Y&R Transcript Wednesday 8/23/17

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 8/23/17


Episode # 11241 ~ Victor solidifies an alliance; Sharon chases a lead on Crystal; Chelsea sets the record straight with Nick.

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Victor: I'm sick and tired of your self-righteousness and your hypocrisy. As of tonight... you're no longer my son. I will no longer hide the fact that you and I are not together anymore. You're the love of my life. But if that is no longer of interest to you, then I bid you farewell.

[ Footsteps approaching ]

Victor: Bonnie? Is that you?

Nikki: Oh, no. It's me.

Nick: We have so many great family photos. I mean, this one of faith, connor, and christian is amazing. Hey, you know, since me and the kids are gonna be living here, you should let me take care of the bills.

Chelsea: Absolutely not.

Nick: Come on!

Chelsea: No.

Nick: Chelsea, look, uh, i want to help, so can you let me?

Chelsea: Fine. We can split the bills, then, 50/50. That's what's fair.

Nick: Look, chelsea, I'm the one who sprung this idea on you, and I know the circumstances weren't exactly ideal, so...

Chelsea: Nick, if we're gonna make this thing work, we're gonna need to get a few things straight.

Jordan: To second chances.

Lily: Yeah. Cheers.

Jordan: Mm.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Lily: Dad. Hey!

Neil: Hey. How you doing? There you are.

Lily: Good. Hi.

Neil: Come here, sweetheart. Mwah. Jordan, what's up?

Jordan: Neil. Good to see you, sir.

Neil: Good to see you, too. Yep. So, it's a beautiful day, and i see there's a little party in progress.

Lily: Yeah. We have some exciting news.

Jordan: And I am going to let let you tell him. If you'll both excuse me, I have somewhere I need to be.

Lily: [ Chuckles ]

Neil: Take care.

Jordan: Thank you. You, too, my man.

Neil: Uh-huh. So, what's up?

Lily: Well, billy told us that the dare campaign is back on, so I'll be very busy this fall.

Neil: Wow! I couldn't be happier to hear that. Good news is always welcome these days. As a matter of fact, I got some good news of my own.

Cane: All right, what's so urgent you needed to see me?

Juliet: I told you earlier I had a prenatal test. They did a genetic screening at the time.

Cane: Yeah, you were waiting to get the results, I know.

Jordan: Wow. What's all this?

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Tessa: Who are you, and what have you done to my sister?

Mariah: Hey. Are you all right?

Tessa: How can I be? Knowing my sister's life reached such a low point that she had to sell herself to strangers. And now the people she got tangled up with are holding her against her will, and there's nothing I can do about it. So, no, I'm not all right.

Sharon: Paul, I'm at the police station. I came here to talk to you about that girl crystal. I have some new information. This may not be the small local operation that christine thought that it was. Call me as soon as you get this.

If you, uh, ladies want to make your one call...

We can't talk to anybody.


Someone will come take care of this.

Jordan: What are we celebrating?

Hilary: My first commercial shoot.

Jordan: Yeah?

Hilary: Which went fantastic, by the way. And I cannot wait for the world to see the finished product.

Jordan: Me, neither.

Hilary: I think that it's gonna open all kinds of doors.

Jordan: You know, I hope that it does. I am so happy for you. You know what, to talent, drive, and unbridled ambition. I never had any doubt that it'd all pay off.

[ Laughs ]

Hilary: Well, I couldn't have done it without you.

Jordan: Really? How do you figure that?

Hilary: I wouldn't even have known about the commercial if you didn't invite lily over to the studio to film her audition.

Jordan: That's a bit of a stretch, giving me the credit, but I'll take it.

Hilary: I also, um... I did a new exclusive today. Did you -- did you catch it?

Jordan: No, I, um, haven't had a chance to check it out yet.

Hilary: Okay, well, you should, um, check it out online.

Jordan: Yeah.

Hilary: It will give you a new perspective on your boss.

Jordan: Hm.

Hilary: Well, um... you know what? The only topic that I want to talk about is, um...you. And us. And all of the reasons that we are so good together.

Lily: I think it's great that you gave brash & sassy! A bridge loan.

Neil: No, no. Not me. Hamilton-winters.

Lily: Yeah, but I mean, it's gonna help get them through this rough patch.

Neil: "Them." You know, you got to start saying "us" because, my dear, you're part of the team.

