Y&R Transcript Tuesday 8/8/17

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 8/8/17


Episode # 11231 ~ Mariah is torn between Tessa and Devon; Billy questions Victoria's judgment; Ashley reaches out to Neil for help.

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Noah: What do you mean? Plans.

Nick: I'm glad to see you so

Nick: Oh, man, it's good to see you.

Noah: Good to be back!

Nick: Yeah? Oh, glad to have you back. How was the festival?

Noah: Oh, it was -- it was amazing.

Nick: Yeah?

Noah: Yeah. The whole trip was just awesome.

Nick: Well, it sounds like it was.

Noah: And you know what? I got to tell you, uh, meeting some of those players in the music industry got me really fired up about our expansion plans.

Nick: I'm glad to see you so pumped up, bud.

Noah: Yeah, I'm pumped, ready to get back into the swing of things.

Nick: Way ahead of you.

Noah: Oh, yeah? What do you mean?

Nick: Ball is already rolling on my end.

Noah: What do you mean? Seriously? How?

[ Cellphone rings ]

Nick: Well, hold on a second. Yep, this might be the update i was looking for. Yeah. It's the first step in the next newman empire.

Noah: All right. Hurry up. Answer the phone.

Nick: [ Chuckling ] All right. Yeah, this is nick newman.

Mariah: Hey. Hi!

Devon: Hey, you two.

Mariah: Hi, handsome. Mwah!

Tessa: Hi, devon.

Devon: Are you guys all right? I'm kind of picking up a nervous vibe between you two.

Mariah: From us? No. No way.

Devon: Yeah.

Mariah: We couldn't be more relaxed.

Tessa: Well, speak for yourself, lady. I'm nervous as hell.

Neil: You like that, huh?

Ashley: Oh! Yes!

Neil: Well, I hope you enjoyed the nickel tour of the hamilton-winters group world headquarters. I know it's not exactly palatial, but, you know, it's a start, isn't it?

Ashley: It's a start? Are you kidding me? It's incredible. You know, I knew you were gonna branch off and do something amazing, and I'm so happy for you. Congratulations. To you and devon.

Neil: Glad you approve.

Ashley: Approve? It's extraordinary!

Neil: Well, well, look at you, spreading butter all over my pancakes.

Ashley: What are you saying? I'm here to celebrate the success of my friend.

Neil: Devon and I have a long road ahead of us before we start turning any profits. You know, mergeron is a beast. It's full of moving parts.

Ashley: Right, and with such a diversified company, there must be some areas that you're not familiar with.

Neil: Just a few. Uh-huh.

Ashley: Are there? Yeah, I would think. Um, do you and devon have the right team in place? I'm sure it's not that easy to find somebody that has the wide range of experience that, um, you know, would be required.

Neil: Now we get to the mysterious reason why ashley is here.

Phyllis: So are you gonna make me start guessing?

Jack: About what?

Phyllis: Whatever it is you did to get victoria's fling with benjamin a good hard shove.

Jack: Oh! You mean the little flower arrangement I sent to victoria -- and by little, I mean, absolutely lovely.

Phyllis: [ Gasps ] You didn'T.

Jack: No, you're correct -- hochman did. A flower arrangement so lovely, it would melt the heart of even the toughest female C.E.O. Hochman may have an enormous appetite for acquisitions. With mergers, he's a gentleman.

Phyllis: It's probably been months since she's received flowers. You are an evil, evil man.

Jack: Well, thank you very much.

Phyllis: All right. What's next? I'm in.

Jack: I think we need to tread carefully. After all, what would your boyfriend think if he found out you were trying to sabotage his bread and butter?

Billy: Come on. You don't think this is overkill?

Victoria: I think it's a thoughtful and innocent gesture.

Billy: Oh, benny hochman does not do innocent, okay? Do you know what this says, victoria? This says, "I'm sorry that i can't apply my corporate raider skills on your company, but your gorgeous body is fair game."

Victoria: Knock it off, billy.

