Y&R Transcript Wednesday 8/9/17

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 8/9/17


Episode # 11232 ~ Sharon finds herself in serious danger; Graham keeps a secret from Dina; Cane makes a sacrifice for his family.

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[ Doorbell rings ]

Lily: [ Sighs ] [ Sniffles ] Abby.

Abby: Hi.

Lily: Hi.

Abby: Is this a bad time? Is this place crawling with teenagers?

[ Both laugh ]

Lily: No, um, I'm alone.

Abby: Perfect. Um, well, I've missed you. We haven't had a face-to-face in ages. And, well, I brought some wine. I thought we could talk, catch up.

Lily: You heard about cane and me.

Sharon: So I heard you left brash & sassy. I hope you're all right.

Cane: Yeah, everything's great. Thanks.

Zack: Excuse me. You the guy selling the car?

Cane: Yeah. That would be me.

Hilary: Juliet. What can I do for you?

Juliet: I have news. Cane and I made a breakthrough in our relationship.

Hilary: I didn't know you two had a relationship.

Juliet: As co-parents, as people who created a life together, okay?

Hilary: Well, half the time you picture birds singing around your head while you play with cane and the baby in the park. And the other half of the time, you don't want anything from him. So which is it today?

Juliet: I had my first ultrasound, and I showed cane the picture. You should have seen the look on his face.

Hilary: Yeah, I bet cane took a look at that black and white squiggly thing, and he just realized that you two are destined to be together. No, I don't think so, juliet. That's the hormones talking. Cane is never leaving lily. Ever.

Juliet: He doesn't have a choice. She kicked him out.

Noah: [ Chuckling ] Oh, come on. This is awesome. Look. You have everything you need in here. Look at all this gear.

Tessa: Well, sometimes technology is not your friend.

Noah: Well, tonight it is. This technology is gonna take you where you want to go.

Tessa: I've wanted this for so long. It doesn't seem real that it's finally happening.

Devon: Well, it is happening. Right here, right now. So let's get to it. How do you feel?

Mariah: Tessa?

Tessa: Maybe this is a mistake. Maybe we should just do it another time.

Ravi: Hey.

Ashley: Hi!

Ravi: Oh, any luck with that person you thought might have some work for dina?

Ashley: Didn't pan out, no. But we've got a plan "B." Jack made the same suggestion you did about having dina come here.

Ravi: An idea you weren't thrilled about.

Ashley: I'm still not crazy about it, but I'm gonna allow it. The question is, how does she feel about it? She's unpredictable, to say the least.

Jack: I hope this isn't a bad time.

[ Door closes ] How's your day been, mother?

Dina: Oh, uneventful. The gym, the e-mails, and i checked up on my stock portfolio. There's been a very good uptick lately.

Jack: Oh, it looks like it left you some time for some shopping. A lot of shopping.

Dina: Well, I guess ashley told you that I visited the mall today.

Jack: Ashley's concerned you don't have enough to keep you occupied.

Dina: Ashley concerned about me? That is a surprise, jack.

Jack: For both of us. So you understand why I take it seriously.

Dina: Hmm. Well, you understand that i don't want the two of you to hover. I'm fine.

Jack: Why settle for fine? Why not go all the way to happy? I'm here to help us make that happen.

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Mariah: Hey. Look, I know it's terrifying getting what you want, but this is no different than playing a set in the park or open mic night. It's just you and the music. And you can do this.

Tessa: Or not. I might not be able to do this.

Mariah: Tessa. You've got this, okay? Just be here in the moment. I know you can do it.

Sharon: Your drinks are ready.

Zack: Thank you.

Cane: I'll get a table.

Zack: Thank you.

Cane: So, what'd you think? Thank you.

Zack: Low miles, priced well below blue book, nice, smooth ride. I'm in. Let's do this. Give me your, uh, routing number. I'll have the money wired to your account.

Cane: You know what? You got to love it. There's anything you want or need you can get using your phone.

