Y&R Transcript Tuesday 8/15/17

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 8/15/17


Episode # 11236 ~ Chelsea faces a big decision; Cane and Lily ask Mattie to keep her distance from Reed; Mariah presses Tessa for the truth.

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[ Door slams ]

Cane: [ Sighs ]

Mattie: Dad.

Cane: Yeah, I, uh, came by to get some clothes, 'cause, you know, this is still my house.

Mattie: I-I know. Of course. I just --

Cane: Wasn't expecting me, huh?

Mattie: Uh...this is my friend reed.

Cane: Yeah, I know who he is. What's he doing here?

Reed: We were, um, just hanging out.

Cane: Looked like a lot more than that.

Reed: Uh, okay. Um, I should be going.

Cane: Yeah, that would be a good idea.

Reed: [ Sighs ] Bye, mr. Ashby.

Cane: Goodbye, reed.

[ Door closes ] Okay. I don't want that boy in this house.

Victoria: [ Exhales sharply ]

Billy: That was a quick trip to the bank. Should I even ask how it went?

Victoria: I asked for a bridge loan to get us through our current problems, and the bank said that brash & sassy is not a good risk right now.

Billy: Are you kidding me? Did you tell them everything we have coming in the pipeline, the revolutionary skin-care line?

Victoria: Of course!

Billy: Vic, without a cash influx, I don't see how we --

Victoria: We just -- we have to cut our expenses. Only essentials. That means the first thing that needs to be sidelined is...

Billy: Yeah. There's no choice. Not until we're solvent again.

Victoria: I can get the money. I can. It's not an issue. I know what needs to be done.

Billy: And what's that?

Lily: Hi. Um, I got your message. Is this a good time?

Billy: Yeah. Come on -- come on in. Have a seat.

Victoria: I'm sorry. I can't stay. I have something that I need to take care of. But I will keep you posted.

Billy: Just give me a second, please, lily.

Lily: Sure.

Billy: Vic. Hey. Hold on a second. Did you plan on doing that? Just running off and not telling me what this...

Victoria: I'll let you know if it works, or if it doesn'T.

Billy: [ Sighs ]

Noah: Whoof.

Tessa: Whoo.

Noah: That was rough. All the way from the main house?

Tessa: [ Laughs ] Oh, your mom is so cool for letting me stay here. And, uh, you were very cool to ask her.

Noah: Yep. I'm amazing.

Tessa: Yes. Yes, you are.

Sharon: Oh. Hello.

Noah: Hey.

Tessa: Oh, hi.

[ Chuckles nervously ]

Sharon: Sorry to interrupt. Um... oh, wow. You really do travel light. The nomadic life of a musician.

Tessa: Yeah.

Sharon: Welcome.

Tessa: Thank you so much for letting me crash here. I promise I'll get my own place soon.

Sharon: No, you're welcome to stay as long as you need. And I know that mariah will be happy you're here.

Mariah: Yeah. I never did the college-roommate thing, so here's my chance.

Tessa: Yeah.

Noah: See? Gonna be great.

Tessa: Yeah.

Scott: Thinking about moving in?

Abby: What?

Scott: To victor's office. What are you still doing here? Jordan took off. You're done now, heiress, posing for your official newman portrait.

Abby: What are you talking about?

Scott: The promotional photos we just shot? The... what's up with you?

Abby: My dad gave me this. Yeah, it's a key to a house on the ranch.

Scott: Daddy wants you even closer. It's the validation you've hoped and dreamed of. Congratulations.

Abby: Now, see, this -- this is a key to my brother's house. Nick's lived there for as long as I can remember. But dad kicked nick out, and he wants me to move in.

Scott: I can't imagine nick's happy with any of this. What are you gonna do?

Abby: [ Exhales sharply ]

Chelsea: Hey.

Nick: Hey. Is connor okay?

Chelsea: Yeah. He's sleeping. So, um, just to be clear -- you were saying...

Nick: Yeah, uh, that we should move in together. I mean, I know it came out of the blue. And I'm not expecting an answer any time soon. But I kinda think we're ready for the next step. Don't you?

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Cane: That boy is not allowed in this house.

Mattie: You don't even know reed. You just hate him because he's victoria newman's son.

