Y&R Transcript Monday 8/7/17

Y&R Transcript Monday 8/7/17


Episode # 11230 ~ Victoria has a rude awakening; Cane makes a confession to Juliet; Jack conspires with Hilary

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Jack: Thank you.

Cane: Hey, jack. Do you, uh, mind if we have a word?

Jack: Please. Please.

Cane: Thank you.

Jack: Cane, I hope there are no hard feelings about the job that didn't come through.

Cane: No. Absolutely not. 'Cause I doubt you didn't hire due to my lack of qualifications.

Jack: Hardly.

Cane: And since I worked at brash & sassy!, It couldn't have escaped you that I have expertise in their business plans, which would only benefit you and jabot.

Jack: There are a lot of factors that go into staffing decisions like this.

Cane: But, you see, I'm not looking backward, jack. I'm only looking at what could happen next, and, uh, how that could serve us both.

Billy: Hannah. Hey. You're there early. Can you do me a favor and put victoria on, please? Oh, really? She's not? Okay. Well, I'll try her on her cell. She must be, uh, getting to work early. Can you tell the kids I say hello for me, please? Okay. Bye.

Phyllis: What's up?

Billy: Hey. I'm just trying to get ahold of victoria about a meeting we have scheduled. Guess she's getting a jumpstart on the day.

Benjamin: Hey. Where you going?

Victoria: Oh! I have to get to work.

Benjamin: I was hoping i could, uh, maybe buy you some breakfast?

Victoria: Oh, well, maybe some other time.

Benjamin: [ Sighs ] Last night, uh, was unexpected.

[ Chuckles ] That took me by surprise when you said you wanted to come back here.

Victoria: And we, um...

Benjamin: Well, you drank a considerable amount of wine, but, uh, I'm glad you haven't forgotten.

Victoria: No. No, no, no. No chance of that.

Benjamin: Listen, victoria, i know that you, uh, have kids and a certain image. Listen, what happened last night stays between us. It goes no further.

Victoria: Thanks. Thanks a lot.

[ Sighs ] Well, I got to go.

Benjamin: Uh, when can I --

Victoria: Bye, benjamin!

Devon: Hey. You chasing down a big story?

Hilary: Maybe I just bumped into one. You heading out of town?

Devon: Just getting back, actually. I needed to, uh, stop by the office and check in with neil before going back home.

Hilary: Oh, that's right. You took mariah to that music festival in san francisco.

Devon: Mm-hmm.

Hilary: How was it?

Devon: It was incredible music, there was a ton of people. We all had a good time.

Hilary: All?

Devon: Yeah, noah and tessa ended up coming with us.

Hilary: The more, the merrier.

Sharon: Well, la-dee-dah!

[ Laughing ] Hi! How was the festival?

Mariah: First of all, these are for you.

Sharon: Oh! Thank you. Hmm! [ Chuckles ]

Mariah: Looks great!

Sharon: Wow. So, you had a good time?

Mariah: Yeah. Backstage passes, private jets, limos, vip passes... how can you beat the best? Because that's exactly what this trip was.

Sharon: Sounds like you had fun.

Mariah: Unh! Sharon. Fun is foofy little umbrella drinks and cheesy pizza. This was... you know, I always wondered about those people behind the tinted windshields, and now I'm one of them because of this fantastic guy that I'm dating.

Sharon: So things are going well with devon?

Mariah: It kind of makes you dizzy, being with somebody who can just snap their fingers and golden doors open. Me and devon hamilton. Sometimes it doesn't feel real.

Sharon: Enjoy dating him and being pampered.

Mariah: I told devon I love him.

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Victoria: So everything is good?

Hannah: Johnny and katie are


I fed them and dropped them off

at day camp.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Okay. Well, thank you for staying over again, hannah.

Hannah: I meant what I said

when I texted you back.

It was no trouble.

I hope you had a nice time.

Victoria: Uh, yeah, sure did. I'll see you soon.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Victoria: Hi, billy.

Billy: Hey. You at the office already?

Victoria: Uh, no. Not yet. I'm on my way in.

Billy: Okay, um, I e-mailed you some talking points before our meeting with the east coast distributors if you want to go over them.