Billy: You know what, maybe i should sit down with benny boy and find out where you are in his plundering to-do list.

Victoria: Okay, I said enough! You don't see me grilling you about phyllis, do you? When's the last time you two "plundered" each other? Please, tell me all the details and be sure to be as graphic as possible.

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Ashley: Somebody who understands all the ins and outs of mergeron -- now that would be a savvy hire.

Neil: And by someone, you mean dina.

Ashley: It could help her, and it could help you.

Neil: You want me to hire your mother at her own former company in a lesser position?

Ashley: Would it be kind of easy to just give her a vague but somewhat important-sounding title?

Neil: You know what you do? You keep me on my toes. You do. Um, I never expected to be having this conversation with you, though. The last we spoke, the relationship that you were having with your mother was kind of...

Ashley: Oh, was very dysfunctional and terrible and...

Neil: Yeah. All of that.

Ashley: Yeah, well, you know what? You're not wrong, which I'm sure is why this must seem very strange. But I'll tell you that, um, even though my relationship with my mother has been dysfunctional... she is in pain. And I can't ignore it.

Neil: Care to share a little bit more? If I'm not prying...

Ashley: No. You're not prying. I think my mother regrets selling mergeron. I think she's suffering from depression because I think she feels that she put herself out to pasture.

Neil: I got to be honest with you, I noticed it, too. Dina came to me, asking me to be more involved. Your mother -- she's a wicked negotiator. Devon and I agreed that with her sitting on the board that she could consult, occasionally, at our discretion. But at the end of the day, it's our company. We call the shots.

Ashley: I know this is a huge, huge favor to ask of you, but is there any way you could just give her something to do?

Neil: Yeah, ashley, I -- yeah, I could, but you and i both know that's a slippery slope. I mean, it's only natural that your mother -- she would start overstepping her boundaries, and not to mention how it would look to the business world.

Ashley: Oh, yeah, so you buy mergeron, and then you have to run to madame mergeron to show you how to run the company.

Neil: Exactly.

Ashley: Okay, I get it. That's not exactly the image that you want to project. So no hard feelings for saying no.

Neil: Thank you. I also don't want to come off as an ogre with no compassion. Depression is a very serious condition. It affects people her age a lot.

Ashley: Mm-hmm.

Neil: So, with that in mind, I wish her the best, and her very beautiful, caring daughter.

Ashley: Thank you. By the way, you are far too handsome to be an ogre, okay?

Neil: Oh, the ogre line -- yeah, that right there, that was a little fishing expedition.

Ashley: I figured. I figured. Uh-huh.

Neil: So I hope you find another way to help your mama.

Ashley: Thank you. Take care.

Neil: You too, ash. You, too.

Phyllis: For the record, I am not trying to sabotage brash & sassy! I would be delighted if benjamin could pull them out of their rut. It'd keep billy from spending every waking moment trying to keep his ex's company afloat.

Jack: Would you also be delighted to see victoria spend her every non-waking moment in the arms of our dear friend ben?

Phyllis: There is nothing wrong with wishing victoria some happiness. God knows she's spent enough time looking for it.

Jack: You know, this ben is a bit of a wild card. If he inflicts real damage on brash & sassy!, I need to know i can trust you to keep my role in this scheme a deep, dark secret.

Phyllis: Oh, that's right. You don't want nikki to find out that you're trying to crush her daughter's company.

Jack: We each have an ax to grind here. So, we're agreed? No reason to share our little joint venture with anyone.

Billy: Sorry. I was just kidding. I didn't mean to upset you.

Victoria: Yeah, well, I was trying to play along. It came out too harsh. Benjamin -- no big surprise -- was a big flirt. Can we just please leave it at that?

Billy: You know what, you're right. I don't have a right to ask you about your personal life or your love life. If you want to... date benjamin hochman, you go right ahead.

Victoria: I'm sure that he would much rather get his claws in my company than get involved with me romantically.