Lily: Wait, you didn't do this just so I could keep my job, did you?

Neil: As much as I love you, I would never give a loan of this size just for that, all right?

Lily: Okay, 'cause it's not your responsibility to solve any of this.

Neil: I happen to respect the hell out of victoria. It's a good business move. And, yes, I admit that I'm very satisfied that I'm responsible for helping to undo some of the wrongs that cane did. But think of it like this -- it's an infusion of cash for brash & sassy!, And the fact that they want to put it into the dare campaign featuring my beautiful, wonderful, talented daughter... come on, now. That's all you.

Lily: Thank you.

Neil: I know, lily, that this isn't easy for you. I talked to cane.

Lily: Mm. How'd that go?

Neil: I told him to man up and take responsibility. I told him he's got to get his life in gear if he wants a shot at getting you back.

Lily: It's not that easy, dad.

Juliet: Our baby has the genetic marker for cystic fibrosis.

Cane: Oh, god, that's --

Juliet: It's an inherited disease.

Cane: Yeah, I know. I don't have it, do you?

Juliet: No, but one of my cousins did, so it must run somewhere in the family. For a child to actually be born with the disease, it needs to inherit the gene from both parents. The doctor asked me about your family history, and I realized i know nothing about it.

Cane: Yeah, well, neither do I.

Juliet: I'm sorry...

Cane: No, you don't have to be sorry. My family and I, we aren't close, you know. I could have a distant relative who has it, I -- I don't know. All right, if I have it, does that mean the baby's gonna have cystic fibrosis?

Juliet: From what i understand, there would be a 25% chance, but they need to do further testing to find out. Would you come to the hospital with me to get a blood test?

Cane: Yeah. Yeah, of course I will.

Juliet: I'm hoping they can put a rush on the test so we can find out right away.

Cane: All right, listen, don't hesitate to come to me with anything that concerns the baby, okay? This is my child, too. Come on, let's go. Come on.

Nikki: I just came to pick up some things that I left behind. Sorry if I disturbed your man cave.

Victor: This is my home, okay? If there's something else that you've forgotten, then call me. I will have them send it over the hotel.

Nikki: How can they keep running that video? What are you gonna do about your friend hilary and her humiliating our daughter like that?

Victor: What the hell did you expect me to do? This has already aired. It's gone viral, all right? This could have been prevented had our daughter victoria accepted my offer to loan her money. But she didn'T.

Nikki: Are you saying she deserved it?

Victor: What I'm saying is that I offered her money. I offered her to dig her out of the financial hole that she dug for herself, but she turned me down. In fact, it was rather insulting. I'd rather focus on members of the family who actually want to be with me.

Nikki: Yes, I noticed all the new furniture up in the room that faith uses when she's here. Very nice. Something a girl of her age would love.

Victor: I had it moved from the tack house into our house.

Nikki: You what?

Chelsea: The decision for you to move in certainly...evolved in a different way than either one of us expected, you know? Victor kicking you certainly jump-started the process.

Nick: That's exactly my poinT. You know, I sprung this on you. I want to make it up to you.

Chelsea: Nick, I'm gonna be perfectly honest with you. If I didn't think this was right, i wouldn't have agreed to it. But I don't want you to move in here thinking that you need to, you know, make up for something. I like being responsible for myself and for connor, and i don't want you to feel like I'm giving up my independence...

Nick: That is the last thing that i want. I think you misunderstood me.

Chelsea: No. I don't think so.

Lily: It's not like there's some sort of checklist that cane has to complete for me to take him back. It's about who he is and what he's become. I look at him and I see this man who just gets in his own way and follows his worst impulses.

Neil: I didn't mean to make it sound so simplistic. You got to do what's right for you.

Lily: Well, what may be right for me may not be right for my family.

Neil: Oh, yes, charlie and mattie. Well, they know exactly what's going on. They know what cane's done. They're not exactly his biggest advocates these days.

Lily: I just can't stand the thought of breaking my family apart. Especially when cane's forgiven me in the past.

Neil: Hey. You got to be careful that you're not staying out of obligation, because that right there could lead to resentment, and that will affect everybody in the family. Look, I, uh... I know you're still dealing with the shock of what he's done to you, but my advice is that you give some time and space before you make any long-term decision. Maybe cane will prove that he's the man that you fell in love with, or maybe -- just maybe -- you'll come to the conclusion that this whole thing is beyond repair. But, either way, there's no reason for you to feel guilty about anything at all. You hear me? Good. I love you.