Victoria: Yeah, we can deal with that before the meeting.

Billy: Yeah, sure. That'll work. So, tell me, how did it go with benjamin hochman last night? Anything I should know about?

Victoria: I'll be in shortly.

Billy: Uh -- okay.

Phyllis: Everything all right?

Billy: Yeah. Victoria's in her, you know, newman headspace. No time to tell me about the wrecking ball benjamin hochman or what that snake has up his sleeve.

Phyllis: Are you afraid she's gonna fall prey to that kind of guy?

Billy: Uh, no, I'm sure she had her speech prepared already. Brash & sassy! Has never been healthier, we're in a great position, everything's going forward, you know...

Phyllis: I figured she had a plan in mind. I'm sure she had fun doing it.

Billy: Yeah, well, she loves the business head games, doesn't she?

Phyllis: No, I just meant, you know, the guy's a handsome dude.

Billy: Yeah, if you're into that sort of thing. He's not really victoria's type.

Phyllis: Here. Let me help you with that.

Billy: Thank you.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Billy: Ooh. Oh, wow.

Sharon: Saying the "l" word. Big step.

Mariah: Well, it wasn't anything premeditated. It just sort of happened in the moment.

Sharon: I'm happy for you. I'm happy for noah, too. You know, just as a mom, I can't help being curious...

Mariah: You are dying to ask about tessa and noah.

Sharon: Are those two getting serious?

Mariah: You know, they're both a little gun-shy. I think they got a lot closer on this trip, and it's obvious that noah's really into her.

Sharon: Does she feel the same way about him?

Mariah: Tessa doesn't do fake. She doesn't say things just to say them. She only does what feels right.

Tessa: Traveling first class with devon all weekend -- must be what it feels like to be a headliner.

Noah: Well, as soon as things start to take off for you, you will be rolling like that all the time. You'll have the resources to go anywhere you want.

Tessa: That's so much bigger than I saw my career ever going. I mean, all I really wanted to do was take care of myself and the people I love.

Noah: Your sister?

Tessa: Yeah.

Noah: Mm-hmm. Well, that all starts tonight -- your first recording session.

Tessa: You think my songs are gonna take off?

Noah: Yes! Of course I do. I do. Believe it.

Tessa: Well, when you say it, I can. Noah, um, wherever this goes, I hope you'll take the ride with me.

Noah: I like the sound of that.

Tessa: I realize I was kind of distant when you first started showing interest...

Noah: It was like, you know, mars or jupiter distance, but...

Tessa: It's, uh -- it's not that I wasn't attracted. I just didn't think it could go both ways. And you wanted to put on the brakes, so...

Noah: Look, when I said that I wanted to take things slow, that wasn't like a code for something else, all right? I just wanted to be completely honest with you.

Tessa: And I've never been with someone like that, who's authentic. It's hot.

Hilary: Well, you just signed tessa. Of course you'd want to promote her on your trip. I'm sure that mariah understood, turning your romantic getaway into a business junket.

Devon: Oh, well, it wasn't all business.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Hilary: Oh. It's just, um, the ad agency finalizing some details for my commercial in new york.

Devon: Is mariah involved or anything, or...?

Hilary: No, this doesn't have anything to do with my show. I thought that maybe your sister had mentioned something.

Devon: Lily mentioned going on an audition recently. Was this for the same thing that you got?

Hilary: Okay, don't get all "it was lily's commercial" on me, okay? Dozens of women auditioned. I got it.

Devon: [ Chuckles ]

Hilary: So, what? No congratulations?

Devon: No, I'm -- I'm sorry. I'm too busy being stunned. Congratulations. Really.

Hilary: Thank you.

Devon: I'm constantly impressed by your ability to make things happen.

Hilary: Thank you. That means a lot coming from you.

Devon: Well, good luck with everything.

Hilary: Hello, victoria.

Victoria: Hilary. What's up?

Hilary: You know that camera guy, jesse, from L.A.?

Victoria: Yeah. What about him?

Hilary: He came to me looking for a job, but as soon as i realized who he was, I told him that I was not gonna hire him. Ever. Were you aware that he was in town?

Victoria: I'd rather not talk about it.

Hilary: Okay, I was just trying to give you a friendly heads up.

