Y&R Transcript Thursday 8/3/17

Y&R Transcript Thursday 8/3/17


Episode # 11228 ~ Nikki defends her relationship with Jack; Victor worries about Victoria's behavior; Mariah puts her heart on her sleeve with Tessa.

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Abby: Mm. I'm so glad you're back.

Victor: I'm happy to be back.

Abby: So, what was that mysterious out-of-town business you had to attend to?

Victor: Oh, all taken care of.

Abby: Mm.

Victor: Now, you tell me about what has been going on here.

Abby: Uh, let's see. Well, um, I signed another tenant for our start-up incubator project.

Victor: You did?

Abby: Mm-hmm.

Victor: Congratulations.

Abby: Thank you. Yeah, um... and that's about it. [Laughs]

Victor: No, it isn't.

Abby: Uh, everything's great.

Victor: No. What else is going on?

Abby: That footage, um... of you and nick fighting in the parking garage...

Victor: Mm.

Abby: Hilary broadcast it on her show.

Victor: With my blessing.

Abby: What? Wh-why would you give her permission?

Victoria: Chelsea, it's fine. You're not bugging me at all. I just finished a meeting.

Chelsea: Oh, great. Um... when I couldn't reach you on the phone, I called your office, and the receptionist said I could find you here.

Victoria: Oh, you tracked me down. Why?

Chelsea: I'm worried.

Victoria: About what?

Chelsea: Nick.

Nikki: I am so happy to hear that you and Noah are going into business together.

Nick: You know, ever since dad kicked me to the curb, I've never felt so free.

Nikki: [Laughs] I know exactly how you feel. From the day he left town and I moved out, my life is absolutely serene.

Nick: Have you talked to him lately?

Nikki: Nope.

Nick: How's that boutique hotel you're staying at? It's the sanctuary, right?

Nikki: And, boy, is it aptly named. They treat you like royalty.

Nick: [Laughs] Well, that's good, mom. After everything you've been through, you deserve it.

Nikki: I will always love your father. But I'm not going to let that stop me from living the life I want to live.

Nick: Good for you. So, what's your first step as an independent woman?

Nikki: I'm gonna spend the day with jack at the Abbott cabin.

[Tessa laughs loudly]

Devon: Hey. What happened to you joining me in the shower?

Mariah: Uh, sorry. I just, uh -- I got a little distracted. I was looking at the schedule for today.

Devon: Oh, yeah. This festival is the real deal, man. Those bands we saw yesterday were...

Mariah: Oh, God. Good stuff.

Devon: Yeah. You know, this trip is exceeding my expectations. What about yours?

Mariah: It's been amazing. But then again, that's how I always feel when I'm with you.

Benjamin: How've you been, jack?

Jack: Can't complain.

Gloria: Coffee, gentlemen?

Benjamin: No, none for me, thanks.

Jack: No, I'm good, Gloria, thank you.

Gloria: Then I will leave you to it.

Benjamin: Oh, it was a pleasure seeing you again, Gloria.

Gloria: [Chuckles] Fully clothed, yet.

Benjamin: My last time in town. Athletic club. We met in the sauna.

Jack: Do tell.

Benjamin: Well, somehow the conversation turned to her dissatisfaction with Fenmore's. Well, it was enough to put me off of making an investment there. I realize now that was at your behest.

Jack: Gloria's very valuable to me.

Benjamin: [Chuckles] I ought to steal her from you.

Jack: She's also very loyal. So, you stopped by here. Let's talk.

Benjamin: Well [Sighs] I've had my eye on jabot ever since new York. Ashley's presentation at the trade show. It inspired me to do some research. Bottom line, I've given it considerable thought, and I think that we might be able to do some business together.

Ashley: Whatever Mr. Hochman is selling, we're not buying.

Phyllis: [Slamming elevator buttons] Just the man I'm looking for.

Ravi: Hey.

Phyllis: Are any of your genius friends in finance and marketing -- are they looking for new jobs?

