Y&R Transcript Friday 8/11/17

Y&R Transcript Friday 8/11/17


Episode # 11234 ~ Victor makes big changes at the Newman Ranch; Tessa turns to Zack for help; Dina clashes with Nikki over her relationship with Jack.

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Chelsea: For the trim in faith's room, do you think we should go with powder white or powder puff? I mean, it doesn't match the paint in the upstairs hallway, but I figure with the fabrics i chose... oh, that's a sweet picture. Do you remember where that was taken?

Nick: I don't know. It's one of faith's favorites, though, or it would be packed away in a box by now.

Chelsea: Because victor's in it?

Nick: The guy kicked me out of his life, and I still have pictures of him in my living room.

Chelsea: Because you are a great dad and you love faith and you want her to be happy. That's why you're surprising her by re-decorating her room while she's at camp.

Nick: Yeah, well, when she gets home, she's gonna want to spend time with her grandpa the way she always did.

Chelsea: Yeah. How are you gonna handle that?

Nick: I'm not gonna try and stop it, but I'm wondering how much nastiness I'm gonna have to endure while my daughter preserves her relationship with her grandpa.

Abby: I will have legal get started on these contracts. Is that it?

Victor: One last thing. Um, I've called a photographer to take some new headshots of the executives.

Abby: Oh, why do we need new ones?

Victor: Because I've restructured the company, and the photos will reflect that. And you, by the way, have a new leadership role.

[ Knock on door ] Come in!

Nikki: Oh. Um, I need to talk to you.

Victor: Uh, abby, kindly tell scott to wear a suit for the photo shoot, okay?

Abby: Oh, you mean, his only suit.

Victor: Something that's appropriate with his new position as the head of a division.

Abby: Really, dad? So now I'm the fashion police? Fine. Nikki.

Victor: I have a full calendar.

Nikki: Well, you might want to look at that.

Victor: What the hell is this?

Nikki: It's my new address. I've moved out of the ranch.

Victor: Oh, really? I hadn't noticed.

Scott: Find anything?

Sharon: Nothing yet.

Scott: Is that the overnight police blotter?

Sharon: They have no arrests, no reports of any bodies found, thank god.

Scott: Yeah.

Sharon: And no one with crystal's description went through the E.R. At memorial...

Scott: Okay. So that's -- that's good.

Sharon: I just feel so... helpless.

Scott: I know you do.

Sharon: You know, I just wish crystal would call again. This feeling, knowing that she's out there with these cruel, mercenary people... with no family to fall back on.

Scott: Hey. She has you. And that's a hell of a lot. Hey.

Zack: Well, here I am. Why did you --

Tessa: Not here.

Zack: When I saw your text message, I couldn't believe it. What's the big emergency?

Tessa: I know we agreed to stay away from each other.

Zack: That was the deal.

Tessa: I'm desperate, zack. I need your help.

Zack: With what?

Tessa: It's my sister. Crystal. She's in trouble. Deep.

Graham: Dina, you're sure about this? A job at jabot?

Dina: How many times have you asked me this? It's been decided.

Graham: Dina, I'm just not so sure that --

Dina: I can't be late the first day on the job. I don't want to disappoint my son.

Graham: Well, have you thought that you might be disappointing yourself? I mean, that's a distinct possibility.

Dina: Why are you being so negative?

Graham: I'm just worried, okay? And, frankly, I'm concerned about your family's motives.

Dina: I don't care to debate this with you. I'm leaving.

Graham: At least let me drive you.

Dina: Thank you, but, uh... I've already ordered a car.

Ashley: Hello.

Jack: Hey.

Ashley: Christmas promotional ideas from marketing. I flagged the ones I thought worth pursuing.

Jack: Hold on. Hold on.

Ashley: What?

Jack: I hope you haven't forgotten, today is mother's first day.

Ashley: I haven't forgotten. You hired her.

Jack: Well, yeah, because you said she needed a project to keep her engaged and involved.

Ashley: And I think you're gonna do a fine job showing her around.