Benjamin: Ah! Victoria, you're still here. I guess we can have that breakfast after all.

Victoria: Oh, actually, this coffee is all I have time for, benjamin.

Benjamin: [ Sighs ]

Victoria: I'm due at the office.

Benjamin: I'll call you later, then?

Victoria: Yeah.

Benjamin: Coffee, please. Charge it to room 637. Hochman. I'll, uh... I'll be sitting over there.

Hilary: Excuse me. Are you benjamin hochman?

Cane: And with technology like laser lights and skin products embedded with gold and, uh, diamonds, the product margins are about to explode.

Jack: Dramatic changes ahead.

Cane: Yeah, I understand these dynamics, jack. You add that to the fact I have intimate knowledge of brash & sassy!'S inner workings...

Jack: Cane, I acknowledged all this in your interview.

Cane: Yes, you did, but you didn't hire me, and I accept that. However, there is a reason i sought you out today.

Jack: Why's that?

Cane: You were enthusiastic when you interviewed me at jabot. You were almost relishing in the prospect that you would have me come on board.

Jack: Until I had a chance to give it some real thought. Cane, I got to run.

Cane: What if I work for you directly? Under the radar, jack.

Jack: Doing what, precisely?

Cane: Depends. I could be a consultant or a liaison. It's whatever you want to call it. I work from outside the office. I report directly to you. This is our deal. It is strictly between us, and no one will know about it, and I give you my word.

Jack: There's nothing for you at jabot, cane.

Cane: Why? You tell me. What is the possible downside in what I just proposed to you?

Jack: Because it's too close to home.

Hilary: I am familiar with your work. You have an intimidating reputation for acquisitions.

Benjamin: A well-earned reputation. As is yours. I recognize you from your show, hilary.

Hilary: Well, it is nice to meet you, officially.

Benjamin: They claim that I'm ruthless. You don't spare anyone, do you?

Hilary: Well, I do have my exceptions. Come to think of it, our vocations are not very dissimilar.

Benjamin: How so?

Hilary: Well, we both look above and around and below what's presented to the outside world. Your business is in revealing the value of a company, and my business is in revealing the truth.

Benjamin: I like that comparison. There's too many phonies out there.

Hilary: In genoa city?

Benjamin: Intriguing place. Packed with talent. I'm taking a few meetings.

Hilary: With whom?

Benjamin: Management in fenmore's division of jabot, victoria newman at brash & sassy!...

Hilary: Oh, I ran into her earlier this morning.

Jack: Hilary! Always good to see you.

Hilary: Oh! Mwah. Likewise.

Jack: Ben! What are you up to?

Benjamin: Hilary and I were just having a fascinating chat about a common interest.

Hilary: The truth. In all its unpleasant glory.

Lily: If billy and victoria hadn't come here and told me that cane paid off that cameraman, I never would have known. He's lied to me about everything, and it's -- it's too much.

Neil: Yeah, I know. I know. You did the right thing by asking him to move out.

Lily: It killed me to do that. And knowing cane, I know he's going through hell right now.

Neil: He should never have used that tuition money to cover up his lies.

Lily: That's what did it for me. I have to protect mattie and charlie.

Neil: Listen, let me give you some money to cover walnut grove, okay?

Lily: No, dad, that's not why I'm telling you about this. It's not. Cane and I are supposed to be a team, you know? We're supposed to trust each other. And we did. Until he lied about using the kids' tuition money as an "investment."

Neil: Lily. You can confide in me. You know you can. Doesn't matter -- any issue, any concern, any reason at all.

Lily: Dad, I'm not asking for money, but thank you.

Neil: Okay, look. We need to be realistic here. Cane is out of a job.

Lily: Dad, I'm not.

Neil: Are they paying you enough, you know, to cover your bills, all that kind of stuff? I mean, please, be honest with me.

Lily: I'm being honest! We're good right now. We are. I'm actually going out for other projects. I had an audition for a national commercial.

Neil: Get out of here, huh? How'd you do?

Lily: I didn't book it, but there will be other projects.

Neil: Yeah. I'm sorry. Lily, you are such a beautiful girl. You always have such a positive attitude.