Cane: Sweetheart, listen. It's more complicated than that.

Mattie: She only fired you because you lied. You lied to all of us. That's not my fault, and it's not reed'S.

Cane: You know you are not allowed to be home alone with a boy.

Mattie: Then I'll go to his house, or the coffee house, or the park, or the club.

Cane: No. No. No, you will not.

Mattie: Then what? Are you forbidding me from seeing him?

Cane: Seeing that boy is a mistake.

Mattie: A mistake is getting so drunk you have unprotected sex with somebody you barely know.

Cane: [ Sighs ]

Billy: So, how's life?

Lily: [ Laughs ] Yeah. You're funny.

Billy: I can be. But I can also be serious, if that's what you need.

Lily: I assume you know that cane is not at home anymore.

Billy: No, I didn't know that.

Lily: Mm-hmm.

Billy: I'm assuming that you invited him to leave.

Lily: Yeah.

Billy: That must've been difficult.

Lily: I know that you two never liked each other, but for him to pay that cameraman to make you look bad, then pay him again to cover it up. It was just...

Billy: [ Exhales sharply ]

Lily: It was too much.

Billy: Where is he now?

Lily: Jill is letting him stay at the chancellor estate.

Billy: Really?

Lily: Mm-hmm.

Billy: She must not know the details, 'cause she'd be on the first flight back to beat him senseless.

Lily: [ Laughs ]

Billy: At least he's giving you and the kids some space.

Lily: Yeah.

Billy: Look, lily, I wish there was more that I could do to make it easier on you.

Lily: [ Inhales deeply ] Well, keeping busy helps. I was really happy to see the schedule for the dare campaign. You know, I think just being on the move will help keep my mind off of things.

Billy: Listen. About that...

[ Exhales sharply ] This is not a thing that we want, but we have to put the dare campaign on hold as of right now.

Lily: Why?

Billy: It's strictly budgetary issues, okay? We have to use the money where it's needed most.

Lily: So brash & sassy is broke because of cane?

Billy: Funds are limited right now, yeah. But victoria's handling it.

Lily: Well, I mean, how fast can she do that? Because I'm supporting my family now. I need a paying job.

Billy: I know. We realize that. And we will get this campaign up and running as soon as we possibly can. But in the meantime, I suggest that you tell your agent that you're available to work on other stuff.

Lily: [ Scoffs ] Yeah. Well, it's not that easy. I mean, there's a lot of people going out of the same roles.

Billy: Yeah, but nobody's as good as you. I'm confident that you're gonna find some work.

Lily: Yeah. You're right. Um...yeah. Things will be okay. I should get going, so...

Billy: Okay. Look, I'm sorry, all right?

Lily: [ Laughs softly ] Thanks.

Billy: I'll see you soon.

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Door closes ]

Chelsea: It's not that i don't think we're ready. I just...I wasn't expecting all this, you know? So much togetherness. I mean, you'll probably be sick of me in two days [Laughing] You know?

Nick: Okay. All right. So this is your way of saying you might get sick of me. I get it. I am a force to be reckoned with.

Chelsea: No. That's not -- that's not what I'm saying. It's just -- it's so much change, you know? I mean, not just for us but for our kids. Connor and christian, I'm sure they would love it, but faith? I mean, she goes away to camp and comes back to us living together?

Nick: Yeah, it'll be a huge adjustment. But I think we could do this, if we do it the right way. We do it carefully and we do it together. I know that faith eventually will be okay with this.

Chelsea: You've thought about this a lot. Us being a family.

Nick: Look, if you need more time, I understand. This... this was your home with adam. I'm sure you thought that you and adam would be taking connor to his first day of kindergarten. Not me and you. So if this is too much, it it's too soon, just say the word. And we'll pretend like this conversation never happened.

Tessa: I cannot thank you enough for opening up your house to me.

Sharon: Um... I know that I didn't make you feel very welcome when you first started dating my son. And I apologize for that. Noah and mariah think the world of you. I wish I could stay and chat and get to know you a little better, but I have to go to work.

Tessa: Oh. The crisis center?

Sharon. Nope. Not tonight. Crimson lights.

Tessa: I, uh, I can't stop thinking about that girl who called you -- crystal? What you tried to do for her was so brave.

