Y&R Transcript Wednesday 8/16/17

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 8/16/17


Episode # 11237 ~ Billy forms an unlikely alliance; Sharon enlists Scott's help to find Crystal; Ashley and Ravi experience cabin fever.

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Jack: I am impressed with how you've handled your first day at jabot.

Dina: Oh, it feels so good being back to work.

Jack: It's meant to be, huh?

Dina: Oh, yes. And I'm grateful that you realized that, and have assigned me a project.

Jack: Uh, actually, it was ashley that insisted we utilize your skill and expertise.

Dina: Well, that's quite remarkable, isn't it, considering our history.

Jack: You two have come a long way.

Dina: Mm. I wonder if ashley feels that way. I feel like I've driven her out of the building.

Jack: No, no, no, no, no. Not true. She is enjoying some well-deserved r&r up at our place by the lake.

Dina: Ah, yes. The abbott cabin.

Jack: Tell me something. The other night at dinner, when you were referring so fondly to your time at the lake... that was all bunk, wasn't it? Go ahead. Say it. Admit it. You hated the place. In fact, I think "rustic hell" is how you fondly referred to it.

Ashley: Hey, ravi?

[ Sighs ]

[ Door slams, footsteps ] Daddy, daddy...

Mariah: So, the girl that called sharon on the crisis hotline...

Tessa: Is crystal. My sister.

Mariah: That's insane.

Tessa: I know.

Mariah: When's the last time you saw her?

Tessa: It's been a really long time. I mean... we talked on the phone once or twice when I moved to genoa city.

Mariah: So you knew where she was?

Tessa: I mean, then, she was living with my messed-up family. I mean, the plan was that I would put enough away so that she could join me, and we would be together. And she would be out of that rotten, abusive place. And now she's on the streets. And I have no idea where... or how to reach her.

Mariah: You had no idea... the kind of life crystal had gotten into?

Tessa: No. [ Crying ]

Sharon: You think you can find crystal?

Scott: Christine said the john they -- they busted booked a massage from an ad in this. It's the perfect way for a pimp on a budget to advertise his product.

Sharon: So, what are you going to do?

Scott: Become crystal's newest client.

Victoria: I've been considering your proposition.

Benjamin: Fascinating and unpredictable, as usual. However... what proposition are we talking about?

[ Cellphone rings ]

Victoria: Oh. You know what, this might be about the kids. I'm sorry.

Benjamin: Oh, no. I totally understand.

Victoria: Hey, billy.

Billy: Hey. So, what happened with the potential source of financing your mentioned?

Victoria: I'm handling it. I'll call you back.

Benjamin: Do you want to take this alone? I can give you a minute if you want.

Billy: Is that hochman?

Victoria: I'm in the middle of dinner, so I will call you tomorrow. Bye.

Billy: Vick, what are you planning -- victoria!

[ Cellphone slams ]

Victor: [ Chuckles ] Having a rough day?

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Dina: And you're right. I never cared about the cabin, but I went because john was crazy about the place.

Jack: As I remember, you spent most of your time at the country club in those days. I guess you preferred your recreation on dry land.

Dina: Well, I knew how important it was to your father.

Jack: Not just him. It was important to us kids, too. One place we could have fun, the one place we could... get away from the sadness at home.

Young ashley: Daddy?

John: What is it, my beauty?

Young ashley: Can you take me and traci on a boat ride?

John: Maybe later. Okay, ash?

Young ashley: Daddy, why are you so sad all the time?

John: Honey... uh... because I miss your mother.

Young ashley: Where is she?

John: She's living overseas now.

Young ashley: Is she coming home?

John: No, honey. No, she's not.

Young ashley: Don't worry, daddy. It'll be okay. I'll take care of you.

John: Honey... hey.

Ravi: Hey! I've got an awesome surprise for you. Morels, chanterelles...

Tessa: Crystal called me right before the recording session to tell me she needed help.

Mariah: Did she say anything else?

Tessa: No. The call was cut off. It was like someone took the phone and hung up.

Mariah: That's why you couldn't focus at the recording studio.

Tessa: I kept thinking she'd call back. And then, when I heard your mom's story about going to the motel to help the...hooker, whose name was crystal... god, it was a punch in the stomach.

Mariah: I'm so sorry.

Tessa: It's more common than you think. I've heard stories on the road. I mean... crystal only got a few words out, but I could tell right away that she was desperate and terrified.