Lily: The kids need to know it'll be okay.

Neil: They will know. They have you. Come here.

Juliet: I didn't mean to... I had no clue that you'd be here.

Cane: It's a, uh, public place, so I can't imagine you're stalking me. You know, it's inevitable that we run into each other around here, so, uh, you might as well hear this from me. Have a seat.

Tessa: Oh! Hi. Come here!

Mariah: Hi.

Tessa: [ Sighs ] I keep trying to mentally prep for this recording session tonight, but all I can think about is -- how many famous people did we meet this weekend?

Mariah: Oh, enough to make my brain implode.

Tessa: And then we flew on a private jet this morning...

Mariah: I know. I keep thinking, like, did that all seriously just happen?

Tessa: It was special, mariah. All of it. And that time alone with noah just changed everything. Things have gone to a whole new level.

Mariah: Yeah. Yeah, same with, uh, devon and me. I told him I love him.

Tessa: Did he say it back?

Mariah: No, and I didn't expect him to. Actually, I'm glad that he didn'T. I didn't want him to say it just because he felt obligated to. And even though we're in different places in the relationship, I don't regret saying it.

Tessa: He feels the same about you, I can see it.

Mariah: Yeah?

Tessa: Yeah!

Mariah: With your x-ray vision?

Tessa: No, no, I mean, he planned this whole trip for you. You invited me to tag along. And I'm glad you did. It was an amazing experience, and you're an amazing friend, mariah.

Devon: It was actually pretty genius for mariah to invite tessa to come along 'cause not only was I able to sample new artists and styles at the festival, but I was able to put tessa's name and face out there just as we're getting prepared to go into the studio and record, you know?

Neil: Mm-hmm. Mm. Sounds like our music division is gonna have a real successful launch, man. I'm -- I'm excited.

Devon: Tell that to your face. Is something going on with you? You all right?

Neil: I didn't want to dump this on you before you had unpacked your bags, man, but i just came from seeing lily.

Devon: Some more trouble with cane?

Neil: You would not believe what that man has pulled now.

Cane: And that is why i temporarily took the money from my kids' tuition fund -- to pay off jesse.

Juliet: You told jesse to remove that footage, where billy and the players said they were joking about gambling. All to make him look bad.

Cane: Yes.

Juliet: I was the one who got blamed for that tape going on the air. I was the one who got fired because of you.

Cane: That's right.

Hilary: Please excuse me, gentlemen, I have a call to take.

Jack: Sure. Benjamin, I, uh, am not gonna change my mind and accept your offer.

Benjamin: You made that clear.

Jack: Okay, so what are you still doing in town?

Benjamin: I'm taking a look at your competition downstairs.

Jack: Brash & sassy!?

Benjamin: Well, based on trade reports and a reliable source that I've talked to, it seems that they're not doing as well as jabot.

Jack: Well, numbers don't lie. Flagging sales, management in disarray...

Benjamin: Interesting. Victoria newman doesn't come off as a C.E.O. Of a company that's in distress.

Jack: Then you've spoken.

Benjamin: Yeah, we had dinner last night.

Jack: Well, I'm sure she was able to spin things to make it look like, uh, management was on top of things, but I guess the C.E.O. Of nationwide department stores did the same thing last year.

Benjamin: [ Chuckles ] Yeah, as I, uh, took his company and sold it off piece by piece.

Jack: It was a thing of beauty.

Benjamin: You're pushing for a repeat performance.

Jack: No, no, no, no. No. Merely pointing out the obvious. Low-hanging fruit, crying to be picked.

Benjamin: And if I dismantle brash & sassy! As I've done so many others, it'd eliminate a key competitor of yours.

Jack: A side benefit, yeah.

Benjamin: Mm, it seems to be a popular theme -- their demise at jabot.

Jack: Oh?

Benjamin: I spoke briefly with phyllis.

Jack: Her motives differ from mine.

Benjamin: But your end goal is the same.

Jack: Seems to me the only end goal that matters is yours, ben. Victoria can talk a great game, but that shouldn't keep you from your instincts.

Benjamin: Actually, there wasn't much shoptalk last night.

Jack: Is that so...

Benjamin: You know, actually, I need to return some calls. Nice talking with you, jack.