Sharon: I hate that I wasn't able to get her out of that place and away from that man. No young woman should be in that position. They should be out realizing their dreams, like you were in the recording studio that night, not in some horrible motel against their will.

Tessa: So there's no update?

Sharon: At least the police, they know what's at stake. All I can do is pray that crystal will reach out again.

Tessa: Me too.

Noah: Okay. Your stuff is all set. I need to get to the underground.

Sharon: Oh, why don't we head into town together?

Noah: Great. Yeah. You'll have fun with mariah?

Tessa: Yeah.

Noah: Call you later?

Tessa: Okay.

Noah: Okay. Bye.

Tessa: Bye.

[ Door closes ]

[ Exhales softly ]

[ Exhales deeply ]

Victoria: Hey, there.

Abby: Hey.

Victoria: Is dad in his office?

Abby: Uh, no. He left a little while ago.

Victoria: Do you know where i can find him?

Abby: He didn't say.

Victoria: All right. Well, I need to track him down.

Abby: No -- victoria, wait, um... I need to talk to you about something.

Victoria: What's wrong?

Abby: Dad kicked nick off the ranch.

Victoria: What the hell?

Nick: So, here's the thing. I don't know if you heard this or not, but I have a pretty sizeable nest egg.

Chelsea: No.

Nick: Yeah. Which means I can afford my own place, wherever I want. And we could do that, you know? We can keep things the way they are for as long as you want.

[ Exhales sharply ] Look, the last thing I want to do is crowd your turf here. You know, adam's turf.

Chelsea: Adam will always be a part of me. Always. But it doesn't mean I'm not allowed to feel happiness again, or have a future with you. I mean, you've proven to me that I can be happy again.

Nick: And we can do that from separate homes.

Chelsea: Yeah, but why should we? I want you here. You and christian and faith. So I say yes.

Nick: Yes?

Chelsea: Yes. Yes.

Nick: All right!

Chelsea: All right!

Nick: I'll go get some, uh, some boxes and uh, christian.

Chelsea: Okay. You do that.

[ Laughs ]

Nick: And when I come back here, you know, I expect you to carry me over this threshold.

Chelsea: Okay. I'm ready.

Chelsea: [ Breathes deeply ]

[ Door opens ]

Cane: Hey.

Lily: What are you doing here? I thought you were just grabbing a few things.

Cane: Yeah, I did. But I, uh, wanted to talk to you face to face. So I walk in and I see, uh, mattie on the sofa making out with reed hellstrom.

Lily: Oh. Okay.

Cane: Exactly.

Lily: I didn't realize that it had progressed to that stage.

Cane: You knew that they were seeing each other?

Lily: No, I didn't know they were officially dating.

Cane: Okay, but you didn't stop this. You know the damage that victoria's already done to us.

Lily: Actually, cane, you did that.

Cane: All right. I am still a part of this family, so I can't fix anything if everybody just keeps shutting me out, lily.

Lily: I told you that I need time. And so do the kids. The things that you did to us -- you cheat on me, you try and sabotage billy, you use the kids' tuition to cover up your lies? That's not the man I thought you were.

Cane: Well, if you feel like this, do you need time to figure things out? Or do you already know what you want?

Lily: Are you asking if i want a divorce?

Cane: Do you?

Lily: I don't know. I haven't thought that far, okay? I'm taking it each day at a time. Each crisis like this one.

Cane: Okay. Then if you're not there yet, it means I still have time to make things right. Listen. I hate this. And after everything you and I have been through, I can't give up now. And I won'T.

Lily: Cane, I can't have this conversation right now, okay? And you can't expect me to. You've had months to live with your lies. And some of us need time to catch up.

Cane: And I'm trying.

[ Exhales sharply ] I sold my car to pay for the kids' tuition. I'm trying.

Lily: You say that like i should be grateful. How much credit do you want for solving a problem you created? Meanwhile, we have no income, by the way. Unless that's changed for you.

Cane: No, I'm still trying. And what do you mean we have no income? You have brash & sassy.

Lily: No, I-i had brash & sassy. But because they lost so much money recently, they cut the dare campaign. They're gonna relaunch when things are better, but no work means no checks right now.

Cane: They can't do that to you. She wants to destroy me.

Lily: Oh, my god. Stop acting like the victim.