Mariah: I wish my mom had been able to get her away.

Tessa: And now, the people controlling crystal know she tried to escape. I can't even think about what those sick bastards are doing to make sure she doesn't try it again. My number-one priority was to protect my sister.

[ Sobs ] Epic fail, huh?

Mariah: Oh, come on. It's okay.

Scott: Remember what christine said? How the ad they placed indicated a smaller, local operation? So, answering one could lead me directly to crystal.

Sharon: That would be a very lucky break.

Scott: Well, if not, I can improvise. I can, uh... describe crystal, and tell them that's my type.

[ Line ringing, beeps ]

[ Cellphone rings ] Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I did. Uh, I'm in town just for the night, and, uh, I was really interested in a full-body massage. Yeah. Mm. Mm-hmm. Great. Great, great. Thank you. All right.

Sharon: I don't know about this, scott. What if something goes wrong?

Scott: [ Sighs ] Hey, we already tried enlisting the police. And christine admitted it -- the local law enforcement don't have the resources, and it's really hard to get something to stick.

Sharon: Okay, but still, you shouldn't go alone. Why don't you park the car somewhere out of the way, and i will wait in the car?

Scott: That would just get us unwanted attention. Hey. I used to make a living going to unknown situations and dealing with bad people. This is like a -- a day in the office.

Sharon: Okay. What am I supposed to say? "Bye, honey. Have a nice day"?

Scott: Come here.

Ravi: Hey, what's wrong?

Ashley: I was just thinking about my dad. How much he loved it here. And how he used to warn us about mushrooms -- that you should treat them all as if they're poisonous, because that's the only way you can be safe.

Ravi: [ Chuckles ] Well, lucky for you, I was an eagle scout with a merit badge in mushrooms.

Ashley: [ Chuckles ] So, you want to let me know what you plan on doing with those wicked things?

Ravi: Um...no. Can'T. Sorry. That would ruin the real surprise.

Ashley: Another surprise? Are you kidding me? You've already wowed me with your sailing ability and your paddleboard expertise.

Ravi: Yeah, I could, uh, tell you weren't expecting that.

Ashley: No. Hey... but I bet you weren't expecting me to get right up on that board, right? I've been having so much fun. More fun than I've had on this lake since I was a kid.

Ravi: It seems like you're really into this place, like your dad was.

Ashley: Yeah. It was so great to see my father relax. He would leave all that stress in genoa city and... okay. He brought us here. He taught us how to fish. I can fish, ravi.

[ Ravi chuckles ] And how to sail and swim, of course.

Ravi: What was dina like here?

Dina: Ah, yes. I did try to enjoy the place. Especially those first years.

Jack: Yeah, I remember. You'd pack that station wagon to the gills so everything was ready when dad came home, got out of his three-piece suit, and off we'd go. We'd get to the cabin just as it was getting dark.

Dina: And I knew all those trips brought you so much joy.

Ashley: This place wasn't nearly as magical for my mother. In fact, I think she kind of hated it. I mean, she -- she tried. She'd fix a big batch of s'mores, you know, but then she'd go sequester herself off with her magazines or her best-selling beach reads.

Ravi: Well, it is a pretty sweet beach you've got out there.

Ashley: Well, that's ironic, isn't it? She read an entire harold robbins novel without setting foot on it one time.

Ravi: Hmm.

Ashley: Shortly after, i became aware of the fact that my mother was unhappy, and my father knew it. Not sure how long after that she left.

Ravi: How old were you?

Ashley: 11. Far too young to know how or why a marriage crumbles.

Ravi: Far too young to lose a mother. Did jack know what was happening?

Jack: The next summer, and the one after that, dad would tell us that you were visiting friends in new york, or you were playing in a tennis tournament at the club. And then, the summer after you left... dad barely came outside. You know, he was... sitting in his chair, or lying in his bed reading his book. He didn't want us to know the pain he was in. The girls were young. They probably didn't notice a thing. But I... I could feel it. Like a weight pressing down on him.

Ashley: Well, jack was definitely more aware than traci and I were. You know, he was older. He tried so hard to protect us, but... some things you just can't hide. I remember the summer after my mother left. The very first one. My father sat in that chair. He never went outside that whole summer. He just stayed in that chair and slowly made his way through a huge stack of books. When you came in, that's what I was thinking of. I was thinking of that first summer. How long the days seemed, just watching my father. He was so sad. And I was just always wondering if he was ever gonna be the same. I mean, you know, if anything was ever gonna be the same.