Lily: I love you, too.

Hilary: You know what I think it's time for?

Jordan: You tell me.

Hilary: Another nude photo session.

Jordan: Ooh, I like the sound of that.

Hilary: I thought you might.

Jordan: What happened to the older ones that we took?

Hilary: Well, they are safely tucked away on a flash drive, but there is plenty of room to add a few more.

Jordan: All right.

Hilary: Jordan, I loved the shots that you took of me. So, uh, maybe I will refresh your memory.

[ Chuckles ]

Jordan: This isn't right.

Hilary: Um...

Jordan: It wouldn't be fair to you. Things haven't been tight with us for a while now. We can't -- we can't ignore that.

Hilary: We're not ignoring it, we are facing it head on. We are taking time to reconnect, you know, to remember why this -- this is so good.

Jordan: Hilary, you are -- you are beautiful and you are incredibly hot. Now, do I want you? Hell yeah.

Hilary: Then what's the problem?

Jordan: It's not gonna change anything. We both need to admit, this -- this isn't working, and we should just...move on.

Hilary: [ Scoffs ] Speak for yourself. Well, does your desire to move on -- does it have anything to do with the fact that lily is suddenly available?

Jordan: Lily is still married.

Hilary: That's not what i asked you.

Jordan: I think that we should make a clean break before things get complicated and somebody gets hurt.

Hilary: You don't think that this hurts? That you're just willing to just walk away like that? It makes me feel like... never mind. You know what, forget it. It's fine.

Jordan: Hilary...

Hilary: Mm. No. I am fine, okay? I am a tough bitch with...

[ Grunts ] ...No feelings, okay? My only mistake was actually caring about you.

Jordan: And I respect you too much to do this.

Hilary: You know, I feel sorry for you.

Jordan: Excuse me?

Hilary: 'Cause lily -- she is just leaning on you. She is using you, but do not think for one second that she will ever walk away from her husband or wreck her family! And I cannot promise that I'm gonna be standing here waiting when she breaks your heart.

Jordan: [ Sighs ] All right. You'll be fine. You won't be alone for long.

Hilary: [ Sighs deeply ]

Chelsea: Nick, I know you meant well, and I think I know where this is coming from. You know, your father said some pretty hurtful things to you and implied that you were mooching off him, so I feel like now you want to come in here and just play the provider and take care of everything.

Nick: Look, what victor did to me is not the reason I am here.

Chelsea: Okay. Just know that you don't have to prove anything to me, okay?

Nick: Okay.

Chelsea: However, if you do want to take care of me, you can give me one of those great massages that you're so good at. How about now? How about now?

Nick: Boom! You don't have to ask me twice. I'm always looking for a reason to use my skills.

Chelsea: Mm-hmm, yeah, I know you are. Ohh!

Nick: Look, I just really want this to work, you know? I'm excited for us, excited for us to all be together.

Chelsea: So am I. But I have to ask you something serious, and I just want you to be honest with me.

Nick: Done.

Chelsea: You've now emptied the dishwasher, like, four times today, so do you think it's time to change to paper plates and other kind of utensils, like plastic, or...?

Nick: Eh, only for birthday parties or kids' sleepovers.

Chelsea: Okay. You got a deal.

Nick: You know, that reminds me.

Chelsea: What's that?

Nick: Faith is coming home from camp tomorrow.

Chelsea: Right. Wait, is she coming to stay with us first?

Nick: Well, that was my plan. Unless you have a problem with that.

Victor: The hell are you so upset about? It's just furniture. Nicholas can come and get it any time he wants.

Nikki: Oh, this has nothing to do with the furniture, victor, and you know it. It's the way that you chose to throw nicholas and the kids out of the ranch.

Victor: You know damn well that christian and faith are welcome to stay here any time. As long they way. Don't make this out as if I'm doing this out of spite. He told me, no uncertain terms, he doesn't want anything to do with his father. So I gave him his wishes! As i'm giving you your wishes -- to live away from here. By yourself!

Nikki: The focus of my main concern is our grandchildren. I don't want them getting mixed up in the middle of this and suffer over our issues. In fact, it was better when faith lived here, close to her parents. Even though sharon and nicholas were separated, it didn't matter!

