Y&R Transcript Tuesday 8/22/17

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 8/22/17


Episode # 11240 ~ Victoria confronts Hilary about airing her dirty laundry; Neil and Devon clash over business; changes at the Newman Ranch trouble Nikki.

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[ Doorbell rings ]

Nikki: Hi! Abby. I'm sorry. I wasn't expecting to see you here. I came by to see nicholas.

Abby: He didn't tell you?

Nikki: Tell me what?

Abby: Nick moved out. Dad gave the place to me.

Chelsea: Hi.

Nick: Hey. I just saw the dishwasher was full of clean dishes.

Chelsea: Oh, right. I haven't had time to unload it yet. I'm gonna do that right now.

Nick: Well, I just did it.

Chelsea: You emptied the dishwasher? That's the most romantic thing you've ever done for me.

Nick: Really?

Chelsea: Uh-huh.

Nick: So are you saying i never have to buy you flowers again?

Chelsea: Well, let's put it this way. If I knew that you unloaded the dishwasher without me asking, i would have invited you to move in a lot sooner.

Nick: Yeah, but you didn't invite me. I invited myself.

Chelsea: True. That's a valid point.

Nick: You know, chelsea, if you're having second thoughts about this, you should tell me now.

Mariah: Victoria's faceoff with benjamin hochman has us trending on steroids. Hits and downloads out the wazoo.

Hilary: I knew that it would draw attention, but this? People are even re-streaming victor and nick's fight just so they can watch it alongside victoria going at benjamin. It -- it is fabulous.

[ Chuckles ]

Mariah: Just wait till the memes start. That's even more publicity.

Hilary: [ Squeals ]

Victoria: How could you? Airing that filthy trash. You're taking that footage of me offline, and you're doing it now.

Jordan: I hope I wasn't out of line.

Lily: No, you weren'T. I just -- I-I didn't expect that.

Jordan: Maybe you didn'T. Ever since you asked cane to move out, I've been thinking about kissing you.

Neil: The company is small, but it's grown very fast. Let me tell you something. The C.E.O. -- Very impressive.

Devon: Checks all the boxes, too. It's minority-owned, and it's a worthy product.

Neil: Yes, so let's make her an offer, huh?

Devon: Let's do it. I'm on it.

Neil: Good. Wait, wait. Before you leave, sit down a second.

Devon: What's going on?

Neil: [ Sighs ] So, we, hamilton-winters, we just gave a bridge loan to victoria newman for brash & sassy to get through the next quarter.

Devon: You did that without talking to me first?

Neil: It was time sensitive.

Devon: So did victoria come to you, or...?

Neil: No, not exactly.

Devon: What exactly?

Neil: I didn't do it all for victoria. I did it because of him.

Phyllis: Here's a report from fenmore's from my recent visit. And you are thinking now that victoria has effectively taken ben hochman out of the picture, you need a new way to dismantle brash & sassy.

Jack: No, victoria's managed to do that all on her lonesome. No investor in his right mind is gonna give that woman a loan after the way she spun out, airing her tawdry, little affair in public.

Phyllis: And if she has put her company in a worse position, I may lose it myself, 'cause i don't need less time with billy.

Jack: Oh, you may get more time with him since she can't pay her rent hike.

Billy: You know, jack, you were always too quick to underestimate victoria. You might want to check jabot's rental account.

Jack: Please tell your boss I'm not accepting partial payments.

Billy: Oh, you're gonna love this wire transfer. Paid in full through the next quarter, exorbitant rate and all.

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Abby: This all happened so quickly. I haven't really had time to get settled in.

Nikki: Why would nicholas suddenly decide to move out of here? Oh, my god.

Abby: Yeah, um, dad kicked him out.

Nikki: Where are nicholas and christian now?

Abby: They moved in with chelsea.

Nikki: And nobody chose to tell me that?! Oh, my god. To tell you the truth, knowing what your father did to your brother, I don't know why you even want to live here!

Abby: When dad asked me to move in, it felt like I was officially part of the family, which, well, it means more to me than I can even say. I just -- I hate that it's come at nick's expense, and I hate like hell that you're upset.