Ravi: Hey, if being here is bringing back those negative memories... I-I don't want you to feel that. I don't want you to be here.

Ashley: No. It actually feels good talking to somebody about it.

Victor: Well, pardon the intrusion, billy boy. Feel free to continue your tantrum. What'd you screw up now?

Billy: Look, if you're here to see bad judgment and colossal blunders in action, you're a little late. Cane has been fired. We had to scrap the entire dare campaign. Everything that victoria's killing herself to fix right now is his fault. And if you don't mind, I'm right there with her. So I've got work to do.

Victor: What kind of damage did cane ashby cause?

Billy: This is your daughter's company, okay? If you want answers, ask her the questions.

Victor: I'm asking you. You know that victoria was so upset she broke down in front of her sister abby?

Billy: Doesn't sound like victoria.

Victor: Exactly. Tell me what this was all about. I mean, why was she so damn upset? I asked her. She didn't answer it. Told me everything was all right. That your assessment?

Billy: No. It's not. We are in dire straits. As we speak right now, she is trying to secure a bridge loan to get us through the next quarter.

Victor: I didn't know that.

Billy: Yes. Apparently, the bank doesn't think that we're a good risk right now.

Victor: That's why she came to my office. She wanted to ask me for a loan. Well, thank you for being honest with me, okay?

Billy: Yeah, well, I care about this company, victor. But I care more about your daughter.

Victor: As do I. Of course, I'm willing to give her that loan, gladly. I'll draw up the papers. Where is she now?

Benjamin: I'll be honest with you -- I haven't been able to work much since the night that we were together.

[ Chuckles ] I-I keep rolling it back in my mind, asking myself, what did i do to deserve the chance to experience this new dimension of you?

[ Sighs ] One that most men never, ever get a chance to experience themselves.

Victoria: You know... I would just prefer it if we stuck to business tonight.

[ Chuckles ] I mean, since getting to know you better, I've reconsidered things.

Benjamin: Have you?

[ Chuckles ]

Victoria: Yeah.

Benjamin: I-I'm happy to hear that.

Victoria: Oh, good. I was hoping you would be. Because... I am willing to entertain the idea of you helping brash & sassy. On my terms. To be clear.

Benjamin: [ Laughs ] Oh, that goes without saying.

Victoria: So, what have you got to offer me?

Tessa: I promised my sister that even though I was away, when she needed to get out of that house, I would be there. But I wasn'T.

Mariah: Did crystal let you know that the time had come?

Tessa: No. Something really awful must have happened.

Mariah: You can't beat yourself up for not being there. You didn't know.

Tessa: I was so wrapped up in my life, in my dreams... I should have paid more attention when she stopped answering my calls. Maybe I could have found her before she ended up doing what she is.

Mariah: Tessa, you are not to blame. No, no. Listen to me. I'm serious. The good things that have happened to you have happened because of your drive, your ambition, your talent. You could not turn your back on those opportunities. And you weren't just doing it for yourself. You were doing it for crystal, too.

Tessa: Please. Don't tell noah or your mom that crystal's my sister. It could wreck things. I know he would never see me the same way.

Mariah: Noah isn't like that. This isn't something that you have to keep from him.

Tessa: Please. As my closest friend, and the only one who knows, promise me.

Mariah: Okay. I won't say anything. For now. It's the best that I can do.

Tessa: [ Sighs ] That's awesome. Just like you.

Mariah: [ Scoffs ]

Tessa: Believe it or not, I feel a lot better after having told someone.

Mariah: Well, I just wish you'd have told me sooner.

[ Door opens ]

Sharon: Oh, good. You're both here. I have news about the girl I'm looking for. Scott is on a mission to find crystal right now.

Scott: Hi. Um... I called about the appointment.

Man: Pay now.

Scott: [ Scoffs ] Look, I don't mind paying the, uh, cash to the masseuse, but... not to you. I don't think so. Hi, there. Okay. Hey. Hey. Y-you don't need to do that. I'm not in a rush.

Natalia: [ European accent ] You are boss.

Scott: So, in that case, why don't we talk? Get to know each other a little first?

Ravi: I know there will always be distance between you and dina, but I can definitely say you guys are closer than when she first came to town.

Ashley: Now, wait. Enough of this therapeutic nostalgia.