Ravi: I didn't know there was an opening at Fenmore's.

Phyllis: I'm not asking for Fenmore's. I'm asking for brash & sassy. I think it's the only thing that could save my relationship.

Victor: Your brother Nicholas accused me of putting my interests ahead of Nikki's. So when I heard that there was a video in which he admitted to having sabotaged Nikki's concert, I told Hilary to run it.

Abby: I knew something was going on that night, but no one would tell me what it was.

Victor: I didn't want to tell you because I didn't want to ruin the evening for you. You had worked so hard to make that evening a success.

Abby: See, I-I didn't know that.

Victor: Mm.

Abby: I just assumed that you were shutting me out because you didn't think of me of as much of a Newman as you do your kids with Nikki.

Victor: Oh, sweetheart, come on. Come on. You know something? You're more of a Newman than those two. And I've always been very, very good to people who are loyal to me. And you will be rewarded.

Abby: Thank you for saying that. Um... dad, can we actually, um... talk about Victoria for a second?

Victor: Yeah. Is there a problem?

Abby: Yeah. Last night, uh, we were talking. We were at the club, upstairs by the pool, and, um... well, it was just very strange.

Victor: What was strange?

Abby: Victoria was very emotional. She was confiding in me, which she never does.

Victor: Anything you want to talk about?

Abby: She was going on and on and on about how her company is being sued by this woman that cane got pregnant, if you can believe that.

Victor: Uh-huh.

Abby: And I guess cane somehow screwed over Billy. I'm not sure about the details on that, but... anyway [Sighs] Victoria was freaking out. It sounded like brash & sassy is in real trouble. Did you know any of this?

Victor: Huh. I know about the lawsuit, yeah.

Abby: Well, Victoria was crying. She was miserable. I...I think you should talk to her.

Victor: Maybe she needs my support. Mm. Anyway, thank you for telling me that.

Chelsea: When was the last time you saw your brother?

Victoria: Um, not since we watched that awful GC buzz footage together. I'm sure he's still furious with my father.

Chelsea: Well, no, that's just it -- he's not. Nick is claiming Victor disowning him is the best thing that's ever happened to him, that he's finally free of the man's influence.

Victoria: Okay. So why does that have you worried?

Chelsea: Because. I mean, I know they have a complicated relationship, but I also know that they love each other very much. Nick, it's like he's... it's like he's rebelling. Reveling in all this. But I know that there will be a day that he's gonna want to reconcile, and I'm afraid it might be too late. I just don't want him filled with regrets.

Victoria: [Sighs] He and our father have been to this place many times, but they always find their way back. You know, when my father's at his worst, it's -- it's hard to remember all of his good qualities. And when I feel estranged from him, I -- I miss him. And I think that eventually nick's gonna feel the same way. I think you just have to give him some time.

Nikki: You don't approve of our friendship.

Nick: [Sighs] Look, mom, if jack makes you happy, then go for it.

Nikki: I know some of our past relationships have not been perfect.

Nick: Are you guys having a good time together?

Nikki: The best.

Nick: Well, then, that's good enough for me. Oh, thank you. Here, hold on. I'll, uh... give this to you right now. Thanks, bud.

Nikki: Well, thank you, sweetheart.

Nick: My pleasure.

Nikki: I better be going.

Nick: All right.

Nikki: Mm! Love you.

Nick: Love you, mom.

Nikki: See you later.

Nick: Bye.

Phyllis: It's between work and the kids -- I mean, she's monopolizing all of his time. It's literally all he talks about. I mean, if it's not the suffering sales or -- or the short staff at work, I mean, it's how Victoria is suffering. And it's Victoria, Victoria, Victoria until my ears start to bleed.

Ravi: You sound frustrated.

Phyllis: I am. So if you have any friends that are qualified, and who can maybe help lighten the workload, you know, I would owe you forever.

Ravi: Have -- have you tried talking to him about this?

