: Actually, it was in the hallway and nobody deserves that and it wasn't a cool thing for hilary to do.

Phyllis: Okay, hilary was being hilary. God knows what victoria was doing.

Billy: Okay. If you want me to blame the mother of my children for this, it's not gonna happen.

Billy: Speaking of mothers... that is one hypocritical bitch sitting right over there.

Billy: I hear she works at jabot now. That must be fun for you two.

Phyllis: Jack took her on as a pity hire. She's a former mogul, so she's feeling useful now.

Billy: So it's all for show?

Phyllis: Oh, no, no, no, no. She's part of the company. She has her own office, you know? She has no problem acting like she's running the place, although it has been entertaining to see the way she's bossing gloria around. Ravi -- complete saint, dealing with all her tech issues, setting her new laptop up on the jabot system... jack better watch his back, or that snake of a mother of his might steal the company right out from under him.

Chelsea: You've thought about this a lot -- us being a family.

Nick: Look, if you need more time, I understand. This -- this was your home with adam. I'm sure you thought that you and adam would be taking connor to his first day of kindergarten, not me and you. So if this is too much, if it's too soon, just say the word, and we'll pretend like this conversation never happened.

[ Door opens ]

Nick: Look who's home!

Chelsea: Hi! Faith, welcome home! Oh, it's so good to see you! Oh! I can't tell how excited I am to have another girl in the house, you know? And, you know, connor just adores you. I know it's gonna take some time, but hopefully you eventually feel at home here.

Faith: [ Chuckles nervously ]

Nick: Check it out! You already scored a spot on the piano.

Chelsea: Yeah! Yeah!

Faith: Oh. Cool. Um...

Chelsea: Yeah.

Faith: Could I see my room?

Nick: That is the surprise!

Chelsea: Wait, not -- uh, well, we wanted to plan the surprise, but the timing didn't quite work out. There's been a bit of a delay.

Faith: Um, that's okay.

Chelsea: You know, why don't I show you upstairs?

Faith: I can find it.

Chelsea: Right! Okay. No worries. It's the second door on the right.

Faith: Thanks.

Chelsea: Okay. Welcome back! Um, so, the movers never showed.

Nick: [ Sighs ] Let me guess, dad wouldn't let them take the furniture.

Chelsea: Yeah, I went to talk to him, I tried to convince him, you know, how important this was to us, and to me, but he didn't care.

Nick: [ Sighs ] I'm so sorry. You shouldn't have to deal with that. It's my problem, not yours.

Chelsea: This is the second time I've tried to redo her room, and I just feel like now I've failed twice.

Nick: Oh, no. Hey. Hey. No. You're making her feel loved and welcome, and that is the most important thing, right? And faith is a champ, you know? I think she wants this to work just as much as we do.

Faith: May I speak to my grandfather, please?

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Billy: Wouldn't that be something? Dina staging a coup to oust jack from his own company? It'd serve the condescending tool right, hiring her just to give her busy work.

Phyllis: I wasn't completely serious. Jack would never let anybody take jabot away from him ever again.

Billy: Well, no company is immune to problems. Look at brash & sassy!

Phyllis: So why isn't victoria dealing with them?

Billy: She is. She got a bridge loan.

Phyllis: She hasn't replaced cane or juliet. Now, the marketplace is full of talent. Hire someone already.

Billy: She got screwed over by cane and juliet, okay? She's being cautious. It's not a bad thing. She's working with a headhunter right now and should have their positions filled very soon.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm. Unless she doesn't want them to.

Billy: Okay, listen... I know that it drives you crazy, the amount that I've been working. But that's all about to change. The pressure has been relieved. More time for you, for us... ...for this.

Phyllis: I'm gonna hold you to it. Meanwhile, let's get back to work, all right?

Billy: You go ahead. I got a couple things I got to take care of before I head in.

Phyllis: All right, but if you're gonna have to pick up victoria's dry cleaning...

Billy: That's enough out of you.

Phyllis: See you later.

Billy: Bye.

Abby: Thank you.

Dina: You're welcome.

Billy: Well, good morning, ladies.

Dina: Hello, billy.

Billy: Look at you two rays of sunshine.

Abby: Aww. If he's flirting, that means he wants something.

Billy: Oh!

Abby: You behave. I got to take off.

Dina: Well, thank you for having this talk.

Abby: You have no idea how much it means to me.

Dina: And to me, too. Anytime. Because at my age, I have nothing left to hide. Mwah!

Abby: Love you.

Dina: I love you.

Abby: Bye.

Billy: See ya. You know, it's got to be really nice to be able to catch up with your granddaughter like that.

Dina: Oh, you have no idea. It means all the world to me now that I'm here in genoa city.

Billy: [ Chuckles ] I'm heading back to jabot. Would you like a lift?

Dina: Oh, well, thank you, but if you don't mind, I -- I left a few things in my suite.

Billy: Not at all.

Dina: Well, there we go.