Ravi: [ Chuckles ]

Ashley: Today was supposed to be about you interacting with the great outdoors.

Ravi: Okay. How'd I do?

Ashley: Fantastic. I have a feeling that you have merit badges in swimming and sailing that are right next to that merit badge in mushrooms.

[ Ravi laughs ] I mean wilderness survival.

[ Laughs ]

Ravi: Thank you. And, yes. Guilty.

Ashley: I knew it!

Ravi: The scouts emphasize teamwork and... I thought we made a really good one today.

Ashley: We did. You know, until you branched off on your solo, secret mushroom plan.

Ravi: I wouldn't call it a secret mushroom plan.

Ashley: [ Laughs ] Okay. So, um... let me guess. Do you have a merit badge in this... I mean, whatever it is?

Ravi: Why don't you join me in there and find out?

Ashley: I would love to. I want to know all about your skills. Whether they earned badges or not.

Victoria: Wow. You do travel prepared.

Benjamin: Oh, it's just a standard contractual agreement. I always pack a couple in case the right deal presents itself wherever I happen to be.

Victoria: I see that you've written in a rather large dollar amount on this one.

Benjamin: Indicating how much I plan to invest in your company for a modest 20% share. Of course, that means that you'll keep total control. Do you need a pen?

Victoria: To sign over 1/5 of brash & sassy for 1/10 of what it's worth? Um, no. I'm -- I'm good.

Benjamin: So, I guess i shouldn't wait for a counteroffer.

Victoria: I wouldn't ask you to wait. At least, not for that. But, really, I just need a fraction of this dollar amount. So if we move the decimal over, say, to the middle, and we do a short-term bridge loan... I would just borrow the money for three months and pay it back in full. With interest, of course.

Benjamin: I hate to ask. Uh...and if you default?

Victoria: Well, that's not possible. I've never even been one day late on a loan, ever.

Benjamin: Well, that's great, but I need to treat this like any other business loan.

Victoria: Oh, yes. Of course. I prefer that.

Benjamin: Oh, excellent. Well, in the unlikely event that you default, I will, uh, own a stake of your company.

[Voice fading, distorting] Of course, it won't be the original 20%. It'll probably be an additional 20%.

Victoria: [ Sighs ]

Billy: Victoria?

Victoria: Hey. What are you doing here?

Victor: Well, now, if it isn't mr. Hochman.

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Victor: There's an important matter that we need to discuss.

Billy: In private.

Victor: Would you mind giving us a few moments, mr. Hochman?

Victoria: I really apologize, ben. This won't take long.

Benjamin: No problem. I'll print up a new draft in the suite. Gentlemen.

Billy: Don't tell me you signed those papers.

Victoria: I didn't sign anything, billy.

Victor: What is this I hear about you coming to me for a loan?

Victoria: You called my father?

Victor: Nobody called. When I went back to my office, they told me that you'd come and gone.

Victoria: Yeah, well, i couldn't wait, dad. I've got a lot going on right now.

Victor: I'm aware of that. The last time I saw you, you seemed quite...upset. That's why I came to see you in your office.

Victoria: You came by to have a chat with billy? Because you guys are apparently really good friends now.

Billy: I'm concerned about you, vick.

Victor: For once, my darling, billy and I have put aside our issues. Because we want to help you. I'm more than happy to make that loan to your company. Why the hell would you want to deal with a shark like hochman?

Victoria: For the very same reason that I left your office without waiting. Because of what you did to nicholas. You kicked him out of his home just to be spiteful.

Dina: Oh, and you're right. I forced your father to make many excuses for me. It was very unfair.

Jack: You realize this is the first time we have talked about dad since you've been back?

Dina: Well, we've never had the opportunity to sit and reminisce, son.

Jack: With graham lurking over you.

Dina: Graham's role in my life must be very confusing to you and your sisters.

Jack: No, actually. Not anymore, now that we know the handsome award that awaits him upon your imminent -- I mean your very distant demise.

Dina: Well, he deserves it.

Jack: If you say so. I respect your decision.

Dina: And you respect my business sense enough to offer me a major project, and I am delighted.

Jack: Mother, you are more than qualified for any of this. We'd be foolish not to use your skill and expertise. I'm glad it's been a shot in the arm for you.

Dina: Oh, it's been just wonderful. And it's all been thanks to you.

Jack: Oh, no. It's been my pleasure. Now... [ Smooches ] I have to go read the first part of the due diligence that you did today. Good night, mother.