Zack: That is the truth. It's why I'm in town, actually. Tech start-up. I think this is one of the few conversations I've had that's not about my app.

Cane: Yeah? It sounds interesting. You know, I have a, uh, corporate background. I'm looking at making a change. You hiring?

Zack: Not yet. We're not even live till later tonight, but once we grow, which we will, I'll keep you in mind.

Cane: I appreciate that, 'cause I am looking at making a fresh start.

Hilary: What an idiot. He finally did it. Cane got lily to kick his behind to the curb.

[ Scoffs ] Now she's on her own.

Juliet: I guess she finally hit her limit.

Hilary: It wasn't the baby, though. No, that wasn't the end. Lily waited until cane almost ruined her career.

[ Scoffs ] That's when she cut him loose.

Juliet: I think it was the lying that did it. Cane watched the commercial get pulled, then stay out of the fray because he set up billy and wanted to keep that fact to himself. He didn't figure on jesse being such a sleaze, though. Shaking him down in L.A. To keep his mouth shut then coming back for seconds? Cane was desperate. No wonder he caved.

Hilary: He's also the reason why you got fired. You left that part out.

[ Scoffs ] Do not tell me that you're sorry for him. You should be just as angry with him as lily is.

Juliet: Maybe I would be if it weren't for the baby.

Hilary: And that big payout that you got from victoria. I'm sure that's on your mind, too.

Juliet: I can still sympathize with cane. He's shut off from his family, ashamed, isolated.

Hilary: I'm sure you're happy to comfort him. Fill that void, huh?

Juliet: There's nothing wrong with that.

Hilary: You know, I cannot tell if you're a sucker, an opportunist, or [Scoffs] Just plain crazy. Hey.

Jordan: Hey.

Hilary: I was just about to call you.

Jordan: Yeah?

Hilary: Did you hear about cane and lily?

Jordan: Yeah. That she told him to leave? I found out when I went over to tell her that you booked the commercial.

Hilary: So how is she holding up?

Jordan: She needs people that she can count on. And I need you to understand that I'm one of those people. I'm gonna be there for her as a friend.

Hilary: I wouldn't expect anything less.

Abby: How could cane do that to you?

Lily: Which part? The lies, the cheating?

Abby: All of it. How is it even possible?

Lily: You know, I could say i have no idea, but when I first met cane, I didn't even know his real first name. So I just feel like we're back to where we started, you know, with lies.

Abby: No, it wasn't all lies. You two are my relationship goals.

Lily: [ Laughs ] Well, you need to have higher standards.

[ Chuckles ]

Abby: I'm glad you can laugh. You know, it's so hard trying to rebuild a relationship after something terrible happens.

Lily: Yeah. I've cried a lot, too, so you know how that goes.

Abby: You try to keep it together, and then everyone says how brave you are, but you don't always want to be brave. And you don't have to be.

Lily: I know. I wake up when I would rather just sleep for a week. You know, I get dressed when taking a shower just seems like this olympic event. And I tell the kids it's gonna be okay, and I know it will be, but... sometimes all I can see is my world just falling apart. I look at cane -- I don't even know who he is anymore. You know, I could talk to him, but I feel like all he would do is just lie to me, and it just makes me feel so alone.

Abby: No, you're not alone. You have your kids.

Lily: Yeah. Now they're gonna have a new little brother or sister.

Abby: [ Sighs ] It's not fair. It's not fair that juliet is pregnant. Not fair at all.

Lily: No. I mean, they barely knew each other when they slept together, and now she's having his baby. I never got to carry cane's child. I mean, there was that one pregnancy, but then it was gone. You know, and after my cancer, all I wanted was to have cane's baby. Mac was so amazing to be our surrogate. Then we had these two little miracles.

Abby: Not so little anymore.

Lily: No. I knew how lucky I was to get them. And I came to the terms with the fact that I would never carry cane's child. I just didn't think that someone else would. You know, juliet -- she gets drunk and then they have sex and then she's pregnant. It wasn't the baby that she dreamed for or hoped for. But she's having his baby anyway. Not me.