Nikki: I'm not upset with you. I'm upset with your father that he could be so vindictive that he would do this to your brother!

Abby: Nick didn't seem that bothered by it. You know, it really was nice of dad to think of me.

Nikki: I'm really happy that the two of you are in a good place right now, but as my splintered family can prove, might not last very long.

Zack: Sorry I'm late.

Abby: Zack, hi. Um, nikki newman, this is zack stinnett, my business partner. He was kind enough to help me move in.

Zack: Hi. It's a pleasure to finally meet you, mrs. Newman. I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to say hello after the concert.

Nikki: Oh, no, that -- that's okay. Good -- good to meet you, too. Thank you, um... for being so nice and helping abby. Uh, please call me nikki. And, uh, I'll let you to it.

Chelsea: When you first mentioned moving in here with me, I-I know I was a little hesitant.

Nick: Makes sense. I shouldn't have --

Chelsea: No, no, but then -- then I woke up this morning with you laying there next to me in my bed, and I realized how lucky I was to have this kind, caring, generous, sexy man laying next to me. And I feel lucky that you chose to be with me.

Nick: You're saying that now. What happens if, I don't know, i leave my sweaty socks on the ground or you catch me drinking milk straight out of the carton?

Chelsea: Or you put the empty carton back in the fridge instead of walking the two feet to the recycling bin?

Nick: I would never do that.

Chelsea: Okay.

Nick: I mean, not with the milk. The oj's a completely different story.

Chelsea: Got it. Good to know.

Nick: What happens if you, i don't know, see that I used up all the laundry detergent and i didn't tell you?

Chelsea: My god, you do laundry, too?!

Nick: [ Laughs ] I guess. Yes. I mean, you still gonna want me around?

Chelsea: Are you gonna make silly jokes to avoid being emotional?

Nick: I thought you liked my jokes. And who says I'm joking?

Chelsea: No, no second thoughts. None.

Nick: All right. I've been keeping something from you.

Chelsea: You eat pretzels in bed.

Nick: Mnh-mnh. This morning when I woke up and I saw you next to me, I realized that I am, hands down, the luckiest guy on the planet.

Jordan: Hey.

Lily: Hey. Look, I... I didn't mean to give you the wrong idea, okay? I-I enjoyed the kiss, but I'm still married.

Jordan: All right.

Lily: No, it's not all right. I still love my husband.

Jordan: Well, then...

Lily: Wait. Don't be upset, okay? I just -- I-I don't know what I'm doing anymore with anything right now.

Jordan: So you're confused.

Lily: Yeah, you could -- you could say that.

Jordan: Getting back with cane, is that a possibility?

Lily: [ Sighs ] I really -- [ Sighs ] I can't think about being with anyone right now. Not until I figure out how to make my own life work.

Jack: How could victoria possibly pay an entire quarter's rent up front? Her company needs the cash just to stay afloat. And I saw, as everyone else did, how poorly she handled the mess with ben hochman.

Billy: Well, let's just say a benefactor rode into town.

Jack: Victor.

Billy: No.

Phyllis: Then who was it?

Billy: It was jack's good buddy, neil winters. Thanks to neil, brash & sassy now has the financing to continue our r&d, fire up the new marketing campaign, and turn this ship around by next quarter.

Phyllis: You'll be able to hire more people.

Billy: Yes, we will.

Phyllis: That's wonderful. I'm very happy.

Jack: Do I need to tell you where your loyalties lie? A hint -- not with brash & sassy.

Billy: She's just excited to have me home more because I've been working around the clock. I hear that you might have a little more time on your hands, too, now that you've hired dina. Somebody of that caliber is gonna give you a little spare time around here.

Jack: Yes, mother told me she ran into you.

Billy: We had a nice conversation. We talked about dad, what a gracious and forgiving man that he was. If he was around to see how you're deliberately trying to sabotage victoria's company, i don't think he'd be very impressed with you.

Hilary: Even if I wanted to take down the footage of you confronting benjamin, which, by the way, I don't, it wouldn't matter. It would still be out there.