Victor: And faith felt so comfortable, so safe and secure here. She's always welcome here and always will be.

Nikki: Well, she's coming home from camp tomorrow. I can't wait to see her.

Victor: That goes for me, as well. I want to talk to her before she starts school again, but knowing how her father feels about me, I wonder if that's gonna happen.

Nikki: No, that's something you would do. Nicholas would never get his kids mixed up in something like this.

Victor: I've made mistakes. I've owned them. I've made changes. I lived up to my promises. What'd our son do? He sabotaged your concert, tried to undercut me!

Nikki: And then you gave hilary the rights to play that video nationwide! Everywhere! Everyone saw it! I hope you're happy about that! You've managed to evict every person at the ranch that you think is one of your enemies, and now you've got the whole big house to yourself, which is exactly what you wanted.

Victor: Isn't that nice? Well, abby has decided to live in the tack house, so she'll be living here.

Nikki: Well, I am glad for both of you. I know she has worked very hard to gain your respect.

Victor: She certainly has.

Nikki: It is a little quiet, though, isn't it? Almost too quiet. Maybe that's why you're so eager to spend time with faith. But don't be surprised if she's decided to move on without you, as well.

[ Door closes ]

Juliet: Thanks for coming with me to the hospital.

Cane: Yeah, well, I'm just glad we could get it done so fast.

Juliet: Yeah, well, the test might have been fast, but waiting for the results... ooh, that is going to be the longest week of my life.

Cane: All right, listen, just remember what the doctor said, okay? Statistically, the baby should be fine, okay? This is just a precaution.

Juliet: Yeah I know, but still, I can't help but think... what if our baby is born with cystic fibrosis?

Cane: While we're at the hospital waiting, I did some research, okay? And they said that the treatments have drastically improved. We're gonna get through this. Okay?

Juliet: I know we will. And I will love this baby no matter what. I'll get you the best care.

Cane: Well, you won't be alone.

Juliet: You have no idea what it means to hear you say that.

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Juliet: Hello, lily.

Lily: Juliet.

Juliet: I will leave you two to talk. Thanks again for coming with me.

Cane: Mm-hmm.

Juliet: I appreciate the support.

Cane: Okay. She and I had to go to the hospital, you know. There was something wrong with the baby.

Lily: Is everything okay?

Cane: I had to give some blood to run some genetic tests, but the doctor said it's just precautionary, you know, but she doesn't see it that way. She's concerned, and you know what, she should be.

Lily: Cane, you don't have to explain to me. We're separated.

Cane: Listen, you -- you are still my wife. And she means nothing to me. You are the only woman I want. I know that I've made mistakes, but there is a saying, that you focus on the next right thing, and that is what I'm doing. And that is what I will keep doing until I can put my family back together.

Mariah: I know that you feel helpless. I mean, that's your little sister out there. But the police are involved now, and so is scott. I mean, he's coming at this with all of his hotshot journalist skills.

Tessa: When he posed as a client, he found out that crystal got in trouble because she tried to walk away with sharon.

Mariah: He also found out that there's a woman who's in charge of the girls and is possibly looking out for them, including crystal.

Tessa: Seriously, mariah? We don't even know if that's true. We don't know anything except for the fact that crystal hasn't tried to call me or sharon again.

Mariah: Look, I'm just wondering if it's time to tell sharon and noah the truth, that crystal is your sister.

Tessa: No! I don't want anyone else knowing. 'Cause if anyone else knows, it could bring up...stuff. About me and my past.

Mariah: Tessa, they are not gonna judge you.

Tessa: I'm not so sure. And it's not gonna help find her. Please. Please, can we keep this between you and me? I told you this in confidence because I trusted you.

Mariah: And I appreciate that trust, and I'm not gonna go back on my word. I just -- I don't want you to feel like you have to carry this alone.

Tessa: I'm not alone.

Sharon: Excuse me, officer. Those two women you brought in for processing, were they working out of the day & night hotel?

Yes, ma'am. They werE.

Sharon: Were they the only two girls there? Are they part of the ring that the D.A. Is investigating?

And you are?

Sharon: One of the girls reached out to me for help, and she may have paid the price for it. Her name is crystal. She's about 19, 20 years old. Pretty. Maybe just over 5 feet tall. Long brown hair, brown eyes.