Cane: [ Exhales sharply ]

Lily: I am on hold with brash & sassy because they're struggling thanks to you. When did this start? Huh? When you slept with juliet, and then lied about it to the bitter end. How do you not see that?

Cane: You're right. I'm sorry.

Lily: [ Exhales softly ] Look, I-I can't talk right now, okay? I got to talk to mattie. Just -- just please just leave. Please.

Lily: [ Exhales softly ]

[ Exhales sharply ]

Victoria: Dad just can't let anything go, can he? Kicking nick out of his own home?

Nick: Okay. So that's why you called this brother/sister meeting -- to talk about my eviction.

Victoria: Nick, how did this happen?

Nick: Well, I went home. I put my key in the lock. Didn't work. The door wouldn't open. Dad finally allowed me in and told me that all my things had been removed, the locks were changed, and I was kicked out. It was real fun.

Victoria: This is ridiculous. Totally ridiculous. This is how dad doubles down. It's petty and it's vindictive.

Nick: Why? I'm not his son anymore, so why should I live on his property?

Victoria: How can you be so calm about this? This is your home. This is your children's home. It's not like dad needs that house for anything else.

Abby: I feel awful.

Nick: Ab, don'T. I mean [Laughs softly] This is my fight. This shouldn't affect either one of you two.

Abby: Dad gave me the new keys to the house, and he asked me to move in.

Nick: [ Scoffs ]

Mariah: Hi. Noah and sharon at work? Gosh, this is officially the worst moving-in party ever.

Tessa: Well, I celebrated by putting the dishes in the dishwasher and starting the cycle.

Mariah: Nice. You know, I wasn't exactly cinderella before, but it's nice to have an extra pair of hands around the house. See? It's a brilliant idea, you moving in.

Tessa: Well...you can say that. But do you mean it?

Mariah: Um... of course. Why -- where did that come from?

Tessa: I've been down here alone for a while, and you've been up there.

Mariah: I got a call about work.

Tessa: Or are you just avoiding me?

Sharon: So, tessa's very grateful to have a place to stay, even after living at the main house.

Noah: Look, the thing about tessa is that she doesn't take anything for granted, she doesn't expect anything from anybody. Look. You know what? Five bucks says you two become friends.

Sharon: You might be right.

Noah: All right. I got to get to the club. Love you.

Sharon: Bye.

Noah: Thanks again, mom.

Sharon: Okay.

Scott: Hey.

Noah: Whoa. Did mom have a hand in this?

Scott: She, uh, had an integral part in the process.

Noah: Huh. Looks good.

Scott: Mm. Thanks. My face is getting rave reviews.

Sharon: Does that include from victor?

Scott: You were right. He was impressed I'm taking my position so seriously that I let a razor ruin years of careful cultivation.

Sharon: Well, I hope you keep it this way.

Scott: [ Grumbles ]

Sharon: For me, not victor.

Scott: Does that kiss come with an, uh, invitation to come to your house tonight?

Sharon: I don't know about tonight. It's tessa's first night.

Scott: Oh.

Sharon: She's going to be staying in the guest room for a period of time.

Scott: I knew you were the "taking in strays" type.

Sharon: So I don't know if you will want to stay at my sorority house very often.

Scott: As tempting as that sounds, I think we can find some time to get some privacy.

Sharon: Christine. Have you got any news about crystal?

Christine: Yeah, I have some news. It's just probably not what you want to hear.

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Reed: Hey, billy, uh, is my mom here?

Billy: No. She's taking care of something.

Reed: Good. Um... I came to talk to you.

Billy: Look, reed, if you're here to yell at me about something, I don't have time today, all right?

Reed: Cane walked in on mattie and me.

Billy: Wow. Uh...

[ Laughs ] Daddy must've been pretty upset about that.

Reed: I really like this girl, and now her dad's gonna be freaking out on her because of me.

Billy: You "zoey" like her, or you really like her?

Reed: No, mattie and I talk. I mean, she's smart and driven, and she inspires my music.

Billy: Mattie's special.

Reed: Yeah. She really is. And, I mean, what am I gonna do if her dad says I can't see her anymore?

Billy: Look, my advice, reed, you support mattie as best you can, all right? If her parents are saying that you guys can't see each other, I hate to say this, but... you got to accept that.