Mariah: She's right. It'd be on computers and cellphones, tablets, recorded to dvrs, and...

Hilary: Yeah, I think what mariah is trying to say is that since it's been on the air, it is out there forever. It's not going anywhere.

Victoria: That argument was private.

Hilary: You conducted it in a hallway, a public space. If you didn't want people to see you hulk out on your lover, then maybe you should have kept it behind closed doors.

Victoria: It's not about where it was. It's about stalking my family and me.

Hilary: Stalking? Are you serious?

Mariah: Victoria, I'm so sorry that you're upset, but maybe there's a way for us all to work this out.

Victoria: How?

Hilary: What are you doing?

Mariah: We could do a follow-up interview where you could tell your side of the story.

Victoria: Do you actually think that I'm gonna help you make me look worse than i already do right now?

Mariah: No, that's not -- that's not what I was saying. That wasn't my intention at all.

Victoria: The intention of this show is very clear -- to embarrass me, to ruin my company, and to humiliate my family.

Hilary: That's ridiculous.

Victoria: What happened? We had a great relationship, hilary. What's changed?

Neil: Brash & sassy had a shortage of cash, which put the dare campaign on hold, which ultimately put lily out of a job.

Devon: Right, all because cane, him messing up the company. Not only that, he messed up lily's ability to provide for her family, so you giving this money to victoria is your way of helping lily out, right?

Neil: Mnh-mnh. Not only that. She and I go back many years, you know? Very smart businesswoman, very capable. It was my opportunity to, you know, give her something back. And if it helps lily.

Devon: Well, I hope so. Um, I'm all for you helping lily out, though. I really am. But, uh, as long as cane is still in her life, that's gonna be a full-time job.

Neil: Cane.

Cane: You know what, neil? This isn't exactly a good time.

Neil: Well... I'll be quick, then. I want you to consider this a mini intervention.

Chelsea: That was a call about a fabric order that finally arrived, so I have to run into the office. You gonna be okay here, huh, with the boys? You want me to call a sitter for you?

Nick: Sitter? Why? I'm just gonna be here unpacking stuff.

Chelsea: Even with connor and christian and all that mayhem? Are you sure?

Nick: Really? That's called playtime. I mean, kids love big, empty boxes.

Chelsea: Oh.

Nick: I do, too. It's gonna be awesome.

Chelsea: [ Chuckles ] All right. Awesome it will be. Well, you three boys have fun, then, and I will see you all later.

Nick: Okay.

Chelsea: Bye.

Nick: Bye.

Chelsea: Bye. I should go.

Nick: Yeah. You should.

Chelsea: Mm-hmm.

Nick: I should unpack some stuff.

Chelsea: Yeah, you should unpack some -- okay, I'm really -- really --

Nick: Okay.

Chelsea: Going --

Nick: Bye.

Chelsea: Now. Bye. I'm really going now!

Billy: Please come in. Have a seat and close the door behind you.

[ Sighs ] So, the dare campaign is back on, effective immediately.

Jordan: What?

Lily: Wait, the -- the budget issues.

Billy: Victoria was able to secure financing. However --

Lily: Okay, there's a downside.

Billy: I don't want to mislead you, okay? We're still on shaky ground here. So it is imperative that we have outstanding numbers in the next quarter. So it means that we're gonna need the best out of everybody. Jordan, innovative, eye-popping stuff out of you.

Jordan: Content across all media. I'm on it.

Billy: You, I need the magic, the magic that I know is inside there. Video shoots, promotional videos, personal appearances, everything.

Lily: Yes, of course. Whatever you and victoria need. Thank you so much for bringing me back.

Billy: Well, there was never a doubt. I know how much this job means to you. But you need to know how much you mean to us here at brash & sassy and victoria and me.

Victoria: We've always come to you first with anything that might interest your viewers. We've had a mutually beneficial relationship, I would say.

Mariah: Well, that's all true --

Victoria: So what is this about? Why all of a sudden is my life fair game? Is it because of juliet? Because she complained about being fired and you saw a story, so you recommended a lawyer, and then you decided you'd come after me?