Jack: Oh, whoa! Wait, wait! You're not off the hook here. I need you to help things go smoothly.

Ashley: I can'T. I'm slammed.

Jack: With what?

Ashley: A research project, jack. I'm gonna be off-site, sequestered all day.

[ Knock on door ]

Ravi: Hey. Hey, ashley. You ready to head to the lake?

Additional sponsorship provided by...

Jack: Sequestered off-site? Are you researching your paddle-boarding skills?

Ashley: You know, you've spent plenty of time at the cabin lately. I thought that, uh, ravi and i deserved a little r&R.

Jack: Ravi, if you want to take some vacation time, by all means do. Ashley has a previous commitment she can't get out of it, right, ash?

Ashley: Today's my mother's first day, ravi, and jack wants me to help show her around.

Jack: Because she's not only a devoted daughter, she's also an all-around stellar human being.

Ravi: He's not wrong.

Ashley: Not you, too!

Ravi: The weather's supposed to be even better tomorrow. Let's postpone it for a day, be here to greet dina...

Jack: That is a fabulous idea.

Ashley: Nobody asked you.

Ravi: Why don't I let you guys hash this out? I'll be in my office if you need me.

Ashley: Okay. Good luck with that.

Ravi: Excuse me.

Ashley: [ Sighs ]

Jack: Off to the cabin with ravi. Wow! Things have progressed.

Ashley: [ Scoffs ] We were gonna hike, enjoy nature like friends do.

Jack: Yeah, and when the sun goes down...

Ashley: You know, I don't give you grief about your alone time in the woods, jack, cuddling up to nikki.

Jack: Nobody said that life was fair.

Ashley: In that case, I'm gonna keep my plans with ravi, and you can hold down the fort here.

Jack: No, wait, as nicely as I can say it, I need your help.

Dina: No one was at the reception desk, so I thought i would just walk right on in.

Jack: Well, good. You should have. How are you, mother?

Dina: Well, I'm really looking forward to a good work day.

Ashley: Yay, and jack is looking forward to showing you the ropes.

Dina: Wonderful!

Ashley: Yeah, he can't wait to get you started. And I'll be around later if you need any help with anything afterwards.

Dina: Splendid! So, what's first on the agenda?

Jack: Well, I will show you your new office, and maybe we could take a tour of the executive floor.

Dina: Oh, goody! Lead the way.

Jack: All right. Go ahead. Of course, you already know gloria.

Gloria: Oh! Welcome, dina.

Dina: Well, thank you, dear. I take my coffee with a splash of milk, preferably almond milk.

Abby: [ Sighs ]

[ Cellphone rings ]

Scott: Oh, seriously?

Sharon: What, is that abby? Just take it.

Scott: All right.

[ Sighs ] What?

Abby: Mm. Nice greeting.

Scott: Sorry, I'm in the middle of something. Can't this wait?

Abby: I'm calling for my dad. He expects you to dress like a grown-up today since we're taking executive portraits.

Scott: [ Sighs ] Believe it or not, abby, there are more critical things going on in the world than getting our pictures taken.

Abby: You work at newman now. You've been wearing what passes for a suit on most days anyway, and our boss, you know, the guy who saved your life and signs your paychecks, he asked me to call you and apprise you of the situation, which I did. So stop bitching about it and just do it, okay? It's important to my dad. Although, we probably won't need your picture since you'll be running your division straight into the ground.

Scott: [ Scoffs ] Thanks for the vote of confidence.

Abby: Face it, scott. Whatever you have going on will never equal what zack and I are doing, okay? My tech incubator is going to run rings around your lame-o digital whatever-it-is.

Scott: [ Groans ]

Zack: I didn't even know you had -- I didn't know you had a sister.

Tessa: Crystal. She ran away from home, and now she's mixed up with some really bad stuff. She's being held against her will and being forced to have sex with guys for -- for money.

Zack: She's a hooker?

Tessa: Not by choice.

Zack: That's horrible, but why'd you come to me? What am I supposed to do?