Billy: Ooh, I don't know about that. But it doesn't matter because you are the sole owner of brash & sassy!, So if he wants any stake in this company, he's got to go through you. And if you ask me, I think that's hopeless. Unless, of course, you think he's so charming that he can talk you into anything.

Ashley: Hello, graham.

Graham: Ashley. Always a pleasure to see you.

Ashley: Oh, well, I'm glad i could cheer you up.

Graham: Did I seem cheerless? Oh. Because I'm drinking alone in the middle of the day? I thought a bloody mary might go well with my omelette.

Ashley: Well, it is the perfect combination, isn't it?

Graham: So, uh, were you up at the hamilton-winters group?

Ashley: Yeah. I hadn't seen the offices yet, so neil showed me around.

Graham: Anyone else around? Devon? Dina?

Ashley: No. Should dina be there?

Graham: No, no. Just a -- just a random thought. Don't think me rude. I was just about to leave, actually.

Ashley: Uh, actually, I don't understand. You seem kind of worried. What's going on?

Graham: Nothing's going on. I'm just wondering where dina went. That's all.

Ashley: Does dina usually inform you about her slightest move?

Graham: Hardly. But she'll usually let me know if she's going out, in case she needs a driver.

Ashley: Until recently, my mother ran a multinational conglomerate. You're gonna tell me that she can't speed-dial a car service?

Graham: You're making much too much of this, ashley.

Ashley: Have you noticed some kind of a change in her mood lately?

Graham: What kind of change?

Ashley: Well, she doesn't seem as happy as she was when she first came to town.

Graham: She's perfectly happy, as far as I'm aware.

Ashley: She told me that she misses mergeron. Me. Somebody she never confides in.

Graham: Well, this is a big change for her.

Ashley: Mm-hmm.

Graham: And I suppose she's been a little bit more reflective since we've been in genoa city. You probably caught her at a wistful moment. Above all, dina's practical. She knows her C.E.O. Days ended when she signed away mergeron.

Ashley: Did it ever dawn on you that maybe she regrets selling the company?

Graham: She's never said anything like that to me.

Ashley: Maybe because you're the one that pushed her into selling in the first place. Yes, my mother told me that, too. And ever since she did, I can't stop wondering -- why would you push her to go down a path that she clearly did not want to follow?

Tessa: If I seem jumpy, it's probably because tonight is the most important thing to happen to me and my music. Apart from you signing me to your label.

Devon: Tessa, I don't want you to be scared about tonight. You're just doing your thing.

Tessa: In front of microphones, mixing boards, producers...

Mariah: You've recorded songs before.

Tessa: Yeah, demos on my phone. Whole different league.

Devon: It's the same artistry, it's the same nuance, it's the same great melodies and lyrics. The only different, literally, is that you're gonna have top-notch talent and equipment to capture it. You'll be fine. And you're gonna have some of the people who believe in you the most there, starting with us.

Mariah: Wait. Me? I'm -- I'm gonna be there? Are you sure that's okay?

Devon: You got something better to do?

Mariah: No, I just don't want to get in the way.

Devon: Tessa asked me to make sure that you came, all right? We feel the same way about you being there. You'll be the perfect cheerleader tonight.

Tessa: Yeah, a friendly face never hurts.

Nick: Well, it looks like our expansion is gonna have to stay in the planning stages.

Noah: Why, what happened?

Nick: Well, what I was gonna tell you before that call came in was while you were gone, i put in some bids on some locations in the markets we talked about. I mean, some buildings that i thought would be just perfect.

Noah: That's fantastic! How many?

Nick: Three so far, but I'm batting zero.

Noah: You kidding me? They all fell through?

Nick: Who knew erie, pennsylvania, was such a hotbed of real estate? I'm sorry to get your hopes up. I thought I'd have some cool news for you when you got home.

Noah: No, dude -- listen. That's awesome, all right? It's awesome. Do you have any idea how much it means to me how pumped you are about this project of ours?

Nick: So you're not upset that I put in the bids without you? I mean, not that it's getting us anywhere. We may still get that place in canton, though, with the cool loft space. It's the one on top.