Phyllis: It's not -- it's not gonna work. You know why? Because Billy's obsessed. I need a solution. Like right now.

Ravi: Well, it sounds like his boundaries are weak. Perhaps if you would --

Phyllis: No, no, no. What I need are, like, warm bodies at brash & sassy to defuse the stress.

Ravi: That's where I come in.

Phyllis: Bingo. Please. Please tell me you have a genius MBA-type that can swoop in and save the day.

Ravi: If I could, you know I would. Unfortunately, I don't know anyone with that kind of background.

Benjamin: Please accept my profuse apologies about the way that I behaved in new York. I regret how our dinner ended, and that I didn't give proper respect to your tech guy, uh --

Ashley: His name is Ravi. Ravi Shapur.

Benjamin: Right. ...That I didn't give Ravi the proper respect.

Jack: Personal issues aside, Ben has a proposition for us. I'd love to hear it. Thanks. Go ahead, Ben.

Benjamin: Well, I've had my eye on jabot for quite some time now. Your market is growing. Your revenues are up. The two retails apps you have are a big success.

Ashley: But...?

Benjamin: [Sighs] Well, I've run the numbers, and the sales look like they're gonna be slowing. Jabot needs to expand. It needs to create new products. And to make that happen, you're gonna need an infusion of capital.

Ashley: So, wait. Just wild guess here. Your capital, right? With strings attached.

Jack: Ash...

Ashley: Well.

Benjamin: I-I understand your concern. I'd be asking for just a small stake in your company. No demands. I'd be giving you the funds so that you can create an enhanced develop--

Jack: Let me interrupt you here, Ben. We are very flattered by your interest. Jabot is 100% a family-owned company. We can raise money any time we want to without giving away pieces of our father's legacy. I'm not interested in changing that now.

Ashley: You know what, neither am I.

Benjamin: Obviously I'm disappointed. Well, I appreciate your candor, and understand your position. Jack.

Jack: Thanks for stopping by, Ben.

Ashley: Bye. Unbelievable!

Jack: It never hurts to meet with a private-equity guy who's well-connected.

Ashley: What's this? Are you trying to prove to him that you're not gonna take him seriously? What do we call it?

[Knock on door]

Ashley: Summer casual?

Jack: Come in!

Gloria: This just came for you.

Ashley: [Laughs]

Gloria: Along with a note.

Ashley: Oh, please. Who's it from?

Jack: Nikki. We're going up to the cabin today.

Ashley: Oh, thus the attire.

Jack: She has challenged me to provide our dinner.

Ashley: Oh.

Gloria: Since when do you fish?

Ashley: Do you really know how to use one of those things? Since when?

Gloria: Ha! How nice. Enjoy your day.

Ashley: I think somebody's just a little jealous.

Jack: Gloria knows whatever we had is over.

Ashley: Oh, really?

Jack: Believe me. She's wasted no time in moving on.

Ashley: Really? Who's her latest victim?

Jack: Our friend graham.

Ashley: Oh, wait. Don't tell me she's after our mother's money, too. Or... have you asked her to spy on graham and Dina?

Benjamin: [Sighs]

Phyllis: Benjamin?

Benjamin: Phyllis. Hi.

Phyllis: Hi. What brings you to Genoa city?

Benjamin: A meeting with jack.

Phyllis: Oh, what about? Unless it's a state secret.

Benjamin: Oh. I was hoping to partner with jabot, but he turned me down flat. Which is a shame, as I was hoping to rectify the mistake I made not securing a stake in Fenmore's. Well, guess I'll have to find a different cosmetics firm to invest in.

Phyllis: Oh. Why cosmetics?

Benjamin: Well, it's one of the few growth areas left in retail.

Phyllis: Oh. You know, I'm on my way to a meeting, but if you're not in a rush to get back to Chicago, would you like to grab a drink later?

Benjamin: I'd like that very much.

Phyllis: Good. The athletic club. Roof deck. 5:30-ish?

Benjamin: Looking forward to it.