[ Sniffles ]

[ Voice breaking ] It was never gonna be me.

[ Sobs ]

Tessa: Even when I fall

you're the voice that carries through

I'm still learning, learning, learning

how to... I'm sorry.

Noah: Hey, hey, don't say you're sorry. This is your first time recording. You just need to warm up.

Devon: Hey, tessa? Is everything okay with you? Because you seem a little distracted.

Mariah: I've never seen her this rattled before.

Dutch: She needs to stop checking her phone every five seconds.

Devon: Right. Hey, tess. We only have the studio for a limited amount of time tonight, so I'm gonna need you to focus on just the music, okay? Nothing else.

Tessa: Okay.

[ Sighs ]

Devon: All right, ready? We're gonna take it again from the top.

Tessa: I've never been the one to trust

never felt the need to stay

always on the run, chase the sun, no names

I could tell you why

every time you reach out, I'm shaking

trying to fight, taking flight, uh, breaking

but you won't let me go

you won't let me -- I'm -- I'm sorry. I-I don't know what's wrong with me.

Devon: It's okay. Nothing's wrong with you. You're fine. You're fine. You got this, okay? You killed this song at nikki's concert.

Tessa: I don't -- I'm -- I'm sorry.

Mariah: You know what? Let me -- let me talk to her.

Noah: I got this. I got it.

Devon: Hey, we're gonna take a break, okay? Just relax.

Noah: Hey. It's okay.

Tessa: No, it's not.

Noah: It is. It's okay. I know what this is, all right? It's your past getting to you.

Ravi: So just what is it that bugs you so much about your mom coming to work for jabot? I mean, you seem more receptive to her lately.

Ashley: I am. I'm certainly trying to be.

[ Sighs ] You know, I don't know. I look at my mother, and obviously she's not the same woman she was when she left us as children all those years ago. And we're not the same kids we were when she abandoned us. I understand that intellectually that we are now working on a relationship as adults. It's just the idea of her being here. This was my father's domain. This is john abbott's legacy. It just feels weird and wrong somehow to have her here, you know? She turned her back on him, on this company, and our entire family. The thought of her strolling through jabot's halls in her suits and her heels and her pearls, it's just, I don't know.

Ravi: If your dad was here today, how do you think he'd feel about all this?

Ashley: That is the most horrible thing about this, because my father would actually approve.

Ravi: You said he was always warm-hearted, forgiving.

Ashley: So forgiving he actually asked my mother to marry him twice after she left him. He gave her so many chances to redeem herself, and she just...

[Snaps fingers] Failed him every time.

Ravi: So he'd want you to do the same?

Ashley: I can actually hear him right now. "Ashley, your mother could have changed. Ashley, it might be different this time."

Ravi: He's not wrong. Things can be different. Life's pretty magical that way. But I do -- I do understand why this is so hard for you.

Ashley: Hard bordering on unbearable?

Ravi: If it helps, I'd be happy to run interference with dina until she comes onboard, you know, be your walking buffer.

Ashley: You would do that, wouldn't you?

Ravi: Yeah, I like dina.

Ashley: Well, she's your biggest fan. She thinks I'm a complete fool for not...

Ravi: Not what?

Ashley: Um, appreciating you more.

Ravi: Nice.

Ashley: [ Laughs ]

Ravi: I really got to send her a fruit basket.

Ashley: A fruit basket?

[ Laughs ]

Ravi: You know, I didn't want to push, but I really enjoyed the time we spent together in new york. And I'd like to spend some time together here, too, and not just at work.

Ashley: I could use some time away from the desk. How do you feel about water?

Dina: Well, it is true. I'm not thrilled with the tedium of my days. But...I love living back here in genoa city, spending time with my family. And graham, of course.

Jack: But this is not the way you envisioned your life at this point.

Dina: Well, needed one day, tossed aside the next.