Noah: Dad. This is sick.

Nick: Yeah. Right? I mean, check out the square footage.

Noah: It's huge! I mean, you could have a deejay booth, a dance floor, a separate performance area. Check this out -- I love this. Freight elevators?

Nick: Yeah, and it's already soundproofed.

Noah: And you know what? If we don't get it, no worries. There's gonna be lots more. Plenty of them.

Nick: You got it, man. I'm not letting our dream die that easily.

Noah: Keep hunting.

Nick: Yes, sir.

Noah: What?

Nick: I -- I don't know, I mean... I can't stop thinking about how lucky I am, you know? I don't want it to sound sappy, but... our relationship means everything to me.

Noah: Look, you know I feel the same way, and fyi -- it's not sappy, all right? You're an incredible dad.

Nick: Thanks, bud. Means a lot. You know, you could put that in a father's day card once in a while.

Noah: I think that got lost in the mail somewhere.

Nick: We have the same conversation every july.

Noah: Yeah. It's our tradition!

Nick: [ Laughs ] You know I'm just giving you a hard time, right?

Noah: Yeah. It's one of your best qualities, your sense of humor.

Nick: Yes, clearly, a dna contribution from my mother since I didn't get any from my dad.

Noah: Uh-oh. Something happen while I was away with grandpa?

Nick: [ Sighs ] You know what he did -- he, um... he removed me from the family account at the athletic club.

Noah: As if you can't afford your own membership.

Nick: He knows that. It's just, uh -- it's a warning shot, you know?

Billy: Maybe one day I'll outgrow my fondness for childish taunting.

Victoria: Yeah, I doubt it.

Billy: Either way, I have no doubt that you can outwit benny hochman any day of the week, not a problem. Game over.

Victoria: Ugh, I hope it will be when I make it clear that brash & sassy! Is not a wounded gazelle that he can just pounce on no matter how many overblown bouquets he sends.

Billy: Do you want to practice clarifying on me? Come on. I'll be benjamin.

[ Clears throat ]

[ As benjamin hochman ] "Hey. How you doing? My mother always said that i should be a gentleman, and gentlemen always have moves. You want to see my moves?"

Victoria: You know what, I'm really not in the mood for role play right now.

Billy: Come on, really?

Victoria: I've got everything under control here, so why don't you take the rest of the day off? I insist.

Billy: [ Normal voice ] Okay. You're the boss. Okay. See you tomorrow.

Jack: Your boyfriend was probably there when the flowers arrived. Be sure to call me with any juicy details.

Phyllis: The same goes for you for any over-the-top romantic gestures from our pal benjamin. You're very good in this area. Kind of like a twisted cyranO.

Jack: Thank you. I think.

Billy: Hey there.

Jack: Well, I think we're done here.

Billy: So you two do lunch now, huh?

Phyllis: Well, I am justifying my paycheck.

Jack: Making sure we get our money's worth before we send your girlfriend off to see our fenmore's satellite stores.

Phyllis: Don't you worry, jack. I won't abuse my per diem. I will limit my meals to the 99-cent menus.

Jack: You know what? Go for it. Supersize. After all, you're not insisting that we shoot an exorbitant commercial in hollywood, one that will never air. Take care.

Billy: I don't miss him.

Phyllis: Good. 'Cause I want you to focus on us and the little bit of time we have before I leave. For example...

Billy: I suddenly miss you already.

Phyllis: [ Laughs ] Good. You have a lot to do with this whole rehabbing brash & sassy!

Billy: Yeah.

Phyllis: I mean, what's going on with that? How are things going?

Billy: You know, irons in the fire, other fires to put out.

Phyllis: Do you mean that benjamin hochman guy you were worried about? How did the dinner with victoria go?

Billy: Apparently, she made a heck of an impression on the corporate raider.

Phyllis: Really? Tell me more.