Billy: Hey.

Victoria: Oh! There you are. Let's get cracking. We got to get a jumpstart on this new ad campaign.

Billy: One step ahead of you. I requested some mock-ups that i have here for you. So, how'd it go with benjamin hochman last night?

Victoria: Fine.

Billy: Fine? It's no secret why he asked you to dinner or what he's after.

Victoria: Yeah, that's why i called him on it. I assured mr. Hochman that brash & sassy!'S not in play -- in any way -- and that I had made the company leaner and meaner, and we are well on our way to our best quarter yet.

Billy: Well, maybe you shouldn't have raised the bar so high.

Victoria: Well, I believe in our products and our strategy. Best quarter yet -- you just wait and see.

Billy: There's no way that he took that at face value, vick.

Victoria: No, of course he didn'T.

Billy: Okay, then how'd you shut him down? Come on. We both know hochman's rep precedes him -- before, during, and after his divorce.

Victoria: All right, well, benjamin did try to get me to let my guard down. He said he wanted to get to know the real me.

Billy: And did he?

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Hilary: My phone has been going nuts because I landed that national commercial.

Jack: Wow! Congratulations. A national commercial? What's the product?

Hilary: Well, all I'm allowed to say is that it is a "sinfully rich, calorie-friendly dessert."

[ Laughs ]

Jack: You're going to be brilliant.

Hilary: Thank you.

>&gtAry: You're the first immediately -- I just appreciate how steadfast and supportive you always are with me, even when I manage to piss off some of your close friends.

Jack: Oh, who did you cross swords with this time?

Hilary: Well, I imagine that I'm not nikki's favorite person.

Jack: Because you aired footage of her husband punching her son? You'd be upset, too.

Hilary: It is not my fault that I have a nose for what's juicy! In fact, I actually stumbled upon some juice earlier.

Jack: Do tell.

Hilary: Well, victoria newman did a walk of shame right here, this morning.

Jack: Or maybe she just dropped by for some coffee.

Hilary: Oh, please, jack. It was so obvious, it could have been written on her forehead. She spent the night with benjamin hochman.

Phyllis: Morning, benjamin.

Benjamin: Phyllis. Breakfast meeting?

Phyllis: Something like that. May I?

Benjamin: Yeah, by all means.

Phyllis: You look like a man for whom business is going quite well.

Benjamin: Can't complain.

Phyllis: Oh, then you must be ready to seize upon brash & sassy!

[ Laughs ]

Benjamin: I do enjoy how up front you are. No artifice.

Phyllis: Life is short.

Benjamin: Indeed. Well, I expected victoria newman to be your exact opposite -- remote, unapproachable.

Phyllis: She isn't?

Benjamin: She wasn't last night.

Phyllis: So your dinner with her was...beneficial?

Benjamin: Not quite. I left feeling that, uh, my procurement of that company would, well, not be as straightforward as I was led to believe.

Phyllis: I told you about the lousy sales numbers...

Benjamin: I don't think that the numbers tell the whole story.

Phyllis: Are you planning on meeting victoria again and pursuing this?

Benjamin: Well, it's not that I'm not interested. The company's very attractive.

Phyllis: As is the C.E.O.

Benjamin: True. But I've learned to listen to my instincts, not to waste effort pursuing something that has very little chance of paying off.

Jordan: Haven't talked in a couple days. How's it going?

Lily: Uh, not great, but it's good to see you.

Jordan: Maybe not after you hear the latest.

Lily: Oh, god. Now what?

Jordan: That dessert commercial that you auditioned for...

Lily: Oh, no, I already know I didn't get it.

Jordan: What you don't know is who did.

Lily: No...

Jordan: Afraid so.

Lily: How?

Jordan: She saw the copy you left behind...

Lily: And you put her on tape.

Jordan: I wouldn't do that to you. Hilary taped herself, lily, submitted her audition, and got the part.

[ Sighs ] I hate to dump this on you.

Lily: Look, I can't even get worked up about hilary and her latest jab at me, not after everything that's happened...

Cane: Unlike my departure from brash & sassy!, Yours came with a generous severance package and a hefty settlement, so I'm sorry if I don't seem to have much sympathy for you losing your job.