Jack: You know, when you commit yourself to a-a cause, a business, it gives your life meaning, purpose. Dad was that way with jabot. Poured his heart and soul into what he built.

Dina: And now I just sold off a part of myself, and it's time I accept that fact and start living my life as a retiree.

Jack: Why? Why retire? Come work for me at jabot.

Dina: What in the world are you talking about?

Jack: You have tons of experience, lots of expertise. No sharper eye, no keener mind.

Dina: Hmm.

Jack: I could use someone like you at jabot.

Dina: But what would I do there?

Jack: Analyzing new product performance, consulting on marketing.

Dina: Oh, you'd give me some busy work.

Jack: No, of course not. You would have a special project all your own. I'd see to it.

Dina: Mm-hmm. Jack, I don't need you to throw me a bone, and I am not at all interested in your charity or your pity.

Lily: I'm just thankful this meltdown was here with you and not with jordan, like last time, 'cause yeah, I'm really holding it together great.

Abby: Well, you have every right to be upset.

Lily: Yeah, I'm just happy that I haven't gone off on cane and juliet, telling them exactly what I think about them.

Abby: Oh, no. Please let me do that. Because I will. I will totally go off on them, and it will sting. I promise.

Lily: I would love that.

Abby: [ Chuckles ]

Lily: But I think kicking cane out was enough.

Abby: That had to have been hard.

Lily: It was hard. But it was time. I just -- I couldn't pretend things were okay anymore. Although I have been keeping it together in front of the kids.

Abby: I know that you want to protect the kids, but you also have to take care of yourself. Rest, eat food, exercise, drink a lot of wine.

[ Laughs ] And call me any time, night or day, to say, "hey, I need some girl talk and some petite sirah, pronto." You promise?

Lily: I promise. Thank you.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ]

Cane: Hey.

Charlie: What are you doing here?

Cane: Well, your shift's almost over. I thought maybe we can get some dinner. You know, we haven't talked since, uh --

Charlie: Since mom kicked you out?

Cane: Yeah.

Charlie: Yeah, I have plans tonight.

Cane: Right. Well, you know, I'll come by tomorrow. We'll catch up. I'll see how you're doing, all right?

Charlie: I can tell you how I'm doing right now. It's fine.

Cane: No, it's not, mate, and that's okay. You know, charlie, it's okay if you need help, all right?

Charlie: I don't need help.

Cane: Okay.

Charlie: What I need is answers. What did you do this time to make mom done with you? What's possibly worse than getting some random woman pregnant?

Cane: All right, look, I made some mistakes and some pretty bad judgment calls, okay? But I didn't want to leave. I want to be home with you and your sister even if you're gonna look at me the way you do. But your mom needs some time. She needs some space to think, okay? And eventually I'm hoping we can work through this and put our family back together, okay?

Charlie: What makes you think she'd want to do that? What if she wants a divorce?

Cane: Did she say that to you? Did she say she wants this separation to be permanent?

Charlie: Mom's not pathetic. It's good she threw you out. She's better off without you.

Cane: Hey, charlie. Hey, hey.

Jack: I have never pitied you, mother, and I think you know that. I have felt anger, resentment, ambivalence. I have never looked at you with pity. You're one of the smartest women I know. I'm asking you to come to jabot not for you, but for me.

Dina: But you don't need me there.

Jack: Well, maybe not like you're needed at mergeron, but yes, I want you at jabot. We've never had this before, day to day contact. I could work by your side, learn from you. Who knows? Maybe you could learn a thing or two from me.

Dina: [ Chuckles ]

Jack: Maybe this is my pride speaking -- I'd also like you to see up close what ashley and i have accomplished at the company, and I would be so proud to have you working alongside of us.

Dina: You mean that?

Jack: I mean that. It's not the same as running a big, international conglomerate. But how many times can you get your nails done?

Dina: Oh, well, wait just a minute, mister. There's nothing more powerful than a fresh mani/pedi.