Phyllis: Me too. Good.

Ravi: What is that jerk doing here?

Phyllis: He is sniffing around jabot.

Ravi: [Scoffs] Figures. Guy's a snake. I mean, he was unbelievably rude to Ashley in new York.

Phyllis: Well, if I recall, you told him exactly where to get off.

Ravi: Hochman had it coming. I don't take back a word I said to him.

Phyllis: Well, nobody would blame you. You were protecting Ashley.

Ravi: Yeah, I guess.

Phyllis: I know. That's why the two of us are so alike. We would do whatever it takes to protect the people we care about.

Dina: [Sighs]

Graham: Where's Neil?

Dina: He left.

Graham: Already?

Dina: Well, Neil was very tactful. But he made it painfully clear that he and Devon won't be needing my input.

Graham: I'm sorry.

Dina: Well, Mergeron is theirs to do with now as they please.

Graham: I know you had second thoughts about your decision to sell.

Dina: I know. But that's not the only thing I'm worried about.

Graham: No?

Dina: No. I can't stop thinking about my son, and the dangerous game he's playing with Nikki Newman.

Graham: Oh. You're worried about Victor doing something punitive.

Dina: Mm-hmm. Jack's playing with fire.

[Cell phone rings]

Graham: Oh, excuse me. I need to take this.

Dina: Oh, go on.

Graham: What a pleasant surprise.

Gloria: I know. You free today? I'm not sure. Why?

Gloria: Ah, jack's heading up to his family's cabin with his new lover.

Graham: Nikki Newman.

Gloria: [Chuckles] Word travels. And if the boss is away, I could get away early.

Graham: Well, I have a few errands to run, but I would love to take you to dinner tonight.

Gloria: What a coincidence. I would love to accept.

Graham: I'll plan something special, then get back to you.

Gloria: It's a date.

Ashley: So, did Gloria say yes or no -- thank you -- when you asked her to spy on graham?

Jack: She gave me a resounding "no."

Ashley: Wow. So she does have some ethics. Shocking.

Jack: Well, perhaps you'll be nicer to her now. Or perhaps not. Look, you came by here with something on your mind.

Ashley: Yeah, yeah. I want to talk to you about mother again. You know she told me that she misses Mergeron, and maybe even regrets selling the company.

Jack: So what do you think's going on?

Ashley: Well, I know she's lonely and bored. I think she might be suffering from depression, jack. I mean, she's got nothing to fill her days with.

Jack: Oh, there, I got to disagree with you. She's a bright, vital woman. She could write a book, start a new company, travel the world.

Ashley: Yeah, she could. But she's not doing any of those things. She's sitting in a hotel room and staring at the four walls.

Ashley: Put yourself in her place. What would you do without jabot? Think of all the trouble you'd get yourself into with all that free time. Think about all the trouble you already get yourself into --

Jack: If that's a veiled reference to Nikki, we're spending a relaxing day up by the lake.

Ashley: Not that veiled, actually. You're not trying to push Victor's buttons at all?

Jack: I am insulted that you would suggest that.

Ashley: [Laughs] Okay. But you have to know that he is going to punish both of you for getting close, jack. Tread lightly, my friend.

Devon: Hey.

Mariah: Hey.

[Knock on door]

Devon: Come in.

Tessa: Hi!

Devon: Hey.

Mariah: Hi.

Tessa: How's your morning been?

Devon: It's been all kinds of good.

Noah: Hey, uh, thank you again for introducing me to that booking agent -- and setting up the meeting today.

Devon: Absolutely, man. It should be productive all around. I'm looking for new artists and you're looking for new acts. And that Kurt guy, he's a big deal. He sets up tours all over north America.

Mariah: So, when do you think that you and nick are gonna open some more undergrounds?

Noah: Uh, well, we are looking at properties, placing bids. And as soon as we secure the location, we'll have to, uh, get permits, remodel, staff... it's -- it's gonna take a while.