Devon: You'd be proud, the way I worked that festival, man. Made a lot of contacts. I saw about five different acts that we could probably sign. And I was able to promote tessa to the press and some satellite radio programmers. And we're heading to the studio tonight with a lot of momentum.

Neil: Yeah?

Devon: Yep.

Neil: Well, sounds like you checked all the boxes, my man.

Devon: As many as I could.

Neil: What about the "romantic getaway" box?

Devon: I mean, it wasn't the weekend for two that I had planned, but, uh, mariah and i had a great time.

Neil: Yeah?

Devon: Yeah.

Neil: Yeah, well, I saw some amazing pictures of that hotel online. A couple of nights there, you should be good.

Devon: Yeah. Yeah, I think, uh -- I guess mariah thinks so, because, uh, she dropped the "l" word on me.

Neil: Well, that's big news.

Devon: Yeah.

Neil: A little soon, though, maybe...

Devon: Maybe.

Neil: Yeah? How do you feel about it? You feel the same way?

Devon: I don't know if I do. I didn't say it back.

Neil: What stopped you?

Tessa: Oh!

Mariah: Whoa! Surf's up! Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh.

Tessa: You can't take me anywhere!

Mariah: Wow, you really -- you really are jittery.

Tessa: Well, I wasn't lying to devon. Walking into a recording studio and leaving with a forever version of my song, it's -- it's scary.

Mariah: Well, it's just like devon said. Yes, somebody is gonna be in the other room pushing the "record" button, but it's basically you performing a set, just like you always do, with a ton of confidence.

Tessa: Well, don't tell devon, but I'm not sure how much of that is an act and how much of it is real.

Mariah: Tessa, you have become one of my best friends for a reason. And part of that is me being able to tell what's real about you. Your heart. And, yeah, especially your talent. It doesn't get more real than that.

Tessa: See, that's just it. I mean, since I came here, people have reached out and shown me more kindness than anyone in my entire life. You, nikki, noah... people like me, we don't get this lucky. Devon is taking a humongous chance on me, and I feel a lot of pressure to not let any of you down.

Mariah: You're not going to. And I won't let you. What kind of sucky cheerleader would I be if I did?

[ Both chuckle ]

Ashley: Is there some reason why you can't answer my question, graham?

Graham: You're over-simplifying. Dina talked about scaling back for some time before deciding to go through with the sale. I can't stress this enough, ashley. It was her decision to step down and cash out.

Ashley: And you supported it.

Graham: Absolutely. Don't you think your mother's earned some downtime so she can relax with her family?

Ashley: Oh, so now you're in favor of her spending time with her family? Well, that's definitely a switch.

Graham: Not at all! I've never said one word against the idea.

Ashley: It's obvious to all of us, graham, how you feel about the abbott family.

Graham: Well, I'm sorry you feel that way.

Ashley: I bet you are. Just because you've become closer to her than we've been doesn't mean we're gonna blindly accept everything you tell us about her.

Graham: What is you think I'm deceiving you about?

Ashley: Our mother has never been a family person. She's never been the kind of person that stops and smells the roses, graham. I mean, the main reason that she stayed away from genoa city all these years was because she preferred the glamorous life and excitement.

Graham: And people change.

Ashley: Yeah. And they're also pushed. And manipulated.

Graham: I didn't push your mother, ashley. Do you honestly think anyone could?

Ashley: Well, since we're being so honest with each other, it absolutely serves your purposes for my mother to walk away from mergeron. Does it not?

Dina: Well, well, well. What seems to be the problem, darlings, hmm?

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Graham: Ashley and I were just having a passionate debate about the perfect bloody mary recipe.

Ashley: No, we weren'T. We weren't having a debate at all. I found graham here, he was actually pretty upset because apparently, you hadn't informed him as to where you were going. I thought that was ludicrous, but I mean, you know, if that's your arrangement...

Dina: It damn well isn'T.

Graham: I tried to explain that to her.

Dina: [ Chuckles ] Graham doesn't expect me to run my every move by him. Nor would I.