Hilary: I wasn't out to hurt you. I was out for the truth. Maybe if cane hadn't have behaved inappropriately with juliet, then there wouldn't have been a lawsuit!

Victoria: You encouraged her to sue me and my company. Is that really how hateful you are? You don't care who you hurt as long as you get your ratings.

Hilary: I didn't air one thing about that lawsuit.

Victoria: Only because it was sealed! So don't make yourself out to be some kind of saint!

Hilary: I don't understand why you're so upset with me! Because, you know, victor -- he has no problem with me! He was fine with me airing that footage of him and nick.

Victoria: My father doesn't speak for me. But he did teach me how to deal with bottom-feeding hacks who suck up trash and claim they're protecting the public's right to know.

Hilary: That's exactly what i am trying to do here.

Victoria: Do you want to keep your job and your so-called dignity? Don't make an enemy out of me.

Nikki: Oh, my god. It's true. You and christian are living with chelsea.

Nick: Abby or victoria?

Nikki: Abby. And I would have appreciated a little warning. I walked down to the tack house, wanted to talk to you, see if you saw victoria on "the hilary hour," but guess what? You don't live there anymore!

Nick: Look, I was too busy moving us in here, but I'm guessing from your mood and the expression on your face, it wasn't exactly flattering.

Nikki: No, it wasn't, but i don't want to talk about that right now. I want to talk about why your father suddenly kicked you and my grandchildren out of their house.

Nick: Well, he, uh, he disowned me, remember? And, uh, a surprise eviction is a very victor newman thing to do, don't you think?

Nikki: It's despicable!

Nick: Look, I was upset about it at first, mom, but I can't really argue with the man's logic. You know, I've spent most of my adult life living on victor newman's property rent-free. This is kind of nice to cut the cord, you know, and I'm absolutely loving living with chelsea.

Nikki: What about faith?

Nick: You know, that's gonna take a little time to, uh, convince her that this is right, but, uh, chelsea and I are -- we're committed to making this work.

Nikki: Well, if you truly believe that you're ready to make that step...guess that's fine, as long as it's not because you suddenly find yourself without a father and a house.

Nick: Mom, come on. I wouldn't use chelsea like that. I love her.

Nikki: Well, then I wish you both the best.

Nick: Thanks. Should I be saying the same thing about you and jack?

Nikki: Oh, stop it. We had a lovely day at the abbott cabin.

Nick: Okay. Now it's my turn to look out for you. You know it's going to infuriate dad when he finds out about you and jack. And jack just loves to stir the pot. You know that. If this newman/abbott feud gets re-ignited, don't get caught in the middle of it.

Jack: Anything that costs me time and money is not minor. Fix it! What?

Phyllis: Just passing through. I didn't realize victoria's deal with neil would put you in such a foul mood.

Jack: Then maybe you didn't see the smug look on billy's face when he said the rent was paid.

Phyllis: Well, it kind of matched the look on your face.

Jack: The gall of that man, the audacity to bring up our father, trying to paint me as vindictive.

Phyllis: Well...

Jack: No, our dad was a fair man. He played by the rules, but he was also a shrewd businessman that didn't let his good nature get in the way of a successful deal.

Phyllis: And while that might be true, I don't think your father would approve of your plan to annihilate brash & sassy. And despite your friendship, neither will neil.

Jack: No, you're right. I'm gonna have to find another way to take my competition out of business.

Victoria: You told me to come to you if there was any change in my symptoms.

Dr. Carlisle: Your blood pressure's normal. But I see you had some memory loss?

Victoria: There have been, um, events that I-I don't remember, conversations that i only realize when people have told me what I've said.

Dr. Carlisle: Have you been drinking?

Victoria: Some wine from time to time in moderation. It's not like they've been drunken blackouts, dr. Carlisle.

Dr. Carlisle: Are you suffering from headaches, dizziness?

Victoria: No.

Dr. Carlisle: Any symptoms that precede these losses in memory?