Juliet: But so many people were affected by what you did.

Cane: Yeah. Innocent people. I know.

Juliet: It was the reason the league made us yank the commercial. The one your wife starred in. It was lily's big break.

Cane: Look, I never meant to hurt lily. 'Cause I never meant for this to air on television 'cause if you had come and told me that victoria wanted you to run this on hilary's show, I would have told you stop it and none of this would have happened.

Juliet: Is this why you invited me to sit down? So you can vent your frustration, relieve you of some guilt?

Cane: No, this is all on me now. I own that. But you know what I can't wrap my head around? Is everything that has happened after. 'Cause I can't get a job, my kids can't stand me, and now lily's told me to move out.

Hilary: Mariah, I am so glad that I ran into you.

Mariah: Oh, hey, yeah, we just got back from the music festival. It was out of this --

Hilary: Okay, yeah, I don't care about any of that. I'm going to new york tomorrow to shoot my tv commercial. National spot, my acting debut.

Tessa: Oh, let me guess! Brooms -- they want you to fly on one.

Mariah: Congratulations, hilary. Don't worry about a thing. I will cover the show duties while you're gone.

Hilary: Okay, I will get you all of the script material. Just try and remember whose show it is.

Mariah: How could I forget?

Hilary: This isn't "all about eve" when the understudy gets to go on for the superstar and makes the role hers. You work for me, okay?

Tessa: I have a sudden, uncontrollable urge to push a certain tv host into the deep end.

Mariah: Oh, no, no, no! Don't you dare! Don't you dare.

[ Laughs ]

Billy: Sounds more like a date than a meeting to me.

Victoria: How could you even say that to me?

Billy: Because I know men, I know the way they think, and I know the way that benjamin hochman rolled in here, what he was angling for when he came to "pick you up."

Victoria: Okay, listen, the whole point of having dinner with the esteemed mr. Hochman was to dispel any rumors that brash & sassy! Is in trouble and to send him back to chicago convinced that we're on solid financial footing.

Billy: Did you do that?

Victoria: Yeah, for now. Maybe we should focus on backing that up with solid sales figures instead of pondering the intentions of some random investor.

Billy: Yes, ma'am. Did you get a look at the new copy we have and the images for the winter campaign?

Victoria: Yes, it's right on message.

Billy: Good. And I like this one here -- lily's so seduced by the hockey player wearing dare body spray that she dares to take the initiative with him. Vick?

Victoria: What?

Billy: The shot -- did you see?

Victoria: Ah. Show me. Yeah, it's good.

Billy: Yeah. You know, I got to say, I'm impressed with lily -- the way that she's handling herself with everything going on personally. She's doing such great work. Victoria.

Victoria: I'm sorry. I was just -- I just remembered something that I needed to discuss with hannah about the kids.

Billy: Well, speaking of hannah, she was there early this morning, wasn't she? You really did want to get a jumpstart on the day, didn't you?

Phyllis: Wait until you hear what I just found out from benjamin hochman.

Jack: He mentioned that you talked to him about going after brash & sassy!

Phyllis: That man has a very big mouth.

Jack: Well, lucky for you, i approve, even though we don't share the same motives for wanting to see brash & sassy! Go under.

Phyllis: I never said i wanted brash & sassy! To go under...

Jack: You needn't re-attest to your undying love for my brother. Let's take that as a given. And if that love is what is driving you to cast our closest competitor into oblivion and we get the lab back -- you know, i can live with that.

Phyllis: Do you want to hear what hochman told me or not?

Jack: You know what? Let me share first. I have it on very good authority that victoria spent the night in ben hochman's suite.

Phyllis: Don't you play with me, jack abbott. What? I never imagined it would go that far, or that well when i encouraged ben to ask her out. I -- I just spoke with him. He didn't say a peep!

Jack: Ditto with me.

Phyllis: So how do you for certain?

Jack: Hilary saw the two of them together at the club earlier. She also saw victoria leave in a, uh, disheveled state this morning.

Phyllis: Well, hilary doesn't miss a beat, that's for sure.

Jack: Well, not when it falls in her lap.