Tessa: You have contacts... in chicago. Maybe somebody knows something, just -- anything.

Zack: Sorry. Tessa, I mean that. I wish I could help, but I knew anything, I would tell you. But when I walked away from all of that, I cut ties. I swore I'd never look back, and I haven'T. I have a new life now.

Tessa: So you said.

Zack: Have you got to the cops?

Tessa: I didn't have to. They already know.

Zack: Look. Keep the faith. I'm sure with all their resources, the police will find her.

Tessa: I really hope so, zack. Thank you for listening. I'm such a wreck.

Zack: Anyone would be. Tessa. Good luck. It's me. Things have change. You need to move right away.

Noah: Mom cannot be going off on her own like that, messing with criminals, trying to save people. That's dangerous! She could get hurt! She has no training. It's --

Mariah: Noah. Mom's fine. Okay? And she's not gonna do it again.

Noah: How do you know?

Mariah: Because I think she learned her lesson, plus she agreed to let the police handle it from here on out.

Noah: Good, I hope you're right. Um, anyway, hey, listen, I'm glad you stopped by. I, uh, need to ask you something.

Mariah: Okay. Shoot.

Noah: Uh, I don't know if anybody mentioned this to you, but nikki left victor.

Mariah: What?!

Noah: Yeah, she moved out of the ranch.

Mariah: Oh, wow.

Noah: Anyway, now that grandma's gone, I'm sure that tessa doesn't want to live in that big house with just grandpa there. So I asked mom if it's okay if she stays at her place until she gets enough money to get her own apartment, and mom said it's cool as long as it's okay with you. So...what do you say?

Scott: Where does she get off snarking at me because I don't care about some vapid photo shoot? It's as if nothing matters except how you look.

Sharon: So you're gonna go like that?

Scott: What? They told me to wear a suit. I'm wearing a suit. Also, have you been listening to anything I'm saying?

Sharon: Every word. Having some experience in the corporate realm, there are some levels of protocol that you should...follow.

Scott: Protocol. Meaning?

Sharon: Well, first things first. Strip down.

Scott: What?

Sharon: The jacket, the shirt, the tie -- give them to me.

Scott: Eh, I don't understand.

Sharon: Just do what I'm telling you.

Nikki: There's a new hotel in town called the sanctuary. I've booked the penthouse for an indefinite stay. That way, you won't ever have to run into me at the ranch.

Victor: So?

Nikki: So? Isn't that what you wanted? When you left town, the last thing you said to me was "goodbye and good riddance."

Victor: After you told me how sick and tired you were of pretending that we had a happy marriage.

Nikki: Yes, and I still am. This separation is exactly what I need.

Victor: Well, good for you.

Nikki: Look, we have children, we have grandchildren. We will always be family. We will always share that bond.

Victor: Stop talking about family, for heaven's sake! Family to me are people who appreciate what I've done for them, not people who are disloyal!

Nikki: Are you talking about me now?

Victor: Yes!

Nikki: Or nicholas?

Victor: I'm talking about you! And nicholas! All of you!

Chelsea: I've been through what you're going through, you know. With jeffrey. At first, he tried to deny that I was even his, and then when that didn't work, he went through the motions of being my dad, but then when he realized i wasn't gonna be able to give him anything, he took off to france, and I haven't heard from him since, so... how's that for being disowned?

Nick: That's a hell of a thing to have in common.

Chelsea: Yeah, well, I mean, we do and we don'T. Connor, he wasn't old enough to get to know jeffrey, whereas faith -- she adores her grandfather. Besides, unless you're planning to leave genoa city altogether, do you really think that you're gonna be able to live a victor-free life?

Nick: You're right. I mean, a lot of those pictures are during some pretty happy times. In fact, noah took a lot of them when he was in his photography phase.

Chelsea: Yeah, and they're special! They're special to you and your entire family. I mean, those memories aren't just gonna go away. They're always gonna be with you.

Nick: Yeah. So much of my life is in those photos. I bet one or two makes it up to faith's new room.