Victoria: My hearing. Sometimes things sound jumbled, like gibberish, but then everything just goes back to normal.

Dr. Carlisle: Have you reduced your stress as I've suggested?

Victoria: I've tried, but unfortunately, my stress level has only increased since the last time I saw you.

Dr. Carlisle: I'm sending you downstairs for an eeg.

Victoria: Now?

Dr. Carlisle: As a precaution.

Victoria: Could my memory issues be related to the mild concussion from the night i fell?

Dr. Carlisle: It's a strong possibility. The eeg will help me figure out what's going on, okay?

Zack: How many business books do you own? A couple thousand?

Abby: [ Chuckles ] At least.

Zack: All right, what's next?

Abby: Ooh, um, shelf paper, which I left in my car.

Zack: All right. Can I help?

Abby: Sure. There's more books in those boxes right over there.

Zack: [ Sighs ]

Abby: Yep. Get to work. Be right back.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Zack: Zack stinnett.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, of course I've heard of your blogs. One of the hottest around. Yeah. As much as I'd love going on blast to your 2 million subscribers, I don't think I'm quite ready to do interviews about design date yet. Yeah, thanks, though. Okay.

Abby: Why did you turn down that interview?

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Zack: Shelf paper wasn't in the car?

Abby: Forgot my keys.

Zack: [ Sighs ] I turned down the interview because the app just launched, abby. I don't want to over-hype it. The tech space is unpredictable. Glitches happen. Credibility gets lost. Then who's gonna invest in the next big thing?

Abby: You're all about playing it safe.

Zack: In business? You bet. In personal life? I mean, is it playing it safe by dating my business partner? Probably not. And if you don't like how I --

Abby: Look, zack, um, i brought you into my tech incubator because I liked your idea and I trusted your ability to pull it off. So I have your back about the interview.

Zack: And the personal?

Abby: It would be a little bit boring if there weren't a little risk involved, right?

Zack: Then both of our ventures will continue to succeed.

Abby: Of that I have no doubt.

Nick: I'm afraid to ask.

Chelsea: I asked for silk. Not linen. Silk.

Nick: There's a big difference between the two?

Chelsea: It's a huge difference! Are you kidding me?! It's a massive difference! And now I have to send it all back, and I'm -- it's not like a little bit! I'm walking bolts! Like, I need to send back bolts and bolts and...

Nick: Bolts?

Chelsea: Thank you! You get it! Too bad my idiot supplier didn't get it. Ugh! I don't know what I'm gonna do now! I mean, these dresses are due by the end of the month. I'm not gonna be able to supply that, so what's gonna happen is the entire catalog is gonna be...late... why did you move connor's drawing?

Nick: Uh, I-I didn'T. I just -- I just kind of set out some of my, uh, my own family photos.

Chelsea: Because, I mean, this is my -- it's my favorite drawing of his.

Nick: Chelsea, I promise i didn't mean to -- to hide it. I just kind of set them there.

Chelsea: I'm just overreacting. It's fine.

Nick: No. Hey. Look, no. Look, it was thoughtless. I'm sorry.

Chelsea: No, it's fine, nick. You were just...

Nick: You know, it's gonna take some getting used to this idea of a shared home. I think I know how to help.

Dr. Carlisle: According to the neurologist, your brainwave patterns are normal. No indications of another injury or a seizure disorder. But it's not uncommon for patients to experience memory issues or distorted hearing after a concussion, even a mild one. And stress exacerbates symptoms.

Victoria: How long will this go on?

Dr. Carlisle: Your symptoms could be gone by the end of the week or last for months.

Victoria: Months?

Dr. Carlisle: Every case is different.

Victoria: Okay, well, what am I supposed to do in the meantime? I mean, is there a treatment for this sort of thing?

Dr. Carlisle: Unfortunately, no. But you should monitor your symptoms and take notes of any time you experience distorted hearing or realize you forgot a conversation, and...

Victoria: Yeah, I know. Minimize stress. I know.

Dr. Carlisle: Your body's telling you to take it easy.

Victoria: Yeah, I guess i could try to take some time off of work, but under the circumstances, I just don't see how that's possible.