Ashley: Well, I must have misconstrued. Based on his behavior. So, you actually went to fenmore's and then downtown to the mall?

Dina: Oh, yes, I -- I went shopping. There were a few things i bought -- some essentials.

Ashley: Yeah, I see that. Wow.

Graham: Shall we go up to the room and put your new things away?

Ashley: Actually, graham, would you mind doing that for my mother? I'd like to have a word with her. Alone.

Graham: Of course.

Ashley: I don't know, you at the mall -- it's just kind of mind-blowing.

Dina: Well, I'm -- I'm doing all sorts of things I've never done before.

Ashley: You are.

Dina: Mm-hmm.

Ashley: And I want you to, and I want you to have a lot of fun doing it.

Dina: Thank you.

Ashley: So maybe the next time you have the need for retail therapy, you can let me know, and then we can go kidnap abby and then we can have a shopping adventure!

Dina: [ Laughs ] Well, if you're thinking of prescribing more shopping to fill my days, that isn't about to happen. And now I have to figure out how to spend the rest of this one.

Billy: So I think that jaded, amoral benjamin hochman found a new way to squeeze thrills out of a corporate raid -- go after the single, sexy C.E.O. At the same time. Victoria shot him out of the sky. Although, it barely slowed him down. You should have saw the bouquet of flowers that he sent her.

Phyllis: Oh, so he's a greed-fueled capitalist and a gentleman?

Billy: Gentleman? Come on. He's not a gentleman based off his reputation alone.

Phyllis: Maybe victoria made him want to be a better man.

Billy: [ Scoffs ] Well, I'm not saying she can't have that effect on a guy, but he's not good enough for victoria.

Phyllis: Are you jealous?

[ Knocks on door ]

Benjamin: Knock, knock. Hey, hey.

Victoria: Hi. Benjamin. Come on in.

Benjamin: Well, I have to admit, you continue to surprise me.

Victoria: Oh?

Benjamin: Well, I didn't expect to get a text inviting me here to your private command center with no underlings around to distract us, so... I find that encouraging.

Victoria: Well, you shouldn't because I -- I didn't ask you here to pick up where we left off this morning.

Benjamin: Sure about that?

Victoria: I'm pretty certain. Last night was just a one-time deal. It's never gonna happen again.

Benjamin: Up to you.

Victoria: The flowers were really exquisite, but just more proof that I think I left you with false expectations.

Benjamin: The, um, flowers?

Victoria: Yeah. They're a little hard to miss.

Benjamin: Good, uh, they followed my instructions perfectly. I'm just surprised that they got here so soon.

Victoria: Well, you shouldn't have been so extravagant.

Benjamin: But since I was, haven't I at least earned the right to confide something personal, straight from the heart?

Ashley: I'm as certain as i can be without a medical diagnosis. I think our mother's suffering from depression, jack.

Jack: Well, what's she done now?

Ashley: She went to neil and she pleaded with him to give her some kind of an active role with mergeron.

Jack: Well, that sounds more like controlling than depression.

Ashley: Okay, well, how about this? After he said no, she comforted herself by going to the mall. She spent a lot of money at a gadget store. Now, does that sounds like something our mother would do?

Jack: No, but it also doesn't sound like absolute clinical proof.

Ashley: Okay, but it does sound like she's bored and frustrated, right? Guess who pushed her into selling mergeron.

Jack: Nobody pushes her into anything.

Ashley: Graham did. Because she's not the powerhouse that she used to be, jack. And he has way too much influence over her. That's another big sign that something's not right.

Jack: Ash, it is a sad fact of life that people retire too early. They've been so busy with work, they haven't developed a hobby, and then when they leave their careers...

Ashley: Exactly. They get lost. They start pushing away their friends and their family. And pretty soon, the loneliness just starts catching up with them, and...

Jack: Before you know it...

Ashley: Exactly. Now, you tell me -- whose purpose does that scenario fit?

Dina: I don't appreciate you making ashley worry about me.

Graham: I covered with her.