Chelsea: Yeah. Faith's new room. I hope she likes it.

Nick: Are you kidding me? What you did with that space is amazing. She's gonna love every square inch of it.

Chelsea: It was the best way I knew to reach out to her.

Nick: You changed her room from "little girl decor" to "official tweendom coolness."

Chelsea: Oh, okay! Is that what the kids are calling it these days?

Nick: I don't know, but i just know I cannot wait to see her face.

Chelsea: Hmm.

Nick: Speaking of face, you either have some, uh, alabaster moonlight or maybe cotton candy.

Chelsea: Where?

Nick: Yeah, it's like right here. Let me just, uh... it's -- it's not coming all the way off.

Chelsea: It's water-based.

Nick: Maybe you should take another shower.

Chelsea: Maybe you should join me.

Nick: Yeah, I probably should do that.

Chelsea: I think maybe you should, too. I think you might have some paint somewhere, too.

Nick: Yeah?

Chelsea: Mm-hmm. Mmm. Okay. Well... beat you to the shower.

Nick: Oh!

Chelsea: [ Giggles ]

Jack: Excellent. See that I get all copies. Mother! How's your new office working out?

Dina: Well, it faces east, and I have the sun in my face all morning.

Jack: Well, there are blinds in the windows.

Dina: That block the view! And this computer --

Jack: Brand-new, mother. Fresh out of the box. State-of-the-art.

Dina: With no internet.

Jack: Well, we can set that up, too, once we set up your password.

Dina: Well, that should have been already done. When I ran mergeron, nothing like this would have fallen through the cracks.

Gloria: [ Giggles ]

Dina: Did I say something funny, dear?

Gloria: Mm, doubt it.

Jack: Oh! There's ravi! He can help us.

Dina: Oh!

Ravi: Hey, dina! Welcome to jabot. What can I do for you?

Dina: Now, see, that's how it's done. I knew I could rely on you.

Jack: Mother needs to be hooked up to the wi-fi.

Dina: Mm-hmm.

Jack: Among other things.

Ravi: Not a problem. Let's configure your I.P. Let's have a look.

Dina: Oh, thank you!

Gloria: You could have saved yourself a lot of frustration if you had just promoted me instead of creating A...make-believe position for your mother.

Jack: Thank you so much for that input.

Gloria: I'm not serving her anything with a splash of anything. Except maybe arsenic!

[ Cellphone rings ]

[ Chuckles ] I was just thinking about you.

Graham: Were you?

Gloria: Don't you want to know what I was thinking?

Graham: Tell me.

Gloria: I want to know how in the world you've managed to put up with that... ...dear woman.

Graham: Dina's first day at jabot. How's she doing?

Gloria: Well, nobody's strangled her yet, but it's early.

Graham: I was hoping to ask you a favor.

Gloria: Oh?

Graham: I would feel a lot better about the situation if i knew that you were keeping an eye on her.

Gloria: [ Sighs, laughs ] That is a bit of a strange favor. But for you, I'll do it.

Victor: Nicholas has been disrespectful to his father ever since I remember, all right? Let him find out what it means to make a living in this world without having me to fall back on.

Nikki: Well, he apologized to me about the benefit. He regrets his behavior.

Victor: Only because the damn thing showed up on television, that's all.

Nikki: And that only happened because you gave hilary permission to air it!

Victor: The world finally found out what a punk he is!

Nikki: You know, this feud between you and nicholas has got to stop. All the anger is just going to damage both of you.

Victor: I don't give a damn what you think!

Nikki: I know! You never do!

Victor: For those of you who have turned your backs on me, those of you who I've given everything to, good luck to you! Good luck living your lives without me!

Nikki: Well, thank you very much. I shall.

[ Door slams ]

Nick: Chelsea, you don't complicate things for me. You make things very, very clear. You help me see the things that count and that matter and that make me happy. Nothing makes me happier than when I get to see you. What we have, us -- it means a lot to me, and i don't take it for granted.

Chelsea: I told myself i wouldn't fall in love again, but I can't control my feelings for you.

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