Mattie: Mom.

Lily: Hey. Here. Come sit down with me.

Mattie: Dad told you?

Lily: Yeah. Honey, you know the rules. You can't have a date over unless there's an adult here. You could've at least told me reed was coming over.

Mattie: To be honest, i wasn't thinking about the rules. I just wanted to see reed. He makes everything less awful, mom. But even with him helping, things are still getting worse, aren't they? I heard you tell dad about losing your job.

Lily: No. I -- I'm still under contract. I... things are just on hold. That's it.

Mattie: You're worried about money because dad got fired and now you're on hold, and it's all because of what dad did. This is all his fault.

Lily: Listen, I know you're upset. But please don't think about it that way.

Mattie: What other way is there? He hurt you, and now he's trying to control me.

Lily: I understand. But dad is hurt too. And he's just as confused as the rest of us.

Mattie: Doesn't seem that way. Seems like he wants to punish the whole world. You didn't hear how he talked to me... or how I talked to him. It didn't used to be this way, mom.

Lily: No, it didn'T. Look, a few years ago, your dad and I, we could've protected you from anything. But now you and charlie, you're -- you're too old and you're too smart. And you're gonna have to build a new relationship with him, okay? Listen, your grandfather and I, we used to have a lot of issues. And look at us now, you know? Your dad will always love you. That will never change.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Is that reed?

Mattie: Yeah. He's checking in to make sure I'm okay. Now I'm the dork whose father threw him out. Can I go see him, mom? Try to convince him that I'm normal, even if my father isn't?

Lily: I-I think you guys should maybe just slow things down a bit.

Mattie: What? Why would you say that?

Victoria: Please say you told dad that you're not moving into nick's house.

Nick: It's not my house, all right? It's his.

Victoria: Would you stop pretending that this is okay?

Abby: If it were, then i wouldn't feel so sick to my stomach.

Nick: Look, I should've left the place years ago, okay? But I never even thought about it. It's like being on the family membership at the athletic club. I can't have any lingering ties. If I'm gonna do this, if I'm gonna move forward and be my own man, this is the way it's got to be. Abby, if you want the place, it's yours.

Victoria: You make it sound so clean and simple, and it's not. It's dad pitting one of his children against another one of his children.

Nick: Why are you surprised? This is who dad is. It's not a problem.

Victoria: I'm sorry. I have to go. I have somewhere that I need to be. If either of you want to talk more to me, um, just give me a call. Okay?

Abby: O...kay.

Victoria: [ Exhales deeply ]

[ Exhales softly ]

Nick: Look, abby, the question you got to ask yourself is, do you want to live on the ranch?

Abby: No. No. Look, my house has felt pretty empty since the divorce, and it's filled with all kinds of bad memories, but...no. This whole thing, it's just too bizarre. You out, me in.

Nick: Are you trying to convince me or yourself?

Abby: [ Sighs ]

Nick: Look, don't worry about me, all right? I'm gonna be fine. I'm gonna live with chelsea.

Abby: Oh. Wow. [ Laughs ] Okay.

Nick: You have nothing to feel guilty about, all right? You live how you want and where you want. That's what I'm gonna do.

Jordan: What's up, chels?

Chelsea: Hey, jordan. How did the newman shoot go?

Jordan: Oh, it turned out great. You have to come up on the roof with me and celebrate.

Chelsea: I would lo--

Jordan: Have a drink.

Chelsea: I would do that. I would love to. But I'm actually picking up some take-out because I'm celebrating something of my own at home.

Jordan: Yeah?

Chelsea: Nick and his son are moving in with me. And his daughter is going to split time with us once she gets back from camp.

Jordan: If you're happy, then I'm happy.

Chelsea: Okay. Not exactly the enthusiastic response I was hoping for.

Jordan: Last time we talked, you gave me this whole "ms. Independence" spiel. How you love the fact that you and nick have your own lives, and you're not joined together at the hip. Now it's two adults, three kids, one house. You sure that's what you want?

Tessa: I know things can look different when they're real. Maybe it's just awkward having me so close? After...

Mariah: No. No, it'S... it -- it's not. It's -- it'S... that's ridiculous. There's no weirdness. None. I promise. I'm just glad that we're friends.