Dina: Oh, so that's why she thinks you supervise my every move, hmm?

Graham: Well, you threw me off guard by disappearing this morning.

Dina: Well, I went shopping! Big deal! And I wasn't about to tell you because I didn't want to disturb your time at the gym during your workout.

Graham: You could have texted. Just keep me informed. That's all I ask. What's this?

Dina: That happens to be a juicer. They're very healthy and it's, uh, quite all the rage.

Graham: This would hardly be considered an essential. Room service will deliver fresh juice any time of the day or night.

Dina: Oh, did it ever occur to you that I might want to make my own? You know, maybe -- maybe I'm sick of room service. Did you ever think of that? And maybe I miss having a kitchen. And maybe I miss having a home.

[ Door slams ]

Devon: You know, mariah and i have a really good thing going, and I could go on all day about how great she is.

Neil: Yeah.

Devon: But after hilary, I just -- I feel like...

Neil: Yeah, you know what you need? You need someone who's totally the opposite to hilary, and that person, my man, is mariah, who really seems to have fallen for you.

Devon: I know, but that's what worries me a little bit because, you know, hilary and i started throwing around the word "love" way too early, and that's part of what messed everything up for us, part of what messed me up.

Neil: Mm, does mariah know any of this?

Devon: No. Her love speech took me by surprise. I didn't -- I didn't really know what to say.

Neil: Well, if you don't know what to say, then I suggest you just, uh, talk to her. And remember, no matter how you feel or you don't feel, total honesty -- it's the way to go every time.

Ashley: So you agree with me?

Jack: That a vital dina engaged in her life is the surest way to slow graham's big payday? Yeah. Not that he'd ever admit that.

Ashley: I was reminded today, he's so slipper and clever.

Jack: Well, lucky for us, I've been called slippery and clever.

Ashley: That's true. So, do you have a plan?

Jack: We have to keep her vital and engaged. That means we have to keep her close by, keep an eye on her. What if we offered her a job here?

Ashley: Jack, our mother working here at jabot is the last thing that I want.

Devon: Hey there. Hi.

Mariah: Hi. Hey. How you doing?

Devon: Good. How you doing?

Mariah: Oh, my gosh. Wow. It's, um... it's a lot later than I thought. I guess we got to get to the studio. I'm sorry, I should have come downstairs and met you at the office.

Devon: It's fine. It's fine. Don't worry about that. Before we go, um, there's a couple of things that I want to clarify.

Mariah: Like what?

Devon: You told me that you loved me in san francisco, and i just stood there, I didn't say anything back, and I think that you deserve a response.

Mariah: Look, that's -- that's not why I said it, and i didn't want you to feel pressured into saying anything. I just kind of blurted it out, in this moment -- a very enjoyable moment -- but we can just kind of leave it at that.

Devon: I do appreciate you saying that, but I need you to know that I didn't mean to hurt you if I did by not responding.

Mariah: You didn'T.

Devon: The truth, mariah, is I'm not ready to say that word yet. But I'm committed to you. And I'm not gonna lie to you, 'cause I respect you too much just to say something that I'm not ready to say. And I really do hope you can understand that.

Mariah: Of course I do. And just so you know, that was the sweetest non-"I love you" I've ever heard in my life. From the most amazing guy.

Devon: Well, I really hope that you don't move onto somebody more amazing before I'm able to catch up to you.

Mariah: There's no one else.

Nick: No, crystal hasn't been back. I promise you, I'm keeping an eye out for her. Okay. I'll call you. Bye, sharon.

Noah: Crystal's that, uh, the runaway, the one that called mom on the hotline?

Nick: Yeah, I, uh -- I found her hiding behind a dumpster out back and brought her in here, but then she took off again. Now your mom's even more worried.

Noah: Such a sad story, you know? It chills you. I just feel for these kids at the mercy of the world, no family to count on to protect them. It just makes you value what you have that much more, you know?

Nick: Sure does.