Neil: Lily told me that you're living at the chancellor place.

Cane: Yeah. Trying to save money on rent. Neil, I am working hard at this. I am. I am doing everything in my power to make this up to my family, convince lily to take me back.

Neil: You're gonna have to make big changes, then.

Cane: I have. I'm looking for a job. I even sold my car to pay for the kids' tuition at walnut grove.

Neil: But it's not enough, my friend. You know, you -- you got to stop blaming people for the situation you're in. You got to take responsibility.

Cane: I know.

Neil: You got to show lily that you're a decent man, that you're an honest man, which i know you are.

Cane: I'm trying. I'm trying.

Neil: Not hard enough. There's an old saying. "You make your own luck." Okay? Think about that.

Cane: Yeah.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Mariah: Hey. You were totally checked out during the production meeting. I guess what victoria said got to you?

Hilary: She was madder at me than she was at hochman.

Mariah: How did you think that she would react, seeing her own meltdown on "the hilary hour"?

Hilary: I didn't think she came off that bad, mariah. I mean, she was strong, she was confident, she handed that guy his head on a platter when he obviously deserved it.

Mariah: Hilary, what world do you live in? They were hurling insults about each other's performance in bed. I mean, did you really think that victoria would be okay with seeing that plastered all over the internet? Not to mention the part about her company not doing so well.

Hilary: Well, like I already told victoria, I can't and i won't undo it.

Mariah: Then I sincerely hope you have a flak jacket, because you're gonna get some major blowback from this.

Hilary: I can handle it.

[ Sighs ]

Devon: Hey.

Mariah: Hey.

Devon: How you doing?

Mariah: I really hope you're here to whisk me away on your private jet to somewhere magical.

Devon: Well, that depends on whether or not you consider the underground magical.

Mariah: If it means hanging out with you, then absolutely.

Devon: Yeah? Perfect. Let's meet there later, huh?

Mariah: Deal.

Devon: Okay.

Billy: Fantastic. Thank you.

Phyllis: Champagne. What are we celebrating? Victoria's loan with neil?

Billy: No, we are celebrating you. To you, my beautiful woman, for sticking by me when I was not at my best, for always having faith in me, and for making me exquisitely happy that you are in my life.

[ Glasses clink ] I missed you while you were gone.

Phyllis: I missed you, too. I'm sorry that jack has decided to wage war with you guys, raising the rent.

Billy: You know jack. He wants to demolish the company. But too bad, so sad. Vicki and I aren't going anywhere. We're not about to let jack or anybody else kick us while we're down.

Phyllis: You know, your brother doesn't give up easily.

Billy: Neither do I. I'm not worried about jack. I can handle him.

Phyllis: Yeah? And how do you plan on doing that?

Billy: By not involving you. I don't want you caught in the crosshairs.

Jack: What an unexpected surprise.

Nikki: Well, I'm sorry for barging in.

Jack: No, nothing to apologize for. Can I get you some water?

Nikki: Um, yes. Thank you. At least I didn't have to bump into gloria or your mother. How is dina's project going?

Jack: Better than expected.

Nikki: Well, happy to hear that. Ah, irony. Your family is coming together and my family is falling apart. Victor just threw nicholas out of the tack house.

Jack: Oh, dear. Can't say I'm that surprised.

Nikki: And victoria's humiliated over that "hilary hour" debacle. Did you happen to catch that?

Jack: I'm sorry. Yes, I did.

Nikki: I don't know how you can be friends with that woman.

Jack: When she worked for me, she was very loyal, always had my back.

Nikki: We're talking about the same hilary curtis?

Jack: I have heard all of the terrible things people have said about hilary. I've seen another side to her, one that I like and admire. Look, I could turn this question around, you know. Why do you still care about victor?

Nikki: Well, he was the love of my life for decades. We share children, grandchildren, and many good times.

Jack: And many bad times that seem to outweigh the good ones now, or the two of you wouldn't be separated.

Nikki: Well, jack, you can't just stop loving somebody because of the bad times. That doesn't mean that I want to be with victor or that I'll ever forgive him.