Dina: Good night, son.

Gloria: Ah! Hello. I hope your day was maginfique. You know, I just think it's wonderful that we can all work together like one big happy family --

Dina: I have a few things that I need first thing in the morning. Here's the list.

Gloria: [ Chuckles ] "Almond milk." [ Laughs ] "Lumbar support pillow." Mm. "Scented candles -- lavender, sandalwood..."

Dina: Yes, I know. I wrote it.

Gloria: Looks like someone's made themselves at home. How comforting.

Jack: Look, she handed in the first half of her assignment already.

Gloria: Oh, yeah? How's it looking?

Jack: Pretty thorough. Very incisive. Hmm.

Gloria: Something wrong?

Jack: I don't know. Something strange. Something about these figures doesn't make sense to you?

Gloria: [ Laughs ] Calculations. Not the right person. We both know you didn't hire me for my math skills. What do you think?

Jack: I think my mother was so hell-bent on impressing me, she was a little careless with her numbers.

Gloria: Ohh.

Jack: Hm...

Graham: Gloria?

Gloria: You wanted progress reports on dina. Here's your first one. Hard at work all day. Just sent jack the results so far.

Graham: Any idea what he thought?

Gloria: Mm, initially pretty impressed. But then he did mention there were just a few errors.

Graham: What kind of errors?

Gloria: Calculations. I think that means math. Not my thing, darling.

Graham: Well, it's just preliminary. She can fix it tomorrow. I'm sure it's no big deal. And thanks for the call. I owe you.

Gloria: Yeah, let's keep that in mind.

Scott: I'm jim. Uh, what's your name?

Natalia: Natalia.

Scott: That's beautiful. Are you, uh, from eastern europe? Russia? Well, um... what do you like to do when you're -- when you're not working? You don't speak much english, do you? She's a little over 5-foot. She's very pretty. Young. Long, light-brown hair. Do you know where she is? Does she work some other place?

Natalia: No. She...bad girl. No. She does not hurt people.

[ Sighs ] She nice.

Scott: She? She --

[ Knock on door ]

Time's up!

Victor: Sweetheart, nicholas is a grown man. He told me he wants nothing to do with me anymore. So he's moving off my property.

Victor: You had his things packed up, and you changed the locks while he was out. Like I said, spiteful.

Victor: And that is the reason you're rejecting my offer to help you? To deal with a guy like this benjamin hochman? You know what his specialty is? He gobbles up companies like yours.

Victoria: I think you would actually admire benjamin's business model.

Billy: This is too important to us right now. Of all people, if I'm talking about dealing with your father right now, don't you think that says something?

Victor: Listen to billy. I'm willing to make that loan at almost no interest at all.

Victoria: I can't believe you went behind my back and involved my father in this.

Billy: You went to him in the first place.

Victoria: You didn't know that.

Billy: Because I don't know what else to do, okay? Dealing with your father is a last resort, but that's how concerned I am for the company and for you.

Victoria: All right, well, I don't mean to sound skeptical, but you have sold my company out from underneath me before.

Victor: You're being stubborn and ridiculous right now.

Victoria: I think you're a bigger threat to brash & sassy than anyone else.

Victor: Oh.

Victoria: Lucky for me, I have other options. So I don't need your money, and that's final. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go see my investor.

Ashley: That risotto was as good as anything I've ever had in milan. I'm not even kidding.

Ravi: Yeah? Even though it was instant rice?

Ashley: Yes. Yes.

Ravi: Okay.

Ashley: Because your freshly-picked mushrooms just pushed it completely over the top, ravi.

Ravi: If only I'd thought of desserT.

Ashley: Really? I thought you knew me better than that. Do I ever leave my house without chocolate? Are you kidding? I have the most amazing chocolate. Not just any chocolate. It's imported from switzerland.

Ravi: Yes, please.

Ashley: Okay? It's dark and delicious. One bite and I've ruined you. What did I say?

Ravi: Mmm.

Ashley: Right? Isn't it great? You're spoiled now.

Ravi: So good.

Ashley: I know.

RavI: Mmm.

Ashley: I've been having the best time.

Ravi: Yeah?

Ashley: [ Giggles ] Yeah. I mean, I don't even know when I've had so much fun up here. I mean, being up here just makes you forget work and... I don't know. Everything else.

Ravi: I'm having a blast, too.

Ashley: You are?