Phyllis: Hochman has his eyes on brash & sassy! And victoria. He just needs to be more certain that he can close the deal. There's got to be a way. Jack... I know that smile. What have you done?

Noah: Hey, mom!

Sharon: [ Gasps ] Hi, noah! You know, your sister just stopped by and told me all about the festival. Sounds lush.

Noah: It was.

Sharon: And romantic...

Noah: Mom.

Sharon: I'm just quoting your sister, who has apparently fallen head over heels for devon.

Noah: Mm-hmm.

Sharon: And says that you and tessa are getting closer, too.

Noah: We are, which I want you to be okay with.

Sharon: Well, look, I can't help but worry -- I'm your mom.

Noah: Okay, mom, I'm old enough to manage my own relationships...

Sharon: Look, you've been through a lot. But if tessa treats you right and she makes you happy, then why should I have a problem with it?

Noah: Good! 'Cause I need a favor.

Sharon: What kind of favor?

Noah: Well, now that grandma has moved out of the ranch, uh, it's a little weird for tessa being in that house.

Sharon: Since nikki's the one who invited her to live there in the first place...

Noah: Yeah, and now she's just stuck there with grandpa.

Sharon: Oh, alone in the house with victor, who really wasn't all that welcoming in the first place. That can't be fun. Why doesn't she just move out?

Noah: Well, she's still saving money, so I was wondering if maybe it's cool if tessa stays in your house until she can get her own place?

Sharon: As long as it's okay with mariah.

Mariah: You cannot push hilary into a swimming pool. Ever!

Tessa: If you're not around...

Mariah: Tessa! I still have to work with the woman!

Tessa: Mm. Ah! Thank you.

Mariah: Thank you so much.

Tessa: Oh, did, uh, noah newman mention...

That I should place this on the newman account? Yes, on his way out.

Tessa: Okay, great.

Unfortunately, my manager just informed me -- there have been some issues.

Tessa: Issues? What kind of issues? Issues with the account? Oh, uh, okay. Uh, I don't have much cash on me.

Mariah: Yeah. Me, neither.

Tessa: Uh... [ Chuckles ]

Mariah: Hold on. One second.

Tessa: Yeah. Here.

Mariah: Um...

Tessa: [ Giggles ]

Mariah: What's so funny?

Tessa: That we might end up washing dishes after our weekend of living large.

Mariah: [ Laughing ] Oh, god. Uh... uh...

Tessa: That should cover it.

Mariah: Thank you.

Tessa: Thanks.

Mariah: Sorry!

Tessa: Oh, my god!

Mariah: [ Laughs ]

Tessa: Thank you. That -- that really could have been embarrassing.

Jordan: I can tell you're not taking this as well as you're pretending to be.

Lily: No, I'm not upset about hilary.

Jordan: If you're worried about money, they love you at brash & sassy! You'll never have a problem with getting work. You have family, friends, me...

Lily: No, it's not about the work.

Jordan: Then what is it about?

Lily: I just thought I could forgive cane and move past everything, but there were just more lies. And more people were hurt. And that's why I told cane that he has to move out.

Juliet: You have made mistakes. We all have. But you've done your fair share of good, too, cane. I believe that you are a decent man.

Cane: I've tried to be.

Juliet: Despite how we got here... this child is lucky to have you as a father. I'm sorry your family is treating you so harshly, after everything you've done for them.

Phyllis: Okay, you have to tell me.

Jack: Wouldn't you rather be surprised?

Phyllis: Jack.

Jack: Okay. Victoria's is no pushover in business.

Phyllis: Why is why it's random she would sleep with hochman, knowing a shark like that is circling her company...

Jack: Whatever her reasoning, her actions provided an opportunity. I merely hastened the process, you know, moved things along.

Phyllis: And how did you manage to do that?

Jack: It should have arrived by now.

Billy: You got a delivery.

Victoria: Oh, yeah? The new packaging design?

Billy: Uh, no. Just a dinner, huh? Vick. You want to tell me what really happened?

Next on "the young and the restless"...

Neil: Now we get to the mysterious reason why ashley is here.

Victoria: You don't see me grilling you about phyllis, do you? When's the last time you two "plundered" each other?

Jack: We're agreed? No reason to share our little joint venture with anyone.

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