The chief told us about her. Yeah.

Sharon: Were you able to find out any other information? Anything at all?

I need to post bail for a couple of girls who were just brought in.

Chelsea: I just think it would be better for faith to stay with sharon when she first gets back from camp, you know? A place that's more familiar to her. I mean, this move -- it's so new, you haven't had a chance to talk to her about how she feels, what she thinks about it.

Nick: Yeah, but connor and christian are gonna be here, and faith loves to be around them. She loves being a big sister to them. And now she's gonna get to do it on a regular basis.

Chelsea: But, nick, us moving into together, it's a big deal.

Nick: I know, which is why she needs to come here first, so we can talk to her together and let her know that this is a good and a positive thing. Plus, I want her to come here first before anybody else can throw in their opinion about it.

Chelsea: Okay. That's fair. I understand that, but you're forgetting the fact that faith has always wanted you to get back together with sharon. So I am not particularly her favorite person right now.

Nick: Yes, faith has had problems with new women in my life before, but she's older now, all right? I really think she's gonna be so far past that.

Chelsea: It's hard for little girls to get past stuff like that, you know? And she means a lot to me. I really want this to work out between us.

Nick: So do i. So I want her to come here, and I want her to see her new bedroom, the one you designed for her. And she's gonna fall in love with that. And the idea of living here. Which reminds me, I have to call some movers and have them go get her furniture over from victor's house before she gets home.

Chelsea: But her room here is so much smaller.

Nick: It's okay!

Chelsea: What if the furniture doesn't fit?

Nick: We're gonna make it work, all right? I want this place to feel comfortable and safe for her. I want her to know that she is surrounded by people who love and care about her.

[ Doorbell rings ]

Chelsea: Nikki. Come in.

Nikki: Hello.

Nick: Mom. [ Chuckles ] Back so soon?

Nikki: I just talked to victor.

Nick: Well, then you have my sympathies.

Nikki: I need to ask you a question, and it's going to require you to set aside the animosity you have for your father.

Nick: "Put aside my animosity for my father..." sounds like a really nice way of asking me to stop hating the man. What is going on?

Nikki: Victor would like to spend some time with faith when she comes back from camp, and he's concerned that you won't permit it.

Chelsea: Of course he will. He's told victor as much.

Nick: Well, considering everything that's gone down, I'm not sure if faith should spend as much time with victor as she did before.

Chelsea: Okay. I'm gonna go check on connor, let you two hash this out. Excuse me.

Nikki: Honey, if you do this to punish victor, it's only going to hurt faith more, because like it or not, they have a very special relationship. And with all the other changes that are happening to her, taking him away from her would be a mistake.

Nick: Mom, you moved out of the man's house, and he is still working you. He has somehow convinced you that I'm the one hurting this family? And you had to rush over here...

Nikki: He did not do that! Look, I lived with my granddaughter for months, and she hated that her parents were fighting. She craves stability. Now she's gonna come home and find her father and grandfather are estranged over some stupid feud that made it on television. Her father has moved off of her grandfather's property and into his girlfriend's place. I mean, what does she know about this? Is she prepared?

Nick: She doesn't know any of it.

Nikki: [ Sighs ]

Nick: She was at camp. I just wanted her to have fun and not worry about anything.

Nikki: You're just gonna spring it on her like this? Out of the blue? I don't think you understand what a huge change this is gonna be for a 10-year-old girl!

Nick: And you think the best person to help her understand this is victor?

Nikki: I think if you keep him from her, she will be very upset, and she will blame you.

Tessa: I wish I could find a way to help my sister. I just -- I don't even know where to start.

Mariah: Well, if you do decide to find her, then I will join you, because like you said, you're not alone. We're in this together.

Tessa: I guess I'm just feeling guilty. I mean, I'm living in this big, beautiful house. I've got a great boyfriend, an amazing best friend... I signed a recording contract. I'm carving out my career... I'm living my dream. While my sister is living in hell. This was my worst fear when i left chicago.

Mariah: The step you took, getting out -- that was to give both of you a chance. And the situation that crystal is in, it's not because of you. It's because of the people who preyed on her. Tessa, you are a great sister. You're a great person, too. Um... I'm gonna go get ready, 'cause I have to meet devon at the underground.