Jack: Come on. Will you come work for me?

Dina: I think I'd like that very, very much.

Jack: Great. Great.

Dina: [ Laughs ]

Jack: Oh, graham! Good to see you! So I will see you at the office tomorrow.

Dina: Oh, I'll be there.

Graham: Are you having a meeting about something or...?

Jack: I think I'll let my mother tell you about that.

Dina: [ Giggles ]

Graham: What's going on?

Dina: Well, jack has asked me to come and work at jabot. Oh, a couple of special projects, one or two, and i accepted.

Graham: Dina, you know that's not possible.

Dina: Graham --

Graham: It was a mistake. You can't do this. You'll have to tell him that you changed your mind.

Zack: Thank you.

Sharon: Mm-hmm.

[ Cellphone rings ] Oh, excuse me. Hello?

Crystal: Sharon? It's me, crystal.

Sharon: Oh, crystal. I've been so worried about you. I've been trying to find you since you ran off from the underground.

Crystal: I can't talk long. I'm in enough trouble already.

Sharon: Well, tell me where you are. The police want to help you.

Crystal: No police. No, please. If the cops show up here because of me... just please, no.

Sharon: Okay. I'll come. Alone. Just me.

Crystal: Night & day motel, room 2. I don't know the address, but, um...

[ Tap ]

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ]

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Abby: Don't you have an app to launch?

Zack: Hey. Yeah, we go live at midnight.

Abby: So, do you feel good about the launch?

Zack: Bugs are worked out. Marketing plan's in gear. I'm already celebrating.

Abby: Well, that looks like coffee in that mug, not champagne.

Zack: I've got something bigger than bubbly.

Abby: Ooh. Like a magnum?

Zack: Like a car.

Abby: Wow! That is celebrating.

[ Laughs ]

Zack: Yeah, my clunker broke down. This guy gave me a good deal.

Abby: Well, a car that works is essential, and shopping -- well, it is the correct answer to any dilemma.

Zack: See? That is exactly why we work well together. We think the same. If there's ever anything that we disagree on, I want you to be honest with me -- anything. Tell me exactly what you think.

Abby: Yeah, well, without honesty, you have nothing.

Zack: Are we still talking about my car?

Abby: I'm sorry. I was over at a friend's before I stopped by here. And, um, well, her husband lied to her, and now her marriage is in real trouble. You know, telling the truth is so easy. I don't know why it's so hard for people to do.

Zack: You got me.

Abby: Look, we work together, and we've been out on a couple dates, but we can hardly read each other's minds, so if I do something that ticks you off or if I make you mad or if you decide we shouldn't date anymore or, I don't know, if there's something you want to say to me but you're nervous, just say it, please, and we'll be okay. Okay?

Zack: Okay.

Lily: [ Sighs ]

Walnut grove academy.

Lily: Oh, hi. Um, this is lily ashby. I'm sorry. I didn't think anyone was gonna be in right now.

A staff orientation dinner for the fall semester. How can I help you?

Lily: Um, I know the deadline is today, but I was wondering if I can get an extension for charles and matilda's tuition.

Well, the bill was paid in full a little while ago. Your husband took care of it in person.

Lily: Oh. Um, of course. Yes. Thank you.

Juliet: Hi, charlie. Now that you know who I am, if you ever want to talk...

Charlie: Why'd you do it? Was it a plan in tokyo? Did you think, "all right, I'll get him drunk, get him in bed"?

Juliet: No. No, there was no plan. Your father and I were celebrating a business deal. Cane was jetlagged.

Charlie: Whatever. You're having my dad's baby. You wrecked my family.

Juliet: I'm so sorry. That wasn't my intention.

Charlie: Doesn't matter what you intended. Look, if you're drowning in the pool, I'll pull you out. That's my job. But other than that, don't bother being nice to me or my sister. We don't want anything to do with you or your kid.

Jordan: Cane is an ass. That's it. He does nothing but drag lily down. I hope to god that she leaves him for good, man.