[Devon and Mariah laugh]

Noah: So I hope that Kurt is okay with this not being a done deal quite yet, but...

Devon: I mean, I don't see why he wouldn't be.

Tessa: You'll be fine with it, Noah. He'll see that you're a serious guy with serious dreams, and what it takes to make it happen.

Noah: My biggest fan.

Tessa: You know it.

Noah: I'm your biggest fan, too.

Tessa: What? Yeah?

Noah: Yeah?

Devon: [Chuckles] Well, hey, Tessa, some industry execs are very excited about you, too. And I want to get you into the studio as soon as possible when we get back home.

Tessa: [Gasps] Oh, I can't wait!

Noah: Yeah.

Mariah: So [Claps] Day two. What does everybody want to see? You know, there's this Norwegian punk band that I thought sounded intriguing.

[Noah laughs]

Mariah: ...To nobody but me, I guess. You know what, that's okay. Never mind.

Tessa: No, no. No, I'll sit in with you. The guys can check out who they want.

Devon: Nah, I mean... I'm interested in all kinds of music. There's a group that I want to see that's a mix of newgrass and EDM.

Noah: Cool. What time do they go on?

Devon: I think they come on right after our meeting. Which is coming up very soon. We should go.

Noah: All right.

Mariah: Good luck.

Devon: Thank you.

Mariah: [Chuckles]

Noah: Bye.

Mariah: Bye, guys.

Devon: See ya.

Noah: All right.

Mariah: Thank you, by the way, for, you know, saying that you would stay with me and go. I know punk is an acquired taste.

Tessa: Are you okay? You seem a little off.

Mariah: Yeah. Why, uh -- why wouldn't I be?

Nick: Chelsea, this is dean. He's been my financial guy forever.

Chelsea: Pleased to meet you, dean.

Dean: Likewise.

Chelsea: Um, I'll just wait for you at the bar?

Nick: Nah, stick around. Dean was just about to put in some bids on some buildings for our new locations.

Chelsea: Ooh, well, that's exciting. Do you think you'll get them?

Dean: Well, nick has an excellent chance of winning both bids.

Nick: You know, I'm also willing to pay more than the market rates for those particular cities, so...

Chelsea: Yeah. Well, money talks.

Nick: I'm also a successful business owner, and I have sterling credit.

Dean: And we'll know later today if your bids were accepted.

Nick: Thanks for coming by, man. I really appreciate it.

Dean: Nice meeting you.

Chelsea: Nice to meet you. Wow. You're moving quickly on all this.

Nick: I'm excited to tell Noah we got the new properties lined up for the next undergrounds. This is gonna work out great for you, too, you know.

Chelsea: And why is that?

Nick: Well, you get to design our new t-shirts for the underground.

Chelsea: Oh, do I? That's so exciting.

Nick: I know. I know. And maybe the fabrics for the upholsteries.

Chelsea: Oh, wow. Okay.

Nick: I mean, you could really design the whole place yourself...

Chelsea: Uh-huh. [Laughs]

Nick: ...Maybe create some new cocktails -- you know, 'cause you're such an expert.

Chelsea: Okay. Sign me up.

Nick: Okay.

Chelsea: Okay.

[Cell phone rings]

Victoria: Victoria Newman. Hi, dad. I didn't know you were back. Wait -- wait a minute. You heard what? How did you find out? Abby told you? She mentioned that. No, dad. L-listen, I can handle it. I'm... I can handle it. Yes, well -- [Sighs] A-all right. We'll talk soon. Dad, I'm -- I'm glad you're back. [Sighs] Hey. It's me. I need to see you. It's important. At work. As soon as possible.

Nikki: Oh, you must have some great childhood memories from this place.

Jack: Oh, I got a whole bunch. Cannonball off the dock, swimming in the lake, canoeing. Cookouts. Dad teaching us how to make a fire rubbing two sticks together.

Nikki: Oh, come on. That doesn't really work, does it?