Tessa: Me too. I mean, you're the first true, close friend I've ever had.

Mariah: Well...I've got your back.

Tessa: Good.

[ Voice breaking ] 'Cause i can't lose anyone else right now.

Mariah: Tessa, what is going on? It's not like you to be this emotional.

Tessa: Just forget it. It's nothing.

Mariah: No, I'm sorry. I-I don't buy that. Something is off. I've never seen you this obsessive about your phone before. And at the studio, you just weren't yourself. Maybe one of the most important days of your life, and you just couldn't focus. So something is wrong. Tessa, you got to open up to me. If we are really, truly best friends, you need to talk to me. Please let me help you.

Christine: So, the gcpd was able to track down the john that was with crystal before you got there. To book their date, he contacted an agency that advertised full-body massage in the back of the gc weekly. The police found that in his car when they busted him.

Sharon: They advertise out in the open like this?

Christine: Totally small-time. Yeah. One pimp, probably. Possibly even the guy that hauled her away. So I don't think this is some extensive, multi-state sex-trafficking ring. I mean, that would be too sophisticated and organized. With this, I think it's probably just crystal and one or two other girls.

Sharon: So what are you saying? Three girls isn't enough to get the da's office's attention on this? One girl isn't enough? Someone's daughter isn't enough?

Christine: Sharon, the police are on this. Paul has his officers looking for crystal. Until they find her, there's nothing I can do.

Sharon: Meantime, she's out there on the street. Anything could happen to her. To any of the girls.

Christine: I hate this, too. It's horrible that vulnerable young men and women are dragged into this. Organized sex rings are the biggest offenders. Our job is to put them out of business. So I genuinely hope and pray that crystal reaches out to you, because I'm telling you, that is the best chance we have of saving her.

Mattie: I thought you'd be more understanding. This isn't fair, mom. Reed understands what I'm going through. He's helping me deal. And it's not easy.

Lily: Honey, I know that.

Mattie: Then don't ask me not to see him.

Lily: Listen, I understand. When I was your age, I thought if I could just be with this one person, life would be so much better. And things can get very intense very fast.

Mattie: We were just kissing.

Lily: No, I'm not talking about sex. I'm just saying that you're in a fragile period in your life right now. And it's easy to get carried away. You know, and things are very tense between your dad and victoria right now. And if you and reed get too close, victoria could oppose the relationship, too. I know from when I was a teenager how quickly these things can escalate.

Mattie: So you want me to stop seeing reed because of something that might not even happen?

Lily: [ Exhales deeply ] Mattie, I know reed is special to you. But I think it's best to not make things more complicated.

Mattie: The one person that makes me feel good. And now that's gone, too. One more thing dad's taken from me. I'm being punished for his mistakes.

Lily: Mattie, I'm sorry.

Reed: If mattie's dad tells me to back off, I should just walk away? Where's the whole "fight for the girl" speech?

Billy: Listen. What her parents say goes, okay? You don't want to make it worse on mattie.

Reed: Yeah, but mom said the same thing.

Billy: And your mother is right.

Reed: [ Sighs ]

Billy: She knows what she's talking about. She dealt with me and your grandpa for a long time, being stuck in the middle, okay? And it wasn't pretty. And she's an adult. Mattie is a young woman. She's got a lot going on. You don't want to cause more drama. And believe me. The whole parent thing? It'll blow over.

Reed: What if it doesn't?

Billy: It does. It will. It always does.

Reed: Kinda like it did with you and grandpa? Yeah. That'S...

Billy: [ Exhales sharply ]

Reed: That's what I thought.

Cane: Scotch, please. Neat.

[ Exhales deeply ]

Benjamin: Ahhh.

Cane: So you're benjamin hochman.

Benjamin: The one and only. And you are?

Cane: Cane ashby.

Benjamin: Hey.

Cane: So you're based in chicago. Thank you. What brings you to genoa city?

Benjamin: Ahh. Well, I'm always on the hunt for new business opportunities.

Cane: Same here. Especially now.

Benjamin: What do you do?

Cane: Well, I had to step down from a senior-executive position.

Benjamin: Most people don't usually walk away from those type of positions willingly. What happened?