Noah: You know, dad... you and me, you don't have to worry about us. The problems you have with grandpa -- like, that could never happen between us.

Tessa: Hi, guys.

Noah: Hey!

Nick: Hey.

Noah: How are you?

Tessa: Good.

Noah: Dad! Next time you see tessa, she will officially be neil and devon's first hit recording artist for their streaming service.

Tessa: Well, I don't know about the "hit" part.

Nick: Noah told me you're in the studio tonight. Congratulations.

Tessa: Thank you.

Noah: So, you ready to make some magic?

Tessa: Yeah. I can't wait, actually. I, uh...

[ Cellphone rings ] Uh, just one sec.

Noah: Yeah.

Tessa: Hello?

Crystal: Tessa, thank god.

Billy: I'm not jealous. Believe me. I told victoria that she's free and clear to date whoever she wants, okay? She's entitled to a social life.

Phyllis: We all are, but there's something about her socializing with this particular guy that's bugging the hell out of you.

Billy: All right, I'm not gonna harp on it because tonight is about me and you, but there was something about the way she insisted that dinner with hochman was strictly business, and then the way she reacted when the flowers came. It just -- I don't know.

Phyllis: There is a remote possibility that she does not want to talk about her potential new romance with her ex.

Billy: Sarcasm noted. And I am dropping this.

Phyllis: But...

Billy: But I know victoria, okay? There's something not right about this.

Benjamin: I confess. I'm not so jaded and cynical that I can't feel flattered when a gorgeous and accomplished woman gets real with me.

[ Sighs ] I mean, when you told me last night that you were still having trouble getting over your ex, well, I could relate.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Well, you know, I don't normally drink wine on an empty stomach, so I'm sorry if I went on about my personal life.

Benjamin: No, it wasn't like that at all. You shared because we were communicating. There was a mutual connection. I haven't felt that way about anyone since my divorce. I mean, suddenly, single is a strange place to be for people like us.

Victoria: Well, thanks so much for your concern, but I'm fine.

[ Chuckles ]

Benjamin: Fair enough. You still got to eat, though. As long as I'm in town, can I at least take you out to dinner again?

Victoria: Um, okay. Yeah, dinner it is. You're on.

Tessa: Uh, I haven't heard from you in forever.

Crystal: I know. I've been trying to reach you.

Tessa: My phone's been off a lot recently, and I was in california. What is it? Is everything okay?

Crystal: No. I'm scared, and I need help.

Tessa: What can I do?

Crystal: I need you to come and -- [ Gasps ]

Tessa: Hello? Crystal? Are you there?

Noah: Hey. Everything okay? You sure?

Tessa: Yeah, I -- I just, uh, heard from an old friend. I haven't heard from her in ages.

Noah: Oh.

Tessa: Yeah.

Noah: All right.

Ashley: Look, I want to help mother, but having her here at jabot is just a bad idea.

Jack: I'm asking you to think about it. One moment might help.

Ashley: I did think about it. Actually, ravi already suggested it, and it just feels strange to be pulling our mother into the family business, jack. This was our father's pride and joy.

Jack: So we just let her waste away -- unwanted, un-needed but for her adoring minion and eager heir...

Ashley: I'm not saying that, but we have to respect our father's memory.

Jack: We're not tarnishing his memory. Dad was generous and forgiving to a fault. No, I'm suggesting we give her a side project, something that's right in her wheelhouse, a gesture that says we care.

Ashley: I don't know.

Jack: Graham has too much control of her. We need to take it back!

Graham: I didn't mean to sound patronizing. I was just worried when I got back from the gym and you were gone.

Dina: I can take care of myself.

Graham: I'm just so relieved that you're safe. I'm sorry if I wounded you with anything that I said. You know why I'm with you. I am not going anywhere.

Next on "the young and the restless"...

Hilary: Cane is never leaving lily.

Juliet: He doesn't have a choice. She kicked him out.

Tessa: Maybe this is a mistake. Maybe we should just do it another time.

Sharon: We have to hurry.

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