Jack: Dad was convinced it did work. In fact, he put so much time into it, we all got bored, went out in the canoe.

[Nikki laughs] Came back, there was a raging fire, and... I'm convinced he used a lighter.

Nikki: [Laughs] Was Dina in on all this?

Jack: It's funny. She talks so fondly about this place, like she was up here all the time. As I remember, that wasn't the case. She wasn't much into the great outdoors -- you know, bugs and sunburn. Seemed to me every time dad brought the girls and me up here, she took off for new York.

Nikki: Well, that's too bad. She missed out on a lot.

Jack: Ancient history. Old memories. Time to make some new ones.

Ashley: Mother.

Dina: Oh!

Ashley: Hi. What are you doing here?

Dina: Well, graham is occupied, so I thought I would just stop by and say hello. If -- if you're not too busy, dear.

Ashley: Uh, well, jack's not here, but, um... I am.

[Dina chuckles]

Ashley: Have a seat.

Dina: Thank you.

Ashley: So, how are you? Everything good?

Dina: No, not really. I'm feeling very tossed aside these days.

Ashley: I'm sorry.

Dina: Mm-hmm.

Ashley: May I ask you a question? Why did you decide to sell Mergeron?

Dina: Well, graham and I thought we'd get the best price now instead of waiting.

Ashley: Right. So the money, obviously. And... because graham told you to?

Dina: Graham did the research, and it was quite thorough.

Ashley: I just know how much Mergeron meant to you.

Dina: Oh, yeah. Stepping aside from my life's work was more difficult than I ever anticipated.

Ashley: Yeah. Well, you did a -- a lot in a short period of time. So many, many changes. I mean... maybe too much.

Dina: What are you saying, Ashley?

Ashley: Is it possible that you could be feeling... depressed?

Tessa: So...how do I look?

Mariah: Hang on. It's just the zipper.

Tessa: Oh. Is it stuck?

Mariah: I don't know. I think so. And these buttons up top.

Tessa: Oh. Uh, here.

Mariah: Thanks. So, um... I take it things are going well with you and Noah?

Tessa: Yeah, extremely.

Mariah: That's great.

Tessa: Yeah, you know, it's been really important for us to have this time alone. To, you know... move things along.

[Both chuckle]

Tessa: And you know, what? Noah's into the idea of an "us" now, which is a lot less confusing.

Mariah: That's great.

Tessa: Yeah. Done!

Mariah: Great. I wish my life were that easy to fix.

Tessa: Oh, is -- is everything okay with you and Devon?

Mariah: Yeah. He's incredible. He's the greatest guy ever.

Tessa: So what's the problem?

Mariah: Me.

Tessa: I... don't know what that means

Mariah: Yeah. I don't -- I don't, either. That's just it. I... I like Devon so much. And I want to get serious with him. I-I really do.

Tessa: So what's stopping you?

Mariah: I'm just trying to be honest with myself. About who I am. And what I want. I'm just so confused.

Victoria: Could you help me understand why you felt the need to repeat our conversation to dad? I mean, did I not make it clear that whatever I told you about the lawsuit was confidential?

Abby: Well, no, you didn't. But even if you had, I wouldn't have thought that included dad.

Victoria: Private means private, Abby.

Abby: I'm sorry. I wasn't trying to upset you. I was just --

Victoria: Concerned about me. Yeah.

Abby: Yes. I mean, you were going through so much. I had no idea how to help. And now that dad's back in town, I thought he might know.

Victoria: Did I act out of control or -- or did I embarrass you in public?

Abby: Well, n-no, but you were upset. You were crying. And you've got to admit, that's pretty unusual. Victoria, you were so open with me, so raw... after all of those times you talked down to me, you scolded me, you rebuffed me, it was like we were finally connecting as sisters. You have no idea how much that means to me.

Victoria: Abby, of course we're sisters. Why would you think otherwise? [Sighs] I appreciate you letting me vent to you. But I really wish you wouldn't have shared our conversation with dad.