Cane: Oh, the usual. You know, creative differences. Leadership styles. That sort of thing.

Benjamin: Got it.

Cane: So I'm gonna take this opportunity and uh, distance myself from the cosmetic business.

Benjamin: That's where you were before?

Cane: Mm-hmm.

Benjamin: Why the switch?

Cane: Well, my former boss doesn't like competition, so she decided to, uh, shut me out of the cosmetics industry.

Benjamin: Well, there are only two players in the cosmetics industry in this town. And only one of them is run by a she. As it happens, I've been meeting with the woman in question recently. Victoria newman?

Cane: Have you, now?

[ Cellphone rings ]

Benjamin: [ Chuckles softly ] Hello, victoria.

Victoria: Hey, benjamin. Uh, I know it's short notice, but um, are you free tonight?

Benjamin: I'm just having a drink here at the athletic club. Why don't you join me for dinner?

Victoria: I'm on my way. But just to be clear. This is business. It's not a date.

Benjamin: I'm looking forward to seeing you soon... whatever we may discuss.

Cane: You know, it sounds to me like, uh, one of these opportunities you're pursuing is brash & sassy, and you know what? I might just be able to help you with that.

Abby: It does feel good to be closer to dad, but... well, now he's pushing you out of his life.

Nick: Look, it's not your problem. You don't have to worry about it.

Abby: Of course I worry about it. You're my brother. And victoria is furious. No, I'm just sick of being stuck in the middle of all of this. And I feel like I'm always there.

Nick: Yeah, vic and I are having our own issues with dad. But you seem to be in a really great place with him right now. I wish I could tell you that was gonna last forever, but...

Abby: No, I know. I don't count on anything with dad. I know better.

Nick: Then just do it, abby. Move out to the ranch. But do it with your eyes open. Enjoy everything the place has to offer. If things are cool, then stay. If they get tense, then you can always leave.

Abby: And you're really, honestly not bothered by this?

Nick: No. I'm good.

Chelsea: I mean, it was a surprise. That's for sure. Any time anybody decides to move in together, it's a big deal. Especially when children are involved. But the more nick and I talked about it, it just -- it just seemed to make sense.

Jordan: You two have something good. No question there. But 24/7. That can be hard on any couple. You sure it won't cramp your style?

Chelsea: No. Uh, nick and I, we're both very busy with our jobs. We both actually have very different schedules, so it'll make it easier to decide whose place to stay at, you know? Besides, it always helps having someone to share the load.

Jordan: Mm. You sure you're not trying to talk yourself into this?

Chelsea: I mean, to be honest with you, in a perfect world, maybe we would've made this decision together, but nick asked me. And -- and I couldn't say no. It would make me feel like I was rejecting him.

Jordan: Well, if you're not ready for this, nick would understand.

Chelsea: I love him, jordan. Sure, I was a little caught off guard, but...I think this is gonna be really good for us. I know it.

Jordan: All right.

Tessa: I don't do this. I never do this.

Mariah: Do what?

Tessa: Talk about what I'm about to talk about. Now, this has to stay between us, mariah. I mean it.

Mariah: Of course. I swear. Tessa, you have my word. But you're scaring me a little bit.

Tessa: Crystal? That girl your mom's trying to help? She's not just some girl. She's my little sister.

Mariah: Your sister?

Sharon: This is insane. Crystal has no one who cares for her, who's looking out for her, protecting her. If we say that she doesn't matter, then who does?

Scott: She does matter, sharon.

Sharon: Well, tell that to christine.

Scott: She knows. And there's nothing chris or the police can do for her right now. But there is something i can do.

Benjamin: Here's my card.

Cane: I appreciate that.

Benjamin: Yeah. Ah, and there's my dinner companion.

Cane: Well, you better not keep that lady waiting.

Benjamin: Ah, victoria. As lovely as always.

Victoria: Oh, thank you. And thank you for meeting me at last minute like this. It's very nice of you.

Benjamin: It's my pleasure.

[ Both laugh softly ] Oh, but you probably already knew that.

Victoria: Wow. That's sweet.

Next on "the young and the restless"...

Sharon: Scott is on a mission to find crystal right now.

Victoria: I am willing to entertain the idea of you helping brash & sassy.

Billy: [ Exhales sharply ]

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