Sharon: Of course I want faith to meet you. It's just... she has a lot on her hands today, you know, going from camp to her new living situation with nick at chelsea's penthouse. It's a new home, new room, new family dynamic. You know, I -- it was too much to throw you into the mix today.

Scott: Yeah, I heard about abby moving into nick's old place, and I guess I hadn't thought about how that might impact faith.

Sharon: Well, she's so strong, but she's just seen too much for a child her age. You know, parents apart more than they were together, not to mention step-parents, and nick's house -- it was just always a constant in faith's life, and now that's gone.

Scott: And, uh, how's she handling that?

Sharon: She'S... she's fine, but she's subdued. And I know my daughter. She's not telling us everything. A child her age needs continuity and stability.

Scott: You know, I don't know faith, but it's obvious that she has a lot of people in her life who love and support her. That makes all the difference, no matter where she lives.

Victor: Faith, sweetheart, are you all right?

Faith: I'm at chelsea'S. I hope it's okay that I'm calling you, grandpa.

Victor: Of course you can call me. What's on your mind?

Faith: I'm really glad you came to camp last night to tell me about dad moving in with chelsea. I wouldn't have wanted to find out after getting back.

Victor: What did you tell them?

Faith: I didn't mention that we talked. I didn't lie, though. I just didn't tell them everything.

Victor: Well, just know, whatever you say, I'll back you up, okay?

Faith: They keep calling this my home. But it isn'T. There was supposed to be a surprise, but that didn't happen.

Victor: Are you trying to make the best of it as we discussed?

Faith: Yeah, I am. I miss the ranch, though.

Victor: Sweetheart, I miss you here, okay? But you'll be here visiting your mother, so then we'll see each other.

Faith: I can't wait.

Victor: I can't, either. Now, remember, if things get too bad over there, if you don't like it, you know, if you have something to complain about, talk to your dad! You have a right to express your opinion.

Dina: Ahh! Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll just collect my purse.

Billy: Take your time.

[ Door closes ] Damn it.

[ Door opens ]

Dina: [ Humming ]

La, de, da, da

Billy: Shall we?

Dina: Absolutely! Let's go. Thank you.

Dina: [ Humming ]

Ashley: Mother.

Dina: Oh! Morning, ashley.

Ashley: Hi there. I just wanted to tell you that your report was excellent.

Dina: Oh, well, I really appreciate that.

Ashley: We're gonna have to give you more work to do because you finished so quickly.

Dina: Please do. I didn't realize how much i missed work, and you know, you were right all along.

Ashley: Was I? About what?

Dina: About my being just a little depressed after I sold mergeron.

Ashley: Yeah? Now not so much?

Dina: Oh, now I wake up with so much energy, and today, I had a real treat. Breakfast with abby.

Ashley: Oh! That must have been nice.

Dina: Oh, it was. And are you aware, honey, that she's living now out at victor's ranch?

Ashley: How did that happen?

Dina: Well, nick moved out, and victor asked abby to move right in.

Ashley: And she's okay with it?

Dina: Oh, very, very much so.

Ashley: Abby's always fought for her father's approval. What victor gives, sometimes he takes back.

Dina: Mm.

Ashley: Not at all like my father. Anyway, thank you so much for letting me know, and I'll let you get back to work.

Dina: Uh, ashley?

Ashley: Yeah? Something wrong?

Dina: Well, one more thing, dear. Abby was very, very curious about my marriage with john. Why it ended and why I left.

Ashley: How did you answer her?

Victor: Thanks for bringing these over.

Abby: Of course! Mwah. It's a good thing that you're working from home. It gives me an opportunity to stop by my new place and unpack some boxes.

Victor: Okay. So, if you want some breakfast, darling, I'll look these over.

Abby: Oh, no, thank you. I actually had breakfast with dina.

Victor: Oh, you did?

Abby: I did, yeah. You know, I finally get the chance to have a real relationship with her. A foundation to build on.

Victor: Well, I understand that completely, you know. Having grandchildren is a blessing. It's a gift. One should never take it for granted.

Abby: I just hope dina knows how grateful I am to have her in my life. Especially because I thought i never would. I feel like I can learn a lot from her. I mean, I learned something from her this morning.

Victor: Oh, yeah? What?

Abby: As you know, I've always wanted to know why she left my grandfather.

Victor: Uh-huh. And why do you think?

Abby: Well, mom always chalked it up to boredom, that she had no interest in being a wife or a mother.

Victor: What do you think happened?

Abby: I always thought that answer was far too simple. So that's why I gathered enough courage to ask dina about it.

Victor: What did she say?

Abby: She was very honest with me. She told me that there was another man -- a golf pro. She said that sounded very cliché, but he was handsome and charming and he gave her something that she was lacking. I felt like it was like, a sense of freedom, and that he made her feel very special.

Victor: Let me just say, stuff happens.

Abby: They didn't end up together. I mean, this man -- he was worth risking her family for, but it never amounted to anything, right? Dad, you must know about this. Please, what can you tell me about dina and brent davis?

Nick: There she is!

Chelsea: Hey!

Nick: What'd you think of your new room?

Faith: Um, it's fine. Can I see christian now?