Hilary: Yeah, but it's probably tough, though. They have kids. Isn't a family worth fighting for?

Jordan: Those kids are old enough to know exactly how cane betrayed their mother. If she doesn't leave him, what kind of example is she setting?

Hilary: It's not about examples. It's about reality. It's about who you love. Broken homes are tough, though. I feel for those kids.

Jordan: All that feeling didn't stop you from going out for a commercial that lily was up for. The one thing that she had to look forward to, money that she could have used now that cane isn't working and she's on her own.

Hilary: Lily is beautiful, and she's talented, okay? Something will come around for her.

Jordan: I hope so. She could use something positive to focus on.

Hilary: Well, I could use some support, too. I have a proposition for you. I think you're gonna like it.

Ravi: I'm a fan of water. I mean, a few days without it and you... well, you -- you die.

Ashley: That's really true. But I'm talking about a lake, actually, on a perfect summer evening. Now, I know for sure that you're a city guy, but, uh, how do you feel about the great outdoors?

Ravi: I've spent most of my adult life in front of a computer screen. Always wanted to try paddleboarding.

Ashley: [ Laughs ] Well, we could do that at the abbott cabin.

Ravi: You're inviting me?

Ashley: Yeah! We can't let jack have all the fun up there. So what do you say?

Ravi: I would love to.

Ashley: Yeah?

[ Door opens ] How'd it go with mother?

Jack: She very graciously accepted my offer of employment after some convincing. She's very wary of pity or charity.

Ashley: Well, it's kind of exactly what it is.

Jack: No, it's not. And I told her as much. And she was very excited by the time I left. Good for you. You were right. She needed something new to focus her energy on. So I told her if she did well in the loading dock, we could promote her to the mailroom.

Ashley: [ Laughs ]

Jack: No, I told her that she would be working on special projects, and she seemed very content with that.

Ashley: Wait, wait, wait, wait. What kind of special projects?

Jack: To be determined.

Ravi: Jack, I told ashley I'd be the point person for dina if need be. She and I have a good rapport.

Jack: Thank you, ravi. That'd be a real help. So first thing in the morning, i will call H.R., And we'll make it all official.

Ashley: Okay, jack, um, could I just offer you a little advice first?

Graham: Dina, you do know what's going on. Jack doesn't actually want you at jabot. He wants you away from me.

Dina: Oh. Are you insulting my insight into my son or my business ability or both?

Graham: I didn't mean to sound insulting. You know I have nothing but respect for you. And you never have to question my loyalty. It's jack's I'm worried about.

Dina: Well, jack and I have come a long way in a very short time, and he wants me at jabot. And I want to be there.

Graham: And if something goes wrong?

Dina: Well, I'm perfectly capable of taking on a project or two.

Graham: I hope you're right. You know I'm just trying to look out for you. I always have your best interests at heart.

Dina: This is what I need -- to work and to be useful again.

Graham: And what about the demands of the job, the stress?

Dina: Well, boredom is the most stressful thing to me, and this whole argument bores me deeply. Accept my decision, graham, because I won't change my mind.

Tessa: So now you know what makes me tick, what makes me sing, what makes me not sing. What -- what are we even talking about?

Noah: Look, tessa, you're not off your game because you're afraid of performing. That's not it. It's deeper than that. Hey, look, you said it yourself. You couldn't believe this is happening. But that's because you still don't believe that good things are gonna happen to you. This didn't just happen, tessa. Your hard work and your talent, it got you through that door, in front of this mike. People have faith in you, all right? They want to hear you sing. They want to hear your words. They want to hear your music. Nobody is doing you any favors. You earned this. So go get it. Grab it. Hold on tight. You don't have to be sorry.

Tessa: All right, uh, I'm ready to go again. It's time to turn this night around.

Devon: All right. Thanks.

Sharon: Crystal? Are you in there?

[ Gasps ] Oh, thank god you're okay.

Crystal: You have to go. They can't find you here.