Tessa: Okay.

Sharon: The guy whose picture I sent? He paid bail for two girls, and they were released. No, they're still inside. But I have a feeling this man is going to lead us to crystal. Scott, relax! I'm just watching. I'm not going to do anything. Yes, I promise I will be careful.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Lily: I hope the baby will be okay.

Cane: Listen, I was just assuring juliet that I'm gonna be there for the child. That's all I was doing.

Lily: Of course you will. You're a good father.

Cane: Well, unfortunately, i don't think mattie and charlie feel that way right now. Look, they act angry, but really, they're just...upset and confused. You know, they're trying reconcile what you did with the man that they adored and depended on.

Cane: Well, I'm still that man, and they can depend on me. 'Cause the only thing that matters to me is my family.

Lily: Just be patient. They'll come around. They just need more time.

Cane: Yeah.

Lily: Uh, that consulting job that you told me about -- when are you gonna start that?

Cane: Um, the client canceled the job.

Lily: Oh, wow. I'm -- I'm sorry to hear that.

Cane: No, it's okay. Don't worry. I'm -- I'll find something else.

Lily: Yeah, I'll actually -- I'll be fine. Brash & sassy! Reinstated the dare campaign.

Cane: That is fantastic.

Lily: So they said I'll be very busy, so it looks promising so far.

Cane: That's great news. I'm happy for you. I'm gonna take that as a sign.

Lily: Uh, I should be going.

Cane: Yeah, um... it was -- it was great to run into you like this. It was nice to catch up.

Lily: Yeah. And good luck with everything.

Cane: Hey. Hey.

Hilary: I'm glad that you and lily are so civil about everything. I get it. Much easier to be in denial, especially about your wife.

Cane: What are you talking about? Actually, no, don't tell me. I want to guess this 'cause it's gonna have something to do with you spreading more lies.

Hilary: Oh, no. Not lies.

Cane: No?

Hilary: Only painful truths. I see it. Just a little glimmer of hope that lily's gonna take you back, and you're gonna live happily ever after.

[ Sighs ] She's letting you believe that, isn't she? I don't want to dampen things with cold, hard reality, but...

Cane: Oh, no, of course you do, so go. Spit it out. I'm listening. What do you want to say to me?

Hilary: You know, I guess lily isn't really doing anything wrong, right? Because you two are separated.

Cane: Why don't you just get to the point?

Hilary: Lily and jordan. They didn't waste any time. I saw it with my own eyes. They're probably already hooking up.

Lily: Hey.

Jordan: Hey.

Lily: Everything okay?

Jordan: Yeah. Um... I just had to tell someone something that they didn't really want to hear, but I sure as hell feel better for it, so...

Lily: That's good. Yeah, I ran into cane just now, and for the first time, I didn't feel like crying or screaming afterwards.

Jordan: That's a big step.

Lily: Yeah. It was.

Jordan: With all the excitement about the dare campaign, we never finished talking about what happened earlier at your house. I care about you a lot, lily, and I hope that kiss didn't add another complication. I don't want you to feel pressured at all.

Lily: No, I don't feel pressured. You've been my rock.

Jordan: Yeah. I'm happy to be your rock, and whatever else you need me to be. You decide what that is.

Mariah: Tessa? I'm leaving...

[ Engine starts ]

Sharon: [ Sighs ] Damn!

Nick: Mom, the fact that you are here on victor's behalf just proves he's still working you. And it just reinforces my instinct that I need to limit the amount of influence he has on my daughter's life.

Nikki: You are letting your anger at victor cloud your judgment!

Nick: Seriously? After the way he's treated his own children? We both know that he is not above using his special relationship with faith to fill her head with who knows what kind of garbage. That's why when I pick her up tomorrow, she's gonna hear about everything, and she's gonna hear about it from me.

Victor: Well, I'm very glad to hear that faith had a good time. Yes. I'm looking forward to coming up there and thanking you and your staff personally. I am on the way up there now. Well, I know this is her last day and she'll be coming home tomorrow, but there are some changes in the family situation. I wanted her to be apprised of that before she gets on the bus. All right. Thank you.

Next on "the young and the restless"...

Neil: Sometimes despite our best efforts, things wind up beyond the point of no return.

Jordan: According to this, you and I will be hitting the road together.

Tessa: What did you do to my sister?

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