Abby: We just both love you and care about you. We want the best for you. It was clear that you needed someone to lean on the other night, and... I'm just glad it was me.

Ashley: Okay. I look forward to seeing you, too. Bye-bye. I am so sorry about that.

Dina: Oh, darling, don't be. Seeing you in work mode, it...

Ashley: What? It what?

Dina: Well, it makes me realize how much I miss the excitement of owning my own company. So... yes, uh, it's possible I might be a-a little bit depressed.

Ashley: It can't be easy. To feel like you're being pushed aside when you still have something that you want to give.

Dina: I'm glad you understand, dear.

Ashley: I do.

Dina: Good.

[Knock on door]

Ravi: Oh. Sorry to intrude.

Dina: Oh, Ravi! Ravi, come in. Nice to see you.

Ravi: Thank you. I had some new ideas I wanted to run by jack.

Ashley: Oh, okay. I'll make sure he gets them. Thanks.

Dina: Well, I see you both are in work mode, so I won't keep you. But I hope we can talk about this again soon.

Ashley: Absolutely. Me too.

Dina: All right. Bye, now.

Ashley: Bye. Ravi, I just had the most amazing conversation with my mother.

Ravi: Okay.

Ashley: She admitted that she might indeed be depressed.

Ravi: I guess you were right.

Ashley: Yeah. And now I want to help her.

Ravi: A doctor?

Ashley: Yeah, eventually. But right now I want to find something for her to do, you know, something that makes her feel useful.

Ravi: Why not give her something at jabot?

Ashley: No. I think maybe that's just a little too close to home. It'd be too much baggage. But I think I know somebody that can help.

Jack: Well, I got us some nightcrawlers. I can't wait to see you put them on a hook.

[Fishing reel clicking]

Jack: Hey, what's wrong?

Nikki: Ohhhh, jack! I'm so sorry. I... wanted to do a practice throw, you know, but... this new equipment I bought you is so high-tech, I didn't know we were gonna need a 6-year-old to explain it to us.

Jack: [Laughs]

Nikki: [Sighs] See, I-I was trying to -- to get this thing, um...

Jack: "This thing." The reel?

Nikki: Yeah, the reel. The reel. And now -- now it's -- it's jammed, see? It won't move.

Jack: Okay. Not to worry. I can probably fix this.

Nikki: Uh, I have a confession to make. I've... never been fishing in my life. I just suggested it because I thought it would be really fun on this beautiful day up here to go fishing.

Jack: Well, I happen to agree.

Nikki: You do?

Jack: Yeah. I remember when fishing tackle used to be comprised of a branch tied to a string tied to a safety pin made into a hook.

[Nikki chuckles]

Jack: Am I dating myself?

Nikki: Um, well, yeah. I didn't know you were that old.

[Reel releases, clatters]

Nikki: [Laughs]

Jack: Um... I have a confession to make, too.

Benjamin: Well, it's great to see you outside the office.

Phyllis: Benjamin, I am in a relationship. I did not invite you here to flirt with you. I promise.

Benjamin: Well, then did you invite me?

Phyllis: I have a potential investment for you. The owner might be amenable if the price is right.

Benjamin: I'm intrigued.

Phyllis: This particular company has suffered a series of financial reversals. I don't know if they're on the brink of going under, but they need cash, and they need it fast.

Benjamin: Are you gonna give me a name?

Phyllis: Brash & sassy.

Benjamin: Victoria Newman's in financial trouble? [Scoffs]

Phyllis: You didn't hear it from me. I will tell you this much. I am close to the situation. And she has suffered some unexpected challenges lately beyond her control. And she's determined not to rely on Victor.

Benjamin: Well, that was my next question.

Phyllis: What else would you like to know?

Benjamin: What's your agenda?

Phyllis: Helping you make money.

Benjamin: Uh-huh.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm.

Benjamin: And that's it?

Phyllis: You don't believe me?