Ravi: Yeah. I'm especially enjoying seeing you so relaxed. In the moment.

Ashley: Mm! You taught me that. I've also been learning that i need to... slow down. Way down. I don't know. Just enjoy being where you are.

Ravi: Take it in. You know, the forest air, the lake, it'S...

Ashley: Mm-hmm. And enjoy what's right in front of you.

Mariah: Do you think that scott will be able to track crystal down this way?

Sharon: I'm getting nervous. I, uh, thought I'd hear something by now.

Tessa: He's brave, walking into something like that alone.

Sharon: You know, I... I wanted to be in a car nearby, but he nixed that. But scott is a world traveler. He's been in all kinds of dicey situations. He will know how to handle this. I just... I hate being in the dark.

Tessa: Do you think he'll find crystal?

Sharon: He seemed pretty confident that he would find a way.

Tessa: Oh, that would be incredible.

Sharon: You know, the first thing they teach you at the crisis center is to not get personally involved in the callers. Just offer help and remain detached and objective.

Mariah: Yeah. How's that working for you?

Sharon: Well, here I am. Emotionally involved with this girl who I barely have met. But it just really gets to me so much that she has nowhere to turn. You know, it's like I'm the only person there for her in the world. I mean, if she had any friends or family who cared, then she wouldn't have called the hotline.

Mariah: Or maybe she just wanted to talk to a professional first so that her family didn't get dragged into this.

Tessa: No, I think sharon's right. It's pretty horrible that her family couldn't help her.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Sharon: Oh! It's scott.

Mariah: Put him on speaker.

Sharon: Okay. Scott? Hi. Um... I'm here with mariah and tessa. So you're on speakerphone. I told them what you're doing. How'd it go?

Tessa: Did you see crystal?

Scott: No, they sent another girl who barely spoke english. But she did know crystal. Apparently crystal's in trouble because she, uh... she tried to leave with sharon the other night.

Mariah: Wait, what kind of trouble?

Scott: I couldn't get any more details. But this girl, natalia, did make a reference to crystal being with some "nice" woman.

Sharon: What? So someone else tried to rescue her?

Scott: I didn't get that impression. Christine figured this girl is working with a local pimp who managed no more than a few women. But now we know that one of them is a recent immigrant, and that some "nice" woman is "taking care of them" in some way.

Sharon: It's not so small-time, then.

Scott: That's what I'm thinking. I mean, maybe crystal's mixed up in something a lot bigger than we thought.

Victor: Has victoria gone completely mad or what?

Billy: Well, she made a couple good points. Ones that I didn't consider when I confided in you. Confided in you. Which just goes to show how great of a C.E.O. She is. Look, victor, don't take this the wrong way, but you've screwed over you children on countless occasions.

Victor: It's actually the other way around. My children screwed me over. Now, having said that, she should not deal with that shark benjamin hochman.

Billy: Well, yeah. But I support her decision, because I trust her instincts.

Victor: You shouldn't trust hochman.

Billy: Despite my reservations, I think victoria is right. Hochman can't be any worse for the company than you would be.

Benjamin: In case you left yours downstairs. All you need to do is sign. Then we can celebrate.

Victoria: Uh, well, everything looks good. However, this is a very big decision. So, before I sign anything, I need to sleep on it. In my own bed. Thanks for understanding.

Jack: I recalculated the math. Dina obviously got off early on, and everything that came after was kind of wonky.

Gloria: Mm-hmm. Sounds like an easy mistake to make.

Jack: Yeah. Could've happened to anyone.

Gloria: Hm.

Jack: So I don't want you saying anything to anyone. Last thing I want to do is embarrass my mother.

Graham: I'm glad to hear that you had such an outstanding first day at jabot.

Dina: Oh, I did. John abbott would be so proud of what jack and ashley have done with his company.

Graham: Now I'm even more curious to hear about what they had you doing on your first day.

Dina: I didn't know you were interested.

Graham: Of course I'm interested. I'm sorry if I made you feel otherwise.

Dina: Oh! Well, it's on the laptop. The file's still open. The parker beauty project. Be my guest. I'm going to have a hot bath. Good night.

Graham: Good night, dina.

[ Keys clacking ]

Next on "the young and the restless"...

Ravi: I have no regrets about what happened. If you think it was a mistake...

Cane: I think we'll make a great team.

Benjamin: I think we just might.

Billy: Unbelievable.

Victoria: You bastard!

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