Jack: Is that why you're opening yourself up to me now? To stick it to him?

Nikki: Aren't you with me in some way for the same reason?

Jack: Despite my bravado about victor, ticking him off is like jumping into an active volcano. Is that really something you want to do?

Nikki: Do you?

Abby: Just what I needed -- pizza and the most efficient unpacker ever.

Zack: Well, I had tons of practice. I moved around a lot.

Abby: Me, too, when I was a kid. I actually didn't get close with my dad until I moved to genoa city. And even then, things were volatile.

[ Chuckles ]

Zack: That's too bad. I know how much you admire and respect him.

Abby: I'm proud to be his daughter. And him asking me to move here, I feel like I'm a true member of the family, finally.

[ Chuckles ]

Zack: Seeing you at work, how immersed you are, it's tough to imagine there was ever a time you felt less than. You're talented, smart. You're beautiful. I think you're amazing, even if you have a little pizza sauce on your face.

Abby: Oh. [ Laughs ]

Zack: I just wanted an excuse to kiss you.

Abby: No excuses necessary. I think you're amazing, too.

Jack: Perhaps when I first encouraged you to cry on my shoulder, a bit of that was poking the bear.

Nikki: But since then?

Jack: Since then, we've spent some real time together. And I remembered how much I like having you in my life, how much happier I am when you're around, how I laugh more, how -- how much brighter my life is with you in it. So, no. No, there's no hidden agenda where victor is concerned. Not on my part, anyway.

Nikki: None for me, either. I want to be back in your life, jack. And I want you to be in mine.

Cane: Hey. I, uh, got your text. I, uh, hope you're not mad at me for warning you about your special appearance on gc buzz, but, you know, I just thought you should know.

Victoria: Oh, how right you are. But that's not why I asked you here. I'd like to talk to you. And I'd like to thank you.

Cane: Oh, really? For what?

Victoria: For saving me from making a terrible decision. You know, for as much damage as you've caused this company, this time you did me a huge favor.

Cane: Well, I'm pleased i could help. But, uh, what exactly did I do?

Victoria: You know, I was about to sign a loan with benjamin for brash & sassy when I saw your name and number scribbled on a notepad in his hotel room. In your own handwriting. Imagine that timely coincidence.

Cane: Well, sometimes things just work out.

Victoria: I take it you were hoping to do business with him.

Cane: I'm unemployed, and I'm just exploring my options to try and make some money for my family. That's all I'm trying to do.

Victoria: Like the one that you offered jack would have had you committing corporate espionage. You know, if I hadn't seen that note and I had accepted ben's help, I might have lost my company. So thank you. Thank you very much, cane, for saving brash & sassy. And in case you're having any doubts whatsoever, you're still fired.

Lily: I feel like this huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. At least there's one good thing in my life I'm not losing.

Jordan: Are you talking about your brand-ambassador job or me?

Lily: Both.

[ Chuckles ]

Jordan: I feel the same way.

Lily: [ Chuckles ]

Jordan: Cheers.

Lily: Cheers.

Billy: I slept with you while you were still married to my brother. I don't regret that. But jack does have a right to hate me for it. But this latest attack on brash & sassy, raising the rent, it doesn't just hurt me.

Phyllis: You think he won't stop.

Billy: You know jack. He's not gonna stop until victoria's company's history. And I'm not gonna let that happen. So it's time for me to start playing offense.

Phyllis: Okay. How?

Billy: I have weapons of my own.

Phyllis: Jack's accused me of divided loyalties, but I want you to understand I do not care who signs my paychecks. My loyalties will always be with you.

Billy: Then be prepared. I've paid the price for the affair, and I'm done paying. Jack has punished me enough. It's my turn to punish him.

Next on "the young and the restless"...

Nick: Faith is coming home from camp tomorrow.

Chelsea: Is she coming to stay with us?

Nick: Unless you have a problem with that.

Jordan: This isn't working. We should just move on.

Victor: Bonnie, is that you?

Nikki: Oh, no. It's me.

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