Sharon: Who is "they"?

Crystal: Them. They're gonna be here soon. It's time for me to go. My client just left.

Sharon: Your client. Crystal, I am so sorry.

Crystal: You can't be here. If they know that I called you --

Sharon: You don't have to go anywhere with them. Come with me. I know you're scared, but they can't hurt you if they can't find you. And I can take you someplace safe. You can start over. No more clients. Let me help you. Come on. We have to hurry.

Who the hell are you?

Jordan: You want me to come with you to new york tomorrow?

Hilary: It'll be like a do-over from L.A. Come on. Room service, broadway, late-night adventures.

Jordan: It's a nice thought. I have work here, though.

Hilary: Yeah. And I'm sure lily could use the company.

Jordan: That's what this is about. That wasn't an invitation for me to be with you. It was an invitation to be away from lily.

Hilary: No, actually, jordan. I said that I could use the support. This commercial -- I've never done anything like this before.

Jordan: Acting. It comes naturally for you. It's like scoring a gig that you weren't even up for. You'll be just fine, hilary. You always are.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Cane: Hey.

Lily: Hi.

Cane: How you doing?

Lily: Uh, I called walnut grove to get an extension on the kids' tuition, and they told me you paid it.

Cane: Yeah, but don't worry. I didn't use any of the money from our bank accounts, and i won't 'cause we have to hold on to that.

Lily: Then how...?

Cane: I sold my car.

Lily: You love that car.

Cane: Look, I gave our kids' tuition to that slimebag jesse, and, uh, now I owe it to them to make it right, and this is one thing that I can actually fix.

Lily: Okay. Have a good night.

Cane: Good night.

Jack: We agreed on this. Mother's coming to jabot. What's the problem?

Ashley: There's no problem. I just -- you know, I just want to make sure that you're dealing with the reality here, not some kind of fantasy that all sins are gonna be forgiven and this is a family healed. Our mother has literally spent decades putting herself first. I don't think that's gonna change, jack.

Jack: Okay, I understand where you're coming from. I don't think she's going to let us down, not this time.

Ashley: Well, I hope not. For your sake.

Graham: I don't want us to argue. You know that I will support you no matter what.

Dina: Oh, thank you, dear. Now, I'm very tired, so if you'll excuse me, I'm looking forward to a long, relaxing bubble bath. And when I'm through, I'm going to make myself a smoothie in my new juicer.

Graham: Well, enjoy.

Dina: Thank you.

Graham: I'll show myself out.

Tessa: You won't let me give up, give up holding on to you

every time I fall

you're the voice that carries through

I'm still learning, learning, learning

how to count on you

Devon: Yeah!

Noah: Yes!

Mariah: Yes!

Devon: Whoo!

Tessa: Thanks.

Devon: That's it! Your first single!

Tessa: Ah, sorry it took so long.

Devon: Don't be sorry at all. We got everything we needed, all right? Next time will be much easier. Once you're in your groove, dutch won't even be able to keep up with you.

[ Chuckles ]

Noah: Yeah!

Tessa: [ Laughs ]

Noah: Well, uh, I'm not ashamed to say that that was the sexiest thing I've ever seen in my life.

Mariah: [ Laughs ]

Noah: You were singing like no one else in the world existed.

Mariah: All right, guys, let's go celebrate!

Devon: Let's do it.

[ Chuckles ]

Crystal: This is the client's wife. She -- they -- they wanted a threesome.

Sharon: My husband, he had his turn, and, um, now I need more time with just the girl.

Make another date.

Sharon: I-I have money. Just leave the girl with me.

We're done here. You're staying.

[ Door closes ]

[ Vehicle departs ]

Next on "the young and the restless"...

Christine: I've heard what you've done, sharon. I just wish I knew what you were thinking.

Victoria: I don't know. Maybe there's something there. Maybe we should give it a try.

Hochman: I honestly like victoria, and I'm not looking to exploit her.

Jack: Every man has his price.

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