Benjamin: [Laughs] Not for a second. Although I do like the idea of investing in brash & sassy.

Phyllis: I thought you might.

Benjamin: I do know Victoria's reputation. Likes to do things herself. Even if you aren't pulling my leg about this, well, she wouldn't want my help.

Phyllis: Ah, not necessarily. She prefers to do business with people she knows.

Benjamin: Well, though our paths have crossed over the years, I wouldn't call us anything more than acquaintances.

Phyllis: You're in town. Take advantage of that proximity.

Benjamin: [Chuckles] And I imagine you have some suggestion of how to go about doing that?

Phyllis: Victoria is much more relaxed when she's outside of the office. And she happens to be single. So you never know. You might hit it off.

[Cell phone rings]

Victoria: Victoria Newman.

Benjamin: Victoria. It's Benjamin Hochman.

Victoria: Uh...what can I do for you, Mr. Hochman?

Benjamin: Um, Benjamin, please. I'm in Genoa city, and I'm meeting up with the most promising young C.E.O.S here, and you are at the top of my list.

Victoria: Oh. And why is that?

Benjamin: This is purely about networking. Building stronger connections. Maybe we could actually talk a little bit about business.

Victoria: Yeah, well, um, why don't I check my calendar, and I'll get back to you? I might actually have an opening next week.

Benjamin: Why wait? If you're free tonight, let's have some dinner.

Victoria: My desk is, uh, piled high, heh.

Benjamin: It'll keep. It always does. Meantime, we both have to eat.

Victoria: Okay. When and where?

Nick: You know, I really have to go.

Chelsea: No. Five more minutes.

Nick: How about four more?

Chelsea: How about six or seven?

Nick: Six or seven? I know where this is headed.

Chelsea: Mm-hmm.

[Cell phone rings]

Chelsea: Oh, my God. [Sighs] It's okay.

Nick: Ah, it's dean.

Chelsea: [Laughs] It's dean. Just get it. It's fine.

Nick: Hey, man. Give me some good news.

Dean: Nick...I'm sorry. You were outbid on both buildings.

Nick: What? Those were perfect locations. Man, I guess somebody else thought so, too. All right. Uh... I'll just -- I'll be in touch, then, with some, uh -- with some new locations and bids. Okay, man? Thanks. Hmm.

Chelsea: Sorry. That's a bummer.

Nick: Well, that's show biz. But I know now I just have to bid a lot more next time.

Chelsea: Guess so.

Nick: Yep.

Chelsea: Guess so.

Victor: Well, you sounded very convincing.

Dean: What's our strategy?

Victor: As of right now, as long as you keep me informed about my son's financial activities, you shall be rewarded. All right?

Nikki: So, when you say you're not much of a fisherman, what does that mean?

Jack: Well, my family just never was that much into fishing, as much time as we spent up here. Dad and Traci were really the only ones that ever caught anything edible, and that's not saying much. Frankly, I was always happiest when it turned into a weenie roast.

Nikki: Well, why did you agree to go fishing, then?

Jack: For the same reason you suggested it -- a chance to get out of town, forget all my problems. If you like, I could fire up the grill. We could just roast some dogs.

Nikki: So, it sounds like there aren't any spare fishing rods up here.

Jack: Oh, no, no, no. I could probably rustle up a couple of fishing rods. Not as complicated as the ones you got me.

Nikki: Excellent. We've got a tackle box filled with worms, but we are ready to fishing!

Jack: I like your attitude.

Mariah: [Sighs]

Tessa: I get why you're confused. There have been times in my life when I didn't know what I wanted, either. Or when I did, and I couldn't figure out how to make it happen. But, Mariah, you're not alone. And... if there's anything I can do to help... just say the word. I'd be glad to do it.

Next on "the young and the restless"...

Benjamin: It's all about the personal relationships that you nurture to mutual benefit.

Nikki: We should talk about that elephant in the room.

Jack: Does that elephant have a mustache?

Mariah: Hi!

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