Chelsea: Uh, sure. I'll go see if he's up from his nap. I know he can't wait to see his big sister. I'll be back.

Nick: So, what do you say we celebrate your first day back with, uh, I don't know, a trip to the park, maybe get some lunch, some ice cream... that's how we roll, you know. A big family day?

Faith: But chelsea and connor aren't my real family.

Nick: Uh, connor is your cousin. And this is your home now.

Faith: Why didn't you tell me before I got home?

Nick: I just wanted you to have fun at camp and not worry about anything.

Nick: Then why couldn't you have at least waited to move? Or not moved at all?

Nick: Look, I know moving can be scary, but it could also be exciting. And I wanted you to get settled into your new place before school started.

Faith: If we're a family, then why did you just decide without even asking me?

Nick: Faith... faith! Don't walk away from me.

Sharon: You know, I should have followed my instincts and had faith stay with me the first few nights instead of go to nick and chelsea'S.

Scott: Why didn't you?

Sharon: It was just so important for him to take her to their new home. I didn't argue.

Scott: Yeah, but she's your kid. I mean, you don't have to defer to nick just because he says so.

Sharon: Well, it wasn't really about giving in. Nick wants what's best for faith just like I do.

Scott: Yeah, but if your instincts are telling you something about your daughter, you should trust them.

Nick: Look, sweetheart, you know how much I love you. And if there's any reason that you are not happy, then I want to know, you know, so we can talk about it.

Faith: I liked things the way they were at the ranch. Mom was close by, and grandma and grandpa. That's what being a family is like. Not this.

Nick: All of this is being a family. You know, all of it. The ranch, here... families grow, you know? They spread out. Sometimes things get a little messy, yeah, but it's okay. It's just more people to love you.

Faith: I had my room in my house. But you took that away from me. My life was perfect, and you ruined it.

Nick: Faith, wait. Faith!

Chelsea: Sweetheart, if you want to maybe just...

[ Knock on door ]

Jack: Come in! Oh. I thought you were my mom.

Phyllis: Oh, well, she was just at the club with abby. She should be on her way.

Jack: Oh. Good. I'll have a chance to compliment her on her report.

Phyllis: Oh! Since when did you start handing out compliments?

Jack: When people do good work for me.

Phyllis: Your mother, who works here... for how long, exactly?

Jack: As long as she wants. I'd ask you if you had a problem with that, but if you did, I wouldn't really care.

Phyllis: Oh, that's so nice. Thank you. No, you know what? You are free to hire whoever you want. Unless they're affiliated with victoria and billy.

Jack: I assume by that you're referring to cane, in which case, I would say we dodged a bullet there. I'm a little more disappointed with how things worked out for ben hochman and victoria.

Phyllis: Well, she's gonna survive, especially with her sweet loan from neil, which she had time to swing that, but didn't fill cane's position...

Jack: Why should she when she can completely monopolize billy's time? Keep him in her orbit while she's pretending she's not trying to get him back in her life.

Phyllis: Billy and I are fine, jack.

Jack: For how long? You and I both know billy can't be trusted. That's never gonna change. That is bugging the hell out of you, isn't it?

Victor: I never knew about that because I -- I had not moved to genoa city when your grandparents split up.

Abby: Yeah, but mom must have talked to you about it. All of those late-night conversations that couples have when they tell each other everything... I mean, did mom ever mention a golf pro, a man that dina had an affair with?

Victor: What are you getting at?

Abby: Well, I wonder if mom ever met him.

Victor: I don't know. She was very young. But I have a feeling that she doesn't want to revisit this period in her life. It'd make her feel uncomfortable, you know.

Abby: Yeah, but now that mom and dina are getting along, maybe she's ready to talk about it.

Victor: Eh, I'm not so sure.

Abby: Why not?

Victor: I don't think it's too comfortable of a subject matter for your mother to talk about. I mean, you're just revisiting it, and then perhaps open old wounds, you know?

Abby: That makes sense.

Victor: So then don't talk to your mother about it. That's my suggestion.

Dina: I would never tell abby anything that you wouldn't want her to hear.

Ashley: Okay, this is really important to me, so I'm gonna be very clear, okay? Abby is john abbott's granddaughter, just as I am his daughter.

Dina: And that will never change.

Ashley: Okay, good. And now we never have to talk about this again.

Dina: Mm-hmm. Well, you never would have heard about brent from me. That was a secret that i intended to take to my grave.

Ashley: It's not just your secret, though, mother, okay? I'm stuck with it, too. And I'm never gonna burden abby with this, all right? Never. Because I know what it's like to carry something like this around.

Dina: I'm truly sorry for that, dear. I am. But if -- if I hadn't made that mistake... you wouldn't exist. And I will never, ever regret having you in my life.

Next on "the young and the restless"...

Faith: Right now, I want to see grandpa.

Nick: That's not gonna happen.

Jack: You should want all or nothing! Victoria is pulling out all the stops.

Victoria: I don't want to just punch back. I want a knockout blow. So, what's your shady idea?

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